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Nonsense at the G7 Summit: Russia, Greece and Convenient Threats

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Oh, the misdirected fury of it all. The self-appointed elect, those states at the G7, have decided to have a chat about matters deemed critical for them. A few interlopers are also present Nigeria, Tunisia and Liberia, for instance. Like any club whose rules vary between snooty and arbitrary, there were exclusions. On this occasion, basic arithmetic dictated that it would be a G7 summit, as opposed to a G8 one Russia was excluded, largely because, it would seem, the member states needed something to talk about.

The agenda shaped up very quickly. The G7 chat fest did take some time out to consider the environmental side of matters, suggesting that fossil fuels were being given the heave ho. We commit to doing our part to achieve a low-carbon global economy in the long-term, including developing and deploying innovative technologies striving for a transformation of the energy sectors by 2050.[1]

But the members had two states in their sights. One was the superstar absentee, target of European and US morality and historical ennui: Russia. As the G7 communique outlined, We stand ready to take further restrictive measures in order to increase [the] cost on Russia should its actions so require. The other was Greece, target of economic opprobrium and whipping boy of Europes disastrous financial policies.

It was Moscow who got the biggest serve. Does [Vladimir Putin], US President Barack Obama observed, continue to wreck his countrys economy and continue Russias isolation in pursuit of a wrong-headed desire to recreate the glories of the Soviet empire? Or does he recognise that Russias greatness does not depend on violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries?

As with so much in the realm of power politics, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. The relationship between Ukraine and Russia has been terse, vicious and rubbed by history. That tends to be patched over by the sovereignty argument, while ignoring EU and NATO complicity in undermining Kiev. The communique itself makes it clear where Ukraine should orient itself. We commend and support the steps the Ukrainian government is taking to implement comprehensive structural reforms and urge the Ukrainian leadership to decisively continue the necessary fundamental transformation in line with IMF and EU commitments.[2]

Independence is simply the prop for the big EU-US-Russia show. The idea that Russian aggression is somehow monolithic, innate and clearly demarcated is as naïve as it is dangerous. But the various parties have come to the conclusion that the peace plan outlined at Minsk in February is the one to aim for.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, also gave the impression that the sanctions regime against Russia might be ratcheted up, though Germany has remained pensive about it. Much business has been lost in the endeavour. The Chancellor attempted putting a brave face on it all. The G7 front was ready, should the situation [in Ukraine] escalate which we dont want to strengthen sanctions if the situation makes that necessary but we believe we should do everything to move forward the political process of Minsk.

Much of this seems disproportionate and more than just thinly veiled hypocrisy. Russias suspension from the G8 for its backing of eastern Ukrainian separatists, and the Crimean annexation, suggest a clear context for targeting a country for violating the sovereignty of others. But when one considers the other members of the same family of summitry, including France, Britain and the UK, the list of violators of sovereignty is extensive.

Proxy wars are being fought across the Middle East, ostensibly to back some form of regime against another form of threat. French, UK and US money floats into bank accounts of various militant forces who have marshalled themselves against the Islamic State. Labels such as moderate are used in recognising which group will get funding in the fight, either against the Assad regime itself, or the even less savoury groups connected with ISIS. Sovereignty has little to do with any of this.

Then there is that rather nasty aspect of warrantless surveillance, a sordid little understanding that seems to have been struck between intelligence services at the cost of parliamentary integrity. This did not seem to bother Merkel, who had herself been the subject of NSA surveillance and phone hacking. Let bygones be bygones. As she declared at Schloss Elmau, Germany and the US were inseparable allies.[3]

The gathering also did some finger wagging at Athens. Last week, the Tsipras government poured cold water on proposals for a cash-for-reforms deal advanced by the International Monetary Fund and European lenders. The summit provided the stage for the European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker to vent his spleen. Alexis Tsipras promised by Thursday evening he would present a second proposal. Then he said he would present it on Friday. And then he said he would call on Saturday. But I have never received that proposal, so I hope I will receive it soon.[4]

There were other gems fashioned. Terrorism, which is the background always depicted these days as a grandly dangerous foreground, featured. In light of the Foreign Terrorist Fighters phenomenon, the fight against terrorism and violent extremism will have to remain the priority for the whole international community. Nigerias President Muhammadu Buhari came with his own wish list hoping for a firm stance against Boko Haram.

