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Yemen War Continues From Aden to Sanaa

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United Nations peace plan stalled amid escalation in ground offensive by U.S.-backed forces

Reports are streaming out of Yemen saying that the anti-Ansurallah (Houthis) forces have initiated an offensive in the strategic southern port city of Aden.

Fighters allied with the exiled President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi have intensified their attacks on the Ansurallah-controlled areas inside and outside the city including the airport. These ground assaults are reinforced through the continuing air strikes by the Saudi Arabian and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Militias and army units loyal to the Hadi government which is now based in Riyadh have reportedly taken control of Tawahi, the remaining district in central Aden that was still held by Ansurallah forces and its allies within other sections of the Yemeni military following the leadership of another former leader Ali Abdullah Saleh.

These accounts of the conditions inside Aden are being relayed by pro-Hadi spokespersons. The United States is supporting the Hadi regime through refueling technology and intelligence provided to the Saudi-GCC alliance aircraft carrying out daily bombing raids in Aden as well as across this Middle Eastern nation.

This impoverished and underdeveloped state has been bombed for nearly four months by the Saudi-GCC Coalition. On March 26, after the collapse of the U.S. presence in Yemen, the forces in the region working in conjunction with Washington foreign policy have waged a brutal war against the people of the country.

In the most recent phase of the war in Aden, Operation Golden Arrow was initiated on July 15 in coordination with the Southern Popular Resistance, which opposes the Ansurallah, along with reinforced pro-Saudi forces. In the southern region of Yemen secessionist sentiment is still very strong since this region of the country was independent prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union and a civil war during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Although the Saudi-GCC alliance backed regime of ousted President Hadi claimed that they have retaken Aden, other eyewitness accounts say that even though the Houthi movement has lost control of key areas of the city, many who are fighting on the ground are not necessarily supportive of the Saudi GCC position in the conflict, but want the Ansurallah out of their areas.

In the aftermath of the claims made of the collapse of the Ansurallah forces in and around Aden, on July 20 there was a counter-offensive by Ansurallah movement which has spread its influence from the North.

Reports from inside the country say that Yemenis from the Ansurallah movement shelled a town near Aden resulting in nearly 100 deaths. One international aid group, Doctors Without Borders, characterized the level of fighting as “the worst day” for the city and its surroundings in over three months of war. The Houthis and their allies began shelling the town of Dar Saad on July 19.

Illustrating the role of the Saudi-GCC fighter-bombers in Yemen, on July 19 the U.S.-backed coalition struck Houthi bases north of Aden and in Dar Saad, killing 55 people.

Fighting continued as well in Taiz on July 20. Taiz is Yemen’s third-largest city and it has been a contested area for weeks. The clashes on July 20 killed eight residents, while ground fighting raged on in Marib, with six anti-Houthi militiamen and 10 Ansurallah fighters killed in clashes.

In addition to the shifting political and military situation in the south of the Yemen, there are claims that Saudi and United Arab Emirates Special Forces are now operating in the area.

According to the Financial Times, Southern anti-Houthi forces seized control of much of the port of Aden with the help of United Arab Emirates Special Forces and Yemenis trained in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, said fighters in the city and overseas analysts.

This same report goes on to note that Analysts and sources on the ground in Aden tell the Financial Times that the Aden offensive had been planned for weeks, if not months. Members of the UAE Special Forces have been embedded with southern resistance fighters since April while local fighters were being trained in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. For several weeks, shipments of arms, Yemeni fighters and armored personnel carriers have been arriving in the last resistance stronghold in Aden, the western Bureiqah district, in preparation for a major offensive. (July 15)

The Wall Street Journal observed also that the U.S.-backed forces fighting the Ansurallah in Aden were working in coalition with Al-Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). These alliances have been taking place in an effort to thwart the influence of Iran which politically supports the Houthis as they have taken large areas of the country including the capital of Sanaa.

A writer on the situation now prevailing in Yemen says Local militias backed by Saudi Arabia, special forces from the United Arab Emirates and al Qaeda militants all fought on the same side this week to wrest back control over most of Yemens second city, Aden, from Houthi rebels, according to local residents and Houthi forces. As Yemens conflict degenerates into a precarious tangle of alliances, it poses a new quandary for the U.S. Yemen was a cornerstone of the American global counter terrorism strategy until earlier this year when the Houthis drove out a government that was working with Washington. The U.S. then backed a Saudi-led coalition that launched air strikes against the Houthis in March. (WSJ, July 15)

Bombing of Sanaa Continues

In the capital of Sanaa which was taken by the Ansurallah forces last September, the situation remains tense. This city has been subjected to intense aerial bombardments from the Saudi-GCC alliance for nearly four months.

The Saudi-GCC coalition attacked the residence of Mehdi Meqlawa, a well-known colleague of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in a Sanaa suburb. In the Yemeni capital, it also bombed the Ansurallah headquarters near the Souq Aziz market, killing at least one person.

An Associated Press report on July 20 said a car bomb went off near the house of a Houthi rebel leader in the capital Sanaa, killing seven and damaging the gates of the house, according to witnesses and officials. Medical officials said six people were also wounded in the attack. One security official said five were killed. It was not possible to reconcile the difference in casualty figures, common in the immediate aftermath of such attacks. A local affiliate of the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the car bomb in the western Garef neighborhood, saying it targeted a den of the Houthis, according to a statement shared on Twitter accounts of supporters of the IS group.

This article acknowledged that It was not immediately clear if the Houthi leader, Ihab al-Kuhlani, was at home at the time of the attack and whether he was affected by the bombing.

