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Ill-informed first words on Ukraine by Canada’s new prime minister

New Cold War 

Canada’s new prime minister is sounding not-so-new when it comes to the civil war that has devastated the lives of millions of people in eastern Ukraine. CBC News reports that Justin Trudeau directed critical and ill-informed words to Russian President Vladimir Putin two days ago during the G20 summit meeting in Antalya, Turkey. Trudeau’s words portend badly for the people of Ukraine if continued.

CBC cites Trudeau speaking of his exchange with Putin: “I pointed out that although Canada has shifted its approach on a broad range of multilateral and international issues, we remain committed to the fact that Russia’s interference in Ukraine must cease; that we stand with the Ukrainian people and expect the president to engage fully in the Minsk peace process.”

The reference to the Minsk ceasefire agreement of Feb 12, 2015 (‘Minsk-2’) is ill-informed or malevolent. Russia was a key international sponsor and negotiator of the agreement, along with Germany and France. Canada and the United States were nowhere to be seen or heard from. The agreement was effectively a refutation of the aggressive egging-on of Kyiv’s civil war in which the U.S., Canada and Britain have engaged ever since Kyiv launched its civil war–‘Anti-Terrorist Operation’–in eastern Ukraine in April 2014.

Minsk-2 sets out 13 very specific clauses which must be met by the governing regime in Kyiv and the rebel, pro-autonomy forces in Donetsk and Lugansk. Kyiv has violated every single one of those clauses. Today, only the first two of the clauses are close to being met by Kyiv–a ceasefire, and a withdrawal of heavy weaponry from the front line of the conflict which runs through the heart of the Donbas region (Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts).

Clause four requires the holding of local elections in Donetsk and Lugansk which would recognize principles of local autonomy. Clauses 11 and 12 require constitutional changes that recognize autonomy for Donbas. None of this has happened. On the contrary, Kyiv has crafted new political measures which block and deny said autonomy.

Clauses five and six require Kyiv to provide amnesty to combatants who resisted its civil war and to conduct a full prisoner exchange with the rebel side. It has failed on the first count, and Kyiv continues to hold many combatants and political prisoners it refuses to exchange.

Clause eight requires Kyiv to end its economic sanctions (cutting of social payments) against the population of the east which it implemented in the summer of 2014 and to end its obstruction and blocking of economic transactions. This has not occurred. Indeed, in the the latest in a string of human rights reports critically examining the situation in Ukraine, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe Nils Muižnieks admonishes Kyiv for failing to end its economic blockade of eastern Ukraine. His report was issued on November 3.

Clause ten of Minsk-2 reads, “Pullout of all foreign armed formations, military equipment, and also mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine under OSCE supervision. Disarmament of all illegal groups.” Yet Canada, the U.S. and Britain dispatched soldiers to Ukraine in the months following February 12, under the guise of launching “training missions” of the Ukrainian army. And as for the disarming of “illegal groups” (referring to the extremist paramilitary battalions fighting alongside the Ukrainian army), Kyiv has solved that little problem by incorporating the battalions into its National Guard. This effectively worsens the situation by legitimizing the battalions and giving them more formal access to training and weaponry, including from the aforementioned NATO countries.

So if Ukraine has violated the clauses of Minsk-2 so widely, and if the human rights commissioner of the European Union(!) effectively acknowledges much of this, what is Justin Trudeau talking about when he blames a foreign country, Russia, for violations of the agreement?

Trudeau is either being played by the governing regime in Kyiv, or he and his government have decided to play along.

Last summer, Kyiv began to face up to the fact that it could not longer openly flout Minsk-2 and continue its shelling of Donbas. The military setbacks it suffered during 18 months of civil war cannot be easily fixed. Polls of Ukrainians show very high numbers of people wanting an end to the fighting. Kyiv’s economic and social disaster at home is looming ever larger, including an impending default on its foreign debt. And Berlin and Paris decided last summer that a continued war in Ukraine was not in their interest; they had bigger problems requiring their undivided attention. So as of September 1, Kyiv largely ceased its shelling and it began to match the withdrawals of heavy weaponry already begun by rebel forces. This was and remains a significant political setback to Kyiv’s efforts to crush resistance to its pro-Europe, anti-Russia and pro-austerity program.

The one card that remains for Kyiv to play in order to avoid its obligations under Minsk-2 and obfuscate the real situation is the enduring myth of a Russian invasion and occupation of eastern Ukraine. This is what Trudeau is talking about when he speaks of Russian violations of the agreement. He is parroting the wording to this effect that was begun by Kyiv as it faced its forced climbdown on September 1.

Trudeau can get away with uttering nonsense about Russia violating Minsk-2 because the Canadian population has been deeply misled and misinformed about the situation in Ukraine. Parliamentarians of all parties in Ottawa and the country’s corporate media are 100 per cent united behind a hostile, anti-Russia policy that blames all the ills in Ukraine on its large neighbour to the east. Much of the Canadian population knows of no other story of Ukraine than the one it has been aggressively fed for two years now. But the unfolding disaster of U.S., Canadian and European policy taking place in Syria and the Middle East, and the contrast to that of the apparent, early achievements of Russian diplomacy, have growing numbers of Canadians on full alert against more foreign policy deceptions and misadventures.

