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Zionist stooges’s shameless exhibitionism in British parliament

Lord Davies of Stamford, formerly the MP Quentin Davies

By Stuart Littlewood

It has no nukes, no navy, no air-force, no tanks, no phosphor bombs, no submarines, no guided missiles, no exits, nowhere to

Its people are terrorised, blockaded and exhausted, and their homes are rubble.

Unemployment is the highest in the world and 73 per cent of its inhabitants suffer food insecurity.

But, suddenly, Gaza is “a recurring threat to peace”!

This blame-it-on-Gaza bombshell came in the middle of a House of Lords debate on 7 July on the political situation in the Gaza Strip.

Hasbara stooges present their propaganda “facts”

Lord Davies of Stamford, formerly the MP Quentin Davies (pictured above), stood up:

My Lords, there are five salient facts that ought to come out of any debate about Gaza… One is that Gaza is clearly a most unpleasant place to live: it is extremely poor and very violent. It is poor partially because of the blockades that have been imposed by both its neighbours, Egypt and Israel, for reasons that may be very understandable.

The second salient fact that has come out and which is certainly recognised all over the world is that Gaza in its present state is a recurring threat to peace in the region. Rockets are continually fired at Israel. After some years, the Israelis inevitably lose their patience… and intervene militarily. There is nasty military action, obviously with a lot of fatalities.

Obviously. And the casualties (including over 578 children killed and 1,000 permanently disabled) are all on one side. It would be helpful to say why rockets are fired at Israel. But do carry on with your fascinating analysis, noble Lord.

Those two facts are pretty well known. There are three facts about Gaza that are not so well known and which ought to be better known. One is that it is a very nasty, savage tyranny… Hamas imposes its power by regular use of torture and execution of political opponents: so-called collaborators with the Israelis and so forth.

By mentioning torture, his Lordship reminds me of the grim reports we keep getting about Israel torturing Palestinian child prisoners.

The fourth point that ought to be much better known is one I tried to bring out a few weeks ago at Questions, when I asked the minister whether Hamas could bring to an end, any day it wanted, the blockade imposed by Israel, simply by accepting the Quartet conditions. These, as the House knows, are: the giving up of violence, the recognition of the state of Israel and the acceptance of existing accords, including the Oslo accord. The answer I got was yes, the Hamas regime could, any day it wants, get rid of these blockades. It chooses not to do so.

Israel too could do all of those things but chooses not to. It could, if it had the sense, end its illegal occupation but chooses not to. And why would Palestinians recognise Israel when Israel has said repeatedly that it opposes a Palestinian state? His Lordship’s mention of the Oslo accord, I imagine, is a reference to the then prime minister Ehud Barak’s “generous” offer to the Palestinians. In an earlier speech Lord Davies said that Yasser Arafat, at the Camp David meeting, refused to consider an offer which would have resulted in 97 per cent of the West Bank being handed over to a Palestinian state.

The offer was not what it seemed and the noble Lord was repeating a hasbarapropaganda myth. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip, seized by Israel in 1967 and occupied ever since, comprise just 22 per cent of pre-partition Palestine. When the Palestinians signed the Oslo agreement in 1993 they agreed to accept the measly 22 per cent and recognise Israel within “Green Line” borders (i.e. the 1949 Armistice Line established after the Arab-Israeli war and recognised internationally as the border). Conceding 78 per cent of the land that was originally theirs was an astonishing compromise but not enough for greedy Barak. He demanded the inclusion of 69 Israeli settlements within Palestine’s 22 per cent remnant.

It was plain to see on the map that these settlement blocs would create impossible obstacles to Palestinian life which was already severely disrupted. Barak also insisted the Palestinian territories be placed under “temporary Israeli control”, meaning Israeli military and administrative control indefinitely. His generous offer also gave Israel control over all the border crossings of the new Palestinian state. What nation in the world would accept that? The map was never shown publicly, and propaganda spin concealed how preposterous Barak’s offer was.

The following year, at Taba, Barak produced a revised map but it was withdrawn after his election defeat. The facts are well documented by organisations such as Israel’s Gush Shalom, which his Lordship might find enlightening.

