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Wahhabi “Martyr” Required for One Million Riyals

Israa al-FassSaudi journalist Dawwod al-ShiryanWhom will the Saudi journalist Dawood al-Shiryan insult this time by saying: “You have deceived our sons.” You escaped punishment in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria “but this time you will not escape”? Will the journalist – one of Mohammad Bin Nayef’s men – dare to say to the Saudi emirs: “You are traders of religion and strife”?

The call of the Saudi Mufti Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh for enforcing obliged recruitment for young people, which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom, almost does not fulfill its task to provide fighters for the Saud dynasty’s war, which is seen by many observers as a war intended to resolve the conflicts within the royal family before anything else.

The Kingdom hired preachers and proposed offers and benefits to attract “martyrs” ready to die on behalf of the Saudi princes. In conjunction with the Saudi aggression on Yemen, media have been mobilized, preachers have been dedicated, and money has been allocated in a way that reveals the mentality of those seizing power in the kingdom, who think that buying lives is quite easy as buying consciousness, the trade in which Saudi Arabia has succeeded to some extent.
The Saudi ad demanding a Saudi martyr for one million riyals

One million riyals for every “martyr”

In an action that clearly considers the Saudi people dumb, the Saudi media promote a so-called “Martyr System” voted on by the Saudi Shura Council, which “unifies the characteristics of the “martyrs of duty”, facilitates their actions, preserves their rights, and ensures the necessary care for their parents after their death,” according to reports by the Saudi Middle East newspaper.

In a catchy offer by the Kingdom to attract what it calls “martyrs,” “one million Riyals is to be granted to the family of the martyr, his debts will be paid off, his parents will receive monthly salaries, and his sons will be employed.”

According to Saudi media,  upon his “martyrdom”, wives, sons, brothers, and siblings of the dead person will get jobs, as well as secure housing.

The credit of such motivations for committing murders on behalf of Saudi dynasty goes to a YouTube video entitled “Sample of the Decisive Storm against Yemen”, showing a Saudi soldier declaring readiness to defend Salman bin Abdul Aziz had his debts been paid off.
Preachers on alert

The royal decision to discharge Abdul-Aziz Khoja from the ministry of information and culture in November 2014 as a result of his order to close the extremist “Wessal” TV channel surprising. Princes of the kingdom realize the effective role of the channel in mobilizing and inciting for wars that only serve the interests of Saudi princes.

Wessal channel, which is daily active in desecration terms employed in giving halo for the sectarian wars, posts on its screen a logo of Yemen map labeled “Decisive Storm”, and enlisted programs for incitement and mobilization for the battle of killing one another in the name of religion.

Hate speeches are available to shed the blood of Muslims to serve battles of Saudi dynasty. Preachers (such as Salman al-Awda, Mohammad al-Arifi, Saad al-Breik, Adnan al-Aroor, and  Mohsen al-Awaji) whom were attacked by journalists in the Kingdom like Shiryan (inspired by the power) following the failure in Syria, are re-employed today and platforms are being opened via the Saudi channel to mobilize the masses in the battles of the ruling family.

Adnan al-Aroor, who was accused someday by Shiryan of deceiving the young people motivated to “jihad” in Syria, is being employed today to mobilize masses to kill the Yemeni people.

Saad al-Breik, who was also attacked by Shiryan, saluted the Saudi fighters, describing the aggression on Yemen as a “victory for the religion of Allah and obedience to the governor.”

Moreover, al-Awaj appeared on Safa TV channel, similar to Wessal TV, and hailed the Saudi decision about launching a decisive storm.

Alike Wessal and Safa, Al Arabiya TV network started to employ fatwas of preachers, focusing on a fatwa of the so-called “Global Body of Muslim Scholars,” which believes that the aggression on Yemen “means undoubtedly an obligatory and legitimate jihad, which Muslims are ought to ally themselves for it.”

