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U.S.-Jewish Law to kill Christians!


Christians. “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.


Cutting off the head

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German children were tortured to death slowly by Jews to drink their blood. There are many records and court cases. The purpose of the torture is to enhance the blood with adrenalin. This is a “religious” ceremony. Imagine such incredible bestial cruelty and perversion of religion! They Jews actually say they serve Satan. Once I faced what the Jews did to  my family, I could face what the Jews did to the Germans, and I can face what they are doing to us NOW. A normal person cannot believe this. But we must face the truth about the Jews. German Newspaper editor Julius Streicher was hanged by the Americans and Jews for writing in his German newspaper “Der Sturmer” the truth about blood rituals going on in Germany.

Ritual Murder_Blood Pass Over Best Translation_Ariel Toaff


…The essence of Mosaism is the absolute inequality between Jews and non-Jews. According to this, the life of the Jews is holy, the life of the non-Jew, however, is set free to be exterminated. This goes so far that a Jew is forbidden to help a non-Jewess with child birth because the Jew would help bring an idolatrous child into the world. (Talmud, Aboda zara, Fol. 26a, also Orach chaijim 330,2 and Jore de’ah 154,2). If this is not shocking enough, one may refer to the order: “The best of the goyim (cattle: non-Jews) you shall kill! (Talmud, Ciddusin, Fol. 82a).

The last statement is a recursive mathematical formula which implies that all goyim are to be killed. It works like this: If today ‘A’ is the best one and therefore will be killed, the second best takes the dead man’s place as the best, who is then also to be killed, and so on, until all goyim have suffered this doom. To this method apparently Moses’ recommendation also applies: “You can’t kill them too quickly, otherwise the wild beasts of the fields will gain the upper hand against you” (5. Moses 7, 22)… excerpt from Horst Mahler’s  Christmas 2014 message: “Where is the fire extinguisher? – The world is in flames!”



Day 1 – Blog Talk by Dr. Lorraine Day:

gv:  This has been discovered by Congressman Dunnemeyer, the husband of Dr. Lorraine Day. Dr. Lorraine Day has been dedicated for over 20 years to expose the crimes and plans of the Jews against us.  The following blog talk is, amongst other things, on the deceptive Noahide Laws that are from the Talmud – not the Old Testament!!! This law has been introduced in Congress, voted on by Jews only when the rest of Congress had been senthome and signed by Bush (a crypto Jew): The essence is Kill the American Christians!!! (Nothing new for the Jews as they had usurped Russia in 1917 and killed tens of Millions of Christians in Russia!) ~gv

Jan 6, 2014 – Day 1 Dr. Lorraine Day:

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DAMASCUS:  The notoriously inept child molesting leader of Nusra/Alqaeda in the Qalamoon has called it quits and has abandoned his rats on the Syrian side for the comforts of the Lebanese.  Abu Maalik Al-Talli is now in ‘Arsaal having slinked away between SAA and HZB lines like a real rodent.  His location before this heroic act was at a location between Al-Jibba and Ra`s Al-Ma’arra.  The morale of the remaining rodents can only be described as “rock-bottom-low” after news of his departure made the rounds in the terrorist cell-phone network.

Tallat Moussaa:  Over 50 rats were killed here by the SAA with remnant rodents being hunted down as we write.  It is now under the complete control of the Syrian Army.  It is 2,580 meters above sea level and considered, as such, one of the prime summits from which to rat-watch, Zionist-rat-watch and hurl artillery at both.  All fortifications were pulverized before the SAA and HZB invaded.  Here are the only names of Syrians provided to us:

Hishaam Al-‘Alwaan

Husaam Rasheed Mallooh

Ghassaan ‘Abdul-Waali

Shaadi Mahmoud Deeraani

‘Ikrima Taahir Shal’oot

Mu’een Al-‘Abid Al-Danaa

Muhammad Hassan Khashshaam`

Hussayn Al-Faseeh

Qurnat Mashroo’ Haql Zu’aytir Heights:  Under complete military control of the SAA and HZB.

Jurood Bayt ‘Abdul-Haqq:  West of Ra`s Al-Ma’arra and east of Jurood Nahla.  Under complete SAA control.