Since states are thinking about fiendish ways to take away the citizenships of those it suspects (suspicion is everything) of being involved, or planning, terrorist acts, it has fallen to such powers as Britain and Canada to lead the way. Forms of regulation are encouraged in the name of combating radicalisation, noting the reach of the Internet and the scope of social media sites. Fear substitutes necessary evidence. Illusion takes the place of policy. Perfect yet predictable outcomes of such summits.


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A Zionist project to criminalise criticism of I$raHell



Boycott Israel

By Lawrence Davidson

Some historical background

From the 1920s to the 1990s, the Zionists controlled the storyline in the West on the Israel-Palestine conflict. This meant that their version of history was the only version as far as most of the people in the West were concerned. Consequentially, they had an uncontested media field to label the Palestinians and their supporters as “terrorists” – the charge of anti-Semitism was not yet widely used. Also, as a consequence of their monopoly, the Zionists did not bother to engage in public debate.

Then, over the last 20 years the Zionists slowly lost their monopoly. In part, this was due to the fact that in 1993 the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) recognised Israel’s right to exist and renounced terrorism, and in the following years many of the Arab states made or offered peace. However, the Israelis did not respond in kind. In particular, they failed to respond in a fair and just way to US-sponsored peace efforts. Why so?

The answer to why the Israelis did not, in good faith, take up multiple historic opportunities to make peace with the Palestinians lies in the very nature of the Zionist movement. From its beginning, and certainly from the establishment of the state of Israel, Zionism has been driven by dreams of colonial expansion and religious exclusiveness. Each of these goals is seen as part of Zionism’s God-given mission, and they still prevail. Professor David Schulman of Hebrew University, writing in the New York Review of Books (23 April 2015), describes the consequences of this situation: “The Israeli electorate is still dominated by hyper-nationalist, in some cases proto-fascist, figures. It is no way inclined to make peace. It has given a clear mandate for policies… that will further deepen Israel’s colonial venture.” As a consequence, Israel’s credibility with an increasing number of people in the West has eroded.

This erosion led to a relatively short period of time in the early 2000s when the Zionists attempted to counter the situation by engaging with their critics in public debate. However, the majority of time they lost. Israel’s barbarous behaviour on the ground, combined with the fact that its historical version of events was shown to be full of holes, condemned it to an increasingly weak defensive position. This proved to be intolerable to the Zionists, so they withdrew from the debating field. And, as they did, they began to level charges of anti-Semitism against their critics, even those who are Jewish. These accusations of the worst sort of racism have been with us ever since – which is really ironic because much of what Israel is being criticised for is its own racist, apartheid nature.

This was an important change in tactics for Israel because it opened the way to misusing Western laws to Israel’s advantage. Just as the charge of terrorism has often been misused in a broad and sweeping manner (for instance, levelled against non-violent supporters of Palestinian charitable organisations), so the charge of anti-Semitism can potentially be used in an almost unlimited fashion by over-aggressive, pro-Zionist Western prosecutors against any critic of Israeli behaviour.

The boycott movement

In the West, much of the organised criticism of Israel now comes from campaigns aimed at promoting Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) of the Zionist state. So robust has the BDS movement grown that Gilad Erdan, Israel’s newly appointed minister of public security, strategic affairs and public diplomacy, has described it as one of the most “urgent issues” facing Israel. Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin, has described the developing academic boycott, just one part of BDS, as a “strategic threat of the first order”.

Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has taken it upon himself to set the tone of Israel’s counter-attack on BDS. He has declared that there is an “international campaign to blacken Israel’s name” and he alleges that it is not motivated by Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians but rather seeks to “delegitimise Israel… and deny our very right to live here”. In other words, he is claiming that present criticism of Israel is really an attack on its existence, and not on its behaviour. For Netanyahu this has to be a form of anti-Semitism. As Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the PLO executive committee, describes Netanyahu’s argument, “If you criticise me you are anti-Semitic… If you accept any kind of punitive measure or sanctions against Israel, you want to destroy Israel.” That is how the prime minister avoids confronting the facts.

