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Naziyahu: Palestinian Religious Leader ‘Convinced’ Hitler To Commit Holocaust

Nazi PM told the World Zionist Congress that Hitler wanted to expel the Jews – but was convinced to exterminate them.
 Exonerated Hitler.

Nazi Prime Minister Benjamin Naziyahu pauses during his speech to stare at the audience during the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015.

Naziyahu has placed the blame for the extermination of millions of Jewish people during World War II on the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, in a controversial speech.

The Nazi Prime Minister told the 37th World Zionist Congress this week that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler only wanted to expel the Jews – but was convinced to exterminate them by the Muslim leader, who died in 1974.

He said that the pair met in November 1941, and claimed: “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jew. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here (to Palestine).’ According to Naziyahu, Hitler then asked: “What should I do with them?” and the Mufti replied: “Burn them.”

How long till Netanyahu has to apologise? Claim he ‘misspoke’ re Hitler and the Holocaust? Surely that comment can’t be allowed to stand?

Mr Naziyahu has made similar claims in the past, including during a Knesset speech in 2012, where he described Husseini –  who visited Hitler and Himmler and supported their persecution of the Jews of Europe – as “one of the leading architects” of the final solution, Haaretz reported.

Others have detailed Husseini’s influence on Hitler, yet the theory that Husseini was the one to initiate the mass murder of European Jews has been widely rejected.

Netanyahu was willing to whitewash Hitler to smear Palestinians. Just let that sink in to understand how low he has sunk.

In his speech, as detailed in a transcript issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Naziyahu also described attacks on the Jewish community in Jerusalem in 1920, 1921 and 1929 as being “instigated by a call of the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini, who was later sought for war crimes in the Nuremberg trials because he had a central role in fomenting the final solution”.

To be clear, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) blamed Palestinians for the Jewish Holocaust in Poland & Nazi Germany.

Not only does PM @netanyahu blame Palestinians for the Jewish holocaust, he paints Hitler as a reasonable guy, forced to commit heinous acts

But it has been met with outrage by writers and users of social media, who have branded Mr Naziyahu’s comments a “bizarre kind of Holocaust revisionism”. “This statement is almost too absurd to debunk,” the Alternet reported.

Naziyahu pledges action after stabbing attacks

Others, such as novelist Linda Grant, accused Mr Naziyahu of being “toxic” and of effectively “exonerating Hitler”.

Netanyahu has said something so profoundly toxic he might have brought the whole Jewish world down on his head. He’s exonerated Hitler.

And some described the PM’s comments as a “whitewash” and “smear on Palestinians”.
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Despite Dismal Human Rights Record, US Approves $11.25 Billion Warship Sale To Saudi Arabia


Image result for SAUDI AMERICA FLAG

The U.S. defense agency said in the statement. “Saudi Arabia will use the enhanced capability to keep pace with the rapid advances in technology and to remain a viable U.S. coalition partner in the region.”

The Pentagon has notified Congress of a planned sale to Saudi Arabia of as many as four Littoral Combat Ships made by Lockheed Martin Corp. for $11.25 billion, as the U.S. works to bolster defenses of its Gulf allies after the nuclear deal with Iran.

The State Department approved the sale under the Foreign Military Sales program, according to a statement Tuesday on the website of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. The approval allows the Saudis to negotiate contracts for the ships unless Congress passes legislation to block the deal.

The ships are part of a planned modernization, replacing older U.S.-built vessels in the Royal Saudi Navy’s Eastern Fleet. The sale also begins to deliver on President Barack Obama’s pledge to improve the military capabilities of the U.S.’s Arab allies. Saudi Arabia and other nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council sought such reassurances before acquiescing to the U.S.-led deal with Iran on its nuclear program.


Aid Limited

The Saudis and other Sunni Arab nations were unnerved that, in exchange for curbing its nuclear program, their Shiite rival Iran will win relief from crippling economic sanctions and access to billions of dollars in frozen funds. Russia’s military intervention in Syria alongside Iran to back President Bashar al-Assad has further raised sectarian tensions in the region.

U.S. military aid to the Gulf nations is limited by legislation requiring that the U.S. maintain Israel’s qualitative military superiority over its Mideast neighbors, blocking the sale of cutting-edge weapons such as the F-35 fighter jet. But the ships sold to the Saudis will be the first major export of a new, U.S.-built surface naval vessel in years, the U.S. official said.

The Littoral Combat Ship, designed for operations in shallow coastal waters, is made in two versions by Lockheed and Austal Ltd. The deal would be for the “Freedom” variant made by Lockheed, the largest U.S. government contractor.

The ships will give the Saudis “protection-in-depth for critical industrial infrastructure and for the sea lines of communication,” the U.S. defense agency said in the statement. “Saudi Arabia will use the enhanced capability to keep pace with the rapid advances in technology and to remain a viable U.S. coalition partner in the region.”

Ability Questioned

While the Navy has championed the new littoral ship as an agile and adaptable vessel, the Pentagon’s director of testing has questioned its ability to survive a potential enemy attack. Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has challenged the reliability of new underwater drones for the ship that are intended to hunt down mines from a safe distance.

Congress has 30 days to disapprove of the sale before it takes effect. It could be years, however, before a contract is actually signed.

