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IDLIB:  The lying has been followed to its source: Syrian Zionist Observatory for Human Blight.  That’s correct folks, the whole Zio-Wahhabi propaganda ploy was set up by MI6 in anticipation of a breakthrough at Idlib planned by incompetent English degenerates in Turkey.  The idea was to demoralize the SAA by floating this canard on the airwaves.  But, it didn’t work.

Once SOHR, run by convicted felon and professional liar, Zionist agent Rami ‘Abdul-Rahmaan, announced the lie that the Jihadist cannibals had overrun SAA positions in Idlib, other “news” sources like the patently Qatar-owned lie factory, Daily Star, announced the same with unbelievable misinformation such as Al-Raqqa being a provincial capital and the citizens escaping the city to avoid persecution by an angry Syrian government.   Other professional purveyors of baloney like Scott Lucas who runs a little-read site called eaworldview and teaches at some picayune college in England, and the hilariously awful Al-Bawaba, joined in the pro-terrorist chorus of nonsense to spread the falsehoods.

Here is what happened based on the best information we can gather:  Zio-Wahhabi terrorist assault on the northern edges of the city were all repelled by the SAA as we reported.  The purpose of the attacks to the northeast, northwest and east (at the Industrial Zone) were to cover up a large massing force of cannibals and savages to the south of the city.  That stratagem (no doubt concocted by the queer English) flopped when the MI people detected the movement of rodents to the south and alerted SAA Central Command.  The decision was then made to leave the defenses in the north and east to militia and reconfigure the army to the south in order to destroy the Nusra rodents concentrating there.  We do not deny that military outposts outside Idlib were abandoned by the SAA to the terrorist hyenas and plague-carrying rats.

The only area the RATS were able to penetrate was in Al-Husayniyya where the population was encouraged to evacuate lest they be subjected to the usual British-encouraged savagery such as decapitations and rape.  The people in that quarter were directed to the coast.  We can confirm their arrival in Latakia by our relatives who indicated some wariness about Idlibites and their history of support for fundamentalist Islam.

However, my impression was that they would be given shelter and treated well.  Almost all were women and children.   It is evident the men remained to help the SAA fight off the savages. I have received assurances that Al-Husayniyya will be reclaimed by the SAA.

Let me repeat, the BBC, for example, quoted only SOHR’s idiotic announcement.  The BBC has no independent source to confirm or disconfirm the western-concocted lie about Idlib.  Readers of SyrPer who swallowed the foolishness, hook-line-sinker, ought to reevaluate how they absorb information and regurgitate it – trolls included.

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