The bombing of mosques, political offices and residential areas are designed to not only kill large numbers of people but to also foster sectarian animosity between Sunni and Shite Islamic adherents. Parallels between developments in Yemen and what is taking place in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen are designed to perpetuate a divisive political atmosphere providing a rationale for ongoing intervention by Washington and its allies in the region.

Efforts to achieve a ceasefire for humanitarian purposes have failed due to the political intransigence of the U.S.-backed military and para-military forces operating in the theater of Yemens war. Unless there is a halt in the fighting soon, the humanitarian situation in Yemen will worsen as well as the further regionalization of the war.

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Nasrallah praises Iran, trashes Nazi state as ultimate terrorist state


By: DrLasha Darkmoon

Comparing Israel to a “cancerous tumour”, Hezbollah leader Nasrallah praises Iran for refusing to recognize Israel’s “right to exist”.

This transcript of a recent speech by Hassan Nasrallah comes from this source. The translation is so bad and repetitive, however, that I have felt the need to edit and abbreviate the text slightly in the interests of clarity.


“Israel is terrorism in essence, the source of all terrorism in the Middle East!” — Hassan Nasrallah

During a recent conference of the Israeli High Command, the impudence of the Israelis went so far as to call for an Arab-Israeli alliance to confront terrorism. Imagine that! Israel calling for an Arab-Israeli alliance to confront Israeli terrorism!

What is terrorism for the Israelis? Terrorism for the Israelis is Iran and the Resistance movements to Israel.

Now, so that the imposture not be too blatant, they put Daech (the Islamic State) with us. But of course they did not include the Al-Nusra Front, or Al-Qaeda or other movements like Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, or Boko Haram or… or… or…

So this hypocrite Israel claims it shows solidarity with Egypt in the Sinai, and it incites the conflict between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, especially with the Hamas movement.

In Syria, Israel presents itself as the protector of the Druze, while it fully supports the Al-Nusra Front and arms takfiri groups that threaten all Syrians, not just the Druze.

This is pure hypocrisy. It is blatant hypocrisy and deception!

But regardless of the details, Israel that is the mother of terrorism, the source of terrorism, the terrorist country, the entity that was founded by a terrorist organisation, and, to use philosophical concepts, the only state whose very essence is terrorism, whose nature is terrorism, this is the Israel that tries to present itself as fighting against terrorism!


Do you see what times we are in?

It was Israel that just a year ago waged the most merciless war and perpetrated the most heinous war crimes in Gaza . The reports of international institutions at all times exonerated Israel, but failed to conceal the truth: the number of women and children killed by Israel, the number of houses destroyed, all the blood of Gaza civilians that Israel spilt. Having done all that, Israel still dares to present itself as a civilized country. It claims to be part of a project or axis fighting against terrorism. Of course, this is the height of impudence.

We must be careful not to mislead ourselves, because unfortunately there are people who may sometimes, because of the impact of terrorism on them, say “What do I care about Israel? My priority is: is this terrorism attacking me personally!” The existing takfiri terrorism today is among the major adversities faced by our Muslim community. Because these terrorists do not fight on a political basis, or for a political project, but on the basis of religious or sectarian affiliations. All the killings currently taking place throughout the region are committed on this basis, and not on a political basis, or for a valid political struggle.

Well, the final point to prove that Israel is our enemy, who exactly does Israel consider to be a threat? Who according to Israel is a threat? There is only onecountry which represents a threat for Israel: after what happened in Syria, Syria was removed from the list of threats.

All that remains is — Iran! The Islamic Republic of Iran!

That is why we have seen, during the Israeli conference of Herzliya, before and after, that the spirit of Israel is completely obsessed and captured by Iran, by the Islamic Republic: by its nuclear program, the development of its ballistic capacity, its economy, its democracy, the support of its people for its leaders, the health of its leaders and the health of the country… For everything related to Iran, one can see Israel pay full attention to that, and to work on it incessantly, both inside and outside of Iran and at all international forums.

The only target for Israel is the Islamic Republic of Iran, and with it, the Resistance movements.

As for Israel, despite all our consideration and our respect for the Resistance movements and for ourselves (there is no harm if we manifest our respect for ourselves!), the Resistance movements have not reached the stage where they are, from Israel’s point of view, an existential danger.

It is not shameful to speak the truth, and that is the truth.

Yes, the Resistance movements now represent a strategic danger, but they have not reached the point of representing an existential threat to Israel.

Today, on the whole of the face of the Earth, the only state, the only entity, the only thing that is considered by Israel as an existential danger to them is the Islamic Republic of Iran. These are obvious and undeniable truths. If someone claims things are different, let him come and explain his analysis to us.

And this is why Israel incites the entire world against Iran: the United States, Congress… Netanyahu is ready to ruin his relations with the White House by urging Congress against Iran… Israel incites the Arabs against Iran… And many of these Arab regimes already have acquired a natural tendency to hate Iran, to be utterly hostile to Iran.This is the reality.

Question: If we calm ourselves a little—as Arabs, as Muslims, as Palestinians, as peoples of the region—and  if we relax a bit and calmly reflect—away from the bullets, the suffering, the screaming, the problems and the Arab channels—and if we ask ourselves seriously: Why? Why Israel … in all the Arab and Islamic world, worldwide, with its billion and a half Muslims, its states, its armies, its peoples, why is it that Israel fears no one, cares about no one, does not pay attention to anyone— except Iran?

Why Iran?

