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Is religion doing enough to root out abuse?


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From when Karen Morgan was 12, until she was well into her teens, she was sexually abused by her uncle – a ministerial servant with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Christian churches, as well as other religions, have faced claims of child abuse. But what is striking about the Jehovah’s Witnesses is their explicit policy of dealing with abuse in-house, [and that] they insist there must be two witnesses to a crime.

In Karen’s case a second witness did come forward: Wendy, a family friend and fellow [church] member … had been raped by the same man. Despite a pattern of predatory sexual behaviour, it took more than two decades to bring Wendy and Karen’s abuser to justice. He is now serving a 14-year prison sentence. His punishment from the Jehovah’s Witnesses? There wasn’t one. When the case came to court, the organisation was reluctant to co-operate.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are not the only religious organisation to try to deal with allegations of sexual abuse in-house. For many decades, that was the preferred method of the Roman Catholic Church. Only this month, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish scholar from Manchester – who fled to Israel after he was exposed as a paedophile – was jailed for 13 years. The court had heard that both women who testified … in the case had been “ostracised” by their community as a result of speaking out.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on sex abuse scandals from reliable major media sources.

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Senator: Compensate Residents Near Site of Atomic Bomb Test


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People who lived near the site of the first atomic bomb test in the New Mexico desert and later developed cancer and other health problems need to be compensated, a U.S. senator said Thursday. The federal government neglected residents of the historic Hispanic village of Tularosa near the Trinity Site, where the weapon was detonated on July 16, 1945, Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., said in a speech on the Senate floor on the 70th anniversary of the test.

“The rest of the world didn’t know about the tragedies that happened in the Tularosa Basin. For a long time, the government denied that anything happened at all,” Udall said. “Attention … must be paid now.” Udall met with residents and family members who lived near the test site. He believes they should be included in the federal Radiation Exposure Compensation Act program, which could provide a $50,000 payout.

Many of those living near the Trinity Site were not told about the dangers and later suffered rare forms of cancer. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute are studying past and present cancer cases in New Mexico that might be related to the test, [which] took place in southern New Mexico as part of the Manhattan Project, the secretive World War II program that provided enriched uranium for the atomic bomb.

Note: For more along these lines, read how the effects of the atomic bomb were covered up.


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An Experiment in Love: Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Six Pillars of Nonviolent Resistance


And the Ancient Greek Notion of ‘Agape’

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Although Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used Christian social ethics … his enduring ethos, at its core, is nonreligious. It champions a set of moral, spiritual, and civic responsibilities. Nowhere does he transmute spiritual ideas from various traditions into secular principles more masterfully than in his extraordinary 1958 essay “An Experiment in Love.” Penned five years before his famous Letter from Birmingham City Jail … the essay was eventually included in the indispensable A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr..

In the first of the six basic philosophies, Dr. King addresses the tendency to mistake nonviolence for passivity. The second tenet: “Nonviolence … does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win his friendship and understanding. The aftermath of nonviolence is the creation of the beloved community, while the aftermath of violence is tragic bitterness.

In considering the third characteristic of nonviolence, Dr. King appeals to the conscientious recognition that those who perpetrate violence are often victims themselves. Out of this recognition flows the fourth tenet: “Nonviolent resistance [requires] a willingness to accept suffering without retaliation.” The fifth basic philosophy [extends from] the noblest use of what we call “love”. With this, he turns to the sixth and final principle of nonviolence as a force of justice, undergirded by the nonreligious “creative force in this universe that works to bring the disconnected aspects of reality into a harmonious whole.”

Note: Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference.

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NBC News Releases the Long-Awaited Trailer for its Summer Horror Film About ISIS


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During a discussion yesterday in Aspen with … CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, FBI Director James Comey somberly warned that ISIS now officially poses a bigger threat to the “U.S. homeland” than the one posed by former title-holder Al Qaeda — because, of course, the Latest Threat must always be the Greatest Threat. Comey also said that the previous bigger-than-Al-Qaeda contender,The Khorasan Group,” has been “diminished” by “the work done by our great military” — because the War on Terror narrative requires that it must always be somehow simultaneously true that (1) the Terror Threat facing Americans is Greater Than Ever™ and (2) U.S. military actions against Terrorism are succeeding.

To dramatize ISIS as The New Greatest Threat to the Homeland, FBI Director Comey first summoned the TV-actor-who-plays-the-journalist-character-called-Wolf-Blitzer to Aspen, and then NBC News posted to the top of its news article a slick, scary, music-and-graphic-driven video using all of Hollywood’s horror film staples to provide the visceral kick. I’m really grateful that because Americans have a free press, we’re not subject to state propaganda the way people in those bad, unfortunate countries are.

Note: Read an excellent essay by a top US general exposing how war is a racket. Is this why terrorist fear-mongers always claim that it is the scariest time ever? For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about the manipulation of public perception.