Pictures and videos of a number of Saudi “advocates of deceit” have been published as part of motivating to “jihad” in the battles waged by kingdom against Muslims. Social websites circulate photos of Mohamad al-Arifi on the front line firing projectiles with the help of the Saudi troops, saying: “Oh Allah, let it hit and kill.”

It became clear that “traders of religion and strife”, as had been called once a day by Shiryan on the Saudi mbc TV channel,  are agents of the real traders in the Saudi dynasty, who suspect that they can buy everything by money, including “martyrdom”, after they succeeded in recruiting preachers and buying media consciousness.

Dawood al-Shiryan will keep silent today waiting for preachers to perform their job. Tomorrow, the Saudi kingdom is defeated, Shiryan will employ himself, by the vanquished, to come out again blaming the preachers, and repeating his famous quote: “This time you will not escape!”


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Wahhabi Ex-Crown Prince Bribed to Quit

Saudi Zionist King’s younger half-brother Muqrin bin Abdulaziz has been bribed by King Shalom bin Abdulaziz to be relieved of his duties as crown prince, sources in Riyadh revealed.The Zionist king’s son Muhammad bin Salman who is trying to become the next king, has proposed to pay a $10 billion sum to Muqrin, Mujtahid, a Saudi political activist said in his latest tweets.Saudi ex-Crown Muqrin bin Abdulaziz

Mujtahid has drawn much attention for his tweeter campaign against Zio-Wahhabi regiome and is believed to be a member of or have a well-connected source in the royal family.

Meantime, Muhammad bin Salman has opened hundreds of Twitter accounts and recruited many employees to publicize for him in their accounts, Fars news agency reported.

On April 29, King Shalom relieved Muqrin of his duties as crown prince and appointed his nephew, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, as the new heir apparent.

This is the first time that a grandson of the founder of the country (Ibn Saud), rather than a son, is appointed crown prince.

Mohamed bin Nayef, 55, the grandson of the founder of Saudi Arabia, was appointed as crown prince and also minister of interior.

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal was also replaced by Saudi Ambassador to Washington Adel al-Jubair.

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Al Saud: Kingdom of Slaughter, Destruction and Fear

Israa Al-Fass 

Al Saud

Remembering the Wahhabi forces has always been associated with remembering the criminal practices of their ancestors since the political deal between Mohammad bin Saud and Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab, which stated that the first must protect the ideology of the second in order for it to spread, while the second gives legitimacy to the rule of the first. This political deal is still in practice until today, Al Saud is leading the political scene in the kingdom while the religious leadership is under the control of Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahhab’s sons.

In April, 1802, Saud bin Mohammad’s (grandfather of Abdul Aziz) Army invaded Karbala  and slaughtered 4,000 Muslim Shiites, despoiling the holy shrines, “including that of Martyr Hussein, grandson of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). After despoiling the city, the Wahhabis left, taking with them precious spoils which included swords inlaid with jewels, guns, golden jewelry and Persian carpets, which they carried on the backs of 4,000 camels,” according to American author Dore Gold.

In parallel, Catalan orientalist known as “Ali Bey Al-Abbasi” records that the invaders of Karbala had passed the swords on the necks of men and young boys of all ages.

Dore Gold quotes another Western source as saying that they ripped up the stomachs of pregnant women and left the embryos over the bodies of their mothers, “for their savageness did not quench their thirst, so they did not stop murdering.”

In the next year, Holy Mecca fell in the hands of the Wahhabi Army under the leadership of Saud bin Mohammad who demanded “the razing of all the mosques and hermitages dedicated for the revival of the prophet and Ahlul Beit”.

They razed “the hermitages of the companions… the army razed the hermitage in Al-Nour Mount where Gabriel sent down the revelation to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Moreover, the Wahhabis appointed a guard on the mountain to prevent pilgrims from praying on its top. It was a prayer which pilgrims performed in the spot where Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) used to meditate and worship God.”

The author documents what took place in Taef later on, when the Wahhabis “passed their swords on everyone they met, without separating between men, women, or children, and did not hesitate to tear up the innocent people into pieces while they were in their beds and homes.”

