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Cops Brought Me to Secret Prison, Anally Raped Me to Force Me to be an Informant


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By Matt Agorist

A Chicago man has come forward about his experience with the Chicago Police Department which turned into a living nightmare.The incident happened on October 21, 2012 at the now infamous Homan Square facility. Angel Perez was targeted by police because they believed he knew an alleged drug dealer.

Video obtained by the Guardian and the subsequent interview detail the horrifying events as the incident the unfolded. The Guardian reports:

So the next day, October 21 2012, he agreed to meet at Al’s Beef. Camera footage shows Perez walking over to their car with his hand extended for a handshake, unarmed and unassuming. The officers turn him around, push him against the car, cuff him and take him to Homan Square – where, he alleges, they sexually assaulted him.

The footage that follows, which the Guardian is publishing, is rare video showing the Homan Square detention operations that the Chicago police have downplayed. They have instead pointed to the evidence lockers at the warehouse and the press conferences they hold there for drug busts to insist that the Guardian’s expose of their incommunicado detentions are overblown.

But the footage, taken from surveillance cameras inside and on the perimeter of Homan Square, shows two officers walking a handcuffed Perez through a blue door inside the warehouse marked “prisoner entrance” at 3.49pm. He was taken to a second-floor room, he said, where he contends police inserted a metal object, believed to be a handgun barrel, into his rectum.

Perez said the cops shackled him, taunted him and then began to force the gun barrel into his rectum.

“He jammed it in there and I started jerking and going all crazy. …go into a full-blown panic attack,” he tells the Guardian. “The damage it caused, it pretty much swole my rear end like a baboon’s butt.”

Scared to death of what the cops would do if he refused to cooperate, Perez agreed to go along with the sting. He later set up a meeting to purchase $170 worth of heroin.

For $170 worth of Heroin, Chicago police allegedly raped a man with a gun.

No charges were ever brought against Perez and in 2013 he filed a lawsuit for damages.

Warning: The video below contains graphic detail of the incident.

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There was so much hope for her as a moral leader in Myanmar


But power (or politics) has changed her


In the face of scathing criticism from international human rights groups, supporters of the sainted Aung San Suu Kyi are left with only one way to spin her inaction and silence on the persecution of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar: as cold political calculation on her part.

With national elections coming up later this year, it is arguably expedient to pander to those segments of Myanmar’s largely Buddhist population who would deny political rights to the 750,000 Muslim Rohingyas who inhabit the Rakhine state on the border with Bangladesh. Their numbers are small, and their citizenship status is contested. In crude electoral terms, there is nothing to be gained from espousing their cause and, possibly, much to lose. Yet such crowd-pleasing, whether craven or shrewd, hardly befits the internationally lauded recipient of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize.

It could even be said that this “political calculus” rationale is flawed. The last time Myanmar held elections, in 1990, Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy won 59% of the vote and 81% of the seats in parliament. In by-elections held in 2012 after her release from house arrest, her party won 43 of 45 seats. So it would appear that she has ample political capital to spend on issues she deems worthy.

And it is hard to think of a worthier cause than the robust repudiation of the ethnic cleansing of more than half the Rohingya minority population from the state of Rakhine in the past few decades, with those remaining suffering brutal pogroms. Thousands have been killed and scores of villages razed. Through all of this, Suu Kyi has remained startlingly mute.

The Rohingya were effectively denied citizenship by a 1982 law that refused to recognize them as one of the 135 “national races” of the country. In the years since, they have been banned from traveling or getting married without a permit, and are limited by law to no more than two children.

In the face of these rights violations, Suu Kyi’s silence or mealy-mouthed equivocation has tarnished her image as an icon of democracy. To suggest, as she does, that atrocities are committed on both sides—by Rohingya and the majority Arakanese in Rakhine state—is a distortion of the truth.

Similarly, to refuse to condemn the atrocities against the Rohingyas on the grounds that condemnation is counter-productive to results, as she does, is disingenuous. Coming from someone whose primary political weapon during her two-decade battle with the junta ruling Myanmar has been her moral authority, it is also grotesquely distasteful.

The simple fact is that as she remains silent, the Rohingya continue to be killed and raped and driven out of their homes. And the climate of hatred and vitriol that has been whipped up against them takes succor from her failure to use her global platform on their behalf.

In one of her most celebrated speeches, Suu Kyi famously said: “It is not power that corrupts, but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.” She might well have added: Fear of never gaining power corrupts those who would hold their tongues in the face of savagery. If Aung Suu Kyi is remaining silent on the plight of the Rohingyas because she’s afraid that speaking out would cost her an election, she doesn’t deserve to come to power. And as her silence leads to the deaths of more and more innocent people, she doesn’t deserve our respect either.


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Accepting the Narrative of Power

The Nation Buckles Beneath the Propaganda Onslaught

One of the cardinal sins of political critique is accepting without challenge the presumptive narrative of state power. Last week The Nation did just that. Michael T. Klare’s article, “Why the Deal With Iran Is Worth Fighting For,” swallows whole the poison storyline of the Obama administration regarding the Iran negotiations.

The official storyline goes something like this: Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran has been a festering swamp of fundamentalism, and a happy supplier of ready-made takfiri who proceed to wreak havoc on the Middle East. Even the one positive to do with Iran is a negative: it hasn’t got a bomb yet. But it feverishly wants one. Only heavy, economy crippling sanctions imposed by more civilized and peaceable Western nations have prevented the mad clerics in the Marble Palace from acquiring a nuclear weapons capacity, which in the hands of a trigger-happy Shia theocracy is the knee-trembler of all terrorist threats. Sanctions have brought them to the negotiating table. John Kerry’s lantern-jawed resolve (which has no equal in the Orient) has brought them to their knees. Iran has agreed to surrender the majority of their centrifuges, most of its enriched uranium, and their (potentially) plutonium producing Arak reactor. Plus Tehran has submitted, at the West’s behest, to ceaseless inspections by IAEA technical minions who may or may not be Western spies. As Barack Obama regularly touts (impotently to the warmongering Republican right, which cannot hear Obama’s importunate cries above the din of their threat alerts) that Iran is the most inspected country in the world.

