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Fraud at Holocaust-victim fund likely more than $57 million reported, fired investigator says


holohoax the gift that keeps on giving

Shmuel Hollander, independent ombudsman fired by Claims Conference, charges that group’s head obstructed probe into fraud scandal that led to arrests and prison sentences.


JTA – When the board of directors of the Claims Conference — which handles German compensation for Nazi atrocities against Jews — gathers next week in New York for its annual meeting, controversy again may lead the agenda.

This time the cause is an angry letter sent to the board on June 29 by Shmuel Hollander, the independent ombudsman the Claims Conference appointed three years ago in the wake of a $57 million fraud scandal that rocked the organization and resulted in numerous arrests and prison sentences.

Hollander was recently informed that his contract would not be renewed, and in his letter he accuses Claims Conference chairman Julius Berman of terminating him in a June 3 phone call because of the report Hollander oversaw two years ago.

The report provided an account of how the Claims Conference botched an opportunity in 2001 to detect the fraud scheme and called for changes to the organization’s structure, administration and management. (After it was submitted, two of the four Claims Conference committee members charged with producing the report disavowed it and resigned).

Hollander in his letter also accuses the Claims Conference’s professional head, Greg Schneider, of obstructing his work and says the final fraud figure likely is “much higher” than $57 million.

The fraud — discovered in 2009 by Claims Conference officials, who then alerted the FBI — involved employees who falsified applications to the Hardship Fund. The fund provided one-time payments from Germany of approximately $3,360 to those who fled the Nazis as they moved east through Germany, and the Article 2 Fund, through which the German government gives monthly pension payments to needy victims of the Nazis.

The Claims Conference is charged with extracting restitution from Germany and Austria on behalf of Holocaust survivors; restitution from other countries is handled by the World Jewish Restitution Organization.

Berman says Hollander’s letter contains outright falsehoods, such as that he was terminated in the June 3 phone call. Berman argues that the notion that Hollander is being fired for a report he produced two years ago makes no sense, since he was given an 18-month contract extension about six months after the report was submitted.

Rather, Berman told JTA, it became clear in the last few weeks that Hollander would have to go, in part because of his apparent irrationality and inability to work with Schneider. The Claims Conference plans to hire a new ombudsman to replace Hollander, who lives in Israel.

“Until this happened, I didn’t consider him a kook at all,” Berman said. “I am surprised as to the difference between how he relates to a person one-on-one and how he writes his letters. It’s like he’s a different person.”

Berman said his recent interactions with Hollander prompted him to decide not to meet with him unless there was a third party in the room.

Hollander told JTA that all of this could have been avoided if Berman had met with him and offered a respectful parting of ways rather than firing him by phone.

“I’m very much offended and hurt by the way they did it,” Hollander said. “Let’s separate like friends and decide on a date not in three weeks but give me a couple of months. Do it in a nice, proper way like it’s supposed to be, not to call me after a long time that you refused to speak to me or meet with me.”

Asked if he would have stayed silent about the other allegations of inappropriate behavior outlined in his letter if his termination had been amicable, Hollander said he probably would have informed the board at some point.

“I was really hoping that things would change. I tried to convince Mr. Schneider that I really wanted to work in a professional way and cooperate with the organization,” Hollander said. “Sooner or later, if I would come to the conclusion that it’s all a lost cause, of course I would have resigned.”

Schneider declined to publicly address Hollander’s accusations about obstructionism except to say they are untrue.

He also rejected Hollander’s claim that the fraud figure is much higher than previously reported. “Since the 2013 trial there’s been no new discovery of fraud – period,” Schneider said.

All this threatens to eclipse the Claims Conference’s negotiating successes vis-à-vis Germany over the last two years, which have resulted in widening the eligibility criteria for all sorts of compensation programs and banner years for payouts to survivors. In 2014, the Claims Conference paid out $760 million, a record amount for the world’s 200,000 or so remaining survivors, according to Schneider, and this year it anticipates $900 million in payouts.

In addition to increasing payouts, the Claims Conference has managed to recover about $10 million so far from ineligible individuals who received fraudulent payouts during the two decades the fraud was underway, Schneider told JTA. That brings the total damage of the fraud down to about $47 million. It’s virtually impossible to ascertain a precise dollar figure because the fraudulent payouts were made in foreign currencies, which have constantly fluctuated in dollar value between 1993 and 2009, when the fraud was taking place.

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Yemeni Genocide Proceeds Apace, Enjoying World’s Silence


US and Zio-Wahhabi ISIS join efforts to kill Yemenis


By William Boardman 

Turns out the United States and the Islamic State, ISIS, are de facto allies of Saudi Arabia and its alliance of dictator states, all bent on exterminating Yemeni Houthis and pretty much any other Yemeni in the neighborhood. This Yemenicide started in earnest in March 2015. After years of US drone strikes proved too slow and ineffective at wiping out people in the poorest country in the Arab world, it was time to expand the arsenal of war crimes. Rarely, in discussions of Yemen, does one hear much about the violations of international law that have reduced the country to its present war-torn and devastated condition.