All these areas have also been liberated and deloused: Tallat ‘Aqabat Al-Faskh southwest of Ra`s Al-Ma’rra, Tallat Al-Hirf, Dhahr Al-Hawaa, Al-Ma’arra east of Jurood Nahla which now prevents Nusra or its confederates from using other areas to bombard the Bekaa in Lebanon and Syrian civilians.

Faleeta:  An attempted infiltration from the Lebanon was a disaster for the crawling rodents.  5 leaders were reportedly killed at the area south of Tufayl.  Escaping rodents are now being hunted down by SAA and PDC as they search in vain for shelter in the barren foothills of Faleeta, Al-Zahwa and Zamraani Crossings.

Ra`s Al-Ma’arra:  The Syrian Army has complete control over all the barren foothills around this site as of Wednesday, May 13, 2015.  It is a matter of hours before the area is deloused.

In the East Ghoutaa:  36 rats killed in the East Ghoutaa yesterday.  All belonged to Jaysh Al-Islam and Ajnaad Al-Shaam.

Al-Reehaan:  Northeast of ‘Alloosh’s favorite cemetery at Doumaa, the SAA killed these Jaysh Al-Islam rats:

‘Izzeddeen Al-Sa’eed (rat leader)

Maazin Al-Nazzaal

Faaris Al-Najjaar

Waleed Al-‘Umar

Muhammad Al-Daqqi


الجيش السوريAl-Nishaabiyya:  Nusra and Jaysh Al-Islam got popped here at Al-Zamaaniyya and Dayr Salmaan Farms. No other details.


مقتل 36 إرهابياً بقصف مدفعي للجيش استهدف مواقعهم في الغوطة الشرقيةimage:

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Credit Markets have Melted Overnight


Derivatives are a $1 Quadrillion “Ticking Time Bomb

Global Research
The Budget Crisis, Treasury Bonds and the US Dollar: Breakdown of the Global Economic, Financial and Monetary System

That didn’t take long did it? I of course am speaking of the second overnight and global meltdown of the credit markets …in the last four business days! Before getting into this topic which I believe will soon be seen in retrospect and by historians far into the future as “THE” trigger event.

Just as we saw last Wed. night/Thurs. wee hours, credit markets again melted down overnight. The following charts clearly illustrate this.


Charts: Bloomberg

…But wait, just as last Thursday, credit again reversed so, …no harm no foul?

It is so important you understand “what” is happening and have an idea of “why”. Let me tackle the what part first, We are witnessing sovereign bonds and their yields move in wider standard deviations than most commodities ever do. When you hear the word “commodity” you should think “risky risky” because they have wild moves limit up and limit down, it’s the way the game is played and should be expected.

Sovereign notes and bonds are (were) the opposite. They are THE bedrock of the entire financial system. They are “supposed to be safe”. They are supposed to be for widows and orphans. Sovereign credits are THE core to nearly all retirement funds on the planet. If everything else fails, it is this sector, government bonds, which should stand tall and stave off the failure of retirement plans. The action over the last week is anything but bedrock or “stable”, in fact, it is volatility in the bond markets that are endangering everything financial, suffice it to say “a foundation of BAD credit is not foundation at all”!

The next question is “why”. For laughs I guess I should point out the explanation of a guest moron on CNBC. He claims that yields on European bonds are rising because their economy is turning up. He went on to actually say these spikes in yields (drop in prices) are actually a very good thing because they provide “proof” of future growth. Never mind all of this debt is held as collateral for everything else, lower bond prices are “good” when too much debt is the problem in the first place?

I would ask if he has even heard of a little country named Greece?

Is it even possible that eurobonds are being sold because fear of a Greek default?

Is the fear of a default cascade the reason bonds are being dumped in wholesale batches? I have heard the explanation that “net issuance” has again gone positive as the reason for these air pockets. Maybe this is true, I do not think so but if it is then there is a very real problem! If this is true, it means the market cannot absorb the issuance and yields are going higher not by design but because there are simply not enough buyers, an “uh oh moment” so to speak.

I have a little different theory which if not so now, or “yet”, it will be soon!