The last bit of this storyline, about what Iran surrendered in negotiations, is true. The rest, to put it mildly, is bullshit. There are sheaves of documented proofs that this entire tinsel-town plotline is a fabrication, an elaborate falsification designed to make witless American consumers pull the ballot levers for whichever neoconservative party tells the most frightening version of the story. According to what we know, Iran is not looking to build a nuclear weapon; is tired of the sanctions ruining its economy; is sickened by the West’s cynical manipulation of oil prices to much the same effect; assumes and has always assumed a defensive military posture; is worried principally about Western aggression, which it understands would be triggered should it be found to be pursuing a WMD. In fact, Iran has joined with the rest of the region in supporting for a Nuclear Free Middle East.

Sorry to say, none of the above facts fit the administration’s farcical tale. Thus are they elided from view. Nor are corollary conclusions admitted. For instance, that Israel is the largest obstacle to a peace and a nuclear weapons free ME, as a non-signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the only ME country with a large inventory of nuclear weapons, and an unwillingness to even document its stockpile. By extension America is also at fault. As Israel’s patron—to the tune of $3 billion a year in military assistance—the United States allows Tel Aviv to continue its asinine policy of “deliberate ambiguity” regarding its nuclear stockpile. It is said to have hundreds of weapons, but this has never been confirmed. The U.S. has also allowed the rabid bellicosity of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to flourish. The pugnacious Zionist radical has kept up a steady drumbeat of demonization the entirelength of this century, convincing Israelis, Europeans, and Americans that a bomb-bearing Iran would spell apocalypse.

None of this is helpful for those interested in putting out the numerous sectarian bushfires that now scorch the entire region. Neither is it helpful for supposedly progressive magazines like The Nation to lazily endorse the Democratic line.

Klare opens his piece by citing the opinions of Barack Obama, the conservative right, APAC and its clients, and phantom leftists who evidently fear a deal with Iran will inflate military aid to Egypt and Israel. Of course, we know this last will not occur unless those nations demonstrate newfound methods of trampling human rights—always the signal precursor to generous American aid packages.

But note what Klare has done here. He’s done what all well-taught propagandists do—limit the spectrum of debate. He cites only those opinions that fit the state narrative. Some think the deal will duly constrict Iranian nuclear ambitions. Some think the shifty mullahs will circumvent it. Nowhere is it mentioned that there is no reason to fear Iran. That there is no bomb. That there is no bomb on the way. That there is no reason to believe—that even if it had one—Iran would use it. Sixteen national intelligences agencies in the United States have repeatedly affirmed this view. Iran quit its research into weaponization technology more than a decade ago. And it has repeatedly made peaceful overtures to the United States during that time, hoping to move itself out of the bull’s eye of Western contempt. But this view cannot be entertained lest it be endorsed.

The article then argues for the negotiations because their failure “will almost certainly result in heightened tensions and a very real risk of war.” Tensions would only rise if the U.S. wanted them to, which it presently would. That lays the onus on Washington, not Iran. Yet Klare is here arguing by extension that Iran should forego its energy rights in order to prevent the American empire and its Israeli proxy from committing acts of aggression against it. Reasonable enough, in a pacifist sense, but without the context of the negotiations–launched on a campaign of false pretext, shoddy evidence, and steady vilification–it is impossible to understand how Iran is making an enormous concession to a fatuity. After all, the treaty is not based an authentic threat, but on a concerted and relentless desire by the U.S. to disarm all of the West’s perceived enemies, enemies being defined as those that reject U.S. hegemony.

Once disarmed, there will be little deterrent for the West to indulge its pillaging instincts wherever it sees fit. This eventuality is never discussed. It is also interesting to hear Western pundits on the left argue that Iran surrender a degree of its sovereignty to avoid the whiplash of imperial warfare, while trumpeting the Palestinian right to resist. This is not to say an agreement may not delay a conflict. It will. But treaties built on false foundations soon expose their flaws. The piece then notes the process of removing the sanctions, but never so much as hints that they are thoroughly baseless and based on conjecture provided principally by Israel and the U.S. to create a basis for illegal actions that have none.

Then, because he feels obliged, as all Western authors do, Klare adds the possibility that “Iran will cheat.” James Clapper, the head of the 16 National Intelligence Agencies (all insufficiently warlike according to beltway neocons), rather wearily pointed out before Congress the fact that undermines this oft-repeated fear. Namely, that if Iran somehow eluded the anthills of inspectors crawling the country’s nuclear facilities, and began madly enriching uranium toward 90 percent purity, and flicked on a hidden reactor and began furiously working to make plutonium, the United States would see it happening. Satellite detection. How swiftly would our missile-wielding drones get airborne? Nor has anyone bothered to explain why the Islamic Republic would have a death wish in the first place.

Klare then pauses to note that, in dealing with ally requests for more guns to fend off phantom Persian bomb squads, Obama “should be cautioned against taking any steps whose net effect would be to exacerbate regional tensions.” This is a nice milquetoast aside, tossed off to softly admonish a President who has done little but exacerbate regional tensions since arriving in the Oval Office. Droning Yemen. Destroying Libya. Destabilizing Syria. Reentering Iraq. Plunging moreaid than to any other nation ($89B in fiscal 2014) into the aid sinkhole of Kabul.

The article again warns of the “likelihood of crisis and war” if the provisional agreement falters. One wants to ask the author why, if he is so worried of provoking regional conflict in a region already brimming with it, why not propose the one step that could reign in the most belligerent country in the Middle East? Namely, threating to cut off foreign aid to Israel until it quits occupying and settling Palestinian land, discloses its nuclear arsenal, signs the NPT and opens a path to reduction. The answer would undoubtedly be that such a demand is untenable in today’s “political climate.” But why? Because there is no public uproar demanding it. This is not unlike voters who continue to vote the lesser evil while arguing that no third-party candidate can win. But that is only so because lesser evil voters refuse to begin building a third party by voting for one.