Should we not pose this question on the occasion of the International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem)? Why this total hostility against Iran on the part of the Zionists? Why do we see nothing of this sensitivity, this preoccupation, this anxiety, this fear, this precaution on the part of Israel with regard to Saudi Arabia? Or in respect to any other Arab regime? So it is a logical and natural question: why do they hate and fear Iran so much?

Today, at this very moment, the Arab countries and the Arab armies buy billions of dollars of aircraft, missiles, artillery, anti-tank weapons, long-range missiles… Israel does not care in the least about this!  Because there is a certainty, a confidence, a guarantee, not just a written commitment: they have absolute confidence and certainty in this official Arab mentality, and these official Arab regimes, to the point of having no need for guarantees or written commitments.

And experience is the best proof: for 67 years, what have the Arabs done, most of them? In short, because Israel knows with certainty that the official Arab regimes have sold them Palestine, Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the Palestinian people. And the proof is what happened 67 years years ago and is going on to this day.

Well, this year, they paid a visit to Gaza: have Gazan homes been rebuilt? What is the situation of the wounded of Gaza? Where is the blockade of Gaza? How are the people of Gaza?

If a small portion of the billions of dollars being spent on the war against Yemen, the war against Syria, the war against Iraq and the repression of these populations, was spent on Gaza, would we not today have Gaza in a more acceptable situation?

Are not the people of Gaza a part of Palestine? Are they not part of our Islamic community?

And forgive me for expressing myself again like this, but today we are forced to speak in these terms, are not the Palestinians a part of the Sunni community? Are they not Muslims who fast and pray? Why have they been abandoned? Because there is an official Arab decision to sell Palestine to Israel. Palestine has no existence for these Arabs. And the Palestinians are subjected to torture, and to live in ruins, because of these Arabs who care nothing for Palestine!

Who then still carries the flag of the Palestinian cause? Only Iran! I do not say this to praise Iran, but to come to a stance. I request that a stance is taken. Iran is the only country that continues to carry the flag, to face the enemy—Israel!—and refuses to recognise the official existence of this ‘entity’ Israel!

You will remember that Netanyahu insisted that the agreement should includethe recognition of the existence of Israel by Iran. And I tell you this: if the entire nuclear dossier should be closed down, and Iran be given everything it wanted on the nuclear issue, including what she did not even dare to dream, Iran would never accept this clause—that Israel be officially recognized—because to do so would be for Iran to betray its own religion—to turn its back on Islam! The Iranians themselves know this!

Iran continues to face its enemy today. It is Iran that supports the Axis of Resistance: its states, its peoples, its countries. It does this politically, morally, materially, financially, in terms of arms. It does this openly. In broad daylight. And this is something that no other country in the region has the courage to do. Despite the severe sanctions Iran has had to suffer for over 30 years, despite the threat of permanent war and the bombing of its facilities, Iran has stood firm. And so Iran continues to remain the only serious threat to the continued existence of Israel.

On this International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), allow me to speak frankly with all you Muslims, Christians, Arabs, Palestinians, and those in the Resistance movements who support the principle of Palestine: you cannot be with Palestine except by standing alongside the Islamic Republic of Iran! And if you are the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, then you are the enemies of Palestine also! You are the enemies Al-Quds—the enemies of Jerusalem!

These are not empty slogans.

The only hope remaining after God, the Exalted and Most High, to get back Palestine and Jerusalem from the Israeli occupiers of their stolen land, is through this Islamic Republic of Iran—for it is Iran, and Iran alone of all the Muslim countries in the world, that has remained faithful to Palestine!—faithful in its unflinching support for Palestine and its cruelly oppressed people!

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Bulgaria in a Bitter Fight for a Reform of the Judiciary. It Needs Help

Adelina Marini, Sofia

In the midst of the heavy Greek drama the EU has hardly any time and energy for Bulgaria and Romania’s problems with rule of law, that in no way threaten the survival of the Eurozone or the EU. However, what is happening in the two countries at the moment is extremely important. The situation there has significantly changed for the first time since they joined the EU. Romania became a prime example for Bulgarians of fighting corruption at the highest levels of power with the special anti-corruption prosecution laying their hands on the Prime Minister himself. This stimulates their own attempts to end the idleness. Over the past week the EC presented, in a workgroup on the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) under which the two countries joined the EU in 2007, their oral report on the two states’ progress in fulfilling the set benchmarks. The group is made up of representatives of the member states and the report is oral and thus not public.

According to euinside’s source, the evaluations of Bulgaria and Romania were noticeably different. Some member states even confirmed what has been the talk in Brussels for a long time now that Romania’s positive effort could lead to it coming out of the CVM, followed by entering Schengen. This is very bad news for Bulgaria who is yet to start the battle with corruption. Moreover, while the EC showers praises over Romania for its decisive fulfilment of the CVM benchmarks, Bulgaria is only commended for the latest approved strategy on fight against corruption and judicial system reform. The EC noted in the workgroup very slow progress in the investigations of high-level corruption, finding that they end at the judicial phase. Besides, a lack of capacity for the investigation of such cases is noted in the prosecution.

The spirit of the oral report coincides to a great degree with the atmosphere that prevailed at the first of its kind hearing of the two states on their efforts on the CVM in the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control several months ago as euinside reported in detail.