Gold adds that: “In Medina, the Wahhabis applied their religious ideology which demanded razing tombs. They tried to raze the fancy domes over the tomb of the prophet, and the Wahhabi invaders took away all the precious items in the tomb and despoiled the treasure of the prophet’s mosque.”

This is what the grandson of the establisher of the third Saudi state – Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, known as Ibn Saud – did. So, what did history record about practices throughout his rule?

Eldon Ratter, an English who converted to Islam, narrates the changes he had witnessed after the Wahhabis came. On that day, Ratter visited “the birthplace of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), and it was a spot in the pious shrines, like a small mosque with a dome and a small hermitage.”

When he mentions the changes, he says: “The Wahhabis have destroyed the dome of this structure and its hermitage, and they removed the curtains and other decorations… Today, every time the prophet’s birthday is mentioned among people of Mecca, their faces turn gloomy and they begin cursing the people of Najd (because Al Saud are from Najd).

Wahhabi fighters’ practices built fear among people from the control of Ibn Saud over the holy cities of Muslims. Back then, India, which used to be the largest Islamic country, demanded internationalizing Hijaz, specifically its holy cities, according to Dore Gold’s book “Hatred’s Kingdom, How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism”.

The concern in the Islamic world emerged after Muslims halted traveling to perform pilgrimage out of fear of being offended by the Wahhabis, since the latter believe that they get closer to Allah by killing Muslims who disagree with them.

In 1926, and four years before taking over Al-Azhar Sheikhdom,  Sheikh Mohammad Al-Ahmadi Al-Zawahiri headed the Egyptian delegation to the World Muslim Congress which Abdul Aziz called for, and gave confidence to Muslims just for the sake of maintaining his position in Mecca. Sheikh Al-Zawahiri says that the delegates who attended Mecca congress: “Were all against the government of Ibn Saud and the Wahhabis in Hijaz, and even the minority who supported Wahhabism, when they arrived to Mecca and witnessed the changes, they were disappointed… in reference to the razing of the companions’ tombs and the holy city’s features.

What did Zawahiri see in Mecca?

Imam Mohammad Ahmadi Al-Zawahiri

“It was prohibited to begin the prayers with the term “Prophet of Allah”, because this was considered (by Wahhabis) polytheism, and Allah should be the only one addressed during prayers. So in Mecca’s largest mosque, Zawahiri saw Wahhabis reprehending an Egyptian man and asking him: “Did you use O ‘Prophet of Allah’ in your prayer?” But out of fear, the Egyptian man denied it.  

Zawahiri tried to pacify the scared Egyptian man that day and told him: “To be honest with you, I also begin my prayers with ‘O Prophet of Allah’.” In other words, the man, who later became one of the most significant religious figures in Egypt and the Islamic world, was also scared to pray freely in Mecca like any devout Muslim!





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Zio-Wahhabi regime Responsible for Qatif Explosion

HezbollahHezbollah firmly denounced the vindictive terrorist explosion which targeted Imam Ali (A.S) mosque in Qadih town in al-Qatif, claimed over 20 martyrs and wounded dozens of the worshippers who were performing blessed Friday prayers.

This crime is one of the criminal acts that target the mosques and the religious centers across the Islamic World and that are committed by groups which do not appreciate the prayer and do not take into account the sanctity of the Houses of Holy God and the pure blood of the innocent who are killed at the altar of ignorance, hatred, and the religious as well as the sectarian incitement, according to Hezbollah.

In a statement, Hezbollah considered that those who have the takfiri terrorists ideology do not distinguish when they launch their attacks between the Shiites and the Sunnites, nor between the Muslims and the non-Muslims.

“Those groups perform their brutality against everyone, departing from a spiteful ideology which atones everyone else. So, they deliberately commit against them the most terrible massacres, carrying out the schemes of the Ummah’s enemies.”

According to the statement, Hezbollah held the Zio-Wahhabi regime fully responsible for the heinous crime due to their financial, political and practical support to the criminal killers in order to commit similar crimes in many Arab and Islamic countries, due to their failure to provide their citizens in the eastern region with protection, and even due to their continuous sectarian incitement against them.