The article wraps up by reminding us that negotiations produced “concessions on all sides.” It doesn’t bother to name the Western concessions. It may mean to say the lifting of the sanctions, but what precisely are we losing by ending them? Nothing. In fact, we’re opening up new revenue streams for Western multinationals, including a new energy source for Europe that doesn’t include Russian energy—long a goal of the administration, which has hoped to split Russia from the EU. Not to mention, once more, that the sanctions are groundless, gratuitous, and hurtful to Iranians.

In sum, what the article has left out are facts that would damn the Obama administration’s entire narrative about Iran, undermine the wholly illegal sanctions regime it has established, and expose the entirely unjust and cretinous nature of the negotiations themselves. That Iran has come to the table, obliquely validating the Western fairy tale, is little more than an exhibition of American power. As Iran acutely understands from watching the bonfire of its neighbors at Western hands, the U.S. can wreck your economy, assassinate your scientists, divide your allies, obliterate your cultural patrimony, topple your government, steal your most cherished resources, and leave you for dead. One can understand taking steps to avoid this fate, if they leave one’s sovereignty partially in tact and one’s borders untrammeled. What is harder to comprehend is the insatiable desire to visit these terrors on others. But that is the enigma of power, and why it turns narratives of peace into the sanguinary nightmares we so often see.

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How to Fight Western Propaganda:Time for a Creative Revolution



First they manufacture monstrous lies, and then they tell us that we should be objective!

Is love objective; is passion?

Are dreams defendable, logically and philosophically?

When a house is attacked by brigands, when a village is overran by gangsters, when smoke, fire and cries for help are coming from every corner, should we award ourselves with the luxury of time to calculate, analyze and aim at complete logical, ethical, holistic and objective solutions?

I strongly believe no! We are obliged to fight those who are burning our dwellings, to hit with full force those who are attempting to rape our women, and to confront fire with fire when innocent beings are slaughtered.

When the most powerful and the most destructive force on earth employs all its persuasive might, utilizing everything from the mainstream media to educational facilities, in order to justify its crimes, when it spreads its poisonous propaganda and lies in order to oppress the world and suppress hope, do we step back and begin endless and detailed work on precise and objective narratives? Or do we confront lies and propaganda with our own narrative, supported by our intuition, passion and dreams for a better world?


The Empire lies continuously. It lies in the morning, during the day, in the evening, even at night, when most of the people are sound asleep. It has been doing it for decades and centuries. For grand deceits it relies on countless numbers of propagandists who pose as academics, teaches, journalists and “public intellectuals”. Perfection in the art of disinformation has been reached. Western advertising (so much admired and used by the German Nazis) has some common roots with propaganda, although propaganda is much older and “complete”.

It appears that even some leaders of the Empire now believe in most of their fabrications, and most of the citizens certainly do. Otherwise, how could they sleep at night?

The western propaganda apparatus is enormously efficient and effective. It is also brilliant in how it ensures that its inventions get channeled, distributed, and accepted in all corners of the world. The system through which disinformation spreads, is incredibly complex. Servile local media and academia on all continents work hard to guarantee that only one narrative is allowed to penetrate the brains of billions.

The results are: intellectual cowardice and ignorance, all over the world, but especially in the West and in its client states.


What are we, who oppose the regime, supposed to do?

First of all, things are not as hopeless as they used to be.

This is not the morbid unipolar world that we experienced in the early 90’s. Now Venezuela, Russia, China, and Iran support large media outlets that are opposed to the Empire. Powerful television stations emerged: RT, Press TV, TeleSUR and CCTV. Huge English language Internet-based magazines and sites in the United States, Canada and Russia are also exposing the lies of the official Western propagandists: Counterpunch, Information Clearing House, Global Research, Veterans News, Strategic Culture, New Eastern Outlook quickly come to mind. And there are hundreds of important sites doing the same in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and French languages.

The fight is on: the fight for an intellectually multi-polar world. It is a tough, mortal fight! It is a crucial battle, simply because the metastases of the Western propaganda cancer have spread everywhere, contaminated all continents, and even some of the most courageous countries and brains that are earnestly fighting against the Western imperialism and fascism! No one is immune. To be frank, all of us are contaminated.

Unless we win this battle, by first clearly identifying and proving “theirnarrative” as fraudulent, and later by offering humanist and compassionate perceptions, we cannot even dream about the revolution, or about any significant changes in arrangement of the world.


How do we achieve victory? How do we convince the masses, those billions of people? How do we open their eyes and make them see that the Western regime is dishonest, toxic, poisonous and destructive? Most of humanity is hooked on the Empire’s propaganda; that propaganda which is not only spread by mainstream media outlets, but also by pop music, soap operas, social media, advertisement, consumerism, ‘fashion trends’ and by many other covert means; cultural, religious and media junk that leads to total emotional and intellectual stupor and is administered like some highly addictive narcotic, regularly and persistently.

Do we counter the tactics and strategy of the destructive and ruthless Empire with our honesty, with research, with telling and writing meticulously investigated facts?

The Empire perverts facts. It repeats lies through its loudspeakers and tubes. It shouts them thousands and thousands of times, until they sink into the sub conscious of people, penetrate the skin, spread all through their brains.

Good will, naive honesty, “speaking truth to power”, could this change the world and the power itself? I highly doubt it.

The Empire and its power are illegitimate, and they are criminal. Is there any point of speaking truth to a gangster? Hardly! Truth should be spoken to people, to masses, not to those who are terrorizing the world.

By talking to villains, by begging them to stop torturing others, we are legitimizing their crimes, and we are acknowledging their power. By trying to appease gangsters, people are putting themselves at their mercy.

I absolutely refuse to be in such position!


To win over billions of people, we have to inspire them, to fire them up. We have to outrage them, embrace them, shame them, make them laugh and make them cry. We have to make sure that they get goose bumps when they see our films, read our books and essays, listen to our speeches.

