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syQALAMOON:  It had to happen sooner or later.  The terrorists who relied on the NATO organization and regional powers for money, weapons and logistics got a bad taste of how tedium and failure can create treachery and dissimulation.  Oh, it’s everywhere now.  The ISIS rats are leaving their positions in Aleppo in order to reinforce at their “capital” Al-Raqqa.  According to reports, whole packs of rodents are dropping their heavier weapons at Al-Manbij and Jaraablus in order to lighten their loads as they hurry to their deaths in the east.  This means that Nusra is freer to act in areas north of Aleppo, right?  Wrong.  The Syrian Army, now bolstered by over 20,000+ volunteers from various nations like Iran and Afghanistan, and over 25,000 Druze fighters, and a reported 40,000 new recruits in the PDC and Ba’ath Party militias, have the manpower to move in and crush Alqaeda, once and for all.

Erdoghan is in a real mess now.  The 3 other parties are negotiating an arrangement for a new coalition government devoid of anything to do with the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated party led by Erdoghan.  If he is left out in the cold, it will get hotter as more and more investigations and indictments come down against him for his support of internationally recognized terrorist groups. He has no friends left.

Qurnat Waadi Al-Maghaarra:  Another strategic site has been taken over by the SAA and HZB after intense fighting lasting over 5 hours on Wednesday.  The site is a part of the Al-Jaraajeer Foothills.  All rodents in the ISIS group were killed.  None tried to surrender.  And they were all dispatched to their hellish father, Satan.  According to Monzer, early reports indicated 57 killed with all weapons taken in usable condition for distribution to our new militias.  In addition to this, the SAA has now absolute control over the Al-Maghaarra Crossing which ISIS used to use to reinforce and resupply its rat cadres from the ‘Arsaal region of Lebanon.

QUNAYTRA:  If the Zionist Settler State dreamt of some new buffer zone policed by its newly-found friends in Alqaeda, it had better sink its head in some ice water.  That’s right, folks, the entire plan is falling apart.  Thanks to Alqaeda’s massacre of 20 Druze villagers in Qalb Al-Lawza near Idlib and the completely misguided assault on the Al-Tha’lah base by ISIS in Al-Suwaydaa`, the Druze population of both Syria and Lebanon (and even Palestine) is now off the fence and on the side of the Syrian army.


سيطرة جيش سوريا والمقاومة على مرتفعات ستراتيجية بالقلمونJibaataa Al-Khashab:  A pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.  4 killed.  No other details.

Saheetaa:  Another pickup with 23mm cannon confirmed disabled by SAA artillery with scores killed or wounded.  The usual ambulances taking wounded rats to Zionist rat hospitals were seen deliberately avoiding Druze villages.

Ufaaniyaa:  Another (Phew!) pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed and its passengers rendered into cornmeal mush.  No other details.

Mas-hara and Umm Baatina: SAA artillery pounded rat positions in preparation for an assault that will come during the next 3 days, maybe.

Taranjaa and Al-Hameediyya:  SAA artillery and SAAF sorties slammed the huddled rats without respite.  No other details.

Dead rats announced by rat websites:

Muhammad Al-Naasser (Nusra leader)

“Abu Hassan Al-Jinaani” (leader of Liwaa` Ahfaad Al-Rasool)

Khaleel Ibraaheem Al-‘Aamir

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