The party offered the deepest condolences to the families of the innocent martyrs who were killed by the sinful bombing and expressed its sympathy with the wounded, wishing for them a speedy recovery.

Hezbollah finally asserted that victory will be on the side of the patient against the tyrants and their demonic tools.

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Nazi Barak Justifies Humiliating I$raHell Withdrawal in 2000


It Ended 18-Year Tragedy

BarakFormer Zionist Prime Minister Nazi Ehud Barak considered that Zio-Nazi occupation of southern Lebanon led to the emergence of Hezbollah, noting that the withdrawal of the Zionist army in 2000 ended an 18-year tragedy.“I am proud of that step which ended the tragedy that cost us over 1000 soldiers,” Nazi Barak, who led the Zionist cabinet towards the withdrawal in 2000, said.

The Israeli occupation of south Lebanon was not fruitful and failed to protect the settlements from Hezbollah rockets, he added.

Nazi Barak said that the Zionist army withdrew in a confused and a hasty manner in order to avoid Hezbollah fire.

What confirms the propriety of the withdrawal decision is that all who opposed it reject to return back to Lebanon, Barak pointed out.

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Yemen: Army,PC Employ Russian Rockets to Strike Zio-Wahhabi Sites


Yemeni Army, Popular Committees Employ Russian Rockets to Strike Zio-Wahhabi Sites

YemenThe Yemeni army and the popular committees started employing Yerevan Russian  rockets, that can target a range of 60 kilometers, to strike Zio-Wahhabi military sites in the bordering towns.In this context, the Yemeni army and the popular committees continued controlling the various bordering sites in KSA, including al-Meizab, after Zio-Wahhabi soldiers fled them.Zio-Wahhabi aggression, in turn, launched intensive airstrikes against the various Yemeni provinces, targeting residential areas as well as mosques and claiming more civilians.Politically, an Ansarullah delegation headed to Oman to conduct consultations with the authorities before moving to Geneva to participate in the Yemeni-Yemeni conference held by the United Nations.

On April 21, Zio-Wahhabi regime declared the end of the aggression, dubbed “Decisive Strom,” and the start of another campaign called “Restoring Hope.” Zio-Wahhabi-led warplanes are still conducting airstrikes on several areas across Yemen.

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Zio-Wahhabi Have I$raHell Nuke Yemen for Them

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr

Neutron bomb dropped by IAF plane with Zio-Wahhabi markings…

Veterans Today website posted a report, prepared by Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith, on  the bomb which fell on Naqm mountain in Yemen last week.

A video received from Yemen, believed to be taken May 20, 2015, of an explosion, when analyzed by nuclear weapons experts is, by very high probability, a neutron bomb that could only have been Zio-Nazi attack.  The analysis:

A. Its not a conventional 2k lb bomb. It’s much bigger.

B. Its either a very large MOAB bigger than 4,000 lbs. or; ???? Max weight for an F-15 / 16 is about 2,000 lb payload per bomb rack making the deployment of a MOAB impossible.

C. Its appears to be a small neutron bomb. The size, color, lightning effect and duration of the fire ball being suspended in mid air and the very large mushroom cloud is the main give away. The CCD cameras imaging device was “scintillating” (detecting Neutrons) That is the white pixel flashes in the video. When the photo has white pixel flashes in it, that is because it is being hit by neutrons from the nuclear fireball blast. It overloads the ccd’s electronic circuit producing white flashes.

If the radiation is too high it will burn out the chip. They have big problems with this in Japan with the Fukushima robots cameras failing due to very high radiation counts.

D. Delivery is most likely by an Nazi F-16 with Zio-Wahhabi paint job on the plane. They are not even hiding their use anymore, they just don’t publicly admit it and the IAEA does nothing or says nothing. That is the true war crime. The UN just ignores it unless the US, France or GB complains…….. Russia and China say nothing.