We have to detox them, make them feel again, wake up natural instincts in them.

Simple truth as a detox agent will not work. The poison of our adversaries has sunk too deeply. Most of the people are too lethargic and too immune to simple, quietly stated truths!

We have tried, and others have tried as well. My acquaintance (but definitely not my comrade) John Perkins, former US apparatchik educated by the State Department, wrote a detailed account of his horrid deeds in Ecuador, Indonesia and elsewhere – “Confession of An Economic Hitman”. It is a meticulous, detailed account of how the West destabilizes poor countries, using corruption, money, alcohol, and sex. The book sold millions of copies, worldwide. And yet, nothing changed! It did not trigger a popular revolution in the United States. There were no protests, no demands for regime change in Washington.

In the recent past, I wrote and published two academic, or at least semi-academic books, packed with great details, quotes and tons of footnotes: one on Indonesia, a country used by the West as a model horror scenario for the rest of the world, after the 1965-US-sponsored military coup. The coup killed 2-3 million people, murdered all intellectualism, and lobotomized the 4th most populous country on earth. The book is called “Indonesia – Archipelago of Fear”. The second book, unique because it covers an enormous part of the world – Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia (“Oceania – Neocolonialism, Nukes and Bones”), showed how the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and France, literally divided and destroyed the great South Pacific island cultures and the people. Now classes are being taught using my books, but only a very limited number of people are influenced by the facts exposed in them. The elites in both Indonesia and Oceania made sure that the books are not widely read by the people.

I have spent years and years compiling facts, researching, investigating. The revolutionary effectiveness of my academic work is – I have to admit – nearly zero.

It is easy to see the contrast: when I write an essay, a powerfully crafted, emotional essay, demanding justice, accusing the Empire of murder and theft, I get millions of readers on all continents, as well as translations to dozens of languages!

Why do I write this; why do I share this with my readers? Because we should all be realistic. We have to see, to understand, what people want – what they demand. The people are unhappy and scared. Most of them don’t know why. They hate the system, they are lonely, frustrated, they know that they are lied to and exploited. But they cannot define those lies. And academic books, exposing the lies are too complex for them to read since the masses have no time to read thousands of indigestible pages or the necessary education to allow them to understand what they are reading.

It is our duty to address those people, the majority, otherwise what kind of revolutionaries are we? After all, we are supposed to create for our brothers and sisters, not for a few researchers at the universities, especially when we realize that most of the universities are serving the Empire by regurgitating official nomenclature and supporting demagogues.


The Empire speaks, writes and then repeats some outrageous lies, about its benevolence, and exceptionality of its rule, or about the “evils” of the Soviet Union, China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea or Cuba. This is done daily. In fact it is designed so that almost every human being gets his or her dose of the toxin at least several times a day.

We feel we have to react – we begin spending years of our lives, meticulously proving, step by step, that the Empire’s propaganda is either one big fat lie, or exaggeration, or both. After we compile our arguments, we publish the results in some small publishing house, most likely in the form of a slender book, but almost nobody reads it because of its tiny circulation, and because the findings are usually too complex, too hard to digest, and simply because the facts do not shock anybody, anymore. One million more innocent people were murdered somewhere in Africa, in the Middle East, in Asia; what else is new?

Researching and trying to tell the truth, fully and honestly, we feel that we are doing great, professional, scientific work. All the while the propagandists of the Empire are dying of laughter watching us! We are representing little danger to them. They are winning effortlessly!

Why is that? Doesn’t the detailed truth matter?

It does – from the point of higher principles it matters. Ethically it matters. Morally it matters. Philosophically it matters.

But strategically, when one is engaged in an ideological war, it does not matter that much! The truth yes, always; the truth matters! But simplified, digestible truth, presented powerfully and emotionally!

When immorality is ravishing the world, when it is charging mercilessly, when innocent millions are dying, what matters is to stop the slaughter, first by identifying the murderous force, then by containing it.

Language has to be strong, emotions raw.

When facing murderous hordes, poetry, emotionally charged songs, and patriotic odes have always been more effective than deep academic studies. And so were political novels and films, passionate documentaries, even explicit cartoons and posters.

Some would ask: “Just because they are lying, should we lie as well?” No! We should try to be as truthful as we can. But our message should be often “abridged”, so the billions, not just those selected few, could understand it.

It does not mean that the quality of our work should suffer. Simplicity is often more difficult to achieve than encyclopedic works with thousands of footnotes.

Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” is short, just a pamphlet, straight to the point. And so is the “Communist Manifesto”, and ‘J’accuse!”

Our revolutionary work does not have to be necessarily brief, but it has to be presented in a way that could be understood by many. I am constantly experimenting with the form, while never compromising on substance. My recent book, “Exposing Lies of the Empire” has more than 800 pages, but I made sure that it is packed with fascinating stories, with testimonies of people from all corners of the globe, with colorful description of both victims and tyrants. I don’t want my books to collect dust in university libraries. I want them to mobilize people.


I truly believe that there is not much time for “objectivity” in any battle, including those ideological ones, especially when these are battles for the survival of humanity!

The lies of the enemy have to be confronted. They are toxic, monstrous lies!

Once the destruction stops, millions of innocent men, women and children will cease being sacrificed, and we can return to our complex philosophical concepts, to details and to nuances.

But before we win our final battles against imperialism, nihilism, fascism, exceptionalism, selfishness and greed, we have to fully and effectively utilize our most powerful weapons: our visions of a better world, our love for humanity, our passion for justice. Our determination and our beliefs have to be presented in a loud, potent, even “dogmatic” manner, our voice should be creative, artistic, powerful!

The house is on fire, comrades! The entire town is turning to ashes. The entire planet is plundered, devastated, lobotomized.

We cannot confront bigots with nukes and battleships. But our talents, our muses, and our hearts are here, with us, ready to join the battle.