Justin Trudeau and his government, not to speak of the people of Ukraine, have nothing to gain and much to lose by a continuation of Stephen Harper’s aggressive and hostile policy towards Ukraine and Russia.

The Toronto Star report on Justin Trudeau’s encounter with Vladimir Putin explained, “Trudeau’s brief chat [with Putin] is in contrast with the lengthy discussion that unfolded here between Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama on the crisis in Syria.”

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Orwell’s Razor: All of 21WIRE’s predictions come true days after ‘Paris Attacks’

21st Century Wire 

How predictable is the globalist imperial agenda? We are now witnessing the final stages of a long-term plan to induce another economic recession and erect a new high-tech police state throughout Europe and beyond. All they needed was a pretext.

While the mainstream media performed its normal routine of emotive reporting, stoking general fear and spreading mass hysteria, some smaller independent media outlets were busy plotting the establishment’s latest crisis agenda.

When the Paris Attack news broke last week, 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen went on television late Friday evening to comment on the unfolding drama, and also to analyze what was was likely to happen in the coming days and weeks in the wake of this event.

As it turns out, his quick predictions were incredibly accurate…


1. Declaration of a State of Emergency

France declared its first nationwide state of emergency since 1961 (when it attempted a coup d’état during the Algerian colonial war). Initially, this week’s snap passage of the emergency powers law only provides for a 12 day period, but on Monday French ministers confirmed this would be extended to 3 months because they believed that French citizens “had a right to a safe Christmas.” It gets even worse. After closing French borders, President François Hollande then proceeded to accelerate new police state measures after declaring publicly that, “We are a nation at war”, and then called for suspending normal due process by canceling search warrants, imposing curfews, traffic bans, and even authorizing local governments to impose a ban on public demonstrations. It seems the President has traded in his nation’s liberty for security theatre. In addition, over 100,000 police and soldiers have been deployed throughout the country. France is now under Martial Law.

2. Airstrikes by Monday

In predictable knee-jerk fashion, the French government seized upon this opportunity in order to insert more of its military assets into the Syria conflict by launching airstrikes on Sunday night in the area surrounding Raqqa, Syria, allegedly striking a multitude of “ISIS targets”, including command centers, weapons depots, and ISIS ‘Oil Assets’ – all thanks to supposed intelligence provided by the US. However, reports suggest that the impressive display of French air power didn’t actually net any real ISIS casualties. One can only wonder how so many ‘high value targets’, especially ISIS oil assets (we’re told this is so crucial to ISIS funding), could suddenly be made available to the French by a US military that claims to have been conducting round-the-clock airstrikes over this same region… for the last 14 months. This only reinforces many people’s suspicions that the US-led Coalition “Anti-ISIS(ISIL) Campaign” has been nothing more window dressing for a covert agenda, where the US and its allies have actually been working in concert with both ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria in order to achieve a long-held policy of toppling Syria’s government, ala regime change in Damascus.

3. Invoking the Article 5 ‘Mutual Defense’ Clause

To date, Washington’s multi-lateral proxy, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), has not been able to legally wiggle its way into Syria to help the thousands of foreign fighters and terrorists (like NATO did in Libya in 2010-2011) who have been allowed to flood into that country since 2011. Currently, the US and its allies are engaged in an illegal, undeclared war in Syria, and the US are desperate to find some legitimate avenue to pursue their military ambitions after having failed to cheat their way into Syria via astaged false flag ‘chemical weapons’ event in Aug 2013. According to NATO article 5, an attack on one member state is deemed an ‘attack on all’, and thus automatically triggers a joint military action (war) by the NATO collective against their declared enemy. Already, a number of political figures have cried out for ‘Article 5’ war powers, including former NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen who claimed that, “I do believe that the attacks on Paris qualify for an invocation of Article 5.” He added, “It was an attack on an ally and we know who the attacker is.” (certainly, they know the attacker much more than they are letting on). Eager to see a wider military deployment from Washington, US Senator Marco Rubio has called for ‘an Article 5 too. Absent of any official NATO route, however, France has simply gone ahead and invoked an obscure ‘Mutual Defense’ pact hidden within the EU charter. The clause is called Article 42.7 of the Treaty on European Union which states that, “If a member state is the victim of armed aggression on its territory, the other member states shall have toward it an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power.” Job done. Bombs away.

4. Calls for No Fly Zone

As 21WIRE first reported last year, the ‘No Fly Zone’ meme has been coming out of every available orifice in Washington since 2013, and this popular US tool for military intervention still draws the affectionate gaze of Democratic Party war hawks like Hillary Clinton, as well as the endless column of Republican war hawks who are in the pocket of the military industrial lobby. Whether its Jeb Bush, John McCain, or Lindsey Graham, they never get tired of the No Fly Zone.

5. US Republicans pushing for ‘boots on the ground’

Just like the No Fly Zone, ‘Conservative’ Republican war hawks have been desperate to implement another old chestnut – by throwing thousands of young US men and women at a problem which the US has actually created. War hawks in Washington DC have predictably seized on the Paris Attacks as an opportunity to reignite calls for boots on the ground” in Syria. Amazingly, they are now claiming that massive deployment of troops “worked really well” in Iraq and Afghanistan.