Gaza “the most subsidised community on earth”

Lord Davies concluded his amazing insights:

The fifth point, which certainly is not as well known as it ought to be – because it affects the pockets of every taxpayer in this country, apart from anything else – is that this mixture of unpleasantness, tyranny, threat to world peace and denial is being actively subsidised by the international community to the tune of many billions of dollars a year… this is probably the most subsidised community anywhere on God’s earth. The European Union makes much the biggest contribution to these subsidies, at about 1.6 billion euros, and the second largest contributor is Qatar, at about USD 1 billion.

If we are going to go on subsidising the Hamas regime as we do, we have to ask ourselves whether we should introduce an element of conditionality into our relationships with Hamas.

As everyone (except his Lordship) knows, it’s the Israeli occupation that is being subsidised. And Israel is repeatedly destroying infrastructure built with British taxpayers’ money. Left in peace and free to trade with the rest of the world the Palestinians would prosper.

To think that Lord Davies was once a government defence minister! It’s no surprise to discover that he voted for the Iraq war and travelled to Israel and Palestine in 2008, expenses paid by Labour Friends of Israel and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Or that, as reported in The Mirror, he claimed GBP 10,000 of taxpayers’ money for repairs to window frames at his “second home” – an 18th century mansion.

He had earlier claimed GBP 20,700 expenses (later amended to GBP 5,376) for repairs to a “bell tower”.

You’d think that the human condition in the Holy Land, and especially Gaza after Israel’s horrific 50-day onslaught last summer, would bother our senior holy men. But apparently not. Twenty-six Church of England bishops sit in the House of Lords. Only the Bishop of Chester spoke up, thankfully injecting some much needed common sense:

In Gaza the World Bank estimates the per capita income to be 30 per cent lower today than 20 years ago. The contrast just gets greater over time, which sets up a huge instability. I understand all the arguments for a two-state solution… but will two states so closely linked geographically and yet on such divergent paths easily exist side by side?

What I cannot understand from the Israeli perspective is the settlement programme. It is acknowledged on practically all sides outside Israel that it is both illegal and ill judged. In a certain way it is a parallel to the political mistakes in South Africa, where the South Africans simply dug themselves in and could not see the misjudgment.

How are we to go forward? We have to work with Hamas… working with it must be the future, difficult though that may be.

More ministerial wisdom

As if Lord Davies’ contribution wasn’t dreadful enough, Baroness Anelay of St Johns (Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office) closed the debate with some silly pokes at Hamas.

Baroness Anelay of St Johns

Baroness Anelay of St Johns

We have assessed that Hamas is seeking to rebuild militant infrastructure, including the tunnel network, in Gaza, and we are deeply concerned at reports of militant groups rearming.

What does she expect when the international community still fails to act and Israel continues its raids?

We will recognise the state of Palestine, where Palestinians currently live, only if and when Hamas get to the position whereby it can recognise the right of Israel to exist.

Israel has never defined its borders because it is bent on territorial expansion. The 56 per cent of mandate Palestine allocated to Israel by UN Partition in 1947 was immediately expanded to 78 per cent by Israeli military aggression. The rest of Palestine was taken over in 1967 and remains under the Israeli jackboot. So, exactly what is Hamas supposed to “recognise”? It has already said it’ll accept a Palestinian state on the pre-1967 Green Line borders, which is exactly in accord with international law.

Our policy on Hamas remains clear: it must renounce violence, recognise Israel and accept previously signed agreements. Hamas must make credible movement towards these conditions, which still remain the benchmark against which its intentions should be judged.

Why? There is no parallel requirement on Israel.

The UK is deeply concerned by the terrible human cost to both sides of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as underlined by the findings of the report. We strongly condemn the indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas and other militant groups in the Gaza Strip.

Again, no parallel condemnation of Israel’s murderous bombardment of Palestinian civilians.

We therefore welcome the fact that Israel is conducting its own internal investigations into specific incidents. Where there is evidence of wrongdoing those responsible must be held accountable.

Don’t hold your breath, Baroness.

The United Kingdom has been one of the largest donors to Gaza since last summer, providing more than GBP 17 million in emergency assistance. I assure the noble Lord, Lord Davies of Stamford, that none of our aid goes to Hamas. It goes via the United Nations relief agency and the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism… The UK pledged an additional GBP 20 million… We have now delivered 80 per cent of that pledge, with more to come shortly.

