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Anjem Choudary: Zionist Pamela Geller should be executed

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Anjem Choudary (Urdu: انجم چودهرى; born 1967) is a British Muslim social and political activist. He was previously a solicitor and served as the chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers, and, until it was proscribed, as the spokesman for Islamist group, Islam4UK.

With Omar Bakri Muhammad, he helped form an Islamist organisation, al-Muhajiroun. The group organised several anti-Western demonstrations, including a banned protest march in London for which Choudary was summonsed to appear in court. Al-Muhajiroun was disbanded following the UK government’s decision to ban it. Choudary was present at the launch of its intended successor, Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, and later helped form Al Ghurabaa, which was also banned. He then became the spokesman for Islam4UK.

A critic of the UK’s involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Choudary praised those responsible for the 11 September 2001 and 7 July 2005 attacks. He supports the implementation of Sharia law throughout the UK and marched in protest at the Jyllands-Posten cartoons controversy, following which he was prosecuted for organising an unlawful demonstration. He was investigated, but not charged, for his comments in 2006 regarding Pope Benedict XVI. He receives little support from mainstream UK Muslims and has been largely criticised in the country’s media.

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Gaza child unable to walk because of Israeli bullet

Suddenly, the boy felt a pain in his back. He could not move, so Akram rushed him to hospital.

Fadi was struck by a bullet fired on Palestinian farmers by Israeli soldiers. The bullet appears to have entered his family’s home through a corner that was not roofed. Fadi had been sitting in that corner, his father told The Electronic Intifada.


How on earth do they survive in that ‘hell called Gaza’?

By: Elias
“I’m from that hell called Gaza. Extreme poverty, unemployment and insecurity destroy life and future of people who can hardly survive…….

War-weary mother writes
•“Schools work in 2 or 3 shifts a day especially in areas where displaced people of the last war still shelter in UNRWA schools; they don’t have any other place to go.”
•“Travel is not a lifestyle in Gaza… It is difficult for us to live or to leave.”
•“We just dream of leading a decent life.”


NZ Super-annuitants Profit from Gaza Children’s’ Agony

By: Elias
The NZSF governance and its contributors an beneficiaries should, in the manner of all decent people, be absolutely outraged that their monies and blood profits are complicitous in the deaths and inhumane suffering of Palestinian children like little Hamza and divest immediately.

Palestinian village fights to survive as Israel sends in bulldozers


Palestine: More Than 11,000 Demolition Orders Pending in West Bank

There are more than 11,000 currently outstanding demolition orders issued by Israeli authorities against Palestinian-owned properties in the Occupied West Bank, according to new figures.

The official data, as presented by UN OCHA in a recent report, shows that Israeli authorities issued 14,087 demolition orders in ‘Area C’ of the West Bank between 1988 and 2014, on the basis that they lacked the required permit.

The number of affected structures is higher, however, as some orders target several structures.

Israel to Completely Demolish Negev Village & Displace Residents

The Israeli Supreme Court, on Tuesday, issued a final decision to demolish and displace the people of Atir-Umm Al-Hieran, a Palestinian village which remains unrecognized in the Negev desert of southern Israel.


Like Human Rights Watch, Red Cross, Amnesty Intl is headed by Jewish directors. Thee organisations have ALL whitewashed Israel’s Crimes against Palestinians and Lebanese


Amnesty whitewashes another massacre

Amnesty International has issued four reports on the Israeli massacre in Gaza in 2014. Given the scale of the destruction and the number of fatalities, any attempt to document the crimes committed should be welcomed. However, these reports are problematic, and raise questions about the organisation itself, including why the reports were ever written at all. They also raise questions about the broader human rights industry that are worth considering.


Obama to Recognize Palestinian Statehood?

It’s hard remembering how many times Obama pledged full support for Israel – at the same time spurning Palestinian rights. He’s done nothing to help them throughout his tenure. He partnered with Netanyahu’s genocidal Gaza war last summer. He supported mass slaughtering noncombatant men, women and children. He’s waging multiple regional direct and proxy wars. He doesn’t give a damn about Arab lives and welfare.


Israel’s 3 gods: ISIS,  RA,  EL = ISRAEL

Israel: Serial Terror-Bomber

Israel operates like America, other rogue NATO members and Saudi Arabia. It claims a divine right to terror-bomb other nations, groups and individuals at its discretion.