6. Call for closing freedom of movement across European borders

Early Saturday morning, Hollande’s first move was to ‘seal’ France’s borders, supposedly to catch the terrorists. This ’emergency’ move also comes at the height of Europe’s co-called ‘Migrant Crisis’ (a crisis that’s actually been engineered by the US and Europe). Rather conveniently, one of Friday the 13th’s said ‘suicide bombers’ was allegedly carrying a fake Syrian passport, which somehow led the French government and the western media to conclude that the Paris Attacks were a result of the ‘Migrant Crisis’, claiming the terrorists has sneaked into the country as refugees. To date, this only an official conspiracy theory, but that hasn’t stopped politicians and ‘security experts’ from using this crack-pot theory as justification for a European lock-down, prompting some European leaders to call for an end to freedom of movement across Europe.

7. Debate on Govt Spying and Privacy Rights, now off the table

As expected, politicians looking to appear ‘tough on terror’ and the growing gaggle of security lobbyists, and other assorted corporate fascists, have called for something akin to aEuropean Patriot Act – an end to the ‘Post-Snowden’ debate over bulk data collection and privacy – covering issues like NSA and GCHQ blanket spying on all citizens, and imposing more regulations and government monitoring of mandatory manufacturer ‘back doors’ for computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and also calls to make encryption illegal (except for government of course).

8. Calls for mandatory ID’s, biometric IDs

This hasn’t hit the headlines yet, but you can be sure that the usual gang of security contractors are putting the final touches on their proposals from a new regime of biometric ‘real IDs’. Expect announcements before the week’s end.

The last one is wasn’t very difficult to predict, but it has now been proven accurate nonetheless…


9. Cameron using Paris to Push for Syria War Vote

Back in August 2013, British MPs rejected Cameron’s call for bombing Syrian government forces in a close vote. It turns out that MP’s made the right choice as that war would have been waged on false pretenses. As predicted on Friday last week, David Cameron has now promised a new “comprehensive strategy” to win MP’s Parliamentary votes for an open-ended UK bombing campaign ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Cameron claims he wants to, “do the right thing for our country” (fancy that), and hit the “head of the snake” of ISIS in Raqqa, Syria. What military impact the UK would make in a multi-nation war in the region is debatable, with an air force of about a dozen Typhoon fighters and a handful of operational naval vehicles. Make no mistake about it – the British defense industry would like nothing more than to see this happen tomorrow – along with increased defense spending and procurement. Job done. Bombs away.

We’d rather none of these had come true, especially this quickly, but it only goes to show just how transparent the new world order agenda really has become.

Watch 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen and his original analysis from Friday evening, Nov. 13, 2015 on RT International…

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University of Liverpool students vote for BDS

Image result for BOYCOTT LOGO

Students at the University of Liverpool have voted to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, in a significant victory for Palestinian solidarity campaigners.

The motion commits the Liverpool Guild of Students to, among other things, advocate divestment from companies complicit in the Nazi Jewish occupation, and to lobby the university to similarly divest. The motion also mandates the Guild to stop stocking ‘Israeli’ products.

The full BDS motion can be read here.

More than 1,000 students participated in the Liverpool Guild of Students preferendum, where they were presented with three options: ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or an alternative solution that rejected BDS, but encouraged the union to “raise awareness of the issue.”

Under the preferendum system, students could choose their favourite option from the three choices, or “your top two or rank all three in order of preference.” Points were then assigned “to each option based on the order of preference.”

There were a total of 1,866 points in support of BDS, with 934 opposed to the motion and 1,479 points supporting the alternative solution.

In a press release responding to the victory, the University of Liverpool Friends of Palestine (ULFOP) hailed “a landslide victory” despite a voting system they claimed meant the odds were against them.

“The ballot had one option to pass the motion and two options not to pass the motion. If students didn’t rank all of these options, then their one chosen option was given less weight.”

Despite this and other challenges, ULFOP stated that “the scale of the victory for BDS clearly shows that a large majority of the student body is, or has been made, aware of ‘Israeli’ apartheid regime and oppression of the Palestinians, and is prepared to make a stand against it.”

Zohra, a ULFOP member quoted in the press release, described the result as “a genuine reflection of the mood on campus – where students from all faiths and backgrounds believe that the Nazi Jewish occupation of the Palestinian people and their territories is unjust, akin to an apartheid system and thus cannot be allowed to continue.”

In a reference to objections by Zionist Student, ULFOP said “they wholeheartedly reject any claims that BDS is divisive on campus, instead recognising that the BDS movement is a non-violent and effective means of applying pressure on the ‘Israeli’ government and the companies benefitting from the occupation of Palestine.”

Meanwhile, the Union of Jewish Students, who sent an official to Liverpool to support the ‘No’ campaign, described the result as “disappointing”, vowing to work with the Liverpool Jewish Society to continue making “the case against BDS” on campus.

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Some popular fallacies about Islamism

British Islamists

By Magdi Abdelhadi

Get your facts right.

Al-Qaeda and its most recent clone, the so-called “Islamic State” group, did not come about as a result of the invasion of Iraq or the civil war in Syria.

It was born out of the unholy alliance between America and the Wahhabi zealots of Saudi Arabia to defeat communism and bring down the Soviet Union. Remember the Cold War and Afghanistan? That was the primal sin for which we are all paying the price.

Islamism itself is, of course, a much older phenomenon which received an enormous boost with the arrival of oil money in the Gulf. It will continue in all its heinous forms even after the Islamic State group is defeated, as long as there are people who believe that there are moderate and radical Islamists. Islamism is extremism.