As bad as this is, it gets even worse. Declaring the goal of BDS to be the elimination of Israel allows the Zionists to use their influence with Western legislators to make cooperation with the boycott subject to penalties. In the United States, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the most powerful of the Zionist lobbies, is working on legislation similar to that used against Iran and also the Arab boycott of Israel in the 1970s. This legislation would penalise businesses, both at home and abroad, that favourably respond to calls for boycott. If this works we can expect the Zionists to go further and try to subvert the US constitution’s free speech provisions and then go after individuals as well as businesses. In this regard, efforts are also under way in Canada and France.

Money magic

Finally, there is the assumption that money can destroy Israel’s critics. This is a special belief of Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate and enthusiastic backer of Netanyahu. Adelson has taken aim at activity critical of Israel on US college campuses. In the first week of June 2015, he and his supporters convened a “Campus Maccabees Summit”, the purpose of which was “to develop the conceptual framework for the anti-BDS action plan [on college campuses], assign roles and responsibilities to pro-Israel organisations, and create the appropriate command-and-control system to implement it”. Fifty activist Zionist organisations attended the conference, as did 20 donors, each of whom pledged one million dollars to the cause over the next two years.


Prime Minister Netanyahu personifies the problem with Zionist thinking. He is wholly self-centred and seemingly incapable of recognising, much less taking responsibility for, Israel’s racist behaviour. Thus, with the Zionists having spent the last 100 years planning and then actually doing what was needed to deny as many non-Jews as possible the “very right to live in” Palestine, Netanyahu now accuses others of doing the same thing to him and his kin – and labels it a criminal act.

…the ideology that drives Israeli racism and colonial expansion [Zionism] must be done away with, in the same way that apartheid was brought down in South Africa.

The truth is that most Western critics, including supporters of BDS, are not trying to kick the Jews out of Israel. They are trying to bring maximum pressure on the Israeli government to stop kicking non-Jews out, to stop territorial expansion in violation of international law, and to start acting like the democratic state it so questionably claims to be.

Speaking strictly for myself, I don’t believe any of these goals are possible unless Zionism is in fact kicked out of what is now Israel. That is, the ideology that drives Israeli racism and colonial expansion must be done away with, in the same way that apartheid was brought down in South Africa. That did not result in South Africa being destroyed or all white South Africans being deported. But it did result in a democracy being imported. The same scenario is necessary for Israel.

No doubt many Israelis and their supporters would equate this goal of extirpating Zionism with promoting another holocaust. This is not so, but they are scared enough to label the effort of bringing a real democracy to Israel as anti-Semitic, and to try to get it declared illegal in the West.

Finally, besides the public outcry over anti-Semitism, the Zionists are working behind closed doors – the closed doors of American state and federal legislatures and university board rooms – where they do not have to face serious debate. This might prove the most dangerous of their manoeuvres. For behind closed doors the Zionist monopoly resurfaces and truth is all the easier to suppress.

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Canada’s Provides Military Training to Neo-Nazi Ukraine National Guard

Global Research

The Canadian media has highlighted Prime Minister Harper’s one on one meeting with Ukraine’s president Poroshenko in Kiev (June 5, 2015). The official story which has been fed to Canadians is that Ottawa is providing “non-lethal aid” as well support to the country’s civilian police force:

We supply a range of non-lethal military equipment, Harper said… While disappointed about this, Poroshenko praised Canada for supporting Ukraine since the first hours of his presidency and said the military aid it had provided to his country, such as medical kits and mobile hospitals, addressed an acute problem. (National Post, June 6, 2015, emphasis added)

Harper also announced that Canada would be sending 10 police officers to Ukraine to help reform the country’s security sector in a partnership with the United States.

Harper announced the $5 million project during a visit in which he watched training exercises by police cadets. … (CP News 24, June 6, 2015, emphasis added)

This story contradicts earlier reports and government statements.

The gist of Harper’s flash visit to Kiev prior to the G7 Summit was to reaffirm Canada’s commitment to the dispatch of “military instructors” in support of Ukraine’s National Guard, which is controlled by the two Neo-Nazi parties, Svoboda and Right Sector.

