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Zio-Wahhabi ISIS in Saudi Calls for Killing Shiites

Site of a suicide bombing that targeted the Shiite Al-Anoud mosque in the coastal city of Dammam on May 29, 2015. The ISIS Terrorist group claimed the suicide bombing that killed at least three people, the second attack on Shiite worshippers in the kingdom in a week. AFP
Site of a suicide bombing that targeted the Shiite Al-Anoud mosque in the coastal city of Dammam on May 29, 2015. Zio-Wahhabi ISIS Terrorist group claimed the suicide bombing that killed at least three people, the second attack on Shiite worshipers in the kingdom in a week. AFP
Zio-Wahhabi “Islamic State” affiliated group in Saudi Arabia has urged more attacks against Shiites, after ISIS claimed two bomb attacks on mosques in the kingdom.
Zio-Wahhabi ISIS suicide bomber on Friday blew himself up at the entrance of a mosque in Eastern Province, killing three people, exactly seven days after the terrorist group attacked another mosque in the oil-rich region.

The so-called “Najd Province”, which claimed both bombings, defended attacks on Shiites and said they should be “killed everywhere”, in an audio message posted online late Friday.

“The Islamic State has ordered its soldiers everywhere to kill the enemies of religion, especially the Rawafedh (Shiites),” a spokesman for the group is heard as saying in the audio message.

Shiites are “apostates” and “it is our duty to kill and displace them… wherever they may be,” added the unidentified speaker.

3 people were killed and four others also wounded in Friday’s attack in the city of Dammam, which coincided with weekly prayers.

The attack sparked wide condemnation.


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Yemeni Forces Kill Several Zio-Wahhabi Commanders While Bombing Continues

Yemeni Forces Kill Several Saudi Commanders While Bombing Continues
Yemeni Forces Kill Several Zio-Wahhabi Commanders While Bombing Continues
Several Zio-Wahhabi commanders were killed in the Yemeni army’s massive rocket attack on the airport of the Saudi border city of Najran, a senior member of Ansarullah movement announced on Saturday.

“Several senior Saudi commanders were killed and large groups of Saudi soldiers fled the battlefield after the Yemeni army’s artillery heavily bombed Najran’s airport and several Saudi cities along the border on Friday,” Majid al-Samadi told FNA on Saturday.

He added that the deaths of the Saudi commanders came after the Yemeni army along with tribal fighters fired mortar rounds and 50 rockets into several military posts in border areas.

Al-Samadi also said that the Yemeni troops are making major advances in their fight against Zio-Wahhabi-backed terrorists in the province of Shabwah.

Zio-Wahhabi military posts in the areas of Jabal al ‘Amud, Khalaf al-Rami, al-Ain al-Harith, and al-Mustaqim were heavily targeted by Yemeni rockets and mortar rounds.

The airstrikes have so far claimed the lives of more than 4,132 civilians, mostly women and children.

The Attacks came after the kingdom’s military carried out artillery and rocket attacks against several border regions in Yemen on Friday, claiming the lives of dozens of people.

Zio-Wahhabi bombers also continued their aggression against Yemen on Saturday and targeted residential areas in Sana’a.

Yesterday UN special envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed flew in to Sana’a for talks with political parties in the war-ravaged country.

“All Yemeni parties must return to dialogue,” he said, quoted by upon his arrival at Sana’a airport.

Zio-Wahhabi-led coalition launched an air war in Yemen on March 26 aimed at restoring the authority of CIA agent  Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who has sought refuge in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, heavy fighting erupted in southern Yemen near Aden airport when Zio-Wahhabi backed militia attacked Houthi revolutionary.

Zio-Wahhabi-led forces also made four air strikes on a military base near the airport, a source in the southern militia said.

Aden is Yemen’s commercial hub. Its airport has been closed since fighting began but its port provides sporadic access for desperately needed humanitarian aid to enter the country.

Houthis and Allied forces are concentrated around Aden’s districts of Khor Maksar, Crater and Moalla.

According to media reports, the Russian consulate general was damaged after the kingdom’s fighter jets pounded various areas in Khormaksar, Aden.

This was the second time the consulate office was struck by the Zio-Wahhabi air force after a similar incident on April 1.

Zio-Wahhabi has been bombing Yemen in the last 66 days.

The airstrikes have so far claimed the lives of more than 4,132 civilians, mostly women and children.

According to a recent report by Freedom House Foundation, most of the victims of the deadly Zio-Wahhabi campaign are civilians, including a large number of women and children.

Thousands of residential buildings have been destroyed, and hundreds of civil and public facilities were reduced to rubble as a result of the bombardments by Zio-Wahhabi warplanes on the Yemeni cities and towns, the group said.

Zio-Wahhabi-led coalition warplanes intensified airstrikes against positions of Yemen’s Shiite Houthi group in the capital Sanaa on Saturday.

The warplanes launched more than 20 rounds of air raids against Houthi targets at the Sanaa International Airport, adjacent al-Dailamy Airport, the headquarters of the air force base and the ammunition depots, security sources said.

Local residents said the fighting intensified in populated areas in Aden, Taiz, al-Bayda, al-Hodayda and Marib province.

On Friday, Zio-Wahhabi warplanes pounded residential areas in Sana’a and killed seven people.

Also, at least 12 civilians, including 6 kids, were killed on Friday after the Zio-Wahhabi jets hit residential areas in the province of Hajjah.


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Say it ain’t so…


A few days ago I posted Jews: The why and the how, about the remarkable correspondence between psychopathy and aspects of Jewish identity

Then today I saw this on the same topic. It’s called Israel the psychopathic nation and is from Veterans Today. It was sent to me by Ron Johnson of Rochester, New York who introduced the piece thus:

We are all aware that we inherit certain personality traits from our parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents. I can identify certain of my traits that are clearly like one parent. In Judaism there is a long history of marrying within the limited community. That is how races came to be defined by geographic isolation – actually, using the canine analogy, artificially inbred for traits, these so-called ‘races” in people are more appropriately identified as breeds.