E. This is now the second known use of nukes in Yemen by Zio-Wahhabi regime…………..

Post Script:

A. The range of the camera is calculated to be about 4 to 5 miles from ground zero based on shock wave timing.

B.Zio-Wahhabi regime has no F-16’s. The aircraft reported to be used to droop the bomb in Yemen were F-16’s. Photos and acoustic signature confirms that the jet engines noise is from a single engine jet fighter of the F-16 type.

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Nasrallah: Resistance at Its Utmost Readiness on All Fronts

Marwa Haidar 
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stresses that the resistance is at its utmost readiness on all fronts, noting that although Hezbollah is fighting in Syria, its eyes are still on Israel.
Speaking at a massive ceremony on the Resistance and Liberation Day, Sayyed Nasrallah urged for uniting all fronts in the Middle East to counter the Takfiri scheme, as he assured that this scheme threatens the entire region.Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan NasrallahHis eminence reiterated the importance of the army-people-resistance equation, noting that the countries of the region should rely on this “golden equation.”

The resistance leader said that Hezbollah will go on with its battle in Qalamoun barrens as far as all Lebanese border is secured. In this context however, his eminence noted that the Lebanese government should discuss and resolve the issue of Arsal, warning that “our people in Bekaa will keep no Takfiri militant alive” in the border town.

Sayyed Nasrallah meanwhile, called on the Bahraini regime to meet the demands of its people, noting that ISIL is on their soil.

His eminence also called on the Saudi to halt its aggression on Yemen and to facilitate the political dialogue in Geneva in the coming days.

History Repeats Itself
At the start of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah offered condolences to residents of the Saudi region of Qatif over the suicide blast which killed and injured dozens of prayers in Imam Ali (as) Mosque two days earlier.

Sayyed Nasrallah on the Resistance and Liberation Day saluted resistance crowds, martyrs, injured people and resistance fighters along with their families. He also saluted the resistance leaders, Imam Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr, Sayyed Abbas al-Mousawi, Sheikh Ragheb Harb and Hajj Imad Moughnieh, as well as the resistance allies, Iran and Syria.

Talking about the occasion, Sayyed Nasrallah said that Hezbollah, along with other patriot factions, has taken the resistance choice, noting that this choice was not backed by some Lebanese sides.

“I will talk about the early stage of the resistance because the events which we are witnessing” similar circumstance, Sayyed Nasrallah addressed cheering crowds in the southern city of Nabatiyeh.

“When the Israeli enemy invaded Lebanon in 1982, the Lebanese disagreed over the view to this event. Some had clear understanding to the Israeli threat, while others were betting on the invasion and taking part in the massacres committed,” his eminence said.

“Since the launch of the resistance, there were sides that doubted the patriotism of the resistance.”

“Three years after its launch, the resistance managed to inflict losses upon the Israeli enemy, forcing it to withdraw to the borderland buffer zone without condition,” Sayyed Nasrallah said, referring to the Israeli withdrawal from several southern towns to the borderland buffer zone in 1985.

Sayyed Nasrallah said that following these events, the resistance persisted till 2000, the humiliating withdrawal of the Zionist entity from the south.

Hezbollah S.G. stressed meanwhile, that if there had not been resistance, the Israeli enemy would have swept Lebanon.

“This victory was by some Lebanese, though it was dedicated to all the Lebanese people.”

After talking about the resistance achievements especially the Liberation, Sayyed Nasrallah said that Lebanon today faces threats similar to the Israeli one, which is the Takfiri scheme.

“Today, the history repeats itself. The scheme which threatens the entire region, its people and armies is the Takfiri one, and ISIL is a sample.”

“Unfortunately, there are some sides that consider there is no threat posed by the Takfiris. Some of them stand neutrally, while the others are supporting these Takfiris and betting on them.”

Sayyed Nasrallah then talked about the danger posed by the Takfiris, noting that no one in Lebanon and the region is safe.

“We are before unparalleled threat, what did ISIL do in Iraq and Syria? What did it do even with people of this same trend? Instead of uniting they fought and slaughtered each other.”