It calls naked aggression “self-defense.” It calls justifiable resistance “terrorism.” It willfully targets civilians. It invents reasons to justify its lawlessness. They ring hollow every time.


The New Israeli Government: It’s Worse Than You Think

The new Israeli government is a total victory for the most extreme elements in the extreme Right in Israel. The overtly racist party HaBayit HaYehudi, the party of the West Bank settlers, will control the Justice Dept. , the Education Dept. , and almost all important government offices concerned with the Occupation of the West Bank. And they have secured a promise from Likud to bring forward a proposed law that would make it illegal for any nonprofit to receive funds from a foreign government without approval from the government. That is directed at the various Israeli peace, reconciliation, human rights, and dialogue organizations that get support from a variety of European countries who want to see peace between Israel and Palestinians.


Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shaked who called for genocide of Palestinians as Justice Minister in new government

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to appoint Ayelet Shaked as justice minister in his fourth government. Shaked is a Member of Knesset (MK) representing the far-right HaBayit HaYehudi (“Jewish Home”) party. She is known for her extreme, ultranationalist views


So the Zionist UN wimp Ban Ki Moon had foreknowledge that Israel, would bomb certain densely populated areas of Gaza

Israeli defense minister promises to kill more civilians and threatens to nuke Iran

Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon on Tuesday said Israel would attack entire civilian neighborhoods during any future assault on Gaza or Lebanon.

Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem, Yaalon threatened that “we are going to hurt Lebanese civilians to include kids of the family. We went through a very long deep discussion … we did it then, we did it in [the] Gaza Strip, we are going to do it in any round of hostilities in the future.”

The Israeli official also appeared to threaten to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran, although he said “we are not there yet.”

In response to a question about Iran, Yaalon said that “in certain cases” when “we feel like we don’t have the answer by surgical operations” Israel might take “certain steps” such as the Americans did in “Nagasaki and Hiroshima, causing at the end the fatalities of 200,000.”

Relating a July 2013 meeting with UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, Yaalon recalled promising Israel would bomb the entire Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaiya.

He showed Ban photos of villages in Lebanon and of “certain neighborhoods in Gaza, to include well-known Shujaiya, with many red spots” which he claimed were “terror assets in the densely populated urban area. And I said – July 2013 – we are going to hit it.”

Yaalon was true to his word. The Shujaiya massacre was among the most brutal examples of Israeli war crimes during last summer’s attack on the Gaza Strip.

Israel killed 2,257 Palestinians during the 51-day assault, according to the United Nations monitoring group OCHA. Of that number, OCHA says 70 percent were civilians, including 563 children (Defence for Children International–Palestine has documented 547 child deaths).

The 20 July 2014 attack on Shujaiya was the most bloody day of the war, when Israel bombed the entire neighborhood indiscriminately. Initial reports on the day said 60 bodies had been brought out of the rubble. Later reports suggested death tolls of 90 or 120.

Threat of BDS

The conference was titled “Towards a new law of war” and was intended to help Israel use “lawfare” to defend its crimes in courts around the world.

The other main theme of Yaalon’s speech, which closed the conference, was the “challenge” of BDS, boycott, divestment and sanctions. The Palestinian-led global movement aims to hold Israel accountable for its crimes.

Yaalon sought to cast the grassroots activist movement as a kind of military front. He said that “delegitimization, BDS and lawfare” were just “another tool” in the war of Israel’s enemies.

He complained that he had been unable to visit European countries because of the possibility he could have been arrested for suspected war crimes under universal jurisdiction law: “I prefer not to go to [the] UK, to London for about 10 years, or toSpain for a while.”

“Collateral damage”

In 2011, under Israeli pressure, the UK government changed its laws to make it easierfor Israeli war crimes suspects to visit the country. Although the changes have meant that several high-level Israeli politicians and military officers have been able to visit since, in 2013 retired Major-General Doron Almog canceled a visit to London because of an outstanding warrant for his arrest related to war crimes committed in the Gaza Strip.

Yaalon lamented that Israeli soldiers now have to be taught that “we should be ready to give up a visit to London … but it’s not fair, it is not just.”

But, apparently referring to the law changes, he said they “found the common language to discuss these issues with our friends, with our allies.”

He also described criticism of Israel in international bodies such as the UN Human Rights Council as a “war after the war” and advocated that “we should fight them back.”