The British taxpayer, yet again, picks up the tab for the wreckage left behind by Israeli war crimes. It’s a paltry sum, considering the Israelis caused damage estimated at USD 6 billion. If it wasn’t for the rotten windows of Lord Davies’ mansion and his crumbling bell tower we could afford to give more.

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Jordan says it has foiled Iran-backed bomb attack


Zionist King of Jordan have ”foiled a terrorist” attack and arrested an Iraqi man in possession of explosives said to have come from ”Iran’s Revolutionary Guards,” Zionist King source said on Monday.“Security services thwarted a terrorist plan at the last minute which was going to be carried out by an Iraqi on behalf of Iran’s Quds Force,” the source told AFP, without providing further details.

The suspect, whose name was not given, was arrested in possession of 45 kilos of explosives in the northern town of Jerash. The source did not say when he was detained.

He was due to appear before the Zionist puppet Hashimet security court later Monday, accused of “possessing explosive material and planning terrorist acts”,

Tehran is a key backer of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, who has accused Zionist King of Jordan of  aiding Zio-wahhabi rat’s  fighting in Syria.

Zionist puppet regime is hosting a US-run programme to train Zio-Wahhabi rat’s to fight against Assad government and has said it is training some tribal groups in Syria.

The last major attack on Jordanian soil was in 2005 when suicide bombers blasted three hotels in Amman, killing and wounding dozens of people.


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Iran rejects claims of ties to Jordan terror suspect



Zionist puppet of Jordan

Revolutionary Guard official says allegations part of international ‘phobia and propaganda’ against the Islamic Republic

Iran is rejecting reports by Zionist puppet of Jordan that a terror suspect arrested in Jordan on suspicion that he planned attacks against the Zionist kingdom is linked to an Iranian group.

The spokesman for Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard, Gen. Ramazan Sharif, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the reports are “baseless.”

Zionist King-owned al-Rai newspaper reported Monday that security forces also seized 45 kilograms (99 pounds) of high-grade explosives in the case and that it was the biggest haul in Jordan a decade. Al-Rai and the Zionist Hashimet news agency Petra said the suspect has ties to an Iranian group called Beit al-Maqdis, but did not elaborate.

Sharif dismissed the allegations as part of “phobia and propaganda” against Iran, comparing it to “past claims” by other countries.

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Russia: Iran to join SCO after sanction lifted


Image result for Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), LOGO

Iran will join the Eurasian economic, political and military bloc, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), after sanctions are lifted on the country, a Russian presidential aide has said.

The announcement came after foreign ministers of the organization met ahead of a summit by SCO and BRICS leaders in the Russian city of Ufa.

“The Iranian application is on the agenda for consideration. Sooner or later, the application will be granted after the UN Security Council sanctions are lifted,” Interfax quoted Russian presidential adviser Anton Kobyakov as saying.

Iran and the P5+1 group of world countries are currently involved in make-or-break talks in order to reach a nuclear agreement which would have sanctions lifted on Tehran.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Interfax that the removal of a conventional arms embargo on Iran is a “major problem” in the negotiations.

“I can assure you that there remains one major problem that is related to sanctions: this is the problem of an arms embargo,” he said in Vienna.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will head to Russia on Thursday to participate in the summit of SCO and BRICS nations.

Iran has an observer status on SCO, awaiting the removal of sanctions to become a full-fledged member.

SCO currently consists of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Kobyakov said the organization has received 11 new applications for membership, including from Egypt.

Russian officials have said India and Pakistan will join SCO as full members after years of holding observer status as Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif will join regional leaders in Ufa.

The Iranian president will attend the BRICS summit of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as a special guest and will also deliver a speech to the event.

The BRICS accounts for almost half the world’s population and about one-fifth of global economic output. Its New Development Bank is seen on course to challenge the dominance of US-led World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

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Why does the Obama administration neglect American national interests?


Paradoxically, US President Barack Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, has finally found himself lured into an open-ended war in the Middle East, tense confrontation with China, and a new Cold War with Russia.