Let us outsmart our enemies; let us make sure that the world begins laughing at them! Have you seen them, those pathetic losers, the buffoons – the CEO’s? Have you listened to those Prime Ministers and Presidents, those servants of the “market”? Let us convince the masses that their tyrants –the imperialists, the neo-colonialists and all their dogmatic preachers – are nothing more than pitiful, greedy, poisonous fools! Let us discredit them! Let us ridicule them.

They are robbing and murdering millions. Let us begin by at least pissing on them!

Let us fight Western propaganda by first exposing those who are really behind it. Let’s get personal.

Let’s turn this revolution into something creative, hilarious, truly fun!

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Zio-Wahhabi fears over Iran nuclear deal


King Salman of Saudi Arabia. — AFP
King Salman of Saudi Arabia. — AFP

I was twelve years old when I sailed to Genoa from Karachi with my mother and my two younger brothers to join my father who was then working for Unesco in Paris. Our Italian passenger ship, the Asia, took a day to pass through the Suez Canal.

Just a few months later, this passage was closed for over a year following the Anglo-French-Zionist invasion of Egypt in the wake of the Suez nationalisation by Nasser. Cargo ships piled up on both sides after the Egyptians sank vessels to block the waterway.

And this is a scenario that the Saudis most fear: a complete or partial blockade of the huge tankers carrying their oil around the world and keeping the royal family in the style it has grown so accustomed to. If you look at a map of the region, you will see that that there are three narrow channels available for Saudi oil exports: the Suez Canal, the Strait of Hormuz off Iran, and the Bab al-Mandab off Yemen.

While the first is controlled by the Saudi client state of Egypt, the last two are vulnerable to closure by Iran, especially as the Houthis are close to seizing all of the port city of Aden. The United Arab Emirates are even more vulnerable as all their oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz.

This, then, is part of the background to the destructive bombing campaign launched by Zio-WahhabI and its allies against the Houthis. But more important for the House of Saud is the need to check the expansion of Iranian influence. Currently, this extends from Lebanon to Syria to Iraq, through Iran and all the way to Yemen in a great arc that encompasses Saudi Arabia on three sides.

Compounding the kingdom’s strategic problems is the very real prospect of a final deal between Iran and the P5 + 1 countries (the US, the UK, France, Russia, China and Germany) over its nuclear programme. This would see crippling sanctions on Iran lifted, and a resurgence of its oil-based economy.

In the zero-sum game being played between the Sunni and Shia regional powers, any increase in Iranian power and prestige would mean a setback for the Wahhabi’s. The kingdom has made its displeasure known to its American protectors, and the recent conference called by Obama was aimed at smoothing ruffled Arab puppet’s.

Zio-Wahhabi King Shitan, while he did not attend personally, has declared that his country would match the level of uranium enrichment permitted to Iran under the agreement. This ambition would put Pakistan on the spot as it is the only available source of the technology Zio-Wahhabi would require.

Still suffering from the fallout of the AQ Khan proliferation scandal that tarnished our reputation irrevocably, we would find it hard to say no to the Wahhabi’s this time. While we sidestepped the Wahhabi demand to send troops to fight their war in Yemen, Riyadh is likely to be a lot more insistent this time around.

The reality is that while the science behind uranium enrichment on the way to making a bomb is fairly well known, the engineering challenges are formidable. And the Wahhabi, frankly, are not exactly renown for their scientific or engineering skills. Long used to buying arms — and everything else — off the shelf, they are unlikely to achieve a uranium enrichment cycle without a lot of help.

So expect to see many retired and active nuclear scientists and engineers from Pakistan making a beeline for the kingdom. Even then, it will not be plain sailing: many sources of clandestine materials and equipment needed are now under greater scrutiny than they were when Pakistan launched its covert nuclear programme. Unless, of course, Western countries choose to turn a blind eye to these activities, as well they might, given the kingdom’s favoured status.

But any Pakistani assistance for a Wahhabi nuclear programme would be strongly opposed by Iran. In fact, our fraught relations with our neighbour would come under great strain in such a scenario. Already, attacks on Iranian border guards by Pakistan-based Wahhabi terrorists have caused outrage in Tehran.

Thus far, the Americans have refused to agree to Wahhabi and UAE demands for a formal mutual security pact. Actually, I don’t see what is mutual about it as the thought of Arab armies springing to the defence of the United States is a bit ludicrous. So it’s entirely possible that Pakistan would be asked to provide a nuclear umbrella for the Wahhabi’s and the emirates.

But despite its fears of Iranian might, the fact is that Zio-Wahhabi regime outspends Iran five to one on its military. Decades of sanctions have taken a heavy toll on Iranian military hardware: its air force consists of antiquated aircraft bought from the United States by the Shah, while its army badly needs modern tanks. The navy, while it has numerous small, fast missile boats, is no match for the American Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain.

However, as we have seen in Syria and Iraq — and now in Yemen — while Zio-Wahhabi are happy to send their jet fighters to pound foes who lack an air force, they are reluctant to put boots on the ground. Perhaps this is because the Zio-Wahhabi army is capable only of taking on local dissidents, and not highly motivated fighters from the self-styled Islamic State or the Houthis.

It is this weakness that makes Zio-Wahhabi regime vulnerable to self-doubts as well as external threats. Despite its vast wealth, the ruling family is constantly insecure, fearing both internal uprising and the dangers posed by their Zio_Wahhabi IS and Iran. These fears will only multiply if the nuclear deal is signed next month.

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AL-‘AAMIRIYYA HAS BEEN COMPLETELY LIBERATED BY THE SYRIAN ARMY!  All hills surrounding the City of Palmyra (Tadmur) are now under the complete unchallenged control of the Syrian Armed Forces.  Although Zio-Wahhabi rats tried to invade Palmyra, its value to the Syrian people as a veritable treasure chest of Aramaic and Roman history was too great, too priceless to allow to fall into the claws of these devil-worshiping American-supported rat-filth of Zio-Wahhabi ISIS.

