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UN Gaza Report Part II


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I$raHell Counterinsuurgency Apologist: Colonel Richard Kemp

by Richard Falk

Retired British colonel, Richard Kemp, has been an ardent supporter of Israel’s three major military operations in Gaza conducted over the last six

years. He has collaborated on several occasions with the two notoriously pro-Israeli NGOs, UN Watch and NGO Monitor, serving on the Advisory Board of the latter and appearing as star witness under such auspices at the UN, most recently at a two-day side event at UN Headquarters in Geneva devoted to condemning the UN Commission of Inquiry Report on the Gaza War of 2014.

There is no doubt that Col. Kemp has the credentials to speak as a counterinsurgency specialist, having served as commander of British forces

in Afghanistan and elsewhere, where he acknowledges close cooperation with Mossad and the influence of Israeli tactics. In fairness, Kemp writes from such a militarist view with little effort to assess the relevance of international humanitarian law, treating ‘military effectiveness’ as determined by military commanders as the defining criterion of legality for a challenged battlefield practice. In his own words, “[i]t’s the dispassionate military perspective that I bring.” Of course, such an outlook ignores the relevance of international criminal law, which is to superimpose accountability as a constraining framework on this ‘military perspective.’ Actually, Kemp doesn’t so much ignore international criminal law as to (mis)interpret its rules so as to vindicate the tactics of the counterinsurgent side while condemning those of the insurgent.

On June 25, 2015 the New York Times published an opinion piece by Kemp assessing the UN Report. What I find scandalous and perverse on the part of this self-claiming authoritative media source, is to publish such a harsh and partisan dismissal of a prudent and overly balanced report without any kind of offsetting piece. I can only imagine the furor that would have been provoked if the NYT had published a piece by an expert in international criminal law, say William Schabas or John Dugard, calling for the indictment and prosecution of Israel’s political and military leaders on the basis of the Report. At least, if such a piece had been published alongside the Kemp article, NYT readers could have been exposed to the realities of controversy flowing from these UN allegations that Israel (and to a far lesser extent, Hamas) was guilty of war crimes.

Kemp begins his article with the claim that “ pains me greatly to see words and actions from the UN that can only provoke further violence and loss of life.” As is ‘law’ imposed on the powerful and not their weaponry is responsible for violence and the loss of life in Gaza. We are not told exactly why reaches this perverse conclusion, but presumably Kemp believes that the condemnation of Israel’s use of indiscriminate and disproportionate force would embolden Hamas, and Palestinians generally, to continue to claim a right of resistance. What Kemp (and Israel) obviously seek is a circumstance in which whatever the dominant military forces do is validated by its effectiveness and what a population under domination does in opposition is condemned with the implication that resistance to Israel’s prolonged occupation is inherently unlawful.

Kemp’s puff piece is filled with bland endorsements of Israel’s most blatant propaganda. For instance, Kemp asserts, in complete disregard of the evidence, that Israel imposed the blockade on Gaza “only in response to attacks by Hamas.” While it is common knowledge, even in Israel, that the blockade has been maintained since 2007 as a ‘collective punishment’ imposed on the civilian population of Gaza, having little to do with security, which was mainly sustained by way of rigorous monitoring of all crossings to and from Gaza, and with Egypt’s cooperation at Rafah during the Mubarak era and since Sisi’s ascent. Kemp has nothing to say about Israel’s frequent lethal incursions into Gaza that have accompanied the occupation since it started in 1967, and he uncritically supports Israel’s distorted one-sided timeline that claims Israel only attacks in retaliation for missiles and mortar fire from Hamas, and never initiates violent interactions by on its own. Kemp also never refers to the ceasefires broken by Israel, as in the leadup to Operation Cast Lead at the end of 2008. Instead, as Kemp has written elsewhere of this earlier brutal attack on a vulnerable, cage population, “I can only say this: during Operation Cast Lead, the IDF did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in the combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.”

Most disturbingly, Kemp writes in a condescending manner as follows: “The report is characterized by a lack of understanding of warfare,” as revealed by its failure to compare what Israel is doing with what the U.S. and Britain have done in Afghanistan, Iraq. In Kemp’s words, Israeli tactics are no different than those used extensively by American and British forces in similar circumstances.” What is most dangerous about this counterinsurgency worldview is its implicit reasoning that allows such conclusions to be set forth in good faith by professional soldiers. To begin with, Kemp is essentially correct that the counterinsurgency wars waged by the U.S. and Britain have relied on similar tactics, but does that make Israel’s pattern consistent with international law and morality? Most international law assessments of these uses of modern weaponry against densely populated civilian areas consider such tactics to be severe war crimes, not models to be invoked as validation.

Kemp’s state of play is revealed here: converting past crimes into authoritative precedents to justify present crimes, or to transform crimes into legitimate counterinsurgency tactics.

Beyond this, Israel’s tactics are worse in some instances than those of its predecessors. Whereas in Vietnam, the United States used its far less precise air power to inflict heavy casualties on the Vietnamese civilian population it refrained from attacking urban population centers as Israel did in the Gaza attack of 2014, as well as the earlier ones. Even in Falluja, the worst instance of American firepower directed at a city believed to be a center of insurgent opposition in Iraq to American occupation, the population was given ample time to vacate the city after warnings of impending attack. In contrast, except for the 800 Palestinians that held foreign passports who were allowed to leave Gaza, the remainder of the civilian population in Gaza was locked into the combat zone, losing even the desperate option of fleeing to safety by becoming a refugee. Col. Kemp, invoking his counterinsurgency experience and knowledge, never sees fit to mention such a damning ‘detail.’

Nor does he bother to point out that the whole of Gaza was a combat zone, and that civilians, including women and children, had no place of sanctuary and safety, other than to seek refuge in UN facilities and mosques, which then were turned into targets because of Israeli claims that weapons were stored in these places.

Parroting the worst elements of Israeli hasbara, Kemp sets forth this grotesque characterization of Hamas tactics: “Unable to inflict existential harm on Israel by military means, Hamas sought to cause large numbers of casualties among its own people in order to bring condemnation and unbearable diplomatic pressure against Israel.” To make such an extreme allegation without bothering to cite evidence is to portray Hamas as seeking the genocidal annihilation of its own people. This is an odd accusation in view of the evidence that Hamas became gained more popular support from the Gazan population after this Israeli attack than before, presumably because of its steadfastness under the most severe of pressures. Also, Kemp withholds comments on the repeated and strenuous efforts of Hamas to seek the renewal of the ceasefire prior to the initiation of the Israel onslaught in early July of 2014.

In effect, Kemp is appraising Israel’s behavior on the basis of the ‘new normal’ prevailing among counterinsurgency hawks that have led the West into war after war in its futile effort to defer the death of European colonialism, and its American sequel. What is done by the West is justified by military effectiveness (although without noticing that these wars have all been eventually lost), what is done by the forces of national resistance is criminalized if not demonized as ‘barbarism.’

It is not surprising that UN Watch and NGO Monitor organized an elaborate side event at the Palais des Nations in Geneva last week that featured Richard Kemp as its lead speakers, but included an array of other counterinsurgency specialists, with no attempt whatsoever to bring to bear the perspectives of international humanitarian law except in the spirit of Israeli apologetics. For description of this event held on June 29-30 see the home pages of either UN Watch or NGO Monitor. It is notable that unlike the response to the Goldstone Report in 2009 that featured denunciations of bias and personal attacks, the orchestrated reaction to COI report is more sophisticated, relying on a variety of substantive reports that set forth Israel’s claims of justification, a media blitz, along with major advocacy efforts by Israel’s well-trained NGO poodles.

A welcome contrasting vision, closer to law, morality, and reality is offered by Max Blumenthal in his new book, The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza (2015). David Swanson, the noted anti-war activist, titles his review of Blumenthal’s book, “the 51-day Genocide” <http//> As Swanson puts it in his review of the book, “I can think of a few other words that characterized the 2014 assault on Gaza in addition to ‘war,’ among them, occupation, murder-spree, and genocide. Each serves a valuable purpose. Each is correct.”


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From the Children of Palestine to the Secretary General of the United Nations


My name is Mohammad Abu Khdeir

Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir. Source: google images

I lived with my family in Shufat in occupied Jerusalem, and had 5 siblings. I loved playing, participating in social occasions, be it weddings or feasts. I loved dancing the dabke, which is a Palestinian traditional dance, and was member in a local dabke troupe. I loved birds, loved watching them sing, but could never own one because it meant caging them. I hoped one day to be free like a bird, and go places and travel. I was a pupil at a technical school, and studied to be an electrician, just like my father, to help him in supporting our family one day. I loved Ramadan; loved to go to the nearby mosque and pray there, to have Iftar (breaking the fast) with my family and friends, and to spend the evening with my friends laughing and joking. I loved to go to the mosque at dawn for morning prayer, to have that last drink of water before the fasting starts, and to help my father at his workshop. Because of my training as electrician, in the summer of 2014, I helped decorate the neighbourhood with lights in preparation for Ramadan.

Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir. Source: google images

Martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir. Source: google images

On the early morning of 02.07.2014, at 4 am, I had something to eat for the suhur, drank some water before sunrise and the beginning of the fasting time. I told my mom that I was heading to the neighbouring mosque for the morning prayer. It was Ramadan, the month of forgiveness and compassion, the month of mercy for all living creatures. I sat on the steps of the nearby supermarket, drank some water before the fasting starts. As I made my way to the mosque, a car stopped near me, Zionist colonists were sitting inside, two came out and asked me about directions, I answered them, then suddenly they grabbed me and pushed me into the car, I started shouting, but the car speeded leaving the place. Three young Palestinian men nearby heard me shouting, they tried to follow the car, but the car just speeded away. As the car moved, the Zionists sitting in the car beat me, kicked me, humiliated me and threatened me with death. I fainted. When we finally stopped moving, they kicked me out of the car. I was bruised and hurting, I was afraid, I wanted to scream: Mother! Father! And while they continued beating me and kicking me everywhere on my body, I could see bushes and trees, it was the forest near Deir Yaisn. I shouted, I screamed, I called for help, but no one came. I thought of my parents, I saw the face of my mother, that of my father, my five siblings, my friends. They pushed me around, kicked me, beat me with some iron rod, they tortured me, the three of them, while they were laughing. They humiliated me, and stabbed me several times. Then they brought gasoline and poured it all over me while they were laughing and kicking me. They kept saying that they will kill me, that they will kill the Arab. One of them told the other Zionists to make sure that I was dead because “these Arabs have 7 souls”! I was scared, tears fell down my face, I called for my mother… I called and called. And then, they set me on fire… and they watched, laughing, as I suffered, as I screamed for my mother, as I screamed for my father, as I screamed to God, as I fell to the ground, as I said goodbye to this unjust world… they watched and they laughed…..

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Mohammad Abu Khdeir, I was 16 years old when Zionist colonists, who are fully-armed and live in illegal colonies built on Palestinian land, kidnapped me from my neighbourhood.
My name is Mohammad Abu Khdeir I was 16 years old, when Zionist colonists, who are given a green light by the Zionist entity to kill us and have impunity for all their crimes against Palestinians, tortured me.
My name is Mohammad Abu Khdeir I was 16 years old, when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, burned me alive.