“My advice to those who are silent and bet on Takfiris, they will be the first victims. Future movement leaders and MPs will be the first victims of the Takfiris,” Sayyed Nasrallah stressed.

He also urged the Christians not to be silent in the face of this threat, wondering who will protect them, their families and their churches from the Takfiri threat.

United Front
In the same context, the resistance leader urged the people and the government of the region to unite the fronts in a bid to counter the Takfiri threat.

“To overcome the Takfiris, the peoples of this region must trust themselves and unite against this enemy.”

His eminence also said that the golden equation of army-people-resistance is the solution to counter the Takfiri insurgent in any country.

In another context, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the US-led coalition allegedly operating against ISIL in Iraq and Syria was not serious in countering the terrorist group, noting that the insurgents or moving from a city to another in Iraq and Syria under Washington’s eye.

“The number of airstrikes staged by the US-led coalition throughout a year is much less than the number of the Israeli airstrikes on Lebanon during July war in 2006,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

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Two French jihadists with ISIS


Reported to have carried out suicide bombing attacks in Haditha

Zio-Wahhabi (ISIS) used two French suicide bombers in a coordinated assault on the western Iraqi town of Haditha. One of the bombers has been featured in the past in an Zio-Wahhabi propaganda film calling for more French recruits.

Islamic State suicide bombers Abu Abdul Aziz al Firansi and and Abu Maryam al Firansi (aka Kevin Chassin)

Long War Journal  The two French have made ​​”dozens of deaths” according to the propaganda of the Islamic state .Abu Maryam Al-Faransi (Kevin Chassin) and Abu Abdul Aziz Al-Faransi committed two suicide attacks against military objectives near Haditha, a town in western Iraq.

In the official martyrdom statement released by the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi, the jihadist group said that Abu Maryam al Firansi “targeted a headquarters where the apostates gathered in the area of al Khasfa,” according to a translation of the statement by SITE Intelligence Group.


“He invoked Allah and wounded his steed amidst their gathering, leaving dozens killed and wounded, and turning their structures into rubble…” the statement continued.  The Islamic State said that the other French suicide bomber, Abu Abdul Aziz al Firansi, “followed him with a second truck, to target barracks of the apostates.”

One of the two men named Kevin Chassin (Abu Maryam), as researcher and consultant on Islamist Romain Caillet questions. This young Toulouse had grown up in the city Bourbaki. Coming from a non-Muslim family, he converted before radicalized and join the ranks of the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi ISIS.

Earlier, Chassin poses with a severed head

Abu Maryam al Firansi was previously featured in Saudi Zio-Wahhabi ISIS propaganda video that was released late last year. The video (below) promoted three French fighters of Zio_Wahhabi who burned their passports and called for French Muslims to wage jihad. In another part of the video, Abu Maryam threatened France by saying ISIS “fighters will not hesitate to chop off the heads of the enemies of Islam if the French government continues bombing Iraq and Syria.”

LeFigaro  The family of Kevin Chassin Saturday received a strange phone call. His half-brother Brice was called by a jihadist from the ISIS. It was announced that Kevin, aka Abu Mariam, was far one of the two leading French Friday kamikaze attacks against Iraqi military targets in Anbar province, says La Depeche du Midi .

In the process, the young man received a photo of his brother Kevin smiling, the index pointing to the sky, just before boarding a truck. Soon after, the young man rushed the vehicle loaded with two tons of explosives against an Iraqi military base. “From what I was told his friend, May 17, he recorded a video where he apologizes to his parents,” says Brice to Depeche du Midi.

Kevin Chassin poses with small child and pony

Kevin Chassin poses with small child and pony

The young man lives north of Toulouse, near the city Bourbaki where Kevin grew up. Two months earlier, he had learned that his older brother had left Syria for Iraq. “He said he had an ongoing project but it was useless to ask him questions. He always answered: I can not tell you about it, “he said to the newspaper.Recently, Brice said that Kevin had obtained a 10 day holiday in a palace of Mosul. A trip that takes today looks like a last journey.

