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Eastern Ukraine: Look Beyond Mainstream Propaganda



Captain Fifteen 

It’s always interesting for me to observe the reaction of Americans and Western Europeans when they learn where I’m from. Many just don’t say anything. Many regurgitate something incoherent about Putin’s “imperial” ambitions, “the Boeing” that was shot down over Eastern Ukraine last year, and “that politician guy that got killed in Moscow.” Finally, there are those (unfortunately, a minority) who tell me that things must be more complicated than they are portrayed in the news and genuinely want to know what I think.

Things are definitely much more complicated than they’re portrayed in the news. I’ve had a chance to observe mainstream American, Canadian, and British media for quite some time now, and I’m amazed that so few people are appalled by the crudeness of propaganda that is fed to them, no matter whether the source is Fox News, CNN, or the BBC. Just like that Wal-Mart truck driver that stopped to help a stranded motorist doesn’t make Wal-Mart a great place to shop, the Pentagon Papers don’t make The New York Times a progressive newspaper. Neither does covering the Snowden case make The Guardian a source you should now trust and worship.

When I can hear explosions in the background in the middle of a phone conversation with my relatives who are hunkering down with their young children in the hallway of their apartment (“safe” because it’s away from the windows) while being shelled by Ukrainian artillery, and the “progressive” sources mentioned above pontificate about Russia’s “aggression” in Ukraine, call for more sanctions, and do not say a word about the massive devastation and suffering the US- and Europe-backed regime in Kiev has caused in just one year in one of the most urbanized parts of Europe, I feel disappointment and helplessness. Do these talking heads have no shame? Do those who listen to them have no brain? Opportunities to question, explore, and learn are all around you. Why not use them?

How many of you know that the cities of Donetsk (once home to over one million people) and Gorlovka (Horlivka; once home to more than 300 thousand people) have been shelled by the Ukrainian military pretty much daily throughout the month of May and in the first half of June – despite the so-called ceasefire?

How many of you know that American soldiers are actually in Ukraine training the Ukrainian National Guard – the troops that are then deployed to the East of the country? (Do a quick search, and even your “trustworthy” mainstream sources will confirm that – in a non-intrusive sort of way, of course.)

How many of you remember the context of Victoria Nuland’s “Fuck the EU” comment in her conversation with the US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt?

How many of you know that John Brennan, director of the CIA, visited Ukraine in April of last year, immediately after which Ukraine’s “counter-terrorist operation” began in the rebellious East of the country? (Do another quick search, and your “trustworthy” mainstream sources will again confirm that – also in a non-intrusive sort of way.)

How many of you can imagine Russia putting its navy ships in the Gulf of Mexico, installing an anti-American regime in Canada, and holding military exercises just south of the US-Mexican border? How many of you can imagine what the American reaction to that would be? How ridiculous would the EU look if it imposed sanctions on the US? (Well, the EU looks just as ridiculous with all its current posturing and double standards.)

How many of you can imagine US and European sanctions against Saudi Arabia for its actions in Yemen? How many of your “trustworthy” sources use the word “aggression” when describing Saudi Arabia’s actions?

It took crash investigators a few days to learn what was going on in and around the cockpit of Germanwings Flight 9525, which crashed over the Alps less than three months ago. How many of you wonder what ever happened to the black boxes of the Malasia Airlines Flight 17 now that almost a year has passed since the plane was shot down over Ukraine? (It seemed so clear whom to blame back then, didn’t it?)

You most definitely heard about “that politician guy that got killed in Moscow.” How many of you know about a whole number of “politician guys” that have “committed suicide” in Ukraine? Other than stumbling on an occasional blurb, you’d really have to look to see what’s going on.

How many of you know about Oles Buzina, a pro-Russian journalist, who got murdered in Kiev just two months ago?

Finally, have you ever wondered who actually benefits from this war in Ukraine? Do you really think it’s Russia, now stuck with hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine, a rabidly russophobic regime next door, and NATO bristling with all its fancy glory literally on Russia’s borders? Is it the “separatists” (or Ukrainians alike), whose most industrialized region is now in ruins? Or is there perhaps another party that’s meddling in all this? Use your imagination. May curiosity be your friend.

