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The Pavlovian reaction to Aljazeera’s M B activist Ahmad Mansour’s arrest

Ahmad Mansour

Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, writes:

The arrest of Muslim Brotherhood activist Ahmad Mansour has triggered an avalanche of criticism from journalists and left-wing politicians.

They should know better than risk their credibility by defending a spokesman for the Arab equivalent of the right-wing fringe of the American Tea Party.

Mansour, who also works as a “journalist” for the Qatari-owned Aljazeera network, was detained in Germany on 20 June at the request of Egypt, which had issued an international warrant for his arrest.

In a Pavlovian response to Mansour’s arrest, former MP and UK Respect Party leader George Galloway said:

The seizure by German police of top Al Jazeera correspondent Ahmed Mansour is an outrage. He must be released. No to Sisi Junta!

Echoing the same sentiment, Jeremy Corbyn, a Labour Party leadership contender and widely respected campaigner for just causes, seemed unaware of Mansour’s questionable credentials as a journalist:

Shocked at arrest of Ahmed Mansour in Germany at behest of Egyptian Government. Journalism is a not a crime; well done NUJ supporting case.

Meanwhile, BBC reporter Ahmed Maher unwittingly tarnished his own image by indirectly equating his professionalism with that of Mansour. In a post on his Facebook account, he said:

Ahmed Maher

So, what exactly has Ahmad Mansour been up to that makes us less than enthusiastic about him?

First, let’s take a look at this video – it is in Arabic but we will explain its significance.

The video came to light after the overthrow of Egypt’s Islamist president and Muslim Brotherhood member, Muhammad Morsi, in July 2013. It shows Ahmad Mansour giving advice to his Muslim Brotherhood audience on how to reinstate Morsi. “Raise the Egyptian flags like they [Morsi’s opponents] who stole the revolution did,” says Mansour, adding: “I beg you to listen to me. Egyptians won’t come out on the streets with us otherwise.” In other words, drop the habit of parading Islamist and jihadist flags and pretend to be Egyptian patriots or else you will alienate yourselves from the people even further.

Adel Iskandar, a Washington-based scholar of Arab studies whose research focuses on media, described the video of Mansour as a “worrying development”, indicating that even veteran Aljazeera journalists “have abandoned their role as practitioners and turned into political operatives”.

But it gets worse.

According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), Mansour has publicly praised the murders of Egyptian police officers and advocated attacks on journalists who allegedly supported Morsi’s successors. In a statement,reported on 22 February 2014 on the Muslim Brotherhood’s own website,Ikhwan Online, he blamed police and journalists for supporting Morsi’s ouster.

Those who “retaliate against the criminal officers are the ones who will help in overthrowing the coup,” Mansour’s statement said, according to Ikhwan Online. “They are those which will destroy the economy of the coup. They are those which will decisively prevent the return of tourism.”

Mansour’s statement also criticised what he described as “the treasonous media” for siding with the military in overthrowing Morsi.

“Considering the media partners in all the massacres is correct, and their being punished at the hands of the movements today is not a terrorist act, but act of heroism,” Mansour’s statement said.

The report on Manour’s statement, the IPT says, was quickly removed by the Brotherhood, and Mansour denied making the statement.

Ahmad Mansour’s last major act before his arrest in Germany was a 47-minute interview with Abu Muhammad al-Jolani, the leader of Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria. (An Arabic transcript of the interview is here and an English translation is here.)

The interview, first aired on 27 May, was more sympathetic than hard-hitting and has been described as the first shot in the Syrian Al-Qaeda’s public relations campaign, aimed at selling itself to the West as the credible alternative to Bashar al-Asad’s regime.

Mansour was released by the German authorities on 22 June. Many in the West – sadly, mostly liberal and leftists – are doubtless rejoicing at his freedom, as are activists of the far-right Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists.

For us, however, he is at the very least an influential spokesman for the most potent enemy of enlightenment, freedom and equality in the Arab world.