Draining the swamp

Do European leaders really want to do something about it, as they say? Here is what they must do:

  • Cut Qatari and Saudi funding to all Islamic activity in Europe, whatever form it takes: mosques, schools, charities, so-called “think-tanks” that justify violence, Muslim victim mentality and legitimise the dictionary of hate.
  • Train European imams who the study history and psychology of religion. Do not import imams from such countries as Egypt and Pakistan, and certainly not those who studied in Saudi Arabia.

Allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to continue to operate inside European mosques or schools or charities or student associations under any guise means allowing the cancer to grow and metastasise.

There is a direct line between the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and that of global jihad. In fact, it is not even a line. It is the same ideology. Allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to continue to operate inside European mosques or schools or charities or student associations under any guise means allowing the cancer to grow and metastasise. If you ban Hizb al-Tahrir, why not ban the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother of all terrorist organisations? Don’t be taken in by their suave and media savvy spokespeople in European capitals. Look at the basics of their ideology: the Koran is our constitution, jihad is our way, martyrdom is our ultimate goal. What more evidence do you need?

Poisonous discourse

Keep on the look out for any discourse that uses the vocabulary below. These are the building blocks of the hate doctrine that demonises non-Muslims and underpins the Islamist narrative to justify the killing of “infidels”, or kuffar, Westerners, Christians, Jews, apostates, women, Yazidis, homosexuals and anyone who is not a Muslim or does not subscribe to the Islamist doctrine:

  • Muslims are victims of the West
  • The West is decadent and has no principles
  • Palestine is the principal cause of Islam and all Muslims (actually, Palestine is the principal cause of the Palestinians)
  • Islam is the only true faith and will and must prevail
  • Islam is under attack
  • Branding any criticism of Islam or Islamism as Islamophobia

False links

To those who still entertain the fallacy that there is a link between poverty or lack of opportunity and Islamic terror, I would like to remind them that Osama Bin Laden was a millionaire, the current leader of Al-Qaeda, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, comes from a well-off middle class family, as did Anwar al-Awlaqi, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, and many more Islamist leaders.

And to those who claim lack of democracy is another reason for Islamic terror or radicalisation, I refer them to the many European Muslims who joined the ranks of global jihad.

… the Muslim Brotherhood… continues to enjoy the full rights and freedoms of democracy while working to undermine that same democracy by brainwashing the minds of young European Muslims, inculcating into them the ideas of jihad, Muslim victimhood and Islamic superiority.

Take the most recent example of French Muslims who perpetrated the barbaric horrors in Paris, or the British Muslim dubbed “Jihadi John” (Muhammad Emwazi) who beheaded American hostages in Syria: it is not the abject poverty of Yemen, Egypt or Waziristan, not lack of opportunity and certainly not the lack of democracy that drove him to jihadist criminality: he grew up in one of the most democratic societies in the world.

The likes of Emwazi are the agents of a pernicious ideology called Islamism, an ideology that thrives in our midst in Western societies. The main carrier of this virus is an organisation called the Muslim Brotherhood, which continues to enjoy the full rights and freedoms of democracy while working to undermine that same democracy by brainwashing the minds of young European Muslims, inculcating into them the ideas of jihad, Muslim victimhood and Islamic superiority.

If the West really wants to stop the recruiting to Islamic State group or Al-Qaeda, it knows where to go and what it should do. Islamism is extremism. There is no such thing as moderate Islamists. Stop believing in Muslim Brotherhood propaganda and its apologists in Western think-tanks.

Islam and Islamism

Another fallacy is that Islamism is not Islam. The answer is yes and no.

Islamism draws upon, and is sustained by, the canonical texts of mainstream Islam. That is why it is difficult to challenge it from within Islam.

Only if there is radical overhaul of Islamic teachings to bring them into line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights can you deny Islamism the legitimacy it currently enjoys.

There are plenty of textual and historical evidence to justify the use of the sword against infidels or those perceived as the enemies. And once you designate anyone as such using Islamic texts (as the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and Islamic State often do) you cannot challenge them by playing the same game of textual quotation. Textual evidence weighs in their favour.

There is no shortage of texts that are, by modern standards, pretty nasty. Only if there is radical overhaul of Islamic teachings to bring them into line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights can you deny Islamism the legitimacy it currently enjoys.

That is not happening, and is unlikely to happen any time soon. Only a cultural and religious revolution can pave the way for such change. As long as the fundamental dogma of Islam and its teachings are understood literally – meaning what was valid in 7th century Arabia is valid today – Islamism will thrive.

This way – to use a concept from biblical exegesis – the letter killeth the spirit in Islam.

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Silence, please: noise and the disharmony of modern life


Graham Peebles writes:

The worlds we inhabit are noisy places.

The external environment – particularly cities, where over half the population now live, suffocates under a cacophony of competing sounds, from road and air traffic, to power tools, car alarms and neon lights.

Moreover, for most of us, the internal, mental space in which we live is equally chaotic and cluttered. Contradictory thought patterns rise up one after another, jostling for attention, demanding to be heard and acted upon – conditioned, and therefore partial thoughts, which move us away from the present – where peace exists – and into conflict.