In April, Washington confirmed that it would send in a US contingent of instructors “of 290 specialists which will be working with the National Guard. Britain has dispatched 75 military personnel responsible for training in command procedures and tactical intelligence. (Los Angeles Times, April 20, 2015).

Ironically, the Harper government quite candidly acknowledged that there were Neo-Nazi elements within the National Guard, and that provisions were being envisaged to prevent Canadian military instructors from training Neo-Nazis:

The Canadian government is confident that troops from Petawawa wont end up instructing Neo Nazis and far right extremists when they begin their training mission in Ukraine this summer, but a former diplomat is warning it will be difficult to weed out such extremists as their militia units are now being integrated into Ukraines regular forces.

Some members of Ukraines most effective fighting units [Azov batallion] have openly acknowledged they are Nazi sympathizers or have expressed anti-Semitic or extreme right wing views. (Ottawa Citizen, April 18, 2015, emphasis added)

The solution proposed by Canada’s Defence Minister Kenney is contradictory to say the least: Ottawa will support the National Guard as a means to avoiding the training of Neo-Nazis. Canada’s military instructors will be dispatched and allocated to the National Guard:

Were not going to be in the business of training ad hoc militias… We will only be training units of the Ukrainian National Guard and army recognized by the government of Ukraine. (Ibid, emphasis added)

What is Ukraine’s National Guard

The National Guard which is now supported by Canada has been responsible for countless atrocities in the Donbass region.

The wear Nazi insignia on their uniforms.

Below is the Nazi emblem of the National Guard [Національна гвардія України] which is defined as Reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They operate under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The National Guard is part of the so-called Internal Troops of Ukraine. The emblem is a stylized swastika (see below).

The main battalion of the National Guard under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs involved in the Donbass region is The Azov Battalion (Батальйон Азов).

This battalion is supported by the Western military alliance including Canada.

The Azov Battalion -which displays the Nazi SS emblem (below left) is described by the Kiev regime as a volunteer battalion of territorial defense.

Its a National Guard battalion under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Officially based in Berdyank on the Sea of Azov, it was formed by the regime to fight the opposition insurgency in Eastern and Southern Ukraine. It is supported by the US and NATO.

These militia bearing the Nazi SS emblem supported by the US and Canada are casually referred to as Freedom fighters.

Scroll down for Selected Images of the Azov Battalion Freedom Fighters

Imagine what would happen if Canada’s RCMP or the US National Guard were to display swastika-like symbols.

Media Disinformation

Unknown to both Americans and Canadians, the West is channeling financial support, weapons and training to a Neo-Nazi entity. Both Washington and Ottawa have sent in military instructors.

Nobody knows about it because the use of the words Neo-Nazi and Fascist in relation to Ukraine is a taboo. The have been excluded from the lexicon of investigative reporting. In media reports they have been replaced by Ultra-conservative, Extreme Right and Nationalist.

Ukraine’s National Guard –which is supported by Canada– glorifies Adolph Hitler and Stepan Bandera, Ukraine’s World War II Nazi leader and collaborator of the Third Reich.

It is worth noting that Ukrainian Jews were the target of the Third Reichs Einsatzgruppen (Task Groups or Deployment Groups) which were supported by Ukrainian Nazi collaborators led by Stepan Bandera . These task forces were paramilitary death squads deployed in occupied territories.

Talking about Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, who are part of the coalition government, is a taboo. It is not newsworthy. Yet, the Neo-Nazis play a central role in the country’s security apparatus.

Surely Canadians should be made aware of the fact that their government is sending military instructors to train Neo-Nazi recruits.

In contrast to the scanty news which is fed to Canadians, the Ukrainian media’s coverage of Harper’s visit to Kiev has nonetheless acknowledged Canada’s support for the country’s National Guard:

Canada will allocate $5 million to train new police officers and military instructors for the National Guard of Ukraine, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk said.

Besides, Canadian military instructors will arrive to Ukraine to train the National Guard, the premier said. (Interfax-Ukraine, June 6, 2015)

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The purpose state secrecy serves, from SEAL Team 6 down to Boston Police




The New York Times has published a long, detailed history of the Navy’s special operators in SEAL Team 6, also known as the Special Warfare Development Group, or by its insider name, DEVGRU. This paragraph caught my attention.

