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Bro. Nathanael on Ben Carson’s Fractured Foreign Policy ‘VEDIO’


Brother Nathanael

Bro. Nathanael


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Why Jeremy Corbyn Scares British Jews So Much



Ed-note (Sabba) – Will Corbyn be the British Obama? With his loud declarations about Hamas and Hezbollah, his mixing up with History Truthers (aka Holocaust deniers), he has everything to convince us that he is the real thing, that Britain might be taking a completely new course, that Britain might set herself free from judaic bondage etc.

But Britain is the European nation which has been under joodoo spell for the longest so much so that most of the Brits themselves believe in their choseness and love their connection, their bond with the jews. They gave us this weird concept of British Israel and one can not help but be amazed at how many of them do believe in it.

London is the world capital of international jewish mafia (aka Kosher Nostra): so how can someone labelled an enemy to the jews, a friend of Hezbollah become the new Labor leader with the risk/chance of seeing him move to 10 Downing Street?

Will his job be to send us back to sleep, like Obama was supposed to do after 8 years of Neo-cons rule?

They already gave us a black president and put him in the White House: they can not use the same trick twice in a row, in case we smell a rat.

Are we to take his opinions about Hezbollah seriously?  

Very few people know that current French  MP, Manuel Valls, started his political career by being very loudly pro-Palestinian and totally anti-Israel. We know where he stands now (he is eternally linked to Israel, not to France, but to israel).

Or is Corbyn the real deal?


THE FORWARD – Until he became leader of the British Labour party on September 12, Jeremy Corbyn — a crumpled, bearded 66-year-old socialist — had had an unremarkable political career. He was first elected to Parliament in 1983 and has represented the Labour Party in the safe seat of Islington North in north London ever since. Corbyn has never held a cabinet position nor pioneered a significant piece of legislation. He remains aligned with the far-left wing of the party, whose stature and influence has only diminished since the 1980s.

His politics are that of principled rebellion. Between 2005 and 2010, when Labour was in government, Corbyn voted against party lines 25% of the time. Known for his anti-war politics, he has publicly supported both the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Irish republicans. In 1996 the Guardian editorialized that his ill-timed meeting with Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein made him “a fool whom the Labour Party would probably be better off without.”

Now, with the party in disarray, Corbyn has come out of obscurity to become Labour’s next leader — and British Jewry is worried.

In a recent Survation poll, 67% of British Jews said they were concerned about his possible victory. “The JC rarely claims to speak for anyone other than ourselves,” The Jewish Chronicle’s August 12 editorial stated. “But in this rare instance we are certain that we speak for the vast majority of British Jews in expressing deep foreboding at the prospect of Mr. Corbyn’s election as Labour leader.”

Perturbing British Jewry are Corbyn’s associations with anti-Semitic individuals: Paul Eisen, the Holocaust denier whose foundation Deir Yassin Remembered Corbyn has supported ; Raed Salah, a Palestinian leader convicted of funding Hamas, whom Corbyn invited to Parliament and called a “very honored citizen”; and Arab activist Dyab Abou Jahjah, with whom Corbyn hared  platform at a Stop The War Coalition meeting in 2009 but who was later banned from the UK on grounds of extremism.

Corbyn has also landed himself in hot water for Stop The War Coalition’s support of al-Quds Day demonstrations and referring to Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends” during a parliamentary meeting on the Middle East. He has previously met with representatives of both Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hamas and the military wing of Hezbollah are recognized as terrorist organizations by the European Union.

“Any British politician in a senior capacity will not be taken seriously if he has any partiality towards terrorist bodies,” Jonathan Arkush, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, told the Forward in a statement. “We would like Jeremy Corbyn to give clear, straight answers to straight questions and repudiate any sort of support for or links to anti-Semites, racists and terrorists.”

Those within the Labour Party who have critiqued Corbyn have found themselves the victims of hostile rhetoric from his online supporters. “I have been described as a servant of the Israeli Prime Minister, a Nazi Zionist, a Zionist scumbag,” John Mann MP, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Anti-Semitism, told the London Sunday Express , noting that leadership contender Liz Kendall and Joan Ryan MP, chair of Labour Friends of Israel, had also received anti-Semitic hate mail.

Corbyn’s victory — even in the face of a tremendous amount of evidence regarding his unsavory connections and questionable foreign policy views — is a sign of the unmooring of the Labour Party, a hundred-year-old institution that has lost two elections in a row and remains in search of a new identity in a capitalistic, individualistic and de-unionized economy and society. But it is also a cause and a symptom of the drifting apart of Labour and the British Jewish community.

Since the 1980s when Margaret Thatcher’s cabinets featured a number of important Jewish ministers the breakdown in this relationship has been inexorable. In part it’s a consequence of strong Conservative support for Israel but mainly it comes from British Jewry becoming overwhelmingly middle class. Before the last election in May, I attended town hall meetings for the Jewish community in Finchley and Hampstead Garden Suburb in leafy north London where Labour’s proposal for a mansion tax on properties worth over $3 million contributed to its defeat in those communities.

Labour’s loss in the 2010 election — which ended the Blair-Brown years and, with it, their New Labour project — accelerated this drift. Ed Miliband’s initial attempts (as the first ever Jewish Labour leader) to court Jewish communal institutions were scuttled by his staunch opposition to Operation Protective Edge and support for unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood. These events added to a perception that Labour had drifted leftward on the Israeli-Palestinian question.