Al-‘Aamiriyya was the scene of another horrific massacre perpetrated by Obama’s heroes – this same vulture who lies about his confederacy with the kakocracies of the Arabian Wahhabi apes and hides behind the Chicagoan squalor of his vapid speeches.  Al-‘Aamiriyya saw over 30 women and children executed cruelly by these Zio-Wahhabi Saudi-funded cockroaches.  I HAVE BEEN ASSURED BY MY SOURCES THAT THE SYRIAN ARMY AND THOSE MEMBERS OF THE POPULAR DEFENSE COMMITTEES SHOWED THE FOREIGN RATS NO MERCY.  FOR EACH INNOCENT SOUL TAKEN, THE BREATH OF LIFE IN EVERY RAT LUNG WAS SNUFFED OUT BY OUR SOLDIERS IN A WAY WHICH WILL MAKE MY READERS DELIGHT.  According to Wael, the number of Zio-Wahhabi ISIS rodents killed is over 1,000 during the last 5 days.



ARAK (اراك) GAS FIELDS and farms to the north and east of Palmyra:  All secured despite prodigious efforts by suicide bombers and assorted dung insects belonging to Zio-Wahhabi ISIS to recapture this site.  All carcasses were foreign.  There wasn’t one single Syrian in the 210 killed around this site.

Al-Hayl Oil Field:  The SAAF killed over 100 Zio-Wahhabi ISIS rodents in numerous swoops over their retreating convoys.

Waadi Abyadh Dam:  The SAAF reprised the attacks on quickly retreating Zio-Wahhabi ISIS rats killing scores.

West Third Gas Pipeline Station:  A confirmed 159 foreign cockroaches killed here by a combination of the SAAF and SAA with PDC participation.  There was an initial attempt to infiltrate back into this area yesterday that was repelled by the government forces. However, the SAAF did not merely let them leave, but, pursued them pitilessly until the entire three-pronged convoy was annihilated.  As of this writing, forces from the PDC are searching for every living, breathing vermin they can find east of Palmyra.

Al-Bayaaraat:  Over 90 Zio-Wahhabi ISIS rodents killed by PDC and local fighters keen on revenge for the horrific massacres.

Al-Sukhna:  Liberated completely by the SAA.  An entire convoy of pickups with 23mm cannons provided by Erdoghan was destroyed.  Angry locals now searching for remnant pocket of rodents in the area.

Three days ago the Syrian Army killed a major Devil-worshiping shaman of Zio-Wahhabi ISIS along with 22 of his proselytes here:


Northeast of Umm Al-Tabaabeer Village in the direction of Al-Furuqlus:  This is the Eybla (ايبلا ) gas pipeline.  The SAA thwarted an attempted by rats to destroy the pipeline.

Qaarraat Al-Tawaaheen near Al-Shaa’ir Mountain :  The SAAF killed scores of Zio-Wahhabi ISIS rodents and destroyed a pickup with 23mm cannon.  No other details.

Fighting with Zio-Wahhabi ISIS also reported here: Al-Qibab, Jawrat Al-Hamal, Al-Qitaar Well.

Fighting also reported here:  North Al-Mushayrifa, Umm Sahreej, Mas’ada, Rajm Al-Qassr





Dog genocide in Turkey




Abandoned and abused, 36 Golden Retrievers were rescued from the streets of Turkey before Ordogan authorities could poison them, shoot them or bury them alive. They are now in America, awaiting adoption.

Sadly, these Turkish dogs were not so lucky:

Hurriyet Daily News  Fifteen dogs were found dead, cast out in the depths of Istanbul’s Beykoz forests with poison frothing from their mouths in what has been yet another stray dog massacre

A It was so appalling that animal rights defenders from all around the world stood up against it. Over 20 mass graves were found, and there were over 5000 dead dogs in them. It took days for all the graves to be dug and all the bodies to be exhumed.


During the first days, it was understood that some dogs, including puppies, had been buried alive. Some of those puppies were rescued, others gone. Ordogan authorities were arguing that there was a rabies outbreak in Antalya so they had to kill the animals – yet many of the dogs killed were wearing ear tags indicating that they had been vaccinated against rabies. Rabies was simply a pretext.

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Turkey and United States condemn death sentences for Mohamed Morsi


Image result for SISI CARTOON

And 105 of his Muslim Brotherhood henchmen

Turkish CIA agent Recep Tayyip Erdogan has slammed Zionist puppet sisi for sentencing the ousted president to death, saying the country was returning to the “old Egypt.”

“Old Egypt” as in before Islam? Sounds like a plan! Erdogan buddy, Barack Hussein Obama, also is “deeply concerned about an Egyptian court decision to seek the death penalty for former President Mohamed Morsi, a State Department official said on Sunday.

It was just a year ago, before he was elected president by an overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people, that Zionist puppet Abdel Fattah el-Sisi vowed to finish off the Muslim Brotherhood once and for all. 

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Omar Khadr, Guantanamo, and the “Global War On Terrorism”


Exclusive Interview with Khadr’s Lawyer Dennis Edney

Global Research
Omar Khadr

Omar Khadr at the age of fifteen was abandoned by his father and dropped into this compund with Taliban warriors. He had no choice to do whatever they wanted him to do. I recall asking Omar, Why didn’t you run away? And he said, Run away to where? And I would have been killed!…So what choice did he have? He was a child soldier in that circumstance. –Dennis Edney

What these comparisons convey is that Al Qaeda fighters and their senior Pakistani advisers were “saved” on the orders of Donald Rumsfeld. Meanwhile, also on the orders of the Secretary of Defense, innocent civilians who had no relationship whatsoever to the war theater were categorized as “enemy combatants”, kidnapped, interrogated and sent to Guantanamo. [1] -Professor Michel Chossudovsky



Length (59:21)

Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

At long last, Omar Khadr has had a taste of freedom.

Bail was granted on April 24 by an Alberta Court. The release was granted pending the outcome of an appeal of the war crimes conviction levelled against Khadr in the US.

Omar Khadr was captured in July 2002 after the compound at which the fifteen year old was residing engaged in a firefight with US Forces. He was accused of throwing the hand grenade which fatally wounded US Army combat medic Christopher Speer.

