Zio-Nazi violations of international law (11 – 17 June 2015)


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Israeli violations of international law (11 – 17 June 2015)

* Shooting

NAZI forces continued to use force against Palestinian civilians participating in peaceful protests in the oPt and against fishermen sailing within the allowed area in the sea. During the reporting period, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian civilian in Kufor Malek village, northeast of Ramallah, and wounded 3 others in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. In the Gaza Strip, NAZI forces opened fire at fishermen and chased them in the sea.

In the West Bank, on 14 June 2015, NAZI forces killed a 22-year-old civilian from Kufor Malek village, northeast of Ramallah, when they moved into the village to deliver a summons to a Palestinian to refer to the Israeli intelligence service.

NAZI forces continued to use excessive and systematic use of force against peaceful protests organized by Palestinian civilians and NAZI and international human rights activists in protest at the construction of the annexation wall and settlement activities in the West Bank and NAZI policies in the oPt. As a result, 2 civilians were wounded. Moreover, NAZI officers maltreated a Palestinian civilian suffering from epilepsy, from al-Jalazoun refugee camp north of Ramallah.

In the Gaza Strip, on 13 June 2016, an 18-year-old civilian suffering from mental and physical disability was wounded when NAZI forces stationed along the border fence, east of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip, opened fire at him. The aforementioned person sustained wounds to the legs and was arrested and taken to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba in occupied Palestine 1948.

In the context of targeting fishermen, on 11 June 2015, NAZI gunboats stationed off Deir al-Balah shore in the central Gaza Strip opened fire at 3 fishing boats sailing 4 nautical miles off the shore. They chased the fishing boats for over 2 hours and cut and confiscated fishing nets belonging to 8 fishermen. A similar attack on fishermen occurred on 16 June 2015.


During the reporting period, NAZI forces conducted at least 51 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 5 ones in East Jerusalem. During these incursions, NAZI forces arrested at least 43 Palestinians, including 10 children and 3 woman.  Fourteen of these civilians, including 6 children and the 3 women, were arrested in East Jerusalem.

Restrictions on movement

NAZI army continued to impose a tight closure of the oPt, imposing severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem

The illegal closure of the Gaza Strip, which has been steadily tightened since June 2007 has had a disastrous impact on the humanitarian and economic situation in the Gaza Strip.  The NAZI authorities impose measures to undermine the freedom of trade, including the basic needs for the Gaza Strip population and the agricultural and industrial products to be exported. For 8 consecutive years, NAZI has tightened the land and naval closure to isolate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, and other countries around the world.

This resulted in grave violations of the economic, social and cultural rights and a deterioration of living conditions for 1.8 million people.  NAZI authorities have established Karm Abu Salem (Kerem Shaloum) as the sole crossing for imports and exports in order to exercise its control over the Gaza Strip’s economy.  They also aim at imposing a complete ban on the Gaza Strip’s exports. NAZI closure raised the rate of poverty to 38.8%, 21.1% of which suffer from extreme poverty. Moreover, the rate of unemployment increased up to 44%, which reflects the unprecedented economic deterioration in the Gaza Strip.

House demolitions

On 17 June 2015, bulldozers belonging to the NAZI municipality in East Jerusalem demolished a house belonging to the family of Tamer Jamal Edris in Beit Hanina neighbourhood, north of the city.

Settlement activities

NAZI has continued its settlement activities in the oPt, a direct violation of international humanitarian law, and NAZI Jewish settlers have continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property

On 11 June 2015, bulldozers of the NAZI municipality levelled large areas of agricultural lands in Fouqin Valley Village, west of Bethlehem.

On 15 June 2015, NAZI forces confiscated grocery stalls established by Palestinians in this time of the year along bypass road 60. They also order the owners of the stalls not to come back to that area.

On Monday morning, 15 June 2015, NAZI forces demolished a barrack used as a carwash in Beit Ta’mar area, in al-Fardous village, east of Bethlehem.

Moreover, on the same day, NAZI forces cut off olive seedlings planted in 20 dunums in Housan village, west of Bethlehem. They also confiscated the seedlings they cut off.

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