I believe much of the bond market weakness is being caused (and saved) by OTC derivatives. I believe and have said multiple time before, “someone(s) out there is already dead”. I believe that “bankrupts” are strewn all over the place and have been hidden with overnight loans… but there is a new problem. The recent volatility has created more and more losers …which creates more and more FORCED SALES! (Please don’t scoff at this as there are a handful of “choice” firms who have not had a single day of trading losses in over four years, with a whole string of losers in their wake? )

You see, for all intents and purposes we have lived through a global bull market in bonds since 1982. This has culminated in negative interest rates and we ended up with everyone on the same side of the boat with no one left to “buy”. Of course you could ask the question “why would anyone buy?” with zero or even negative interest rates. Only a few of the “sane ones” out there have asked this question until now, it seems maybe a few of the insane may be regaining at least some sense of sanity!?

As I did yesterday, I will repeat “why” all of this is important. “Credit” is what our entire system is based upon. It has become the basis for all paper wealth and the lubricant for all real economic activity. Should credit collapse (it will), everything we have come to believe in (been fooled by) will change. Credit has come to be viewed as “wealth”, it is considered an “asset”… with just one problem, it is neither! Credit is only an asset and can be considered wealth as long as the borrower “can pay”.

And herein lies the rub, Greece cannot pay which means the holders of Greek debt (along with issuers of CDS) cannot pay and so on. It is not just Greece of course, it is the entire Western world, it just happens that Greece is first because they lied the most with the help of Goldman Sachs and other “benefactors”. If counterparty risk did not matter, there would be no problem. The reality is this, the whole show from single dollar bills to trillions in derivatives will be engulfed in this “counterparty risk”!

Derivatives are a $1 quadrillion ticking time bomb, soaked in gasoline and sprinkled with gunpowder. The volatility we are now seeing are the matches! While we have had two “saves” where the central banks have stepped in and bought debt to steady the markets, the day will come when it does not work. This game has gone on for a very long time and resulted in a mania where most all of the players are “long”. The only potential new longs left are the central banks themselves who can only buy more debt with money created by debt. The day will come when the ability to “save” is overcome. Along with it will come the freedom of prices created by Mother Nature herself. Stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and yes, even silver and gold will finally break the chains of “algo mania”.

Finally, this you must understand, “power” is currently debt. The control of debt is also the power of prices. Once debt breaks loose and trades out of the control of central banks, these central banks will also lose the control to price everything else. We have come very close twice in the last four trading days of the credit market control being broken. Will loss of control be on the next convulsion? Or the next? I nor anyone else knows this answer, I do know the greatest margin call in all of history will be issued … and it cannot be met!


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Rising “anti-Semitism”


Allegedly driving Jews away from Jewish life, according to top rabbi

According to Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis, European “anti-Semitism” coupled with increasing numbers of “terrorist attacks” purportedly targeting Jews are driving more and more Jews away from leading an active Jewish life, The Algemeiner recently reported.

The recent string of attacks against Jews in Europe has driven many Jews away from an active Jewish life, said the president of one of Europe’s leading Orthodox Jewish networks on Tuesday.

“We’re dealing with a large number of Jews who because of the risk involved, and terrorist attacks, have stopped coming to Jewish events,” Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt told theAlgemeiner. “It’s more important [for these Jews] to stay alive than to stay Jewish.”

The 51-year-old Swiss-born Conference of European Rabbis (CER) president, who is also Chief Rabbi of Moscow, said apathy was a greater risk to the Jews in Europe because as an issue it is more elusive than both antisemitism and assimilation.

“While assimilation and antisemitism can be addressed directly, apathy is a much harder issue to address … There is a certain percentage of Jews saying I’d be better hiding,” he said. “Our message to our community is that this is not the answer.”

On Monday, the CER awarded French Prime Minister Manuel Valls with its Lord Jakobovits Prize for European Jewry, for his “exemplary determination in the fight against antisemitism.”

Valls said he “can’t imagine a France without Jews,”Goldschmidt related.

“He’s going to make sure that Jews and community centers and synagogues or (sic) going to be protected” as long as the need exists, said the chief rabbi, adding that Valls pledged just a few days ago a “new program of 100 million euros ($112 million) to combat antisemitism on the Internet and on the streets.”

This was the third year the CER awarded the Jakobovits prize. Last year it went to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the year before that to Polish Prime Minister and European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek.

Meanwhile, the recent Islamist attacks against French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were killed, and subsequent attacks in France including at a Kosher supermarket, showed Europeans that the problem was not uniquely Jewish, said Goldschmidt.

