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idlibDER’AH: The number is now 400+ for dead or wounded rodents trying to assault the southern city of Der’ah.  It was called “Operation Der’ah Storm”.  As it turned out, the storm was little more than a puff of fetid wind from the Jordanian desert.  The total number of rodents used went from an original 1,500 to an additional  1000 once the imbeciles in the Amman “Operations Room” realized that the SAA was fully prepared for the attack (thanks to the Big Surprise).  The plan was so obvious, it had the idiot Saudi imprimatur on it: get to Damascus and oust that Alawi Bashar at any cost.  The Saudis who are now fighting their own existential war against the Yemenis should have known better. They should have known that unlike the mythical King Midas, whose touch turned everything to gold, their King Salman’s touch turned everything to excrement.  And so the carcasses keep piling up at the Naseeb and Al-Ramtha Crossings where inept Jordanteezian veterinarians ply their trade on bearded rats.  At the Naseeb Crossing, the rats would have been delighted to see 3 of their refurbished T-62 tanks slowly disappearing into smelting pots.

The bottom line is that the rodents tried to invade the provincial capital from 5 strongpoints.  Because the SAA-MI had the detailed intelligence, the SAA was able to prepare appropriate defenses while the SAAF overhead, harried the rodents, never letting them achieve one single position.  The 5 stongpoints were Tafass-Al-Yaadoodaa, Al-Yaadoodaa-‘Itmaan, the Air Force Intelligence Building, Al-Naaziheen Camp and the National Hospital.  All came a cropper.  When the first attack failed miserably, Amman’s genii sent in another batch of 1000 rats building the number of rodent targets to 2,500.  But, there were 60 tanks also in the mini-army which had been sent in.  They were backed by TOW anti-tank operators courtesy of the United States.  The tanks were reportedly disused armor from some bases the rats raided.  Defectors who worked in the SAA,  as maintenance technicians or engineers, were able to get them running.  But, years of desuetude and technical neglect, meant they were for show, display or something to raise the sinking morale of these vermin.  They were not even useful as fixed artillery because of a lack of appropriate ordnance.

SAAF annihilated whole lines of these T-62 tanks.  Three, as we stated earlier, were put to death right at the Naseeb Crossing.  TOW operators were hunted down like grouse with special operations teams scouring the countryside for any hint of these rats.  Operating a TOW, Kornet, Milan or Sagger, is a nerve-eroding task.  I remember the 1973 war when both the Syrian and Egyptian armies were equipped with the first type of wire-guided anti-tank missile manufactured by the U.S.S.R.  The Sagger, as it was called, was amazingly effective at destroying Zionist tanks.  But, the Saggers required soldiers with nerves of steel.  In the flat, arid Sinai, Egyptian operators had to kneel, mostly in the open, and fire the rockets at the tanks.  They were easy to spot and many Sagger technicians were sniped out.  In the Golan, it was easier because Syrian Army operators could hide behind rocks and the like.  With the arrival of the very lethal TOWs, the SAA decided to fight back two ways:  the first was to equip their T-72 tanks with an additional skin of protective, explosive-absorbing blocks.  The second was deployment of specialized units whose sole task was to find and kill TOW operators.  This was all part of the new tactics introduced since the time of the Idlib catastrophe.

Al-Manshiyya Quarter:  The rats have withdrawn and abandoned their plan to occupy this part of the city.

Readers and some websites are reporting the liberation of Mahajja, Tal ‘Antar, Kafr Shams villages.  We can confirm that 2 Nusra nests were vaporized at Kafr Shams last night.  All groups who defended these villages unsuccessfully, apparently, were Nusra, Alwiyat Al-‘Izz, Jaysh Al-Hurr (FSA?).

Busraa Al-Shaam: The Syrian Army has confirmed a direct artillery strike on a Nusra/Alqaeda nest in the southwestern quarter of the town.  No other details.

Fighting reported in Tal Al-Za’tar.

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