Failing to acknowledge a foreign policy disaster in Yemen, the Obama administration has chosen instead to trash international law by supporting the criminal, aggressive war that Saudi Arabia’s coalition of police states launched on Yemen on March 26. Now, despite more than three months of Saudi-American terror bombing, the Houthis remain in control of northwest Yemen, their tribal homeland, as well as much of the southeast of Yemen, having overthrown the internationally-installed puppet government, later “elected” without any opponents, of President Abd Rhabbuh Mansur Hadi.

President Obama praised Hadi as his “successful” partner in attacking terrorists, by which Obama meant he was grateful to Hadi for not objecting to the US drone attacks against his own people. Hadi’s legitimacy always depended on foreign puppeteers, and it still does. Having resigned as president, fled the capital, and rescinded his resignation, Hadi fled again, to Saudi Arabia the day before the Saudi blitz began. The official story is that Hadi requested the undeclared Saudi attack on his own country. Hadi remains in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, free to go nowhere while he pretends to head a government-in-exile that is the presently desired fiction of his captor-protectors.

On July 8, from Riyadh, Hadi reportedly proposed a ceasefire in Yemen to start before the month of Ramadan ends July 17. On July 1, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had called for a “humanitarian halt” in combat “until the end of the holy month of Ramadan.” So far, Hadi’s Saudi controllers have used the muslim holy month to rain increased terror on populated areas of Yemen, killing hundreds of civilians and Houthi fighters, with no accurate count available. July 7 saw the highest death toll in Yemen since the Saudi bombing campaign began. This bland-seeming coverage of the carnage by Reuters is riddled by propaganda deceits:

The United Nations has been pushing for a halt to air raids and intensified fighting that began on March 26. More than 3,000 people have been killed since then as the Arab coalition tries stop the Houthis spreading across the country from the north.

The Iran-allied Shi’ite Houthis say they are rebelling against a corrupt government, while local fighters say they are defending their homes from Houthi incursions. Sunni Saudi Arabia says it is bombing the Houthis to protect the Yemeni state.

The Reuters perspective represents the mainstream consensus, which also typically includes some of the same threads of deceit as these:

  • “The UN has been pushing …” No, it hasn’t. The UN as a body has done little to protect the Yemenis, but the Security Council has done less for a country in which civil war has spanned generations. Security Council resolutions are determinedly “evenhanded” in their equal treatment of aggressors and victims. In June 2015, after two months of Saudi bombing, the Security Council expressed its “full support” for an impossibility: “a peaceful, inclusive, orderly and Yemeni-led political transitionprocess that meets the legitimate demands and aspirations of the Yemeni people.”
  • “pushing for a halt to air raids …” No, it hasn’t. The air raids are being carried out by the nine UN member states in the Saudi Coalition, including Security Council member Jordan. The US, a permanent Security Council member, has supported the aerial war crime campaign with logistics, in-flight refueling of bombers, intelligence, air-sea rescue, and naval support for the blockade (which is also an act of war).
  • “intensified fighting that began on March 26 …” Intensified fighting began long before March 26. Yemen’s civil war has waxed and waned over several decades. What began March 26 was the war crime nexus of bombing civilian targets by the nine-member Saudi Coalition that includes Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar. The Houthi rebellion is more than a decade old and gained intensity in the fall of 2014. The Houthis drove out the Yemeni government and now control the western half of the country, where most of the population lived and most of the bombing takes place.
  • “the Arab coalition tries to stop the Houthis spreading across the country from the north …” Reuters is just wrong on this. The Houthi spread was a fact, and the “Arab coalition” failed in an ill-conceived campaign. Faced with an army advancing on the ground, the “Arab coalition” has not deployed ground troops. Without serious objection from the international community, the “Arab coalition” attacks military forces in another country with which they are not at war, as well as terror-bombing that country’s civilians with US-made cluster bombs.
  • As for spreading “from the north,” that is at best wrong, if not duplicitous. Saudi Arabia has declared the northernmost province of Yemen, Saada, a military zone in which every civilian is a presumed combatant. This is the same bloodthirsty policy that leads the US to count every drone victim as a combatant until proven otherwise. This is the same moral numbness that led the US to establish free fire zones in Viet-Nam, where every living thing was deemed an enemy. This is total war as waged by the powerful, at a distance, against the weak and almost defenseless. This is as bad as any Nazi onslaught of World War II.
  • The absurdity of the Reuters characterization is illustrated by another UN Security Council position in support of a political solution to Yemen’s crisis in accordance with the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative.” The Gulf Cooperation Council is an oxymoron, in that it includes six of the seven Arab states (not Iraq) on the Persian Gulf who allied determinedly NOT to cooperate with the other Persian Gulf state, Iran. Further, the Security Council absurdly supports the “Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative” when five of the six Gulf Council members (not Oman) are busily bombing Yemen in violation of international law.
  • “The Iran-allied Shi’ite Houthis …” There is no evidence of an alliance between Iran and the Houthis, certainly not in any sense equivalent to the overt alliances waging undeclared war on Yemen. The Houthis are Shi’ite muslims, and Iran has almost surely supported them to some extent, but most claims of Iranian involvement in the current fighting are patently over-stated and lack supporting evidence. Reuters here is parroting Arab, American, and Israeli propaganda about the “threat” from Iran.
  • “say they are rebelling against a corrupt government …” Who says? Reuters doesn’t say. This is specious journalism. Yemen has a long history of corrupt government, but perhaps the Hadi government allowing US troops to wage war on Yemeni territory, killing Yemenis at will, raised the corruption bar to a new level.
  • “local fighters say they are defending their homes …” is worse than specious journalism, it’s pretty much a lie since the main opposition to the Houthis comprises forces loyal to Hadi, as well as cohorts of both Al Qaeda and ISIS.
  • “Sunni Saudi Arabia says it is bombing the Houthis to protect the Yemeni state” would be a laugh line were it not such a dark lie. Saudi bombing is destroying the Yemeni state in order to “save” it. The Saudis may be “protecting” the Hadi government, but only in the sense that the Mafia provides protection in a protection racket. The Saudis have longstanding territorial conflicts with the Houthis along the northwest Saudi-Yemeni border. And the Saudis are acting as if they believe their own demonizing propaganda about Iran. Saudi Arabia is more likely bombing the Houthis because they are defenseless and Saudi Arabia doesn’t dare bomb Iran.

