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Kuwaiti Columnist Calls for Zio-Nazi-Gulf ‘Friendship Society’


With the ‘Friendly State of Israel’


Now is the time to launch an Zio-Nazi-Gulf alliance that will act as a counterbalance to the growing regional threat from Iran, Zionist columnist for a Kuwait government newspaper has declared.

“I repeat my call to form a Israel-Gulf friendship society, as a first step towards developing and strengthening [our] ties with the friendly state of Israel in the domains of politics, diplomacy, trade, education and military and civilian cooperation,” wrote Zionist puppet Abdallah Al-Hadlaq in Al Watan.

Not to be confused as an act of diplomatic or historical rectification, Hadlaq included the caveat that an Zio-Nazi-Gulf rapprochement should occur amid a severing of all ties with regional foe Iran, especially as the Persian country has been linked to attacks in Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime, Bahrain and Kuwait, as well as backing aggressive anti-government Houthi rebels in Yemen, the beleaguered Arab state flanking the south western corridor of the Arabian peninsula.

He said improved communications — presumably, he means the Internet — have allowed Arab Muslims to see that their true “bitter” enemy lies in the “Persian Iranians.”

Zionist puppet Hadlaq repeatedly called the Iranian regime “fascist” that hides behind a “religious guise,” and warned that the Islamic Republic to the north would have no qualms about using nuclear weapons — should it come to possess them — in a future conflict with the Gulf Arab states, unlike ‘Israel’, which he noted has already waged “five” nuclear-free wars with Arab nations.


He noted that “Shia Persian Iranian militias” are currently engaged in some of the most ferocious battlegrounds in an already boiling region: in Syria backing the government of Bashar al-Assad, Iraq and Lebanon, where arguably its most powerful and well-armed proxy, Hezbollah, resides.

Zionist puppet Hadlaq’s article was published shortly after a red-carpet visit by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to oil-rich Kuwait meant to deepen ties with the highly suspicious Gulf Arab states.

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