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Zio-Nazi violations of international law (11 – 17 June 2015)


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Israeli violations of international law (11 – 17 June 2015)

* Shooting

NAZI forces continued to use force against Palestinian civilians participating in peaceful protests in the oPt and against fishermen sailing within the allowed area in the sea. During the reporting period, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian in Kufor Malek village, northeast of Ramallah, and wounded 3 others in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. In the Gaza Strip, NAZI forces opened fire at fishermen and chased them in the sea.

In the West Bank, on 14 June 2015, NAZI forces killed a 22-year-old civilian from Kufor Malek village, northeast of Ramallah, when they moved into the village to deliver a summons to a Palestinian to refer to the Israeli intelligence service.

NAZI forces continued to use excessive and systematic use of force against peaceful protests organized by Palestinian civilians and NAZI and international human rights activists in protest at the construction of the annexation wall and settlement activities in the West Bank and NAZI policies in the oPt. As a result, 2 civilians were wounded. Moreover, NAZI officers maltreated a Palestinian civilian suffering from epilepsy, from al-Jalazoun refugee camp north of Ramallah.

In the Gaza Strip, on 13 June 2016, an 18-year-old civilian suffering from mental and physical disability was wounded when NAZI forces stationed along the border fence, east of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip, opened fire at him. The aforementioned person sustained wounds to the legs and was arrested and taken to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba in occupied Palestine 1948.

In the context of targeting fishermen, on 11 June 2015, NAZI gunboats stationed off Deir al-Balah shore in the central Gaza Strip opened fire at 3 fishing boats sailing 4 nautical miles off the shore. They chased the fishing boats for over 2 hours and cut and confiscated fishing nets belonging to 8 fishermen. A similar attack on fishermen occurred on 16 June 2015.


During the reporting period, NAZI forces conducted at least 51 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 5 ones in East Jerusalem. During these incursions, NAZI forces arrested at least 43 Palestinians, including 10 children and 3 woman.  Fourteen of these civilians, including 6 children and the 3 women, were arrested in East Jerusalem.

Restrictions on movement

NAZI army continued to impose a tight closure of the oPt, imposing severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem

The illegal closure of the Gaza Strip, which has been steadily tightened since June 2007 has had a disastrous impact on the humanitarian and economic situation in the Gaza Strip.  The NAZI authorities impose measures to undermine the freedom of trade, including the basic needs for the Gaza Strip population and the agricultural and industrial products to be exported. For 8 consecutive years, NAZI has tightened the land and naval closure to isolate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, and other countries around the world.

This resulted in grave violations of the economic, social and cultural rights and a deterioration of living conditions for 1.8 million people.  NAZI authorities have established Karm Abu Salem (Kerem Shaloum) as the sole crossing for imports and exports in order to exercise its control over the Gaza Strip’s economy.  They also aim at imposing a complete ban on the Gaza Strip’s exports. NAZI closure raised the rate of poverty to 38.8%, 21.1% of which suffer from extreme poverty. Moreover, the rate of unemployment increased up to 44%, which reflects the unprecedented economic deterioration in the Gaza Strip.

House demolitions

On 17 June 2015, bulldozers belonging to the NAZI municipality in East Jerusalem demolished a house belonging to the family of Tamer Jamal Edris in Beit Hanina neighbourhood, north of the city.

Settlement activities

NAZI has continued its settlement activities in the oPt, a direct violation of international humanitarian law, and NAZI Jewish settlers have continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property

On 11 June 2015, bulldozers of the NAZI municipality levelled large areas of agricultural lands in Fouqin Valley Village, west of Bethlehem.

On 15 June 2015, NAZI forces confiscated grocery stalls established by Palestinians in this time of the year along bypass road 60. They also order the owners of the stalls not to come back to that area.

On Monday morning, 15 June 2015, NAZI forces demolished a barrack used as a carwash in Beit Ta’mar area, in al-Fardous village, east of Bethlehem.

Moreover, on the same day, NAZI forces cut off olive seedlings planted in 20 dunums in Housan village, west of Bethlehem. They also confiscated the seedlings they cut off.

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Spanish city councilman applauds burning of Jews


Guillermo Zapata apologizes, says he has always liked “black, cruel humor.”