Nobody seems to care about Yemen, not even The New Yorker

The widespread, bland disinterest in the unending victimization of Yemenis facing unrelenting, daily crimes against humanity is hardly unique to obtuse observers like Reuters. The New Yorker, which eventually distinguished itself in opposition to the horrors of Vietnam, last published a piece on Yemen on May 1 (according to a site search). That piece conveys the American denial of its own terrorism with a tone of mild distaste suitable to Eustace Tilley, whose monocled default opinion is to blame the victim, as Robin Wright wrote little more than a month after the Saudi-American bombardment began:

The current Houthi rebellion – the seventh – is only the latest. The Houthi clan are Zaydi Muslims, who make up about a third of Yemen’s twenty-six million people. A once powerful people from the rugged northern highlands, they ruled an imamate for a millennium and deeply resented their reduced influence under [former President] Saleh [now a Houthi ally]. Between 2004 and 2010, they fought six other wars against his government….

The quarter-century experiment in uniting Yemen has definitively failed. There is no military solution, and there are unlikely to be any winners out of such a multilayered conflict, whatever the territorial gains….

Last week, the United States dispatched the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Teddy Roosevelt to supplement seven American warships off the Yemen coast. Washington strongly supports a political solution to the conflict in Yemen, but without interested players the risks of unintended consequences increase.

Rhetorically the US may support a “political solution” (to its own liking) and gullible reporters may accept that as some sort of reality. The reality on the ground (and on the water) is that the US supports and participates in endless terror bombing and a naval blockade. That is to say, the US supports and participates in the war crimes that are leading toward mass starvation and human devastation, what the discreet Ban Ki-moon refers to as a humanitarian crisis” or a “catastrophe,” as if there were no agency causing it.

An editorial July 7 in The New York Times takes the same concerned-but-oblivious-to-the-genocidal-actors tone that reinforces the general pretense that no one is responsible:

Yemen has now been added to the United Nations’ list of most severe humanitarian emergencies, along with South Sudan, Syria and Iraq. It is a tragic distinction, highlighting the peril to 80 percent of the country’s 25 million citizens. The international community, including the United States, is not doing enough to push for an immediate cease-fire in the war that is ravaging the country to make it possible to deliver aid.

Yemen, a poor country, was deeply unstable even before a coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and backed by the United States, started bombing the Houthi rebel movement in late March. Last week, Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, declared the situation a “catastrophe.”

Is it possible to commit a long string of war crimes in self-defense?

Having tiptoed up to the edge of US war crimes, the Times retreated. The rest of the editorial comprises little more than helpless hand-wringing, without even hinting at the most effective way to save Yemeni lives: stop the bombing. That means you, “Saudi Arabia … backed by the United States.” Like most of the rest of the world, the Times settled for asking for a reasonable-sounding impossibility, which it then undercut with another wisp of Saudi reality:

What is needed is a permanent political solution that will ensure the Houthis, who have some legitimate grievances and are unlikely to give up, get a significant role in any new government. Negotiations should be started without preconditions. But Saudi Arabia and its allies have appeared intent on forcing the Houthis to surrender, no matter what the cost to civilians and Yemen’s cities and villages.

