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Saudi Zio-Wahhabi al-Waleed bin Talal: ”In case of outbreak of Palestinian uprising I’ll side with Israel”


According to Kuwaiti Al Qabas daily, the flamboyant Saudi Zio-Wahhabi, al-Waleed bin Talal posited that his country must reconsider its regional commitments and devise new strategy to combat Iran’s increasing influence in Gulf States by forging a Defense pact with the Jewish Nazi regime to deter any possible Iranian moves in the light of unfolding developments in the Syria and Moscow’s military intervention.

“The whole Middle-East dispute is tantamount to matter of life and death for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from my vantage point and I know that Iranians seek to unseat the Saudi regime by playing the Palestinian card , hence to foil their plots Saudi Arabia and Israel must bolster their relations and form a united front to stymie Tehran’s ambitious agenda,” Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA) quoted Zionist al-Waleed as saying on Tuesday , adding, ”Riyadh and Tel Aviv must achieve a modus vivendi , for Saudi policies in regard to Arab-Israeli crisis is longer tenable”.

Iran seeks to buttress its presence in the Mediterranean by supporting Assad regime in Syria, added Zionist al-Waleed, but to the chagrin of Riyadh and its sister Gulf sheikhdoms , Putin’s Russia has become a co-belligerent force in Syrian 4-year-old civil war vu attacking CIA-trained Islamist rebels. Here surfaces the paramount importance of Saudi-Israeli nexus to frustrate Russia-Iran-Hezbollah axis.


” I will side with the Jewish nation and its democratic aspirations in case of outbreak of Palestinian Intifada( uprising) and exert all my influence to break any ominous Arab initiatives set to condemn Tel Aviv , because I deem the Arab-Israeli entente and friendship necessary to impede Iranian encroachment,” Al Qabas cited the Saudi RAT as he touring other Persian Gulf Arab littoral states–Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman–to muster support for Saudi-backed Islamist rebels in Syria.

No longer able to justify its illegal military presence in Bahrain – a tiny Persian Gulf Kingdom, occupied by Saudi Zio-Wahhabi forces to stifle 2011 pro-deaconry movement–, some high-profile Saudi officials, namely Zionist al-Waleed bin Talal, voiced their willingness to annex Bahrain. These flagrant statements drew wide condemnation from nearly every quarter of the Arab world.

“…you know the union with Bahrain doesn’t explicitly mean to annex our dear neighbors, but in fact we are wary about the future of Bahrain, its people security and well-being. Bahrain is the home to U.S. fifth fleet which its presence is of vital interest for Saudi Arabia, thus we can permit Iran to wreak havoc in our back yard,” said the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi, vindicating his previous brash comments regarding the annexation of Bahrain.




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  1. Farook wookey says:

    This Saudi traitor to the Muslim world and the. Palestinian cause is to condemned . He is actually a very poor person , has achieved nothing in life except a vast amount of worthless paper currency and material wealth. Very soon his short miserable life will also be over and he will be facing his Maker to answer his foul deeds.. At least he has been exposed for what he is.


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