Under Miliband’s leadership the anti-American and anti-Zionist tendencies of Labour’s left were held in check, but the influence of Jewish grandees from the New Labour era weakened. Lord Levy, for example, was central to the Labour Party during the Blair era, when he was their chief fundraiser. He was also Blair’s envoy to the Middle East and in that regard helped shape his view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Today, Levy no longer plays a meaningful role in the Labour Party. The strength of Labour Friends of Israel has also declined, prominent members like Ed Balls having been voted out of office in 2015, when the Jewish vote was projected to be 69% Conservative.

Perhaps the main reason Corbyn in particular has accelerated the separation of British Jews from Labour, though, is the feeling that he grasps neither the seriousness of his associations nor that anti-Semitism can exist on the left at all. When this issue was raised at a town hall meeting for Jewish voters at JW3 in July, Corbyn quickly noted his own family history as a riposte, his parents having participated in the Battle of Cable Street in 1936, a legendary anti-fascist demonstration of Jewish, Irish and left-wing groups against Oswald Mosley’s blackshirts in the East End of London.

Indeed, the British left excels at calling out anti-Semitism on the right. In recent months, Unite Against Fascism has been involved in countering small white power manifestations in Jewish neighborhoods in north London. Their failure, embodied, for many Jews, in Corbyn, has been in noticing how leftist anti-Zionism bleeds deeply into anti-Semitism.

“I don’t agree that the left exemplified by Jeremy Corbyn even excels at combating the anti-Semitism of the far right,” Oliver Kamm, a leader writer and columnist for The Times of London, told the Forward via email. “Commentators including Christopher Hitchens, Nick Cohen and me have long warned that the left has incorporated the attitudes of the nativist far-right. Corbyn’s alliances with reactionary, misogynistic, theocratic, and anti-Semitic movements bear out what we’ve said.”

Owen Jones — a Corbyn supporter who recently wrote a column for The Guardian arguing, “there’s no excuse for the left to pretend [anti-Semitism] doesn’t exist within its own ranks” — believes Corbyn “doesn’t even have a trace of anti-Semitism” in him. In the same blog post he continued, “Abhorring racism and anti-Semitism is absolutely central to his whole political DNA.”

“It’s feeble,” Kamm said, “It’s Corbyn’s politics, not his personal psychology, that’s at issue.” His impression is that “Corbyn’s lack of interest in the concerns of British Jewry and his long association with extremists augur badly. To me, his campaign is not consistent with the values of pluralism and secularism, or with the broad traditions of the Labour Party.”

Jeremy Corbyn, was unable to respond to questions from the Forward in time for this article. Previously, Corbyn has said that he has “no recollection” of donating to Deir Yassin Remembered and that Eisen’s “position on the Holocaust is wrong and reprehensible.” As for referring to Hamas and Hezbollah as ‘friends’ and Salah as a ‘very honored citizen,’ this was “diplomatic language in the context of dialogue, not an endorsement of a particular set of views.”

In the coming months, his actions will speak louder than either his words — or any of his previous actions.

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Influential Pro-Zionist Group Suffers Stinging Political Defeat


The New York Times

Officials at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee knew the odds were against them in the fight to block President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran from surviving a congressional vote. But the influential pro-Israel group threw itself into a nearly $30 million advertising and lobbying effort to kill the accord anyway.

On Thursday, the committee, known as Aipac, was handed a stinging defeat. After Mr. Obama mustered enough Democratic backing in the Senate to halt a vote on a resolution of disapproval against the deal, a group known for its political clout saw its power and reputation in Washington diminished.

“They failed — they couldn’t even get a vote,” said Clifford Kupchan, an Iran expert and the chairman of the Eurasia Group, a consulting firm, who noted that Aipac had gone “all in” and tried everything to stop the deal. “It’s among the biggest setbacks for Aipac in recent memory.”

The loss has raised difficult questions about the future of Aipac, a group formed in 1951 just a few years after the birth of Israel. Aipac has long drawn its political potency from its reservoirs of loyalty among members of both parties, but that bipartisan veneer all but vanished in recent weeks as the debate over the Iran deal became increasingly bitter.

Republicans lined up unanimously with Aipac against the accord, which Mr. Obama had made his top foreign policy priority. The vast majority of Democrats supported it.

“They will be able to recoup, but it is inescapable that there will be stocktaking,” said Dennis B. Ross, a former senior adviser to Mr. Obama who is a distinguished fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “And one of the lessons they will have to learn is that you really have to be very careful about the fights you pick that take on what amounts to a purely partisan character, because that bears a cost to you as an organization.”

Aipac now faces a debate within its ranks about how to respond to the defeat, whether by exacting a political price from lawmakers — all of them Democrats — who defied its wishes and supported the Iran deal, or moving swiftly to mend fences with lawmakers and White House officials angered by the group’s efforts to kill the deal.

“On one hand, they will have a desire to show there are consequences when you go against them,” Mr. Ross said. “On the other hand, they certainly want to maintain a nonpartisan approach, so they will have to think this through.”

In interviews on Thursday, several people close to the organization said the issue was under active discussion. Marshall Wittmann, Aipac’s spokesman, said the group’s entire attention had been on the vote, “so we have not yet focused at all on the day after, but we are very committed to ensuring that Israel remains strong in the wake of this decision.”

To be sure, the loss was only the latest in a string of hard-fought defeats for Aipac, which has found itself at odds with presidents of both parties over issues Israel deemed essential to its security. It emerged from all of them with its reputation for lobbying superiority intact and in some cases stronger.