The unit’s advocates express no doubts about the value of such invisible warriors. “If you want these forces to do things that occasionally bend the rules of international law,” said James G. Stavridis, a retired admiral and former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO, referring to going into undeclared war zones, “you certainly don’t want that out in public.” Team 6, he added, “should continue to operate in the shadows.”

That perfectly sums up the mentality in the US National Security State, from the most elite Navy SEALs all the way down through the FBI, and increasingly, to our local police.

Just last week, the Boston Police Department and FBI killed a man in a confrontation in Roslindale, Massachusetts. The cops have said that Usaama Rahim was plotting to kill police officers, although they never prepared an arrest warrant for him. Instead of preparing to arrest him by obtaining a warrant and sending a tactical team to do it safely, a few plainclothes JTTF officers shot him dead after approaching him to have what they describe as a 7am chat in a CVS parking lot. The Feds say the FBI and BPD were following him 24 hours a day during the week preceding his killing. But asked how Rahim initially came to the attention of investigators, Boston police commissioner William Evans said he cannot say. That information, he says, is “classified.”

When we hear claims like this, it’s crucial to recall what purpose secrecy usually serves in the security context. The truth of the matter was spelled out in unusually frank terms by the former NATO commander quoted in the NYT story about special operators cited above. “If you want these forces to do things that occassionally bend the rules of…law, you certainly don’t want that out in the public.”

That’s an unacceptable approach to foreign war fighting. It borders on the authoritarian here at home. And we cannot lose sight of the connection between the two.

Assuming general tolerance for official secrecy regarding forever wars abroad won’t trickle down to the domestic policing space is a fool’s errand. We now see clearly what that trickle down means in Boston. Police and FBI killed a man, and now they’re saying National Security prevents them from talking about why. That should send a chill down your spine.

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Instead of Training to Solve Crimes, Cops Team Up with the Military to Prep for War



By Gary Franchi 

NORTH VERNON, IN –The media missed the transformation of the Indiana State Police into a militarized police Force.

Together with the Indiana National Guard they weren’t practicing solving crimes, they were practicing Fast Rope techniques from a Blackhawk helicopter.

The above video contains actual footage which the Free Thought Project secured from the department of Defense, of the exercises.

Unlike in the recent special forces exercise that just occurred in Michigan, using live ordinance at an abandoned public school, this exercise took place at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center.

Discarding their traditional police uniforms they adorned military fatigues and we’re fully equipped to kill.

This clearly contradicts Obama’s declaration of last month to crack down on the militarization of local police.

Even while Obama claims a crackdown is occurring, the local police can still use military equipment because through a loophole that equipment doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to the military.

All around us we are witnessing a military buildup enslave a free people while the media fixates on issues of no consequence to liberty.

The only way around it is to bypass them altogether. Use the power in your hands right now to inform others. Without an informed and activated citizenry can we ever be free.

So join Next News in the New Media Coalition with the Free Thought Project and share this to your social networks.

If you’d like to see what military equipment your local department has acquired through the Fed’s 1033 program, you can do so at this link.

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Syria Justice Minister Refutes via Al-Manar Rumors about HIs Arrest by Terrorist

Image result for AL-ARABIYA TV LOGO


Syrian Justice Minister Najm al-Ahmad refuted via Al-Manar TV channel the rumors which claimed that he was arrested by Zio-Wahhabi terrorist group in Damascus.

Al-Ahmad said that certain satellite channels circulated such rumors to hide the victories achieved by the Syrian army and the Lebanese Resistance, stressing that this will not shake his will to keep confronting terrorism in defense of his country.

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Mark Dankof Responds to the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir: Poetry for Palestine

Posted by: David Smith

Mark Dankof’s America

Mark Dankof on the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir:  It's About Control of Narrative and Demonization of Dissent.

Alison Weir’s alleged support for the Gareth Porter/BuzzFeed/ADL broadside of Mark Glenn and the New Horizons Conference in Iran last fall recently boomeranged when she herself was broadsided by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). In that broadside, Ms. Weir was slandered for her association with me, which is absolutely nonexistent, save for a single appearance on my radio show some years ago.

