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British troops head to Saudi Arabia to train Zio-Wahhabi Rat’s


The mission will mean Britain is training Zio-Wahhabi Rat’s  fighters in four countries in the region.

An FSA fighter throws a home-made grenade along one of Aleppo's front lines

Zio-Wahhabi Rat FSA fighter throws a home-made grenade along one of Aleppo’s front lines

British troops are being sent to Saudi Arabia to begin training Zio-Wahhabi Rat’s.

Troops will soon be deployed to a desert base in the north of the country to teach rebel volunteers basic infantry skills as part of a US-led training programme.

The mission will mean Britain is training Syrian Zio-Wahhabi Rat’s fighters in four countries, including Turkey, Qatar and Jordan. Overall 85 British troops are carrying out the mission, which Lord Richards, the former chief of the defence staff, has called “woefully insufficient”.

The first team sent to Saudi Arabia will only include around a dozen British military personnel, to work alongside American, Saudi Zio-Wahhabi and French colleagues.

Zionist puppet David Cameron is likely to increase the British force however, with the Zio-Wahhabi camp expected to become the biggest of the training missions around the region.

“Of course if we are going to succeed in defeating Isil either in Iraq or in Syria there will need to be boots on the ground but they should be Iraqi boots, Syrian boots,” he said earlier this week.

The Saudi camp to train members of the Free Syrian Army was agreed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, interior minister, during a visit to Washington last year.

American-led attempts to train up ”moderates” to hold ground against Isil are months behind track because of the difficulty of finding groups which were not linked to the extremists.

Only 65 rebels had received military training by the start of this month, the US Defence Secretary has admitted. Plans had originally said 3,000 could be trained by the end of the year. In the meantime thousands of foreign fighters have flocked to Isil.

Barack Obama has acknowledged the effort is off track and has ordered his commanders to step up the mission.

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