The U.S. is offering a version of the Littoral Combat Ship called the “Multi-Mission Surface Combatant” customized to Saudi requirements. The planned sale includes potential purchases of engineering, logistical and training support for Saudi naval personnel; radar and sonar systems; munitions and fire-control systems.

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Chris Hedges: Bernie Sanders Abandoned Palestinians And The Oppressed Of The World By Supporting AIPAC


Chris Hedges gives an inspirational and enlightening speech to the Green Party of Orange County, California. Hedges addresses how despite claiming to stand up for the oppressed, Bernie Sanders has betrayed his purported values by turning a blind eye to the Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

“You cannot be a socialist and an imperialist. You cannot, as Bernie Sanders has done, support the Obama administration’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen and be a socialist. You cannot, as Sanders has done, vote for every military appropriations bill, including every bill and resolution that empowers and sanctions Israel to carry out its slow-motion genocide of the Palestinian people, and be a socialist. And you cannot laud, as Sanders has done, military contractors because they bring jobs to your state. Sanders may have the rhetoric of inequality down, but he is a full-fledged member of the Democratic Caucus, which kneels before the war industry and their lobbyists. And no genuine grass-roots movement will ever be born within the bowels of the Democratic Party establishment, which is currently attempting to shut down Sanders to make sure its anointed candidate is the nominee. No elected official dares to challenge any weapons system, no matter how costly or redundant. And Sanders, who votes with the Democrats 98 percent of the time, steers clear of confronting the master of war.

Sanders, of course, like all elected officials, profits from this Faustian pact. The Vermont Democratic Party leadership, in return for his deference, has not supported any candidate to run against Sanders since 1990. Sanders endorses Democratic candidates, no matter how much they push neoliberalism down our throats,
including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. And Sanders, carrying water for the Democrats, is the primary obstacle to the building of a third party in Vermont.

There is a reason no establishment politician, including Sanders, dares say a word against the war industry. If you do, you end up like Ralph Nader, tossed into the political wilderness. Nader was not afraid to speak this truth. And it is in the wilderness, I am afraid, that real socialists must for the moment reside. Socialists understand that if we do not dismantle the war industry, nothing, absolutely nothing, will change; indeed, things will only get worse.”

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What’s Really Behind The Doomsday Predictions Spurred By The Iran Deal?

There’s much more to this deal than two years of negotiations and the doomsday predictions coming out of Israel and Congress. The mainstream media won’t tell you about it, but MintPress will.

MINNEAPOLIS — Just over three months have passed since a historic agreement was brokered between the P5+1 nations and Iran in Geneva to curb Iran’s nuclear program.

And just this Sunday, President Barack Obama officially put the Iran deal into effect, marking the final step in a deal that took nearly two years to come to fruition.

Yet Americans remain in the dark about the actual details of the deal.

That’s because rather than informing and educating, the mainstream media is so caught up in the partisan fistfight over the Iran deal, that it’s putting special interest talking points ahead of the facts.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is simple: It allows U.N. inspectors access to Iran’s key nuclear facilities and ensures Iran is using its nuclear program for peaceful energy purposes — something that Iran, as a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, allowed long before this deal was reached. The deal just expands access to even more facilities specifically for U.N. inspectors.

The deal also requires Iran to significantly cut back on materials that would be critical to nuclear weapons development. This includes reducing the number of centrifuges actively enriching uranium by half and, most importantly, repurposing its heavy water reactors so it does not produce plutonium.

In return, many of the U.N. Security Council sanctions against the Islamic Republic would be lifted, expanding Iranians’ access to the medical, food and banking industries. This will give a much-needed boost to Iran’s economy, which has suffered under economic sanctions for nearly 40 years, and particularly since the early 2000s.

Despite the realities of the deal as it’s written, the major talking points from Republicans and even some Democrats and others opposed to the negotiations, like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, revolve on the premise that the deal actually allows Iran to further its nuclear program to create a bomb.

In a controversial address to Congress in March, Netanyahu warned:

“The foremost sponsor of global terrorism could be weeks away from having enough enriched uranium for an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons and this with full international legitimacy.

And by the way, if Iran’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program is not part of the deal, and so far, Iran refuses to even put it on the negotiating table. Well, Iran could have the means to deliver that nuclear arsenal to the far-reach corners of the earth, including to every part of the United States.

So you see, my friends, this deal has two major concessions: one, leaving Iran with a vast nuclear program and two, lifting the restrictions on that program in about a decade. That’s why this deal is so bad. It doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb; it paves Iran’s path to the bomb.”

But the truth is: Iran was never building a nuclear weapon. In 2005, Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued afatwa, or Islamic ruling, that bans nuclear weapons and their manufacture in Iran. Further, spy cables leaked earlier this year to the Guardian revealed that Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, and the CIA have even admitted amongst themselves that not only is Iran “not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons” now, it wasn’t in the past, either.

This is all in stark contrast to Netanyahu’s dire warnings that Iran is just a few months or years away from obtaining a nuclear bomb. He’s been issuing these warnings since at least 1992, and in the months leading up to the deal, he was given practically unlimited airtime to tell the world why this deal spells impending doom for Israel and will lead to widespread suffering in the Middle East and eventually spark a major arms race.