He said there should be no investigations of Israeli soldiers just because of “collateral damage” – a euphemism for the killing of civilians.

“Lawfare” conference             

The conference was organized by Shurat HaDin, a group of Israeli lawyers which is at the forefront of using courts around the world to defend Israeli war crimes, and attack Palestine solidarity groups.

In 2013, as I reported for The Electronic Intifada at the time, it was revealed that the group has extremely close ties to the Israeli security establishment, to the extent ofacting as a proxy group for the Mossad, Israel’s deadly overseas spy agency.

He said Israel and its supporters should use courts around the world “to fight them back,” meaning critics of Israel, and that this is exactly what Shurat HaDin does.

Hasbara is not the right term,” he continued in the question and answer session, “it’s a war … Each of us can become to be a warrior in this war. By talkbacking, by blogging, by disseminating articles, by raising our case.”

Hasbara (literally “explanation” in Hebrew) is the Israeli term for propaganda.

Justifying Israeli attacks on civilians was the main theme of the conference. Speaker after speaker lined up to reinterpret international law so that it would, supposedly, allow the killing of Palestinian and other Arab civilians.

This was justified with familiar canards about the supposed use by Palestinian resistance factions of “human shields,” which then inevitably results in Palestinian civilian dead. In other words, Israel was being forced to kill civilians.

Yaalon did similar by saying that the civilian neighborhoods Israel had bombed had contained “rocket rooms.”

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Yaalon is likely to continue as defense minister in the newly-agreed government headed by his Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu, in coalition with the Jewish Home and other ultra-right-wing parties.

The Electronic Intifada watched the entire conference by livestream and will be reporting more detail soon.


Nothing new here- Israel has always been a racist, Military, nuclear armed Fascist entity, no matter which political party was in power, corrupt to the core War criminals, each and every one of the Ministers with State  sanctioned Terrorists, Torturers and Assassins, Rapists, Sodomists, Child killers. Today Israel has become more cocky about its ever increasing Crimes against Humanity as it knows no one can stop it as it ride rough shod over all International Laws and moral/ethical Norms with complete impunity due to confidant arrogant control of Western Governments, bought Politicians, Political Parties, Jewdiciary and Media.

Satanyahu Milikovsy is a true reflection of  what Israel has always stood for and represents today as a racist State of the Art Killing Machine and World Terrorist.

Netanyahu Forms New Racist, Fascist Government

Weeks after Israeli’s March 17 elections, Netanyahu and four other extremist political parties formed a new coalition government – barely with 61 of 120 Knesset seats. Bar-Ilan University Professor Eytan Gilboa calls it “a big political mess…Nobody in his right mind believes that this will hold for even a short time.”

New Right-Wing Israeli Government Expected To Complicate Palestinian Peace Process

One U.S. State Department official told BuzzFeed News that relations between Jerusalem and Washington were not expected to “warm up anytime soon” given Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s last-minute coalition.


Israel approves 900 illegal, East Jerusalem squatter homes:

Israel has approved construction of 900 squatter homes in occupied East Jerusalem, a watchdog said Thursday shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formed a new right-wing religious coalition.


 another Israeli bum licker

Ted Cruz Deemed ‘Defender of Israel’ :

On May 28, at the Third Annual Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala in York City, Cruz will receive the ‘Defender of Israel’ award from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the so-called “Most Famous Rabbi in America”



The flavor appeal of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckster-bee is for the blood-thirsty, Old Testament, Christian-Zionist hordes who have been brainwashed into worshiping Israel. These Unholy Rollers are a sub-group of the Neo-Cons. Under the influence of the altered “Scofield Bible”, this comical cult has been trained to believe that those who bless Israel will be zapped up to heaven when the “Rapture” comes. Though professing to be followers of Jesus Christ (aka The Prince of Peace), the Rapture Bunnies never met a war for Israel or a Gaza bombing they didn’t cheer for. These are the deranged mental cases who form the core constituency for Mike Hucksterbee, a former Southern Baptist pastor and Arkansas governor. During his announcement speech, the charming Hucksterbee, as always, wore his “faith” on his sleeve by describing a childhood of school prayer. He then took Homo-Obongo to task for putting:

“more pressure on our ally Israel to cease building bedrooms for their families in Judea and Samaria than we do on Iran for building a bomb.”