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Palestinian member of Knesset to join third Gaza flotilla


10 Turkish activists were killed when Israeli commandos raided the Mavi Marmara ship which was part of the Free Gaza flotilla in May 2010

JERUSALEM (AFP) — An announcement by a Palestinian member of Israel’s Knesset that he plans to join a flotilla seeking to break Israel’s blockade on Gaza caused outrage Monday among the country’s political class.Basel Ghattas, an MK with the Joint List, sparked controversy after he announced he would join other parliamentarians and public figures from around the world in the latest attempt to reach Gaza by ship later this month.Ghattas said in an open letter that the flotilla aimed to end Israel’s blockade by focusing international attention on the 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza living in “disgraceful, prison-like conditions” as part of a total siege which constitutes “collective punishment and is a brutal violation of international humanitarian law.”The MK urged Israeli security forces to allow the boat to arrive at its destination with its aid on board.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry declared in May that Israel “will not allow unauthorized vessels to enter its territorial waters,” according to Israeli media.Gaza has been subjected to an Israeli blockade for nine years, which includes a complete ban on ships entering or leaving the coastal enclave’s waters.Pro-Palestinian activists have repeatedly tried to reach the Gaza Strip by sea but have been blocked by the Israeli navy.In May 2010, Israeli commandos staged a botched raid on a six-ship flotilla which ended in bloodshed that claimed the lives of 10 Turkish nationals and sparked a crisis with Ankara.Hanin Zoabi, a female Palestinian MK who was on board at the time, was roundly denounced by the Israeli political establishment as a traitor — with Ghattas now facing a similar outcry.”It is the gravest thing possible that an Israeli MP would join the flotilla whose aim is to help the Hamas terror organisation,” said Israeli Immigration Minister Zeev Elkin from the ruling right-wing Likud party.”Israeli law does not allow anyone to serve in parliament who supports a terror organisation,” he railed in an interview with army radio.Israeli Deputy foreign minster Tzipi Hotovely said that joining the attempt to run the blockade was evidence Ghattas was working against Israel.

”The participation of an Arab Israeli MP alongside those who want to fight against Israel is a demonstration of activity in the service of the enemy under the sponsorship of parliamentary immunity,” she said in a statement late Sunday.She said the foreign ministry had been working around the clock to prevent the flotilla from reaching Israel’s territorial waters.One of the boats involved in the bid is a Swedish trawler called “Marianne of Gothenburg” which set sail from Sicily on Friday evening.It is expected to meet up with several other vessels in the coming days to form what is being referred to as the Freedom Flotilla III, organizers say.

They are expected to try and reach Gaza before the end of the month.The blockade on Gaza compounds the devastation caused by three Israeli military operations in the besieged territory since 2008, leaving huge swathes of Gaza in ruins and causing permanent damage to basic infrastructure due to restrictions on the entry of building materials.

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Ohio: I Was Ready to ‘Cut Off the Head of His my Non-Muslim Son’ to prove I’m worth as a Muslim



Devout Man have plans — bigger plans than we have had a misfortune to have experienced in the recent past. “If the Texas bros had maybe 6 more with them it may have been a different story,” he said, according to the FBI testimony.

This devout Muslim would cut off his own son’s head to show his allegiance to Islam. That tells you everything.

Ohio Saudi Zio-Wahhabi ”ISIS” Recruit Was Ready to ‘Cut Off the Head of His Non-Muslim Son’

 To show his devotion to the Zio-Wahhabi terror group, an Ohio man arrested on Friday told an informant that he would cut off the head of his own biological son—akin to the beheadings carried out by Saudi  Zio-Wahhabi (ISIS) fanatics in the Middle East—to prove his worth as a Muslim, an FBI complaint against the man alleges.

Thirty-eight-year-old Amir Said Abdul Rahman Al-Ghazi, formerly known as Robert C. McCollum, was arrested by the FBI early Friday at his Sheffield Lake, Ohio, apartment. He is being brought up on charges of supporting the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi terrorist organization.

On June 18, 2014, Al-Ghazi pledged allegiance to the Zio-Wahhabi terror group in a post on Facebook.Two days earlier, he shared a video on YouTube, titled “Stand Up and Pledge Allegiance to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,” who leads the terror group, the FBI complaint states.

In another conversation with an undercover informant, Al-Ghazi said he was convinced his faith allowed him to “behead Christians, Jews, and Atheists,” the testimony against the terror suspect said.

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Zio-Nazi slams ‘politically motivated’ and ‘morally flawed’ UN Gaza report



Foreign Ministry says investigators ‘lacked much of the relevant information’; Netanyahu concludes ‘report is biased’

ed note–at the risk of beating an already dead horse, nevertheless it bears repeating–The mind that has been destroyed by Judaic ‘ethics’ will justify ANYTHING. It could be a few thousand Palestinian butchered or 7 billion Gentiles annihilated by Israeli nukes, and the Judaic mindset would find the means of justifying it. As Jesus Himself warned when He cursed the Pharisees–‘You travel over land and sea to steal the minds of men, and once you do, turn them into sons of perdition’.