Meanwhile, OpenSecrets reports that many of the lawmakers who oppose peaceful negotiations with Iran received anywhere from tens of thousands to close to $1 million from pro-Israel donors in the 2014 election cycle. Rep. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, for example, received $900,000 from the Emergency Committee for Israel.

When it comes to matters relating to the Middle East and Israel, MJ Rosenberg, a former AIPAC employee, revealed: “AIPAC writes the legislation (or letters, resolutions, etc) which are then handed over to legislators to drop in the hopper, gather cosponsors, and get it passed or sent.“

But why? Why is there so much opposition from Netanyahu and the Israel lobby, despite evidence from the CIA and Israeli intelligence that Iran has neither the desire nor the capability to obtain nuclear weapons?

Why would a lobby group spend millions of dollars swaying America’s elected officials on this one deal? And why did it spend an additional $50 million on a campaign to mould public opinion about Iran ahead of Congress voting on the deal?


As the old saying goes: Follow the money

Nearly every conflict we see today can be traced back to basic economic interests. Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons program is a red herring to draw attention away from a simple, yet massively impactful, reality on the global stage.

Iran is on its way to becoming a major world power — so much so, in fact, that it’s being described as the China of the Middle East. To better understand why this is vital to comprehending the U.S.-led negotiations with Iran, a look at the current power structure in the region is necessary.

In this photo provided by the Saudi Press Agency, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, left, stands with Saudi King Salman during an arrival ceremony, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Monday, March 2, 2015. (AP Photo/SPA)

In this photo provided by the Saudi Press Agency, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, left, stands with Saudi King Salman during an arrival ceremony, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Monday, March 2, 2015. (AP Photo/SPA)

The major powers in the Middle East today are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. They’re more or less allies, and they are the ones calling the plays. An end to sanctions would be a major shot in the arm for Iran’s economy, threatening the hegemony Saudi Arabia has imposed on the region through its status as the world’s source of oil.

Yet Iran’s got something no one else in the Middle East has: oil and gas. Slapped with sanctions that prevented both imports and exports, the Islamic Republic was forced to manufacture its own supplies. This had the unexpected effect of turning the country into a major auto and defense manufacturer, competing with countries like China and even the United States.

Despite its sanctions-crippled economy, Iran is home to one of the Greater Middle East’s most highly educated and modernized societies. The media fear-mongering on Iran doesn’t note that that its population is overwhelmingly young and highly educated. Iran also has one of the highest science and engineering graduate and PhD rates among men and women in the world.

Yet these well-educated professionals are often forced to leave Iran to find work abroad due to the crippled economy and lack of jobs. If Iran’s economy is bolstered by the rolling back of sanctions, these innovators wouldn’t need to leave and could help drive Iran’s economy even further.

Without sanctions holding it back, Iran threatens the major regional superpower status quo. It could very well spark a shake-up in the current power structure in the Middle East, leaving Israel and its ally Saudi Arabia out in the cold — or, at least, that seems to be where Israel’s concerns lie.

Indeed, a look back on a couple of decades gone by can shed light on why Israel and its allies perceive a strong Iran as a threat.


Resistance to Western meddling

Since Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution that ousted the Shah, a U.S.-backed dictator who was installed as Iran’s leader after the U.S. and Britain orchestrated a coup to overthrow democratically-elected prime minister Mohammad Mossadegh, and the events of the Iranian hostage crisis, Iranian leaders joined the ranks of Cuba in nationalizing their oil supplies and loudly opposing British and American meddling abroad and the corporatization of other nations’ oil and resources.

During this period, it was the United States and Britain’s official foreign policy to install Western-friendly dictators across South America, Africa and the Middle East, bring in multinational corporations and banking industries to exploit nation’s economies and resources, and hold third world nations hostage to International Monetary Fund loans while manipulating their economies.

The Cuban Revolution, led by revolutionaries including Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, took the world by storm in the 1950s, and Iran’s Islamic Revolution had a similar effect in 1979. Both nations came to represent an axis of anti-imperialism. Their alliance and similar ideology were bolstered by the belief that third world dependence on the West was an intrinsic result of neocolonialism and monopoly capitalism, with the only remedy being “working class internationalism,” inspired by the Cuban Revolution.

These countries spoke out loudly against the new colonialist project in the Middle East: The creation of Israel, its military occupation of historic Palestine, and its policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

But perhaps what happened a few years prior is more noteworthy: The 1967 War ended with Israel taking control over the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, the Palestinian Gaza Strip, West Bank, Old City of Jerusalem, and Lebanon and Syria’s Golan Heights — most of which are strategic oil- and gas-rich areas. Israel was left to choose between accepting isolation or forming new alliances — and how it chose to proceed ultimately laid the groundwork for the Middle East power structure we know today.

Tensions in the Middle East hit a fever pitch. With the Arab Gulf states holding the U.S. hostage with an oil embargo over U.S. military aid and support for Israel’s aggressive attempts to expand its borders to build “Greater Israel,” President Jimmy Carter brokered a peace agreement under the Camp David Accords between several Gulf states, Israel and the U.S. This so-called diplomatic peace arrangement, though, was defined by major oil and arms sales. In this process, Israel formed its most important strategic alliance in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.