Well, “Saudi Arabia and its allies” includes the US and others. The Times needs to look in the mirror without flinching. Saudi Arabia and its allies need to stop their bombing.

Ironically, they are not bombing Al Qaeda or ISIS forces in Yemen with anything like the same intensity they’re bombing Yemenis. In fact, Al Qaeda and ISIS are supplementing Saudi-American bombing with their own terror-bombing of Yemenis. For whatever reason, if there is one, the Saudi-American aerial genocide against Yeminis is making most of Yemen a much safer haven for terrorists. Yet this lunatic policy continues without serious opposition apparent anywhere. Who decided that Yemen should be treated as if it were the Haiti of the Arab world?

If any of the umpteen candidates for president of the United States has said anything humane, useful, or even dimly relevant about Yemen, it is hard to find (and I have found nothing). And nowhere have I found any call to establish the appropriate International War Crimes Tribunal to judge the illegality of the multiple, heinous predations of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and their sundry allies, all members in good standing of the world peacekeeping authority.

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NY governor vetoes bill to block haredi annexation of land


jewish america


Two bills that would have made it harder for the hassidic village of Kiryas Joel to annex undeveloped land belonging to a neighboring village were vetoed by New York governor Andrew Cuomo last week.

The decision prompted immediate celebration from the ultra-orthodox community, with a spokesman for the Satmar dominated town thanking Cuomo for “see[ing] through the angry rhetoric being advanced” by opponents of the annexation, according to the Times Herald-Record.

The two bills, which would have given county planners control over the annexation, were “a thinly veiled attempt to stop the natural growth of the peaceful, family-oriented community of Kiryas Joel,” the spokesman said.

Founded in the late 1970s by Joel Teitelbaum, the Grand Rabbi of Satmar, in order to recreate the insular nature of European shtetl villages, Kiryas Joel is now home to over 20,000 members of the hassidic sect. Together with the eponymous Monroe and Harriman, it is one of three villages comprising the larger town of Monroe.

Kiryas Joel’s population has expanded rapidly, and residents have of late turned their eyes on 205 hectares of undeveloped lands belonging to Monroe. Local residents have protested against the proposed jurisdictional change, claiming that allowing the expansion of the super-dense hassidic village would lower the quality of life and damage property values. In response, Satmar representatives have countered that their expansion is necessary, given the high local birthrate. The town is both one of the poorest and one of the youngest in the United States.

The radically divergent lifestyles lived in Monroe and Kiryas Joel also play a part in the tensions. Aside from the disparity between Monroe’s single-family homes and the hassidic village’s closely spaced town houses, Kiryas Joel does not have a downtown shopping district as such, and the presence of a local modesty squad and gender-segregated playground have only highlighted the vast chasm separating the communities.

Last year the tensions reached the point where Harley Doles III, the Monroe town supervisor, wrote to Kiryas Joel Mayor Abraham Wieder suggesting that the two municipalities split, and that the hassidic village “become its own town.”

Opponents of the annexation believe that it would result in a rezoning of the transferred territory and pave the way for a rapid expansion of the local population, outstripping the growth of local infrastructure and causing environmental damage.

On Friday Agudath Israel of America, an umbrella organization representing various American ultra-orthodox groups, issued a statement applauding the Cuomo’s decision to veto the bills.

“What was especially troubling about these bills was that nobody before had ever suggested that the well-settled annexation process be burdened by additional layers of complicated hurdles. For some reason, the alleged weaknesses of the existing process were discovered only now in the specific context of a hassidic community seeking to accommodate its organic growth. It is gratifying that Governor Cuomo saw these facially neutral bills for what they really were: an effort to prevent the community of Kiryas Joel from growing,” said Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, the organization’s executive vice president.

“As the annexation process will now move forward under the longstanding guidelines of state law, we urge all parties to proceed in a spirit of good faith and constructive cooperation, recognizing the need to accommodate the needs of the growing hassidic community while respecting the rights and sensitivities of neighboring communities. The time has arrived for constructive dialogue among all interested parties to help achieve those ends.”

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The Only Zionist Abe Foxman Interview You Need To Read



Ed-note (Sabba) – According to Foxman, the root of anti-semitism is jealousy.

According to “French” intellectual (and crook) Jacques Atalli, the root cause of anti-semitism is ungratefulness. The Gentiles hate the jews because we owe them the concept of God and all throughout History, we owed them money. It is only a question of debt and no one likes to be indebted, no one likes to have a creditor. 