The trait of tribal, or breed, ethnocentric chauvinism, is reinforced by the systematic exclusion of non-conforming individuals with unusual traits from the breeding pool. Baruch Spinoza is a famous example. At age 22 he was declared herem, excommunicated by the Amsterdam Sanhedrin because he proclaimed that the Gentiles were the equal of Jews. If he later married, it would likely have been with a Gentile and lost to the Jewish progeny, along with his rebellious attitude. Later, after Spinoza became famous, the Jews embraced him as “one of us”, long after his death, when he could not resist.

The mixed marriage rate among US Jews is something like 50%. A softening of tribal chauvinism is foreseen; not good for Israel.

Well, this has all got me thinking but for now, I’d just like to make two points:

First, like pretty much everything else in this world, psychopathy seems to be on some kind of spectrum and also, since nothing is too awful if taken in moderation, could it be that, just as a psychopath, with his lack of emotion and total will to succeed, might make an excellent brain surgeon, so if managed properly, might there be a place in this world for Jewish psychopathy?

And second, could it be that after a lifetime of self-obsessed navel-gazing, years and years of driving myself and everyone else mad, my oh-so-special Jewishness comes, not from history or destiny (and certainly not from God) but is no more than a collection of symptoms?Say it ain’t so.

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Ukraine: U.S. Pressures Nobel Committee Peace Prize

U.S. Pressures Nobel Committee to Declare Ukraines President a Peace Prize Nominee, Leaked Letter
Global Research

A leaked letter dated May 19th and sent by the Chairman of Ukraines parliament, Vladimir Groysman, to the chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Oslo Norway, thanks her for the efforts you have made to have Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, but continues: Still we consider your assurances of support by the two members of the Nobel Committee as insufficient, because there are five members of the Committee, and the support of 3 of them is necessary.


We expect further efforts aimed at shifting the position of Berit Reiss-Andersen, Inger-Marie Ytterhorn and especially that of the Chair of the Nobel Committee Kaci Kullman Five. Regarding the latter, we recommend that you take advantage of the information you are going to receive from Germany. Your colleagues in Berlin have assured us that the dossier will soon be delivered to the U.S. Embassy in Oslo. It is of utmost importance for Mr. Poroshenko to have firm guarantees that he will be awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize, since it could highlight the unanimous support of Ukrainian integrity by the democratic community of the world. Assistant Secretary of State Viktoria Nuland has highly estimated your job during her visit to Kyiv.

The three mentioned Nobel Peace Prize Committee members are a politically varied group. Ms. Reiss-Andersen is from the social democratic or Labour” party; Ms. Ytterhorn is from the libertarian or Progress party; and Ms. Five is from the Conservative Party. The two unidentified members are Thorbjørn Jagland from the Labour Party, and Henrik Syse from the Conservative Party. If this letter is correct, those are the two who are referred to by the letters phrase, your assurances of support by the two members.

The letter also makes a vague reference to the poor reputation that the Committee has engendered on account of the Committees having granted the Prize to Barack Obama in 2009 (a decision that the Committees Chairperson, Ms. Five, concurred with and has been criticized for):

We understand the difficulties you face when promoting the candidacy of the President of Ukraine, therefore we ask you to exert additional leverages by engaging those U.S. Senators who effectively cooperated with the Committee in 2009.

Presumably, this means that whomever those U.S. Senators were, the Chairman of Ukraines parliament thinks that they were effective.

President Poroshenko entered office on 25 May 2014 after a U.S.-sponsored coup in Kiev that installed Arseniy Yatsenyuk as Ukraines Prime Minister on 26 February 2014, after the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Asian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, had instructed the U.S. Ambassador in Kiev on 4 February 2014 to get Yats appointed as the juntas leader; she issued that instruction to him by phone on February 4th and the coup occurred on February 22nd; Yatsenyuk was then appointed on February 26th, and he remains in power today.

One pro-Russian part of Ukraine, Crimea, then seceded and joined Russia, and another, Donbass, seceded and was not accepted by Russia; it thus was bombed by the Ukrainian Government during May through December 2014, since Donbasss repeated requests to be allowed to join Russia were spurned by Vladimir Putin. (Yet, Ukraine accuses Russia of providing the fighters who are actually the men of Donbass, who refuse to be ruled by the U.S.-coup regime.

Russia sends them guns, and volunteers have come from Russia and many other countries to help the Donbass defenders.) German intelligence estimates that up to 50,000 people were killed in that bombing campaign, but U.S. and other official estimates are only around 5,000.

Even before Poroshenko took office, the new Ukrainian government of Yats Yatsenyuk invaded Donbass, using bombers, tanks, rocket-launchers, and everything it had; and, when Poroshenko gave his victory speech in the ceremonial Presidential election on May 25th, hepromised, and it was very clear from him, that: “The anti-terrorist operation [he called the residents there terrorists] cannot and should not last two or three months. It should and will last hours. (Another translation of it was “Antiterrorist operation can not and will not continue for 2-3 months. It must and will last hours.)

But it did last months Poroshenkos prediction was certainly false; and, moreover, he lost first one round of the war, and then another his prediction of its outcome was likewise false. And recently, he said that the war must be resumed for yet a third round, in order that Ukraine win back both Crimea and Donbass. However, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned him on May 12th that he must not do that, and that if he did hed be violating the Minsk II ceasefire accords which had been arranged by Frances Francois Hollande and Germanys Angela Merkel. Then, three days later, his Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland, who had arranged the February 2014 coup, told both Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko to ignore what Kerry had just said, and that, “We continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine and reiterate our deep commitment to a single Ukrainian nation, including Crimea, and all the other regions of Ukraine.