The young Khadr was relocated to Guantanamo three months later where he was apparently tortured and interrogated. He would reside at that facility for a decade before being released based on a plea bargain, and repatriated to Canada.

The Canadian government at every step of the way has attempted to block justice for Khadr. Unlike other Western countries, Canada did not negotiate for the repatriation of one of its nationals from the notorious prison facility. Most recently, Stephen Harper’s government launched an appeal of the decision to release Khadr on bail.

Omar Khadr’s lawyer Dennis Edney appears in the first half hour of the program with facts to foil the Harper government’s character assassination attempt on his client and friend.

And while speculation abounds of the Harper government’s use of Khadr as a propaganda instrument in advance of this October’s federal election, questions have been raised about the Guantanamo facility itself. In a 2004 article, Professor Michel Chossudovsky evoked a report by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh about the evacuation of hard core Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters to Northwest Pakistan at the same time that innocent civilians were being kidnapped, interrogated and sent to Guantanamo.

Chossudovsky suggests that Guantanamo’s true function is not protection from evil terrorists. Guantanamo, and in fact the broader War on Terrorism is about manipulating public opinion into supporting a military agenda serving other diabolical aims. Professor Chossudovsky explains his position in the second half hour.

Dennis Edney is recipient of the 2008 National Pro Bono Award and of the 2009 Human Rights Medal awarded by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia for work that has helped to promote and further human rights.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and Editor of Global Research. He is the author of eleven books including The Globalization of Poverty and The New World Order (2003), Americas War on Terrorism (2005), and his most recent, The Globalization of War, America’s Long War against Humanity (2015).



Length (59:21)

Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

The Global Research News Hour airs every Friday at 1pm CT on CKUW 95.9FM in Winnipeg. The programme is also podcast .

The show can be heard on the Progressive Radio Network at Listen in every Monday at 3pm ET.

Community Radio Stations carrying the Global Research News Hour:

CFUV 101. 9 FM in Victoria. Airing Sundays from 7-8am PT.

CHLY 101.7 FM in Nanaimo, B.C Thursdays at 1pm PT

Boston College Radio WZBC 90.3FM NEWTONS during the Truth and Justice Radio Programming slot -Sundays at 7am ET.

Port Perry Radio in Port Perry, Ontario Thursdays at 1pm ET

Burnaby Radio Station CJSF out of Simon Fraser University. 90.1FM to most of Greater Vancouver, from Langley to Point Grey and from the North Shore to the US Border. It is also available on 93.9 FM cable in the communities of SFU, Burnaby, New Westminister, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey and Delta, in British Columbia Canada. Tune in every Saturday at 6am.


1) Michel Chossudovsky (March 18, 2004), Kidnapping and deporting Civilians to Guantanamo, providing a Safe-haven to Al Qaeda Fighters; original 2004 posting at


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Zionist lobby condemns re-enactment of murderous assault


On Christendom’s holiest site

Church of the Nativity siege

Pro-Israel lobby claims play depicting 40-day military siege of the world’s oldest Christian Church “sympathises with Palestinian terrorist groups”, “glorifies extremist ideology” and is “a grotesque white-washing of the Second Intifada”

By Stuart Littlewood

A play that re-tells one of the most shameful episodes in the continuing Israeli occupation of Palestine had its premiere this week at The Lowry in Salford, Manchester. It is called The Siege.

The Freedom Theatre company, which produced the play, had traced exiled Palestinian resisters scattered across Europe and collected their accounts of that infamous event.

An internal memo from Lowry’s management warned staff about the “sensitive” nature of the performance. “As with any work relating to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, The Siege is likely to attract comment and emotion for both sides of the debate. It said, among other things:

Our decision to programme The Siege was made solely on the artistic merits of The Freedom Theatre as a company and the work itself as a performance. Whilst there will be a range of perspectives on The Siege, it is without doubt a great piece of work telling a fantastic story.

According to the Daily MailBritish taxpayers were funding through the Arts Council a play “sympathising with Palestinian terrorist groups” and presenting an “unashamedly one-sided drama based on accounts from the gunmen and bombers of Hamas and the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade”.

The play, said the Daily Mail, tells of “a 2002 stand-off when Israeli troops cornered militants in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem”. The newspaper complained that, in the publicity, Hamas and Al Aqsa Brigade terrorists were merely referred to as “fighters” with no acknowledgement of their “cold-blooded murder of civilians”. Jewish leaders, said the report, raised “extreme concern” that the British taxpayer might be funding a play promoting “terrorism as legitimate”.

The Zionist Federation said:

It appears to be a grotesque white-washing of the second Intifada, a campaign of relentless, indiscriminate murders of Israeli civilians which resulted in the deaths of thousands on both sides. Nor is it the case that these men were ‘freedom fighters’ – these attacks represented a rejection of Israel’s offer of an independent Palestinian state.

At a time when the Middle East is being torn apart by fanatics, and the UK is trying to prevent impressionable young men and women from joining the carnage, it is highly questionable as to why a play that glorifies this same extremist ideology is being taken around the country.

The Times of Israel reported a spokesman for the British Jewish community’s Fair Play Campaign as saying:

Given that The Siege writers consulted terrorist killers for research, it seems likely that the play will present the story entirely from the terrorists’ point of view. It is important that audiences understand that the facts are in dispute, and presenting it as a “true story” stands to mislead.

The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem was built by Constantine the Great and dates from AD330. It is probably the oldest Christian church in the world. I haven’t seen the play, nor am I likely to as it is not being performed anywhere near where I live. But I have been to the Church and in 2006 interviewed a survivor of the 40-day siege. His account is included in my book, Radio Free Palestine.

The young man who was there throughout the siege – let’s call him George – is not a “fighter”, gunman or terrorist. This is his gut-wrenching story:

The story of the Church of the Nativity siege

The ordeal began on 1 April and was triggered by a young girl from a refugee camp. A member of her family had been killed by the IDF [Israel Defence Forces – the Israeli Wehrmacht]. Grief-stricken, she took revenge by turning herself into a suicide bomber, killing six or seven Israelis in Jerusalem.