Berlin – A Spanish city councilman tweeted approvingly of Jews burning in an ash tray–a reference to the Nazi’s use of ovens to exterminate European Jewry.

According to a translation of the tweet, Guillermo Zapata, a city councilman in Madrid who  is now in charge of Madrid’s department of culture as of Saturday, wrote” how would you fit five million Jews in a Seat 600 (like a Fiat 500)? In the ashtray.”

Zapata is a member of the left-wing party Ahora Madrid, which is the same party as Manuela Carmena, the new mayor of Madrid. The party’s views on Israel are extremist, mirroring the goals of the Boycott, Sanction, Divestement movement targeting the Jewish state.

According to the English-language Spanish website ,The Spain Report, Zapata wrote dehumanzing and anti-Jewish tweets in 2011 and 2012.

The website noted that he apologized in a tweet on Saturday evening and rejected that he was an anti-Semite. He said that  politicians should know better and said that he had: “always liked black, cruel humor […] as a healthy expression to laugh at the horror humans create.”

The Spain Report said journalists called for mayor Carmena to fire Zapata. The editor of El Español, Pedro J. Ramírez, a former editor of El Mundo, wrote: “In no democratic country would someone with public responsibility be capable of writing a tweet like Zapata’s. The first test for Carmena.”

In a statement issued to The Jerusalem Post,  the Jewish community of Madrid said it “expresses its concern” for the antisemitic tweets and has requested from the new mayor to dismiss Zapata.

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Zionist agent Sisi blocks Geneva-bound Yemen plane from entering airspace


The plane carrying the representatives of Yemen’s political factions, including those of the Houthi Ansarullah movement, to attend the UN-brokered talks in the Swiss city of Geneva has not arrived in its destination yet due to Egypt’s refusal to allow them to enter its airspace.

The delegation left the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, on Sunday afternoon, but was forced to have a long stop in Djibouti.

Sources close to Ansarullah delegation currently in Djibuti said that Saudi Arabia seeks to manipulate the talks in Geneva as Riyadh creates obstacles to the presence of Yemeni negotiators in the meeting.

Egyptian authorities have reportedly not allowed the plane to cross the country’s airspace due to the Saudi pressure.

According to reports, two other Houthi representatives were also expected to arrive in Geneva from Oman.

The negotiations aimed at ending the deadly conflict in the Arab country were supposed to start in Geneva early on Monday with Yemeni political factions and former regime officials in attendance.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who will also be present in the talks, is expected to meet with representatives of Yemen’s fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi prior to holding talks with the Ansarullah delegation.

UN spokesman Ahmad Fawzi on Sunday called on all parties involved in Yemen’s conflict to observe a renewed “humanitarian pause” due to Saudi Arabia’s incessant airstrikes on the impoverished country.

Sources have confirmed Hadi will attend the meeting.

The talks brokered by UN special envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed aim to secure a ceasefire, and accelerate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the war-racked Yemeni people.

The UN envoy said that the talks will be the beginning of “preliminary inclusive consultations” to find a solution to the conflict that has claimed more than 2,500 lives and triggered a “catastrophic” humanitarian crisis.

In a statement issued early July, the UN urged all Yemeni parties “to engage in these consultations in good faith and without preconditions in the interest of all Yemeni people.”

However, the meeting, which was initially scheduled for May 28, was delayed after Hadi refused to attend the negotiations.

The Un-brokered peace talks come as Saudi Arabia continues its military aggression against the Yemeni people.

Riyadh launched a military campaign against its impoverished neighbor on March 26 – without a UN mandate- in an attempt to undermine the Houthi revolutionaries and restore power to Hadi, who is a staunch ally of Saudi Arabia.

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Nasrallah’s five reasons why US anti-ISIS campaign is fraudulent ”VIDEO”


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem, Sr

 Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah (Arabic: حسن نصرالله‎; born 31 August 1960) has been the third Secretary General of the Lebanese political and Paramilitary organization Hezbollah since his predecessor, Abbas Al-Musawi, was assassinated by Zio-Nazi Gestapo army                        assassinated by Zio-Nazi Gestapo army in February 1992.


