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MACEDONIA: Armed Albanian terrorists kill 8 cops, injure 30



An armed group attacked special forces police Saturday in a town in northern Macedonia in a clash that killed eight police officers and injured more than 30, officials said, amid a political crisis that has raised concern about the stability of the Balkan nation. 


Interior minister Gordana Jankulovska said that the “terrorist group,” which had entered Macedonia from an unspecified neighboring country, planned to “use the current political situation to perform attacks on state institutions.”

Jankulovska said more than 20 members of the armed group had surrendered, but added that the police operation is still ongoing because other attackers have refused to give up.

Macedonia Shootings

Kumanovo is an ethnically mixed town located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast of the capital Skopje, near the border with Kosovo and Serbia. The region was the center of hostilities between ethnic Albanian rebels and government forces during the ethnic conflict in 2001.

Ethnic Albanian Muslims, who make up about 30% of Macedonia’s 2 million people, took up arms in 2001 demanding more rights. The conflict ended after six months with a western-brokered peace deal that granted more rights to the minority group.

Apparently the terrorists in Macedonia had planned several attacks to destabilize the country by attacking state buildings and public areas. The 40 plus-strong group was targeting state institutions, sports events and shopping malls and was made up of well-trained fighters who had participated in attacks in the region and the Middle East. 

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Gunmen in Macedonia had planned many attacks

Macedonian special police unit member talks to Albanians leaving the area where a battle took place involving the police and an armed group, in the northern Macedonian town of Kumanovo, on Sunday, May 10, 2015. Fighting between police forces and members of an armed group has ended after two days in the northern Macedonian town of Kumanovo leaving 8 police officers and 14 armed suspected terrorists dead. (AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu)

KUMANOVO, Macedonia (AP) — An armed group battling Macedonian police over the weekend aimed to destabilize the country by attacking state buildings and public areas, the prime minister said Sunday. The attacks left at least 22 people dead, a top official said.

Interior Ministry spokesman Ivo Kotevski, who gave the death toll, called the attackers in the northern town of Kumanovo “terrorists.” He said police were still searching for other bodies but did not believe anyone from the armed group was still at large.

The 40 plus-strong group was targeting state institutions, sports events and shopping malls and was made up of well-trained fighters who had participated in attacks in the region and the Middle East, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski told reporters in the capital of Skopje.

“One of the aims of the group, at least, was to destabilize Macedonia,” Gruevski added.

The fighting comes as Macedonia is grappling with its deepest political crisis since its independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991. The government and the opposition have accused each other of planning to destabilize the country to take or preserve power, and some analysts fear leaders on both sides are ready to provoke ethnic clashes.

Gruevski effusively praised the police, among whom 8 died and 37 were injured. At least 14 alleged members of the armed group were also killed.

“Macedonian police have performed the most complicated operation and the police forces, with officers from all ethnic groups, have performed a professional, heroic and patriotic operation”, Gruevski said at a press conference.

He added that the armed group was not supported by members of Macedonia’s ethnic Albanian minority.

Kotevski said some of dead attackers wore uniforms with the insignia of the disbanded ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army, or UCK. No identification documents were found on them. The UCK, an ethnic Albanian rebel group, fought Serb government forces in 1998-99 for the independence of neighboring Kosovo.

Kotevski named five leaders of the group, all citizens of Kosovo, as founders of paramilitary cells. He said the group entered Macedonia at the beginning of May to launch attacks on state institutions and hid out in Kumanovo’s western neighborhood, where police found a huge arsenal of weapons.

Police have filed terrorism-related charges against more than 30 members of the group that have surrendered. Later Sunday, they are expected to be brought before an investigative judge.

Police officers carry the coffin of Macedonian police …
Police officers carry the coffin of Macedonian police officer Nenad Serafimovski, during his funeral …

Kumanovo is an ethnically mixed town 40 kilometers (25 miles) northeast of Skopje, near the border with Kosovo and Serbia. The region was the center of hostilities between ethnic Albanian rebels and government forces during the ethnic conflict in 2001. That insurgency ended after six months with a Western-brokered peace deal that granted more rights to ethnic Albanians, who make up about a quarter of the country’s 2 million people.

About two weeks ago, authorities said the group of 40 wearing UCK uniforms attacked a police watchtower in Gosince on Macedonia’s northern border with Kosovo and briefly captured four Macedonian police officers.

On Sunday, the Macedonian government declared two days of mourning for those killed in the clashes and President Gjorge Ivanov called for a National Security Council meeting. National flags were flying at half-mast and sports events and political gatherings were canceled.

EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn expressed “deep concern” at the situation around Kumanovo.

“Any further escalation must be avoided, not the least in the interest of the overall stability in the country,” Hahn said.

Observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) were in Kumanovo to tour the site of the armed clashes.

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US Concerns Over Indian Minorities


Image result for Indian Minorities PHOTO

Indian Minorities

By Sajjad Shaukat

It is surprising that media did not take much notice of the report of a US Congress-established

panel which has shown serious concerns over the maltreatment of religious minorities in India.

In this regard, on April 30, in its annual report 2015, the US Commission on International

Religious Freedom said, “Since the [last year’s] election, religious minority communities have

been subject to derogatory comments by politicians linked to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party

(BJP) and numerous violent attacks and forced conversions by Hindu nationalist groups, such as Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP).

The report pointed out, “Hindu groups had announced plans in December to forcibly reconvert at least 4,000 Christian families and 1,000 Muslim families to Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh as part of a so-called ‘ghar wap’’ (homecoming) programme…the Hindu groups sought to raise money for their campaign, noting that it cost nearly 200,000 rupees per Christian and 500,000 rupees per.

The Panel asked the Obama Administration to press the Indian government to publicly rebuke

officials and religious leaders who make derogatory remarks about various communities

However, as part of anti-Muslim and anti-Christian approach, leader of the BJP and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving impetus to Hindu chauvinism. Indian society is rapidly radicalizing, as unprecedented rise of Hindu extremism has posed serious threats to the very existence of the religious minorities.

It is amazing that theoretically, Indian Constitution safeguards the rights of minorities, but in

practice, ideology of Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) prevails. Hindu majority led by the BJP has shown complete disregard to it, and commit excesses and cruelties against Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Dalits with impunity.

Hindu politics and culture, dominated by the fundamentalist parties such as BJP, VHP, Shiv

Sena and RSS including other extremist outfits have been propagating Hindutva. Provocative

utterances of their extremist leaders have resulted into unending violence especially against the It is mentionable that Hinduvta agenda enabled BJP hardliner, Narendra Modi to get a land sliding triumph in the Indian elections 2014. In this respect, RSS driven anti-Muslim move of the BJP including other Hindu fanatic parties could be judged from various developments.

On May 28, 2014, Rashtriya Hindu Andolan, a Mangalore-based Hindutva outfit and activists from various right wing groups organized a protest in Mangalore in front of the office of Deputy Commissioner by demanding the authorities to ban the morning Muslim call to prayer (Azan) across the country. Besides forcing the Muslim employee in a Parliament Canteen by BJP leader to break his fast by stuffing piece of bread in his mouth, statement of Deputy Chief of Goa, declaring India as a Hindu state might be cited as example.

It is noteworthy that in 1992, a large crowd of Hindu Karsevaks (volunteers) in accordance with a preplanned scheme of the Indian high officials entirely demolished the 16th-century Babri Masjid (mosque) to reclaim the land known as RAM Janmabhoomi–birthplace of the god. The destruction of the Babri Masjid sparked Muslim outrage around the country, provoking several months of inter-communal rioting between Hindu and Muslim communities, causing the death of at least 2,000 people, majority of whom were Muslims. Besides, massacre of 2500 Muslims in the in the BJP-ruled Indian state of Gujarat in 2002 and those of more than 2002 Muslims during the communal riots of 2008 in Uttar Pradesh—participation of Indian high officials and leaders of the VHP, BJP and Bajrang Dal in the incidents might also be cited as instance.

Similarly, in the recent years, assaults on Christians, their churches and property have been

executed by the Hindu mobs in various cities of India. In this connection, at least 100 Christians have been assassinated by Hindu extremists, mostly in the state of Orissa.

It is of particular attention that on November 7, 2011, leader of the VHP, Pravin Togadia, in his

furious speech questioned the past of Muslims and Christians, and further gave a call to HindusNto capture the Islamic holy places in Arab and Vatican of Europe.

It is worth-mentioning that forced conversions of other religious minorities into Hindus also

continue. In this regard, Bajrang Dal, an offshoot of the RSS, converted at least 57 Muslim

families (200 people) into Hindus at a ceremony in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

Previously, in early September 2014, Christians were also forcefully converted to Hindus which created unrest among Christian clergy. Recently, a similar event in Aligarh saw Christian families converting to Hinduism. Since installment of the BJP government in the center, this campaign has been accelerated.