Iran was the final pillar standing against Israel’s occupation of Palestine and the United States’ strategy of propping up dictators across the Middle East. And Iran soon formed alliances of its own. It went on to arm and support the Lebanese political resistance group Hezbollah, which had formed as early as 1982 to take back the stolen Golan Heights from Israel’s military expansion and occupation. The Islamic Republic also established an alliance with Syria based on their shared opposition to the new colonialist divide-and conquer-project in the region: Israel.

Iran took on Palestinian liberation as its own cause and helped arm Hamas against Israel’s military occupation. The creation of Israel became the epitome of the West’s latest divide-and-conquer strategy in the Middle East, and resistance in the region was at an all-time high. This all drove an even bigger wedge between the U.S. and Israel, and Iran.

Flash-forward to today, and Israel’s closest ally in the Middle East is still Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud is funding, arming and backing terror groups like Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS with American weapons.

Operating in Iran’s neighboring countries, Iraq and Syria, these groups are engaged in a proxy war for regional influence and power by playing up the Sunni-Shiite divide. After the Syrian revolt in 2011 that called for economic reform, Israel’s closest allies armed and financially supported the Syrian opposition.

ISIS and al-Nusra, both terror groups created by the Arab Gulf states, hijacked the uprising within a few months and waged a bloody sectarian civil war against the Syrian people and the Syrian government — a major arms, oil and gas ally of Iran. Announcing that they would attack Hezbollah, a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, and any Iranian ally, including Hamas, Hezbollah fighters joined the fight in Syria in 2012, allying themselves with the Syrian government.

This war is still raging today — pitting Syrians against Syrians, and Sunnis and Shiites against each other. But, as CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou told MintPress News in a recent interview for “Behind the Headline,” this conflict — like most conflicts — boils down to pure economics. He explained:

“You see incidents, like, let’s say, Yemen or Syria, where there are very serious human rights issues at play, and we don’t go into Yemen to feed and clothe the Yemeni people and to give them medical aid … It’s nice to pay lip-service to human rights. We love to say that we’re this shining city on a hill, where we support human rights, but the truth of the matter is, we only support those human rights when the country also has oil it can sell us. I mean, that’s just a fact of American policy in the Middle East.”

What we see taking place today is an effort to weaken Iran in order to maintain Saudi domination of the oil market and to preserve the alliances based on oil and arms sales that Israel worked so hard to build with its supposed enemies.

And today, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iraq are Iran’s only Middle Eastern allies, serving as a proxy for what may eventually turn into an all-out war on Iran. To make matters worse, Israel is working closely with the Saudi kingdom to attack Iran — the two countries admitted to this alliance at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting in Washington last year.

WikiLeaks also confirmed what’s really behind the deadly civil war in Syria. Leaked U.S. State Department documents from 2006 and 2008 reveal that this sectarian strife has been engineered by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and even Egypt to provide cover for a war for access to oil and gas, and the power and money that come along with it — leaving Iran out in the cold.


What is Israel really threatened by?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu draws a red line on an illustration describing Iran’s ability to create a nuclear weapon as he addresses the 67th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, September 27, 2012. [REUTERS/Keith Bedford]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu draws a red line on an illustration describing Iran’s ability to create a nuclear weapon as he addresses the 67th United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, September 27, 2012. [REUTERS/Keith Bedford]

It’s important to remember that Israel’s not-so-secret nuclear arsenal — currently estimated at 80 warheads strong — makes it the only nuclear-armed regional player. But unlike Iran, it’s not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. And Israel doesn’t allow U.N. inspectors anywhere near the nuclear program it will neither publicly confirm or deny even exists.

Still, what Israel fears most is not specifically a nuclear Iran, but any threat to its power and influence — power that has been granted to it by superpowers like the United States and Britain and power that it has illegally seized on its own.

In the Middle East and elsewhere, ties are important, and ties are telling — especially when they shift. While the U.S. has long been Israel’s staunchest ally, those ties are fraying, as evidenced by the fact that the Iran deal is rolling full-steam ahead. Despite massive continued military support and spending, and despite partisan bickering, the Iran deal is perhaps one of the clearest indications that the U.S. is no longer content to sit back as Israel attempts to run the show in the Middle East.

The facts that the mainstream media isn’t telling us about Israel are even scarier than the fear-mongering it’s trying to pass off as facts about Iran.

The 24-hour news cycle hasn’t yet made much room for the voices of the Iranian people or for history to speak for itself, but it is precisely these perspectives which provide the counterbalance to Netanyahu’s grim predictions of what a nuclear Iran might be capable of.

Indeed, it’s capable of far more than annihilation. It’s capable of sustaining a bustling economy that can give rise to innovation and make the kinds of contributions to the world that it’s not been able to make for decades. While Iran, like most nations, faces domestic issues with freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it’s also capable of letting the strengths of its people shine on the world stage — something the mainstream media may find difficult to frame as a global threat.

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Camerawoman Plans To Sue One Of The Syrian Refugees She Kicked At Hungarian Border

“My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it is now a matter of honor.”

Footage shows a videographer tripping a man and child fleeing police in Hungary on September 8, 2015.

Footage shows a videographer tripping a man and child fleeing police in Hungary on September 8, 2015.