THE FORWARD – Watching Abraham Foxman, outgoing national director of the Anti-Defamation League, wipe the tears off his face in front of an audience of about 1,200 people is an experience that one is not likely to witness often, if ever again. But it happened at a recent tribute to Foxman that took place at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

This was not the only exceptional experience that has ever taken place at the Waldorf. I’ve been to more events at the Waldorf than I care to count, but this one topped them all. First off, the food. I’ve never tried pierogies with honey. “Delicious,” is a word that does not come close to doing them justice. There were mountains of food of all sorts — all kinds, all tastes and sizes.

Foxman is leaving the arena with the most powerful rebuke he could have given to Jew haters everywhere. If any of them had shown up there and seen Jews having such a kingly feast, they would have plotzed and immediately died of disappointment and rage.

I’ve known Abe for years. At times I’ve yelled at him, but I’ve always recognized that he is the last of the Mohicans; they don’t manufacture this kind anymore. Like him or hate him, he has always been one of a kind.

I’m about to leave New York for a long trip through America for my next book, so I sat down with Foxman and asked him to sum up his years at the ADL, his feelings about anti-Semitism here and what he thinks I might find on my journey. [Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and style.]

Tuvia Tenenbom: Let me ask you, is the state of anti-Semitism better or worse after the last 28 years since you became national director of the ADL? Or the last 50 years?

Abraham Foxman: The answer is “yes” to both. On one hand it’s better and on one hand it’s worse.


I’d say that in the United States it’s significantly better; it’s gotten better in the last 50 years. In this country, when I started, for example, the level of anti-Semitism as measured by attitudes was about one-third; one third of the American public in the ’50s was infected by anti-Semitism. Today, America is not immune, but the level of anti-Semitism is about 10 to 12%. It’s still pretty serious, because it means that 35, 40 million Americans are seriously infected with the disease of anti-Semitism, but legislation, litigation, education, all of these things, cumulatively, have had an impact. But I think probably the most important thing is that in this country, our laws permit you to be a bigot, an anti-Semite. In Europe you have laws against anti-Semitism, not here. Why? Because in this country, even though the law says you can be a bigot, the pressure of society is such that there are consequences, public consequences, to being an anti-Semite. Here, if you are in business and you engage in anti-Semitism, you’re not going to succeed very much. You remember Mel Gibson? He was a great hero of Hollywood: the best producer, the best director and the best actor. And he revealed himself as an anti-Semite. He went all the way down. Not because of legislation, not because of litigation, but because the American people reject this.

But this rejection started with legislation, correct?


If the ADL did not exist, do you think the level of anti-Semitism in this country would be the same as it is now?

This is for somebody else to say.

But what do you think?

There’s no question in my mind that it would’ve been worse. If I did not believe that I could change people’s minds and hearts I wouldn’t go to work. I wouldn’t raise my voice. So, it’s a question of faith. I believe that if we in the ADL, the American Jewish Committee and other institutions didn’t act, it would be worse. How much worse? I don’t know. I see in Europe how much worse it can be, even with legislation. In Europe it’s worse today than it’s been since World War II. It’s not like in World War II, because the governments of France, Germany, Holland, Great Britain speak out publicly, but in terms of measurements, of attitudes, it’s the worst it’s been since World War II.

In Europe we’re talking about the rise of anti-Semitism in the last 20 years. Is there a rise of anti-Semitism in America as well in the last 10, 20 years?

No. If anything, it has declined. While in Europe, anti-Semitism has gone up, here it has come down.

What’s the origin of anti-Semitism?


Jealousy? When I look at Jews, I see a nation that has been persecuted for all its history —

Tuvia, bigots see what they want to see!

And what do they see?

They see Jewish success.



Show me.

If you look at the issue of anti-Semitism, they believe that the Jews control: They control banks, they control finance, they control government.

I know what they say. But explain to me the “jealousy” part.

They see that Jews are rich, that Jews are smart…

Are Jews really smarter than other sects or groups?

I don’t know. Some people say, look at all the Nobel Prizes. I think that Jews are more driven; education is part of our culture, and it’s also part of our baggage. If you are a people who cannot work the soil and cannot be in carpentry, you study. You develop skills which are a lot different.

What’s the level of anti-Semitism in the black community?

Thirty-five to 40 percent, and it has not changed in the last 40 years. Why? Because there is no leadership. The last African-American leader who stood up to say that anti-Semitism is a sin was Martin Luther King.

I’d love to know what you think of Barack Obama. Do you support him? Do you think he’s doing well with Israel, or do you think that he has gone a little too far — either on the right or on the left?

I don’t have the luxury to either like him or not like him.

But as a citizen…

I’m not a “citizen.” I’ll become a citizen on July 20. I’ve given up the luxury of my personal opinion until July 20. Talk to me July 21! Americans elected him, he’s now president; that’s what we have. I do have an opinion as to whether he’s a friend of Israel or not.