Aipac feuded with Jimmy Carter in 1978 over his plan to sell F-15 Eagle fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, and three years later battled with Ronald Reagan over Awacs reconnaissance planes for the Saudis. The group lost both times and suffered a similar defeat when George Bush opposed loan guarantees for Israel in 1991.

Stoking opposition to Iran, which has been openly anti-American and anti-Semitic, and to a nuclear deal that even supporters voiced strong reservations with, was in some ways an “organizational imperative” for Aipac, one that allowed it to underline its mission and mobilize its activists, said Aaron David Miller, a former Middle East negotiator now at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. At the same time, Mr. Miller said, the battle took on an striking degree of partisanship.

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On The King’s Agenda for Reform in Jordan


The American ESL Center, A Professional Nightmare, Video)

This is a result of a year long investigation by grassroots human rights organization, Collective Consciousness. If you do not publish it, it will be news is what we can promise.

The story entails a language center in Amman, Jordan which has since 2006 continuously defrauded foreign teachers and students, severely abused its employees, sold copyright infringement, refused to pay its employees and fulfill promises, assaulted its employees, possibly spied and distributed personal information of its employees, and committed immigration fraud. This article attached to this e-mail is a product of Jordanians and Americans working together to stress the importance of labor reform needed in the country of Jordan. We hope with the recent article published in the Atlantic about the King of Jordan emphasizing his desire for reforming Jordan, this will be a positive message.

Below is one of the undercover videos we at Collective Consciousness have taken of the owner of this language center. Its contents reveal the owner, Khaled Allouzi, speaking horribly about other employees and also engaged in conversation about paying instructors to bring in students to cheat on the TOEFL exam (immigration fraud).

We have also attached photos of the location to this e-mail. There are photos of the back of the center, the front of the building where the center is located next to Majdi Mall, and the inside of the center.

Our evidence comprises of over 12 affidavits by former students and employees, public blog posts, and undercover video evidence. Education Testing services, the US Embassy, and the National Center of Human Rights are privy to this investigation.

The American ESL Center in Amman, Jordan:

A Professional Nightmare






The American English as a Second Language Center (AESLC) is filled with bustling students eager to improve the speaking and listening comprehension skills not available at the traditional four year universities. Wonderful personalities, avid enthusiasts of the English language, and ambitious young adults seek an avenue to explore new opportunities they may ascertain with the English language. On the surface of this apotheosis, the appearance is one of a great business location which buttresses the potential talents of language students. Albeit the cliché involving appearances and deception is a tiring one to read or hear, its veracity has not exhausted as much significance as its waning popularity.

The AESLC has a stature equivalent to most infamous establishments, and it is a poignant example of why labor laws are often beneficial not solely to employees, but to customers and a country. The AESL Center is owned by a husband and wife who claim both American and Jordanian citizenship. Since 2006, the center has promulgated public complaints in blogs and discussion posts on social websites, private and public verbal condemnation, and also formal grievances against the center. The chatter on this place is proliferating and can no longer be ignored. What are the conundrums? The following is a result of a year-long discreet investigation by human rights organization, Collective Consciousness.


The abuse of employees and customers encompasses more psychological than physical offenses, yet the damage is just as insidious. The criticism by former employees in a plethora of sworn testimonies range from personal insults of a humiliating manner by the husband-wife martinet owners of this establishment, to being contemned at for false accusations, and to mendacious threats. The only positive aspect of the owners’ severe abuse is they are at least not ribald when humiliating their employees. Several secretaries have been witnessed by teachers and customers, crying and shaking after being hollered at for such trivial mistakes as asking the female owner if she desired coffee, requesting salaries after the center was several months delinquent in releasing the funds to employees, or making a minor error such as forgetting to inform a customer of a TESOL class or a special discount by the center. One former employee stated,

“There are two other examples of unacceptable managerial behavior I witnessed, as did other teachers and students, openly in the center. The first one was a specific incident in which #### [female center owner] yelled and reprimanded a secretary in public while class was in session, sending her to tears. I can’t claim knowledge of the conflict, but feel compelled to mention the sight of the secretary crying. There was a student beside me who asked what had happened. I won’t forget that moment.”

A former coffee boy was sadly seen by two former employees being aggressively slapped, spit on, and chased out of the center by the male owner of the business on more than one occasion.

Teachers have also been menaced and threatened in front of students including one incident where the female owner chased a fleeing teacher out of her office after he repeatedly begged her “please #### , just leave me alone.” This employee was being admonished and mocked in front of the owners’ children and the Lead Instructor, within the confines of her dirty small office for over a time length of an hour. During the course of this interrogation, this employee had answered his phone and acted as if he had hung up his cell phone, when in fact, he kept the phone line open. A colleague on the other line heard the female owner screaming while the victim continuously brooked and requested in a polite and calm manner that he be treated as a human being.  When he decided to leave, the female owner yelled, “You’re not going anywhere” and proceeded to hunt him down like prey from her office into the cafeteria area to commence scolding him in front of many students. Another former employee stated, “I have witnessed many experiences where teachers were yelled at, called stupid in many ways, where teachers were threatened by management to not get paid.” Other encounters by past employees enumerate persistent paranoid accusations by the owners against teachers for stealing textbooks, teaching outside of the center, he-said/she-said logomachy, and more.