“It is not a problem with the Jews, it is a European problem,” he said. […]

There are two points worth making regarding the rabbi’s statements.

First of all, the alleged “terrorist attacks” targeting Jews in Europe, including the purported Charlie Hebdo attack and the alleged attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris as well as the alleged shooting at a synagogue in Copenhagen, all appear to be entirely media-created events. Indeed, most of the alleged “terrorist attacks” and “terrorist plots” presented on the television, hyped by the government, and endlessly discussed by “terrorism experts” and government officials on the major news networks and in the major newspapersare simply media creations. The masses are expected to blindly and uncritically accept what is presented on the television and what is stated by the government without any genuine and verifiable proof or evidence.

Of course, various Western and Israeli intelligence and law enforcement agencies are often involved in setting up Islamic patsies, who are essentially used as props in these staged, media-manufactured “terrorist attacks” in the West designed to perpetuated the Jewish concocted “Global War on Terrorism,” demonize Muslims, and hype the alleged threat of “anti-Semitism” and “persecution” of Jews around the world. The television is literally a weapon of mass deception, especially the “news” that is broadcast to global audiences.

Secondly, once again we have a prime example of just how important Jewish ethnocentrism and identity are to the organized Jewish community. Leading rabbis and other figures within the organized international Jewish community are constantly stressing the need for maintaining and even strengthening Jewish ethnocentrism, unity, and values.

In many cases, the alleged threat of “anti-Semitism” is hysterically hyped as a means of increasing Jewish ethnocentrism and fostering a stronger Jewish identity within the global Jewish population. As Rabbi Goldschmidt bewailed in the article above, alleged “anti-Semitism” and “terrorist attacks” purportedly targeting Jews are allegedly leading increasing numbers of Jews in Europe to stop leading active Jewish lives. “Our message to our community is that this is not the answer,” Rabbi Goldschmidt emphasized.

We have no way of verifying Rabbi Goldschmidt’s contention that Jews in Europe are afraid of leading open and active Jewish lives. However, the purported threat of “anti-Semitism” and “Jewish persecution” will no doubt be used to increase Jewish ethnocentrism while perpetuating the false “victimhood” status of Jews around the world, which has generated enormous, yet entirely unfounded, sympathy from the non-Jewish world.

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Syrian Perspective has learned that the Jaysh Al-Fath leader, the Saudi Arabian monkey-rat, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, has begun to lament the loss of Jisr Al-Shughoor blaming his own rat terrorists from Syria and the “moneyed supporters” for the imminent liberation of the town.  The Syrian Army, as we have written for days, despite the cacophonous hoots and ululations of terrorist supporters, has been encircling the area blocking any further resupply.  That has now produced the desired results.  The terrorists have spent their last bullets and are now being bombed into oblivion by the Syrian Army.  There is no one who is going to come down the mountain to save them. It is death.  Satan awaits the heretic Wahhabists.

The news from Damascus is fantastic. But, I’m tired and need to take a rest after a very busy day.  I will post the victories of the Syrian Army and its allies in the Lebanese Resistance tomorrow. Please forgive me


New Facebook Messenger App Has Some Frightening Terms And Conditions


Could your smartphone be recording video of you without you knowing it? And if so, who is on the other end watching it? A new Facebook Messenger App could be violating your privacy. If you download and install the social network’s new messenger app to an android device, you’re giving Facebook permission to call or text people from your phone, delete your personal data even access your camera microphone. Facebook says it only needs that access to make your messaging experience better, and that these terms have been in place for months.

So why are we telling you about it now? That’s because some mobile Facebook users are about to find out you won’t be able to access your messages through the Facebook app anymore. Instead if you want to read a message from a friend or coworker you’ll have to download the messenger app and consent to any fine print. The messenger app has over 6000 reviews on the iTunes app store. Most of them are not too positive. The real question is will people still download it? And as for the people who did download it, it seems a lot are just choosing to disconnect.

Note: Many apps have terms and conditions that people never read before downloading the allow the app developer to access and even change phone logs, record conversations, and much more. Learn more in this eye-opening video. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about the erosion of privacy rights from reliable major media sources.