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The Spirit of Judy Miller is Alive and Well at the NYT, and It Does Great Damage


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Former New York Times reporter Judy Miller … granted anonymity to government officials and then uncritically laundered their dubious claims. As the paper’s own editors put it in their 2004 mea culpa about the role they played in selling the [Iraq] war: “We have found a number of instances of coverage that … seems questionable now, was insufficiently qualified or allowed to stand unchallenged.” But 12 years after Miller left, you can pick up that same paper on any given day and … find reporters doing exactly the same thing.

It is worth observing how damaging it continues to be, because, shockingly, all sorts of self-identified “journalists” — both within the paper and outside of it — continue to equate unverified assertions from government officials as Proven Truth, even when these officials are too cowardly to attach their names to these claims, as long as papers such as the NYT launder them. Among the assertions mindlessly repeated by the Paper of Record from its beloved anonymous officials is this one: that ISIS learned to use couriers as a result of the Snowden revelations. The claim itself … is monumentally stupid. Terrorists have known for a very long time that the U.S. government and its allies are trying to intercept their communications, and have long used encryption and other means to prevent that. This is the same process that enabled the New York Times, more than any other media outlet, to sell the Iraq War to the American public, and they’re using exactly the same methods to this day.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about corruption in the intelligence community and the manipulation of public perception.

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Leon Brittan among senior Westminster figures named in new child abuse files


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Government papers about the former home secretary Leon Brittan are among a fresh batch of documents which have come to light months after the conclusion of an official review into whether allegations of child abuse were covered up by the Home Office in the 1980s.

The documents also reveal that the then director general of MI5 corresponded with the Cabinet Secretary in 1986 about an unnamed MP who was alleged to have “a penchant for small boys”. The letter from Sir Anthony Duff to Sir Robert Armstrong added: “At the present stage … the risks of political embarrassment to the government is rather greater than the security danger.” “The risk to children is not considered at all,” Peter Wanless, chief executive of the NSPCC, and barrister Richard Whittam, said in a supplement to their review.

The papers … will be passed to an ongoing independent inquiry into child abuse within state and non-state institutions. Previously unreleased files also concern figures including Margaret Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary, the late Sir Peter Morrison, former diplomat Sir Peter Hayman and former minister Sir William van Straubenzee. The papers also contain material on allegations by a former British army intelligence agent, Colin Wallace, about the Kincora boys’ home in Northern Ireland, which has long been at the centre of abuse claims. The Wanless review, published in November after the investigation of 114 missing Home Office files, could not rule out the possibility of files being destroyed as part of a coverup.

Note: Watch powerful evidence in a suppressed Discovery Channel documentary showing that child sexual abuse scandals reach to the highest levels of government. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on sex abuse scandals from reliable major media sources.

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The Likely Cause of Addiction


Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

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It is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned. Through this long century of waging war on drugs, we have been told a story about addiction by our teachers and by our governments. Almost everything we have been told about addiction is wrongNearly fifteen years ago, Portugal had one of the worst drug problems in Europe, with 1 percent of the population addicted to heroin. They had tried a drug war, and the problem just kept getting worse. So they decided to do something radically different. They resolved to decriminalize all drugs, and transfer all the money they used to spend on arresting and jailing drug addicts, and spend it instead on reconnecting them – to their own feelings, and to the wider society … so they have a purpose in life, and something to get out of bed for. They are helped, in warm and welcoming clinics, to learn how to reconnect with their feelings, after years of trauma and stunning them into silence with drugs. The results of all this are now in.

An independent study by theBritish Journal of Criminology found that since total decriminalization, addiction has fallen, and injecting drug use is down by 50 percent. For too long, we have talked exclusively about individual recovery from addiction. We need now to talk about social recovery – how we all recover, together, from the sickness of isolation. But this new evidence isn’t just a challenge to us politically. It doesn’t just force us to change our minds. It forces us to change our hearts.

Note: The above was written by Johann Hari, bestselling author of Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs. Read more about Portugal’s stunning success in curbing drug addiction by ending its drug war and cultivating human connection. For more, read about how the science behind the bonding theory of addiction has been suppressed since the 1970’s by drug war profiteers.


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Mass Incarceration Is Destroying America


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America … is indecently over-incarcerated. We lock up far more people per capita than any nation even close to our size: roughly 2.4 million men, women, and children. The financial toll of mass incarceration is irresponsible; the human toll is unconscionable. Just 40 years ago, our incarceration rates were much lower, and on par with our peer nations. Since then, however, our prison population has ballooned by about 700%.

What happened? We launched the so-called War on Drugs. Criminalizing drug abuse only further shatters people and families that are already in pieces. Our criminal-justice system … takes people whom we have failed since birth — subjecting them to substandard food, poor living conditions, failing schools, unsafe communities — and then tries to “correct” them through inhumane, over-punitive treatment. For four decades, we have embraced the lie that incarceration … protects us. Mass incarceration does not make us safer; it makes us more vulnerable. It destroys communities, wastes resources, separates families, ruins lives. It is the result of policies that criminalize poverty and make prisons and jails become warehouses for deeply damaged people with little or no access to mental health or substance abuse treatment. Instead, let’s invest those resources in our neighbors and family members so they don’t end up in the system to begin with, and if they do, so they can get back on their feet.