Other expostulations by several former employees involve the two owners playing a childish game of divide-and-conquer where teachers would be secretly called into the office of either owner and ingratiate the employee with a warning that another instructor is spreading horrible gossip about him or her, that a co-worker is trying to steal or cadge their students or purloin their opportunities for promotion, and more. This type of strategy does well in creating an unhealthy environment where the staff are more concerned about their colleagues’ perfidy and fighting each other rather than on querying why their salaries are late despite the center declaring at a teacher’s meeting the opening of a new AESL center in Irbid city and the purchasing of brand new technologically advanced time clocks by the owners/parvenuses who own the AESL Center, why the printers and computers are suddenly not working immediately prior to deadlines for staff paperwork, why their students have no textbooks two weeks before the end of a six week course, why spurious promises by the owners are not fulfilled, why there is a high rate of employee turnover or signs of abuse in employees, and more. However, there is a plus for the employment of such management strategy, though for the owners. It increases the temporary competitiveness of teachers against each other, and thus augments the productivity of the center’s employees until the antagonist or protagonist of a puppeted conflict quits.  As one former employee stated,

“I was also put in the office several times with ####, where she told me about other teachers talking badly about me to my students and to the management. Things escalated (by this I mean this behavior continued and got really uncomfortable) and management was always trying to put blame on the teachers. The teachers started feeling very uncomfortable and for some reason the management liked that and fed off of that. They would try to purposely turn teachers against each other even though it really doesn’t make sense to make the work atmosphere of your own center unbearable!!”

Another employee stated,

“She [the female owner ####] proceeded to talk about another teacher at the center – ##### ##### [instructor and former employee] – and how he was to blame for these behavioral issues with the students. She had reason to believe, she said, that the two students and ##### [instructor and former employee] were in some sort of cahoots, and that in general ##### [former employee] had been spreading misinformation throughout the center in order to stir up trouble. I tried to diffuse the situation, and noted that even if ##### [former employee] had said something offhanded, I’m sure it wasn’t malicious. #### [female center owner] looked at me quite seriously and, I quote to the best of my memory, “No, I know ##### [former employee]. He’s been doing stuff like this for a while.”

I proceeded to tell her that those two students in particular do not talk to ##### [former employee] much, and seeing as we spend all of our breaks in the cafeteria together, that ##### [former employee] is a friend of mine and I know him quite well now as both a friend and a teacher, I think I would know best. #### [female owner] persisted with her version of the story, at which point I told her, as softly as I could, that she was wrong, that this specific event has nothing to do with anyone other than myself and the two troublesome students, but thank you very much for helping me deal with the matter.

I was arrested by the unprofessionalism – to think that a manager would talk about an employee to another employee, a relatively new employee at that, and in such an openly antagonistic and divisive manner. It seemed to me her motive was purely factious: she wanted to pit one teacher against another on ad hominem evidence. Such was my suspicion. The facts are all that speak, and whatever the intention was, I took no part in the game.”

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Nazi concentration camp provides shelter for migrant refugees desperate for temporary homes

The housing situation at Buchenwald has been criticised by some, but this is the latest in a long line of uses for the buildings.

Dangerous grounds: The Buchenwald camp, where prisoners were worked to death and tested in medical experiments

A former notorious Nazi concentration camp has been repurposed to provide housing for refugees in Germany.

The former barracks at Buchenwald in Weimar, Germany, have been given temporary accommodation in the building at camp, which housed SS soldiers who were responsible for the deaths of more than 55,000 people.

Some of the migrants have been housed in the camp for several months, where they are given £99 by the government for essentials while they await a permanent home, according to The Weekend Australian.

Victims of the Buchenwald concentration camp, near Weimar, Germany, liberated by the American troops of the 80th Division in 1945. Amongst them is Elie Wiesel (7th from the left on the middle bunk next to the vertical post) who went on to become an internationally famous writer, academic & winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace
Time gone by: Prisoners at Buchenwald when it was liberated by the American troops of the 80th Division in 1945

SS records show that around 240,000 prisoners passed through the camp, one of the largest in Europe, with 56,545 facing death there.

A primary cause of death was illness due to harsh camp conditions, with starvation – and consequent illnesses – prevalent.

German proverb: The entrance gate to Buchenwald features a centuries-old saying, ‘to each what he deserves’

Malnourished and suffering from disease, many were worked to death under the Vernichtung durch Arbeit – extermination through labour – policy, as inmates only the choice between slave labour or inevitable execution.

The camp was also the site of experiments, including large-scale trials for vaccines against epidemic typhus, as detailed in Doctors From Hell by Vivien Spitz, and attempting to ‘cure’ homosexuality through hormonal transplants.

Nazi building: Buchenwald Concentration Camp was the final stop for almost 60,000 prisoners

Although the original labour buildings used by the Nazis are no longer standing, some are concerned that the camp is being used as a temporary home for refugees.

Birgit Naujoks, head of the refugee council in North Rhine-Westphalia state, told Der Spiegel that the plan was “alarming and disconcerting — at the very least insensitive.”

Wartime suffering: The gate building at Buchenwald was referred to as the Bunker

But Carsten Morgenthal, the spokesman for nearby city Schwerte, says that since the end of World War II, the buildings have been used as accommodation for disabled veterans, then as a warehouse, then as an artist’s studio, as well as a kindergarten and Scout base.

One of the most famed concentration camps built by the Nazis during World War II in occupied Poland was Auschwitz.

Some 1.3million people, 90 per cent Jews, are thought to have died there between 1942 and 1944, and that site has now been turned into a museum and memorial.

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“The imperialist intervention in Syria must end now” said WFTU GS in his solidarity Speech


Read here the speech of WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos at the International Conference of WFTU and GFTU in Solidarity With the Syrian People held in Damascus, Syria on 13-14 September 2015.

