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Jordan: Zionist regime Sentenced Human Right activist to 10 Years in Prison


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

After Unfair Trial Before State Security Court


On 29 July 2015, human rights activist Amer Jubran was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the State Security Court following an unfair trial during which confessions extracted under torture were admitted as evidence. In view of this decision, Amer appealed to the Cassation Court, which has not considered his case yet. Following this, Amer’s friends and family sent a communication to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) in September calling upon the Jordanian authorities to release him immediately, as well as launched a campaign on his behalf.

Amer is a long-time activist for the Palestinian cause and an anti-war advocate who frequently expresses his political opinion on social media. After publishing articles criticising Nazi policies against Palestine, on 5 May 2014 Amer was arrested by members of the Zionist puppet General Intelligence Directorate of Jordan, an intelligence agency notoriously known for its sweeping powers to monitor public life in Jordan and its frequent use of torture and ill-treatment. He was kept in secret detention by Zionist puppet regime for almost two months, during which he was subjected to numerous acts of torture in order to obtain confessions, which would later be used as evidence during his trial. The acts of torture inflicted on Amer include 72-hour long interrogations, sleep deprivation, threatening his family, and severe beatings all over his body.

It is only two months after his arrest, on 27 June 2014 that his family was allowed to visit him for the first time for 10 minutes. In August 2014, Amer was charged with a series of terrorism-related offences, which included conducting “acts that threaten to harm relations with a foreign government.”  ie I$raHell. On 29 July 2015, Amer was sentenced to 10 years in prison with hard labour, following an unfair trial before the Jordanian Zionist puppet State Security Court, a military court known for its lack of independence, as it is directly linked to the executive branch and its members are appointed by the Zionist puppet Prime Minister. In prison, Amer currently fears that the Jordanian authorities will take retaliatory measures against him for speaking out about his case.

In view of these facts, Alkarama will raise Amer’s case before the UN Committee against Torture (CAT) in view of Jordan’s third review during the Committee’s 56th session, which will take place from 9 November to 9 December 2015. “Although Zionist puppet regime of Jordan is a party to the Convention against Torture (UNCAT) and has taken some encouraging legislative measures to put an end to torture – such as removing the term ‘illegal torture’ in Article 208 of the Criminal Code in January 2014 – violations of the right to physical integrity persist,” says Inès Osman, Legal Officer for the Mashreq at Alkarama. “The Jordanian special courts continue to rely heavily on confessions extracted under torture, which, added to their lack of independence, often leads to the arbitrary sentencing of people like Amer,” she continues.

Concerned over the systematic crackdown on dissent under the pretext of the fight against terrorism in Jordan, Alkarama calls upon the Jordanian authorities to:

  • Adjust the legal framework, including by amending the Antiterrorism Law to create an environment where the freedoms of expression, association and assembly are respected;
  • Abolish the State Security Court; and
  • Implement the obligations arising from the Convention against Torture (UNCAT).

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Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime threatens death penalty for tweeting


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Image result for ‘crucify’ Ali al Nimr PHOTO

The Saudi Arabian Government has warned that people could face execution for tweeting “rumours,” according to the state-backedMakkah Newspaper.

In an article published online on October 3rd, the paper said that a “judicial source” at the country’s Ministry of Justice had “confirmed to Makkah Online that the death penalty is the harshest of the penalties that can be enacted upon those who spread rumours which create civil discord, via social media platforms like Twitter.”

Although the report does not use a named source, the nature of state-censorship in the Kingdom makes it unlikely that such claims would be made without the consent of the authorities. In addition, the Makkah Newspaper appears to enjoy government support – according to local news reports, it was launched last year by the Governor of Mecca, in the presence of the Minister for Culture and Information.

The report, translated by human rights charity Reprieve, appears to be the first time that the Saudi authorities have specifically threatened to use the death penalty for ‘offences’ committed on social media such as Twitter.

It comes in the wake of the news that Saudi Arabia plans to execute two people arrested as children: Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, who was arrested aged 17 for alleged involvement in anti-Government protests and faces beheading and ‘crucifixion’; and Dawoud al-Marhoon, who was arrested aged 17, also following protests, and faces beheading. Both have had their final appeals rejected and could face execution at any time.