My name is Zakariya Bakir
My name is Ahid Bakir
My name is Ismail Bakir
My name is Mohammad Bakir

Martyrs of the Bakir Family. Source: google images

Martyrs of the Bakir Family. Source: google images

We were children, sons of fishermen; kind and simple people. We grew up near the sea, making our livelihood from the sea. We used to wake up early in the morning, watch our fathers and older brothers go to their boats before the sun shines, watch our mothers repair the nets while watching the sea and waiting for the boats to return. We loved school, we loved to play, but loved the sea more, and waited for the time when we too would take our boats into the deep blue waters of the Palestine. We went everyday to the beach, we loved to run there, to jump into the water, to sit in the evening and watch the sun sink into the sea. We loved to watch the white waves dancing over the blue sea, and imagine that there was no siege, that there was no occupation, that Palestine was free. We loved to watch the birds flying over the water, disappearing into the distance, and would would we could fly with them, fly over Akka and Haifa, over Nazareth and Safad, to reach Jerusalem and land in Al-Aqsa. The sea was our companion and our friend. Sometimes, our mothers would prepare tea and coffee in thermoses, and after school, we would go to the beach and sell people something to drink. During the summer of 2014, the Zionist entity launched a brutal military aggression on besieged Gaza. It was the third large-scale aggression that we witnessed in our young age… Imagine, 10 years old and to have lived three brutal attacks by a terrorist entity that has the most sophisticated weapons. They used all the weapons they had against us; they used their warplanes, their tanks, their gunboats. They bombed our homes, our schools, our hospitals. It was Ramadan, and we were fasting, but it didn’t feel like Ramadan. Instead of playing all day, we were hiding from F16 and drones and bombs. Instead of sitting laughing with the family at Iftar time, we would sit and watch the news, and see the gruesome pictures of Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombs. They were not from another country or another continent; they were here, close by. As we watched these pictures, our parents angry, sad, bewildered and afraid for us, we too were afraid and wondered if our time will come, if we will survive the night, if we will live to see the Eid.

Martyrs of the Bakir Family. Source: google images

Martyrs of the Bakir Family. Source: google images

On 17.07.2014, we were fasting and had nothing to do. It was a hot day, so we decided to go and play football, to run on the beach, like we usually did, to run under the sun, our feet touch the golden hot sand as we kick the ball from one place to another. We were laughing, happy and for a moment forgot all the bombs, the tanks, the warplanes and the gunboats…..But the killers were watching; with their hi-tech binoculars they saw our laughter, they saw us running, happy, playing football, they saw our childish innocence…. one missile was fired; a loud explosion, one of us fell, we started screaming and running away in fear and horror…. We had no time to look behind us, to look for each other…. We were running, screaming, we didn’t feel the sun burning under our small feet, we didn’t heard the birds shouting at us to run, run…. We didn’t see the waves struggling to reach us and protect us from the killers…. We were running, screaming, we were afraid…. They saw us running, little children, scared…. The second and third and the fourth missiles fell….. the sand under our feet became cold, the birds in the sky started crying, the waves turned into tears…

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Ahid Bakir, I was 10 years old when Israeli gunboats killed me while playing football on the beach.
My name is Mohammad Bakir, I was 11 years old when Israeli gunboats fired first one missile, then another then a third and a fourth at a group of children playing and laughing.
My name is Ismail Bakir, I was 9 years old when Israeli occupation soldiers killed me in cold blood on the beach of Gaza.
My name is Zakariya Bakir, I was 10 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me and my cousins.

My name is Mohammad Al-Durra

Martyr Mohammad Al-Dura. Source: google images

Martyr Mohammad Al-Dura. Source: google images

I was born in Bureij refugee camp in the besieged Gaza Strip. My family comes originally from a beautiful Palestinian city called Al-Lyd, but the Zionist terrorist gangs expelled us from our homes in 1948. I lived in an over-crowded refugee camp in a 50 m2 house with my parents and 6 siblings. I loved football, and loved my fluffy teddy bear; it is brown and small and I used to hug it before going to sleep. My teddy bear protected me from the Israeli occupation soldiers whenever they entered the refugee camp to arrest our neighbours, it calmed me down and sang to me. I felt safe with my teddy bear hugging me. I went to the fifth grade, but, I have to say, I was a little bit naughty; I loved to play with the children in my neighbourhood, and I loved the sea, I would sneak out of class and go play football at the beach. Oh, how much I loved the sea of Gaza! I also loved to cycle, and every day, I fought with my older brother over who gets to ride the only bicycle we had. My dad used to get mad at me; he was afraid something might happen to me because I used to take the bicycle and go cycling in the main street of the refugee camp. He was afraid the occupation soldiers might do something to me, might hurt me or arrest me. So, whenever he prevented me from cycling in the street, I used to sneak the bicycle from the window and go to play in the street. But alas! When at the end of the year I didn’t do well at school, my mother was sad, so I promised her to study hard the next year. I loved to help my dad, and wanted to support my family. During the summer, I used to work with my uncles in a metal workshop to gains some money and help my parents.

Martyr Mohammad Al-Dura. Source: google images

Martyr Mohammad Al-Dura. Source: google images

On 30.09.2000, I asked my mother to help me with my homework, I had promised her to study hard and I wanted her to be happy. My father wanted to go and buy a car instead of the old one we sold. He wanted to buy a small car, not a fancy one, we couldn’t afford a fancy one, but we were all happy and excited. I asked my mother if I could go with dad and ride with him in the new car. She said yes and I wore my nice clothes, the ones I kept for special occasions, it was after all a special occasion. My dad and I took a taxi to Gaza car market, but when we reached the Martyrs circle, we saw unarmed protesters confronting the fully-armed Israeli occupation soldiers. The taxi driver was not able to pass the road, so we got out of the taxi, and decided to turn back home. Dad held my hand and we tried to pass to the other side of the road, when all of a sudden, the Israeli army observation tower started shooting at us. Immediately, dad dragged me to a barrel on the side of the road, we hid behind it…. he hugged me, but the shooting from the Israeli army tower increased. I was scared and started crying and shouting, I could hear dad shouting at the Israeli occupation soldiers to stop, but they didn’t, he raised his hands and waived to them, but an Israeli soldier shot his hand. Dad called someone from his mobile, and asked them to send a car to take us away because we couldn’t leave our place because of the shooting. We could hear the sirens of an ambulance, but the occupation soldiers started shooting at it. The unarmed protesters were shouting at us, they wanted to help us but no one could do anything because the occupation soldiers were shooting at us all the time. My dad was shot in the other hand and was bleeding. I started comforting him, but I was very scared and I was crying. I told dad: “Don’t worry dad, I am fine, don’t worry dad”. I stuck closer to him, and then I felt a hot stinging pain in my leg. My dad started shouting and crying when he saw the blood on my trousers, I told him: “Don’t worry papa, the blood hit my leg, it’s not that bad, just hide yourself and be safe”… he was shouting and waiving and I felt another sharp pain, I told him: “Don’t worry, I am strong, I can take the pain until the ambulance comes”…. The ambulance never came… the Israeli soldiers prevented it from coming to help us…

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Mohammad Al-Durra, I was 12 years old when Israeli occupation soldiers killed me, and made my mother cry…. my mother still keeps my photos, my books, my clothes…. at night she hugs them and cries, every night she cries.
My name is Mohammad Al-Durra, I was 12 years old when Israeli occupation snipers deliberately shot at me and my father, killing me while he hugged me, trying to protect me.
My name is Mohammad Al-Durra, I was 12 years old when Israeli occupation soldiers fired at me, not once, not twice, but several times, killing me and took me away from my siblings… my 7 year-old brother Ahmad tells everyone that I am in heaven playing with the birds and that he wants to join me…. My 4 year-old sister Basma says that she loved me more than she loved the sea and that when she is older she wants to come to me.
My name is Mohammad Al-Durra, I was 12 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

My name is Faris Odeh

Martyr Faris Odeh. Source: google images

Martyr Faris Odeh. Source: google images

I was born in Shuja’iya in Gaza and have 8 siblings. I was very energetic and loved so many things; I loved playing and loved sports, I loved singing, for I was a good singer. I memorized all songs of the Intifada, and my favourite song was: “If they break my bones, I am not afraid… if they demolish the house, I am not afraid”. I used to sing it often with my younger brother Issa. I loved to dance, loved the Palestinian dabke. I loved to eat a lot, my favourite dish was spinach, yes, I loved spinach. I wanted to be strong. I was always happy and laughing, naughty, but always happy, jumping and running….. We lived in Salah Idin street. When protests would take place in the street, the Israeli occupation soldiers used to come to our house and beat my farther and mothers and siblings and throw the burning tyres into our house, so we moved to another area. One time, in our street, an Israeli occupation soldier shouted at me to go home, I picked up a stone and told him:”You go home, this is my land!” I was very courageous, loved to jump from high places, and never was afraid to go out in the dark to buy needs for my parents. I used to sit at the window and listen to the Israeli occupation soldiers shooting and would start naming the type of bullet they were shooting. I could recognise them all. I was very clever at school, and always had very high grades, although I didn’t study much, I was clever. But when the Intifada started, I stopped going to school, I would attend the first 3 classes and then leave to join the protests at Al-Muntar, and I used to join the shabab and protest against the occupation, our weapon was small stones against the huge tanks… One time, the school principal told my mother about me. She was very angry. But I used to see Israeli soldiers killing Palestinian children and men and women on TV, and it made me angry, no one helped us. And when my mother would come and drag me from Al-Muntar, she would beg me not to go there again, I would tell her that the Zionists want to take Al-Alqsa. She would say: “Leave the defence of Al-Aqsa to the older ones, you are small”. But I am not small, the older ones are doing nothing! She would tell my dad and he would beat me. One evening, my mother saw me on TV standing in front of an Israeli tank, she was very angry, afraid, and started crying; she begged me not to go, and told me that if I ever repeated this she would tell my father and he would beat me and deprive me of my pocket money. They were afraid for me, they were afraid the Israeli soldiers might kill me, because the Israeli army did not care whether you are a child or a grown up, they just shot you, even if you had a small stone, they would also shoot you for no reason. Sometimes, dad would beat me and lock me in a room to prevent me from going, but I would escape from the window. I used to go every day, this is our land and the Israeli soldiers should leave! I used to sneak to Al-Muntar every day, I used to stand in front of the Israeli tank and sing my favourite song: ““If they break my bones, I am not afraid… if they demolish the house, I am not afraid”, and I used to dance dakbe while singing. Despite everything, I was always happy, jumping, singing…. until the day my cousin Shadi was killed by the Israeli occupation soldiers…. I was sad and angry.

Martyr Faris Odeh. Source: google images

Martyr Faris Odeh. Source: google images

On 08.11.2000, I woke up early. I had dreamt of Shadi. When I told mom, she begged me not to go to Al-Muntar, and said that a stone does nothing in the face of a tank. I replied that a stone rocks them… But, I promised her to go to school, which I did. But later, I sneaked out of class and I went to Al-Muntar carrying my sling. Young unarmed protesters were throwing stones at the Israeli tanks. I threw a stone, another…. my shoe slipped, I bent down to wear my shoe and felt something sting me in my neck…. blood was streaming…. my friends ran to me as I fell to the ground, but the Israeli soldiers started shooting at them, they ran away. I was left there on the ground, looking at the sky, the blue sky of Palestine, singing my favourite song….