Director of the Economic Growth Program at the New America Foundation Sherle R. Schwenninger pointed out that although Barack Obama vowed to end the “wars of occupation” in Iraq and Afghanistan and to reset Russo-American relations, he has finally found himself fighting on multiple fronts.

“Now, after being “pulled back in” by liberal interventionists and neoconservative hawks both inside and outside his administration, he finds himself pursuing a new open-ended war against the so-called Islamic State, prosecuting an expanded counterterrorism campaign from Central Asia to North Africa, overseeing a new Cold War with Russia, and pivoting toward what could become one with China in East Asia,” the scholar elaborated.

The expert noted that “many of the people,” which contributed to the shift in US foreign policy, “are the same ones who cheered us into the war in Iraq.”

Mr. Schwenninger underscored that while the US President’s critics are accusing Barack Obama of hesitancy, “the failure of Obama’s foreign policy” is that “it has embraced many of the very positions that Obama’s interventionist opponents have advocated.”

“In so doing, it has failed to protect America’s most important national interests,” the expert stressed.

According to Mr. Schwenninger, it was not in the US’ interest to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad or to change Ukraine’s nonaligned status, or to alienate Russia and China. It was also not in America’s interest to help to escalate the civil war in Ukraine “by unconditionally supporting Kiev’s various military offensives this past year, when such offensives would only further bankrupt Ukraine and cause even more unnecessary bloodshed.”

Blaming the White House for its Middle Eastern policy, US experts point to Washington’s role in the Yemeni crisis.

“Yemenis have good reason to hold the US responsible for the war that has devastated their country. The US is particularly responsible for the campaign’s attacks on civilian areas because it is actively aiding the Saudis in their operations. US officials are understandably embarrassed to talk about this,” US conservative publicist Daniel Larison noted.

However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. While pursuing its ambitious global goals, Washington has undermined its own strategic foreign policy goals.

While Washington was beefing up its military presence in Eastern Europe, citing Russia’s imaginary “threat,” Moscow and Beijing have jumped at the opportunity to reshape the Eurasian economy, bringing under their umbrella a vast number of Central/South Asian and former Soviet states.

Furthermore, when the United States was speculating about its “Asian pivot” and teasing the Chinese Dragon, Beijing kicked off its ambitious New Silk Road project, aimed at cementing Eurasia’s heartland and gradually expelling Washington from the region.

As a result the United States risks losing its dominant positions in both Eurasia and the Asia Pacific.

And that is not all. Preoccupied with its foreign policy, the Obama administration neglected the country’s most important domestic tasks: namely, to reduce inequality and rebuild the American middle class.

“We should be working with our international counterparts to strengthen the world economy and create jobs. In this way, we might be able to break our downward drift toward endless war in the Middle East and new Cold Wars in Europe and Asia,” Mr. Schwenninger noted.

In order to realign Washington’s foreign policy to support its domestic agenda, Obama would have better considered curtailing military commitments and promoting programs to expand investments and jobs inside the country.

Or as American conservative political commentator Patrick Joseph “Pat” Buchanan put it: “Our agenda in that decade was — stay out of wars that are not our business, economic patriotism, secure borders, and America first.”

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Putin to Obama: No one has the right to ask Assad to resign



Vladimir Putin has insisted that Bashar al-Assad is the “legally-elected” president of Syria and no one is entitled to ask him to resign. The Russian president made his comment in response to statements by Zionist puppet Barack Obama, who said that the only way to achieve stability in Syria is through the formation of a new government without Assad, 

According to Putin’s adviser Dmitry Peskov, this conversation took place during a phone call between the two leaders on 26 June. He stressed that the Russian position on Assad is known to everyone and the Russian president said nothing new to his US counterpart.

In a related context, Syria’s ambassador in Moscow, Riad Haddad, has revealed that Russia will host the third consultative meeting between Syrian parties involved in the conflict. He said that the date of the meeting will be linked to the schedule of the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura. No further details were reported.

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If Daesh, why not Zionist Occupation Forces?

Image result for David Cameron CARTOON
By Jonathon Cook 

There’s something truly disturbing about the fact that British prime minister David Cameron’s efforts to decide how the media refer to Islamic State are being taken seriously. So seriously, in fact, that 120 MPs have backed the idea that the BBC should not use the name Islamic State and refer to the group by the Arabic acronym “Daesh” instead. Cameron’s argument is that Islamic State is neither Islamic nor a state.