This endless stream of space invaders is fuelled primarily by the senses, by memory and desire; the desire for pleasure in its myriad forms, for security, for status, for freedom from pain, and for love – or a version of love at least.

A daily escape from this endless bombardment, is, in principle at least, offered to us by the sanctuary of sleep – a mirror to death perhaps.

But even there, in the dark hours, thoughts are ever active. Sleeping not, they trigger images to tantalise, excite, frighten and confuse, as the movement of the day continues well into the night. Rest, and the comfort of silence, are denied, or at best broken up.

And so, having been unable to sleep deeply, quietly, we wake and stumble unrefreshed, unreplenished and agitated into another noisy, busy day, which we meet, as we have met the ones before it, with an army of self-, or ‘I’- centred thoughts, crashing one upon another.

Noisy escape

In our competitive, loud world, silence is all too often regarded negatively and seen as something uncomfortable and to be avoided. If it comes too close, in the train carriage perhaps, on the bus or street on which one walks, a distraction is quickly found to fill the vacant space – inane conversation or a screen of some kind perhaps.

Headphones, mobile phone or a “tablet” are for many the contemporary sedatives, the distractions of choice. Switch on, plug in and instant relief – the void is filled, the confrontation with oneself, with loneliness and fear is avoided, for the time being at least. And, the golden opportunity – did we but recognise it as such – for silence to emerge out of the fog of uncertainty, and embrace us, is lost.

Public spaces such as hospital waiting rooms, train stations and airports, as well as banks and post offices increasingly have television screens in them. From a flat black screen on the wall the BBC News channel, or some such equivalent, is relentlessly pumped into the minds of the unsuspecting as they wait.

The lack of choice involved – nobody is ever asked if they want the TV on – is not only discourteous but is an infringement of free will. A fundamental human right – albeit one not enshrined in law – our free will is constantly violated by those who seek to persuade, manipulate and condition – from politicians to corporations – and they use every means at their disposal to do so.

A populace with a mind agitated by desire and in a constant state of discontent serves the elite (the power groups of government, corporations and money) well. Such a mind is constantly reaching out into the material world, seeking sensory satisfaction, so sales of stuff – the consumerism, upon which the whole pack of neo-liberal economic cards rests – is maintained.

Peace at the heart of the chaos

Beyond our endless thoughts, our fears and desires, beyond all the surface chaos, sit’s silence. A point of peace and contentment veiled by activities of the mind, which Helena Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical society), in The Voice of The Silencesaid is “the great slayer of the real”.

Through our unconscious focus on the senses and desire, the mind is constantly being pulled out into “the world” and away from its source, which, the great Indian Sage Ramana Maharshi and other seers maintained, is silence, or “the self”.

This wrench places us in a condition of almost permanent discontent and unease, and, as we identify with the thoughts that consequently flood our minds, a noisy barrier to silence is erected. It is an unconscious “separation wall”, that restricts insight, denies vision and traps us in a state of perpetual disharmony.

From this noisy, dishonest platform choices are made, opinions formed and decisions reached – decisions that create the physical, emotional and mental world in which we live – individually and collectively. Political leaders come and go, the names change, but the consciousness – the fragmented, ideologically coloured place from which decisions are made and action proceeds – is much the same.

Endless chaos, division, fragmentation and wars are the inescapable results, for the outer, physical construct is a direct reflection of the inner world of thought – one flows from, and is shaped by, the other. If there is disharmony within, conflict will follow; the means and the end are one and the same – dishonesty at the beginning will lead to corruption at the end.

Mistakes are repeated, again and again; conflict rages, the madness of wars and intolerance, extremism and totalitarianism continues, and, inevitably, unity, peace and harmony remain unrealised ideals, for as J. Krishnamurti made clear, “goodness does not flower in the field of time”. The “field of time” he is referring to is thought.

For the destructive patterns of old to be overcome and for “goodness to flower”, fundamental change is required. Not just systemic external change – a little tinkering here and there – but a true revolt, a change in thinking: what we might call a silent “revolution in consciousness”. When the mind is quiet, free from torment and all desire, the decisions, choices and actions that flow from such a source will result in harmony, for that is their nature.

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SYRIA: السيناتور بلاك: الحرب على سورية تنتهي حين ينتهي الدعم الخارجي للإرهابيين ..الشعب السوري بأكثريته يدعم الرئيس الأسد

أكد السيناتور الأمريكي ريتشارد بلاك أن الحرب على سورية تنتهي عندما يتوقف دعم التنظيمات الإرهابية من الخارج مشيرا إلى أن الحكومة الأميركية اتخذت مسلكاً خاطئا من خلال تسليح “المجموعات المسلحة” في سورية ومنها “جبهة النصرة” الإرهابية.وقال بلاك في مقابلة مع قناة الميادين الليلة الماضية إن “الحكومة الأميركية سلكت مسلكاً خاطئا بتسليح المجموعات المسلحة بصواريخ تاو” لافتا إلى أن “جبهة النصرة” ذراع القاعدة في سورية باتت تحصل على دعم أميركي بطريقة مباشرة أو غير مباشرة حيث سلم 500 صاروخ تاو من السعودية إلى الإرهابيين في سورية موضحا أن قرار الحرب على سورية اتخذته “مجموعات إسلامية” مع أجهزة استخبارية لتغيير نظام الحكم فيها.