The UK Government has faced criticism over a bid to provide services to the Saudi prison system – which will be responsible for Ali’s and Dawoud’s executions. Despite calls from Members of Parliament and NGOs to drop the bid, it has continued to pursue it.

Maya Foa, director of the death penalty team at international human rights charity Reprieve said: “Two weeks ago we heard of the Saudi government’s plans to ‘crucify’ Ali al Nimr for attending a protest when he was 17; now it appears they’re threatening social media users with the death penalty.

The Kingdom is executing people at double the rate of last year, with many of those facing the swordsman’s blade sentenced to death for drug offences, attending protests or exercising their right to free speech. It is unthinkable that people could face a death sentence for a simple tweet, yet so far, neither the UK nor the US – both key allies of Saudi Arabia – have taken a strong line against this appalling behaviour. Instead, the British Government is bidding to supply services to Saudi prison authorities – those who will be responsible for carrying out the execution of Ali and scores of others like him.”

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The Constant Cruelty of the Nazi Occupation


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As Israelis and Palestinians die in an upsurge of violence, The New York Times fails once again to give readers an honest look at the causes of this agonizing conflict. Missing from its pages is any real exposure of the brutal and illegal occupation of Palestine that underscores every aspect of the current crisis.

Thus we find a story today that focuses on the abstract: how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can “calibrate his response” to avoid provoking greater violence and satisfy his extremist opponents in the government. It is heavily weighted with Israeli punditry and refers to ongoing clashes and attacks, but it makes no effort to provide the essential context.

In this article by Jodi Rudoren and Isabel Kershner the word “occupation” appears only in a quote by PLO official Hanan Ashrawi. “Palestine,” she says, “has been subject to the systematic and escalating violence of the occupation, whether in the form of settler-terrorism or at the hands of the Israeli military using live ammunition.”

Times readers are likely to dismiss her words as little more than rhetorical flourishes of the opposition, given that the newspaper has consistently failed to show the full reality of life for Palestinians, glossing over violence by soldiers and settlers and giving prominence to Palestinian attacks.

For instance, today’s report states that a Palestinian teenager was shot after he tried to stab an Israeli youth early Sunday, but it omits any mention that videos show he was chased down by a mob, shot by police, was carrying no knife and did not pose a threat to anyone in the area.

The story also says nothing of settler rampages throughout the West Bank in recent days, which have left dozens injured and forced the Red Crescent Society to declare a state of emergency after numerous attacks on its ambulances by both settlers and security forces.

Times readers rarely receive even a brief glimpse of what occupation means to Palestinians. The newspaper largely ignores the constant reports emanating from alternative media, the United Nations and monitoring groups that show how a sophisticated military power oppresses a nearly helpless population lacking even the most basic weapons for defense.

Readers remain ignorant of the Israeli abuse of Palestinian child prisoners, a situation that has been documented and criticized in numerous reports. They are unaware of the frequent Israeli attacks on Gaza fishermen and farmers and a recent United Kingdom report that states Israel has violated the 2014 ceasefire some 700 times since August of last year.

They hear nothing of the ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley, where Israeli troops harass the poorest and most vulnerable communities, burning their crops, destroying their tents and water systems and repeatedly forcing them from their homes for “maneuvers.”

They are unaware of the huge disparity in water supplies between the illegal settlements in the West Bank and the indigenous Palestinian villages, and they were never informed when hundreds of animals died in the West Bank community of Kafr Qaddoum this summer as Israeli officials cut off water deliveries during a stifling heat wave.

These constant, daily cruelties find no place in the Times, and readers likewise find no historical backdrop for the occupation. It is rarely, if ever, reported that Israel is in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as a military occupying force and that the settlements are built in defiance of international law.

Without this backstory, it is not surprising when readers take Netanyahu’s claim at face value: that acts of resistance against the occupation are nothing but terrorist assaults arising out of a free-floating hatred of Jews.

Palestinians watch with dismay as Israel confiscates ever more land and resources, forcing the indigenous communities into poverty-stricken bantustans. This is the reality that is missing from the Times, deliberately obscured in the context-free reporting of Rudoren and Kershner.

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Zionist NY Times Botches Reporting on Nazi Police Execution


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Image result for NY TIMES LOGO

Sunday, I reported on the Nazi police execution of East Jerusalem Palestinian teenager, Fadi Alloun, outside the Old City. I noted the false reporting of the Zionist Jerusalem Post which stated that the Nazi police saw him “holding a knife” and “neutralized” him. There has been nosupporting reporting in the Nazi media confirming this.