Clearly, what Jesus warned was that the rabbis and the ‘Jewish ethics’ they taught were pure, distilled evil, and anyone who surrendered their hearts, minds and souls to these men would become agents of evil and ‘children of their father, the devil’, using Jesus’ exact words.

Therefore, is anyone really that surprised that Israel and her various mouthpieces would react to the war crimes inquiry the way they did? Remember, as Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said in eulogizing the mass murderer Baruch Goldstein ‘one million Arabs are not worth a single Jewish fingernail’.


Times of Israel

Israel on Monday said it would “seriously” evaluate the United Nations Human Rights Council inquiry on the Gaza conflict, while politicians from left and right slammed the international body for bias and declared that the international investigators lacked access to evidence.

The report, released in Geneva on Monday afternoon, said both Israel and Hamas may have committed war crimes during the 50-day war last summer. The UN Human Rights Council report (download) placed blame on both parties but focused more on Israel’s role.

It also accepted the Palestinian death count, which has Israel killing 1,462 civilians out of a total of 2,251 Palestinians who died — a 65 percent ratio.

“The report is biased,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in response. “Israel is not perpetrating war crimes but rather protecting itself from an organization that carries out war crimes. We won’t sit back with our arms crossed as our citizens are attacked by thousands of missiles.”

The Human Rights Council “in practice does everything but worry about human rights,” the prime minister charged. “The commission spends more time condemning Israel than Iran, Syria and North Korea put together.”

The Foreign Ministry in an official statement said the report “was commissioned by a notoriously biased institution, given an obviously biased mandate, and initially headed by a grossly biased chairperson, William Schabas,” in reference to the original chairman of the probe who resigned in February amid Israeli allegations of bias over consulting work he once did for the Palestine Liberation Organization.

With Schabas’s appointment, the commission of inquiry “was politically motivated and morally flawed from the outset,” it said.

Still, the Foreign Ministry said it would investigate the claims of the report.

“Just as Israel seriously considered every complaint, no matter its origin, it will also seriously study this report. We take note of the fact that the authors of this report admitted that they lacked much of the relevant information.”

Israel had refused to cooperate with the international probe or to grant entry to investigators into the coastal enclave, arguing that the inquiry’s conclusions were pre-written.

The Foreign Ministry also castigated the UN Human Rights Council investigation for failing to distinguish between the Israeli military and Hamas.

“It is regrettable that the report fails to recognize the profound difference between Israel’s moral behavior during Operation Protective Edge and the terror organizations it confronted,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely defended the Israeli army’s conduct during the conflict, saying the measures it took to safeguard Palestinian civilian lives were “without parallel” globally.

“The State of Israel and the IDF scrupulously abide by the highest standards of international law,” she said.

“The measures Israel took during the Gaza Conflict to protect the lives of Israeli and Palestinian civilians are without parallel among other military forces,” Hotovely said in a statement.

“From the outset, the purpose of this report was to vilify the State of Israel and the IDF, with the ultimate aim of undermining Israel’s right to defend its citizens from attack,” she said, adding that the Human Rights Council “has completely discredited itself through its obsessive and prejudicial preoccupation with Israel, while turning a blind eye to genuine violations of human rights around the world.”

Education Minister Naftali Bennett, breaking an earlier directive from Netanyahu not to comment on the findings, termed the inquiry “a report with blood on its hands, because it permits the killing of Jews.”

“This is a report with blood on its hand because it ties our soldiers’ hands [preventing them] from defending the residents of the south and the entire state. This is a report with blood on its hands because it skips over the murder of the teens as if it didn’t happen and isn’t worthy of investigation,” he added, in reference to the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank last June.

The UN report also drew criticism from members of the opposition.

“The IDF is a moral military and I don’t need any international report or commission to know this,” said Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog. “While for Hamas killing innocents is the main goal, I can say from my own experience in many cabinet meetings that the question of hurting noncombatants is always on the table and a very significant consideration in operational decisions.”

Zionist Union co-chief Tzipi Livni lambasted the report for comparing the IDF and Gaza terror groups.

“We will not accept a comparison between terrorists and IDF soldiers. We will not agree to IDF soldiers and terrorists being mentioned in the same breath, and this distinction is important for any country fighting terrorism,” she said. “IDF soldiers are fighting terrorists, even if sometimes civilians are hurt. Terror organizations do not discriminate and kill civilians and soldiers.”

Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigor Liberman, a former foreign minister, accused the Hman Rights Council itself of committing war crimes.

“Israel does not commit war crimes. The UN’s Human Rights Commission and the biased panels it establishes regularly commit crimes against humanity by rewriting history and distorting a reality in which one country fights to protect its children, who are being attacked by rockets fired by a terror organization [hiding behind] where children are found.”

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Former Advisor to Ukraine’s Defense Minister Defects to Donbass


A onetime aide to the Ukrainian defense minister has defected to the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, taking along his entire family and a wealth of classified information, Russian media reported Monday.

“I am Alexander Kolomiyets, a Major-General of the Ukrainian armed forces… My latest position was that of an advisor to the Ukrainian Defense Minister and a senior defense analyst,” the General said during a news conference at the Donetsk News Agencyheadquarters on Monday.

Alexander Kolomiyets said that he had spent 19 years serving as the military commandant of Donetsk Region.

He also said that many of his fellow commanders were ready to join the pro-independence militia in Donbass.

The General added that Ukrainian army morale was extremely low with “all Generals and officers realizing the criminal nature of Kiev’s actions and refusing to fight any longer.”

Alexander Kolomiyets is not the first senior Ukrainian military officer to have sided with the independence supporters in Donetsk and Lugansk. Earlier, Oleh Chernousov, the onetime head of the Lugansk customs service, and brothers Alexei and Yuri Miroshnichenko, both Ukrainian intelligence service operatives stationed in Paris, moved to Lugansk over their opposition to the policy pursued by the Kiev authorities.

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Greater I$raHell courtesy of Isis!

Greater Israel courtesy of Isis!Here’s an article by Brandon Martinez who can explain the whole ISIS fiasco a whole lot better than I can –

– but I’ll give it a go anyway –

Greater Israel courtesy of Isis!

Greater Israel courtesy of Isis!

The moment I heard the media christen the mercenary thugs used to murder Gaddafi & reduce Libya to rubble ISIS, I thought, here we go again. I knew exactly what I would be saying about this mob FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

Frankly, quite how anyone can believe what the media & politicians have said about ISIS is a wonder of the world. Here we have an army of terrorists which the US seemingly can do nothing about. Already we are in the realms of fairy-tales & fantasy, yet since they keep reminding us how ISIS remains this terrible terrorist threat, it goes without saying they must believe people are still dumb enough to actually believe the crap they’re coming out with!

How sad…….. after being daft enough to leave a shitload of state-of-the-art firepower for these terrorists just to pick up off the floor, the entire US military is unable to stop these murderous maniacs? ARE YOU DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THAT?…….. Okay, just in case you need some help here –

1) How in the blazes can this band of terrorists continue to reap untold mayhem without somebody giving them a continuous supply of ammunition? If you believe the tripe you’re being fed, are you ever going to ask this most obvious question. Just in case you don’t know – you can’t wave a magic wand & say ‘hello all the ammunition under the Sun!’

2) ISIS has destroyed Libya, Iraq, Syria & is now turning its attention to Lebanon. In other words, up to now, these blood-thirsty Islamic terrorists so far have only slaughtered Arabs & Muslims. Are you telling me, as well as being deaf & dumb, they’re also blind as a bat?

3) Israel is a stone’s throw away but is yet to be threatened. Not one Israeli has died at the hands of ISIS. These terrorists sure know what they’re doing! All of Israel’s enemies are being slaughtered…… oh & by the way – the fact Israel is a stone’s throw away has proved to be an enormous shot in the arm to these lovely Islamic mass-murderers – you see Israel provides sanctuary for the ISIS wounded to be treated in Israeli hospitals …………. but don’t worry – the Israelis have assured everyone this is entirely for humanitarian reasons. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh how nice of them…….


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Ariel University chemical waste threatens agriculture in Selfit


Chemical waste produced by the laboratories of Ariel University, in the illegal West Bank settlement of the same name, threatens Palestinian agricultural land in Salfit, locals reported.

According to the locals, Ariel University pours its chemical waste into the settlement’s sewer network which runs into the agricultural lands owned by Palestinians in Selfit thus polluting the groundwater, soil and air.

Environmental researcher Khalid Al-Maaly said Ariel University does not take the environment in the surrounding areas into account when pouring hazardous materials into the land turning it into a dumping ground because the waste flows without treatment.

According to Al-Maaly, nearly 20,000 students are enrolled at the university.