وأعرب السيناتور الأمريكي عن قلقه العميق ازاء مشاركة الولايات المتحدة الأميركية وضلوعها إلى جانب الكثير من القوى الغربية فيما يجري في سورية وقال ..”بشكل تقليدي سورية كانت تتمتع بأكبر قدر من الحريات الدينية وأكبر مستوى من حقوق المرأة ودستور سورية هو اليوم أحد النسخ القليلة من دساتير الدول العربية الذي يؤمن الانتخابات الحرة وسيادة القانون.. في عام 2001 تمت صياغة خطة لإسقاط الحكومة السورية والعام 2011 كان العام المفصلي الذي بدأ فيه تطبيق تلك الخطة بصورة عسكرية”.

كما بين السيناتور الأمريكي أن الرئيس الأسد لم يختر الحرب بل بدأها “الإخوان المسلمون” إلى جانب بعض الأجهزة الاستخباراتية وأطراف مختلفون اتخذوا هذا القرار لإسقاط الحكومة السورية وقال ..”لقد شاهدت الكثير من الشرائط المصورة على موقع يوتيوب، مثل في عام 2011، وهي تبين جنوداً سوريين يذبحون بدماء باردة ونرى أيضاً أشخاصاً يحرقون ويقومون بالتنكيل بجثثهم وهذه ليست القيم التي تنادي بها أميركا وشعبها.. والحكومة الأميركية اتخذت مسلكاً خاطئاً حيث بتنا اليوم نزود تلك المجموعات المتطرفة بالأسلحة المضادة والصواريخ المضادة للدبابات لمنع الجيش الروسي من مساعدة الجيش السوري في حربه ضد الإرهاب وهذا يؤدي إلى زهق المزيد من حياة الناس ومواصلة الحرب وإطالة أمدها”.

وأوضح بلاك أن الإدارة الأمريكية وتركيا وقطر والسعودية قدموا شتى انواع الدعم للتنظيمات الارهابية في سورية بما فيها السلاح وفتح الحدود وارسال الارهابيين اليها والهدف اطالة امد الحرب وتوسيع نطاق سفك الدماء وهذا ” أمر غير قانوني وغير مشروع وغير أخلاقي ولا بد من إيقاف هذه المحاولات”.

وردا على سؤال حول الموقف الأمريكي من الرئيس الأسد قال بلاك ..”أعرف أنه على أعلى مستويات الحكومة الأميركية يسود شعور بالندم بأن أميركا قالت يوماً إن على الرئيس الأسد الرحيل وأعتقد أن العالم الغربي برمته أتحدث عن الولايات المتحدة الأميركية وبريطانيا وفرنسا بشكل خاص قد باتوا يدركون اليوم أنه في حال رحيل الأسد فالبديل هو إما القاعدة أو “داعش” أي تلك المجموعات الراديكالية الموجودة على الساحة”.

وتابع .. “أعتقد أن الغرب يود أن يبتعد قليلاً عن الموقف الذي أعلنه يوما اذ يوجد ميل عام للتكيف مع وجود الرئيس الأسد للحفاظ على ما تبقى من قوات الدولة السورية .


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Corporate Sycophants and the TPP

Image result for TPP LOGO
By Yves Engler 

The hypocrisy of “free market” advocates is astounding. While they trumpet increased competition and the elimination of state imposed barriers as a means of spurring economic advancement, they ignore how the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other “free trade” accords increase monopolistic intellectual property provisions.

In a recent CTV interview on the TPP Carleton business professor Ian Lee began by saying we’ve known for three centuries that “free trade” increases wealth while a Maclean’s editorial “celebrating” the accord noted as with most things, the best sort of trade is free: free from tariffs, restrictions and other government-imposed barriers.”

But the TPP significantly strengthens many “government imposed barriers” to free exchange. The recently negotiated accord harmonizes intellectual property provisions upwards across the 12 nation zone. In Canada the deal will increase the length of copyright from 50 to 70 years after the death of an author. It will also increase (corporate) copyright holders’ capacity to compel Internet Service Providers to block content on websites and to pursue individuals who transfer content they own between devices or upload/repost highlights from trademarked work such as professional sports.

The TPP will also extend drug patent protections. Brand-name pharmaceutical companies in Canada will be given patent term restoration to compensate for time lost during the drug approval process.

In some other TPP countries the patent extensions will be even greater, along with the resulting social costs. Médecins Sans Frontières warns that the deal will further delay price-lowering generic [drug] competition by extending and strengthening monopoly market protections for pharmaceutical companies.”

Intellectual property is also listed as an asset under the Investor State Dispute Settlement section of the agreement. This will give patent or copyright holders the ability to sue governments – in a private, investor-friendly international tribunal – for pursuing policies that interfere with their profit making. Techdirt editor blog Mike Masnick notes, including intellectual property in the investment chapter is a poison pill designed to ensure that intellectual property can only continue to ratchet up, rather than back.”

And, one might ask, what does extending patent, trademark or copyright provisions have to do with free trade? In fact, as a type of monopoly, they stifle competition, which is supposed to be a pillar of free trade ideology.