Perhaps a reason why the Chairman of Ukraines parliament is boldly demanding the U.S. State Department to arrange for Poroshenko to get at least a nomination for the Peace Prize (and even goes so far as to assert that,

It is of utmost importance for Mr. Poroshenko to have firm guarantees that he will be awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize) is that otherwise they will follow through on Nulands statement of U.S. commitment, and re-invade Donbass. However, any invasion by Ukraine of Crimea would be exceedingly unlikely, because that would give Russia a virtual carte blanche to attack Ukraine, and neither the U.S. nor any other power will go to war against Russia in such an instance; Ukraine isnt yet a NATO member, and NATO would be exceedingly reluctant to go so far as a third world war, this time against Russia, in order to defend the Ukrainian Government from the consequences of that Governments own then-blatant ceasefire violation especially in the wake of what virtually everyone now recognizes to have been a U.S. coup that had installed the present Ukrainian regime (and even EU officials were shocked to find out that it had been a coup). And it was avery violent coup, which was followed shortly thereafter by the extremely violent ethnic-cleansing campaign to get rid of the residents in Donbass.

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The struggle in Turkey – Interview with the Communist Party,


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HISTORY OF ZIO-WAHHABI REGIME من تاريخ الدولة السعودية


الشريعة السعودية * [4

ذات مرة، سألت محمد بن إبراهيم آل الشيخ (رئيس الإفتاء في السعودية) عن رأيه في مظلمة العمال السعوديين المطرودين من شركة «أرامكو» الأميركية، وفي إحلال عمال أجانب بدلاً منهم. فقال إنه لا دخل له في السياسة. وقضية العمال هي قضية سياسية لا يجوز لعلماء الدين الخوض فيها. أما عن إبعاد العمال العرب بواسطة الأميركيين وإحلال عمال أجانب مكانهم، فهذا جائز شرعاً، لأنّ ديننا لا يبيح أن يعمل المسلم تحت إمرة الأميركي الكافر. قلت له: «إننا لم نذهب إلى أميركا، بل الأميركيون جاؤوا لبلادنا ،فما هي الفتوى التي تبيح سرقتهم لزيت بلادنا وخيراتها؟».

قال: «الأميركيون يُصلحون في الأرض ولا يفسدون، وقد عمروا أرضنا بعد أن كانت خرابا». قلت: «إن الأميركيين يفسدون الأرض والضمائر معاً. حتى إنهم استأجروا قضاة شرعيين يفتون لهم؛ وهناك واحد في الرياض يدفعون له راتباً قدره 12 ألف ريـال ، وآخر في جدة، وآخر في الظهران وكل منهما له راتب قدره 6000 ريـال «. فقاطعني قائلاً: «إذا ثبت ما تقول، فإن هذا يدخل ضمن الوظيفة والأجر مقابل العمل المشروط. إذا وظفوا هؤلاء العلماء، فهذا جائز شرعاً». قلت: «إنك تقول إنه لا يجوز للعمال العرب العمل لدى الأميركيين، فكيف يجوز أن يعمل رجال الدين لدى هؤلاء؟ وكيف تجوز هذه الفتاوي وهذه الدراهم، ونحن نعلم أنها لا تدفع لهم إلا للإفتاء ضد العمال؟».

قلت هذا للمفتي وأنا أقصده به. فمحمد بن إبراهيم آل الشيخ هو صاحب المرتب البالغ 12 ألف ريـال شهرياً الذي كان يدفع له من شركة أرامكو من طريق مكتب العلاقات الحكومية «كوفرنمنت رليشن». وهو مرتب خصص للإفتاء في الشؤون العمالية.

ثمّ قلت للمفتي: «سبق أن أفتى قاضي الظهران بالقول أيضاً إنّ الأميركيين قد أحيوا أرضنا. إنّ الحديث الشريف يقول {من أحيا أرضاً ميتة فهي له}، فما رأيك بهذا؟». فبدا الغضب على وجه المفتي، وقال لي: «البلد كلها عائشة على الأميركيين. قم، قم. قلت لك إنه لا دخل لي في السياسة». وحاول عمل شيء ضدي. فخرجت من عنده.

(…) هذا هو حال مفتي القصور السعودية؛ أمّا المشايخ الصالحون أمثال قاضي منطقة بريدة الجليل الشيخ إبراهيم بن عمر، فحالهم حال آخر. لقد طلب منه عبد العزيز ابن السعود أن يفتي له بتكفير المعارضين في الجزيرة العربية، ومنهم أهل حائل وكل من يقف ضد الإنكليز والسعوديين، فردّ القاضي ابن عمر قائلاً: «لا يمكن أن أقول إنهم كفرة. فالدين يقول إنّ من كفّر مؤمناً فقد كفر!… وحتى لو كانوا كفرة، فالقرآن الكريم يقول: لا إكراه في الدين… وأنت لست نبياً يا ابن السعود… ومحمد عليه السلام أخبرنا بقوله: لا نبيّ بعدي… أما عن الأتراك، فكل ما أفتي به أننا لا نقبل تدخلهم في بلادنا. ونحن ضدهم ولا تنسى أننا حاربناهم يوم كنت أنت ووالدك عبد الرحمن تتلقى معونتهم إلى أن قطعوها أخيراً بعد تعاملكم مع الإنكليز. وأنا لا أريد أن أكفّر أبناء ديني ووطني لمصلحة الإنكليز. وأعرف أنه ليس لديك من السلاح والمال ما يعينك لتحارب به، بل السلاح والمال هما سلاح الإنكليز ومالهم يدفعونه لك لتحارب به المسلمين. فكيف تريد مني تكفير أهل نجد وأهل الحجاز وأهل الجوف وعسير واليمن وجميع العرب… وأنا أرى الإنكليز الآن يسوقونك لحرب المسلمين؟!».

