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Gripped by his ankles, a man is held above 100ft


Gripped by his ankles, a man is held above 100ft drop as bloodthirsty Zio-Wahhabi ISIS waits to watch him dropped to his death 

Zio-Wahhabi SAVAGES have brutally murdered three men by throwing them from the top of a high building in front of a huge crowd.


Disturbing photographs of the atrocity – believed to have been taken place in ISIS’ stronghold Mosul.

In one chilling shot, a man wearing a blue tracksuit is seen being dangled over the edge of the building by his ankles by a leather-jacketed ISIS jihadi just moments away from letting him fall.


In the event the horrifically injured men are not killed upon impact with the ground, the baying crowd are encouraged to surge forward and stone them to death with a mass of rocks helpfully provided by the Zio_Wahhabi ISIS savages who organise the terror group’s sickening public executions.

In a sequence of images, some of which are far too brutal to publish, the jihadis are seen with the men on the roof of the building before dropping them to their deaths.


The building is approximately 100 feet tall, giving the condemned men several seconds of harrowing free-fall before impacting with the ground.

One particularly gruesome image a blindfolded man with a beard is seen tumbling backwards through the air as the bloodied and mangled corpses of his fellow victims lie below.


In a horrific reminder of the local support Zio-Wahhabi ISIS has mustered in Mosul, the audience gathered to watch the brutal murders is so large that several militants are deployed as crowd control.


It is far from the first time Zio-Wahhabi ISIS savages have murdered men they accused of being gay in this way.  In fact the terror group regularly uses images of men being thrown from buildings in front of baying crowds in its sickening propaganda releases.

One particularity brutal twist is that many of the victims are not immediately killed by the fall. But as one might expect, Zio-Wahhabi ISIS has its own particularly barbaric contingency plan for such a circumstance.


The jihadis who organise the public executions always ensure there is a large pile of rocks on hand at the site, which the baying crowd are encouraged to use to stone any survivors to death.


This sickening twist on audience participation is believed to be why attendance at public murders is so high, with men and boys using motorbikes to travel from nearby villages for such events.

The crowds also usually contain groups of niqab-wearing women, who are granted special permission to leave their homes in order to witness the atrocities.


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