He called on the environmental institutions to visit Salfit and witness the suffering caused by the university’s sewage.

Al-Maaly stressed that the presence of Ariel University on Selfit’s land is contrary to international law which considers this area occupied and therefore state institutions cannot be built on it.

Last month, Israeli authorities expanded the university’s campus by constructing new laboratories and student dorms over lands confiscated from Palestinians in Selfit.

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Egypt: Zionist Puppet builds trench along Gaza border



Zionist puppet Sisi  has constructed a trench along the border of Rafah to prevent smugglers from operating in the area, the army said.

The trench is 20 meters deep and 10 meters wide and is located two kilometers from the border with Gaza outside of Rafah city.

The new infrastructure — part of a larger buffer zone being constructed in the area — is intended to prevent smugglers from driving their vehicles to the opening of tunnels along the border.

Zionist Sisi military official said that the army plans to expand the trench and install watchtowers along its length.

Work on the buffer zone on the Egyptian side began in February 2014, but was at the time slated to extend only about 300 meters in urban areas and 500 meters in rural areas.

After a bombing killed more than 30 Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai in October 2014, however, the military stepped up a campaign to build the buffer zone amid accusations of Hamas support for the group that carried out the attack.

Hamas, which denies Egyptian accusations, has suffered poor relations with the Egyptian government ever since the democratically-elected Muslim Brotherhood, with whom they were closely allied, was thrown out of power in July 2013.

Deteriorating relations between Egypt and Hamas come at a high price to Gaza’s 1.8 million residents for whom the smuggling tunnels have served as a lifeline to the outside world since Zio-Nazi regime imposed a crippling siege on the coastal enclave in 2007.

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19 injured in Taliban attack on Afghan parliament


Afghan security forces arrive at the site of an attack near the parliament. ─ Reuters
Afghan security forces arrive at the site of an attack near the parliament. ─ Reuters
A vehicle is seen on fire after a blast near the Afghan parliament in Kabul. ─ Reuters
A vehicle is seen on fire after a blast near the Afghan parliament in Kabul. ─ Reuters
Smoke rises from the site of an attack near the Afghan parliament. ─ Reuters
Smoke rises from the site of an attack near the Afghan parliament. ─ Reuters
Afghan security forces arrive at the site of an attack near the parliament. ─ Reuters
Afghan security forces arrive at the site of an attack near the parliament. ─ Reuters
A vehicle is seen on fire after a blast near the Afghan parliament in Kabul. ─ Reuters
A vehicle is seen on fire after a blast near the Afghan parliament in Kabul. ─ Reuters

KABUL: A Taliban suicide bomber and gunmen attacked the Afghan parliament on Monday, shattering windows, wounding at least 19 people and sending a plume of black smoke across Kabul, as a second district in two days fell to the Islamist group in the north.

The attack ended after all seven militants were killed, the government said. “The attack has ended now. Seven attackers were involved ─ one detonated a car near the parliament building and six were killed by security forces after they entered a nearby building,” deputy interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish told AFP.

“A suicide bomber blew himself up just outside the parliament building and several fighters took positions in a building close to parliament,” said Ebadullah Karimi, spokesman for Kabul police.

Kabul police chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi said all lawmakers were safe and that fighting was ongoing.

TV pictures showed legislators calmly leaving the building which was engulfed with dust and smoke.

Lawmaker Shukria Barekzai said: “It was a huge blast that shook the building and shattered windows.”

“The Taliban managed to take it over this morning as the area has been surrounded for days,” Nasruddin Saeedi, the district governor who escaped to the provincial capital, Kunduz city, told Reuters by telephone.

“They are many foreign fighters with heavy machine guns. We have asked for reinforcements, but none arrived.” Afghan soldiers were preparing a counterattack to retake both districts, another local official said.

Monday’s heavy fighting was just three kilometres from the governor’s compound.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack which occurred as the Afghan president’s nominee for the crucial post of defence minister was to be introduced in parliament.

“Several mujahideen have entered the parliament building, heavy fighting is on going,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid posted on Twitter. “The attack happened at a time when the defence minister was being introduced,” he added.

The withdrawal of foreign forces and a reduction in United States air strikes have allowed Taliban fighters to launch several major attacks in important Afghan provinces.

The Taliban captured Dasht-e-Archi district a day after hundreds of militants fought their way to the centre of the adjacent district of Chardara.

The insurgents launched a countrywide offensive in late April, stepping up attacks on government and foreign targets in what is expected to be the bloodiest fighting season in a decade.