ونزل هذا القول كالصاعقة على رأس عبد العزيز آل سعود حيث أمر بحفر حفرة عميقة وربط يدي القاضي الجليل إلى ظهره وأخذوا يجرونه من لحيته حّتى أوقفوه على شفا الحفرة. وقال له عبد العزيز: «هذا قبرك. فإذا كفّرت أعداءنا نجوت من الموت، وإن رفضت فسندفنك فيه حياً». فأجاب ابن عمر بقوله: «أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله، وأن محمداً رسول الله، وأن الموت حق، والظلم باطل، ولن أكفّر إلا المعتدين الإنكليز، ومن يركن لهم من الظالمين…». عند ذلك قذفوا به في الحفرة، وأحرقوه بالنار، ثم أهالوا عليه التراب وهو حي. وبهذه الطريقة السعودية استشهد القاضي الجليل ابن عمر. وأمّا القاضي الشيخ إبراهيم بن جاسر، فقد طلب السعوديون منه المطلب نفسه (تكفير العرب المؤمنين المسلمين في نجد والحجاز والجوف والأحساء وعسير واليمن) ممن قاوموا الظلم السعودي. ولما رفض ابن جاسر تنفيذ باطل أقوالهم، نفوه إلى الكويت، فمات في المنفى.

(…) ومثال آخر للصدق، يتمثل في الموقف المشهود الذي وقفه الشيخ الجليل صالح العثماني القاضي، في وجوه هؤلاء السعوديين. فأمر عبد العزيز جنده بضرب الشيخ صالح القاضي بعصيهم على سرته، وهم يرددون: «هذه الكرش المليئة بالكفر في حاجة إلى بقرها وتطهيرها من الزندقة!». ولم يقدر عبد العزيز أن يقتل الشيخ صالح القاضي إمام الجامع الكبير في عنيزة، لكنه كان يخرج يوم الجمعة تاركاً الصلاة وراء هذا الرجل الذي كان يصلي خلفه كل أهل البلد. وكان عبد العزيز بن سعود يظن أنه سيضايق الشيخ صالح القاضي «بهجره» له، وتجنبه للصلاة وراءه؛ ثمّ اضطر ابن سعود أخيراً إلى مقابلة الشيخ القاضي والاعتذار منه، لغاية في نفسه، فلم يقبل القاضي منه عذراً. بل قال له: «عذرك مردود يا ابن سعود، وسرّتي هذه التي تريدون تطهيرها من الكفر، كما يقول جندك، لم تعتد على أكل المحرمات. وأنا لا أتشرف بأن يصّلي خلفي من يخضع للإنكليز، ويطلب مني تكفير المسلمين».

إنّ مثل هؤلاء الشيوخ هم الذين يأمرون بالمعروف وينهون عن المنكر حقاً، وليس «النواب»… ولعلك لم تسمع أيها الإنسان البعيد عنا بكلمة «نائب». فإن سمعت بها، فلا يبدر لذهنك أنه قد أصبح لدينا مجلس أمّة، أو مجلس شعب، أو مجلس نواب… وأن هناك «نواباً يمثلوننا.. حاشا، وكلا، أن يمثّل شعبُنا تمثيلاً حقيقاً، ما وُجدت عائلة آل سعود، في الوجود. إنما النواب يا صاحبي هم أعضاء «هيئة الأمر بالمنكر والنهي عن المعروف». ولطلاب مدينة بريدة قصص كثيرة مع هؤلاء، نذكر منها على سبيل المثال انتفاضة الطلبة عام 1957، حينما طوّقوا قصر أمير بريدة محمد بن بتال، ورجموه بالحجارة، وهم يهتفون بسقوط الحكم الظالم وتجار دينه الذين يطلق عليهم زوراً اسم «هيئة الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر»، وما هم إلا عكس التسمية تماماً. وقد قامت تلك الانتفاضة الطلابية احتجاجاً على ما قامت به هيئة «الأمر بالمنكر والنهي عن المعروف» في بريدة، من جلد بعض الطلبة بحجة أنهم «يركبون احصين إبليس، ويمشون خارج بيوتهم بين العشاوين»… وترجمة هذا الكلام يعني: أن الطلبة يركبون عجلة «البايسكل»، ويخرجون من بيوتهم في فترة ما بين المغرب والعشاء! وركوب المواطنين للدرّاجات حرام، لكن ركوب رجال الدين والأمراء واللصوص للسيارات الفخمة المسروقة من حقوق العمال والفلاحين وأبناء البادية الجياع مباح! ومن المعلوم أنّ حالة الطوارئ مطبقة في عدد من مناطق ما يسمى السعودية منذ عام 1901 حّتى يومنا هذا، إذ يحرم على المواطنين السير في الشوارع أو السهر في البيوت ما بعد الساعة التاسعة ليلاً. وهذا يرجع إلى خوف الاحتلال السعودي من التجمعات.