Note: What is not mentioned here is the role of the greedy prison-industrial complex which has privatized prisons and made imprisoning people profitable. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about the corrupt prison industry built upon by systematic violations of civil rights.


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Retired General: Drones Create More Terrorists Than They Kill, Iraq War Helped Create ISIS


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Retired Army Gen. Mike Flynn

Retired Army Gen. Mike Flynn, a top intelligence official in the post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, says in a forthcoming interview … that the drone war is creating more terrorists than it is killing. He also asserts that the U.S. invasion of Iraq helped create the Islamic State. Flynn, who in 2014 was forced out as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, has in recent months become an outspoken critic of the Obama administration’s Middle East strategy. The former three star general … describes the present approach of drone warfare as “a failed strategy.” What we have is this continued investment in conflict,” the retired general says. “The more weapons we give, the more bombs we drop, that just … fuels the conflict.”

In 2010, [Flynn] published a controversial report on intelligence operations in Afghanistan, stating in part that the military could not answer “fundamental questions” about the country and its people despite nearly a decade of engagement there. Earlier this year, Flynn commended the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture saying that torture had eroded American values and that in time, the U.S. “will look back on it, and it won’t be a pretty picture.”

Note: Drone strikes almost always miss their intended targets. Casualties of war whose identities are unknown are frequently mis-reported to be “militants”. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles about military corruption.


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Future of presidency in question after reports Ab-A$$ to step down


Zionist puppet Mahmoud Ab-A$$ shakes hands with prime minister Rami Hamdallah after a 2013 swearing in ceremony in Ramallah.
Questions remained on Tuesday whether Mahmoud Ab-A$$ is planning to step down as Palestinian president in the coming months, with PLO officials strongly denying the claims, while sources close to the embattled president did not deny the possibility.
On Sunday, Zionist Channel 1 cited unnamed Palestinian Authority sources as saying that Ab-A$$ is planning to quit in two months due to “fatigue.”
PLO officials quickly dismissed the report as rumors circulated by Zionist, but sources close to Ab-A$$ did not deny the report, saying that “important, and maybe dangerous, decisions” are likely to be made in September, coinciding with the UN General Assembly’s 70th session.
They said that Ab-A$$ is likely to address his future at the UN summit.
However, they noted that the Palestinian president has in the past faced difficulties attempting to step down, with the US in particular pressuring him to stay on, as it views him as a partner in peace negotiations.
If Ab-A$$ does resign, Fatah is likely to select a new leader at their seventh congress, currently scheduled for October, the sources said.
They added: “The new leader of Fatah is the president.”
If Fatah selects Marwan Barghouti — widely recognized as Palestine’s most popular presidential candidate — the question will be whether NAZI chooses to release him from prison, where Barghouti is serving multiple life sentences, the sources said.
Earlier this month, senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat took office as secretary-general of the PLO, prompting speculation he is being lined up to succeed Ab-A$$ as president.
The position of secretary-general is second only to that of chair — held by Ab-A$$ has– within the PLO Executive Committee, and media reports suggested that the promotion was a vote of confidence in Erekat as a future leader.
‘Political chaos’
However, PLO officials have publicly dismissed the report of Ab-A$$’ future departure, accusing NAZI of circulating rumors in a bid to create “political chaos” in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Fatah spokesperson Fayiz Abu Eita said it was a “miserable and desperate attempt” by Zionist to make it appear as though Zionist regime has no partner among the Palestinians to hold peace talks with.
Jamil Muzhir, a leading figure in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine accused Zionist regime of trying to “mix up cards” in the Palestinian leadership.
Meanwhile, a member of the Palestinian People’s Party politburo, Walid al-Awad, said that Zionist had made the claims encouraged by ongoing confusion in Palestinian politics.
“The state of uneasiness in the Palestinian arena stimulated the appetite of Israel to add fuel to the fire and keep the Palestinians busy with internal disputes.”
Anwar Zboun, a Hamas representative of the Palestinian Legislative Council, told Ma’an that he did not believe the claims, as “since 2009, it has been claimed more than five times that Abbas would be resigning.”
Ab-A$$ was popularly elected as president in 2005, but in the absence of elections he has remained in power long after his term ended in 2009.
According to an opinion poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey last month, 44 percent of Palestinians are satisfied with Abbas’ presidency, while 55 percent are not.
The poll found Marwan Barghouti was the most popular candidate for Palestinian president.
While the US has backed Ab-A$$, viewing him as a partner for peace talks, negotiations have made little progress under his leadership.
The latest round of US-led peace negotiations between Zionist regime and Palestinians reached an impasse in April 2014.
Zboun said: “Even if Abbas resigns, this will not make any change, as they will appoint another man that will follow his strategy.”

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