A Hungarian camerawoman who was fired after shocking video emerged of her intentionally tripping refugees says she plans to sue Facebook and one of the refugees she kicked.

The footage of Petra Laszlo enraged the international community when it surfaced in early September and eventually led to her firing from Hungarian broadcaster N1, which said she “behaved unacceptably.”

Laszlo said that once her criminal trial is over, she intends to file the two lawsuits, according to an interview with Russian newspaper Izvestia.

Laszlo told Izvestia that she plans to sue Facebook for allegedly refusing to remove threatening groups on the site while deleting groups that supported her. She has also directed her anger towards Osama Abdul Mohsen, one of the Syrian refugees she kicked, and says she plans to sue him.

“He changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police,” Laszlo said, though she can be clearly seen in two different videos kicking him. “My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it is now a matter of honor.”

The fiasco took place near the Hungarian border village of Röszke on Sept. 8 as migrants and refugees rushed through a police cordon and past journalists, including Laszlo. Many of those rushing across the border were Syrian refugees, attempting to travel through Hungary and into Western Europe.

Another journalist standing nearby captured video of Laszlo, who can be seen below intentionally tripping Mohsen as he ran with his small son clutched in his arms; he fell to the ground face first and his child tumbled into the grass. Another clip shows Laszlo kicking two others, including a child.

Laszlo kept her own camera rolling as she kicked Mohsen. He can be heard by a police officer clearly shouting, “Baby, baby, baby,” making it clear he is carrying a child.

She later apologized for her actions. She claims her behavior was a result of fear.

In her interview with Izvestia, Laszlo added she wants to relocate her family to Russia because they feel threatened in Hungary.

“We consider Russia and we think that we will begin to learn Russian,” Laszlo told the paper. “For us it is important to leave Hungary. We will decide after the trial.”

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Juvenile detained for ‘insulting’ Zionist Erdogan in Turkey


Image result for Erdogan CARTOONIt is illegal under Turkish law to insult the president and those found guilty face up to four years in jail. — AFP/File

ANKARA: A 15-year-old schoolboy has been detained by police in Turkey for allegedly “insulting” Turkish President Zionist Recep Tayyip Erdogan, local media reports said Thursday.

The teenager, identified by the initials U. E., spent Wednesday night in a police station after being stopped by officers outside an Internet cafe, Cihan news agency said.

He was set to be brought before a court on Thursday which would decide whether to charge the minor or fine him.

The agency did not give details of the boy’s alleged “insult.”

It is illegal under Turkish law to insult the president and those found guilty face up to four years in jail.

The arrest in December of a 17-year-old accused of insulting Zionist Erdogan sparked outrage in the country and abroad, fuelling concerns about freedom of speech in Turkey.


In that case the teenager was given an 11-month suspended sentence.

Since Erdogan’s election as president last August — after 11 years as prime minister — the number of prosecutions for insulting the head of state have risen and target artists and journalists as well as schoolchildren.

Earlier this month the editor of a leading English-language daily newspaper, Today’s Zaman, was detained on suspicion of insulting  Zionist Erdogan in a series of tweets.

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Shadows of Sectarian Violence during Muharram


Image result for muharram photos

Sajjad Shaukat


Although terror-related sectarian incidents have continued in Pakistan’s various regions in the

past few years, yet as soon as the month of Muharram approaches, shadows of sectarian violence

In the last week of Muharram, in Novemeber 2012, several people had been killed and injured in

suicide attacks and bomb blasts. Despite the tight security measures, a bomb attack on a

procession killed five mourners in Dera Ismail Khan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on

November 25, as Shias marked their holiest day Ashura. On day ago, a remote-controlled bomb

killed eight people near a Shia procession in the same city. Earlier, 22 people were killed and

several injured in Rawalpindi on November 21 when a suicide bomber targeted a Muharram

gathering near Imambargah. This terror-event came hours after two bomb blasts occurred in

Karachi near Imambargah, which killed three people.

Besides some sectarian events and assaults like targeting killings which took place during the

month of Muharram, on November 15, 2013, sectarian violence between Shia mourners and

Sunnis in Rawalpindi left 10 dead. Angry protesters targeted the mosque and the seminary,

torching its building. Very soon, the incident enveloped other cities of the country where violent

demonstrations and bloody clashes between the two religious sects took place, which also caused

some deaths. Curfew was imposed and Army was called to restore peace not only in Rawalpindi,

but also in other affected-cities.

In that regard, several Ulema (Religious scholars), religious leaders and politicians belonging to

various sects said, “Conspiracies were being hatched to destroy peace in the country through

sectarian divide…the enemies had once again succeeded in igniting sectarian strife.” They also

urged the masses to be patient to foil the international conspiracy.

It is mentionable that sporadic sectarian violence against the Muslims cannot be seen in isolation

as, it includes multiple anti-Pakistan designs. Notably, secret agencies like American CIA, Israeli

Mossad and Indian RAW are behind sectarian unrest in Pakistan.

In fact, the US had planned to spark a civil war between the Sunnis and Shias in wake of global

war on terror. So, we cannot blame these secret agencies without solid evidence.