(…) وإذا كان ذلك هو حال المطاوعة والمفتين السعوديين، فإنّ حال القضاة أشنع. ولكن ما حاجة آل سعود إلى قضاء، وهم بذاتهم وأحكامهم قضاء مبرم على الناس (…) ولنضرب لقضاء الأمراء، مثلَ عبد الله بن جلوي الذي وضعه ابن عمه عبد العزيز بن سعود حاكماً على الأحساء مطلق اليدين والقدمين. فأخذ يبطش بالشعب ويسوق المواطنين سخرة لبناء قصوره، ويفرض الضرائب الفاحشة على الفلاحين باسم «الزكاة»، و»الجهاد»، و»ضريبة الحفاظ على الأشخاص»، و»ضريبة الحفاظ على الأعراض»… ومما هو مشهور عن ابن جلوي أنه يرسل عبيده إلى بعض المواطنين لجبي الضرائب منهم، وإذا ما قابلهم الشخص المطلوب في الطريق العام ولم يكن في جيبه شيء واعتذر، أوقفوه في مكانه، وخطوا دائرة من حوله في الأرض. وأقسموا له بقتله لو برح هذه الدائرة. ويقف الشخص تحت الشمس مكانه، لا يبرحه، حتى يرسل من يأتيه بمطلب العبد السعودي، أما إذا لم يجد العبد شيئاً في جيب المواطن ولا في بيته، فإنه يقتاده من الطريق إلى السجن.

(…) وحتى بعد تدفق مليارات البترول، ما زال آل سعود يرسلون أذنابهم من «الخراصين» لجمع ضرائبهم من البادية والفلاحين والمواطنين. ومن هذه الضرائب التي فرضوها على شعبنا في كافة أنحاء الجزيرة العربية إضافةً إلى ضريبة الزكاة، وضريبة حماية الأعرا ض، وضريبة المكوس والجمارك… فهناك أيضاً ضريبة الجهاد في سبيل الله. ثم ضريبة فلسطين والدفاع عنها! وأخيراً ضريبة مرضى السل! والذين يقومون بجباية هذه الضرائب مجموعة من الجهلة الأميين واللصوص الذين يستولون على ربع ما يجبونه من الشعب، أما الربع الثاني فلحكام المناطق، وأما النصف الآخر فللعائلة السعودية، تأخذه من الفقراء لتنفقه في «جهاد الحريم الاكبر». وكثيراً ما يصادر «الخراصون» أراضي الفلاحين ونخيلهم ومزارعهم، وإبل وأغنام أبناء البادية بحجة «أنهم أخفوا شيئاً مما أوجب الله عليه دفعه من زكاة لآل سعود»!

ومن مهازل أحكام عبد الله بن جلوي، نورد على سبيل المثال لا الحصر، قصة المواطن الفقير السقاء (بائع الماء) محمد الدحيم من محلة الرقيات بالأحساء الذي أرغمه ابن جلوي على بيع بنته ليسدد له ضريبة «الجهاد المربوع»(…) ومعنى «المربوع» أن يدفع المواطن الفقير للحاكم الضريبة أربع مرات في السنة. وليس هناك من إجراءات تسليم واستلام أو سجلات تثبت أن آل سعود قد استلموا شيئاً من المواطن الذي لا يقبل قسمه ولا عذره ولا شهادة فقره.

وهناك قصة أخرى للمواطن علي بن صالح الذي جاء ليثبت أنه لا عمل له ولا مورد ولا أطفال يبيعهم أو يرهنهم لتسديد ما فرضه ابن جلوي عليه من ضرائب بحجة حماية عرضه من الكفار! فأمر ابن جلوي بربطه من يديه ورقبته بحبل إلى مؤخرة حصان ركبه أحد العبيد، وأخذ يجره في الطرقات حّتى مات، بعد أربع ساعات من الجرّ.

وهناك ألوان أخرى من «جهاد آل سعود في سبيل الله»، فقد وهبوا مساحة أرض شاسعة تملكها البلدية لرجل دينهم الشيخ عمر بن حسن آل الشيخ فباعها إلى البلدية نفسها بملغ مائة ألف ريـال. واستولى أحد أبناء الملك سعود على أرض الزقيقية، وأخذ يبيعها للمواطنين. وأشاد الملك سعود قصراً في الرقيقة بـ 40 مليون ريـال. واستغرق بناؤه ثماني سنوات دون أن يعمل فيه أي عامل من عمال الجزيرة العربية. وصرح الملك بعد ذلك بقوله: «إنني أشيّد هذه القصور لأطمئن الشعب إلى أنني أعيش إلى جواره».
(…) وأخذ آل سعود يثيرون الفتن بين أبناء السنّة وأبناء الشيعة ويهدمون مساجد أبناء الشيعة، ولا يقبلون شهادة الشيعي، ولا صلاته، ولا صيامه، ولا يصلون عليه إذا مات، ولا يصلون خلفه، ولا يشربون من الماء الذي يشرب منه، ولا يأكلون طعامه (بينما يبيح تجار دينهم طعام المستعمرين الإنكليز والأميركيين) والنتيجة أنّ أكثر من مليون مواطن من الأحساء والقطيف نزحوا للعراق. وأكثرهم هاجر إلى البصرة والزبير، هرباً من الظلم والفتك والنهب السعودي. ثمّ يدعون أنه لا يوجد عدل في الدنيا إلا العدل السعودي، ولا يوجد أمن في الدنيا إلا أمن السلالة السعودية!

(…) ولقد جاء إلى عبد الله بن جلوي أمير الأحساء، مواطن يدعى سعيد الفياض يشكو إليه أن جملاً يملكه علي العجمي، قد أكل شيئاً من بلح نخله. فأرسل ابن جلوي يطلب «المدّعَى عليه». ولمّا مثل بين يديه أصدر التشريع الآتي: يُبقر بطن الجمل، فإذا وُجد فيه البلح وجب أن تقطع يد المدعي عليه، وينحر جمله. وإذا لم يوجد البلح فإن قطع اليد سيكون من نصيب المدّعِي (سعيد الفياض) بالإضافة إلى تغريم المدعِي ثمن الجمل. فاعتذر سعيد الفياض، وتنازل عن الدعوى لأنّ من الطبيعي أن لا يكون للبلح أي أثر في بطن الجمل بسبب هضمه اياه، ولمضيّ مدة طويلة على أكله البلح… ولكن ابن جلوي لم يقبل هذا التنازل، فأمر ببقر بطن الجمل. وبالطبع لم يجد أثراً للبلح، فأمر بقطع يد المشتكي مع تغريمه قيمة الجمل! وحين حاول المشتكي أن يسترحم ابن جلوي ليعفيه من قطع اليد لأنه هو صاحب الشكوى، على أن يكتفي بتغريمه أضعاف قيمة الجمل؛ أصر الأمير السعودي على قطع يد المدعي. فقطعت من أجل حفنة من بلحه أكلها جمل المشكو عليه، ولم يُعثر عليها في بطن بعيره!