Citizens have taken matters in their own hands

Nine years after joining the EU there is a change in the EC’s assessment of the fulfilment of the obligations, taken by Sofia, and it is a negative one. The reports become worse and more blunt every time. Last year, the EC directly stated that the judiciary is under political pressure. The new Commission, led by Jean-Claude Juncker, tempered down the tone considerably but the major findings remain – there is no change. Bulgaria is not fulfilling the agreed requirements, and the promise for their fulfilment was the condition for accession of the country to the EU on January 1, 2007.

There is, however, some change. It came from the civil society which started to demand the start of reforms. The energy for this appeared after the 2013 protests, when tens of thousands of Bulgarians came out to protest against the insolent proposal that one of the most controversial figures in Bulgaria’s latest history heads the most powerful agency in the country the State Agency for National Security (DANS). The protests had instantaneous effect. The nomination was withdrawn but the most active protesters found the moment exceptionally right to ask for more, namely change of the model of inequality under the law. This proved to be the most difficult task for the oligarchy model, which makes the judiciary’s dependencies so heavy and hard to overcome, retaliated by all means possible.

As a result of the 2013 protests a semi-old semi-new government came to power. Semi-old because it is headed by Boyko Borisov, who was in power when the EC kept noting deterioration in its reports on the CVM. Semi-new because reformatory forces entered it and Parliament. Among them is Minister of Justice Hristo Ivanov. At the very start of his term in office he presented to Parliament another strategy for judiciary reform. The debates on the strategy showed from the start that it is going to be a difficult and long battle. The document got accepted, probably because it does not require any commitment.

Work on it started, however, when the Ministry of  Justice presented to Parliament a bill for changes in the Constitution that attempt to guarantee judiciary independence and the creation of the necessary environment for real fight against corruption and organised crime. While the Ministry was drafting the bill and bargaining was going on in Parliament for who will back it, civil society came active again. The initiative “Justice for all” was created, which invited the former Minister of Justice of Romania and currently MEP Monica Macovei (EPP). She is the pioneer of the current institutional environment in Romania, which claims so many victories against political corruption. At their own expense the initiative organised a discussion with Ms Macovei and invited Minister of Justice Hristo Ivanov to attend. Her visit made the Romanian MEP a celebrity in Bulgaria. She sent a strong message to the country’s political class by stating you need just one person in power to start the reform.

The bill for Constitutional changes, applauded by both the European Commission and the member countries, is already in Parliament but it is causing sharp resistance reactions. It provides for separating the Supreme Judicial Council in two parts – judges and prosecutors association. The term in office of the members is shortened from five to four years and they are granted the possibility to make suggestions for hiring and dismissing the Attorney General. There is no resistance voiced in Parliament to the reform in principle, however one of the influential groups – DPS (ALDE) asked for the changes to be voted after the municipal elections this autumn. President Rosen Plevneliev stated, however, that the reform must be finished with no delay.

“I am working for the judiciary reform happening now. It must not be postponed for September and October. It must not be postponed until after the elections. The judiciary reform is strategically important to Bulgaria. If it does not happen there will be fewer investments, less economic growth, and we will once more slow down on the road to our prosperity”, said the President, quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio. Meanwhile, the “Justice for all” initiative is having meetings with the leaders of political parties in Parliament to vouch its support for the judiciary reform and its resistance to postponing it, or brokering political deals for voting it in. The initiative also organised a protest against the Attorney General this week.

Where are the European political parties?

At the moment there is strong momentum and realistic conditions for the re-launch of the judiciary reform that has been frozen for nine years. Apart from the presence of civil pressure and the “one person in power to start the reform” some outside help is necessary. According to a euinsidediplomatic source, the current Commission favours meeker speech and softer approach. This was very evident in Mr Juncker’s promise to Bulgarian authorities that the CVM would end by the end of his term (2019). Monica Macovei and other MEPs are of the opinion the CVM should stay in place until it accomplishes its goals. And this cannot happen without the involvement of the European political families. They should encourage their members in Bulgaria to work for this

accomplishment, as well as

applying pressure in the European Parliament. In Bulgaria the gathering of 180 Members of Parliament out of 240 is needed to pass Constitution changes.

In the motives of the bill the Ministry of Justice states that conducting a judiciary reform “is a prerequisite to overcoming the systematic deficits in the Bulgarian Constitutional democracy”. This is why all large European political families must put pressure on their Bulgarian members. GERB (EPP) and BSP (PES) have not stated expressly a denial of support but are not doing what is necessary to push through the reform. Only DPS (ALDE) has stated they are not going to be present in plenary at the vote. euinside sent an official request for comment on the subject to ALDE but have received no reply at the time of ending of this text.  German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung commented last week that despite its notable example of battling corruption Romania might lose this battle for the Romanian Parliament, which is accused by the EC for impeding reforms, is preparing changes in the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code that would make pressing charges against corrupt politicians more difficult.

“The summer is hot and the EU is too focused on its own problems to worry about the situation in Romania. If the planned reforms go through, however, the fight against corruption in Romania will be a lost cause”, writes the newspaper. And this will encourage the resistance forces against the reforms in Bulgaria. That is why it is very important the EU finds the time and pays attention to both the countries through every possible channel – Commission, Parliament, Council. If the reformatory momentum is lost it may never come back. At least not in the foreseeable future. At the end of the day this, too, is one of the EU’s own troubles.

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Light at the end of Britain’s Zionist tunnel?


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Jeremy Corbyn

If Jeremy Corbyn wins leadership of the UK Labour Party foreign policy could take a turn for the better
By Stuart Littlewood

Britain suffered another disappointment last week when Tim Farron, a lightweight with the gift of the gab, landed the job of leader of the UK’s Liberal Democrats. They are the fools who sold their principles for a taste of power and entered into coalition government with David Cameron’s Tories in 2010. The wages of that sin were a crushing defeat in this year’s general election, which saw their MPs plummet from 57 to a miserable eight.