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Faris Odeh, I was 14 years old when Israeli occupation soldiers shot me, prevented anyone from saving me, and kept shooting at anyone coming close to me for one hour… they let me bleed to death.
My name is Faris Odeh, I was 14 years old when Israeli occupation soldiers killed me, and I was brought back home to my mother on the shoulders, a bullet type 500 cut most of the veins of my neck.
My name is Faris Odeh, I was 14 years old when Israeli terrorists killed me and snatched me from my family… When my family gathers for dinner, they leave an empty place for me…. Every morning, my mother watches the children go to school, she waits every day when they come home, hoping that I will come home with them, my brother sings my favourite song alone, but he can’t finish it because he starts crying.
My name is Faris Odeh, I was 14 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

My name is Inas Shawkat Dar Khalil

Martyr Inas Shawkat. Source: google images

Martyr Inas Shawkat. Source: google images

I was a beautiful little girl from a beautiful villages called Sinjil near Ramallah, I loved to play with my dolls, but had one favourite doll that escorted me everywhere I went. I loved to visit my friend Toleen, who lives nearby. We were best friends and always together. I love to draw a lot, and I could spell the alphabet and count till 50. The teacher said that I was clever and often gave me a star on my copybook, and sometimes she gave me a piece of chocolate when my drawing copybook was neat and tidy. Every morning, mom would wake me up, wash my face and comb my hair, and I would sing to her: “Continue missing me while I am away”. When school started, I asked mom for a new bag, new colouring books and new dresses. She loved me so much, she got me 20 dresses! She got me 20 new dresses, new colouring books and colouring pencils. I wanted to go to university when I grow up, so every day, when I come back home from kindergarten, I do my homework. Mom would tell me: “Dear, get a rest first”, but I would refuse, I wanted to do my homework, I wanted to be clever and go to university when I grow up.

Martyr Inas Shawkat. Source: google images

Martyr Inas Shawkat. Source: google images

On 19.10.2014, mom woke me up to go to kindergarten; I was sleepy and didn’t want to go, I had a beautiful dream. I took my doll with me, I always took her with me to school, she would sit on my desk and repeat the alphabet with me, sing with me or hold my colouring pencils while I drew. My friend Toleen came, and like every day, our mothers walked with us to the street until the school bus came and took us. I waved goodbye to my mother. At the kindergarten, we played, sang and I volunteered to tidy the classroom. The teacher was very pleased with me. We went back home with the school bus. It stopped at the entrance to our village, and I could see my mom and Toleen’s mother waiting for us like every day on the other side of the road. They came every day at 12: 40 to the village entrance and waited for the kindergarten bus. Before crossing the road, we looked right and left, as mom used to tell us. She would say over and over: “Be careful before you cross the road and watch out for the cars”. My mother was standing on the other side of the road waiting to hug me. We started crossing the road, a car was coming, mom shouted at us to stop. She then waved to the Zionist colonist to stop. He slowed down, he could see clearly, the road was empty and as we crossed, all of a sudden he speeded up, swerved and drove speedily in our direction. Suddenly, I was thrown up in the air and fell hard on the ground. I tried to stand up, but was feeling sleepy, so I fell on the ground… My doll and my colouring pencils in my bag scattered everywhere. I heard mom shout, I wanted to reach out to her, but I couldn’t. I was sleepy. I felt her hug me. I wanted to comfort her, to tell her not to cry. I wanted to hug her, but I was sleepy… She hugged me and I slept.

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Inas Shawkat Dar Khalil, I was 5 years old when Israel killed me and left my mom sad… she thinks of me all day long and dreams of me all night long… she regrets sending me to school that fateful day….. Please tell her not to be sad.
My name is Inas Shawkat Dar Khalil, I was 5 years old when a Zionist colonist deliberately ran me over and broke my mother’s heart….. I used to fall asleep in my mother’s lap, now she is alone, now she is sad…. now she sleeps hugging my dress.
My name is Inas Shawkat Dar Khalil, I was 5 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

My name is Mohammad Ismail Nassar

Martyr Mohammad Nassar. Source: google images

Martyr Mohammad Nassar. Source: google images

I lived in Dahiyet Al-Barid in occupied Jerusalem with my family. I loved going to school, and was a clever pupil, I among the best in my class. I also loved to draw, and my parents and my art teacher said that I was talented. Friday 06.03.2001, was a holiday, so in the afternoon, and after I did my homework, I went to play football with my friends in the nearby playground. When it got dark, my friends and I parted to go to our homes. On that Friday, my parents waited and waited for me, but I never made it back home alive; On that Friday, as the sun was setting, as some were sitting around the dinner table, or gathered around the TV, or on their way back home from visiting friends, I made my way back to my home. Then suddenly, zionist colonists from the nearby colony of Neve Yaakov appeared out of nowhere… they kidnapped me, dragged me to the colony… they tried to cut my wrist, they wanted me to bleed to death… but that was too quite a death for their enjoyment… so they beat me with rocks on my head, my chest and my back… they tortured me… I screamed and screamed, I screamed for my parents, I begged the zionists to stop, I screamed as they crushed my skull with stones…. they killed me…. my family and friends and neighbours spent the whole night looking for me… they even asked for support from the occupation police, which refused to help in the search…. My family continued the search for me the next day. In the afternoon of 17.03.2001 they found me…. they found me dead…. they found me in the bushes among the rocks about 20 meters away from the Jewish religious school in Neve Yaakov… my body bore marks of brutal torture and beating with rocks on my head which was shattered, and the presence of bruises on my back and chest and feet and cuts with a sharp object in the right wrist…. two of the kippas and four white gloves worn by my killers were found near my body, but the Israeli occupation police refused to investigate what had happened to me…

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Mohammad Ismail Nassar, I was 10 years old when Zionist colonists kidnapped me, tortured me and killed me.
My name is Mohammad Ismail Nassar, I was 10 years old when Israel refused to investigate my death and let my killers escape justice.
My name is Mohammad Ismail Nassar, I was 10 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

My name is Iman Al-Humus

Martyr Iman Al-Humus. Source: google images

Martyr Iman Al-Humus. Source: google images

I was a little school girl, clever and energetic. I used to watch on TV the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation army, and it always made me cry. On the early morning of 05.10.2004, I was on my way to school with two of my friends and classmates. Suddenly, Israeli occupation soldiers started shooting at us from the observation tower. We were very scared, and ran in different directions to escape the bullets; I ran in the direction of Israeli military site where two bulldozers stood. The Israeli soldiers started shooting in my direction, I fell to the ground, was very scared and crying, I did not know what to do. One Israeli tank came out of the site and Israeli soldiers demanded in loud speakers that I take off my bag and put it on the ground… the minute I did that, there was intensive shooting in my direction, I fell back… one occupation soldier came out of the tank, stood 10 meters away from me…. He saw that I was a school girl, he saw that my bag had nothing but my books and copybooks, he saw that I was hit and bleeding, he saw that I was scared and crying… he shot 2 bullets at me, went back a little bit, and emptied his M-16 in my body. 20 bullets hit me all over my body, especially the head and chest areas. I was dead on the spot… then the soldiers surrounded me, and prevented anyone from reaching me.

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Iman Al-Humus, I was 13 years old when an Israeli occupation officer from Giv’ati unit killed me and afterwards mutilated my body.
My name is Iman Al-Humus, I was 13 years old when Israel cleared my killer despite the evidence and the testimonies. My killer was “tried” on charges of “killing a child” in front of a Zionist military court, but was cleared, released and ordered to return to the military service. He was only accused of “the use of weapon in a manner contrary to the orders of firing”.
My name is Iman Al-Humus, I was 13 years old when Israel tried to cover up the crime committed against me by its terrorist army. The crime was exposed only after some Israeli soldiers told Israeli newspapers about the incident, because “their conscience did not take what had happened”. In their testimonies, the Israeli occupation soldiers said they saw that I was but a school girl, and that while some refused to shoot at me, others did.
My name is Iman Al-Humus, I was 13 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

My name is Mohammad Salaymeh

Martyr Mohammad Salaymeh. Source: google images

Martyr Mohammad Salaymeh. Source: google images

On 12.12.2012, it was my birthday. My classmates and I celebrated during classes, we bought a cake and biscuits and chocolate. Everyone was happy, and wished me success and happiness. I was looking forward to return home and celebrate my birthday with my family. That evening, my family gathered, they all wanted to celebrate my birthday with me, everyone was present except my eldest brother Awad who was freed from Israeli captivity through the prisoners exchange swap and is now residing in besieged Gaza. Being the youngest in the family, I told them I will get the cake. While on my way to the shop to buy my birthday cake, I passed an Israeli checkpoint in the old city of Hebron, and all of a sudden, without reason or warning, an Israeli occupation soldier shot me from distance zero in the chest and stomach… 6 times they shot at me, for no reason. I fell to the ground, bleeding. Some people came after they heard the shots, they tried to come close and help me, but the soldiers prevented them. I was left there, bleeding…. When my father came and tried to reach me, shouting and calling my name, they beat him, and prevented him from coming to coming close to me, from hugging me one last time. A doctor living nearby came and tried to save my life, but the soldiers refused to let him, women came, journalists came… they were all prevented from reaching me with threats of fire … and all this time, I was left on the ground to bleed to death, thinking that a birthday was meant to be a celebration of life, thinking of my mother, thinking of my siblings, hearing the screams of my father, hearing him beg the soldiers to allow him to hug me, hearing the screams of the people, begging the soldiers to allow the doctor to help me…. and when finally, after the residents fought with the occupation soldiers, the doctor was allowed to come to me, but I was already dead….

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Mohammad Salaymeh, I was 16 years old when Israel killed me on my 16th birthday when I went to buy a birthday cake.
My name is Mohammad Salaymeh, I was 16 years old when the Israeli occupation army killed me and rewarded my killer with a distinction because she “dealt successfully with the situation”.
My name is Mohammad Salaymeh, I was 16 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

My name is Fahmi Al-Darduk

Martyr Fahmi Al-Darduk. Source: google images

Martyr Fahmi Al-Darduk. Source: google images

I was living in Nablus with my parents and my three sisters. I was a pupil in the ninth grade, and on the weekend I used to help my father in a bakery to support our family. I was full of life, loved to play sports and to listen to music. On 19.05.2008, I was on my way to visit friends in Ramallah. I waited in line for the check at the Huwara military checkpoint. I had earphones on and was listening to music from my mobile phone. One minute I was listening to music, thinking of the good time I was going to spend with my friends…. The next, I fell to the ground…. They shot me… they shot me several times at the same time… at least six bullets hit me in the head and the chest. They riddled my body with bullets. Despite people’s pleading that I be treated, the Israeli soldiers refused to let the medics reach me, left me lying on the ground for two and a half hours and watched as I bled to death. And while they left me to die a slow death, the Israeli army closed the checkpoint and forced all Palestinians there to leave by throwing tear gas and concussion grenades at them. Afterwards, they started washing away the blood with water jets. They wanted to clean the scene of the crime, and wash away all traces of the murder they committed, and keep away any possible witnesses. They allowed the ambulance to reach me, only after they made sure I was dead.