“It is my honor to greet this very successful International Conference organized jointly by WFTU and the General Federation of Syria and ICATU in order to express the solidarity with the Syrian people and the Syrian working class.

Dear President of GFTU, brother Jamal Kadri, on behalf of the members and friends of the WFTU who live and struggle in 126 countries of the five continents, I convey to you our honest, fraternal and international salutation.

We appreciate that in our invitation was accepted by 230 trade unionists from 43 countries representing with the trade union organizations millions of members.

Despite the difficult conditions they did not hesitate to travel to Damascus to be on the side of the Syrian people who the last five years suffer under the target of imperialism.

We are here:

  1. To demand that the foreign intervention in Syria ends now!
  2. To demand the immediate end of the blockade
  3. To demand the immediate seizing of the economic sanctions and discriminations against Syria.

The World Federation of Trade Unions, from the first moment of the outburst of this methodically planned and orchestrated crisis in Syria, openly expressed its support to the Syrian people and the Syrian workers. We did not follow the flow. Against the massive propaganda manufactured by USA, by the European Union, by their allies; a propaganda that the International Organizations and the ITUC accepted and promoted; a propaganda that some workers parties and trade union organizations fell for, against this propaganda the WFTU was opposed and we exposed the truth. We informed the workers around the world. We clearly stated that in Syria, terrorists mercenaries are working for the destabilization of the country serving the interests of the USA, the EU and their monopolies.

The WFTU supports the fair struggle of the Syrian people. In an organized way and in every podium we had in the international sphere we projected the truth contrary to the lies of the Mass Media, the USA, the NATO, the EU, the ITUC. The WFTU contributed in forming the public opinion and creating a movement of solidarity with the Syrian people. From the first minute until this International Conference we remained stable in our fraternal position on the side of the Syrian people and we defend the right of the Syrian people to decide by themselves with democratic procedures for their present and future without foreign interventions.

The WFTU in its 70 years of struggle since 1945 until today it has proven ethically and practically its solidarity with the Arab workers, the workers of all the world and the public who struggle for their fair demands. While, the WFTU was on the first line of the struggle and the international trade union coordination for the achievement of important socioeconomic demands of the workers such as better wages, better working hours, social security rights, working women’s rights, trade union and democratic rights, for health and safety at workplaces, for healthcare, for education countering illiteracy, for a better quality of live (housing etc.), the WFTU always at the same time defended the fair struggle of the people in the Arab countries against colonialism and against imperialism and fought for the completion of their struggle.

There are dozens of statements of WFTU, interventions in the International Organizations, protests against persecutions, tortures and executions of militants, protests towards Governments and appeals for the expression of international solidarity with were organized and coordinated in various forms. All these reflect the positions of the WFTU in all crucial moments as well as daily problems of the Arab trade unions and the Arab workers. Such as the struggle of the Algerian people in November 1954 for the recognition and the independence of Algeria and the withdrawal of the French troops, in the struggle of the Iraqi people for the recognition of the newly founded state, in the struggle of the Egyptian people for the autonomy of the Suez Canal, in the struggle of the Syrian people against the imperialist aggressiveness, in the struggle of the Lebanese people, in the struggle of the people of Jordan, Libya  against  the military operation of the Anglo-American troops, in the struggle of the people of Sudan, of the people of Aden for the independence and the creation of Yemen. In the struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation and imperialism for an independent and democratic Palestinian State. And later on against the plot for the New Middle East and the imperialist wars in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya.

On the same way today, from this hall, we unite our voice with the the people and the working class of Syria, with the workers in all Arab countries and we denounce the Government of USA, the Governments of the European Union countries, the NATO for the invasive policy adopted undermining the freedom of choice of the Syrian people and looking to plunder its natural resources and wealth. Their objective is to fragment the Arab states, to fragment the Arab people and to profit from the exploitation of the wealth-producing recourses and the paths of transportation. They want the Arabs divided, humiliated, surrendered; they want the Arab workers to be economic migrants in Europe and the USA and to work for meager wages in terrible conditions.

We express our respect to the religious beliefs, the culture, the great traditions of all Arabs and appeal to you brothers and sisters to coordinate our struggle together against the imperialists and against the foreign, invasions against the plot for the new Middle East with states that are puppets of the USA.

Based on the strong foundation of the 70 years of internationalist solidarity in favor of the interests of the Arab workers and the people of the Arab countries, dear brothers and sisters from the Arab Organizations you know very well that the WFTU never let you down, never gave up on you, never sold you out. On the contrary, it was your stable, consistent, trustworthy ally. The WFTU is your family, your Organization. This family we want to strengthen all together, make it more strong against the plan for the new Middle East, more strong for the interests of the workers.

We appeal to you for unity and action, for unity in action against imperialism. Against privatizations of the strategic sectors of the economy, for labour, social and democratic rights for all,   for social and economic development based on the needs of the people and not the profit. We call upon you for unity in action in order to protect the right of our people to decide upon themselves for their present and future.

In conclusion of this short greeting, allow us to express our fraternal solidarity with the migrant workers and the refugees who seek a better future in Europe. The imperialist interventions generate poverty, deaths, refugees and migrants.

In Europe, today, the Governments and the Employers exploit the refugees, profit from the refugees and treat them as modern slaves. We will continue our struggle so that we can all live in our countries peacefully without foreign interventions and without the barbarity of capitalism.

We demand that the discriminations end now against the refugees and migrants.

Thank you”

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PSL statement on Jeremy Corbyn’s election as British Labour Party Leader





Please share this statement on this exciting new development widely! 