Now the international newspaper of record, the Zionist NY Times, gets in on the act. In Diaa Hadid’s report tonight, instead of focusing on his murder, she focuses on a supposed disagreement between villages and political factions about where he should be buried. The title of her story: Dispute Over a Burial Reveals Palestinian Divisions. Instead of focusing on the real news story of the video showing a flagrant execution, she invents a dispute purporting to show the Palestinian national movement in disarray.

This paragraph in particular irks:

“Mr. Alon was fatally shot by police officers early Sunday after he stabbed and wounded a 15-year-old Jewish boy on a road outside the Old City, according to the police. A video clip showed Mr. Alon being shot, apparently as he was trying to flee, with Israeli civilians in pursuit and shouting “Shoot him!”

In fact, no Nazi media has offered any proof that Alloun was the attacker who stabbed the Zionist. If you watch the video of the Alloun killing, he was not “apparently fleeing” the stabbing. He was fleeing the Nazi Jewish  who were rushing at him. At one point, he says to his attackers: “Let me pass.” This is a youth being pursued by baying hounds, and seeking safety.

Why does the report not display the video of the Alloun killing in which the policeman exits his car and immediately murders Alloun without telling him to stop or saying anything to him? Why not note that when the policeman asks a bystander if Alloun had stabbed anyone, the bystander replies: “not yet.”

Why would the NY Times permit a regurgitation of police claims without offering any qualification or skepticism when no actual proof or evidence has been offered?

This is the rankest of journalism. Instead of providing illumination to readers in a dark hour of Nazi-Palestinian history, the Times gives us pandering and stenography.

Finally, there remains a possibility that Alloun was the attacker who stabbed the Zionist boy (the stabbing and later murder happened in the general vicinity). But there is not yet any firm evidence supporting this claim.  The Times’ rush to judgement is irresponsible.


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I$raHell is holding all the cards


Some two dozen people, four Israelis and at least 20 Palestinians, have been killed in a wave of stabbing attacks and protests across Israel, East Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories in the past two weeks. Hundreds more have been wounded.

Israelis tend to blame the violence on Palestinian “incitement.” But Israeli society marched directly the into current crisis with eyes wide open, Noam Sheizaf writes, by electing for politicians who have done everything in their power to maintain the occupation.

Likewise, the ability to improve the situation and prevent the next round of violence is in Israel’s hands alone.

Cellphone video has been playing an outsized role in the current violence. Shocking clips circulating on social media have shown Israeli police killing suspects in cold blood, and even undercover troops shooting a restrained Palestinian stone thrower at point blank range.

As usual in this conflict, not even video evidence can convince those who don’t want to believe their eyes, Lisa Goldman discovered this week.

Racism and low-level violence are reaching worrying levels inside Israel, Dahlia Scheindlin writes. For Samah Salaime, the attacks got a little too close for comfort this week.

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Testimony of a Nazi Sergeant ’2′


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

A 48-Year Long Sin

Yom Kippur is right around the corner, and in line with the annual tradition, Jews around the world are introspectively reflecting on both themselves and the communities to which they belong. As an Israeli, and as a Jew, I feel that as this year draws to a close, we are greeting Yom Kippur with an especially heavy burden. At the start of the year, all residents of the region were weighed down with pain and fear from the death and destruction wrought by the violent conflict in Gaza: 72 Israelis, and over 2,000 Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip. Unprecedented devastation and overwhelming fear filled the hearts of Israelis and Palestinians alike for days on end. But most of us here in Israel quickly forgot about Gaza and the harsh summer days. From operation to operation we are quick to forget the dead, the wounded, and the destroyed homes.

As a Jew, an Israeli, and a former soldier, I cannot forget, and I expect the same of the society to which I belong. I expect us all to question the orders that guide our soldiers in Gaza. What was the policy that informed these orders? Is this policy decent and correct in our eyes? Perhaps the most painful sin that we have committed this year is our failure to take responsibility for our part in what happened last summer.