Farron is a born-again Christian and wears it on his sleeve.

Another Friend of Israel – but “it’s breath smells”

The Jewish Chronicle reported that Farron’s candidacy for leader was backed by senior British Jews in the party and he’d said he would have “no truck” with anti-Semitism if elected leader.

Tim Farron says he wants “to defend Israel’s right to security in her borders” but Israel refuses to define its borders

Reflecting on the Israel-Gaza “war” last summer, Farron remarked:

It was disproportionate – I thought the Israel government did behave in ways that were counter productive to her own interests. Clearly, there was blame on both sides; both sides are victims and both sides are aggressors.

My advice to the Israeli government then – and my view now – is I want to defend Israel’s right to security in her borders. Sometimes Israel makes it hard for us. I am a friend of Israel. Your best friends tell you when your breath smells.

Farron opposes BDS (the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement). “One of the things I want us to do is promote the party’s support of Israel as a state and people… The answer to the crisis is a two state solution – that has got to be our focus.”

From the way he talks you wonder if he’s been suckered into the ranks of Christian Zionism. Being an Anglican he risks coming under the influence of the CMJ (the Church’s Ministry among Jewish People) which was adopted as an official ministry of the Church of England in 1995 and has been operating in the shadows ever since. It is, if you like, the Anglican Church’s Zionist wing.

The CMJ says it recognises that the State of Israel was set up as a result of the United Nations 1947 Partition Plan but doesn’t have a view on the appropriate location of Israel’s borders. If the CMJ accepts the partition it should at least have regard to the borders on which it was based. As things stand, the CMJ is seen as approving greedy Israel’s continuing land-grab and lawlessness.

For someone who has never been to Palestine Farron is digging himself (and his party) into a remarkably deep pro-Israel hole. This is what comes of reading too many Bible fables.

Farron says he intends to visit Israel and the West Bank for the first time this year. It would be best if he keeps his mouth shut until he has seen first-hand the horrors of Israel’s occupation, dispossession and oppression of Muslim and Christian Palestinians and the living hell of the brutal blockade of both Gaza and the West Bank – that’s right, Palestinians lead wretched lives also trapped in the shredded remnants of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Two Ultra Orthodox Jews look at graffiti on the wall of a church reading in Hebrew “King David king of the Jews and Jesus is garbage, Price tag” on 9 May 2014 in Jerusalem near the ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood of Mea Sharim.

He should pick his way through Gaza’s wasteland of rubble and reflect on who are the real victims. He should meet Gaza’s prime minister Ismail Haniyeh over coffee and ask himself who are the real aggressors. Farron told the Jewish Chronicle that he understood the importance of religious practices. Well, in the Holy Land he’ll see the effect of sickening religious malpractice. Let’s hope it pricks the cosy, conceited bubble of Farron’s supernatural fantasy world.

Gaza City’s al-Shejaiya neighborhood, destroyed by the Israeli Wehrmacht during the blitzkrieg of 2014

As a Christian needing to know the facts of life he should visit the Holy Land as a guest of the Church – preferably the Catholic Church which has a wide presence and probably the best intelligence in the Middle East. But I’ll wager that his trip will be the usual Friends of Israel brainwashing junket hosted by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He’ll come home with his Zionist tendencies greatly inflated and his head full of lies.

So the Liberal Democrats’s new leader has all the makings of an Israeli stooge. In which case he’ll have plenty in common with that self-proclaimed Zionist freak and Israel worshipper, our warmongering prime minister, David Cameron. In spite of Israel’s continual war crimes – especially those committed during last summer’s 51-day assault on the women and children of Gaza – it’s business as usual with Israel as far as the Cameron government’s arms dealing is concerned.

His latest mission is to buy lots more drones to counter the “Islamic State” threat. What is the betting he’ll do a reciprocal deal with Elbit in Israel? He’s probably keen to appease the Israeli regime for the demonstrations and activist occupations at Elbit’s factory in Staffordshire which is believed to supply engines for Elbit’s Hermes drones that are used to terrorise and slaughter Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

And take a look at this description of Israel Aerospace Industries’ Harop suicide drone. It loiters over the target then dives into it like a missile. Once launched, they say, it is impossible to cancel the mission!

Is this the next toy Mr Cameron is going to bring home for his armchair killers?

That’s the bad news. Now for something refreshingly different.

The Corbyn challenge promises to be fun

The Labour Party too is seeking a new leader after Ed Miliband’s predicted downfall. In the ensuing contest a maverick outsider has pulled ahead in the polls to become the shock-horror favourite. Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran peace campaigner, an MP of 32 years’ standing and a prominent pro-Palestinian is likely to cause huge upset if he wins through. The other front-runners Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper, instrumental in spectacularly losing the general election, both voted for the Iraq war and against an inquiry into it (according to Corbyn’s intervention is therefore causing panic among Labour Party grandees who are threatening to call the leadership contest off.

It goes without saying that the mainstream media are working feverishly to trash Corbyn. Branded a “bearded socialist voter-repellent” by one Tory rag, Corbyn is clearly a worry for the right and the Israel-firsters. A headline in Zionist The Telegraph screamed: “Jeremy Corbyn, friend to Hamas, Iran and extremists… If Jeremy Corbyn wins, Labour will be in the extraordinary position of having a leader with among the most extensive links in Parliament to terrorists”.

