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Obama: Jewish traditions & values make “America a better place”

Following Jewish American Heritage Month, the White House has released a letter exchange between a young Jewish boy, whose parents were invited to celebrate Hanukkah in the nation’s capital last year, and President Obama. The White House holds a special Hanukkah celebration each year.In Obama’s letter, the president writes that “Jewish traditions and values have made America a better place.” The Times of Israel reports:

In honor of Jewish American Heritage month, the White House published correspondence between US President Barack Obama and a 10-year-old Jewish boy whose parents attended a Hanukkah celebration with the first family last year.

Yadid Frydman Orlow from White Plains, New York, wrote to Obama thanking him for inviting his parents to the reception before asking the president a number of thoughtful questions.

Along with asking Obama about his hopes for the future and race issues in the US, Orlow queried why the White House bothered holding a Hanukkah reception considering the small percentage of Jews in the US.

In the exchange, published Friday, Obama responded to Orlow by explaining that Jewish traditions and values have inspired American leaders and helped move the country forward.

“The story of the Exodus inspired Civil Rights Leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jewish Americans have helped lead fights for civil rights, workers’ rights, and gay rights,” the president wrote.

Obama said that the shared values helped form the “unbreakable” friendship with Israel. […]

President Obama, like Vice President Joe Biden before him, basically acknowledges the central role Jews have played in the transformation of America.Few realize that the “civil rights” crusade beginning in the 1960s was in reality a Communist-inspired destabilization strategy organized, financed, and led primarily by radical Jewish activists. Its main goals were forced racial integration coupled with the elevation of minorities over the traditional White establishment in America. The “civil rights” movement was designed to disenfranchise, alienate, and disempower Whites in America, while giving special privileges to minorities.

Like the “civil rights” movement, the “gay rights” movement has been directed and led by radical Jewish activists as well.

Jewish traditions and values have only made America a better place if you are a cultural Marxist and an Israel-firster. If you are a traditional American, it’s clear to see that Jewish traditions and values have entirely transformed and perverted this once great nation into a Marxist hellhole dominated and ruled by Jewish tyrants and their puppets.

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