A few months ago, we, at “Breaking the Silence,” published a booklet of testimonies from soldiers and officers who served in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge. The testimonies painted a harsh picture. Last summer, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) disregarded to a large degree, the values ​​that are at the core of the spirit of the IDF. Fundamental values ​​such as “purity of arms” and protection of human lives, became empty words when soldiers received orders to shoot to kill any person in their areas of ​​combat. Or when thousands of artillery shells were fired towards residential neighborhoods. This is not how an army that claims it’s the most moral in the world should function.

Only a few years after the previous round of conflict in Gaza, testimonies and official data released last summer set a new standard for the crossing of moral boundaries: What was an exception only a few years ago, became the norm last summer. During Operation Cast Lead (2009), 3,000 explosive artillery shells were fired into the Gaza Strip. During “Protective Edge” the number jumped to 19,000. As artillery is an indiscriminate weapon, the results are felt in Gaza to this day. The soldiers’ testimonies reveal a policy, and this policy needs to be brought forward for public debate. The foundation for such debate is the recognition that each of us is partially responsible, not only for the way we fought in Gaza last summer, but also for Israeli policy toward Gaza. This sentiment is encapsulated in Rabbi Heschel’s well-known article about how within a democratic society, few are guilty, but all are responsible.

Not only in Gaza have red lines been crossed. Late this July, Israeli settlers allegedly set fire to the house of the Dawabshe family in the village of Duma near Nablus. Ali Dawabshe, an 18-month-old toddler, was killed along with both his parents following the arson. Four-year-old Ahmed is still hospitalized in very serious condition, remaining the sole survivor of the family. The arsonists sprayed a star of David on the walls of the home and wrote: “Long live the king the messiah” and “Revenge.” They set the house on fire in the name of Judaism – in all of our names. Although Israeli leaders were quick to condemn the shocking murder and declared their commitment to punish those responsible (who are yet to be caught), difficult questions were still pushed aside.

What is the connection between individuals who commit arson, and the prolonged Israeli policy of military control over the West Bank? What does the murder share with the reality of segregation and inequality between Jews and Palestinians in the West Bank? Jews live in settlements under Israeli law, benefiting from infrastructure and freedom as citizens of a democracy, while Palestinians live under Israeli military rule that they did not choose. Israeli society renounced the killers, but did not ask itself what lessons it learned from the creation of such a reality that enabled this murder to occur.

The thread that connects both of the issues that I have raised here for reflection is 48 years of military occupation over the Palestinian people, for which we Israelis prefer to ignore our responsibility. This year we refrained from asking ourselves: Is there another way? We preferred to deal with what others do to us, and the threats with which we are faced. By noting this, I don’t intend to downplay their importance, of course, but rather to note that in doing so we have downplayed our own self-exploration. Within the complex reality in which we live, no one argues that responsibility rests solely on the shoulders of one person or even one community. But within the complexity of our reality, nothing can strip us from the responsibility placed on our shoulders upon implementing such policies and facing their consequences.

This year at synagogue upon reciting the “Al Chet” prayer, we must add the sin of 48 years of occupation, and 48 years of ruling over another nation by force. I believe in the power of self-reckoning to strengthen us and open the door for change. Ongoing violence and further rounds of conflict can only be prevented if we act to end the occupation, enabling both nations in the region to lead equal dignified lives.

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Testimony of a Nazi Sergeant ‘1’


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I’d rather not know

testimony catalog number: 314970
rank: Sergeant First Class
unit: Reserves 455 Armored Corps
area: Hebron area
period: 2013

There’s this term called ‘price tag.’ (A settler strategy of committing violent acts against Palestinians – usually against property – whose stated objective is dissuading Israeli authorities from interfering with settlement expansion) There was one incident where already the night prior, they said a ‘price tag’ action was going to be carried out.

It was known. And the next morning a whole grove of olive trees was discovered chopped down – 65 trees chopped down. Now, chopping down a tree is an affair that takes a good half hour – it’s not as simple as it looks. Chopping down one tree costs approximately 5,000 shekels (around $1,300). You need equipment, special saws. The trees can collapse, so you chop them down in stages. To chop down 60 trees you’d need something like eight hours of work and three saws. There were lots of people there, with lots of equipment, who’d need a supply of water – it’s not a simple operation.