Would you share it with me?

Sure, but could you be more specific?

Do you think Obama cares, as he says, deeply about Israel?

I believe that he believes that he’s a friend of Israel. Okay? And that’s important, to have a president in the United States that believes that he’s a friend of Israel.

Do you think that he sincerely cares about Israel?

Listen, we have this need to be loved. Now, he doesn’t have to get up in the morning and say either “I love Israel”or “I hate Israel.” We are so obsessed with ourselves being loved.

Who’s “we”?

We the Jews, the American Jews. Tuvia, I believe that he believes that what he does is in the best interest of the United States of America.

But is it in the best interest of America?

He believes it is.

What do you think?

I disagree. I believe it’s in the best interest of the United States to keep Iran from having a bomb, but how one goes about doing that is a question of judgment. I think that he’s going about it in the wrong way. But I don’t think he’s doing it to hurt Israel. Yeah, sometimes he cares.

Do you think the Obama administration will veto the pending French proposal to recognize Palestine in the U.N.’s Security Council?

I think they will veto it.

So I’m soon starting a six-month journey across the United States. Do you think I’ll find that 12% of the population is anti-Semitic?

No, I’ll give you my prediction of what you’re going to find.

What’s your prediction?

You are going to find a lot more anti-Semitism than what we find by asking people in the normal manner than by asking people questions about how they feel about Jews. What will you find? I predict you will find twice as much. Why? Because you will, in your inimitable style, remove their inhibitions. You will release their innermost feelings, which are prejudiced. Americans are prejudiced, but they know not to express it and not to act on it. Now for me that’s good enough; I can live with that. If they don’t act on it, if they keep it underneath the carpet, if they keep it in the sewers, that’s fine with me. You’ll release them, Tuvia; there’s no question in my mind that you will release them. You’ll fool them, you’ll charm them, and they’ll become more honest with you. Your flashpoint will be your charm. You’ll disarm them. You’ll make them feel comfortable, and that’s when they’ll share with you the secrets, they’ll share with you the shame. There’s no question in my mind: It’s much worse out there.

I’ve read about your history, and it’s quite an interesting one. I’d like to hear it from you, though; could you share it with me?

I was born in Poland in 1940. We ran, with my parents, east — away from the Germans. The Germans caught up with us in Vilnius. We traveled with my nanny. They ordered the Jews to go to the ghetto. My nanny said, “It will take a couple of days, a couple of weeks; I’ll take care of him.”

And your parents accepted that offer?

How they made the decision? They never could explain to me. It was a decision that saved my life and their lives. She kept me for four years. She baptized me, hid me, protected me, for four years!

She was Catholic?


Did she sing for you some Catholic hymns?

I used to spit on Jews in the street! I used to go to church. I said my prayers every night.

And you spit on Jews in the street?


How old were you?

Four, five.

You still remember it?

It’s hard to remember what I remember and what I don’t remember. My parents survived by miracles. My mother used to come as an Aryan; I knew her as my aunt. My father came back, found my mother and found me. He found out that everybody was gone. He said to [the nanny]: “We’ll go together wherever we go, to Palestine,” and she said: ‘I saved him., He belongs to me and the Catholic Church.’”

What age were you then?

Six. She then tried to get my father out of the way. She went to the Soviets and said he collaborated with the Germans. They arrested him, interrogated him and let him go. A couple of weeks later, she said that he steals, where he worked, in a factory. They arrested him again, and let him go. Third time, she brought in the KGB; they arrested him again, and they said to my parents: “You have to go to trial to decide who will have the child; we don’t have time for these games.” So they went to court and the court ruled that I belonged to my parents.

Where did you want to go? Did you want to stay with the nanny?

Her lawyer wanted me to be asked, and the judge ruled that I was too young to know what’s best for me. If I were asked, I wouldn’t be here today.

You would be with the nanny?

Sure. I’d be a priest. Maybe a cardinal. Who knows?

And when you were finally back with his parents, you didn’t know you were Jewish.

After the war, I came home one day, crying to my mother: “They called me dirty names, they called me a ‘ zyd .’ Mami! Mami!”

What age were you when the nanny first took you in?

A year and three months.

At what point did you learn you were Jewish?

My father, in the beginning, took off my zelem [cross] and put on a tallis . To me, as long as I had a substitution I was fine. I’d go to church and I’d go to shul — with my father. On the way to shul I’d kiss the hand of the priest. I used to say my prayers in Latin, until one day my father told me, “You don’t have to kneel.”

Your nanny never kept in touch with you or with your family, except when she was signing for packages that your parents sent her over the years. In 1956, your parents learned that she had passed away. When you think of her now, do you love her?

I love her.

When was the last time that you thought of her, that her image came to you?