As regards persecution of minorities in India, Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

Testimony by Human Rights Watch presented before US Senate Committee on atrocious attitude of Hindu majority had highlighted the plight of minorities in India. The report was presented before Indian general elections 2014. But, it is strange that American government which had denied visa to Modi on the basis of his involvement in Gujrat genocide, allowed.

Nevertheless, some of the fanatic Hindu groups are not in favour of a separate and distinct

culture for minorities. A Hindu fundamentalist namely Prof Balraj Madhok had suggested that

the minorities must adopt Indian (Hindu) names.

Now, schools and other educational institutions are being systematically Hinduized. References to Hindu gods and goddesses abound in the text books. Books, prescribed by the Education Boards contain lessons giving false stories of Muslim atrocities on Hindu women, kidnapping, Undoubtedly, Hindu fundamentalism is increasingly widening its influence everywhere and has already established for itself a firm base in every sector of the Indian society including bureaucracy, media, educational institutions, and the like. The hate campaign unleashed by the fundamentalist forces is keeping the minority wholly preoccupied with defending their basic human rights and cultural identity.

Nonetheless, it is a good sign that the US has abandoned its double standard by showing grave

concerns about mistreatment of Indian religious minorities. American said report has exposed

Indian false claim of the largest democracy, acting upon the principles of liberalism and

secularism. Now, the West and particular the US must take appropriate steps against New Delhi in this respect. Otherwise, Hindu extremists may cause World War 111 or clash of civilizations.

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10690008_750309485042705_2768771903190913680_nSyrian Armed Forces are now in a position around South Jisr Al-Shughoor to see every event around the National Hospital where 250 Syrian servicemen are surrounded by the American-supported terrorist savages of Jaysh Al-Fath and Nusra/Alqaeda.  Intercepted communications record statements from rat commanders directed to Turkey explaining that the campaign to slaughter the remaining Syrian soldiers will begin with a huge suicide bombing inside a truck.

Needless to say, the soldiers inside the National Hospital are aware of this and their spotters have peeled their eyes in search of any suspicious vehicle.  In the meantime, the Syrian Army High Command has made no secret of huge reinforcements arriving on the scene to bolster the defenses and to extract these brave soldiers now in harms way.  Towns and villages in northern Hama are becoming conduits for the movement of armor and infantry as the Syrian Air Force continues to frustrate rat efforts to build up a force capable of attacking the hospital.

At the Sugar Factory, Kufayr, Mushayrifa and Ishtabraq, the Syrian Army can now look deep into the area and know exactly what is taking place militarily.  We expect the assault to take place any minute now barring weather conditions which might prevent the air force from actively participating.  That is a great concern.

I will be gone on Sunday and can only post on the following day.  I look forward to more great news.  Ciao. Ziad



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jp-1774DAMASCUS:  With the Syrian Army rolling over the American-supported nihilist rodents in both the Qalamoon and Al-Qunaytra, nothing could be worse for these infernal plague-carrying vermin than to have the legitimate Syrian government smash their ranks and fortifications in the East Ghoutaa, and, yet, that is what happened exactly.

Harastaa:  In the area of the Salaahuddeen (Saladin) Mosque, a largely ‘Alloosh group from the Jaysh Al-Islam was pummeled first by artillery, strafed by helicopters and then overrun by the Syrian Army’s now-crack corps of infantry.  In the process, 3 pickup trucks with Doschka cannons attached were completely destroyed and their passengers all killed.  In the process of attacking the rodents here, the SAA also came upon a fortified nest with 14 rodents inside and killed them all:



‘Abdul-Haadi Al-Gharyaan (Var: Al-Kharyaan.  JORDANTEEZIAN CAMEL SPUTUM)

‘Uthmaan Ahmad Taahir Al-Nadheer (SUDAANI CROCODILE AFTERBIRTH)


Anwar Zayn Makki

‘Abdul-Jaleel Bu-‘Awf

Zuhayr Muhammad ‘Ali Dallu

‘Abdullah Al-Hulwaani

Mahmoud Hassan Kawwaari

Haydar Badraan

Yazeed Ahmad Sawwaaf

Kamaal-Al-Deen ‘Ashmoon

Thaa`ir Hussayn Mashshaat

Mustafaa Khazzaam

Shaakir ‘Ali Muwaqqit

Ziyaad Al-Habbooshi

Faysal Al-Rifaa’iy

‘Adnaan Zaahir ‘Akkaawi

Muhammad Al-Dalli

Hishaam Al-‘Alwaan

Another 18 could not be identified and are believed to be totally foreign.