What Hucksterbee failed to mention is that those “bedrooms” that the Israelis are building are over the lands and, in some cases, over the dead bodies of the poor Palestinians that have been forced out. “Blessed are the peacemakers.”, eh Pastor Mike? Furthermore, Iran is not building a nuclear bomb. “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”, eh Pastor Mike?

This smooth-talking snake-oil salesman knows he can’t get the nomination, nor does he actually want it. There just aren’t enough Rapture Bunnies in the northern states. So, why bother? Hucksterbee’s candidacy has two objectives:

  • To draw votes away from other non-Establishment Republicans such as Ben Carson and Rancid Paul.
  • To personally benefit from the “face-time” that comes with participating in the Quadrennial Freak Show.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Garland FALSE FLAG Was a Distraction Away From Report Outing IDF as a Bunch of Savage Lunatics

Who says Pam Gellar doesn’t earn her keep? Together with the psychotic Geert Wilders, they make a good ‘Bimbo and Clod’ combo, putting on shows to distract Gentiles away from the following report that shows AGAIN that the IDF is NOT the ‘world’s most moral army,’ but a sick and twisted collection of psycho-killers and blood-soaked butchers. Gellar staged her show on the SAME day the report outing the IDF as a bunch of depraved blood-lusting killers hit the press.

Add in the tweet ‘found’ by MOSSAD asset Rita Katz that purports to show ISIS–Israeli Secret Intelligence Services–being behind the Garland False Flag, and it’s a slam-dunk case against ‘Benny the Butcher’ and the homicidal maniacs of Israel.

May 04, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “The Intercept” – The Israeli group Breaking the Silence issued a report this morning containing testimony from Israeli soldiers about the savagery and criminality committed by the Israeli military during the attack on Gaza last summer. The Independent has a good article describing the report’s findings: “The Israeli military deliberately pounded civilian areas in the Gaza Strip with incessant fire of inaccurate ordinance” and “was at best indifferent about casualties among the Palestinian population.” At best.

Click here:

The U.N. has said that 7 out of 10 people killed by the Israelis were civilians, “including 1,462 civilians, among them 495 children and 253 women”; video of Israelis killing four Gazan boys as they played on a beach sickened anyone decent.

Ex Israeli Officer Speaks the truth:
Click here:

The Intercept has chosen some selected, representative excerpts from the report, with the rank of the testifying soldier indicated (each one was granted anonymity by the report’s organizers). This is the savage occupying force known as the Israeli Defense Forces:

“Whoever you see there, you kill”

Staff Sargent, Armored Corps:

[A]fter 48 hours during which no one shoots at you and they’re like ghosts, unseen, their presence unfelt – except once in a while the sound of one shot fired over the course of an entire day – you come to realize the situation is under control. And that’s when my difficulty there started, because the formal rules of engagement – I don’t know if for all soldiers – were, “Anything still there is as good as dead. Anything you see moving in the neighborhoods you’re in is not supposed to be there. The [Palestinian] civilians know they are not supposed to be there. Therefore whoever you see there, you kill. . . .

The commander [gave that order]. “Anything you see in the neighborhoods you’re in, anything within a reasonable distance, say between zero and 200 meters – is dead on the spot. No authorization needed.” We asked him: “I see someone walking in the street, do I shoot him?” He said yes.

Did the commander discuss what happens if you run into civilians or uninvolved people?

There are none. The working assumption states – and I want to stress that this is a quote of sorts: that anyone located in an IDF area, in areas the IDF took over – is not [considered] a civilian. That is the working assumption. We entered Gaza with that in mind, and with an insane amount of firepower.

8.08.14 photo Gzaz91_zps5e3001b9.gif
“The citizens of Gaza, I really don’t give a fuck about them”

Staff Sargent, Infantry:

It was during our first Sabbath. Earlier that day one of the companies was hit by a few anti-tank missiles. The unit went to raid the area from which they were fired, so the guys who stayed behind automatically cared less about civilians. I remember telling myself that right now, the citizens of Gaza, I really don’t give a fuck about them. They don’t deserve anything – and if they deserve something it’s either to be badly wounded or killed. . . . So this old man came over, and the guy manning the post – I don’t know what was going through his head – he saw this civilian, and he fired at him, and he didn’t get a good hit. The civilian was laying there, writhing in pain. We all remembered that story going around, so none of the paramedics wanted to go treat him. It was clear to everyone that one of two things was going to happen: Either we let him die slowly, or we put him out of his misery. Eventually, we put him out of his misery, and a D9 (armored bulldozer) came over and dropped a mound of rubble on him and that was the end of it. In order to avoid having to deal with the question of whether he was booby-trapped or not – because that really didn’t interest anyone at that moment – the D9 came over, dropped a pile of rubble on his body and that was it. Everyone knew that under that pile there was the guy’s corpse. . . . .