The TPP isn’t the only “free trade” agreement that promotes anti-competitive monopolies. The Canada-Europe Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) gives patent holders the ability to appeal overturned patents, increases patent data protection terms and grants patent term restoration for any time lost during the approval process. The extension of Canadian patents under the yet to be signed CETA is expected to drive up already high pharmaceutical drug costs in this country by between $850 million and $1.65 billion a year, according to a Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives study. This far surpasses the $225 million Canadian companies paid in tariffs to the EU in 2013.

To a lesser extent, other “free trade” accords such as the World Trade Organization and North American Free Trade Agreement also strengthened intellectual property monopolies. With patents, trademarks and copyright ever more important to big corporations, there’s been heavy pressure to extend intellectual property systems.

While the Maclean’s editors denounce “government imposed barriers”, they ignore how the TPP and similar agreements they promote extend state designated monopolies. I guess it’s preferable to consider oneself a “free marketer” rather than a “sycophant of corporate power”.

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Journalists Syndicate decries arrest of 2 reporters in dawn raids


Mada Masr 

Two journalists were arrested in a dawn raid of their homes in Gharbiya on Saturday, the Journalists Syndicate said in a statement that lambasted security authorities for aggressively targeting media workers and violating their basic rights.

The prosecutor general approved the release of one of the journalists, Sobhy Shoaib, on Sunday after the syndicate released its statement, the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said.

But Abdel Rahman Mohamed — deputy editor-in-chief of the privately owned Al-Mesryoon news site and a reporter for the National Company for Distribution — is reportedly still in custody pending investigations into charges that he belongs to a banned organization.

Journalists Syndicate President Yehia Qallash issued a separate statement exhorting the prosecutor general and interior minister to immediately order Mohamed’s release, arguing the charges against him were “baseless and pre-fabricated.”

Al-Mesryoon chief editor Mahmoud Sultan published an op-ed adamantly dismissing claims that Mohamed belonged to any banned or radicalized group. He confirmed that Mohamed was a specialist in the field of political Islam, but did not identify in any way with that school of thought.

Mohamed’s reporting shed light on rampant corruption in Egyptian businesses, Sultan said, but now he’s in jail while many of these corrupt businessmen have gone free.

2013 report from the Committee to Protect Journalists found that Egypt was the third most dangerous country for reporters — coming in only after Syria and Iraq — and conditions have only continued to worsen, Sultan wrote.

The Journalists Syndicate denounced tactics like dawn raids, punitive detentions and forced disappearances that security forces wield against reporters. The statement urged media professionals to adopt “a serious and unified stance against the expanding practice of arresting journalists and referring them to criminal hearings on the basis of faulty charges and questionable investigations.”

The statement further condemned the arrests of other journalists, including Mada Masr contributor Hossam Baghat, due to their writing.

The Interior Ministry is directly “responsible for the lives and well-being” of the 33 journalists currently detained or imprisoned, who must all be immediately released, the statement said.

The syndicate called for new legislation to safeguard and uphold basic rights for journalists while deregulating the sector and giving reporters more freedom to do their jobs.

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Venezuela Condemns Irregularities in DEA Arrest of Venezuelans


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The head of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, criticized irregularities in the arrest of two Venezuelans, calling it a kidnapping.

The president of the Venezuela’s National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, strongly criticized the actions of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) that arrested two Venezuelan nationals in Haiti, classifying it as a kidnapping.

“I do not see it as a detention, really, a plane went to Haiti (from Venezuela), it was travelling with six people and two people were kidnapped, this is what I understand, because the process was totally irregular,” said Cabello Monday during an interview on Globovision.

Two Venezuelan men, Efrain Antonio Campo Flores and Francisco Flores de Freitas, were arrested in Haiti last Tuesday on drug trafficking conspiracy charges. They were subsequently extradited to the United States on Wednesday.

Some media outlets falsely claimed that 800 kilos of drugs were found on the plane, however Haitian government officials later denied the claim. A DEA official who participated in the arrest told CNN that the pair were arrested over allegations that they were in Haiti to finalize a deal to import that quantity of drugs to the United States.

The other 4 individuals traveling on the plane were released without charge and the plane was allowed to return to Venezuela.

Cabello questioned why the DEA would allow the plane, associated with alleged drug trafficking, to be released. That only two people were ultimately arrested led the president of the National Assembly to classify the detention as a kidnapping.

The two individuals arrested are said to be the nephews of Cilia Flores, the wife of Venezuelan President Maduro. However, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest could not confirm they were in fact connected to Venezuela’s first family.

After the two men were arrested, some international media reported on Friday that authorities raided a house and yacht in La Romana, Dominican Republic, that allegedly belonged to the Flores family.

However, the Dominican national drug control agency dismissed the claims as “speculation,” saying there was no official information to suggest the house and yacht were property of the Flores family. The Dominican anti-drug agency also confirmed that the raid happened the day before the two men were arrested, even though the event was only reported and linked to the family days later.

Tania Diaz, a candidate for the upcoming Venezuelan legislative elections for the ruling socialist party said the media coverage of the arrest was part of an orchestrated campaign to influence the country’s upcoming Dec. 6 elections. The two men arrested appeared in court in New York last Thursday and must appear again on Wednesday.