(…) إنّ هذا الطاغية مات بعد ذلك بأتفه الأسباب المضحكة. لقد مات بقرصة من «جُعْل» [نوع من الخنافس] عضّه بين خصيتيه! (…) ولقد ورمت خصيتاه في الحال، وتقيّحت في اليوم التالي.. فاستدعى إليه عدداً من المشايخ ومحضري الجن لتلاوة التعاويذ حول شرجه وخصيتيه والدعاء لهما بالشفاء. وحينما لم ينفع الدعاء، استدعى طبيباً أميركياً من البحرين اسمه الدكتور ديم. وبعد فحصه له، قال الطبيب: «إن سموَّه مصاب بارتفاع شديد ومزمن في مرض السكر. وأن عضة الجعل لخصيتي سموه قد تحولت إلى «غرغرينا»، وأنه لا بد من بتر خصيتي سموّه وقضيبه، على عجل، وإلا تآكل لحم جسمه كله. فرفض عبد الله بن جلوي أن يقطع الطبيب «هيبة الحكم». واستمر علاج مشايخ الدين السعودي لشرج ابن جلوي بالتفال والتعاويذ! واستمرت «الغرغرينا» تفتك في شرجه وأسفله، لتثأر لآلافٍ ممن قطع أيديهم وأرجلهم ورؤوسهم وأوصالهم، حتى مات الطاغية.

* مقتطفات من كتاب «تاريخ آل سعود» لناصر السعيد


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armyHOMS:  The western media is giving me laughter pangs – cramps all over my sides especially the British child molesters who have taken it upon themselves to defend the only future Caliphate based on perversion and freedom to bugger.

Jibaab Hamad close to Al-Furuqlus in the East:   SAA waited stealthily for ISIS slugs to slowly drift by in their Saudi-purchased Chevy pickups armed with the usual Croatian manufactured 23mm cannons.  And didn’t they get what they had coming to them?:

‘Abdul-Jaleel Awbaashi

‘Umar Shihaab

Mahmoud ‘Ali Sahnooni

Nicmettin Mehmut Kemalzaade  (TURK PIG OYSTER)

The rest were all foreigners with physical features similar to those of Central Asia and western China.  All together, the SAA killed 14 rats and wounded scores.

Al-‘Aamiriyya:  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was destroyed along with 2 vans carrying cats.  These were more ISIS rodents.  According to SANA and my Ba’ath sources, the enemy suffered over 50 casualties in this encounter.   No names sent.

Palmyra Airbase area:  Syrian Army artillery pounded ISIS positions around the airbase for 3 hours causing the rats to reform east of the base to take another drubbing.  No other details.


مقتل 30 إرهابياً من النصرة بعمليات للجيش في ريف درعاAl-Sukhna Village:  SAA fired several salvos at moving rodents with some reports of direct hits. No other details.

Al-Jadhal Gas Field:  SAA continues to repel ISIS at this site.  It is clear that the terrorist savages need to recoup financial losses by selling gas to Erdoghan’s retarded apes.

Al-Shaa’er Mountain area:  SAA continues to hit ISIS over the area north of Al-Jadhal Gas Field.  According to one report, the SAA struck an ISIS armored car destroying it and killing all inside.  After the battle, it was reported also that the SAA collected weapons and ammunition for use in exterminating Saudis.

Ayn Al-Baarida Village:  Fighting with no details.


ضربات نارية مكثفة تستهدف تحركات Umm Sahreej near Jubb Al-Jarraah:  Syrian Army and militia killed these plague-carrying rodents:

Sameeh Baydar

Muhammad Al-‘Ashshi

Yazeed Bilaal ‘Ali-Hassan

Muhsin Daawood Al-Sayyid


الجيش يستهدف بالقصف الصاروخي مواقع لإرهابيي داعش في ريف الحسكةAl-Shindaakhiyya:  Fighting with no details.

Hawsh Al-Zubaadi Village:  Ditto.

North Al-Mushayrifa:  These 2 were identified among the 9 dead:

Sulaymaan Tatarji

Al-Sayyid Burhaan ‘Uthmaan

More fighting in:  Talbeesa where 23 rats were killed and in Al-Ghantu.





  مصدر عسكري: الجيش ينسحب إلى خطوط دفاعية بمحيط مدينة اريحا بريف ادلبAreehaa is Jericho in Arabic.  It fell to the Turk-supported vultures yesterday after very heavy fighting.  I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE, AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN NOW: WE ARE AT WAR WITH TURKEY, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR AND JORDAN There can be no beating around the bush.  Syria is even at war with Britain’s ruling junta, the French criminal regime and the United States which is led by the world’s most sinister war criminal – the half-breed fraud, Obama.  Russia has sent a Parliamentary delegation to Damascus to reassure Syria of Moscow’s deep commitment to the security and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic emphasizing growing technological cooperation between the two sovereign nations.  SyrPer can confirm that a record number of ships and cargo planes from Russia have been both docking and landing in Syria’s coastal zones.  They are not carrying bottles of vodka.