Click here:

“By the time we got out of there, everything was like a sandbox”

Staff Sargent, Mechanized Infantry:

By the time we got out of there, it was all like a sandbox. Every house we left – and we went through three or four houses – a D9 (armored bulldozer) came over and flattened it. . . .

First of all, it’s impressive seeing a D9 take down a big two-story house. We were in the area of a fairly rich, rural neighborhood – very impressive houses. We were in one spot where there was a house with a children’s residence unit next door – just like in a well-off Moshav (a type of rural town) in Israel. The D9 would simply go in, take down part of the wall and then continue, take down another part of the wall, and leave only the columns intact. At a certain point it would push a pile of sand to create a mound of rubble and bring down other parts, until the house was eventually left stripped, and from that point it would simply hit the house [with its blade] until it collapsed. The D9 was an important working tool. It was working nearly non-stop.Source: ICH

There’s not enough words in the English language to describe the sick, twisted and depraved Israeli Occupation Army that descends into Gaza on a regular basis to butcher the indigenous Palestinians and to give a Viagra like testosterone punch to psycho-killers like Benjamin Netanyahu.

There were cities in Germany that got destroyed by Allied carpet bombing that didn’t look as bad as Gaza after Israel’s murderous 2014 assault
Click here:

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Britain No longer “Great” but Doomed to Another Five Years of Pain and “Austerity”

Global Research
Public Debt Crisis in the United Kingdom

My heart bleeds, my soul is sick and my land is broken and dying. How else can I describe how I felt when I learnt that the dis-United Kingdom was back in the greedy and unfeeling grasp of the nasty party, the Conservatives. I was not alone.

I was quite happy this morning until I saw a newspaper on my way to work… I hope to God my children end up living abroad, was one acquaintances reaction, her face still shocked hours later.

But my heart sings for Scotland, a nation that has shown corrupt Westminster the door, the Scottish National Party taking all but two of the seats. Bring on land reform; bring on social justice; and bring on independence! For independence there will be. Scotland has taken too many insults from Westminster politicians. If no others demand reform of our broken political system, they will.

But so should the rest of us, the English, the Welsh and those in Northern Ireland.

How did this happen? How did every single poll get it wrong? How could a country where so many of its citizens have suffered because of the austerity policies of the last 5 years vote for another 5 years of misery? What kind of a future are we looking at with Cameron and his rich cronies back in power?

These are people who will make the most outrageous promises to buy your vote, and forget them the moment the vote is cast.

These are people for whom the land which feeds our souls with its beauty and our bodies with its food has little intrinsic value. They will kill more and more of our badgers in the name of science. They will repeal the Hunting Act which gave not enough protection to foxes, stags and hares. They will do this despite what the public says.

They enjoy the land by striding over their countless acres, shotgun ready to fire at deer, at pheasant, at grouse and at buzzard and eagle, hawk and falcon to preserve their game. Should one even wonder why the word game is used to describe their prey?

These are the people who farm their land on an industrial scale regardless of the cost to the animals and environment, pocketing millions of pounds in EU subsidies, while shouting that the EU must be reformed or they will leave. Do they care about the little farmer trying to make a small living by growing food? Like hell, they do.

These are the people who will bulldoze through any regulations that protect our land in the name of development. They will waste our money on pet projects like nuclear weapons and high-speed trains, when both people and expert opinion say these things are not needed or wanted.

These are the people who will stand in the way of wind and solar power, but do their best to bring fracking to the UK, regardless of the cost to the land and the people who live on it.

These are the people who can buy the best medical treatment in the world, but who plan to deny access to any totally free treatment for the rest of us, – who have all helped pay for our National Health Service.

These are the people who will make the already-poor homeless and sell their homes to developers to create houses and flats for the more well-off; who will cut an already savaged welfare budget to the bone, while wasting millions on useless government projects.

These are the people who will climb into any bed that offers money and more influence, prostitutes of the highest order. And the one thing they prostitute more than anything else is this beloved country, which truly is not theirs to sell.