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A look at the Jewish billionaires controlling American politics

The Jewish Daily Forward recently published an incredibly revealing article discussing the immense influence and control over the American political process wealthy Jewish plutocrats, propagandists, and culture distorters have, particularly as it relates to the 2016 presidential race, a topic highlighted and commented upon in this space on Thursday.

The Forward spotlights the top Jewish billionaires who financed and supported various political candidates and causes during the 2014 election cycle, and who they are likely to financially back for the 2016 presidential election.

A quick look at the list of top political donors for 2014 reveals a striking fact: At least a third of the most generous 50 mega-givers were Jewish. In fact, contributions from Jewish billionaires and multi-millionaires dominated the top 10 spots on the list.

Striking, yet unsurprising.

Political activists have known for years that members of the Jewish community are over-represented in the field of political contributions.

And now, with the 2016 election cycle beginning to warm up, these Jewish donors are on the minds of all prospective candidates.

The 2014 list represents donors who were active between presidential election cycles. Some gave directly to parties, or candidates, but most of the money went to Super PACs, the main cash vehicle that will oil the wheels of the 2016 presidential campaign. […]

In the article, The Forward published a series of baseball card-style informational graphics highlighting 7 of the top Jewish billionaires dominating the American political process, which includes their overall net worth, 2012 election campaign contributions, and their primary political interests, along with other basic information.

Take a long, hard look at the people controlling your government America, and the issues they are most concerned with.

What political causes and interests most concern these plutocratic Jewish billionaires? The well-being of the American worker and American industry? Ending the disastrous, fraudulent wars of aggression in the Middle East, and properly supporting the U.S. military? Stopping the invasion and take-over of America by millions of Third World aliens? Seriously addressing government corruption, Wall Street criminality, and the catastrophic effects of economic globalization and “free trade”, which has largely destroyed the U.S. economy?
None of these critically important issues even register on the political radar of the Jewish plutocrats highlighted above. These culture distorters and parasites are primarily concerned with maintaining and increasing (if that is even possible) American support for the Jewish state of Israel, promoting “gay rights”, and, in the case of Michael Bloomberg at least, destroying the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
These are just some of the individuals the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates for 2016 will be bowing down to and begging for money from. As I wrote on Thursday:

Jewish billionaires like Saban and Sheldon Adelson essentially control the Democratic and Republican parties respectively. They donate millions of dollars to groveling, subservient candidates for the U.S. presidency each election season. Additionally, the various pro-Israel Jewish lobbies operating in Washington, D.C. and across the nation have immense influence over the political process. Candidates for federal office bow down and worship AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies, pledging their unwavering support for the Jewish state of Israel and other corrupt, anti-American policies favored by international Jewry (amnesty for illegal aliens, multiculturalism and “diversity” [read: White genocide], gay marriage, wars for Israel in the Middle East, bailouts for Wall Street crooks, globalism and “free trade” agreements, etc.).

America, and the wider Western world, is governed largely by openly traitorous politicians, bureaucrats, and other officials who are entirely subservient to an international criminal mafia with operations in Tel Aviv, New York, London, and other major cities. Our candidates for the highest offices in the federal government, particularly the U.S. presidency, are more concerned about the interests of a foreign nation, the Jewish state of Israel, and a foreign, hostile group of people than they are about their own country and its citizens.

No doubt unintentionally, The Forward article revealed just how big of a scam democracy actually is in practice. Jewish billionaires essentially have a lock on the democratic political process, especially at the highest levels, institutionalized in America. Yet, Americans view democracy in sacrosanct terms. The concept and nature of democracy cannot be questioned or critically examined, no matter how obviously destructive and subversive it is.

The people who control the mass media and massive amounts of capital – organized Jewry and their traitorous, corrupt non-Jewish lackeys – control democracy. It is they who decide who rules, what political and cultural issues are important, and what public policies decisions (both domestically and in a foreign policy context) are pursued, most certainly not “the people”.

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