As usual, the Israelis reacted with wide-scale collective punishment, sending tanks and hundreds of soldiers into West Bank towns like Nablus, Jenin and Bethlehem late at night. In Bethlehem they cut the electricity supply and focused on the old town, overflying with helicopter gunships and occupying all key points around Manger Square. Many innocent Palestinians were killed by snipers, and the market and some shops were set on fire as troops hunted down suspected “fighters”. Civilians tried desperately to hide from the troops and someone suggested the Church of the Nativity as a sanctuary.

The door was locked, so “one of the young men shot the door… there was no choice”. Two hundred and forty-eight took refuge there. They included, says George, one Islamic Jihad, 28 Hamas, 50 to 60 Al-Aqsa Martyrs. The remainder were ordinary townsfolk and included 100 uniformed Palestinian Authority workers; also 26 children and eight to 10 women and girls.

“The Israeli soldiers would not allow the women and children to leave… but they left the Church the first week by the back door.” Priests and nuns – Armenian, Greek and Catholic – from the adjoining monasteries brought the number to over 300 at the beginning. “Some of them went back to the monasteries but some stayed with us every day for the 40 days.”

On Day 3 of the siege a young man inside the Church was shot dead by a sniper as he popped his head through a hatch in the roof. That same day a second was shot by snipers as he scavenged for food in the Casa Nova guest house. His last words were: “My brothers, I love you. I don’t want to leave you. I’m still so young and I miss my wife and I want to see my daughter and son again.”

Our big problem, says George, was how to get enough food to feed so many people. “The monasteries gave us food to last about 10 days. After that we managed to bring some food in from across the fields, but when one of us was killed we stopped.”

Fifteen days into the siege and someone said, “Let’s call an ambulance.” They had managed to recharge their cellphones using the mains that supplied the Church towers and bells. The Israelis had overlooked the fact that this was a separate supply coming from the Bethlehem municipality. So, the besieged were able to phone out for help to friends in nearby Beit Sahour, who responded by sending food to the medical centre. From there it was transported by ambulance, along with authentic casualties, and delivered to houses near the Church. At night young girls carried the food in plastic bags from house to house until supplies reached the dwellings next door to the Church. The bags were then thrown from roof to roof. This went on for six days until one girl dropped a bag, which the soldiers found.

The IDF, now alerted, shot and paralysed another young man. It put an end to the food operation. Those trapped inside the Church were surprised to discover an old lady living within the complex. She had a small horde of olives and wheat, with which they made bread. So they managed to eke out the food for 28 days. “When it finally ran out,” George recalls, “we realised we were in big trouble”.

The governor of Bethlehem and the director of the Catholic Society were among those holding out in the Church. George held the key and was ordered to open the door only if someone died or was injured. He was watching through a peephole when he saw people approaching across the forecourt. They were from the peace movement, 28 of them. By now the world media were watching. Seventeen were promptly arrested but 11 took a big risk, managing to bluff their way in through the razor wire. In their rucksacks they brought food, which lasted another fou days, and basic medicines.

The worst time was the final week – no food and only dirty water from the well. They resorted to boiling leaves and old chicken legs into a soup. George ate only lemons and salt for five or six days. Many were so ill by this time that they were passing blood.

Outside some 15 civilians had been indiscriminately shot in the street or in their homes. The IDF refused to allow the dead inside the Church to be removed for decent burial. The corpses were therefore placed in makeshift coffins, with the holes and seams sealed with candlewax, and taken down to a cellar. Meanwhile, the IDF set up three huge cranes on which were mounted robotic machine guns under video control. Eight defenders were killed inside the Church, some by the robotic guns and some by snipers.

Samir, a Church caretaker and bellringer who was known to be a little disturbed, was killed in front of the Church. “He eventually went outside and tried to surrender with his hands up but was shot down by a regular sniper.”

From the start, says George, the IDF used psychological warfare methods – for example, disorienting noise to deprive them of sleep, bright lights, concussion grenades. They paraded their families in front of the Church to put pressure on them to surrender. The IDF were also using illegal dum-dum bullets which cause horrendous wounds and trauma. “Most of those who were killed… it was because of the dum-dums… so much bleeding, and it took so long to arrange to send them to a hospital.” He says the IDF fired tracer rounds into two of the monasteries and set the ancient fabric of the buildings on fire. Those trapped inside the Church vowed not to harm IDF soldiers unless they actually broke in. When soldiers did gain access and killed one of the resisters, four of them were shot.

“In the end, the governor decided it was better to be in jail than die. So we opened the door and surrendered on the 40th day. One hundred and forty-eight had survived. We were all promptly arrested and interrogated.” But when given a meal by the Israelis, 13 or 14 threw the food in the trash bin. “They were the ones who had been hurt the most,” says George. “The soldiers killed some of their families and demolished their houses… and arrested

all their families… and destroyed their lives…”

Because of the adverse publicity, the CIA and EU took a hand in deciding the fate of the survivors. After four years the figures still sprang readily to George’s mind… “13 were exiled to the EU, 26 were exiled to Gaza, 26 were wounded, 26 had surrendered because they were under-age. Eight were killed inside the Church… and with Samir makes nine… they shot Samir in front of the Church…” It clearly upset him to remember.

“The rest were allowed home.” George had scavenged under sniper fire. Luckily, he was among those sent home. “The Israelis said to me: ‘Do you know why you are going home? Because America wants it’.”

When the survivors apologised to the Church fathers for the damage done, they replied: “God will look after the Church. We are much more concerned about looking after you.” I put it to George that by telling me the story he might find himself in the Israelis’ black books. “I’m already in their black book,” he replied.

Imagine how the story might have ended if the world hadn’t been watching. It deserves to be told and re-told forever. I hope the Freedom Theatre puts it out on DVD so that all can see.

I’m assuming, of course, that the play reflects George’s version of events. Judge for yourselves who the real terrorists are.

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