Tal Kurdi northeast of Doumaa:  The Syrian Army and militia continue to eat away at ‘Alloosh’s meager defenses:

Nu’maan Jameel Maktabi

Usaamaa Al-Baashaa

‘Umar Al-Hakeem

Bahaa` Shallaal

Muhyi-Al-Deen Nooreddeen

Hassan Muhammad Ghaanim

‘Ali Milhim Sattoof

All told, more than 29 were killed with the others not identified yet.


imagesAl-Nishaabiyya area at Marj Al-Sultaan Village:  Confirmed 7 rodents killed from the illustrious and luck-less Ittihaat Al-Islaami li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam. Along with the rats, 2 vehicles are reported accompanying their former passengers straight to the junkyard in Hades.  I have no names.

Jawbar:  A tunnel of undisclosed length was blown up by Syrian Army engineers at the Sports Arena.  19+ rodents were inside at the time of detonation according to witnesses at the scene.  The carcasses will become an ideal nutritional complement to Syrian sod.

Between Mayda’ah and Mayda’aani Village:  Syrian Army interdicted a convoy of Nusra/Alqaeda rodents and killed 8:

Faarooq Ahmad Jamaaleddeen

Maahir Fahd Al-Waadi

Hamad Khaalid ‘Asfoor

‘Abdul-‘Azheem Muhammad Al-Zayyaat

The last 4 were foreigners whose identities remain unknown.


Indian Cultural Invasion on Pakistan


Image result for INDIA-PAKISTAN FLAG

Sajjad Shaukat

Socialists agree that historical background and national character play a key in moulding the

behaviour pattern of a country’s people, while customs and beliefs also influence the thoughts of individuals. But electronic media of the rival countries have accelerated the process in

formulating the opinion of persons against each other.

In these terms, as part of psychological warfare, besides supporting subversive acts in our

country, India has started cultural penetration in Pakistan through movies, dramas, shows and

advertisements which are directly targeting our own ideology and cultural values. The practice

amounts to Indian culture invasion on Pakistan.

In this regard, Pakistan government issued licenses to various TV channels with a view to

earning revenue, showing utter disregard to the core values of our culture.

However, the job of media houses has been facilitated by some of us by encouraging projection

of Indian films and dramas including advertisements. Shameless interest groups are promoting foreign contents just to protect their monetary benefits.

Meanwhile, the civil society has resisted this practice through their meager voice, but those

enjoying political, social and economic influence favoured storming attack of external media

instruments which have power and the ability to kill without firing any bullet.

In such situation, any uncertain and cynic grain of mistrust injected through Indian media will

never allow us to strengthen our real values and beliefs as Muslims. Therefore, the hostile

elements, as Indian TV channels also target us with their cartoons and animated caricatures. The aim is to capture Pakistan’s loyal audience of the future and injecting them with dissenting thought to challenge the teachings and traditions of Islamic culture including ideology of Indian hostile propaganda against our customs and beliefs advances at a gradual pace, starting with a positive thought and supporting a just event. But, it contains deeply entrenched acrimony to create sense of suspicion amongst our youth who are passing through a formative stage of development and are at the initial phase of understanding their religious beliefs, cultural norms Besides Indian films and dramas, Pakistan’s cable networks also display Indian commercials on our channels, projecting Indian products and consumer goods. In such phenomenon, people, especially the youth and female audience are likely to prefer brand of Indian products and goods.

On the other side, New Delhi does not allow telecast of Pakistani dramas and movies on Indian

soil. In this context, New Delhi has adopted very strict policy of restricting Pakistani channels,

being broadcasted in India. In August 2009, Indian daily, “The Asian Age” disclosed that the

Indian government banned Pakistani TV channels in its country and it was also planning to

establish high-frequency transmitters and towers in the bordering areas to stop transmission of But, Indian rulers’ decision was taken as a preventive move to keep the new generation ignorant about other side of the coin—from Pakistani media, while continuing Indian propaganda against Nevertheless, more shocking aspect is that there is not lack of supporters of Indian TV channels in Pakistan. These internal elements neglect the fact that the Indian media, news or entertainment tend to malign Pakistan and to dominate its culture rather than to entertain the audience.

In fact, ndian film industry often makes movies against Pakistan which project our country as a villain. Pakistan-bashing, denigrating Pakistan and burning its flag are common in Hindi films. Such films are exempted from heavy taxes and win prestigious awards, even if they totally flop in the It is mentionable that with the rapid development of science, range of the TV channels has been extended to many countries. And, India has deliberately been sending high electronic waves so that its cultural propaganda could reach every part of Pakistan.

