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Activists stop Zionist-Palestinian conference in East Jerusalem



A group of activists on Friday stopped a conference in occupied East Jerusalem from going ahead that they accused of contributing to the normalization of the Zio-Nazi occupation.

The conference had been organized by the “Creativity for Peace” group and was set to take place in the Legacy Hotel.

However, the hotel reportedly cancelled the event after they were contacted by the activists.

The hotel management had apparently been unaware of the conference, believing instead that a tourism company had booked the hall.

Creativity for Peace is a non-profit organization that works with young Zionist and Palestinian women on “collaborative leadership and peacemaking,” according to the organization’s website.

Some activists allege that organizations aiming to facilitate dialogue and understanding between Jewish Zionist and Palestinians without addressing political realities “normalize” the Nazi occupation.

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Nazi argues that partnership and dialogue groups often ignore the stark inequalities between Jewish Zionist and Palestinians living under Nazi occupation.

They claim that this approach normalizes the Nazi occupation by promoting co-existence at the expense of acknowledging the right of Palestinians to resist oppressive policies of the Nazi regime.

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