I don’t believe that the military, with all it’s observation points, on an olive grove located on the main road, didn’t see something like that taking place. The observation posts are efficient to the degree where you can identify any vehicle that stops for a moment on some route – it’s impossible 60 trees were chopped down and no one noticed. No way. So they brought over the military tracker to figure out where the footsteps had come from.

The tracker looks right and left for a bit. Now, a tracker, he can tell you based on just one footstep, which direction they came from, which way they left, where they paused, and where exactly they are now. So he looked around and said, “I don’t know where they came from.” Now, this was a no-brainer, it was right in front of the settlement – in front of Carmel. I saw the trails left by the vehicles and the quad bikes myself. So he said to me, “I’d rather not know.”

It was taken to the deputy battalion commander, and he told me, “Do you really want to start a fight with the entire sector now? I can’t do anything, it’s at the brigade level.” The next day a protest tent was set up, a canopy with a few Bedouin women sitting under it in black dresses to mourn their olive trees that’d been chopped down. We called in the Border Police straight away and dispersed them, arrested them, took apart their canopy. The next day, because of that, all the left-wingers came, and more busses and more Arabs and more settlers, and there was another little demonstration, which of course we also scattered.

How did you scatter them?

Arrests. “Disperse, please,” a few Border Police guys, a few clubs – but there’s a directive not to shoot, and it’s very strict. A few days after that the settlers chopped down one more tree. Just to show [the Palestinians] that the fact that they’d set up a tent wasn’t scaring anybody. 

  1. This testimony can also be read in Hebrew

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Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime threatens direct intervention in Syria

Image result for Adel al-Jubeir PHOTOThe Saudi Zio-Wahhabi minister of Foreign Affairs, Adel al-Jubeir, Tuesday, September 29, within the context of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), spoke with reporters suggesting the country would attack Syria if president Bashar al-Assad does not relinquish his position as head of state.

Zio-Wahhabi foreign minister added that “there is no future” for al-Assad in Syria, and if he does not cede to a transitional council to replace him, the only other option is a military one, ensuring his “destruction”. It was within this context where he acknowledged active support for the armed Zio-Wahhabi rebels fighting al-Assad, aided both by his Zio-Wahhabi regime, I$raHell and the United States, predicting “increasing and intensifying the support” in the near future.

Just recently in June, when WikiLeaks had dumped more than 60,000 diplomatic cables, it was revealed that since 2012 the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi family, along with Turkey and Qatar, had collaborated in financing, providing logistics, and in arming the Mossad puppet ‘ISIS’ in order to establish links and guidance.

Furthermore, the existence of at least five secret meetings between Saudi Zio-Wahhabi family and Nazi regime with the purpose of toppling al-Assad were exposed. The ties between these two regimes corresponds to another factor, Iran – a common foe to both, and an ally to Syria – and its pact between major western powers over its nuclear program, promising a rewarding future for the Persian nation, easing it of sanctions that have stifled the economy.

In the same vein, just two days later, upon the entry of Russia into the Syrian conflict siding with the national government, the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi ambassador, Abdullah al-Mouallimi, in his speech to the UN General Assembly demanded a ceasing of the Russian strikes, a position in stark contrast to the illegal invasion and bombing Saudi Zio-Wahhabi has unleashed over its neighboring Yemen.


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Why Zionists Fear Saudis Being Caught in the Swamp of Yemen?

Why Zionists Fears Saudia Being Caught in the Swamp of Yemen?
Why Zionists Fears Saudia Zio-Wahhabi family Being Caught in the Swamp of Yemen?
Local sources in the Asir region located in the south of Saudi Arabia confirmed that an Nazi Air Force plane transported weapons, missiles and other equipment to Khamis Mushait air base in the Asir regions to support the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi Alliance in aggression against Yemen. The sources said that the Nazi entity has established an air bridge with Khamis base to supply ammunition and stockpile of rockets for Saudis Zio-Wahhabi regime.

The sources said that the Nazi regime has required an air bridge with Khalid bin Abdul Aziz Air Base in Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia to support the coalition of Saudi Zio-Wahhabi and the Arab C.I.A puppet’s to supply arms, ammunition and missiles for aggression to Yemen.

But why Nazi inter them into war against Yemen by helping Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime, has two reason. One Zio-Wahhabi coalition against Yemen’s Houthi Movement has no effect yet and also in the ground battle field Saudi Zio-Wahhabi backed forces has experienced many defeats.