As Dr. E. Michael Jones pointed out in his article on this entire business in the December 2014 Culture Wars entitled, “The New New World Order,” the universe seems to revolve around the “Jewish control of narrative” and the demonization and character assassination of anyone offering a dissent from their mantra. Gilad Atzmon reiterates this in his own observations on the JVP assault on Ms. Weir.

Gareth Porter at the New Horizons Conference in Iran:  What Was His Real Game There and On Behalf of Whom?

Gareth Porter at the New Horizons Conference in Iran: What Was His Real Game There and On Behalf of Whom?

The Jewish control of narrative and the demonization of anyone who disputes that ground rule is quite obvious in the JVP chastisement of Ms. Weir for ever being associated with me in any capacity. Why?

The Result of Linking

The Result of Linking “American Exceptionalism” to “Israeli Exceptionalism.”

It is clear why. I have talked in the public forum repeatedly about subjects considered off limits to these people. These include the provable Jewish Bolshevik KGB link to FDR, Operation Snow, and Pearl Harbor; the Lavon Affair; the Meyer Lansky connection to the Kennedy Assassination; Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty 48 years ago; the Pollard and AIPAC spy cases; the PROMIS affair; Jewish power in Central Banking, the Federal Reserve Board and the media; Israel’s connection to 9-11; Israel’s alliance with Saudi Arabia and the United States in covertly supporting Sunni Wahhabic extremists in al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS in Syria and elsewhere; Israel’s dual citizens and front companies who permeate American intelligence, the Transportation Safety Administration, and the Department of Homeland Security; the number of Israeli dual citizens in the United States Congress and throughout the American government and media nexus; and perhaps most significantly of all, the disproportionately Jewish support for the Culturally Marxist agenda of American and Western culture via the Frankfurt School, a point fully acknowledged publicly by no less than the current Vice President of the United States. JVP duly and disapprovingly notes in disparaging tones my identity as “the anti-gay” Christian pastor. . . .

The Zionist Alliance with the Frankfurt School and the LGBT Agenda:  Destroying the Christian West, Russia, and the Islamic World With Cancer.

The Zionist Alliance with the Frankfurt School and the LGBT Agenda: Destroying the Christian West, Russia, and the Islamic World With Cancer.

Gilad Atzmon argues that the Jewish neo-Marxist left is even more toxically lethal to Palestinian rights and the Western world than its demonic counterpart in the Likudnik Right. I agree. And the Jewish Voice for Peace backstabbing of Alison Weir, much like the nefarious Gareth Porter/BuzzFeed hit on Mark Glenn and the New Horizons Conference last fall in Iran, proves it.

There are two pivotal questions remaining to be answered.  First, in consideration of the issue of Hegelian dialectic and “controlled opposition” in that matrix, how many of these Jewish Peaceniks and Leftists are controlled opposition working for Israeli and American intelligence?  Second, how have the Palestinians and pro-Palestinian peace activists fared in having their interests represented by Jewish leftists and neo-Marxists claiming to represent them in negotiations headed toward a “two-state solution?”  The map below answers that question nicely:

Negotiate with Jewish leftists and liberals who claim to be anti-Zionist, and get yourself Ethnically Cleansed and Pickpocketed.

Negotiate with Jewish leftists and liberals who claim to be anti-Zionist, and get yourself Ethnically Cleansed and Pickpocketed.

The era of “Jewish control of discourse” is ending. Let’s all have fun watching their panicked struggle before merciful and final expiration.

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A court of non-convictions for Zio-Nazi felons



By Yossi Gurvitz | Yesh Din 

Does everyone get his or her day in court? Not if they are Palestinian.

Every year Yesh Din publishes data about police investigative failures regarding offenses carried out by Israelis towards Palestinians in the West Bank. They are usually quite similar: the police fail to investigate approximately 85 percent of complaints of Palestinians who report being harmed by Israelis. The rate becomes much higher when it comes to the destruction of Palestinian trees by Israeli civilians: then the police failure rate grows to 97.4 percent.

The average Israeli may not be surprised that the police failure rates are so high, but he or she still has some expectations of the courts. After all, we are told time and again that Israel is governed by the rule of law.