In this respect, particularly, Indian films, dramas and special-shows which display dances and

songs including cartoons and caricatures are full of obscenity and vulgarity. These sorts of

entertainment, seen by our youngsters and teenagers are negatively influencing their minds, as being immature; they are becoming more prone to Indian media’s propaganda campaign.

It is regrettable that owing to the absence of a clear-cut media policy, some renowned private TV channels of Pakistan are also following suit, and present dance competition shows in imitation of Indian programmes by displaying, as if dance is a part of our culture. There is also a misconception among the supporters of Indian channels in our country that both the

neighbouring countries share a common culture.

Pakistan’s viewers must know that in one of his speeches, while explaining separate culture of

Muslims, Quaid-e-Azam said, “We are a nation with our own distinctive culture and civilization, language and literature, art and architecture, names and nomenclature, sense of values and proportion, legal laws and moral code, customs and calendar, history and tradition, aptitudes and ambitions; in short, we have our own distinctive outlook on life and of life.”

There are number of countries which allow access of their citizens to the government-controlled nternet only. In order to protect the nation particularly the youth, the concerned authorities must take immediate note of Indian cultural penetration in Pakistan, against our traditions, and values.

In this connection, first of all, the right option is that Indian contents should be banned in

Pakistan. For the purpose, proper legislation or law could prohibit TV channels and cable

networks which show Indian programmes.

And, there is need to promote our own culture by helping our TV channels and film industry,

making them lucrative so that Pakistani talent could divert their energies in serving their own

audience. Once Pakistani artists and audience are satisfied with local means of entertainment,

they will not depend on Indian channels.

Media houses should also realize their responsibilities and discourage facilitating or proliferating the Indian contents and help the government in its drive.

Nonetheless, Indian cultural invasion needs to be stopped through a strong national commitment o ‘Say no to Indian cultural onslaught’ and ‘No Indian movies’ in Pakistan.

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1430The warning signs of rat defeat are all over Latakia and that’s why the Turks are itching for a fight. Their entire strategy has been proven to be a source of nothing more than ridicule and scorn.  The Syrian Army has just taken over many new positions overlooking Turk-Occupied Syria in our Province of Iskendroun.  The rats are reeling from the decisive blows they received last night and today.

All these areas are now Ratten-frei:  Zaynoona Elevation, Jawrat Maghaarat Al-Rashwaan, Ruwaysat Al-Mallooha, Ruwaysat Jawrat Al-Zu’aytir, Ruwaysat Jawrat Al-Mudawwara.  The number of dead rats is in the neighborhood of 60+ according to Wael.  The operations to restore control over these points were described as “rapid”, “precise” and “unique”.   A “ruwaysa” is a minor peak and a “jawra” is a minor depression or a pit.

READER ALERT:  According to Wael, SAA MI is observing sudden and extensive reinforcements coming in from Turkey to retake the points mentioned in the foregoing.  They are concentrating their energies now on the recently liberated Nabi Yunus Summit (Mount Jonah Summit) and Jubb Al-Ahmar.


Gaza: Zio-Wahhabi ISIS supporters claim attack on Hamas base


A jihadist group with ties to the Zio-Wahhabi ISIS has claimed responsibility for a mortar attack on a Hamas base in the Gaza Strip.

The group, calling itself ‘Supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL),’ said in an online statement that it fired mortar rounds at a base used by the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas’ armed wing) in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza, on Friday.

It follows an attack earlier this week, which targeted Hamas’ security headquarters in Gaza. That assault took place after radical Islamists issued a threatening message, calling for the release of prisoners.

It comes amid rising tensions between Hamas as Islamic State supporters in the Gaza Strip.

The attack followed the arrest of Zio-Wahhabi Salafist leader by Hamas last month. The organization claimed he was an ISIS supporter who holds vast swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq.

Dozens of other Zio-Wahhabi Salafi jihadists affiliated with the ISIS were also arrested, sources in the Gaza Strip told That the arrests came following a series of bombings carried out by Zio-Wahhabi Salafi jihadists in recent weeks.

Zio-Wahhabi Salafi jihadists also issued a warning to several top Hamas security officials responsible for the crackdown.

Earlier this week, Hamas demolished a mosque used by ZiO-Wahhabi supporters in Deir el-Balah. Hamas said the mosque was actually a tent which was used by the extremists as a meeting venue.