A lot in dreams. I dream about my parents and I dream about her.

What will you miss most after you leave here?

The ability to get up every morning and have an opportunity to make a little bit of difference, to fight the ugly side — I will miss that.

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Zionist Huckabee’s Use of “Daisy” Ad Totally Undermined by Original

Zionist puppet Huckabee
By Sam Husseini 

Mike Huckabee just released an ad that uses footage from the Johnson “Daisy” ad.

It states in text at the end: “A threat to Israel is a threat to America. Stand with Israel. Reject a nuclear Iran.”

What nobody (according to a Google News search I just did) is noting is that the original ad totally undermines Huckabee’s presumed case.

In the original ad, after zooming into the girl’s eye and showing the countdown and nuclear explosion, it features Johnson’s voice: “These are the stakes: to make a world in which all of God’s children can live, or to go into the dark. We must either love each other. Or we must die.”

See the original ad:

The new Huckabee deformed ad only seems to make sense to some because the entire political establishment — Democrats as well as Republicans — ignores the reality of Israel’s menacing yet unacknowledged nuclear threat to the planet.

The original ad’s subtext was that Goldwater could not be trusted to have his finger on the button. The Huckabee ad seems to poorly attempt to use the same logic on Iran, but it more obviously applies to Netanyahu — and now, Huckabee as they champion Israel’s nuclear domination of the region.

Indeed. These ARE the stakes: to make a world in which ALL of God’s children can live, or to go into the dark. We MUST either LOVE each other. Or we must DIE.

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Resources squandered on UK war machine could save 100s of millions from starvation


Daniel Jakopovich 

The UK government has committed itself to a 2 per cent of GDP military spending target for the next five years on the basis of demands for more foreign military interventions.

In each of the last 100 years Britain has been involved in military conflict somewhere on Earth. It is a habitual invader of other countries. Intense Anglo-American imperialist violence has played a key role in creating the current vicious and expanding cycle of conflict in the Middle East, North Africa and other parts of the Third World.

The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere have been a colossal waste of resources and of lives. A million people (as well as millions of animals) have been killed in the Second Iraq War and, according to a recent study, as many as 2 million people may have died as a result of the global terroristic “war on terror”.

Apart from continuing to cause extreme and mass suffering, these conflicts create immense bitterness against the West, Britain and the US in particular. More than a decade of savage war has shown that violence only breeds more violence and that hatred and bombing cannot bring peace. More interventions will only add fuel to this inferno of hatred and inhumanity.

War constitutes the sunset of civilisation. It should be obvious that money should instead be used to generously invest in re-building these wretched, war-stricken countries, to invest in education and human development, and to build bridges instead of creating more enemies for the West.

Britain’s military spending is already much higher than that of other European countries. Furthermore, the political elite is planning to squander £100 billion of public money on the new generation of Trident nuclear weapons. Military spending increased by 19 per cent in real terms between 1998 and 2008. More than 37 billion pounds are spent each year on the military and on foreign wars (the full figure is much higher and includes the increasing budget given to the security services, the cost of healthcare for veterans, etc.).

A recent report stated that the global cost of war last year alone wasUS$14 trillion. By comparison, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN claims that $30 billion a year would be sufficient to eradicate world hunger, which affects hundreds of millions of people. Professor Jean Ziegler (the UN’s former Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food) stated that around 36 million people are dying as a result of hunger and malnutrition every year. According to these figures, around half of the UK annual military budget would be sufficient to save the lives of tens of millions of starving people each year. The resources squandered on the UK military budget could therefore save the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the space of a single decade. We are living under an evil, grotesquely anti-human system.

Increased military spending is particularly wrong at a time when the Conservative government is implementing severe cuts in the budgets for healthcare, education and welfare. These are core public services which are essential for creating and sustaining civilised public life.

Instead of enriching private military corporations and the rest of the military establishment, resources should be channelled towards improving the education system, building a greener economy, housing the homeless, feeding the poor, and providing the best possible medical care for Britain’s population. Hundreds of thousands of people are facing homelessness in Britain, each year tens of thousands of people die of hypothermia because they cannot afford heating, thousands of people are facing long delays for cancer treatment and thousands of poor children are left to suffer and die each year due to a lack of funds for potentially life-saving cancer treatment. Real existential threats which affect a large segment of the British population are being callously disregarded while the causes and the extent of the terrorist threat are being intentionally misrepresented. One report found that more US citizens die each year due to being crushed by their own furniture than have died as a result of Islamist terrorism since 9/11. Besides, it is the brutal and cynical Anglo-American policy of permanent war and imperialist control which is fomenting extremism and violence. True human security is being sacrificed at the altar of the militarist Moloch. What are we actually defending when we’re shutting down hospitals and fire stations?