Sept. 12, 2015, recorded a significant development in British and world politics that reflected growing mass opposition to capitalist austerity, environmental destruction and imperialist war. At a special conference, Jeremy Corbyn, a leader of the Labour Party’s left wing, long-time Labour MP, former union leader and anti-war activist was announced to have been elected Leader in a landslide victory, with nearly 60 percent of first-preference votes.

On becoming Leader, Corbyn also became Leader of the Opposition to the current Conservative government of David Cameron.

Following a series of televised and radio debates with the other three candidates—Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall—Corbyn went on to gain the support of six of the Labour Party’s 14 affiliated trade unions, including the UK’s two largest unions, Unite and UNISON, and received the highest number of supporting nominations from Constituency Labour Parties.

Corbyn has been a long-time activist, organizer and spokesperson against the U.S.-British war against Iraq. He was a featured speaker on Jan. 18, 2003, at the massive march and rally attended by hundreds of thousands of people in opposition to the imminent U.S.-British invasion and occupation of Iraq, organized by the ANSWER Coalition in Washington, D.C. He has been a consistent organizer and leader of the anti-war movement in Britain and a champion of Palestinian rights.

Corbyn’s election marked a decisive defeat for the “New Labour” former leadership, whose pro-imperialist, neo-liberal policies under Tony Blair had become thoroughly discredited. Liz Kendall, considered by some the “Blairite candidate,” came in dead last in the race.

Along with the dramatic rise of new mass movements against austerity throughout Europe, as well as progressive movements in the United States, Latin America and elsewhere, it has become clear that the long period of reaction that began in the late 1970s and greatly accelerated under Margaret Thatcher in Britain and Ronald Reagan in the United States is drawing to a close. A new period of resistance to monopoly capitalism/imperialism is opening up, potentially leading to a revival of not only the trade unions but the revolutionary workers’ movement throughout the world. That this initial revival of anti-capitalism and socialism is being frequently, although not exclusively, expressed through the vehicle of electoral politics is to be expected in the first stage.

Under Tony Blair, the politics of Britain’s Labour Party became virtually indistinguishable from that of the U.S. Democratic Party. But the origins of the two parties are very different. The Democratic Party originated as the party of the southern slaveholders and currently serves the interests of U.S. finance capital, though it maintains a mass base within the working class, oppressed communities and sections of the middle class.

The Labour Party, founded in 1900, originated in the British trade union and socialist movements of the 19th century. It grew to overtake the Liberal Party as the main challenger to the Conservative Party during the early 1920s, forming minority governments under Ramsay MacDonald in 1924 and again from 1929 to 1931. In office, it was a firm upholder of the British Empire and colonial rule. It later formed majority governments in various periods, including from 1997 to 2010 under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Despite its working-class origins, from its beginning the Labour Party was shaped by the consolidation of monopoly capitalism/imperialism in Britain and other advanced capitalist countries. Lenin explained in his book “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism,” the complex of factors that led to the growing conservatism and opportunism of the labor movements of the imperialist countries in the 20th century—including the British Labour Party.

Corbyn’s election as Leader of the Labour Party and the program he advocates, if carried through in action, not just in Parliament but more importantly in the streets and mass organizations of the working class, could contribute to a significant new direction for the workers’ movement with major ramifications in the United States and elsewhere.

The Labour Party as presently constituted, like the other social-democratic parties in Europe, will not be the vehicle for the revolutionary overturn of capitalist rule. But the capitalists are furious about Corbyn’s election and want to destroy his political influence quickly because they fear that his election could be both a sign and a catalyst for a new wave of fightback and resistance. The British and U.S. rulers are supremely class conscious, and are all too aware that the deep assault against the living standards of the working classes could dynamically awaken a new generation to mass struggle. They are keenly aware that a fire of fightback and resistance once lit can spread outside of their control and be the basis for a revival of revolutionary socialism far outside the limits of social democracy.

The British and U.S. ruling establishments, not surprisingly, expressed shock at what The Guardian called “a stunning development.” The headline in The New York Times reads: “With Jeremy Corbyn Elected as New Leader, Britain’s Labour Party Takes a Hard Left Turn.” Conservative Defence Secretary Michael Fallon told BBC, “This election shows that Labour now is a serious risk to our national security, to our economic security and to the security of your family.”

The Party for Socialism and Liberation, on the other hand, welcomes this development, which clearly reflects a rise of class-struggle forces in the British workers’ movement. This is not isolated from what is happening in other places in Europe. It is not isolated either from the revival of left-wing forces in Latin America over the last 15 years. The emergence of a new generation of leftist and radical politics is a natural consequence of the offensive launched by the capitalist ruling classes against working people. Oppression breeds resistance.

Of course, there will be many issues related to strategy, tactics and organization that will require careful attention, analysis and planning. But in broad historical strokes the election of Corbyn constitutes one more indicator that the three-decade-long period of capitalist global counter-revolution is inevitably leading to a resurgence of leftist politics. All genuinely new, viable political phenomena—like the revival of global socialism that is now underway—do not immediately ascend to the place of their final significance but rather endure many fits and starts and mis-starts before they rise to fulfill their historical mission.

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Zionist Cameron visits Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Zionist David Cameron has visited a refugee camp in Lebanon to see for himself how British help   Zio-Wahhabi rat’s Syrians civil war.

At the tented camp in the Bekaa Valley, less than a mile from the Syrian border, the Zionist Prime Minister met a family who are due to be flown to new lives in the UK, following his announcement that Britain is to take in 20,000 vulnerable refugees over the next five years.