For the purpose, a study of the Rand Corporation, titled ‘US Strategy in the Muslim World After

9/11’ was conducted on behalf of the then US Deputy Chief of Staff for Air Force. The report of

the Rand Corporation-a leading think tank, released on December 27, 2004 advocated that

Sunni-Shia sectarian division should be exploited to promote the US objectives in the Muslim

The report of the Rand Corporation was first implemented in Iraq. In this context, CIA also got

the services of Mossad and RAW to fuel sectarian violence in Iraq. In 2004, major terror-attacks

were carried out against the Shias in Karbala and Baghdad. Afterwards, a chain of Shia-Sunni

clashes started between Iraqi Shias and Sunnis, targeting each other’s mosques, religious leaders

through bomb blasts, suicide attacks etc.

After Iraq’s experiment, more deadly pattern of sectarian strife and clashes have been conducted

in Pakistan, which still continues in one or the other way.

As a matter of fact, some banned religious outfits like Lashkar-i-Janghvi and the Sunni militant

groups, Jundollah (God’s soldiers) which have claimed responsibility for a number of terror

assaults on Shias in Balochistan get arms and ammunition from RAW and CIA. These foreign-

backed militants groups which have close connections with each other and Tehrik-i-Taliban

Pakistan are behind target-killing of many Sunni and Shia leaders, political figures of these sects,

bomb blasts, suicide attacks, assaults on the religious processions, mosques, Imambargahs etc.,

carried out in various regions of Pakistan to achieve the covert aims of the US, India and Israel.

Now, these foreign-backed entities have made Pakistan to wage proxy war of Saudi Arabia and

Iran, while these hostile elements are also manipulating sectarian differences between Riyadh

and Tehran—also noted in Syria and Yemen which have been destabilized due to civil wars.

In this context, while hinting towards US, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei had

rightly disclosed, “The bloody actions being committed in Iraq, Pakistan and Iran are aimed at

creating a division between the Shias and Sunnis—those who carry out these terrorist actions are

directly or indirectly foreign agents.”

However, various measures should be taken in countering the sectarian violence in Pakistan,

especially in the month of Muharram. In this connection, the right hour has come that religious

clerics, political and religious parties including media persons and the intellectuals must play an

effective role in creating religious tolerance and enlightenment amongst all religious factions,

particularly those of Sunnis and Shias, convincing them to live in harmony and peace. They must

point out that violent attacks on places of worship and clashes against each other’s sect, and

damaging the property is against the teachings of Islam.

In order to tackle the sectarian divide, forbearance, self control and tolerance must be preached

by all segments of society, and especially media must educate the people to adopt the principle

of mutual co-existence, while religious clerics must come forward to impress upon the audience

to remain cool and promote cohesion and brotherhood among different religious groups.

At the same time, sectarian vulnerability should not be allowed to create ferocity, unrest and

disorder in the country. This entails application of stringent measures and harsh control over

sectarian groups to avoid conflicts and spread of religious hatred.

Nonetheless, the month of Muharram is equally respectable for Sunnis, Shias and all other sects

of Islam. Particularly, religious scholars must play active role in discouraging sectarian issues.

Islam and all other recognized religions always denounce reckless killing and acts of violence in

the name of religion; therefore, we must refrain from speaking against religious personalities

who are respected by people of different sects. The government must take strict security

measures for Muharram Majalises (Religious ceremonial sittings) and processions and organizers

of such events must cooperate with the administration.

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Zionist David Cameron Family Facts


Zionist DAVID CAMERON … SOME ..RELATIVES … Enid Levita(JEWESS) (PICTURED ), paternal grandmother of David Cameron, wearing the uniform of Sussex County Guides, c. 1930 .His great-great grandfather Emile Levita, a German Jewish financier who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969. One of Emile’s sons, Arthur Levita, was also a stockbroker; he married a cousin of the royal family, Steffie Cooper. Sir Ewen Cameron, another great-great-grandfather, was London chairman of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank; he played a key role in arranging loans from the Rothschild family to Japan during the Russo-Japanese War.Great-grandfather, Ewen Allan Cameron, was partner of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers and served on the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders, and the Committee for Chinese Bondholders (set up by the then-Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Montagu Norman (later Lord Norman) in November 1935)

Harry Rée (JEW)(PICTURED ) Harry Rée was born in England, the son of Dr. Alfred Rée, a chemist who was from a Danish Jewish family, and Lavinia Elisabeth Dimmick, the American-born great granddaughter of chemist and industrialist Eleuthère Irénée du Pont(DUPONT FAMILY). After studying at the Institute of Education, University of London (1936-37) he became a language master at Bradford Grammar School.

During the Second World War Rée joined the Special Operations Executive (SOE). He also encourged his friend Francis Cammaerts to join the SOE. Given the code name “César” he was sent to occupied France in April 1943 as part of the Acrobat Network. Later he became head of the Stockbroker Network that was active around Belfort.

Rée argued that the Royal Air Force bombing of France was causing heavy civilian casualties and turning public opinion against the Allies. Rée had been impressed by the destruction of the locomotive works at Fives by Michael Trotobas. During the operation four million litres of oil were destroyed and twenty-two transformers damaged and the works were out of action for two months.
Rée suggested that the German war effort could be undermined more effectively by SOE agents organizing the sabotage of individual factories when when they were unoccupied. To illustrate his argument he arranged the destruction of the Peugeot factory at Sochaux.

