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My recent post about that jolly rogue Anthony Dennison raises some interesting questions about the relationship between the very many upstanding Jews and their far fewer, but somewhat less-upstanding, fellow Jews.

In a post about London Jewish gangster Jack Spot I told how as a child, I’d sometimes overhear my mum and dad talking about this violent and unsavory man. Sure, they disapproved of him (my parents were thoroughly decent people) but there was affection there too. You see, Jack Spot was a bit of a legend in my family and in many other Jewish families of the time because the fact was that for us second and third generation London Jews, this Jewish roughneck was a bit of a Robin Hood.
The same is true of American Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky, a towering gangland figure against whom a little Brit like Jack Spot was small potatoes. Lansky was big-time; a true king of the underworld yet he was celebrated for being honest, somewhat cerebral and personally non-violent. Was he really? I doubt it, but we Jews thought so and by now you must know that if we Jews think something, you have to think it too.
Another one was  a real enough character who made a fictional  appearance in my favorite Jewish author Philip Roth‘s book The Plot Against America. In this book which imagines a ‘Nazi’ takeover of America, Jewish street resistance is led by local Jewish gangster  ‘Longy’ Zwillman. Zwillman did indeed exist in Roth’s native Newark and, bless my soul, the Jews of New Jersey still miss him. 
So what, apart from their Jewishness and their unsavory ways, did all these Jewish gangsters have in common? Well, all of them, without exception were ‘good for the Jews’. Jack Spot, as he’ll tell you himself here specialised in cutting with a razor the face of anyone who defaulted in their payments to Jewish traders. In his younger days, Meyer Lansky did much the same and in later life his Zionist activities were legendary. Finally the real Abner ‘Longy’ Zwillman had strong Jewish connections  and just like Roth’s character “…was a hero to the Jewish people in Newark and Irvington …because he would form this group …….who would throw these stink bombs in the meetings of the Bund” — the German-American pro-Nazi movement — and wait for them to run outside and be waiting for them with bats, sticks, and fists and beat the crap out of them.”
You see, the truth is, we Jews loved Jack Spot, we loved Meyer Lansky and we loved  ‘Longy’ Zwillman too. And why? Simple. We loved them because they loved us.
So, taking all this into consideration, is it any wonder that the North-West Friends of Israel and the Jewish Chronicle have no problem with the merely dishonest’ Anthony Dennison?
But “Ah…”, I hear you say, “What’s so noteworthy about Jews – poor, outsiders and victims – admiring those who break the law to look after their own? After all, is this not the story of the Italian mafia every bit as much as it is the Jewish mafia?”
It is indeed. Except that Jews are no longer poor, Jews are no longer outsiders and Jews are no longer victims –  It’s just that in our hearts and minds we are, and will forever be – poor, outsiders and victims – and we will continue to love and support anyone and everyone – no matter what their morals – who is ‘good for the Jews’.Such is our Jewishness.

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