Okay, says the average citizen to himself, yes, we seem to have a problem when it comes to investigations, and naturally if the investigation is a mess we are not likely to get to court. But once we step into the halls of justice, everything should be fine.

Or not.

Our latest data sheet, which was released in tandem with an exhaustive report on the failure of law enforcement in the West Bank, examines for the first time what happens to the cases we follow once they leave the limbo of the prosecution and make it to court. The situation, to put it mildly, is not “okay.”

To begin with, the chance that a complaint by a Palestinian victim will bloom into a an indictment against an Israeli felon stands at a mere 7.4 percent. This means that the chances an Israeli felon will appear in court for a crime he is suspected of committing is about 1:14. Most often, cases are closed due to police investigative failures; in a majority of the cases, the specific reason is the inability of the police to find a suspect – what is known as the the unknown perpetrator clause.

The fact that a case makes it to court does not, of course, mean it will end in a conviction. The defendants have the right to representation and have access to attorneys — as a human rights organization we entirely support this. The problem lies elsewhere.

In 10.5 percent of the cases, the defendants are convicted of all charges; in 22.8 percent of the cases, only some of the defendants are convicted, or they are convicted of some of the charges – sometimes reduced charges as part of a plea bargain. The rate of acquittals is high relative to other cases in Israeli courts (8.8 percent). But what is truly high is the rate of “non-conviction” (24.6 percent) and the rate of indictment withdrawal (22.8 percent).

What is a non-conviction? It is a relatively rare practice, in which the court believes there is reason to avoid tarring him/her with a criminal conviction for one reason or another — despite the fact that the felon has been found guilt of the charges. This almost never happens in the Israeli courts: the percentage of defendants in the magistrates courts found guilty without conviction is 5.3 percent; in district courts the number stands at only 1.2% percent. This is true unless the victim is a Palestinian; then the rare of non-conviction jumps to 24.6 percent. That’s four times that of magistrates courts, and almost 20 times that of the district courts. What a coincidence.

In many of the cases in which indictments against Israelis charged with harming Palestinians were withdrawn, the reason was, once again, investigative failure. The prosecution re-examined the evidence, apparently after the response of the defendants’ attorneys, and reached the conclusion that it did not have enough evidence for a conviction. And that, we note, is a perfectly legitimate decision.

But in many of the indictment withdrawal cases, one of the reasons given was that the defendants did not even bother to show up for the hearings. In most of the cases the government took the required steps – a fine, issuing warrants for arrest and subpoenas – but the indictments were frozen until the defendant was found. In one of the cases, the prolonged freezing caused the police prosecution to say that the evidence has been degraded, to the point of cancelling the indictment.

At the end of the day, the chance that a Palestinian who lodged a complaint about being harmed by an Israeli civilian will see a conviction is only 1.9 percent. Again, most of the blame for this lies with the police – but the courts have their share, as seen by the unusual rate of non-conviction.

Rule of law? Rule of the violent.

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ISIL Not Just Destroying Ancient Artifacts, It’s Selling them


Militants of the Zio-Wahhabi Takfiri group, ISIL, are not attacking ancient monuments in Iraq and Syria with jackhammers and bulldozers, but they also have been quietly selling off smaller antiquities, The Washington Post reported on Monday.The daily quoted officials and experts as saying that ISIL has been “earning millions of dollars in an increasingly organized pillaging of national treasures.”

ancient artifacts

“The group’s looting has become so systematic that the ISIL has incorporated the practice into the structure of its self-declared caliphate, granting ¬licenses for digging at historic sites through a department of “precious resources.”

Zio-Wahhabi extremist group’s recent capture of Syria’s majestic 2,000-year-old ruins at Palmyra threw a spotlight on the risk that the ISIL poses to the region’s rich cultural heritage, the paper said.

Palmyra is, however, just one of 4,500 sites under the group’s control, the daily added according to the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force.

“They steal everything that they can sell, and what they can’t sell, they destroy,” said Qais Hussein Rasheed, Iraq’s deputy minister for antiquities and heritage.

“We have noticed that the smuggling of antiquities has greatly increased since last June,” he added, referring to the month in which Islamic State militants took control of Mosul and large parts of northern Iraq.