The coverage has implied that the BBC is taking a brave editorial stand and refusing to kowtow to Cameron’s diktat. But there are already signs that the BBC may capitulate. In a statement, the BBC said: “We call the group by the name it uses itself, and regularly review our approach. We also use additional descriptions to help make it clear we are referring to the group as they refer to themselves, such as ‘so-called Islamic State’.”

Let’s put this debate in a little perspective. The Israeli army calls itself the “Israel Defence Forces”, or “IDF” for short. And yet it is not “Israeli” in the sense that it does not respresent all Israelis, especially the fifth of the population who are Palestinian, and it is not a defence force because its primary role is to enforce a belligerent occupation of Palestinians. So according to Cameron’s logic, he and the media should be referring to it as the “Zionist Occupation Forces”. I wonder if he can get 120 MPs to sign up to that idea.

Meanwhile, can we imagine the BBC issuing a statement saying that, though they refer to the Israel Defence Forces by the name they use for themselves, the broadcaster tries when possible to be clearer by using additional descriptions such as “the so-called Israel Defence Forces”?

And while we are on the subject, the world might look a very different place if groups could only call themselves names that reflected their true character. Not least Cameron’s own party would have to abandon its name the “Conservatives”. Since Margaret Thatcher began leading the party in the mid-1970s, there has been nothing “conservative” about the party in the sense that it believes in conserving tradition. At that point it became a party of neoliberal revolution, breaking up British society’s major institutions and implementing changes to allow financial speculators to sell off the family silver.

So let us agree that Cameron can insist on the BBC calling Islamic State “Daesh” when he also insists on the broadcaster referring to the Conservatives as the “Revolutionary Neoliberal Party”.

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Letter to President Obama


logo header

___________________________________________________________________31-35 95th Street, East Elmhurst, NY 11369 ♦ 718.429.1415 ♦ ♦

June 24, 2015

President Barack H. Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, D.C. 20500

Email Communication

Dear President Obama:

As you prepare to deliver the Eulogy at the home-going service for Rev. Clementa Pinckney on the occasion of the unspeakable tragedy of his murder and that of eight other members of the historic Emanuel AME Church, the National African American Reparations Commission strongly urges that you seize this moment to issue an Executive Order creating the John Hope Franklin Commission on Reparatory Justice. From Ferguson to Baltimore to Charleston this most recent period has revealed that white supremacy, in all of its individual, institutional and structural manifestations, is a deadly disease that remains deeply imbedded in the American psyche and the social, economic and political fabric of this society.

As you have related Mr. President, despite progress since the era of enslavement, Jim Crow and de facto discrimination/segregation, the “badges and indicia” of the longstanding exploitation and oppression of people of African descent are reflected in the devastating disparities in health, education, housing, employment, economic development, wealth and incarceration rates which harm large numbers of Black people each and every day in this land of enormous prosperity.

Despite these realities, polls and studies indicate that a substantial number of White Americans fail to see or are in denial about the stubborn persistence of racism and its effects on Black people. In fact, there is a tendency to blame Blacks for the conditions our people find themselves in and/or to express “racial resentment” of the perceived progress of Blacks, as being a function of encroaching on the success of Whites. Even among well meaning, sympathetic Whites, there is often a failure to recognize how implicit bias colors the countless decisions which constrain or kill the aspirations of Black people in this nation.

This year marks the beginning of the United Nation’s Decade for People of African Descent. We believe there can be no “more perfect union” in the United States until there is a thoughtful, frank, thorough and uncompromising examination of white supremacy as a malignancy which must be cured. The American nation cannot heal until it confronts and addresses the injustices of the past and those that are being perpetrated today against people of African descent as a consequence of systemic/structural bias that 2 infects every area of life in this society. There can be no real peace until there is justice, repair and healing for Black people in this country.