The Independent reports that Labour MPs are plotting a coup against Corbyn before Christmas if he wins the leadership and that few of the existing shadow cabinet would wish to serve under him.

This video clip shows an attempt by Channel 4 TV’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy, in bull-boy mode, to humiliate Jeremy by harping on about whether Hamas are Jeremy’s “friends”. Hamas and Hezbollah are certainly not Britain’s enemies, so what was Krishnan’s point? Hamas, let’s remind ourselves, was set up in the late 1980s to resist Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation of Palestine. Since 2006 it has been the democratically elected power but is presently confined to the Gaza Strip after an attempt to overthrow it by losers Fatah in cahoots with Israel, the US, UK and European Union.

Hezbollah was created in the wake of Israel’s 1982 invasion of South Lebanon to resist the continuing occupation and further Israeli aggression, including the 2006 war.

Hamas is regarded as a terrorist organisation only by Israel’s allies, not the rest of the world. As The Telegraph should know, Hamas’s military wing (the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades) is proscribed in the UK but not its political wing, so Hamas should obviously be included in peace talks. The same goes for Hezbollah which has seats in the Lebanese parliament. The real problem is the subservience of the Tories and Labour (and our mainstream media) to Israel and its expansionism. Eighty per cent of Tory MPs and MEPs are said to be signed-up Friends of Israel and will do nothing to upset that rogue regime or derail its evil schemes.

Note how the UK government will not lift a finger to break the crippling eight-year siege of Gaza or protect humanitarian flotillas from Israeli assault on the high seas, but would happily bomb the hell out of Libya, Syria or anywhere else the US/Israel axis points its finger.

The struggle against Israel is central to the raison-d’etre of both Hamas and Hezbollah. The West complains that they are supported by Syria and Iran, hence the hostility of our politicians and media. But so what? Israel, Saudi Arabia and other deeply unpleasant regimes are heavily supported by the US.

Corbyn is nobody’s fool. His appearance on the stage could be great fun as well as hugely important.

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The Acceptable Face of Racism: Islam and Reclaim Australia

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Federal Coalition MP George-ChristensenGeorge Christensen’s comments were met with cheers from Reclaim Australia protesters. (ABC: David Sparkes)

Image: George Christensen’s comments were met with cheers from Reclaim Australia protesters. (ABC: David Sparkes)

“Our voice says we will not surrender, we will not sit idly by and watch the Australian culture and the Australian lifestyle that we love, and that is envied around the world… we are not going to see that surrendered and handed over to those who hate us and for what we are and what we stand for.”

So claimed Federal Coalition MP George Christensen before the anti-Islamic Reclaim Australia rally in the north Queensland town of Mackay held over the weekend.[1] It was good to see a politician cut through the fictional harness of restraint and fly his colours proudly. It even got the Islamic Council of Queensland concerned that he make an effort to visit a mosque in his electorate.[2]

His own boss, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, has done his side of the political aisle few favours by gagging the front bench from appearing on certain programs on the national broadcaster, the ABC. Dont, he seems to be saying, engage in that rather discomforting notion of debate. We already know the truth.

There was certainly no gagging of Christensen, who managed to mangle several concepts before the manufactured terror of an emerging theocracy on Australian soil. An impressive thought, when you consider the minute presence of Muslims in Australia to begin with. But that is what the radicalisation rhetoric gets you: dividends considerably more than what you invest in.

Christensen was also eager to press home his justification to speak at the rally to the press as one motivated by pure decency, and one motivated by the spectre of radical Islam. One of the guys who is going to speak there earlier this year organised a major charity toy drive for kids out west.[3] A good sort of chap, then and not one of those ratbags to be worried about.

The defiantly clumsy member for Dawson was joined by former federal MP Pauline Hanson, who did something similar in the Queensland town of Rockhampton. Hanson, more than any other politician, has every reason to feel slighted by the pinching of her intellectual (dare one call it that?) property by such individuals as former Prime Minister John Howard, and Abbott himself. Her maiden speech given before a shell-shocked parliament in September 1996 gave Howard his appropriation cue. If you dont rob the cradle of ideas now, your base of voters might walk.

A good deal of that speech seems rather tepid today, much of that occasioned by its assimilation into the mainstream political argot. There are the usual concerns about political correctness and enforced separatism. There is mention of the Aboriginal industry laden with welfare benefits. There is a fear of cultural and political asphyxiation at the hands of those Asians doing their bit of swamping.

While Howard pinched her terms of reference, transmuting her base metal into racially acceptable gold, Abbott sought to destroy her credibility and that of her party, One Nation. Giving the speech a dusting, and one can see the terror of the Mullahs lurking in the subtext, with Abbott similarly fashioning the modern context of radicalised terror and asylum seekers. Little wonder, then, that such offspring as Reclaim Australia do arise.

It might even be said that Hanson has gone some way to borrowing from Abbott, doing him the favour of flattering imitation. She expressed concern about the spread of Islam and promised that she was not targeting Muslims Im targeting the ideology, what Islam stands for. In a rather curious way, Hanson is doing more tiptoeing than Christensen, outing ideology as the main culprit. Christensen, a politician who is a clown in drag, happily meshes a fabricated Australian culture with an equally fabricated threat. Two non-matters that do not exist cannot, by definition, suggest existence.

Anti-racist protesters, represented by the No Room for Racism umbrella, also gathered in counter moves. In Perth, they outnumbered the Reclaim Australia demonstrators. Rally Against Racism organiser Miranda Wood told the ABC that, Hate speech is not welcome and we will be there to challenge it.