Zionist Cameron announced he is appointing Richard Harrington as minister for Syrian refugees to ensure the arrivals are given a “warm welcome” in the UK.

Some 1.1 million Syrians have found sanctuary in Lebanon – the equivalent of more than a quarter of the country’s population – after being forced to flee Zio-Wahhabi ‘ISIS’ violence.

Lebanon is to receive £29 million of the additional £100 million in UK aid for Syria and surrounding countries announced by the PM earlier this month, which will pay for food packages for thousands of refugees, as well as clean water, blankets, stoves, mattresses, counselling support and play areas for children.

Zionist Cameron, who was making his first visit to Lebanon as PM, said: “I wanted to come here to see for myself and to hear for myself stories of refugees and what they need.

“Britain is already the second largest donor to refugee camps, to this whole crisis, really helping in a way that many other countries aren’t with serious amounts of money.

“We will go on doing that including increasing the amount of money we are giving to educate Syrian children here in Lebanon and elsewhere. I think that’s absolutely vital.

“I’m also appointing a specific minister for Syrian refugees to make sure that the 20,000 that we have promised to resettle and give a good warm home in our country, that that happens rapidly, it happens well, and the whole country pulls together to deliver that.

“I think it was vital to come here to see for myself what needs to be done.”

He added: “I want to focus on how we help Syrian refugees here in Lebanon, in Jordan, how we make sure we discourage people from making this dangerous journey to Europe but instead we take people from these camps and we make them welcome in the United Kingdom, in our country.

“We make sure there are homes for them to go to, schools for their children, a warm welcome in Britain.

“Twenty thousand people we are taking… I want that to be done well, I want it to be something the whole country can be proud of and I wanted to come here today to hear their stories for myself.”

The UNHCR-operated camp visited by the PM, one of 1,500 in the Bekaa Valley, is less than a mile from the Syrian border.

Some 500 people, including many children, are crowded into 90 tents laid out in ranks behind a breeze-block wall.

Zionist Cameron’s visit comes amid continuing pressure for Britain to open its doors to some of the refugees who have arrived in Europe in their hundreds of thousands after making perilous journeys across the Mediterranean.

The UK has refused to join an EU scheme to resettle 160,000 of the migrants around the continent, and Zionist Cameron stressed that – despite the scenes of refugees massing at railway stations and border crossings in Europe – the vast majority (97%) of displaced Syrians remain in their own country or neighbouring states in the Middle East.

“Around 3% of the 11 million Syrians forced from their homes have sought asylum in Europe, and without British aid, hundreds of thousands more could be risking their lives seeking to get to Europe, so these funds are part of our comprehensive approach to tackle migration from the region,” said the PM.

“For thousands of refugees, this money means a meal for their families, the security of a home with basic sanitation and clean water, and for children it means an education, so we don’t lose a generation to the Syrian conflict.”

He is also due to hold talks with Lebanon’s prime minister C.I.A puppet Tammam Salam. Some £60 million of the newly-announced British aid is going to the United Nations and charities to support displaced people in Syria itself, with a further £6 million going to Jordan and £5 million to Turkey.

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Despite Billion-Dollar Budget, Nuclear Regulatory Commission


Cancels Project Studying Cancer near Nuclear Facilities

By Ken Broder

A five-year federal pilot program to determine levels of contamination around eight nuclear facilities in the United States was cancelled this week because, apparently, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is already doing such a fine job of oversight.

“The NRC continues to find U.S. nuclear power plants comply with strict requirements that limit radiation releases from routine operations,” agency spokesman Scott Burnell wrote in defense of the decision. “The NRC and state agencies regularly analyze environmental samples from near the plants. These analyses show the releases, when they occur, are too small to cause observable increases in cancer risk near the facilities.”

There is nothing to see, so why waste the time and money. “The NRC determined that continuing the work was impractical, given the significant amount of time and resources needed and the agency’s current budget constraints.”

The cost was $8 million, $1.5 million of which has already been spent. The NRC has a budget of more than $1 billion. Results from the testing were not expected until at least the end of the decade. The study, led by National Academy of Sciences (NAS) researchers, was meant to update a 1990 National Cancer Institute (NCI) report that focused on cancer mortality, with limited occurrence of the disease in two states.

The NRC decided in 2007 to update the report and contacted the NAS to commence a two-phase study of cancer risks in populations living near NRC-licensed facilities. Phase 1 was to determine if doing the study was feasible. The conclusion reached in 2012 was “Yes.”

Phase 2 was to be broken into two parts: planning and execution. The commission killed it on Tuesday. Nuclear sites to be studied included active and decommissioned plants in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey. A nuclear fuel fabrication plant in Tennessee was also on the list.

Supporters of the program are not happy. “Study after study in Europe has shown a clear rise in childhood leukemia around operating nuclear power facilities, yet the NRC has decided to hide this vital information from the American public,” said Cindy Folkers, radiation and health specialist at Beyond Nuclear.

Folkers blamed nuclear industry manipulation. Beyond Nuclear points to the NRC staff recommendation (pdf) that the commission drop the program. The policy issue document mentions a cheaper, crummier project pitched by the president of the U.S. National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP), but the staff concludes that no study is worth doing.

U.S. Senator Edward Markey (D-Massachusetts), who pushed for the cancer study in 2009, also did not sound happy. He said,

“We need a thorough, accurate accounting of the health risks associated with living near nuclear facilities so residents can know if there are any adverse health impacts. But the NRC has decided to take a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ approach to this public health concern by ceasing work on what could be a lifesaving cancer risk research study.”