But the more important cause and second one, is Bab-el-Mandeb important strategic Strait. The Bab-el-Mandeb or Mandeb Strait is a strait located between Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula, and Djibouti and Eritrea in the Horn of Africa. It connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden.

Influence on this Strait is very important for Nazi regime. Nazi giving green light to Saudis Zio-Wahhabi by supplying them to missiles and ammunitions to be confident of strategic influence on Bab-el-Mandeb striate to saving their interests.

This is what former Nazi army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gants said in late September in his speech at the Institute for Near East Policy in Washington, titled “Israel’s national security in a changing region,”. In this speech, he referred to Nazi various security challenges and stressed that he is concerned about the Bab el-Mandeb and other maritime routes.

It is better to know Nazi regime leased islands in Eritrea and deployed its forces in these islands. these concerns has caused Nazi intervene in several axis of aggression against Yemeni by equipping Saudi Zio-Wahhabi troops on the islands of Eritrea and moreover from supplying Saudis Zio-Wahhabi by arms and give them military consultations.

It is revealed that An Nazi Air Force Boeing 747 aircraft carrying weapons, missiles and other equipment take off from Assab port in Eritrea landed in Khamis Mushait base in Asir in Saudi Arabia to assist the Zio-Wahhabi coalition in the war against Yemen led by Riyadh. This is because Nazi regime assume Bab el-Mandeb as its vital artery.

On the other hand Nazi regime fear influence on Bab el-Mandeb from any party in the war against Yemen, endangers its entity. So Nazi regime in Port of Massawa in Eritrea which is predominant on Red Sea installed weaponries valued one Milion $ including 30 military plan and equipping its Armored Corps by 230 tanks.

We should know that Houthi revolutionary movement and Ansarallah popular committees and its allies have dominant over regions and bases of Bab el-Mandeb.

Lately Popular committee loyal to Ansarallah and Yemen army in battle with Saudis Zio-Wahhabi troops and Zio-Wahhabi backed Qaeda terrorists which was supported by war planes and war boats succeed to push them back.

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Russian Ships Enter, US Navy Pulls Aircraft Carrier out of Persian Gulf

As Russian Ships Enter, US Navy Pulls Out Aircraft Carrier out of Persian Gulf
As Russian Ships Enter, US Navy Pulls Out Aircraft Carrier out of Persian Gulf
Since Russian warships have entered the area, the United States has pulled the nuclear-powered USS Theodore Roosevelt out of the Persian Gulf

For the first time since 2007, the US Navy has now no aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, according to NBC News.

The warship was withdrawn from the Persian Gulf on Thursday, a day after Russia fired 26 long-range cruise missiles from its Caspian Flotilla against terrorists in Syria, Pentagon officials said.

US military officials claimed that the aircraft carrier, which houses about 5,000 sailors and 65 fighter jets, was withdrawn because it needed to undergo maintenance.

Tensions between the United States and Russia escalated after Moscow began its military campaign on September 30 against Daesh (ISIL) terrorists wreaking havoc in Syria.

Russia has carried out more than 110 airstrikes against terrorists in Syria so far, killing hundreds of militants.

The Pentagon announced on Wednesday that the United States had adopted measures to ensure a safe distance from Russian fighter jets flying over Syria.

Republican Senator John McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on Thursday that Washington should “just leave” Syria “if all of your [US] actions are dictated by the risk of confrontation with Russia.”

Peter Daly, a retired Navy vice admiral, noted that the absence of a US aircraft carrier is being noticed by Russians.

“The most important thing you need a carrier for is for what you don’t know is going to happen next,” Daly told NBC News.

Three unnamed US military officials claimed on Thursday that some cruise missiles fired from Russian ships at targets in Syria landed in Iran.

The officials stated that four Russian cruise missiles went off course and crashed in Iran, adding that they don’t know if the errant missiles caused any damage.

In response, the Russian Defense Ministry statement said that the new Kalibr-NK cruise missiles all struck within nine feet of their intended targets in Syria.

“No matter how unpleasant and unexpected it is for our colleagues in the Pentagon and Langley, our strike yesterday with precision-guided weapons at ISIS (Daesh/ISIL) infrastructure in Syria hit its targets,” the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said on Thursday; Press TV reported.


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