The militants recently rebuffed requests from senior Afghan clerics to halt attacks during the fasting month of Ramazan even as a surge in violence has sent civilian casualties soaring.

Foreign Office condemns attack

The government of Pakistan strongly condemned the attack on the Wolesi Jirga (the lower house of Parliament) building in Kabul.

“We commend the role of Afghan security forces in effectively countering this act of terrorism,” Foreign Office spokesman Qazi Khalilullah said.

He said Pakistan reaffirms its resolve to fight terrorism in close coordination with the government of Afghanistan and to stand with the Afghans in the struggle against terrorism.

The FO spokesman said the government of Pakistan reiterates its condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

Read more: Afghan Taliban advancing on capital of Kunduz

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سلاح الجو السوري يستهدف مواقع لإرهابيي داعش في ريف حماةAl-Khaalidiyya:  The Syrian Army has confirmed the complete withdrawal and defeat of the Jaysh Al-Fath criminals from this town so crucial now to the expected assault on remant rodents in Al-Raashideen  as they try to escape the area.  The artillery fire was intense as rat communications signaled an impending withdrawal under unsustainable pressure.  Citizens inside were providing Intel to the SAA in order to better target the rodents and their fortifications.

Bashkuwy:  At the Jam’iyyaat area, the SAA has taken over control of whole blocks of buildings wresting them away from the rat-clutches of a group of bearded criminals belonging to “Fath Halab”.  The army has reported a confirmed 17 dead rodents in the battle.  This area is very important in that it is a doorway into Rutyaan, a mere 2 kms away.

Bashkuwy:  In the Afghan Quarter, the SAA is now in total control after killing 6 rodents and wounding scores.

Al-Zahraa`:  Heavy fighting reported as successive rat efforts to burrow in or attack with suicide drivers met with failure. It is important to note here that the town has a mostly male population of Shi’is and some loyal Sunnis.  They are very well armed by HZB and the SAA.  Many have now become veterans of insurgency warfare.  It is not easy for the rats to penetrate this town.

Al-Sabeel Quarter in the City:  SAA has blocked an attempted infiltration by Nusra here and killed 4 rats.  Assessment gave the names of only 2 Syrians:

‘Abdul-Fattaah Muraad Abu-Al-Haaj

Faysal Mu`ayyad Saffaar


الجيش يحبط تسلل إرهابيي داعش إلى بلدة جب الجراح بريف حمصNew Aleppo:  This is an area that the rats have been trying to invade for years.  It has wide boulevards distinct from the narrow alleyways of the Old City with its Ottoman roadways so narrow that sometimes only a donkey cart can get through.  In any case, the population here is 100% with the government of Dr. Assad and enjoy a standard of living that is much higher than other areas of Syria.  Tanks move easily up and down the wide roads and between buildings.  TOW rocket operators are regularly sniped here by alert SF and SAA marksmen.

Heavy fighting is reported now in Al-Raashideen Quarter (Area One), Al-Ashrafiyya, Al-Saaliheen.  In Al-Saaliheen, SAAF has been playing a major role in interdicting rat movements.

Kafr Hamraa`, Kuwayris AB, East Al-Ansaari: The Syrian Air Force is swooping down on the huddled rodents with curious regularity.  MANPADS, made available to the Al-Qaeda vermin by the United States and Saudi Arabia, are proving useless as new technology installed on Sukhoi and MiG bombers are capable of neutralizing their once-laureled effectiveness.   In Al-Ansaari, a combination of SAA artillery and SAAF bombings have shaken the rodents to their bones with intercepted communications indicating a dearth of weapons, ammo or drugs.

Khaan Al-‘Asal:  The SAA has killed over 14 rats here in 6 sorties targeting nests.  Aerial observation shows many heavy weapons destroyed.


الجيش يحكم السيطرة على حي الأفغان وكتل أبنية في باشكوي بريف حلب الشماليAl-Sha’aar Quarter in the City:  More SAAF targeting rodent nests as citizens come forward to spot for MI.

Bani Zayd Quarter:  More SAAF strafing.  Precision strikes, as confirmed by rat communications, prove that their cadres have been penetrated by loyal Syrians who are willing to place homing devices for our forces.  Devastating blow yesterday to Nusra here.

Nests of Jaysh Al-Fath were targeted by the SAAF here:  Balaat, Jubb Ghibsha, Bisirtoon, Tal ‘Alam, Tureedam, Al-Za’laana, Bishantaara.


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