Nasrallah is often referred to as “al-Sayyid Hassan” (السيّد حسن), the honorific “Sayyid” denoting descent from the Islamic prophet Muhammad through his grandson Husain ibn Ali.


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Boycott Save the Children


Save the Fatcats

Justin Forsyth, the CEO, worked in Tony Blair’s neo-con policy unit.
By Craig Murray 

These are the top salaries at the Save the Children fund.

CEO Justin Forsyth £139,950
COO Anabel Hoult £139,950
COO / CFO & Strategic Initiatives Rachel Parr £131,970
Global Programmes Director Fergus Drake £113,300
Fundraising Director Tanya Steele £112,200
Marketing & Comms Director Sue Allchurch £111,920
Policy & Advocacy Director Brendan Cox £106,029
CFO Peter Banks £102,000
HR Director Paul Cutler £100,980

The UK average salary is 26,500.

StC has just given Tony Blair its “Global Legacy” award. What kind of people like Tony Blair? People who earn over 100,000. I am not sure that if you put money in a tin, or bought from their charity shop, you thought you were paying that many fat salaries. There are also gold plated pensions and other benefits. Justin Forsyth, the CEO, of course worked in Tony Blair’s neo-con policy unit.

As I have written before, very few charities are in any sense independent any more. Save the Children Fund gets 176 million pounds – over half its income – in grants from various governments, including over 80 million from the British government. That compares to 106 million in donations from the public. In 2012 over 70 million pounds was spent by Save the Children UK on its own staff costs. This was reduced on paper to 44 million in 2014 by the expedient of transferring some Headquarters staff from Save the Children UK to Save the Children International. I have an uneasy feeling about some of Save the Children’s accounting presentation. Justin Forsyth’s and Annabel Hoult’s salary of 139,950 sounds a lot better than 140,000 doesn’t it? Rachel Parr’s 131,970 sounds less than 132 grand.

Save the Children’s highly paid and very numerous HQ staff work in a swanky office for which they pay a staggering 6.5 million pounds a year lease. Do they really need their HQ in ultra expensive Central London? I suppose all those high earners have to get home to Islington. Their HQ costs more than all their other premises put together, including all their shops.

I wonder how much all of this is known to the 13,000 good-hearted volunteers who work many hours for nothing to support these people.

I give regularly to charity, by standing order. I am sure so do many who read this blog. If you are giving to Save the Children, I do urge you to re-target your charitable giving.

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الجيش بالتعاون مع المقاومة يسيطر على تلة الكوش وقرنة الصعبة بالقلمونDAMASCUS:  It’s getting closer.  Today, we learned the SAA and HZB have secured the following strategic heights in the area of the Al-Jaraajeer Foothills:

Tallat Ra`s Al-Koosh and Qurnat Ra`s Al-Sa’ba.  These are areas which used to be controlled by ISIS until the heroic forces of the Syrian state and the Lebanese Resistance decided to end their polluting presence there.  ISIS cowards can be compared to their soulmates in Alqaeda.  They dropped all their weapons and fled for the perilous insecurity of the Lebanon.  Our soldiers, evidently, enjoy passing out Saudi-supplied weapons to our various militias, this time to Ba’ath Party Vanguards who participated in the annihilation of the Takfiri rodents.

Also of importance today:  HZB has assaulted ISIS positions in the area of Ra`s Ba’albakk connected to the area of Al-Zuwaytiyya.  Fighting also reported on the Lebanese side at Waadi Al-Khayl and Waadi Hareeq.






The crackpot King receiving his honorary doctorate in camel husbandry from the University of Baku.  Here he signals an answer after being asked by a prepubescent girl what 1 + 3 is.   

When you are the scion of a race of in-bred sloths, monkeys and hyenas, you must eventually show signs of cerebral cellular degeneration.  King Salman of Saudi Arabia, for example, was just giving a speech during which he confused the words استرخاء and  استخراء

The first word “Istirkhaa`” is a 10th form reflexive verb in Arabic which means “one loosens or relaxes himself”.  The second one, is mostly Lebanese/Syrian street hipster-speak: “Istikhraa`” a 10th form reflexive verb meaning to “treat somebody as shit”.   He continued with the speech although you could hear titters in the background.  Such is the fate of this Kingdom of Nightmares…..this Domain of Decay…….this Mephitic Monarchy of Meningitis.