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Fahmi Al-Darduk, I was 15 years old when Israeli occupation soldiers killed me, and because of my young age, as I didn’t have an ID yet, my parents didn’t know I was killed until the next day.
My name is Fahmi Al-Darduk, I was 15 years old when Israeli occupation soldiers killed me, and the killers claimed I had a pipe bomb and an explosive belt on my body. Nonetheless, despite the many bullets that hit my young body, no “explosives” blew up.
My name is Fahmi Al-Darduk, I was 15 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

My name is Aya Najjar

Martyr Aya Najjar. Source: google images

Martyr Aya Najjar. Source: google images

I am from Khuza’a in besieged Gaza. I loved school, and was very clever. I loved to play with my friends. During the summer of 2008, school was over and I had finished second grade. I was very happy; I was the best in my class, and the teacher gave me a reward and a certificate to show my parents. Mom and dad were very happy for me. I was looking forward to the summer vacation. On the early afternoon of 05.06.2008, I was playing outside my home, in wait for my school friends to come for a visit. I was playing between the trees, and I could hear Israeli drones and war planes in the sky. I hated the Israeli soldiers, they occupy our land, they bombed our homes and schools, and they killed my brother Zaki. My mom was sitting inside, looking out the window every now and then, looking at the warplanes with worry on her face. No one was outside in the streets except me. Everything was quiet, except for the sound of the warplanes. I continued playing, and watching out for my friends. I was looking forward to their visit. Then, a loud explosion… It was all over…..

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Aya Najjar, I was 8 years old when Israeli apache fired a direct rocket at me… followed by another rocket …… I was playing, but they turned me to pieces.
My name is Aya Najjar, I was 8 years old when Israel killed me with a rocket while I played outside my home …. My mother cries herself to sleep every night…. Tell her not to cry, tell her that now I am with my martyred brother Zaki.
My name is Aya Najjar, I was 8 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

My name is Khalil Al-Mughrabi

Martyr Khalil Mughrabi. Source: google images

Martyr Khalil Mughrabi. Source: google images

I was born in Yabna refugee camp in Rafah. Sometimes, I was a quiet boy, and sometimes I was noisy and naughty. I was member in the Little Parliament, a sort of mock parliament for pupils. I loved participating in public activities, and loved volunteering. I loved playing sports with my friends. My favourite game was football. On the evening of 07.07.2001, I was playing football with my friends in Yabna playground; we were about 20 to 30 boys, aged 10 to 13 years old. We were happy, running and screaming… At about 5 pm, we saw an Israeli tank move opposite us on the other side of the fence in the direction of the Israeli army observation tower. They were watching us, they saw us playing football, heard our laughter. After playing football for some time, we all sat on the sandy hill talking and laughing….. We were happy; children playing football, trying to forget the occupation soldiers that were watching us… trying to forget the occupation that is strangling and killing us… trying to live, even if for a few minutes, like other children…. Then a bullet pierced my head coming from the observation tower…. I fell back bleeding profusely… part of my skull splattered on my friends and before they could scream and run away more bullets starting flying in our direction, hitting another 2 boys aged 10 and 12 years in the stomach.

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Khalil Al-Mughrabi, I was 11 years old when Israeli occupation soldiers killed me in cold-blood while playing and laughing with my friends.
My name is Khalil Al-Mughrabi, I was 11 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

My name is Raghda ‘Assar

Martyr Raghda ‘Assar. Source: google images

Martyr Raghda ‘Assar. Source: google images

I lived in Khan Younis with my family. We are refugees, and the Zionists expelled us from our original village in 1948. I was a pupil at the UNRWA school. On 07.09.2004, I was sitting in class listening to the English teacher. It was still early in the morning, when all of a sudden we heard sounds of explosions. The Israeli occupation army was bombarding the area. We started screaming and crying… we didn’t know what to do, some hid under the tables, others ran towards the door, while others froze in their chairs. We heard bullets… They shot at us from the observation tower of the Neve Dekalim Zionist colony which is close to the school…. I felt a sting, I screamed and put my hand on the right side of my head…. I felt nothing anymore….. I was hit in the head, I was in coma from which I never woke up. On 15.09.2004 my parents and siblings said their final farewell to me.

Dear Mr. Secretary General;
My name is Raghda ‘Assar, I was 10 years old when Israeli occupation snipers shot me while sitting among my classmates in an UNRWA school.
My name is Raghda ‘Assar, I was 10 years old when the Zionist entity, which you removed from the list of child abusers, killed me.

Dear Mr. Secretary General,
We, the martyred children of Palestine, address you from a place where Zionist terrorism can’t touch us anymore, we address you from a place where your complicity with Zionist crimes can’t hurt us anymore, we address you from a place where world inaction towards Israeli war crimes can disappoint us anymore. We address you, not for our sake, for you have failed us, you let us down, you ignored our pain and suffering, you chose the side of the oppressor over that of the oppressed… we address you for the sake of those who are still alive, for the sake of Palestinian children who still suffer under Israeli military occupation, for the sake of Palestinian children who daily face Israeli terror and war crimes… we address you for their sake. You did nothing to protect us from Zionist terror, and to add salt to our bleeding wounds, you removed the Zionist entity and its occupation army from the list of child-rights offenders, thus giving them impunity to continue killing Palestinian children. Our blood, and that of every Palestinian victim, is on your hands and on the hands of every individual, every country, every government, and every organization that witnessed our suffering and turned a blind eye. Our stolen lives, and those of every Palestinian victim, will forever haunt you, and haunt every individual, every nation, every government and every organization that heard our calls for help and turned a deaf ear. You, and this unjust world, turned you back on our daily suffering, stood in solidarity with our killers, cried for our killers, protected our killers, and rewarded our killers. You, and this unjust world, ignored the suffering of the victims, demanded concession after concession from the victims, accused the victims. But, in the name of every Palestinian child, those martyred and those alive, we say to you;
Palestine, all of Palestine, was and will always be our one and only home, from the River to the Sea.
Palestinians, women and men, young and old, living in occupied Palestine or in the Diaspora, will continue the struggle until all of Palestine is free, until all Palestinians return to their homes.
The Palestinian people, and all free citizens of this unjust world, will bring to justice all Zionist war criminals and all perpetrators of crimes against the Palestinian people and against humanity in general, their supporters, their defenders, and all those who granted them impunity for their crimes.
Justice will prevail and Palestine, all of Palestine, will be free.

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Jewish billionaires line up behind Clinton


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According to a recent report published in the Jewish Telegraph Agency, Jewish billionaires George Soros and Haim Saban, two of the most politically influential plutocratic internationalists swaying American elections on the Democratic side of the political spectrum, have donated $3 million to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Other wealthy Jewish plutocrats have followed suit, greasing the wheels of the Clinton campaign.The JTA reports:

Jewish billionaires George Soros and Haim Saban reportedly have donated a total of $3 million to the presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Saban, an Israeli Hollywood mogul, has given $2 million to Priorities USA Action, Clinton’s super PAC, while Soros, a Hungary-born business magnate, has donated $1 million, according to a Politicoarticle published Thursday.

Clinton’s super PAC, which is dedicated to airing ads supporting the Democrat’s bid for the 2016 presidency and attacking her opponents, revealed Thursday that it had raised a total of $15.6 million during the first half of the year.

Other heavy donors included DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and director J.J. Abrams and his wife, Katie McGrath, as well as California investor Herb Sandler and Boston philanthropist Barbara Lee.

According to an analysis published Friday, also by Politico, Clinton is privately signaling to wealthy Jewish donors that no matter the result of the Iranian nuclear negotiationsshe will be a better friend to Israel than President Barack Obama, whom she served as secretary of state during his first term. […]

The non-existent “Iranian threat” is shaping up to be one of the biggest issues in the 2016 presidential campaign for the organized Jewish community and Israel-first crowd dominating American politics. Being the bloodthirsty, fanatical war-mongers that they are, they are doing everything in their power to prevent a rational and respectful diplomatic resolution to the outstanding issues between the Islamic Republic and the West. The organized Jewish community and pro-Israel lobby, not to mention the Jewish state itself, desperately want war with Iran. Needless to say, Americans will be once again supplying the capital – human, military, and financial – required to wage this war on Israel and international Jewry’s behalf.
In an effort to please her Jewish masters and convince them that she’s sufficiently pro-Israel and pro-war (pro-Israel and pro-war are essentially synonymous when it comes to American political discourse), Clinton has been hyping the purported threat to Israel and the wider Western world emanating from Tehran while on the campaign trail.
Back in May, Saban explained to The Jerusalem Post that he viewed Clinton as “the ideal candidate for Israel,” demonstrating not only how ethnocentric Jews are, but also how openly hostile they are towards the host nations they reside in. They are more concerned about Jewish interests and the Jewish state of Israel than America, and they make no bones about it. Jewish billionaires and other plutocrats openly use the American political system and mass media to promote their own agenda and to advance their own unique ethnic interests. Meanwhile, the American people continue to support candidates and political parties that are entirely traitorous and subservient to a hostile foreign entity (Israel) and people (Jews).
Matthew Heimbach, a respectable, courageous, and dedicated young pro-White activist, recently announced the creation of The Traditionalist Worker Party, which sounds promising. He elaborated on the Party during a recent episode of Trad Youth Hour that I highly recommend listening to. We absolutely need an independent political party outside of the controlled and traitorous Republican and Democratic parties if we are ever going to address the problems plaguing America.

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ميدانيDAMASCUS:  I told you the town of Al-Zabadaani is now fully in the hands of the SAA and the Lebanese Resistance.  I meant that. And, it’s true.  Last night a report arrived to our source which provided that 177 rodents belonging mostly to Al-Nusra/Alqaeda have been confirmed killed in the last 24 hours alone.  The rats have made clean-up a little more difficult because they have booby-trapped the homes of civilians and the SAA is trying to work around that.  Be advised, there is not hope for the rats.   The entire town and all entryways to the area are blocked by hundreds of SAA soldiers.  It is only a matter of a few days before their ammo runs out.

Al-Nishaabiyya Farms:  More action in this area as rodent groups collapse.  An IED and ammunition factory was destroyed along with an armored vehicle bearing Jordanian license plates and 2 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons:

Sulaymaan Al-Ruzz

Firaas Al-Zammaam

Naaji Adeeb Al-Ahmad

Faarooq Suwaylim

Bilaal ‘Ali Al-‘Aashiq

Sulaymaan Shihaada

Haadi Al-Dibsh 

Another 3 could not be identified.  14 surrendered and are in custody warbling.

Between Zibdeen Village and Baalaa Village:  The SAA surrounded and gored a pack of quivering vermin:

Suhayl Sha’baan

Sa’eed Daghmash

Khattaar ‘Abdul-Daa`im

Nuhaad Al-Zayn

Shaahir Mustafaa


Between Hazza and ‘Ayn Turma Villages:  The packs here belonged to Liwaa` Al-Islam who ran an IED factory.  6 rats were killed:

Firaas Barakaat

Jihaad Harastaani

Nidhaal Al-‘Abda

Saleem Al-Durra

Mahmoud Al-Durra

Mushaari  Jaassim Al-Jaari (KUWAYTI HOG TB MICROBE)

Harastaa:  Near the Al-Rifaa’iy Mosque, a sniper and 6 others were dispatched to Belial’s Bar in Hell:

“Abu Hifss Al-Sudaani” (SUDANESE MELANOMA)

Ihsaam Muhammad Al-Ramash

‘Alaa` Shammoot

Nu’maan Al-Ghaani

Sa’deddeen Mahmoud Rassaass

Doumaa:  Faylaq Al-Rahmaan and Al-Ittihaad Al-Islaami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam took a drubbing here losing 24 vermin:

Abduh Watfa

Ibraaheem ‘Abdul-Jawaad

Sa’eed Shalla

Fareed Dawwaara

The rest were all foreigners and were not named.