For all of the noise, numbers were few across the Australian cities. There were five arrests in Sydney, but the rallies in Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Canberra continue to suggest that this is a protest of fantasy over substance. That will not trouble Abbott, how knows that the fear factory operates, not at vocal, messy rallies, but in homes terrified of the phantom enemy.

Political figures like Christensen argue that attending such a rally is akin to turning up in selective wrapping. He may not feel he is throwing in his lot with the neo-Nazis (indeed, the MP for the Queensland seat of Dawson went so far as to suggest regret that such figures were present at Reclaim Australia rallies), but ideas, however noxious, tend to be a shared currency.

And the mint that provides that currency remains one of fanciful fears and ruthless political cynicism. It is unlikely to stop printing any time soon. Abbott has no reason to reclaim something he always thought was his.

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الجيش السوريIDLIB:  It’s become a bit of a joke. The statistics are horrendous for the terrorist psychopathic Islamist thug-monkeys, but, the prostituted Western and Eastern Press continue to hammer out hilarious reports of various advances which simply could not have taken place.  The Syrian Army has absorbed new tactics, and even more significantly, more domestically-manufactured rockets with newly engineered guidance systems the rodents have not seen before.  This has made targeting the rodents much more effective as they continue to hide inside heavily populated areas.


This is the 30th time the rats have tried to invade the perimeter of the airbase, one of Syria’s most important, only because it lies on an axis which enables the SAAF to use fuel much more efficiently.  If the base were to fall, all that would mean is that Syria would require more fuel than is usually necessary. This, also, is not a big deal as Russia, Venezuela and Iran are prepared to provide these necessary constituents of air power.

Yesterday, starting at around 3:00 a.m., the rodents, after equipping 2 Scania and 1 Mercedes trucks with a massive amount of C-4, military grade TNT, gasoline and multiple detonators which could be engaged by the driver or by remote control, approached from the northwest.  The problem with the plan was that the area is very flat and SAA drones regularly fly over Jaysh Al-Fath positions.  Our observers have become very adept at reading the terrain – they can spot a truck being readied to carry legitimate products and those which carry explosives.  We even have night vision cameras now, thanks to the Russian Federation, so our observers can spot danger even in the dark.

And so, based on intercepted communications, 3 drivers, one from Pakistan and another 2 from Saudi Arabia, were given their last rat-rites and promised a place in heaven filled with 72 Virginians.  And off they went.  According to my source in Latakia, based on what he read, an entire platoon of Special Forces Kornet and Milan operators were deployed at previously dug defensive trenches.  They were told about the most likely routes to be followed by the suicidal degenerates.  When the trucks appeared within range of the Kornets and Milans, the rockets took off, their invisible guidance, fiber-optics tails, acting like a telescope for the eyeball at the nose, as the hawkeyed SF rangers directed the projectiles precisely to their targets.  The explosions rocked the nearby eponymous village and could be heard as far as the border of Aleppo province.  The drivers were nebulized, their stink,  collected over months of festering, becoming nothing more than an offense of the past.

Once again, the rodents, convinced they are going to some amusement park in Infinity, charged the perimeter of the base despite the obvious fiasco engineered by imbeciles from Britain operating out of Adana, and found themselves in the middle of a meat grinder.  SAA artillery and rocket launchers sprayed the area with so much ordnance, the rats almost immediately turned around to escape, their communications described by the SAA as “frantic”, “anarchic” and “terror-filled”.  Amazingly, their field commanders told them to “stay put and fight their way forward”.   They knew better than that and kept running away like the miserable cowards they always were.

According to some sources, Jaysh Al-Fath executed some of the officers for not obeying orders and refusing to die kami-kaze-style.   Banzai!! Tora! Tora! Tora!      

But, that’s not all.  According to Wael, the SAAF took off from the base to the south and circled around firing air-to-rat missiles, hitting moving vans and pickups with uncanny accuracy.  When the dust finally settled, observers on the ground could count 12 pickups destroyed, smoke wafting up from the crevices of the engine compartments and carcasses spread around them roasting slowly like Texan briskets. A total of 173 rats either killed or wounded in the fighting.

Umm Jareen:  Another tale of woe for Nusra/Alqaeda rodents.  MI alerted SAA infantry to the movement of rats in their direction.  The rats were aboard several flatbed trucks with 2 pickups armed with the usual Doschkas for protection.  The SAAF took to the air and quickly scotched the caravan as the SAA infantry pounced upon them killing a confirmed 17 and wounding scores.  Almost all were foreigners.  These were the only Syrians among the vermin:

Haani ‘Abdul-Wahhaab Mas’ood

Muhammad Waasif Qooraani

Baheej Diyaab Al-Safarjalli

Reports of heavy rat losses also at these areas:  Al-Tur’ah, Qar’ Al-Ghazaal, Al-Majaass

JISR AL-SHUGHOOR AREA:  Reports continue to come in indicating the newly-arrived volunteer forces from Iran are becoming increasingly hep to the terrain and the roadways so important for effective fighting.  At the villages of Bizayt, Jannat Al-Quraa, Tu’oom, the Syrian Air Force pounded concentrations of rodents belonging to both Alqaeda and Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya.  Their efforts to build up fortifications in anticipation of the SAA’s major push to liberate Jisr Al-Shughoor are being watched with peculiar obsessiveness.  Great news, too:  the highway between Aleppo and JIsr Al-Shughoor remains completely open.  The rats failed in closing it.