When this newly invested king took over the throne of ‘Abdullah, his half brother (non-Sudayri), he immediately announced to the world that he had never read Shakespeare’s historical plays.  He, instead, flaunted his adherence to the infamous Dale Carnegie romain noire: “How to Lose All Good Friends and Make Everybody Your Enemy.”  He dumped his own half-brother, Muqrin bin ‘Abdul-‘Azeez, who was crown prince according to established norms, and appointed in his stead his own nephew, Muhammad bin Naayef.  Not to suffer the enmity of his own son in the process, the 78-year old monarch threw 34 year old son,Muhammad bin Salmaan, a bone in the form of “deputy crown prince”.

Well, Muqrin is not happy.  According to the famous Saudi Twitterer, Mujtahid, a major internal Donnybrook is building up to a crescendo. Muqrin, whom it is said was bribed by Salmaan, to accept his fate in oblivion for a mere 10 billion dollars, immediately began to do what royals of all species do when affronted:  he began to plot.  Mujtahid says that a royal who provides inside information to him, Sa’ood bin Sayf Al-Nassr”,  a purported grandson of founding ape monarch, Sa’ood bin ‘Abdul-‘Azeez, claimed that the royal ragheads of Arabia have decided to shorten Salmaan’s reign due to a soon-to-be-announced infirmity deemed lethal to good Wahhabist misgovernance – insanity.   Oh, yeah?

Well, all of us can feel the presence of the Hashemites in all this.  If not playing a direct role, certainly British connivance is detected instinctually lurking in the nitre-encrusted interstices of Saudi walls, like pernicious flies, pulling the strings of the Hashemite Dwarf rat-king puppet of Jordan to “suggest” certain solutions – say, something along the lines of his grandfather, Talaal, who was declared “schizophrenic” by British quacks and removed from power only to be sent to a Turkish “sanatorium” to live out his life like Cem Sultan at the Castle of Bourganeuf.   Shakespeare would have had a field day with this.  Who needs Holinshed?


File image shows Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the son of King Salman, who has been named deputy crown prince (AFP/Getty Images)

This is the king’s son, “Prince” Muhammad bin Salmaan, defense minister, and deputy crown prince.  It is said he hasn’t bathed in seven years.  It’s also said he doesn’t know how to shoot a BB gun or slingshot. I’ve also heard it said he ties his prehensile tail to his left thigh when wearing Western clothing.

The king who will be installed in Salmaan’s stead is one, “Prince” Ahmad bin ‘Abdul-‘Azeez, and whose mother is another boring Sudayri trollop by the name of Hissa bint Ahmad Al-Sudayri.   Scuttlebutt in the Arab Press has members of the royal family snickering behind Salmaan’s back referring to his nephew’s and son’s investitures as “a coup d’etat by teenagers”.

The Saudis are desperate.  They can’t get the Egyptians to send any kamikazes to fight the Zaydi warriors in Yemen.  They can’t get the Pakistanis to do the same.  And they can’t get the Pakistanis to even give them one nuclear warhead.  They are losing their own territory in the southwest to Yemeni freedom fighters.  They have no army.  And, it looks like the Iranians are on the verge of a quantum leap in relations with Russia, China – and, and, and – gulp! – Europe!  Their ties to the Zionist Kingdom of Slaughter is going nowhere.  Bashar Al-Assad is stronger than ever.  Iraqi volunteers to fight the ISIS Saudi allies are in the hundreds of thousands.  Americans don’t seem to know what they want.  Hizbollah is victorious everywhere.  The Saudis are feeling really lonely.  Only a good bloodbath will change things around for them. But, that begs the question: Whose blood is it going to be and who is going to be bathing in it?  ZAF

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AL-SUWAYDAA`:  The new tactics are working superbly.  The rats, who figured their American-supplied TOWs would be “game-changers” turned out to be nothing more than increased targets for roaming special operations teams whose sole task is sniping the life out of anyone caught using the long-range anti-tank weapon.  With no tanks to fire on, the rats are completely nonplussed.  They do not know what to do.  Their slip-shod training coupled with the Big Surprise is causing so much attrition the United States may not be willing to spend any more money on this fool’s errand.