I have the details of this operation but don’t have the time to set out the narration properly for my readers.  What I can tell you is that the rats here played a cat-and-mouse game with SAA RG engineers around the area of the Soap Factory who figured out that the sudden appearance and disappearance of the rodents was not the result of excellent special effects courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic.  Oh, no.  It took but a few minutes to locate the tunnel which they had dug.  SAA engineers rigged a device for brave soldiers to place at the mouth of the tunnel.  The device was vectored to explode in a direction going straight into the tunnel.  It not only worked, it resulted in the entire tunnel collapsing over the heads of the filthy, disease-carrying rodents.  They all belonged to Faylaq Al-Rahmaan.



مقتل 39 إرهابياً على الأقل وإصابة العشرات في الغوطة الشرقية بريف دمشقAl-Nu’ayma: East of the City Center at the Green Mosque.  An armored car was destroyed belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda.

Jaydoor Hawraan:  A group calling itself “Liwaa` Jaydoor Hawraan”, Liwaa` Hamza Assadullaah, Liwaa` Al-Muhaajireen and Al-Ansaar, all went to hell between this place and the SAA-controlled town of Umm Al-‘Awsaj.  4 pickups with 23mm cannons and an armored truck were destroyed.  12 confirmed rats killed.

Saydaa: At the Al-Sultaan Fuel Station and the Soft Drink Factory close to the Ceramics Mill and the Black Mosque, 3 nests belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda were destroyed.

 Tafas – Muzayreeb Road:  4 trucks loaded with ammo from Jordan were torched by SAAF.


syriaCity:  At the Electric Company, the Qunaytra School and the Media Associates’ Building, SAA killed a number of rats.  No details.


It’s the Democracy, Stupid!

Adelina Marini

The referendum in Greece ended with an expected result – NO. Although it is yet to be seen what the implications of this vote will be to Greece itself and to the future of the Eurozone, it is important not to miss a very important effect of the “GReferendum” as it became popular on Twitter.  As euinside forecasted, apart from the economic hardships, populist parties are going to be a big challenge to the EU and the Eurozone in particular for in their nature they are not democratic. The fact that most Greeks preferred to vote OXI is by far not as shocking as the one that leaders of political parties and even entire nations, together with influential economists commended the referendum as a “celebration of democracy”.

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece: “Today we celebrate the victory of democracy”.

Cristina Kirchner, president of Argentina: “Outright victory of Democracy and Dignity”.

Jeffrey  Sachs, economist, USA: “A glorious day for democracy in Greece”.

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP): “’No’ vote in Greece is a vote for true recognition of democracy at its finest”.

Marine Le Pen, leader of National Front, France: “What a nice great lesson in democracy is the Greek NO”.

PODEMOS, Spanish populist party: “Victory for democracy”.

My democracy is better than your democracy (a rephrase of a very popular song in Bulgaria)

All these statements are extremely scary and dangerous, for they show praise of the total trampling of democratic standards that have been built up for decades. They also show the mixing of two completely different subjects – the peoples’ right to self-determination and the violation of democratic standards. What is wrong? The referendum in Greece was called just a week before it was held. According to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, international standards recommend referendums are called at least two weeks prior, so enough time is allocated to discussions, a clear question is asked and international observers are present. With the exception of the international observers nothing was to international standard.

In 2007, the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe published a Code of good practice on referendums, adopted at its 70th plenary session (Venice, 16-17 March 2007). The Code thoroughly describes all good practices for holding plebiscites. Among them is equality of opportunity. This means equal opportunity must be provided to the supporters and opponents of the proposal put to vote. This entails a neutral attitude by administrative authorities, in particular with regard to the campaign. It is explicitly said that these authorities must observe their duty of neutrality which is one of the means of ensuring that voters can form an opinion freely.

Nothing of the kind happened in Greece. At the point of announcing the vote, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis urged the people to vote “NO”. This is one of the most flagrant violations of all contemporary democratic standards. Although the Code of the Council of Europe allows for authorities not to be totally passive it recommends that national, regional or local public authorities (depending on the poll) must not influence the outcome of the vote by “excessive, one-sided campaigning”.

The second very important rule that was totally broken in Greece is that the question put to the referendum must be clear; it must not be misleading; it must not suggest an answer. You could say the question was clear, for it asked voters if they agree to accept the adjustment program, submitted by the Troika, European institutions, and the IMF. The problem is this was a misleading question for the term of the program expired on midnight of June 30, making the question completely invalid. Moreover, the program itself was translated into Greek, and not a very good translation at that, as late as Wednesday, just five days before the vote.

“The authorities must provide objective information” continues the Code. Alas, objective information was among the things of highest deficit after the missing cash and essential household goods in Greece. The third violation is connected to the recommendation that the right to vote is accorded to citizens residing abroad that was also limited. Moreover, many Greeks were barred from voting at their place of r

egistration by inability to travel to it due to the limit of 60 Euro per day cash withdrawals from ATMs, and uncertainty. This is the reason for a relatively low voting activity by Greek standards.

The fact that political parties with representatives not only in national parliaments but in the European Parliament as well, like the party of Nigel Farage in Great Britain and Marine Le Pen in France are supporting this totally unacceptable violation of common standards on conducting referendums and democratic standards as a whole should be scaring everybody, most of all their supporters. For this means if they vote them into power they will (democratically) support by their vote the coming to power of undemocratic regimes, which in the name of their own partisan interests are prepared to violate rules, created as the result of the painful and traumatic evolution of societies.

And what do we do with the democratic deficits?

Many voices in the cacophony around the GReferendum accused European leaders of influencing the vote by their statements. Although it may not be strictly in accordance with the commonly accepted standards such behaviour was the only good move in a situation where the future of a 19-member organisation sharing a common currency depends upon a national referendum. European democracy is by no means perfect, for it is a combination of the democracies of its members. This only shows the direction to be working in is democratic convergence, something that was set in the negotiations process but at quite a late stage. Greece was accepted in the EU in 1981 with the “lowered” standards. Alas, even the ones accepted with slightly stricter standards, like Hungary, show appetite for authoritarianism.

In that sense, it might be a good idea to add another one to the European Semester’s indicators like budget deficit and current account deficit – one measuring the democratic deficits in member countries and especially in the Eurozone, which is highly endangered by the shortcomings of one member or another. The Eurozone is far from perfect organisation but the main reason for it is the lack of trust between member countries in their mutual permanence, conviction, and common direction. Unless this is changed it will be very difficult to fix the union’s malfunctions. Many clairvoyants are prophesying the imminent death of the Eurozone. Margaret Thatcher is quoted on the Euro destroying democracy. This is too much.

Much has changed since the beginning of the crisis. A lot more needs to change so relationships between member countries become fair. For example it is not a problem if a member country holds a referendum about staying in the union. It is a problem if it is done from the position of a national issue and/or holds it away from democratic standards. It is not an issue for just one member state but affects all. Imagine a family where one spouse wants divorce but the other one has no say in the matter.

This is why it is quite logical to hear the positions of the leaders of the other members and the European institutions. Some member states, like the Baltic republics, for instance, have made tremendous efforts to join the Euro. For them, it was the completion of their European integration in a larger context – geopolitically, psychologically and economically. Gambling their future in a referendum, suffering heavy democratic deficits and looking more like a lottery is irresponsible and even criminal. This holds true for countries outside the Eurozone as well. One of the fine examples of how a referendum should be held on staying in or leaving a union with a common currency was the one in Scotland. A fine example in the sense of being democratic. Otherwise, the Scotch case is different from

the Eurozone as integration within the United Kingdom is incomparably closer than in the zone of the common currency.

The referendum in Greece compares democratically to the vote in the Crimea last year when voters were also given just a week to decide whether to stay in the Ukraine or join Russia. The Crimean situation was worse, for there was no pluralism of opinions whatsoever, terrible censorship prevailed and voters had to choose in the presence of tanks and armed to the teeth unmarked soldiers. What is shameful in this comparison is that it is with a country outside the EU, far from the Unions standards for democracy. Greece has been a member for decades and claims to be the cradle of democracy, and Marine Le Pen’s party comes from a country with valuable contributions in shaping today’s democratic evolution.

The good news is that populists are finally revealing more and more of their true faces. If the Eurozone does not pay the necessary attention to the democratic deficits Margaret Thatcher will be proven wrong. It will not be the Euro that destroys democracy but pseudo-democracy that destroys the Euro.

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Truth Jihad: 10th anniversary of 7/7: I$raHell security firms implicated in London false flag


Posted by Kevin Barrett

Did VERINT and ICTS bomb London?

7-7For only $3.95 a month you can listen to shows on-demand before they are broadcast – and also get free downloads and other perks from Kevin! If you are a subscriber, just log in to the members area of to get early access to the shows. Help Kevin keep these shows on the air – become a subscriber today!

Editor’s note: The embedded Truth Jihad Radio interview with Nick Kollerstrom, author of ‘Terror on the Tubeanalyzes the recent beach resort shooting in Tunisia – whose victims were mostly Brits – as a likely PR launch for the 10th anniversary of the 7/7/2005 London bombings. For more information see my recent post Terror in Tunisia: Another false flag? And for background, check out my essay “Pre- and Post-9/11 False Flags: How Weapons of Mass Deception Are Interdependent” in the new book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.

Below is a brief breakdown of evidence implicating insiders and Israelis, not necessarily in that order, in the 7/7 bombings.


10th Anniversary Of The London 7-7-2005 Subway Bombings

by VidRebel

This essay is based upon the latest edition of the video 7-7 Ripple Effect which was recently released. This article also contains some of my own research. Here is the video:

The May 16, 2004 BBC Panorama program (London Under Attack) had a What If scenario looking at organizing TV coverage of bombings  at 3 Tube stations  and on one road vehicle. They concluded that the BBC would have to allow Security officials to dictate their coverage.

This is the same BBC that had announced the collapse of World Trade Center Tower 7 some 24 minutes in advance.

They had been told by the then Rothschild owned Reuters News agency that Tower 7 had collapsed. I think they had a time zone problem. London had just left what they call Summer time. But America was still on Daylight Savings time.

From the Ripple Effect video we learn that Peter Power on 7-7-2005 was running a mock terror drill on the London Underground. They chose the 3 tube locations and the day and the hour that the 3 bombs exploded.

What are the odds of that? The London tube is closed one day a year so the odds of picking the right day are 1 in 364. The London tube is open 19 hours a day which gives you a 1 in 19 chance of picking the right hour. There were to the best of my knowledge 274 stations in 2005. So the odds of  picking the right 3 stations is calculated by multiplying 1/274 X 1/273 X 1/272. You could calculate the odds of Peter Power’s client picking the hour, the day and the station by multiplying  1/19 X 1/364 X 1/274 X 1/273 X 1/272.

Or you could improve the odds by realizing Tony Blair was Prime Minister and that Robert Kiley, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former Director of Logistics for the CIA, was appointed Commissioner of Transport for London. Kiley quit in January 2006 six months after the London bombings and after five years in the job. He was paid almost £2 million in a settlement for standing down, and remained as a £3,200-a-day consultant.