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Some Questions for Obama and His Gang

By Christopher Black 


Mr. Obama, Mr. Cameron. Mr. Hollande, Madame Merkel, Mr. Erdogan and all the other members of the criminal conspiracy to dominate the world, I ask you, do you intend to test our patience to its limit? How much longer will your killing frenzy madden us? At what point do you stop your reckless push to the very brink of world war. Have the Nuremberg trials, the UN Charter, international law, have the fears and protests of the people, have your continual defeats in one war after another, your crimes against mankind revealed to the light time and time again, had no effect on you at all? Do you not know that your plans have been exposed, that the conspiracy and the conspirators have been identified? Which of us does not know what you were up to yesterday evening, what you were up to last night and this morning, who you talked with, what plan of action you decided on? For the plan is always the same, and never changes, to dominate, to control or to destroy.

Many think they are lucky if they can just stay out of your way but we know better. We know that no one is safe from your criminality and depravity. Not even children returning from Sharm El Sheihk, from their holiday, are safe from the blade of death you hold in your hands, nor the citizens of Paris enjoying a night out on the town. You proved that when Metrojet Flight 9268 was destroyed in mid-air. No official cause has yet been determined but circumstances indicate the possibility of a bomb on board is a strong one. You proved it again when attackers murdered scores of people in Paris on Friday November 13th. ISIS is reported to have claimed responsibility but the claim that a Syrian passport was found on the body of one attacker, an Egyptian passport on another and a French one on another forces the question as to why anyone conducting such an attack would walk around with identification especially passports and more why would a French national carry his passport in France? The Paris attack and the Russian airliner attack both smell of false flag operations and when we ask the first question in any criminal investigation, who benefits from these attacks on civilians, then it is you who fall in line, one after the other, as the prime and usual suspects.

There has been a lot of speculation that the attack on the Russian plane was made by you or your allies in ISIS to “punish” Russia for its assistance to Syria and to try to affect public opinion in Russia against that assistance. But that never made sense since Russians know the high stakes for Russia in this struggle. The real reason for the attack is made clear by you every day in your mass controlled media. Your thinking, your plans, your crimes are exposed in the very propaganda you use to manipulate the minds of your own peoples and what you have told us is that the Russian plane was destroyed, all those innocent people trying to enjoy a small holiday were murdered, in order to justify your calls for an invasion of Syria. It is as clear as the deaths heads etched into your souls that those Russian men, those Russian women and those Russian children were sacrificed, used, as means of justifying a great war in the middle east. And now the citizens of France are sacrificed as well.

On CNN the other day your prime time king of war propaganda, Wolf Blitzer, showed an interview between the CNN queen of war propaganda, Christiane Anampour, and the Turkish Prime Minister. I use it because he says what you, Obama, Merkel, Hollande, and Cameron have all said in complete synchronicity, that the “plane attack is a call to action.” Prime Minister Davutoglu said,

“This is not an attack against a Russian airplane, but it is an attack against all of us. So therefore it shows that if the crisis is not solved in any particular country or region, then it is going to affect us all.” The same is now claimed by western leaders about the Paris attack.

On the same programme Blitzer hosted Senator Lindsay Graham, one of the most rabid of the American dogs of war who stated, “I believe you have to have boots on the ground to destroy ISIL, ….you need Turkey and the Arabs coming together with us, and you need 90 per cent them and 10 per cent us. 5,000 to 10,000 of Americans to be part of a regional force to go on the ground to destroy ISIL in Syria, or they will never be destroyed and they will hit us here at home.” And now Paris has been struck.

We have seen the same calls made from all the NATO capitals in recent days and all made just after the NATO leaders, with one notable exception, expressed their insincere condolences to the families of the victims of the airliner disaster but not to Russia or its government. The exception was President Obama who kept a sinister silence.

CNN stated on November 5th that the possibility that ISIS is behind the plane crash raises the spectre of a new potential for devastating attacks on Americans. “If another Islamist group has acquired the motivation and the capacity to attack civilian airliners, a future target could be U.S. jets.’ said a man named Aaron David Miller a “former middle east peace negotiator” with the Wilson Center in Washington who also said ‘It’s a long war and you, we have just seen maybe a very significant turn and escalation in that war…. and this will increase pressure … to forestall similar strikes against a US target.” But Paris was hit first.

I could cite many other similar statements in which your propagandists claim ISIS to be the new Al Qaeda. You and your fellow conspirators plan to amplify this propaganda to hysterical levels to generate overwhelming fear in your domestic populations in order to justify a large scale war against Syria where your proxy forces are being defeated by the combined arms of Russian air power and the fighting spirit and skills of the Syrian Arab Army. This has been achieved with the attack in Paris. The sudden flow of refugees into Europe is being used for the same purpose.

No doubt we can expect similar attacks in other NATO capitals. It does not matter to you if you use the misery of millions fleeing war and poverty to justify your plans for war or Russian children returning from happy days on the beach, or people enjoying a concert or football match in Paris. All deaths are the same to you. And so, when we ask who murdered those children, who murdered those Parisians, are you surprised if we turn our heads your way?

We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who defeated fascism in the Second Word War, and we cannot permit those forces of reaction and tyranny to torment us again for now you are not threatening this country or that, this leader or that, you are threatening the existence of civilization itself. Is this not madness? Is there anything that gives you pleasure except death and more death? Is there a single person on the planet that does not fear you, not a single person who does not hate you? Is there any mark of disgrace with which you have not been branded, any dishonour that does not stain your reputation? From what crime have you ever abstained?

There is no need to answer. We all know the answers to these questions.

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