And they are deaf to the people they represent, being far richer than almost all of them.

They have a long history, men like David Cameron and his colleagues. Much of Britains history is littered with them.

It was those men who enclosed land belonging to the people and made it their own, an act of never-acknowledged theft.

It was those men who got rich through slavery.

It was those men who sat in their big houses while hundreds died in their mines, mills and factories, and in the back-to-back unhealthy and hideous little hovels they were made to live in.

It was those men who stayed at home watching their riches increase while they sent countless thousands to die on foreign battlefields.

It was those men who got rich selling arms to dictators the ordinary person would have deemed an enemy of humanity.

And it was those men, who lied to citizens and allies alike, who were responsible for this island becoming known as Perfidious Albion.

For Albion was the earliest recorded name for Britain, and our history, full of greed, arrogance and wrongful claims of entitlement, has dirtied that ancient name.

And it is now these men who would sell off this countrys assets to the highest bidder or one of their friends until there is nothing left, the land and its people stripped bare of all.

It is these men who would like to remove our human rights while defending their own.

It is these men who do not give a fig for the threat of climate change, and who will not pause in their rush for more fossil fuels; who will delay and delay any action while they make just a little more money.

It is these men who would privatise the very air we breathe if they thought they could get away with it.

It is these men who believe they are entitled and have a right to do what they do.

It is these men who believe that money and power are everything, and the people are naught.

There is a legend that says the land is a sleeping giant waiting to wake up. There is a legend that says King Arthur lies sleeping under a hill not many miles from my home and that, when the country has need of him, he will rise again to defend it.

We the people are not those who deal in perfidy. So where are the people who make up the body of the giant, where are those who will wake up and say Enough! On this dark and depressing day, our land needs us.

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Zio-Wahhabi have no airpower to carry bunker buster bombs to Iran

 Image result for SAUDI-ISRAELI FLAG

A file photo of a US Air Force B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, also known as the Stealth Bomber, used to carry heavy payload, such as bunker buster bombs.

The possible delivery of US bunker buster bombs to Zio-Wahhabi regime will not change the balance of power in the Middle East since Riyadh does not have airpower to carry such weapons to Iran, an author and investigative journalist in Philadelphia says.

Dave Lindorff, a columnist for Counter Punch and a contributor to Business Week and other news organizations, made the remarks on Friday when asked to comment on a report which says that US officials are considering selling GBU-28 bunker buster bombs to Zio-Wahhabi regime soon, a sale that had previously only been made to Israel.

“It gives Saudi Arabia, at least, conceivably the ability to use [force] against underground nuclear facilities in Iran,” Lindorff said.

“[But] I don’t think that it changes the balance of power in the Middle East because I don’t think Saudi Arabia has the air force capability to deliver such a weapon to a country like Iran that has good air defenses,” he added.

“[Saudi Arabia] would only be able to use a weapon like that against Iran with the backing of the United States’ air force, and that I think this equally applies to Israel,” he further said. “I don’t think Israel has the capability to act on his own.”

When asked if it is legal to provide such massive weapons to Zio-Wahhabi regime, Lindorff said that “there is no such thing as legality.

“The US is providing weapons that most of the world has already determined should be illegal, like antipersonnel weapons that were provided to Zio-Wahhabi regime for the current campaign against the Houthis in Yemen.

“The US uses depleted uranium; most countries consider that to be a war crime; and it supplies DU weapons to Israel and to other allies; it was used widely in Libya by the French, by the US and by British.

“You know, over and over the US uses weapons that most of the rest of the world considers illegal, [like] white phosphorous in Fallujah and other examples.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Lindorff said that a bunker buster bomb is not illegal under international war conventions.

“It’s a weapon basically to be used against military targets. The real question is, it’s unusually powerful nonnuclear bomb and it has a purpose of digging down into the ground before it explodes and doing damage to the things underground,” he noted.

“We saw one used in Iraq that killed, I think, maybe a hundred people who were in a bomb shelter. So it’s a dangerous weapon in that respect,” he pointed out.

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Thousands of Macedonians protest alleged police brutality

People take part in a protest in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, on May 8, 2015.

People take part in a protest in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, on May 8, 2015.

Thousands of Macedonian people have taken to the streets to stage nationwide protests against alleged police brutality during the country’s post-election celebrations in 2011.