The ISIL’s plundering began in a haphazard fashion when the extremists first gained a foothold in Syria. But the trade has become more organized as the group has conquered territory.

The ISIL grants licenses for the excavation of ancient sites through its “Diwan al-Rikaz” — a governing body for overseeing resources in the “caliphate,” the Washington Post noted, adding that the body has a department for oil and gas, as well as antiquities, documentation from the group shows.

The ISIL “has incorporated the activity of excavation into its bureaucracy,” said Aymenn al-Tamimi, a researcher on jihadist groups at the Britain-based Middle East Forum who has compiled an archive of ISIL administrative documents.

How much the ISIL earns from the trade is difficult to estimate. Iraqi officials say it is the group’s second most important commercial activity after oil sales, earning the militants tens of millions of dollars, the report said.

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Report: Increase in torture in detention under Sisi


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There has been an increase in the death rates in detention centres since the military coup in Egypt, a new report has revealed.

In a report entitledThe Official Cemeteries: Extrajudicial Killings in Egyptian detention centres from June 30, 2013 to June 1, 2015, the monitoring and documentation department of the Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms stated that the last two years witnessed a major shift in the death rates in the various detention centres in terms of the number of deaths and the cases of death by torture since President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi came to power.

The report noted that the Egyptian security authorities adopted a systematic policy of arbitrarily arresting those opposed to the military government in Egypt. Since 30 June 2013, Egypt has adopted this policy in an unprecedented manner. This systematic policy of arrests has led to the detention of large numbers of people in various detention centres, which can no longer accommodate them due to their large numbers. It has also led the government to use arrests as an important means of oppressing the opposition to the military government in Egypt.

With the increasing number of detainees and the lack of any health care or medical attention, the prisons, detention centres, and questioning centres have become a place for the spiritual and psychological murder of the detainees.

The department also explained that the results of the monitoring and documentation of extrajudicial killings committed inside the various places of detention over the past two years, from 30 June 2013 to early June 2015 are as follows:

  • Total number of individuals killed in detention centres: 269
    • Number of politicians killed in detention centres: 92
    • Number of criminals killed in detention centres: 177
  • Where these 269 individuals died:
    • Number of individuals killed in prisons: 102
    • Number of individuals killed in police stations: 150
    • Number of individuals killed in courts and prosecutors’ offices: 6
    • Number of individuals killed in military prisons: 2
    • Number of individuals killed in care homes: 2
    • Number of individuals killed in undisclosed places of detention: 7
  • Where these 269 individuals died:
    • Number of individuals killed in detention centres during Adly Mansour’s term: 130
    • Number of individuals killed in detention centres since the beginning of Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi’s term: 139
    • Number of individuals killed in detention centres since during Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim’s term after June 30, 2013 until his retirement: 231
    • Number of individuals killed in detention centres since the beginning of Magdy Abdel Ghaffar’s term: 38

The monitoring and documentation department also added that the number of killings and deaths during the first year of Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi’s presidency has undoubtedly demonstrated his continued political support of slowly killing prisoners and detainees inside detention centres, as the first year of his term resulted in the following:

  • Number of deaths inside detention centres during Sisi’ term: 139
    • Number of politician who died in detention centres: 31
    • Number of criminal deaths inside detention centres: 108
  • Where these 139 individuals died:
    • Number of deaths inside prisons: 39
    • Number of deaths in police stations: 96
    • Number of deaths in courts and prosecutors’ offices: 2
    • Number of deaths in military prisons: 0
    • Number of deaths in care homes: 1
    • Number of deaths in undisclosed places of detention: 1

The department also confirmed that the prisons and detention centres have turned into centres of gradually draining and exhausting individuals both physically and psychologically. The military government in Egypt wants to turn the detainees opposed to the military government in Egypt into remains of creatures that no longer represent humans; creatures depleted of all signs of humanity that become a burden on themselves and society, the report said.

The prisons and detention centres in Egypt have been used by the military government to provide the appropriate conditions conducive to achieving the goal of dehumanising the opposition.

The Egyptian Observatory’s monitoring and documentation department stressed that it prepared this report and collected the data in order to expose this heinous crime and the abnormal death of prisoners and detainees inside the various detention centres.

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