Ma’arrat-Massreen:  A large pack of vultures belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda which had planned to attack neighboring Al-Faw’ah Village were torn to shreds by SAAF Sukhoi bombers.



Abu Qaaridh Al-Sa’oodibegs openly in central Zabadaani for mercy as most of his litter-mates try slinking out through the town’s sewers.  He was caught and arrested dressed as a woman. (Photo: Stuartfrew)

23 rodents were confirmed killed yesterday as their numbers slowly reach the target goal of zero.  They were killed trying to break out of the town but found that the entire area is rife with SAA and HZB all of whom are unfortunately ordered not to show traditional Syrian hospitality.  ALERT TO READERS: WHORE NEWS SITES LIKE, AL-BAWABA, REPORTED FALSELY THAT HZB ARRESTED 170 OF ITS OWN WHO WERE TRYNG TO ESCAPE THE FIGHTING. TOTALLY FALSE AND DEFAMATORY.  HZB ARRESTED OVER 100 CRIMINALS BELONGING TO ALQAEDA OF WHOM 11 WERE SAUDI CITIZENS. THE PDC EXECUTED ALL THE SAUDIS AND CREMATED THEIR STINKING CARCASSES WITH WHITE PHOSPHORUS.


مقتل 40 إرهابياً بكمين محكم للجيش في الزبداني‎


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1222739186Lt. Gen. Fahd Jaasim Al-Furayj, Syrian Defense Minister, inspects forces in Qunaytra and brings the final plans to the brilliant field officers whose job it is to rid Syria of the Zionist vultures who infest its towns and villages.    


بتوجيهات من الرئيس الأسد.. العماد الفريج يتفقد قواتنا المسلحة العاملة في ريف القنيطرةDAMASCUS: 


army-Daraa 5Al-Zabadaani:  It’s curtains for the Alqaeda rats.  They are all foreigners now. You can’t hear one Syrian. Lebanese or Palestinian voice.  It’s all Chechen, Daghestaani with some Pakistani and North African voices.  They are readying themselves for the inevitable ride down into Belial’s gob.  We can confirm a completely successful ambush last night of 3 groups of active rodents who suffered a devastating loss in life and limb as the SAA and the Lebanese Resistance caught them in a complex snare.  46 rodent carcasses were counted and 133 were taken prisoner in different states of health.  I cannot tell you how much medical treatment they can expect to get.  I do know that their wish to slide down the glacier to the icy kingdom of Hell is quite probable.  The number of rats remaining in the center of the town cannot be more than one hundred.  It’s over, folks.

Al-Zabadaani Plains:  A nest of vipers was uncovered and destroyed.  No other details.

Al-Zabadaani:  At the Al-Seelaan Roundabout, an attempted infiltration by mostly Chechen rats from the Cultural Center went wrong.  The SAA killed 13 of them:

Raamiz Zhaahir (a/k/a “Abu Hishaam”.  He was a “field commander” for Ahraar Al-Shaam. No more.)

The rest were all unidentifiable.

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  The Syrian military is simply eating away at the remnant vermin left behind by the cockadoodle high command of the Alqaeda/Zionist gangs.  This is rural territory where the rats can often redeploy at night after suffering the usual humiliating defeats.  Yesterday, a pack of rodents tried to use an abandoned shed on farm property which, unfortunately for them, was tagged by the PDC as a potential nest.  The rest was 8 dead rodents:

Kaarim Shuraabaaati

Ahmad ‘Ali-Hassan Al-Ghaali

Muhammad Khaazindaar

The rest could not be identified.  Some are believed to be Libyan.

Heavy fighting described here: Zaakiya, Bayt Jinn, Dayr Khibya.


الجيش يحكم السيطرة على قصر الحير الغربي وبير المر بريف حمص وعلى قرية خربة الناقوس بريف حماةQUNAYTRA:  It appears the same Zionist planning and genius has gone into the Qunaytra Front as the 2006 debacle in South Lebanon.  Either the Zionists are stupider than anyone had thought (very likely) or the material with which they have to work is truly shoddy.  Or, maybe it’s a combination of both.

Rasm Al-Shawaali Village:  Ahraar Al-Shaam lost 4 pickups with 23mm cannons as SAAF helicopter devastated their ranks with uncanny preciosity.  Number of dead? Unknown at this time.


كمين محكم للجيش السوري والمقاومة اللبنانية يقضي على 40 إرهابياً في مدينة الزبدانيUmm Baatina Village:  9 rodents confirmed killed or wounded in clashes with HZB and SAA.

Al-Hameediyya Village:  Supply lines to rats starting with the Zionist State of Bialystock have been cut. A pickup truck with 23mm cannon was disabled.

Nab’ Al-Sakhr:  Terrorist ranks collapsing as based on their own communications.  No ammo to spare.  So sad.

IDLIB:  ALQAEDA DRONE SHOT DOWN BY SYRIAN ARMY AIR DEFENSE SHILKA AS IT FLEW OVER TALLAT AL-SHAYKH KHATTAAB;  More evidence the rats are becoming desperate as their efforts to take the heights here have failed, most recently as of July 13 when an attack by the Alqaeda rats resulted in a massive counter-attack by the SAA killing an undisclosed number.  I have heard it said that the carcasses of the rats are reeking to the high heavens as they undergo transformation and putrefaction in the hot summer sun.


مضادات الجيش السوري تسقط طائرة استطلاع تركية في ريف إدلب



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