Large crowds of people held demonstrations in the small Balkan state’s capital, Skopje, and eight other cities late on Friday, while police forces blocked off streets leading to the government buildings.

The protests began on May 5 hours after Zoran Zaev, the leader of Macedonia’s opposition Social Democratic Union, accused Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski of attempting to cover up the killing of 22-year-old Martin Neskoski by police forces.

Neskoski died after he was beaten by police during the country’s post-election celebrations in 2011. A police officer was later convicted of his murder and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

The Tuesday scuffles left 38 police officers and one protester wounded, while 30 people were arrested.

Macedonia’s Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska said six of the officers sustained serious injuries and were hospitalized.

Zaev has also charged the government of eavesdropping on more than 20,000 people, including politicians, police, judges, and journalists, a claim rejected by Gruevski.

The Macedonian interior minister has described Zaev’s accusations as “absurd,” saying he is creating “monstrous constructions [and] grim scenarios only to achieve his political goal.”

Jankulovska further stressed that her department did everything in its power to find the person responsible for Neskoski’s murder.

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Pro-I$raHell senators can’t hamper Iran talks

Image result for US Congress PHOTO

Press TV has interviewed Gareth Porter, an investigative journalist from Washington, and Lawrence J. Korb, with the Center for American Progress from Atlanta, to discuss an attempt by the US Congress to have a say on a potential nuclear agreement with Iran.


Porter says the Republican leadership of the pro-Israel group in the US Senate has failed to lead the nuclear talks to a standstill, stressing, however, that most Republicans recognize they are not in a position to use the newly-adopted legislation to achieve their purposes.

A potential nuclear deal between Iran and the United States will be beneficial for both sides, he states, arguing that those who claim such an accord would not benefit Washington are concerned about Israeli interests and seek to scuttle a final agreement on Iran’s nuclear case.

The White House has actually agreed on using the terminology that suggests the sanctions can be lifted in the beginning phase of  the implementation of a possible deal by the Iranian side, Porter maintains, adding that Tehran and the P5+1 are able to reach a comprehensive nuclear accord as the two sides have the necessary political will.

Korb, for his turn, says the new legislation passed in the US Congress will not have any impact on the ongoing nuclear talks that could result in a final accord. He adds if US President Barack Obama vetoes the bill, congressional representatives cannot overwrite it as it would be impossible for such a move to secure two-thirds of the votes in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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Iran dealing with a pack of warmongering liars


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“Dealing with the United States is dealing with a pack of warmongering liars,” Draitser says.

Iran is dealing with a pack of “warmongering liars” who only seek to serve the interests of Israel and the US military- industrial complex, a geopolitical analyst in New York says.

Iran is negotiating with a group of “ideologically-driven” irrational actors in Washington who “don’t see any interests in normalizing relations with Iran because they represent the interests of Israel, because they represent the interests of a military-industrial complex,” Eric Draitser told Press TV on Friday.

“Dealing with the United States is dealing with a pack of warmongering liars,” the founder of added.

Draitser made the remarks when asked about newly-passed legislation by the Senate which would enable Congress to review and potentially reject a nuclear deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

The legislation approved on a 98-to-1 vote on Thursday will allow for a 30-day review of any final agreement with Iran.

“It’s of course a huge victory for the Israel lobby in support of this reactionary politics both in the Republican and Democrat parties,” Draitser said.

“And it’s of course a victory for the war machine in the imperialist consensus generally, because Iran represents a permanent military threat in the mind of the military-industrial complex,” he added.

“[Iran] represents a pretext by which they’re able to continue to push massive billion-dollar contracts, massive weapons system, a pretext to continue to allow the United States to push missile defense in Eastern Europe, to push all sorts of initiatives that the US has been pushing for years now,” he continued.

Draitser went on to say that US President Barack “Obama’s willingness to even engage with Congress in this way and to allow them to dictate the terms of this negotiation, rather to dictate the political terms of this process, this is a severe miscalculation of course by the Obamaadministration  for not being more forceful about it.”

Iran and the P5+1 –  the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany – are engaged in intense negotiations to work out a comprehensive agreement aimed at ending the longstanding dispute over the Islamic Republic’s civilian nuclear work.

Iran and the P5+1 along with officials from the European Union reached a landmark framework agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program on April 2 in the Swiss lakeside city of Lausanne.