The peace movement needs to continually reveal the links between the British establishment’s commitment to perpetual war abroad and permanent structural violence at home. As Tony Benn wrote in 2005: “The Stop the War movement might even be regarded as a Start the Peace movement dedicated to challenging the capitalist concept of globalisation involving exploitation and bloodshed by offering a perspective of internationalism, cooperation and solidarity”.

Militarism and neoliberal austerity are inextricably linked, which is why the anti-war and anti-austerity movements have to work closely together. It is not possible to truly challenge either without challenging both at the same time. Stop the War Coalition is committed to maintaining its vital role in this united struggle for peace and social justice.


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Palestinian imam backs Islamic State, calls NAZIyahu ‘a Jewish dog’


In ”anti-Semitic” sermon at Umm al-Fahm mosque, Muhammad Abd Al-Ghani blames ‘accursed’ Jews for all Muslim problems

An imam at mosque expressed support for the Islamic State terror group and its jihad against “heresy,” and blamed the Jews for all the problems in the Muslim world.

In a July 2 sermon in Umm al-Fahm, Muhammad Abd al-Ghani also attacked Hamas for allegedly cooperating with I$raHell against IS jihadists and called Prime Minister Benjamin NAZIyahu a “Jewish dog,” according to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

NAZI military officials recently claimed that Hamas is providing weaponry and other support to the Islamic State’s Sinai affiliate, Wilayat Sinai, the group thought to be behind a deadly assault that killed dozens of Egyptian soldiers earlier this month.

“Recently, that Jewish dog Netanyahu, may Allah curse him, said, following the operation of the [Islamic State] mujahideen in the Sinai, that our brothers in Hamas had participated, with the Islamic State, in this operation,” Abd al-Ghani said.

“Our brothers in Hamas were forced to issue a statement to the media saying what? Did they say: ‘True, [IS] are Muslims, and so are we?’” he asked incredulously. “Did they say: ‘Yes, they wage Jihad against the figureheads of heresy and deception, and so do we?’ Did they say: ‘Indeed, the Egyptian soldiers who were killed are the soldiers who killed our brothers in Rabea Square a few months ago?’”

“What the official spokesman for Hamas did say to Netanyahu was: “No, your honor, the prime minister of Israel. You are wrong. We did not and will not cooperate with [IS], because they are our common enemy. A common enemy?! What, have the Jews and Hamas struck an alliance?! Are they now in the same trench, fighting the mujahideen, who raise the Islamic banner of ‘there is no god but Allah?’”

Hamas’s official response was in fact far less sycophantic, with spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri simply calling the Zionist claims “silly accusations” and “propaganda.”

Abd al-Ghani also ranted about Jews being “behind each and every catastrophe” afflicting the Islamic world.

“Behind all the catastrophes, all the bloodshed, all the countries that have been invaded and their governments brought down, all the countries that have been burned down, along with their people, and all the blood that is shed in the streets…behind all these is an accursed Jew,” he said.

“You should know that. This is divine law. In His beloved Quran, Allah mentioned ‘corruption upon the land’ only in reference to the Jews,” he said.

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Beneath the Negotiating Endgame in Vienna: Hillary Mann Leverett and Seyed Mohammad Marandi


Image result for iran flag

By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett


As the world waits to see if the P5+1 and Iran can, in fact, conclude a comprehensive nuclear deal, it is important to step back from the not just day-by-day, but minute-by-minute coverage of comings and goings at the Palais Coburg in Vienna and think about what is really at stake in the negotiating endgame.  To this end, we post here a very good discussion of these issues by Hillary and the University of Tehran’s Seyed Mohammad Marandi on CCTV’s The Heat, see here or click on videos above.  (Like Mohammad, Flynt is currently in Vienna for the nuclear talks.)

The most critical of the remaining issues to be resolved by the parties relate to the terms of a new United Nations Security Council resolution that would negate previous Security Council resolutions dealing with the Iranian nuclear issue, remove Security Council-authorized international sanctions against Iran, and formally start implementation of a comprehensive nuclear deal.  As both Hillary and Mohammad point out, underneath discussions about the modalities for removing international sanctions, whether and how to lift the conventional arms embargo against Iran, and related matters are more fundamental issues:

–Can the United States, for its own interests, abandon its increasingly self-damaging quest to dominate the Middle East and adopt a more reality-based strategy toward this critical part of the world?

–Can the United States, for its own interests, finally accept the Islamic Republic of Iran as a legitimate political order representing legitimate national interests, and genuinely come to terms with this already indispensable and still rising actor in the Middle East?

–In the process, can the United States, for its own interests, replace its longstanding reliance on Israel and Saudi Arabia as its key “partners” in the Middle East with a more balanced approach characterized by strategically-grounded diplomacy with all major regional players?

Let’s see what happens in Vienna.

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