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Ronnie Barkan of IASA Military Refusal Letter on Orly & Guy, ”VIDEO”

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr

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Ronnie Barkan

Last month over 50 alumni of the Israel Arts and Science Academy called on students at the prestige school to refuse to serve in the Israeli armed forces. The story has gotten wide coverage but very little in the U.S. till now. Here are some developments.

First, Moriel Rothman-Zecker was published on the New York Times op-ed page– “Why I Won’t Serve Israel” — where he points out that the ethos of service in Israel is being undermined on many sides, not just by the IASA letter. A tiny fraction of the 1.7 million Palestinians inside Israel serve in the army; hundreds of thousands of religious Jews don’t serve; and thousands of Jews are in a “gray area” of getting out of service. He sees this community as contending with Israel’s power structure:

In a recent interview, the Israeli author Amos Oz urged politicians to act as “traitors,” and make peace. But the type of traitors Mr. Oz wishes for — visionary ministers, peace-minded military men — are nonexistent. The most left-wing of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s potential challengers in Israel’s coming election is the same Mr. Herzog who attacked the 8200 refusers.

Peace won’t come from the next Knesset, or the one after that. But some hope for a less violent, more decent future lies with the real traitors, the disregarded millions of Israeli citizens who have refused to serve in the army.

Of course, Rothman-Zecker also describes the monolithic social pressure to serve: “Refusal to serve is portrayed by politicians and pundits — many of whom began their careers through service in elite units — as treacherous and marginal.”

On that note, here is Ronnie Barkan, one of the signers of the IASA alumni letter, going on Israel television and speaking of massacres in Gaza and keeping his cool during an onslaught of hostile questions. Barkan shows real bravery as the hosts blow up at him for saying that Israel is not a democracy. Those hosts are Orly and Guy on Channel 10, who I am told are on the left side of the Israeli mainstream spectrum.

“Your call for refusal is illegal. Your call harms the state… I will not accept harming the state,” Miriam Peretz, who lost two sons in Israeli actions, catechizes Barkan.

She cannot hear the word massacre– but of course many in the world regard Gaza as a massacre; it has had a huge impact on global opinion. While the male TV host loses his cool at 10:23, shouting at Barkan about “people who come through tunnels to kill children.”

At minute 11, Avi Wortzman, the acting Israeli minister of education, rebukes Barkan as representing a “radical element of reality.” “You stain the name of the school,” he says. And the principal there “washes his hands of you.”

“What you do here is anarchy. What you do here is undermining our most basic values of life here.”

So Barkan is excommunicated.

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