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AL-SUWAYDAA`:  The new tactics are working superbly.  The rats, who figured their American-supplied TOWs would be “game-changers” turned out to be nothing more than increased targets for roaming special operations teams whose sole task is sniping the life out of anyone caught using the long-range anti-tank weapon.  With no tanks to fire on, the rats are completely nonplussed.  They do not know what to do.  Their slip-shod training coupled with the Big Surprise is causing so much attrition the United States may not be willing to spend any more money on this fool’s errand.

Ish-hayyib Hills and Tal Dhalfa’ Area:  SAA infantry moving like a wave of sea water over shallows struck brutally an entire unit of rodents belonging to Alqaeda and killed them all.  Using first their GRAD and FROG rockets fired behind the lines, the infantry was also supported by highly trained rangers on the lookout for snipers and TOW missile operators.  It was a massacre!  Once the rats were cornered with their escape lines closed by heavy missile fire, SAA sharpshooters began the pleasant task of killing every single one of the mostly foreign rodents.  This pack of slithering vermin was spotted originally by locals who informed the SAA about their presence.  Drone surveillance then established clearly their position which led to the successful onslaught we just described.  Total killed:  44.  Wounded rats are in the 100s with no solid intelligence about their conditions or whereabouts as night set in making it easy for some to escape.


11580Road between North Ish-hayyib and Al-Fidyayn Hills:  A torrent of GRAD, FROG and Katyusha rockets came down on the convoy heading in from Jordan as the SAAF flew 5 sorties overhead unleashing a tsunami of flames engulfing every vehicle and its stinking, diseased passengers.  The rocket fire was exceptionally accurate striking the road at the perfect location scoring direct hits which caused, according to Monzer, doors of the vehicles to pop out into the air above like filament in a bottle of shaken Goldwasser.  It must have been glorious.  Once the convoy was disabled completely, infantry moved in with caution because many of the wounded rodents wear suicide belts which are detonated as a final farewell before the rats descend to their true God, Satan!  Machine guns were used expertly to insure no rat could detonate anything as MI assessments began immediately thereafter.


00-fac_resizeKharba/Jubayb Axis:  Another convoy expected to resupply rats for a new offensive after their humiliating defeat at Al-Tha’lah was intercepted after drone surveillance confirmed its existence at this important threshold area.  According to Monzer, the SAAF dropped tons of incendiary rockets on the murdering filth killing over 100, destroying 7 pickups with 23mm cannons and a reported 10 trucks carrying vermin and supplies.

Tal Al-Shaykh Hussayn:  SAA in combat here supported by local militias with our Muwahhideen allies playing a major role and extracting vengeance after the absurd Tunisian-initiated slaughter at Qalb Al-Lawza.


1503Umm Walad:  This is where the rats started their campaign to overtake Al-Tha’lah AB with Jordanteezian “help”.  It was here also that SAA Shilkas laid waste to their positions yesterday in another scene of rat carnage.  No other details.

East Al-Karak in Der’ah:  4 Alqaeda snipers were separately hunted down and put to death at the hands of our SAA-SF.  Only one sniper was identified:

Kareem Faysal Al-Sursuq

The others were apparently foreigners.

Also in the same area, the SAA destroyed several vehicles and 2 armored cars.


88East of ‘Itmaan on the dirt road:  A large number of Alqaeda/Nusra rodents were killed. Developing story.  No details.

Al-Ghuzlaan Farms in Der’ah:  An attempted infiltration was foiled by SAA and PDC.  No details about rat fatalities.

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