Turkey planned this operation for weeks.  Syria has used drones to monitor the concentration of terrorist forces mostly in the area of Turk-occupied Iskenderoun.  One drone was shot down by the miserable Turks when it encroached on to their territory last week.  The SAA knew of the assault on the northwest part of Idlib Province.  The only surprise was the vast number of rodents used to accomplish the assault.  The came from both Turkey and Idlib.  Their efforts to collect rodents from Jisr Al-Shughoor came a cropper due to the fact that the town is completely surrounded by the SAA.

Areehaa is about 3 kms to the south of Idlib.  It’s population is very pro-Damascus so expect the usual carnage at the hands of the Alqaeda savages.  I have been informed that the SAA assured the safety of government employees by evacuating most of them before the phased and organized withdrawal of our army.

About 7 days ago, the rodents bombarded the town with over 1000 rockets and artillery shells acquired by the Saudi Arabian apes and delivered to them by the brainless, sick Turks of Hakan Fidan’s MIT.  Coupled with American-supplied TOW anti-tank rockets, their ground assault to the north of the town was too costly to withstand given the fact that the army was still awaiting a large force from Hama to arrive.  The rats also, with Turk connivance, picked a time when meteorological predictions were for cloud cover essentially handicapping the SAAF again a la Idlib City.  With American-supplied MANPADS, our air force has to stay at elevations higher than the clouds in order to use newly acquired, super-accurate laser-guided Russian air-to-ground missiles.

The decision to withdraw from Areehaa was an easy one for the SAA High Command.  The chance of losing many soldiers to American equipment given to Alqaeda to massacre Christians and other minorities when the air force was hobbled by bad weather was too high a price.  Moreover, the areas about which we are talking are in the northwest of the country close to the stagnant feudal state of Turkey where the rats have guaranteed supply routes attended to by Erdoghan’s thugs.

The SAA has withdrawn to a short distance from Areehaa.  The SAA’s large army has repositioned at Awram Al-Jawz and Kafr Shalaayaa, all to the south and southwest.  The area around Jabal Al-Arba’een has been overrun by the rats except that the summit remains under the control of our soldiers who will need air-borne resupply every once in a while.  We can confirm that all supply routes to the army and to the provinces of Latakia, Hama and Tartous are protected with the International Highway remaining under the SAA’s control.  The Wahhabist child molesting war criminals have control now over Kafr Najd, Al-Mu’taram and Arshaayaa. 

The Western Press has begun another propaganda offensive quoting the eminently unquotable felon at SOHR.  That rodent claims that Hizbollah was involved in the withdrawal from Areehaa.  He is lying.  If there are any Lebanese fighters in the area, they are part of the National Defense Force which does accept both Lebanese, Iraqi and Palestinian volunteers.   You can always assume SOHR is lying from the fact that it gets all its falsehoods from MI6 and the stinking British Foreign Office.  Not to worry.

There are several factors playing out here which can explain why the SAA is not fighting to its highest capabilities.  The first is Iran’s negotiations with the West.  June 30 is the last day for the talks unless someone can extend that time.  The Iranians are not interested any longer in delaying this process.  They have received assurances from the BRICS countries that, no matter what the outcome, sanctions will be lifted in their entirety.  This means that China, India and Russia will declare the sanctions regime over.  With all these countries interested in trading with their own currencies, the bankruptcy of Obama’s policies will be brought into full relief.  This is why the U.S. is so keen on strengthening ISIS.  The trip by Iraqi p.m.  Al-‘Abbaadi to Moscow is only a prelude to what the Americans now know will be another U.S. exit.

Iran is anxious to get out of the U.N.-imposed sanctions regime.  And, so is Germany.  Businessmen in Germany are flooding Iran with opportunities for investment and business proposals  which the feckless, matronly hag, Angela Merkel, cannot ignore.  Add to this the burgeoning relationship between Germany’s BND and Syria’s security establishment in which Damascus is cooperating in anti-terrorist operations in Europe.

Whether a deal on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program will get off to a punctual and positive start is anybody’s guess.  But, Iran is banking, literally, on a major shift in its economic posture – so important the Saudis and their Zionist allies shiver at the very thought – because Iran will overtake the Zionist Khazar State as the biggest provider of technology to the region, an event which will redound to Syria’s benefit as bigger and better equipment will be purchased from the frugal Russians.

But, there is also the imminent collapse of Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi clan or “royal” family is at odds over succession and economic policy.  Add to that the adventure in Yemen where a coalition of nobodies is waging an empty-headed war to enshrine sectarianism as an axiom of Arab existence.  With Yemen not breaking, and, in fact, expanding into Saudi Arabian territory, the Saudis are completely at a loss to deal with this development especially in light of Pakistan’s reluctance to send troops while the Taliban are having their way in Afghanistan and the western spine of the country.  The Saudis can try to cajole Africans to come and participate in this fool’s errand, but, that cannot shake the belief that all experts have about the very existence of a Saudi army or, even if it existed, whether it would fight and die for a race of greedy apes and bloodsucking leeches which are the symbols on the Saudi escutcheon.

It appears that the SAA is willing to cede territory if it is on the margins of the country.  Towns like Al-Raqqa, Palmyra, Idlib, Manbij, are expendable and recoverable.  It’s all a matter of timing and planning.  The center of the country is in the hands of the government.  Rats can occupy desert zones with little interference from our army, to be sure, a condition which often leads commentators to proclaim, misleadingly,  that huge swathes of our lands to be in the realm of ISIS, for example.  But the territory is, more often than not, arid wasteland or rainless steppes.  We must never lose sight of the essential constituents of statehood and remember how wars ebb and flow.  I am most optimistic about Syria’s future.  The enemies of Syria are heading for a dark, pitiless abyss.  ZAF

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Pakistan Armed Forces’ Role in UN Peacekeeping


Image result for pakistan army photos

By Sajjad Shaukat

Every year, International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers is celebrated on May 29 to

pay tribute to all those who served in the UN peacekeeping operations and to honor the memory of those who lost their lives in the cause of peace. This very day also reminds Pakistan Armed Forces role in UN peacekeeping measures, during war and peace time.