Ish-hayyib Hills and Tal Dhalfa’ Area:  SAA infantry moving like a wave of sea water over shallows struck brutally an entire unit of rodents belonging to Alqaeda and killed them all.  Using first their GRAD and FROG rockets fired behind the lines, the infantry was also supported by highly trained rangers on the lookout for snipers and TOW missile operators.  It was a massacre!  Once the rats were cornered with their escape lines closed by heavy missile fire, SAA sharpshooters began the pleasant task of killing every single one of the mostly foreign rodents.  This pack of slithering vermin was spotted originally by locals who informed the SAA about their presence.  Drone surveillance then established clearly their position which led to the successful onslaught we just described.  Total killed:  44.  Wounded rats are in the 100s with no solid intelligence about their conditions or whereabouts as night set in making it easy for some to escape.


11580Road between North Ish-hayyib and Al-Fidyayn Hills:  A torrent of GRAD, FROG and Katyusha rockets came down on the convoy heading in from Jordan as the SAAF flew 5 sorties overhead unleashing a tsunami of flames engulfing every vehicle and its stinking, diseased passengers.  The rocket fire was exceptionally accurate striking the road at the perfect location scoring direct hits which caused, according to Monzer, doors of the vehicles to pop out into the air above like filament in a bottle of shaken Goldwasser.  It must have been glorious.  Once the convoy was disabled completely, infantry moved in with caution because many of the wounded rodents wear suicide belts which are detonated as a final farewell before the rats descend to their true God, Satan!  Machine guns were used expertly to insure no rat could detonate anything as MI assessments began immediately thereafter.


00-fac_resizeKharba/Jubayb Axis:  Another convoy expected to resupply rats for a new offensive after their humiliating defeat at Al-Tha’lah was intercepted after drone surveillance confirmed its existence at this important threshold area.  According to Monzer, the SAAF dropped tons of incendiary rockets on the murdering filth killing over 100, destroying 7 pickups with 23mm cannons and a reported 10 trucks carrying vermin and supplies.

Tal Al-Shaykh Hussayn:  SAA in combat here supported by local militias with our Muwahhideen allies playing a major role and extracting vengeance after the absurd Tunisian-initiated slaughter at Qalb Al-Lawza.


1503Umm Walad:  This is where the rats started their campaign to overtake Al-Tha’lah AB with Jordanteezian “help”.  It was here also that SAA Shilkas laid waste to their positions yesterday in another scene of rat carnage.  No other details.

East Al-Karak in Der’ah:  4 Alqaeda snipers were separately hunted down and put to death at the hands of our SAA-SF.  Only one sniper was identified:

Kareem Faysal Al-Sursuq

The others were apparently foreigners.

Also in the same area, the SAA destroyed several vehicles and 2 armored cars.


88East of ‘Itmaan on the dirt road:  A large number of Alqaeda/Nusra rodents were killed. Developing story.  No details.

Al-Ghuzlaan Farms in Der’ah:  An attempted infiltration was foiled by SAA and PDC.  No details about rat fatalities.







Syrian Army reinforcements rush to the Al-Tha’la Airbase as SAA and PDC continue to comb the area for remnant rats.


DER’AH:  More good news with more dead rats.  I have been informed that these were just killed in the area of Umm Walad:

‘Abdul-Samad Hammoodi

Usaamaa Ibn Khaleef

‘Ali Ahmad Al-Shukr

‘Abdul-Majeed Al-Ways

Ahmad Muhammad Al-Hassan Al-Zu’bi (He reportedly died in a Jordanian Veterinary Hospital staffed by quacks)

DAYR EL-ZOR:  Wow. Whatever happened to the BBC-trumpeted assault on this provincial capital?

Al-Muree’iyya:  SAAF struck with 9 sorties destroyed 5 pickups with 23mm cannons and killing an estimated 20 rodents belonging to ISIS.

Al-‘Urfi Neighborhood in the city:  SAA blasted ISIS  destroying a car with 5 rodent inside on their way to a 3 Day/4 Night vacation in Erebus.

Al-Sinaa’ah Quarter:  Same kind of news. No details.

Huwayjat Al-Muree’iyya:  More SAAF sorties with little details.

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