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The NAZI army wants to know what you’re saying about the boycott


An investigation by +972’s Hebrew site, Local Call, revealed that NAZI Military Intelligence is contracting private tech companies to monitor what citizens say on Facebook and other social media platforms.

A former employee of one of the tech companies explained how NAZI army asked them to flag words like “protest” and “boycott,” and wanted to know the identities of people using those terms — in both public and private settings.

Although the NAZI authorities are monitoring social media use both in Hebrew and Arabic, the way they use that data is overtly discriminatory. A separate investigation found that NAZI police are only arresting and indicting Arabs, not Jews, for incitement on Facebook.

As a result, several members of  NAZI Knesset started asking tough questions of the NAZI Defence Ministry. “This is a severe violation of our democratic principles and civil rights,” Meretz MK Michal Rozin said. The story was picked up Zionist by Haaretz and international news outlets.

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