To Learn More:

Cancer Risk Study Canceled at San Onofre (by Morgan Lee, San Diego Union-Tribune )

Regulators Halt Study of Cancer Risks at 7 Nuclear Plants (by Stephen Singer, Associated Press )

NRC Pulls Plug on Cancer Study near Nuclear Plants (by Christine Legere, Cape Cod Times )

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UK’s panic-stricken Tories smear Labour’s new leader

Jeremy Corbyn victory

Jeremy Corbyn blows away the Blair/Brown minions

By Stuart Littlewood

As expected, the Tory Dirty Tricks Department was ready and waiting to put the boot in. No sooner had news of Jeremy Corbyn’s amazing leadership victory, with nearly 60 per cent of first-choice votes, trickled through than Conservative Central Office began emailing all and sundry with their ludicrous smears.

“An idiot lacking in manners”

Corbyn is a serious threat to all the cosy privileges and advantages they hold dear. Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for Defence, led the charge. He declared:

Labour are now a serious risk to our nation’s security, our economy’s security and your family’s security.

Whether it’s weakening our defences, raising taxes on jobs and earnings, racking up more debt and welfare or driving up the cost of living by printing money – Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party will hurt working people.

Outside of politics Fallon was the chief executive of a chain of children’s nurseries, so he obviously knows all there is to know about national security and the awful realities of war.

Fallon has already cast himself as an idiot lacking in manners. A few months ago, during the general election campaign, he wrote in The Times (referring to Ed Miliband’s opposition to Trident and claiming he would trade Britain’s national security in a deal with the SNP to get his hands on the keys to Downing Street): “Ed Miliband stabbed his own brother in the back to become Labour leader. Now he is willing to stab the United Kingdom in the back to become prime minister.” This nasty ad hominem attack brought criticism from all sides for demeaning himself and his office.

[Hezbollah and Hamas] were set up to resist armed aggression by Israel, a state founded on terror, brutal dispossession and ethnic cleansing – policies it practises to this day.

Among the Tories’ dafter accusations is the old chestnut that Corbyn is a threat to national security because he describes Hezbollah and Hamas as “friends”.

Since the political wings of Hezbollah and Hamas are not proscribed in the UK, it ought to be possible to welcome them and have a civilised conversation even in Cameron’s warped Britain. Those organisations were set up to resist armed aggression by Israel, a state founded on terror, brutal dispossession and ethnic cleansing – policies it practises to this day. In spite of Israel’s continuing war crimes David Cameron and most of the parliamentary Conservative Party are signed-up Friends of Israel. What’s even more worrying, they repeatedly proclaim undying loyalty and support (including arms supplies) for this rogue foreign power and its crazed leaders, not to mention their nuclear arsenal which they refuse to place under international safeguards.

Breaking out of the US neo-con and Zionist straightjacket

So who is the real threat to national security? This is an open goal for Labour if it can find the courage under Corbyn’s leadership to expose the Tories’ breathtaking hypocrisy and the shameful influence they have placed themselves under. Ending the paralysis that perpetuates Israel’s exceptionalism and impunity is long overdue and there are high hopes that Corbyn, who is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, vice-chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and national chairman of the Stop the War Coalition, will eventually break Britain out of the cycle of servitude to US neo-con and Zionist diktats.

I’m proud to be a friend of Israel… I was born, will live and die proud to be a Zionist. (Michael Gove, UK Secretary of State for Justice)

I watched Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Justice, being interviewed on TV this morning. He claimed that Corbyn’s “friends” (referring to Hamas and Hezbollah) didn’t want peace. He would say that, wouldn’t he? According to Wikipedia, the Financial Timesdescribes Gove as having “strong neo-conservative convictions”. He proposed that the invasion of Iraq would bring peace and democracy both to Iraq and the wider Middle East, and in 2008 claimed that the liberation of Iraq was a foreign policy success. The Jewish Chronicle reported Gove telling 700 supporters at a Jewish fund-raising dinner: “I’m proud to be a friend of Israel… I was born, will live and die proud to be a Zionist.” So Gove knows all there is to know about being friends with war criminals who are contemptuous of peace.

On the claim that Corbyn regards Bin Laden’s death as “a tragedy”, what he actually said on PressTV was that there had been no attempt to arrest Bin Laden and put him on trial. “This was an assassination attempt, and is yet another tragedy, upon a tragedy, upon a tragedy.” He is not alone in his concern that the US deliberately carried out an extra-judicial execution rather than bring Bin Laden back alive for due process.

Corbyn went on:

The World Trade Centre was a tragedy, the attack on Afghanistan was a tragedy, the war in Iraq was a tragedy. Tens of thousands of people have died. Torture has come back on to the world stage… Can’t we learn some lessons from this? Are we just going to sink deeper and deeper?

As for the accusation that he wants to print money to fund more spending, many of Corbyn’s policies have found favour with prominent economists and commentators. The policies of the Tories, on the other hand,  and especially quantitative easing for the banks, have hardly been a success for the wider economy.

Corbyn’s nearest rival mustered only 19 per cent of the leadership vote, so he has sufficient mandate to silence the plotters who previously threatened to stage a coup if he won. “Things can and they will change,” he promised in his acceptance speech. His immediate message to supporters, after becoming leader, was this:

What do you want to ask David Cameron? Tell me now and I will put your questions to him in parliament. My questions will be your questions. Let’s hold this government to account together with straight-talking, honest politics.

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