Although Gaza jihadists have pledged allegiance to Zio-Wahhabi ISIS in the past, the group has not officially confirmed that it has a presence there.

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قتلى3QUNAYTRA:The photo shown herein-above is from SANA and shows the carcasses of foreign rodents, their shirts torn off to reveal possible explosive suicide belts. Yesterday, at Al-Qahtaaniyya, the Syrian Army savaged the Al-Qaeda rats, now supported by the Zio-Nazi Khazar State, the Jordanian British Hashemite Colony and the United States.  It was a massacre like we have not seen since the days of Al-‘Utayba Lake.

The groups were Al-Qaeda/Nusra, Jaysh Al-Islam, Jaysh Al-Yamouk, Firqat Ahraar Nawaa, Jaysh Al-Awwal, Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya.  Monzer reports a confirmed 96 killed with hundreds wounded in what was a spectacular artillery ambush followed by helicopter sweeps which forced the Zionist Tay-Sachs-carrying rodents in Occupied Palestine to hide in their sweltering holes while their favorite vermin screamed into their cellphones for any kind of help.   Almost all the Zio-Wahhabi rats were foreigners based on literature found in their pockets.  Many others could not be searched because their stiffs were lying inside areas controlled by snipers.  Here are some of the rats with Syrian documents:

Faadi ‘Abdul-Fattaah Mir’iy

Adeeb Shukri

Jaabir Khalaf Nabhaan

Qusayy Ismaa’eel Al-‘Aroos

Khaleel Aassif Al-Turk

Hujr Taahir Malkaawi

Ridhaa  Muhammad Hilaal Razzooq

Bahaa` Muhammad ‘Abdul-Lateef

West Al-Samdaaniyya:  More disasters befall the plague-carrying bearded rodents with scores killed as confirmed by rat websites.  One rodents was mentioned:

Muthannaa Saalih Al-Naayif 


الجيش والمقاومة يتابعان عملياتهما بالقلمون ودعوات في عرسال لإغاثة الإرهابيين


As we reported, the Al-Qalamoon offensive has brought the leprous terrorist rodents to their knees.  As of Thursday 11:00 a.m., the Syrian Army and Hizbullah established COMPLETE CONTROL OVER ALL AL-JUBBA with the rats having left behind what Monzer says is the equivalent of about $7,000,000.00 dollars worth of NATO- and Zio-Wahhabi-supplied equipment.

Assaal Al-Ward:  All reports on the scene indicate the rats screeching into megaphones entreating their rat litter-mates to come to their assistance.  This is not some fictional account.  All reporters on the ground could hear and record the plaintive murmurs and ear-splitting screams of rats demanding help.  All of ‘Assaal Al-Ward is now liberated with some accounts describing a Waterloo for the terrorists.  AND BY THE WAY, FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE RATS COLLECTED IN THE LEBANON, BOTH ‘ASSAAL AL-WARD AND AL-BRITEL IN LEBANON ARE NOW TOTALLY CONNECTED.




DENMARK: Four buses set on fire in apparent anti-Palestinian attack



Four Copenhagen buses were found engulfed in flames Friday morning in a suspected arson attack that authorities say could be linked to Muslim anti-Israel motives, according to a Copenhagen Post report. Several other buses were found vandalized, covered in anti-Zionist graffiti calling to “Boycott Israel” and “Free Gaza.”

The apparent arson is reaction to a controversy surrounding an advertising campaing urging people to boycott products from Zio-Nazi Jewish illegal settlements. The attack comes a week after a pro-Palestinian group was ordered by pro_Zionist Mavia, the country’s bus operator, to take down advertisements calling for a boycott of Zio-Nazi goods.


The advertisements which were removed from 35 public buses featured two woman beside the quote:  “Our conscience is clean! We neither buy products from the Israeli settlements nor invest in the settlement industry.”

The ads were dropped by pro-Zionist Movia within just four days after the company “received a significant number of inquiries regarding the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association’s campaign against Israeli settlements,” pro-Zionist Movia told AFP.

Danish bus ads targeting products from Israeli settlements.

Danish bus ads targeting products from Zio-Nazi Jewish illegal settlements.

It has since been revealed that the majority of complaints about the advertisements were written in English, leading many to conclude that it was the organized work of a foreign lobby campaign.

The Danish Palestinian Friendship Association told AFP that the removal of the ads was “a clear attempt to deny us our freedom of speech”.  “There is nothing whatsoever about this campaign that is harmful, discriminatory or hateful in any way,” Fathi El-Abed added.


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