There are some other long odds to calculate. The Israeli company VERINT was in charge of the CCTV cameras. The bus bomb exploded near the London headquarters of ICTS, an Israeli company. That Israeli  company ICTS  was in charge of security at the airports where  4  planes were hijacked on 911. ICTS was also in charge when the Christmas Day bomber was let on board an international flight without a passport despite having paid cash for a one way ticket and being put on a terrorist watch list by his father for being mentally unstable. ICTS was also in charge when the shoe bomber Richard Reid boarded Flight 63 from Paris to Miami on 12-22-2001.

The Israelis were also in charge of security at Fukushima on 3-11-2011 which was exactly 7 years to the day after the Madrid train bombings of 3-11-2004. The Madrid bombings were exactly 911 days after the Israelis attacked America on 9-11-2001. The Stuxnet virus was designed by the Israelis and the CIA to shut down Iran’s peaceful nuclear power project. It was found on the Siemens controllers at other plants in Japan but there is no definitive word whether or not Stuxnet played a role at Fukushima. I cannot calculate the odds of Israelis being in charge of security at terrorist events. Besides, someone might hurt my feelings by calling me a dirty, filthy anti-Semite.

The Israeli company VERINT claims their CCTV cameras on 7-7-2005 all failed. That should be added to the list of improbable events. The alternative is to believe there was no video of the 4 Muslim men because they were not on the trains.

The Ripple Effect video has CCTV from a gas station in Leeds which indicates that Mohammad Sidique Kahn, never went to London. He was  the oldest of the 4 young men and had helped the Leeds police with Asian gang problems. His wife had just been taken to the hospital where she subsequently lost her baby. He was likely arrested in Leeds and then permanently disappeared.

Charles Shoebridge, a British terror expert, believed that 2 of the 4 suspects including Kahn were MI5 agents. The two alleged leaders were likely working for MI5 and had made suicide videos as part of a training exercise. The videos released by the police mentioned no details from 7-7 and were made when both men appeared to look much younger.

John Loftus, a former US Army intelligence officer, an author and a terrorism expert, said that Americans previously refused to indict Haroon Rashid Aswat, the alleged mastermind of 7-7, on charges from previous events in the USA. Aswat was an MI-6 agent who might have been borrowed by the Americans. After the 7-7-2005 bombings, he fled to Pakistan. He was arrested on his arrival but was released after 24 hours. He was eventually extradited  to the US in 2014 after having been treated for psychiatric problems in the UK.

A few key points from the video. The police can only release still photos of the 4 suspects arriving at the Luton station because they have no CCTV video of them arriving on time. And the video proves the still photos are dodgy.

The 7:40 and 7:46 trains from Luton to Kings Cross station were both cancelled so three of the men arrived at London’s King Cross station too late for the drill. They likely figured out they had been set up after they heard the news of the bombings so they headed to Canary Wharf which had prestigious media outlets where they presumably would be safe. There was a report on both BBC TV and radio that 3 Muslim terrorists had been shot and killed at Canary Wharf. Those one time broadcasts were never repeated.

It is alleged that the fourth ‘terrorist’ who was the youngest went from Kings Cross station on the #91 bus to Euston station where he caught the #30 bus which would have taken him back to Kings Cross except that it was diverted to Tavistock square where it was blown up.

The CCTV on that particular bus had been worked on for 20 hours by a secretive crew on a previous Saturday. This job normally takes 2 hours at most. The top of the bus was taken clean off. It obviously involved cutter charges and could not have been the result of a backpack bomb. The primary witness Richard Jones claimed to have seen an Asian man on the bus. Jones also said he got off at his stop just before the explosion. That was an obvious lie as the bus had been diverted so nobody on the bus was looking for a stop near Tavistock. Jones later admitted in an interview that he had worked with explosives.

A white van was parked near the explosion. It belonged to King Star, a controlled demolition company. The bus bomb exploded near the London headquarters of ICTS, an Israeli company that, as mentioned, had run security at the 911 hijack airports. Witnesses said they heard two explosions on the bus bombing.

Witnesses on the Tube bombings said there were no backpacks and no Asians. They said the bombs exploded from underneath the floor of the trains. The video shows the directionality of the blast. Forensic exams showed the bombs were military grade plastic explosives and had timers. No suicide bombers were needed. The homemade bombs in the backpacks theory was proven false.

On 7-7-2005 Mossad and traitors within the British government killed 52 people in the London subway bombings.

So one more myth in the War on Terror dies. How long before we can be allowed to tell the truth in public without losing our jobs and being harassed?


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Questions Over 7/7 Bomber’s Trip To I$raHell


Khan was in I$raHell weeks before two UK men bombed a Tel Aviv bar but potential links between them were not properly investigated.

By Tom Rayner, Middle East Reporter

The inquests into the 2005 London bombings, presented at the time as the conclusive and final judgement on the attacks, did not examine a potentially crucial part of the lead bomber’s back-story, a Sky News investigation has found.

The timing of an unexplained visit to I$raHell in early 2003 by lead 7/7 bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan was not addressed in any of the parliamentary or judicial investigations into the London attacks, despite the fact it occurred just weeks before two British men – with apparent connections to Khan – carried out a deadly suicide mission against the NAZI regime.

The chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee has told Sky News he will write to the Home Secretary seeking an explanation, and has raised the question of whether “further steps” could still be necessary.

The attack on Mike’s Place bar on the beach in I$raHell in April 2003 was carried out by Britain’s first ever suicide bombers.

Asif Hanif, from Hounslow, killed three people and injured more than 50 when he detonated his device.

Another bomb carried by Omar Sharif from Derby failed to detonate. He fled the scene and his body was found washed up on the beach. A coroner’s inquest ruled he had drowned.

Ashif Muhahmmad Hanif And Omar Khan Sharif

Britain’s first suicide bombers: Asif Hanif (L) and Omar Sharif (R)

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The Second Battle of Trafalgar


Posted by Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

A mighty naval battle took place this week on the waves of the Mediterranean

Jim Dean banner

By Uri Avnery with Gush Shalom

Editors note:  We had expected Uri to write a report on the latest Gaza flotilla, and he delivered his usual satire to ridicule the Israeli response of blocking a limited supply of humanitarian goods. He correctly condemns the blockade as cheap showmanship by the militant Zionists, who have been running the Israeli government under Netanyahu and his current “upgrade” of the worst of the worst among the Zio-Nazis.

But as is often with Uri, he does not lay a glove on the co-culprits in this crime against humanity to the Palestinian people, as opposed to a political dispute between two parties. For reference, think of two-thirds of WWII German descendants living in stateless refugee camps with a full blockade on the most “uppity” ones who get bombed at will with all the modern technology that the US can supply.

No one could conceive of this, but the world has become complacent in the Palestinian tragedy, which has continued solely due to the political espionage of the Israeli-Jewish lobbies in the key Western countries, which have given Israel a free pass to continue its crimes against their conquered charges.

So, while Uri rails against his political adversaries, he will not step over the line to go after those who empower Israel to do what it does to keep the current stalemate, with the bogus claim of being under the threat of annihilation from Jew-hating Arabs, which gives the Zionists the opportunity to do anything they want to survive.

If such a construct is a valid one, then the Palestinians have an even stronger case against the Zionists and all those who have enabled them to have a free pass, not only against their current victims, but with a free pass on their weapons of mass destruction, the use of which the Western allies have become co-culprits.

Sure, there is some Western public relations movement that appears to show a more sympathetic shift, but it moves at a snail’s pace. What is needed is a game changer act — a boycott of the extremist Zionist government to punish Israelis for a change until they decide to change their government. I will not be holding my breath… Jim W. Dean


The Swedish boat, Marianne, is not quite in the legendary Trafalgar fleet category

The Swedish boat, Marianne, is not quite in the legendary Trafalgar fleet category

A mighty naval battle took place this week on the waves of the Mediterranean. It will go down in history as the equal of Salamis or Trafalgar.

In a daring move, the navy of the State of Israel intercepted the enemy, consisting of the trawler Marianne and the 18 people aboard. Israel naval commandos captured the ship and towed it to the harbor of Ashdod.

The admiral who commanded this glorious action has so far modestly remained anonymous. Therefore we cannot honor him with a column in the center of Tel Aviv, like Admiral Horatio Nelson’s column in London’s Trafalgar Square. Pity.

However, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lauded the courage of the victors in glowing terms, expressing the gratitude and admiration of the nation for their gallant deed. I would continue in this vein, but even sarcasm has its limits. The whole affair was a masterpiece of stupidity.

Five years ago, several boats tried to reach Gaza, as a symbolic act of support for the beleaguered enclave, and were let through by the Israeli navy. No one mentioned them again.

Then there came the “Turkish flotilla”. Several boats were led by the larger Turkish vessel Mavi Marmara, with hundreds of Turkish and international peace activists on board. This time, Netanyahu and his minions were determined to show the world that Israel rules the waves. He ordered an attack on the flotilla.

Israeli naval commandos were lowered onto the deck of the Marmara from a helicopter, and in the ensuing mêlée nine Turks (one of them also an American citizen) were killed. A tenth died later from his wounds. All of them were unarmed but resisted violently.

The other boats were captured without violent resistance. All were brought to Ashdod harbor. The international reaction was immense. For many, the Marmara became a symbol of Israeli brutality. The propaganda catastrophe compelled Netanyahu to release all the imprisoned activists and crew and send them on their way hope.

Altogether, what could have been a negligible incident, soon forgotten, turned into a great victory for the activists. The entire world paid attention. The Gaza blockade became the center of international interest.

Nelson during the battle of Trafalgar

Nelson during the battle of Trafalgar

Even worse were the political consequences. Turkey became an enemy. For many years, Turkey – and especially the Turkish armed forces – had been a staunch ally of Israel. Secret relations between the two non-Arab Middle Eastern powers were woven. During the reign of David Ben-Gurion, a “peripheral theory” became the cornerstone of Israel’s regional policy.

Accordingly, Israel established an unofficial alliance with the non-Arab states that surround the Arab world: Kemalist Turkey, the Shah’s Iran, Ethiopia, Chad and so on. Israel sold arms to the Turks. Joint army maneuvers were held. Eventually open diplomatic relations were established.

All this came to an end with the Marmara affair (except the military part, which continues in secret). Emotions were aroused. Turkish public opinion reacted with fury. Israel refused to pay the high indemnities demanded for the bereaved families. (Negotiations about them are still going on.)

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, an adroit politician, exploited the incident in order to change fronts and reestablish Turkish influence in the Arab countries which had belonged to the late Ottoman Empire. What did Israel gain from this incident? Nothing.

Did the Israeli government draw any conclusions from this debacle? How could they? For them it was not a debacle at all, but rather an admirable demonstration of Israeli prowess and determination. This week’s incident was the inevitable outcome. More will follow.

Mavi Marmara dead

Mavi Marmara dead

In order  of a hostile encounter, one has to ask what each side wanted to achieve. The organizers of the flotillas wanted to stage a provocation, in order to draw the world’s attention to the pernicious blockade. From their point of view, the Israeli reaction serves their purpose admirably.

Netanyahu wants to keep the blockade going, drawing as little attention to it as possible. From this point of view, the attacks are counterproductive. In short, they are stupid.