Pakistan Armed Forces are considered the best organized institution, and are highly respected in the country, as since the founding of Pakistan, its military has played a key role in holding the state together, promoting a feeling of nationhood and providing a bastion of selfless service.

Since its creation, Pakistan has played a significant role as UN member, in bringing peace

through active diplomatic, moral and material support in various regions of the world. Today,

Pakistan’s position as one of the largest troop contributing country in the world with one of the

highest peacekeepers’ casualty figure is testimony to its commitment and endeavours towards

promoting the noble cause of global peace. It is not easy to achieve peace in world’s conflict

ridden areas. But Pakistan Army’s history is replete with sacrifices, services to humanity and

promoting collective security for human prosperity.

In this regard, Pakistan is a big player in UN peacekeeping forces. Pakistan joined the United

Nations on September 30, 1947. Since 1960, it has been actively involved in most of the UN

peacekeeping missions. Major contributions of Pakistan Army are in Congo, Liberia Somalia,

Ivory Coast, Western Sahara, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Kosovo, Georgia, East Timor Haiti etc.

Even, at present, more than 8200 troops of Pakistan Army are engaged in different peacekeeping missions across various volatile countries.

The performance of Pakistani peacekeepers has been recognized worldwide by several world

leaders including those of the UN. An undeniable professional standing of Pakistani forces has

made them the passion of every special representative of Secretary General and Force

Commander in each of UN peacekeeping operations. In this respect, Pakistan’s dedication

towards UN has been acknowledged by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who himself visited Pakistan and inaugurated the Center for International Peace and Stability (CIPS) on 13 August 2013 and praised Pakistan’s efforts in UN peacekeeping missions.

However, Pakistan has participated in 41 UN missions in 23 states where total 142,542 Pakistani personnel engaged, taking start from UN Congo Operation in 1960. Pak army delivered its services there, and contributed in ordnance, transport and staff. It is still present in Congo, and provided a Battalion Group comprising one infantry battalion and supporting elements.

For maintaining and monitoring ceasefire during transition of West Irian from Dutch rule to

Indonesians, Pakistan contributed 1500 infantry troops from October 3, 1962 to April 30, 1963.

In a rare acknowledgement of excellent role done, Chinese Premier Chou-En-Lai had said, “The only example in United Nation’s history, when United Nations force had gone in…performed its role honestly and came out, was Pakistan’s military contingent to Indonesia.”

Besides, Pakistan’s contribution was in United Nations Yemen Observer Mission (UNYOM) as

a military observer from January to September 1964. Yemen entered into a state of civil war in

1962. To ensure that this conflict did not escalate into global incident, the UN set up its Yemen

Observation Mission. And, United Nations Transition Assistance Group in Namibia (UNTAG)

was established to assist the special representative of the UN Secretary General to ensure the

early independence of Namibia through free and fair elections, and to carry out a number of

other duties. For the purpose, 20 military observers from Pak Army performed their duties from April 1, 1989 to March 21, 1990 in Namibia.

Notably, Pak Army played a positive role in the Middle East, and was on forefront for peace

restoration. United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission (UNIKOM) was set up in April 1991, following the forced withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait. Its task was to monitor the

demilitarized zone along the Iraq-Kuwait border and deter border violations. Pakistani forces

which helped continuing their services there from April 1991 to 2003 were assigned the most

difficult area in the north of Kuwait city—reclamation of Bubiyan Island was also entrusted to

them. The operation was carried out by a task force of Pakistan Army Engineers. The

professionalism and dedication displayed by this force was praised at international level.

While, inside the United Nations Transitional Authority on Cambodia (UNTAC), the Pakistan’s military forces carried out peacekeeping operations in the most thorny and remote areas during the period-May 1992 to August 1993. They overcame enormous logistic and operational problems, and proved their courage and determination by defending themselves and those for whom they were sent. Coping with the odds, they handled crisis after crisis and persuaded the warring factions to lay down their arms.

And, on the request of the UN in Latin America under the United Nations Mission in Haiti

(UNMIH), Pakistan provided one infantry battalion, ‘PAKBAT’ which arrived in Haiti in March 1995 and was deployed in Cape Haitien—the area faced extremely volatile security situation and was also the hotbed of political agitation. ‘PAKBAT’ discharged its duties with an extensive patrolling program, covering various regions there.

Nevertheless, Pakistan’s army has worked in difficult terrains and situations for the global peace.

Now, inside the country, although Pakistan Armed Forces are facing a tough situation in wake of war against terrorism, yet they are contributing to global peace and prosperity; having still a

large number of their presence in various parts of the world.

Now, the major powers must abandon their false propaganda against Pakistan and its Armed

Forces, as the latter did more in response of international demand of world peace.

Nonetheless, in pursuance of Pakistan Army’s unwavering commitment towards international

peace, 130 Pakistani soldiers have sacrificed their lives. In this connection, Pakistan Armed

Forces’ positive role in the UN peacekeeping measures reflects Pakistan’s desire to see the

principles of human dignity, freedom and self-determination.

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Heroic German woman Ursula Haverbeck debunks fake “Holocaust” narrative


This is simply an amazing interview. Please take the time to watch the entire video. And keep in mind that “denying the Holocaust” is a criminal offense in Germany (and many other European nations).

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