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This explains a lot…

 Birkenau Entrance Today
I’m always interested in the stories we Jews tell ourselves in order to justify some the awful things we do.
This poem, I think by one Ran Shirdan, explains a lot.

If you are Jewish.

If you are Israeli.
If anyone asks you to explain Israel’s actions.

If anyone debates how Israel’s situation should be handled.
How we should act.
What we should do.
What we shouldn’t do.
Or questions our motives.
Or accuses.
Or judges.
Or condemns.
Or pries.Show them this picture.

This picture of nail scratches of the victims who were suffocated to death inside an Auschwitz gas chamber.

This is our history.
This is what has shaped us. Our existence.This is what we fight against every day so history doesn’t repeat itself.Our memory is what makes us smart.

Our memory is what makes us strong.

Our memory is what differentiates us.

This picture, we get it.

We feel it.

It’s eerie to us like it could be to no other.

We get it like others cannot.

We get the correlation between this photo and the now.

And we say, “Never Again.”

Never Again will be terrorized.

So if anyone asks.

Or debates.

Or questions.

Or accuses.

Or judges.

Or condemns.

Or pries.

Only remember: Israel does not have to justify to the world its actions, and neither do we.

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