The main question is, of course: Why, for God’s sake, is there a blockade at all? What purpose does it serve? Officially, the purpose is to prevent weapons reaching the Gaza strip, so as to prevent Hamas from attacking Israel. If so, why cause the whole drama? Boats sailing to Gaza, purportedly to supply it with medicines and food, can be searched by mutual agreement in their harbors of departure. The organizers cannot object to this without arousing suspicion.

Alternatively, the boats can be stopped on the high seas, searched and released. Such a procedure is quite usual. The Israeli government has rejected these possibilities, thereby raising the suspicion that the purpose of the blockade is quite different. It is to prevent any supplies from reaching Gaza in order to keep the overcrowded territory totally dependent on supplies coming from Israel, which lets through only the bare necessities of life.

The hidden purpose is to let the 1.8 million inhabitants, the majority descendents of refugees from Israel, vegetate on the brink of starvation, in order to induce them to rise up and overthrow the Hamas authorities. If so, it has been a miserable failure. On the contrary, under the cruel pressure, the inhabitants seem to draw ever closer to Hamas. After all, Hamas is not a foreign invader, but the brothers and sons of the inhabitants.

Panoramic painting of Trafalgar

Panoramic painting of Trafalgar

Leaving aside the question whether the blockade is legal under international law, it certainly has not fulfilled its promise. The rule of Hamas in Gaza seems to be as solid as ever. This being so, one might raise the opposite option. Why not lift the blockade altogether? (Gasp!)

I can imagine a situation of open borders and open sea. Food, medicines, building materials and everything else, except arms, flowing into the Strip from all directions – by sea and by land from Egypt and Israel. Why not let the Gazans build a harbor or obtain a floating harbor? Why not let them reactivate their airport? The beautiful building they once built near Dahaniya was destroyed by our armed forces. Why not build it again?

Simple logic dictates that the more the people of Gaza have to lose, the less will they be inclined to provoke another war. If we really want quiet and tranquility, that is the way. Yes, but what about arms? Establish strict supervision by international inspectors. That has been done before in history. No problem.

Behind the tactical stupidity of this whole affair there lurks a much larger strategic stupidity. The air of the Middle East is full of rumors about an ongoing secret effort to forge an Israel-Hamas armistice, even a kind of alliance.

This is based on the disinclination of the Israeli government to re-conquer the Gaza strip, with its 1.8 million Palestinian Arabs. It’s not only a problem of security – a guerrilla war by Hamas would be certain – but something much worse. What really frightens all Israeli governments, right and left, is demography. 1.8 million more Arabs, multiplying all the time? A nightmare for Zionists!

In all the dreams about the annexation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip is always left outside. True, it is geographically and historically part of “Eretz Israel”, but who wants it? To hell with it!

Israeli right-wingers come in all shapes and covers

Israeli right-wingers come in all shapes and covers

Our present government, composed of extreme right-wingers, wants to eventually annex the West Bank, with as few Arab Palestinians as possible. Because of this, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is a far more dangerous enemy of Netanyahu and his ilk than Hamas. Abbas attracts international recognition. He enjoys growing UN and US support.

By this logic, Netanyahu could be expected to fight Abbas and support Hamas in creating a separate mini-state in Gaza. But he behaves like a child who has to choose between two sweets: he wants both.

So he tries to undermine Abbas while at the same time fighting his glorious battles on the high seas against Hamas. But he is also engaged in secret negotiations with his new friends, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, in order to forge a long-term armistice (“hudna”) with Hamas.  Complicated? Indeed.

Somethings personal: I have been asked why I was not on the boat that tried to run the blockade this week.
Frankly, I would have loved to go. I love the sea. I love boats. I would have enjoyed the company of the former Tunisian prime minister and the Arab member of the Knesset who were on the boat. Breaking the blockade would have appealed to me very much.

The trouble is that the organizers of these flotillas insist on a political program that negates the existence of the State of Israel. Much like the organizers of the BDS, they insist on the One-State chimera.

I believe in peace. Peace means peace between the two states: Israel and Palestine. I support the Palestinian struggle for independence as part of my struggle for a peaceful, democratic Israel. So I missed the Second Battle of Trafalgar.

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Recent Sinai Attacks; killing the beast


Posted by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

“We are not in the aftermath of the so called Arab Spring, Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries are deeply engulfed in a real war”

Sinai attacks July 1st 2015-1-1

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

The scale and ferocity of the recent militant attacks against the Egyptian army in North Sinai, swiftly following the (successful) assassination of Egypt’s general prosecutor, are underscoring an obvious fact; Egypt still has a long way to go in its war against terrorism.

Another growing discourse amongst Egyptian intellectuals doubts the heavy handed security could be the only solution to the current escalation of violence and terrorism. Islamist terrorism will continue to thrive if the ideology behind it is not checked and corrected, the argument goes.

Aftermath of the bomb that killed Egypt general prosecutor on Monday 29th June

Aftermath of the bomb that killed Egypt general prosecutor on Monday 29th June

It’s not only Egypt that faces this threat, but the whole Middle Eastern countries; the Arabic ones that is. But All Arabs, not only Egyptians, could survive the chaos and devastation that ensued in the aftermath of the so called Arab Spring.  But they could not and will not allow this devastation and destruction to engulf the heart of the Arab world, Egypt.

This implicit consensus is why Egypt (headed by el Sisi) is being fully backed by most of the Arab countries especially the Arab Gulf countries (except the Zionist emirate of Qatar with its [Al Jazeera news channel] that has long been battering Egypt with its disgraceful and unprofessional hype)

On Wednesday July 1st, Islamist militants unleashed a wave of simultaneous attacks against Egyptian army checkpoints in El-Arish, Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah, the last three small towns before we hit the border with Gaza and Israel (I worked there as a medical doctor for almost three years back in 1997). The coordinated assaults set off the fiercest clashes in decades in Northern Sinai.

When it comes to reporting the death toll and the number of the wounded, the reports of the main stream media were conflicting and varied considerably. Whereas most of the reports talked about a range from 60 – 100 killed and more than 120 wounded, the official report of the Egyptian army only mentioned 17 military personnel killed (4 of them officers) and 30 wounded.

Sinai map-2

Interestingly, Aljazeera Arabic News channel was the only mainstream media platform that had exclusively reported the attacks (LIVE) as the fighting and the bombing were taking place.

The reporter with the camera crew stood few meters away from the border with Rafah (Eastern Rafah is in the Gaza territory) and broke the news of the deadly attacks as the black thick plumes of smoke were still gathering on the horizon. In Egypt, we knew about the attacks 45 minutes after the start of the bombings.

Obviously Al Jazeera had been tipped off (by some clandestine operatives in Gaza) hours before the attacks occurred. Egyptian security authorities have frequently accused Hamas of harboring Islamist militants and MB fugitives implicated in funding and training the insurgents.

On its official facebook page (Egyptians are very active on social media since the 2011 revolution) the Egyptian Military spokesman stated that around one hundred Islamist militants have been killed in the counter offensive (this video  presenting animated brief account of the attacks has been released by the Egyptian Army)

Hordes of Islamist militants killed in the attacks, with their weapons confiscated

Hordes of Islamist militants killed in the attacks, with their weapons confiscated

Regardless of the conflicting numbers and the different narratives; the recent militant attacks have undeniably revealed new worrying signals. First and foremost is the likely involvement of the native Bedouins of Sinai in the deadly attacks.

Obviously the way this wave of insurgency has been dragging with no signs of abating since the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohamed Morsi, back in 2013  is begging two vital questions.

Is this wave of terrorism against Egyptians has anything to do with the Muslim Brotherhood? Second, is the Islamist insurgency in the Northen Sinai being facilitated/coordinated by the native Bedouins?

My personal sources in Sinai have repeatedly affirmed the involvement of a new and young generation of (recently radicalized) Sinai Bedouins in the attacks against Egypt army. In late 1999 before I left Sheikh Zuweid, I was amazed by the growing tide of Salafism (radical Islam) amongst the native paramedics and staff nurses of North Sinai.

The whole operation Sinai as dubbed by Egypt military has somehow turned (due to uncalculated risk of collateral damage) to a war of vengeance between some of Sinai tribes (mainly based in Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah) and the Military. This has long been seen coming and feared as the worst case scenario by some Egyptian analysts and commentators. If you ever wondered why most of the deadly operations take place in and around Sheikh Zuweid, that’s because the tribes over there are offering logistical and Intelligence help to the Islamist militants.

One more thing, Sheikh Zwueid is now the closest place to Gaza and Israel, not to mention that the whole town is connected to Gaza via a web of- yet undiscovered – deep and twisted tunnels (wide and deep enough to allow land Rovers carrying anti-craft missiles through)

Egypt military unearthed many underground tunnels communicating Gaza with Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid.

Egypt military unearthed many underground tunnels communicating Gaza with Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid.

Sinai and its small Bedouin community have long been bedeviled and neglected, for many centuries before Mubarak, by successive Egyptian governments. Many analysts argue that the long economical and developmental marginalization have helped morph Sinai into the hotbed for terrorism and militancy it is today.

Another analysis accuse the short period of MB rule for turning Sinai into another Afghanistan. One of the first things Morsi of the MB did as a president in office was to invite all the Al Qaeda’s militants (especially those of Arabic and Egyptian origin) to depart Kandahar (and other Taliban strongholds) and head straight to Sinai.

A previous contact and agreement with Ayman El- Zawahri (head of al Qaeda) had paved the way for this mass exodus of Islamist militants and their heavy weaponry into Sinai. This, according to the MB tactics, served as the military wing (a parallel army) that was bound to be needed if the tide turned against the MB and their new policy in Egypt.

In the past two years the responsibility for most of the Sinai attacks against the Egyptian army have been claimed by an Islamist militant group called (Ansar Bait El Maqdis). On 10 November 2014, the group has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) and changed its operational name to Wilayat Sinai (State of Sinai). An offshoot of the group which also operated in Gaza has renamed itself into the Islamic state of Gaza.

Sinai attacks and the Muslim Brotherhood

Back to our first question about the link, if any, between the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the terrorist insurgency in Sinai and all over Egypt. The official statements issued (in English) by the MB deny any responsibility or link of the kind and also denounce the undergoing violence and terrorism. On the other hand the Arabic statements of the top MB leaders (from behind bars) strongly assure the insurgency in Sinai and the terrorist operations all over Egypt would instantly stop was Morsi reinstated as president.

Obviously the MB is practicing a sort of bilingual hypocrisy; the trick of the wolf in sheep’s clothing is still working especially in the west. According to MB sharia law, this trick is not shunned as immoral but rather permitted as taqiya (religious deception), especially when dealing with western infidels.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government headed by President El Sisi never bought that MB claim, not for a second.   The majority of the Egyptians wholeheartedly, except for the sheep [popular Egyptian designation of MB supporters], endorse their government in pointing the finger at the MB and its international partners, financiers and supporters as the main suspects behind the ongoing unrest and terrorism. Besides many of the suspects, captured during terrorist attacks, have confessed they received funds and instructions from MB heads.