Therefore, Mr. President, in the name of the esteemed Dr. John Hope Franklin, whose father Buck Franklin defended Black survivors of the horrific 1921Tulsa race riots that destroyed “Black Wall Street,” and who himself was the victim of racial insults and discrimination on numerous occasions, and in honor of Dr. Franklin’s 100th birthday, we call upon you to have the vision to create a Commission on Reparatory Justice in his name. This is only fitting as it also offers an opportunity to finish the unfinished work of President Clinton’s Commission on Race which Dr. John Hope Franklin chaired twenty-two years ago.

Please find appended to this letter the formal Declaration calling for the Commission and a list of the members of the National African American Reparations Commission.

Given the urgency of the crises confronting this nation as it relates to race/racism, we look forward to your prompt response and action on this request.


Dr. Ron Daniels, President,

Institute of the Black World 21st Century,

Convener, National African American Reparations Commission

Attachments Cc:

Congressional Black Caucus Members

G.K. Butterfield

Karen Bass

Yvette Clarke

John Conyers, Jr.

Elijah Cummings

Danny Davis

Keith Ellison

Sheila Jackson-Lee

Hakeem Jeffries

Hank Johnson

Barbara Lee

Gwen Moore

Charles B. Rangel

Bobby Scott

Maxine Waters

Civil Rights Leaders

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson

Marc Morial

Rev. Al Sharpton

Cornell Brooks

Melanie Campbell

Barbara Arwine



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Jewish officials outraged over Polish art exhibit showing naked people playing tag in gas chamber


The Polish museum’s director, Maria Anna Potocka, said in a statement that her museum means no disrespect to the memory of the Holocaust.


Jewish officials are furious over a video installation at a Polish museum that shows naked men and women playing a game of tag in a gas chamber.

Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s office in Jerusalem, called the installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow “so offensive and so disgusting that we found it necessary to protest.”

“Game of Tag,” made in 1999 by Polish artist Artur Zmijewski, has for years been accused of taking the Holocaust lightly.

It was displayed among the works of more than 20 artists at a temporary exhibition on the Holocaust running from May 15 through Oct. 31. Zmijewski’s video has been shown at museums in Germany and Estonia, where it has also caused protests.

The World Jewish Congress and Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial, have also asked the museum to remove the installation.

In response, the museum recently put it behind an enclosure with a warning.

But Zuroff and other Jewish officials say it isn’t enough. Zuroff said it is “simply incomprehensible” that the video is being shown in Poland, where Nazi Germany killed millions of Jews and non-Jews.

Jonathan Ornstein, the executive director of the Jewish Community Center of Krakow, a city with a once-vibrant Jewish community nearly wiped out in the Holocaust, said survivor groups from around the world have contacted him recently to tell him how upset they are.

“They feel that it shows a lack of respect for the victims, that it is not necessary and that it takes the Holocaust lightly,” Ornstein said.

The museum’s director, Maria Anna Potocka, said in a statement on Tuesday that her museum means no disrespect to the memory of the Holocaust, saying “we have tried to awaken (the) young generation’s empathy with the tragedy of the Holocaust by stirring their imagination.”

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C.I.A puppet Sissi tells U.S. Jews: Peace will help end terrorism


Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi

Egyptian president met with representatives of American Jewish Committee in Cairo, who expressed their ‘full solidarity’ with Egypt’s fight on terror.


Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will help put an end to terror, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi told group of U.S. Jews on Monday, according to an official statement released by his government.

In a meeting with representatives of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Cairo, Sissi said that Palestinian issue served as catalyst for people from around the region joining what he described as “terrorists organizations,” the presidential statement said.

According to the statement, Sissi said that international assurances were needed to encourage Israel to reach a deal with the Palestinians and foster hope among Palestinians to support peace.

According to the president’s statement, Egypt thinks the international community should concentrate its efforts on fighting “terrorism” in the region and in Africa, where he said religion is also increasingly used to reach political goals.

The Jewish group stressed the important strategic role Egypt can play in the region and expressed its support for developing the Arab’s world most populous country.

The AJC offered its condolences to Egypt in wake of the deadly string of attacks in the restive Sinai region on July 1, expressing “full solidarity” with Egypt in “countering terrorism.”

Security sources within Egypt told Reuters on Sunday that troops had killed 63 suspected Islamists in Sinai in wake of the deadly attack that saw more than 100 militants and 17 soldiers die in simultaneous assaults on military positions in the peninsula.

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