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Coverup claims over revelation that Germany spied on EU partners for US


Germany has been spying and eavesdropping on its closest partners in the EU and passing the information to the US for more than a decade, a parliamentary inquiry in Berlin has found, triggering allegations of lying and coverups reaching to the very top of Angela Merkel’s administration. Under a 2002 pact between German intelligence (BND) and the NSA, Berlin used its largest electronic eavesdropping facility in Bavaria to monitor email and telephone traffic at the Élysée Palace, the offices of the French president, and of key EU institutions in Brussels including the European commission.

The BND’s biggest listening post at Bad Aibling in Bavaria was abused for years for NSA spying on European states. “The core is the political spying on our European neighbours and EU institutions,” an unnamed source said to be familiar with the evidence told the Süddeutsche. As well as the political intelligence activities, the NSA also got the BND to spy on European aerospace and defence firms. German and American individuals and companies were not monitored. The Bad Aibling complex of listening posts was an NSA facility for years. Under an agreement in 2002, it was handed over to the Germans in 2004. Since then, much of the information gleaned was routinely passed to the Americans. According to the Süddeutsche, the Americans supplied search terms on a weekly basis to the Germans – totalling 690,000 phone numbers and 7.8m IP addresses up until 2013.

Note: Many countries claim they don’t spy on their own citizens. What they do is have agreements to spy on each other’s citizens so that they can then share the information and still technically claim they are not breaking any laws. This article shows how it works. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about government corruption and the erosion of privacy rights from reliable major media sources.


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Pentagon Accused of Withholding Information About Sex Crimes


Laura Whitehurst - Mugshots

In a scathing critique of the Defense Department’s efforts to curb sexual assaults, a U.S. senator warned Monday that the true scope of sex-related violence in the military communities is “vastly underreported” and that victims continue to struggle for justice. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., said in a report that the Pentagon refused to provide her with all the information she requested about sexual assaults at several major bases.

The material she did receive revealed that the spouses of service members and civilian women who live or work near military facilities are especially vulnerable to being sexually assaulted. Yet they “remain in the shadows” because neither is counted in Defense Department surveys to determine the prevalence of sexual assaults, the report said.

In its annual report on sexual assaults in the military released Friday, the Defense Department reported progress in staunching the epidemic of sexual assaults. It estimated that sex crimes are decreasing and more victims are choosing to report them — a sign there is more confidence offenders will be held accountable. To Gillibrand … the case files contradict the Pentagon’s assertion that military commanders will be tough on service members accused of sex crimes.

Note: The cases described in Sen. Gillibrand’s report reveal a pattern of widespread sexual abuse around U.S. military bases that is routinely covered up. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about sexual abuse scandals and military corruption from reliable major media sources.

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Zionist seeks in Nepal to whitewash its crimes in Gaza

Israeli cynicism in Nepal

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth

Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, was quick to congratulate Israeli soldiers on their relief efforts in Nepal, where an earthquake late last month claimed many thousands of lives.

“These are the true faces of Israel,” he said of a 260-strong team that arrived to pull survivors from the rubble, treat the injured, help deliver babies and entertain traumatised children. Israel’s field hospital in Kathmandu was the biggest and best-equipped after India’s, Nepal’s large neighbour.

Similar relief operations by Israel were prominent in Haiti after its 2010 earthquake, in Japan a year later after a quake there, and in 2013 when a typhoon wrecked the Philippines.

Cynical exploitation

Israel’s humanitarian concern for the victims of disasters, however, looks more cynical when set alongside its record once the TV cameras depart. Israel’s international aid budget is paltry compared to that of other developed nations.

There has to be at least a suspicion that Israel is exploiting natural catastrophes to win itself new international friends and try to refute global opinion surveys that regularly identify Israel as a major threat to world peace.

The message is aimed at a domestic audience too. As commentator Gideon Levy observed, Israelis are being reassured that, despite the evidence, they really do have the “most moral army in the world”.

The criticism that Israel is demonstrating selective compassion – bringing salvation to far-off Nepal while smashing homes and cutting down lives close by in Gaza – is blithely dismissed by most Israelis. “Nepal is not firing rockets on our cities; it has not elected terrorists to run its government,” so the narrative goes. But the hollowness of these self-serving arguments has been illustrated by events of the past few days.