MB Morsi attends court session wearing red uniform -- designating him as a convict awaiting execution

MB Morsi attends court session wearing red uniform — designating him as a convict awaiting execution

Also experts in Islamist radicalism and militancy know damn well that the literature of the MB is the root (ideological motivation) for all Islamist militancy. Based on the infamous rule of Takfir (accusation of apostasy and blasphemy) the MB theorists denounce any regime (Muslim or not) that dares operate under the rule of any law other than the strict Islamic Sharia (distorted by MB wolves)

In short MB jurisprudence have zero tolerance for ideas such as nationalism, patriotism, rule of law, democracy, women’s rights and equality, secularism and freedom of speech (even if they fooled a big chunk of the West, by means of Taqiya, into believing otherwise)

The Sinai insurgency, according to Egyptian security, has been financed and coordinated from abroad. Actually it is not a far-fetched hypothesis, considering the similar ongoing scenarios in Libya, Syria and Iraq. The so called Arab Spring has turned into a relentless redrawing of the Middle Eastern map by unleashing the beasts Arabs dreaded most; radicalism, sectarianism and Islamist militancy.

But Egyptian military experts don’t shy away from pinpointing Israel’s Mosaad as the main party to have really benefitted from (and maybe helped shaped) the current chaos and violence. Even if one or two stray rockets landed on some Israeli territory (to add to the Israeli diplomatic camouflage)

While mainstream media is talking about a recent Egyptian-Israeli co-operation in combating militancy in Sinai, the Egyptian military experts have not lost their old (patriotic) compass that always identified Israel as the perpetual enemy and threat. Let’s make no mistake about that.

Khairat el-Shater, Muslim Brotherhood deputy head

Khairat el-Shater, Muslim Brotherhood deputy head

The new Sinai army of Mujahideen/militants before pledging allegiance to IS had long been funded and established by Mr. Khairat el Shater, deputy head of MB clandestine organization.

Regiment 95 was the elite (Special Forces) unit responsible for tactics and special operations (MB terrorism and assassinations) that took orders and answered only to el Shater. It is said that till now el Shater, from his detention awaiting execution along with Morsi and first line MB leaders, is still giving operation orders for the infamous regiment.

Comprising the cadre of this elite regiment are 18 topnotch highly trained militants and suicide bombers. Amongst them Shadi el Menei, a native militant of North Sinai (as we pointed before) also on the list is an Egyptian militant returning from Afghanistan, Ramzy Mowafi (The personal medical doctor of Osama Bin Laden)

The Egyptian ministry of interior has declared 16 of them eliminated and captured. Surprisingly the two left are sacked (discharged for being radicalized) military officers; Hesham Ashmaoui, and Emad el Deen Ahmed.

Hesham Ashmaoui, sacked Egyptian commando officer and prime suspect for the latest Sinai attacks

Hesham Ashmaoui, sacked Egyptian commando officer and prime suspect for the latest Sinai attacks

According to leaked information, El Ashmaoui is the master mind behind most of the Sinai attacks and the major terrorist operations in Cairo and Delta (including the failed assassination attempt on the former ministry of interior back in September 2013). He is also said to have planned the assassination of Egypt’s general prosecutor, Hesham Barakat on 29 June.

Before the end of the bloody Wednesday, Egyptian special police forces stormed into an apartment in western Cairo, 6th of October city.  According to the prior investigations and surveillance, there were nine MB operatives, two of them were already sentenced to death and the others are wanted for planning and funding multiple explosions and terrorist operation inside Egypt. The nine MB wanted men instantly opened fire and the Special Forces officers had to respond. The Nine MB men were killed in the apartment (Al Jazeera called the bust and the cross fire, despite the confiscated incriminating evidences and automatic gun machines, a murder in cold blood)

There is now a publication ban on the recent attack and assassination of the late Mr. Hesham Barakat, Egypt’s general prosecutor. Barakat was in charge and responsible for the legal indictment of all the top figures of the MB leadership cadre. Barakat had survived a couple of assassination attempts before he was finally killed by bombing his car convoy on his way to office last Monday. Many clues are suggesting yet another implication of el Ashmaoui in the successful assassination.

Being an old commando officer with a vast experience in Special Forces’ tactics and training, Hesham el Ashmaoui acted as the head of training and planning for the Wilayat Sinai. His record revealed he had also been to Syria in 2013 and communicated with el Baghdadi’s deputy heads (Egyptians by the way)

One of the interesting findings after the last series of attacks on Egyptian Military checkpoints in Northern Sinai is the communication method. The Islamist militants, including some of the local Bedouins, are using Israeli mobile network for their communication. In other words, the militants ‘phone calls, tweets and text messages are carried, and of course monitored by Israeli authorities.

And if we bear in mind that the whole operational theatre of Sinai is closely monitored by the Israeli military spy satellite, not to mention the distant audio surveillance, we could come to realize another glaring finding.

If there was the kind of Israeli-Egyptian military and intelligence cooperation the mainstream and alternative media are raving about, the recent Sinai attack could have easily been anticipated and even foiled.

But Israel kept a low profile, despite the IDF abundant surveillance and Intel, until the deadly attacks had achieved the target (exhausting and destabilizing Egypt and its military) and only now is Tel Aviv going to great lengths to link Hamas (and many of the Islamist cells in Gaza) to the recent Sinai attacks.

The truth of the matter is that Israel was and will remain Egypt’s perpetual enemy. The chaos and terrorism that are sweeping across the Arab world are the making of Tel Aviv and Zionist friends in the White House and in the Euro Zone. We are not in the aftermath of the so called Arab Spring, Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries are deeply engulfed in a real war.

It might be a new generation of war (Asymmetric Warfare) but it is one of the fiercest battles. For the long-term goal of this ongoing war is the reshuffling /remapping of the whole Middle-Eastern geopolitics so as to give new room for the old project of a greater Israel (bordered by a new and friendly Kurdish state)

The recent Sinai attacks won’t be the last, more and even deadlier attacks will take place not only in Sinai, but in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Libya. The US and Israel won’t dare finish off the so called Islamic State, for those Islamist savages have given them what they have long been searching for; wreaking havoc around Israel’s strategic territories without the risk of Israeli or American boots on the grounds.

Why mess with that efficient and lucrative new generation of warfare, it is even more efficient than drones. It seems that whoever unleashed the beast is not interested in recapturing it again, therefore if Egypt and the Arabs are to survive this mayhem they have to kill the beast themselves. There is no other way out in sight.


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Purim – Esther as Concubine and the Acolyte of Ishtar

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

by Katherine Frisk

The celebration of Purim is a yearly ritual and is enacted and carried out in the Judaic tradition in the last days of winter before spring arrives.

A brief synopsis of the story behind Purim: 

As a young child Esther was orphaned and adopted by  Mordecai. When she came of age he sold her into the King’s Harem. Eventually the King became so enamoured with Esther that he made her his Queen.  Due to Esther’s influence over the King, Mordecai was given permission to slaughter his enemies, every man woman and child. Not only were the people responsible for plotting to kill the Jews murdered, but also whole families, the innocent, who had been caught up in this political disaster. 

We see the same thing happening in the West Bank and on the Gaza Strip today. The innocent are murdered, their homes are destroyed, their olive trees are cut down and their land is taken from them in yet another “Holocaust,” reminiscent of Purim. 

The celebration of Purim is the celebration of the Holocaust that took place when the Jews in Persia, during the Babylonian exile, laid waste to almost 100,000 people thanks to an edict granted to them by King Ahasuerus and made possible due to Esther’s position in the King’s palace.

The Middle East for thousands of years, even in the 21st Century, regards women as commodities. Young girls are sold into slavery, prostitution or both. Many young girls who are exceptionally beautiful and “comely,” a rather censored word used in Biblical passages for “sexy,”are often part of trade and political agreements and are “sold off” in marriage.

Orphans are particularly vulnerable and susceptible, often “adopted” by older men, who nurture them and depending on how pretty, beautiful or “comely” they are, sell them off, either as slaves or in marriage, as one would sell off a prized piece of art in exchange for some other thing of value.

In this story we see Mordecai gaining power and influence through a young girl who he has nurtured and adopted. These young women were also often used as spies, the lure of their charms was encouraged from a young age and adapted for the purposes of espionage and political influence. Their beauty and their sexual prowess was imperative in order for them to fulfil their obligations to their “adopted” father figure. Esther in all cases fits the profile. She is the ultimate  Jewish spy and concubine of the Middle East in Judaic culture.

Not only does Esther fit the spy/concubine role, she also fits the profile of the sacred whore and the Goddess Ishtar. Most of the symbols associated with her, including her name, have been plagiarised and adapted from Sumerian belief into a Judaic myth of… “Biblical proportions. ”

Esther is  called  “Hadassah,”  which means “Myrtle” in Hebrew. The myrtle flower was sacred to Venus, Aphrodite and Ishtar. It was also considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac. We are told that Esther was born Hadassah, which could be read in the context that she was a born aphrodisiac. Many things over time either get lost in translation or are slightly altered from their original form. The word “hadassah” is almost similar to the word kadeshah,” which was a sacred prostitute.

If we look at the story of Esther, her upbringing, her eventual position in the King’s harem and her later rise to power, she most definitely fits the definition of “kadeshah.” She also fits the definition of the Japanese concubine and the many women in European history known openly as “The King’s Mistress.” Trained for service both physically and intellectually in order to spy on and be of influence in the highest escutcheons of power. As such she is given “Goddess” status.

Ishtar is the Goddess of love, war , fertility and sexuality. The town of Uruk in Babylonia was known as the “town of the sacred courtesans.” She is also referred to as the “courtesan of the gods”.

The monarchy at the time regarded themselves as “Gods,” King  Ahasuerus  was seen as the son of the Gods, Esther as his courtesan and concubine, is a courtesan of the “God.”

Ishtar is often associated with Isis. But these two “Goddess” figures come from two different nations and represent completely different aspects of women.
Ishtar is a concubine, courtesan and a second wife to the King/God. This is a    polygamous relationship.  
Ishtar in cosmology is the planet Venus
Ishtar is the Goddess of war.
Isis is a Goddess in her own right and the only wife of Osiris. This is a  monogamous  relationship. 
Isis in cosmology is the star Sirius
Isis is the Goddess of fertility, her star Sirius, rising at  the annual flooding of the  Nile  River which brought fertile silt giving abundance to the whole of Egypt. Isis is the mother  figure, of the God King Horus. 
A comparative study of Egyptian Goddesses would rather place Ishtar and in turn Esther, on a similar level to Lioness Goddess, Sekhmet, the “alter” of the Goddess  Hathor. Ishtar was also associated with Lions.
Sekhmet at Kom Ombo copyright Gerard Ducher
 In her negative aspect as Sekhmet, she is the Goddess of war and destruction. Also known as the destructive “eye” of the sun. Or the “eye of Ra.” In her positive aspect she turned into Hathor, the goddess of love. Much in the same way Esther is the concubine and lover of the God/King, but is also the engineer of the holocaust and the total destruction of Mordecai’s enemies.
 Hollywood seems to have adopted this duality of Ishtar, through mind control and creating “alters.” The “kitten” training, the violence and the blatant promiscuity, coupled with duel personality types very often leading to mental breakdown and often suicide. A full in depth study on this subject can be found at: Vigilante Citizen. 
In closing, the story of Esther is not part of the original Torah reading. It is a story that has been adapted from Sumerian myths, the Babylonian exile and the story of one tribe, being the Jews, descendants of Judah. Whether there was an Esther or not, whether this holocaust actually took place or not, is debatable. The whole rendering of the story of Esther could be plagiarised from Babylonian history and religion. The Samaritans, the descendants of Joseph and his sons, Ephraim and Mannasheh, do not celebrate Purim. They only mark the holidays set by the Pentateuch.

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