The two sides are set to start drafting a final accord, dubbed the JointComprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which is expected to come until the end of June.

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Al Jazeera Pakistan bureau chief on US terror watch list

Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan, the chief of the Al Jazeera bureau in the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad

Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan, the chief of the Al Jazeera bureau in the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad

Documents disclosed by the former US National Security Agency (NSA)contractor, Edward Snowden, show that an Al Jazeera journalist was listed by US authorities as a suspected terrorist.

Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan, the chief of the Al Jazeera bureau in the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad, was on an NSA terror watch list due to being a “member” of the al-Qaeda terrorist group, The Telegraph cited a report from the online news site The Intercept on Friday.

The report added that Zaidan was for long the target of Skynet, an NSA surveillance program, which tries to trace suspicious activities by studying location and communication data from bulk call records.

The photo shows Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan (R) in an Al Jazeera documentary he made about former al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, in 2011.

Zaidan “absolutely” denied any connection with the terrorist group, saying his profession as a journalist in Pakistan and Afghanistan has made it quite inevitable for him to meet and interview influential figures in the two countries such as al-Qaeda leaders.

“For us to be able to inform the world, we have to be able to freely contact relevant figures in the public discourse, speak with people on the ground, and gather critical information,” read Zaidan’s statement to The Intercept, adding, “Any hint of government surveillance that hinders this process is a violation of press freedom and harms the public’s right to know.”

He also dismissed the NSA’s Skynet program as “questionable” and “absurd”.

“To assert that myself, or any journalist, has any affiliation with any group onaccount of their contact book, phone call logs, or sources is an absurd distortion of the truth and a complete violation of the profession of journalism,” Zaidan stated.

During his career, Zaidan has conducted several interviews with senior extremist figures in the region, including Osama bin Laden, the former al-Qaeda leader.

The issues of digital surveillance and privacy protection have been in the limelight since Snowden began leaking classified intelligence documents in June 2013. He revealed that the NSA had been collecting the phone records of millions of Americans and foreign nationals as well as political leaders around the world.

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Zio-Wahhabi Police chief shot dead

The file photo shows Saudi policemen standing guard in the capital Riyadh.

The file photo shows Zio-Wahhabi policemen standing guard in the capital Riyadh.

Unidentified assailants have killed Zio-Wahhabi patrol unit commander in the Saudi capital city of Riyadh.

Unknown gunmen opened fire on a group of Zio-Wahhabi policemen patrolling a region in the south of Riyadh, the Zio-Wahhabi Press Agency reported late on Friday.

The attack claimed the life of Zio-Wahhabi Majed A’iz al-Ghamedi (pictured below), the patrol commander, the report added.

Zio-Wahhabi regime said that they have opened a criminal investigation into the case.

Back in April, two Zio-Wahhabi policemen also lost their lives after their patrol came under fire in a drive-by shooting in the east of the capital.

In a similar drive-by shooting attack in late March, two Zio-Wahhabi police officers were injured in the city.

On April 6, Zio-Wahhabi police officer identified as Corporal Majed bin Turki Al-Qahtani died and five people – three other officers and two citizens – were wounded following an operation to crack down on dissent in the town of Awamiya in the Qatif region of Eastern Province.

The attacks come as Zio-Wahhabi  Interior Minister Mohammad bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on March 26 ordered the strengthening of security measures along Saudi borders and across the kingdom, including at oil facilities, as Riyadh pushes ahead with its aggression against Yemen.

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Al Qaeda’s deputy general manager killed in US drone strike

Al Qaeda’s deputy general manager killed in US drone strike
Al Qaeda’s deputy general manager killed in US drone strike
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), a regional branch of al Qaeda’s global network, has confirmed that a top official named Nasser bin Ali al Ansi was killed in a US drone strike in April.

The Long War Journal previously reported that al Ansi was not only a senior AQAP official, but also served as one of al Qaeda’s global deputy general managers, giving him responsibilities far outside of Yemen.

This identification was based, in large part, on declassified documents recovered in Osama bin Laden’s compound.

Al Ansi served directly under al Qaeda’s upper echelon throughout his lengthy career. According to a translation by the SITE Intelligence Group, Al Ansi was one of Osama bin Laden’s “special ones.”

Al Ansi “took courage and wisdom from” bin Laden, “as well as the “jurisprudence” of jihad, movement, and the call.”


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