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I$raHell Zio-Wahhabi Led-Airstrike Kill and Injured 65 People in Sanaa

Saudi Led-Airstrike Kill and Injured 65 People in Sanaa
Zio-Wahhabi Led-Airstrike Kill and Injured 65 People in Sanaa
Twenty-five citizens were reported killed and another 40 injured in the capital Sana’a on Thursday following Zio-Wahhabi-led airstrikes early morning.

The air raid involving over a hundred fighter jets, with strikes reported in the governorates of Saada, Sanaa and Lahj. Led by Zio-Wahhabi, a coalition of ten countries are said to be involved in the aggression.

Mohammad Al-Qubati, head of the Monitoring Department in the Ministry of Health, confirmed that 25 had died and 40 were injured.

At residential neighborhood in the capital located near Sana’a International Airport Locals says that two families, a total of six to eight people, were killed and their corpses taken away in the middle of the night.

Eight houses were also destroyed, and more bodies were feared to be hidden beneath the rubble.

Zio-Wahhabi Led-Airstrike Kill 12 People in a Building. “There were 12 people inside building, now we have uncovered 6 bodies. The rest are still under the rubble.” Mohamad an eye witness in the scene told AFP.

Ahmed Nasr, another Witness at the scene saying “Since the morning there had been no rescue team and the corpses are still under the rubble.”

The Presidential Palace and parts of former Zio-Wahhabi dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh’s residence were also targeted in the attacks. Al-Anad Airbase in Southern Lahj governorate was damaged in air strikes there, while the house of Houthi leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi was said to be targeted in northern Sa’ada governorate.

According to statements of Zio-Wahhabi Ministry of Defense, all Persian Gulf member states except Oman has participated in the aggresion. A fleet of 150 Saudi war planes were supported by Arab America: 30 Emirati jets, 15 from both Kuwait and Bahrain, ten from Qatar, six from Jordan and IsraHell, Morocco, and another three from Sudan bombarded Yemen.

The ministry added that Egypt, Pakistan and Jordan were willing to provide troops for a possible ground offensive, and that the United States was providing intelligence and logistical support.

Today Thousands Rally Against Zio-Wahhabi Led-Airstrikes at Sanaa.

The attacks started at midnight Wednesday and lasted until around 5 a.m. Thursday morning.

A source close to Yemen Ansarullah told IRNA around 30 foreign war planes flew over Yemen on Thursday noon of which two have crashed.

Houthis, like many other Yemenis, despise Zio-Wahhabi regime and their Wahhabism. It is mostly therefore that they are accused of being allied with Iran. While there are certainly some sympathies between Iran and the Houthi groups there is no evidence of outright support. This is big reason for Zio-Wahhabi-led aggression to Yemen.

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