Netanyahu’s new right-wing government – characterised by the Haaretz daily as Israel’s most “dangerous” yet – is the first since the Oslo accords were signed more than 20 years ago that has dropped the pretence of wanting to resolve Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians. During the election campaign, Netanyahu vowed there would be no Palestinian state on his watch.

War crimes and double standards

That is the main context for assessing the entirely man-made disaster Israel created in Gaza last summer, when it killed more than 2,100 Palestinians, including some 500 children, and wrecked vast swaths of the built-up landscape.

If Israel claims it is distinguishing between the suffering of innocent Nepalese and armed Palestinians, it has to explain the testimonies of serving soldiers published last week. They say their orders in Gaza were to shoot indiscriminately on any Palestinian they met, whether armed or not.

A recent report by the Association of International Development Agencies found eight months after the Gaza operation that 12,000 homes still had to be rebuilt and 100,000 Palestinians – one in 18 – were homeless.

The chief reason ordinary Palestinians, unlike the Nepalese, cannot begin to rebuild their lives after their own catastrophe is because Israel maintains a savage siege – a form of collective punishment – on the coastal enclave.

While Nepal embraces anyone offering help, for nearly a decade Israel has threatened and attacked any humanitarian group trying to reach Gaza. In 2010 Israel killed nine activists on the high seas as they tried to bring medicine and food to the sick and destitute there.

The UN, meanwhile, is considering listing the Israeli army alongside Islamic State (IS) and Boko Haram as a serious violator of children’s rights for the attack on Gaza.

But Israel’s humanitarian double standards do not apply only to the tiny enclave.

Ongoing ethnic cleansing

In recent days, Israeli courts have approved the uprooting of whole Palestinian communities – from Sussiya in the West Bank to Umm al-Hiran in Israel – so that Jews can live in their place. It has also backed government plans to confiscate arbitrarily Palestinian properties in East Jerusalem.

Where is the humanitarian concern for these Palestinians, including those who have Israeli citizenship, as they are left displaced and homeless? They have never fired a rocket and most have never voted for Hamas.

The answer is provided by members of the new government. Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, the minister overseeing the occupation bureaucracy, has called Palestinians “beasts, they are not human”. The new justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, urged a genocide last year, demanding the slaughter of Palestinian “snakes”.

Another large group of non-Jews in Israel is faring barely better. In violation of international law, Israel is jailing and deporting African asylum seekers, often returning them to regions they fled in fear of their lives – over the protestations of UN officials.

“What is good for a Jewish Israel?”

Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s president, described the soldiers in Nepal as “ministering angels” representing “the universal values of our people and our country”.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Israel’s government and its army represent not universal values but a tribal allegiance to a state that always asks first: “What is good for a Jewish Israel?”

When most Israelis sanctify a Jewish fortress-state, the decision to send soldiers half way around the world to offer help in front of the TV cameras is an easy generosity. It is far harder to recognise the humanity of fellow human beings who share the same small patch of land Israel claims as its exclusive home.

The efforts of Israeli soldiers to save children in Nepal should be commended – but not if it gives them and their compatriots an excuse to turn a blind eye to Palestinian children suffering amid the rubble of Gaza.


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Swedish police have listed the Palestinian flag as a symbol for terrorism


In order to increase awareness among officers, the police’s national tactical council has developed a list of terrorist organizations and their symbols, which reportedly includes the Palestinian flag.

Hamas masked gunmen display their military skills

The terror warning list was made publicly available when authorities in the Swedish region of Orebro handed it out to local high school principals. Several youths from the region have in recent months traveled to join the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

“We will likely further clarify that this is also the Palestinian flag. We have handled this material in connection with internal training but it is possible that we have to put a clarification in the text material,” Jonas Hysing, head of the police’s tactical unit, told Svenska Radio.

Palestinian flags
Palestinian flags

According to the police, the Palestinian flag was listed as it is identical to that of the Abu Nidal Organization, an insurgent group listed as a terrorist organization by the European Union.

“It is problematic that some terrorist organizations use symbols also used by others, and in other contexts,” Hysing said.

Sweden officially recognized the Palestinian state in 2014, becoming the 135th country and the first EU member to do so.

Most European Union members and the United States have not given their official recognition, though some EU countries, such as Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, recognized the Palestinian state before joining the union.

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