The Germans became aware of his activities and attempted to arrest him. Despite being shot four times in the lung, arm, shoulder and side Rée managed to escape by swimming across a river and crawling four miles through a forest. Rée eventually got back to England via Switzerland.

After the war Rée was appointed headmaster of Watford Grammar School. He later became professor of education at York University (1961-74) where he became one of the country’s leading advocates of comprehensive education and was active in the Society for the Promotion of Educational Reform.

In 1974 he left York University to return to classroom teaching in Woodberry Down Comprehensive School, London, until his retirement in 1980.
In the 1980s Rée continued to campaign on educational issues. This included closer links between schools in the European Community and the repeal of the 1988 Education Act. Harry Rée died in 1991.

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الجيش يحكم سيطرته على مساحات جديدة في بلدة تير معلة بريف حمصHOMS:   ISIS is being demolished in Syria.  New Russian technology and even newer Syrian Army tactics have become the true game-changers in this battle between the people of Syria versus the Saudi-ape/Qatari-monkey/American terrorist/Turk-sociopathic coalition aided and abetted by the U.K.’s Cameron, France’s Hollande and NATO.  We know ISIS is in retreat because their conversations are picked up by the SAA-MI people who monitor them 24 hours a day.  The number of defections and escapes from the claws of ISIS are in the thousands.  Sadly, many of these disgruntled rodents will wind up in Europe and the North American continent where they will remind us all that a bad foreign policy, or a policy based on inhuman principles, inevitably comes back to haunt the perpetrator.  Some of these savages, unhappy with the way their jihad is going, will ply their trade elsewhere and kill innocent people.  Just as the Saudi regime is prosecuting a psychopathic war against the people of Yemen, so it shall be that the people of Yemen will return to remind the Saudis just how vulnerable the House of Saud really is.   Every day, Yemenis learn the art of war and every day they dream of the vengeance they will wreak upon the Wahhabist cockroaches of Arabia.

Jawaalik Village:  The SAA invaded this hamlet which was once infested by Nusra/Alqaeda and killed 11 rodents and wounding scores.  These were the only Syrians in the group:

Saafi ‘Abdul-Kareem Salmaan

Ma’roof Muhammad

Sunaysal Village:  Another romp for the SAA as Nusra/Alqaeda rats headed for the hills with several wounded litter-mates.

Tayr-Ma’la Village:  Several blocks of buildings were deloused by the SAA last night in this village 7kms north of Homs City.  The terrorist websites acknowledged these dead rodents:

Ahmad Bahbooh

Ahmad Nawaaf Al-Naayif

Noori  Shaaheen

‘Abdul-Ra`oof ‘Uraabi

“Abu-Saqqaar Al-Hulaybi (Poss: Al-Haleebi? Id pending)


sana-air-forcesUnq Al-Hawaa:  The SAA-MI people studies this place very carefully before turning in their report.  The SAA assaulted ISIS positions here with helicopter support and killed 10 rats and destroying 4 pickups with 23mm cannons.

Mas’ada:  1 pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed.  4 rodents were found lying around the truck with facial features indicating subcontinent origin.

Al-Hayyaal Mountain in the east:  A stunning operation involving 3 Mi-24 Hind helicopters loaded with SAA paratroopers shocked the complacent rats of ISIS here and killed a confirmed 27.  No survivors. If there were any, they didn’t last long.  ISIS can expect no quarter.

DAMASCUS: Dr. Ali Haydar, Minister of State for Syrian National Reconciliation announced that 16,000 former terrorists have surrendered to the authorities during the last 2 years proving that the Amnesty Program has worked.


Palestine: Nazi Orders to Kill


 The cartoon was published Wednesday in newspapers and on the Internet.

Nazi Forces Kill 5 Palestinians, Including 2 Children, in Less than 12 Hours


Number of Palestinian Victims Rises to 47 Killed, Including 12 Children and Woman, in oPt, Since Early October 

Occupied East Jerusalem Isolated and Divided into Small Cantons

Bashar Nizam Jamil al-Ja’abari (15) and his cousin Hussam Isma’il Jamil al-Ja’abari (17)

With the continuing international policy of silence over grave crimes and violations committed by Nazi forces in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), Nazi forces have continued to flagrantly commit more crimes and violations against the Palestinian civilians. In less than 12 hours, Nazi forces killed four Palestinian civilians, including two children, from Hebron and a fifth in the Gaza Strip. This escalation coincides with the Nazi arbitrary and coercive measures in occupied East Jerusalem and its suburbs to isolate the Arab neighborhoods in application of a series of the Nazi Cabinet’s decisions. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns with the strongest terms the Nazi forces’ disregard for the lives of Palestinian civilians, shooting-to-kill policy in suspicion of attempts to stab Nazi soldiers and Nazi Jewish settlers, and the arbitrary policies applied in occupied Jerusalem. Moreover, PCHR calls upon the international community to take immediate action and fulfill its legal and moral obligations to protect the Palestinian civilians in the oPt. PCHR also believes that the silence of the international community towards these crimes encourages the Israeli government to continue its policy that violates the international humanitarian law.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR regarding the latest Nazi crimes:


  • ·         At approximately 08:00 on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, dozens of schoolboys from Beit Awwa village, southwest of Doura, southwest of Hebron, organized a protest heading to the annexation wall, west of the said village. Due to which, Nazi forces moved into the area through the security iron gate at the wall. The protestors threw stones at Nazi soldiers who chased them and fired tear gas canisters until they reached the Palestinian houses. At approximately 10:45, while four Nazi soldiers were present between the Palestinian houses, Oday Hesham Mohammed al-Masalma (24) was carrying a bag with olives inside it and walking between the trees. Oday stabbed one of the soldiers in his arm, but the 3 other Nazi soldiers opened fire at him, due to which he fell to the ground and rolled in a dirt downhill. They went after him and shot him dead. Nazi forces denied paramedics, who arrived in the Palestine Red Crescent Society’s (PRCS) ambulance, access to the wounded for half an hour. Nazi forces then withdrew, while the corpse was taken to Hebron Governmental Hospital. Following medical examination, it was found out that Oday sustained several bullet wounds to the left leg causing laceration in the blood vessels and a bullet wound to the back left side of the head. According to PCHR’s investigations, Nazi forces could have arrested the aforementioned person after wounding him.


  • ·         At approximately 15:00, Nazi forces stationed on the main road, opposite to “Gosh Etzion” Jewish settlement, south of Bethlehem, opened fire at a Palestinian civilian vehicle. As a result, the driver Hamza Mousa al-‘Amla (25), from Beit Oula village, west of Hebron, was killed by several bullets. The corpse was taken by an Nazi military ambulance to an unknown destination. Israeli forces claimed that al-‘Amla had run over 2 settlers on the side of the road.
  • ·         In new cold-blooded crime, Israeli forces killed in the evening two children from al-Ja’bari family in the vicinity of “Kiryat Arba” settlement, east of Hebron.

According to PCHR’s investigations and statements of eyewitnesses, at approximately 21:30, dozens of settlers organized a protest heading from “Kiryat Arba” settlement to the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron. Meanwhile, Bashar Nizam Jamil al-Ja’abari (15) and his cousin Hussam Isma’il Jamil al-Ja’abari (17) were on their way back home in al-Ras area adjacent to the aforementioned settlement.  While watching the demonstration, the two children stood beside an Nazi soldier, who was around the corner of al-Rajabi building that the Nazi Jewish settlers are attempting to seize control over. The soldier was leaning against the wall and normally talking to the two children when  the later asked the soldier to help them to cross via the iron gate, which separates the aforementioned building from where they live.  When the two children heading towards the gate were only two meters away from the Nazi soldier, other Nazi soldiers fortified in a military watchtower in the area opened fire at the children and killed them immediately.  The Nazi forces detained the children’s corpses and denied the Palestinian civilians and ambulances access to the area.

In the Gaza Strip, at approximately 16:00, Nazi forces stationed along the border fence with Nazi, east of al-Bureij refugee camp, opened fire at a group of Palestinian civilians, who were in an agricultural field that is around 350 meters away from the aforementioned fence.  As a result, Ahmed Sharif al-Sarahi (30) from Deir al-Balah was killed after being hit with 3 bullets to the chest, while two others were wounded.  The Israeli Army Radio reported that the Nazi forces killed a Palestinian sniper and wounded two others.  It should be mentioned that the Nazi warplanes had already targeted al-Sarhi’s house in summer 2014 during the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Thus, the number of the killed Palestinian civilians since early October has risen to 47 Palestinians, including 12 children and a woman, in the oPt.

The escalation of committing such crimes coincides with the Nazi arbitrary and coercive measures in occupied Jerusalem and its suburbs.  Following the Nazi Cabinet’s decision to isolate the Arab neighborhoods in response to the “attacks” in the city, the Nazi forces started imposing a cordon on the villages and neighborhoods of occupied East Jerusalem by closing its entrances with cement cubes and establishing checkpoints in addition to erecting iron barriers in the streets and main roads.  All of this is part of the collective punishment policy practiced by Nazi forces against Jerusalemites.  Since the aforementioned decision was issued, Nazi forces started to apply the policy of isolating the neighborhoods of the city from each other, and erecting iron barriers and checkpoints in the streets, especially in the Old City and its markets.  They tightly closed the entrances and streets leading to al-Sawana, al-Jouz Valley, Sour Baher, al-Mukaber Mountiain, al-Eisawiya, Silwan and Ras al-Amoud villages.  Thus, they deliberately disrupt life in the occupied city, obstruct civilians’ movement and increase their daily suffering.


East Jerusalem

PCHR strongly condemns these crimes that prove the increasing number of killings among Palestinian civilians in the oPt in general and occupied East Jerusalem in particular. Moreover, PCHR stresses that in the above-mentioned cases, Nazi forces could have used less force against the victims or could have arrested and tied them if their allegations were true. PCHR reiterates its call upon the international community to take immediate and effective actions to put an end to such crimes and reiterates its call for the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 to fulfill their obligations under Article 1; i.e., to respect and to ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances, and their obligation under Article 146 to prosecute persons alleged to commit grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention.  These grave breaches constitute war crimes under Article 147 of the same Convention and Protocol I Additional to the Geneva Conventions.

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