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International day of Solidarity with Palestine: Looking Back, Looking Ahead


On November 29, 1947, after Great Britain–the mandatory power in Palestine–had asked the United Nations to meet in a special session to discuss the “problem of Palestine,” the General Assembly passed Resolution 181 (II) to end the British mandate by August 1, 1948. The centerpiece of this historic resolution, however, was to partition Palestine and call for the establishment, after a transition period, of “Independent Arab and Jewish States and the Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem.”

This United Nations decision unleashed a catastrophe whose reverberations Palestinians continue to experience until today. Three-quarters of a million Palestinian Arabs–who were the majority of the population of historic Palestine–fled for their lives after experiencing or learning of massacres by Zionist paramilitary organizations, or were expelled from their homes during the ensuing Arab-Israeli war of 1948. By the 1949 armistice, the original partition lines had shifted violently so that Israel’s footprint became much larger than envisioned by the proposed partition plan–it was accorded 55 percent by the plan, but seized an additional 23 percent of Palestinian territory.

At present, the drastically reduced Palestinian land continues to be occupied by the Israeli military and Jerusalem is occupied and divided with Israel controlling and limiting access to religious sites. Palestinians originally displaced during the Nakba (the Arabic word for Catastrophe–what the Palestinians call the 1948 war when they lost their homeland) are still prevented from exercising the right to return to their homes in what is now Israel. And contrary to the resolution (and to the Fourth Geneva Convention) Israel has expropriated additional vast tracts of Palestinian territory for its own use and especially for the building and transfer of its own Israeli citizens to illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

Thirty years after the UN partition plan, the General Assembly passed a new resolution proclaiming an annual observation, on November 29th, to mark the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The particular date, the UN notes, “was chosen because of its meaning and significance to the Palestinian people… Of the two States to be created under this resolution, only one, Israel, has so far come into being.”

UN Resolutions and subsequent General Assembly mandates enshrine the annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The United Nations describes the day as providing “an opportunity for the international community to focus its attention on the fact that the question of Palestine remained unresolved and that the Palestinian people are yet to attain their inalienable rights as defined by the General Assembly, namely, the right to self-determination without external interference, the right to national independence and sovereignty, and the right to return to their homes and property from which they had been displaced.”

The fact is that this historic dislocation has resulted in a massive diaspora for the Palestinian people living in the Palestinian territories, Israel, Arab countries, and beyond. The total population of Palestinians numbered about 11.8 million as of the end of 2013, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. This figure comprises 4.5 million in Palestine, 1.4 million in Israel, 5.2 million in Arab countries, and approximately 665,000 in other countries throughout the world.

Despite numerous declarations and resolutions by the United Nations concerning Israel and Palestine, the status of the Palestinian people remains unresolved, precarious, and unjust. They have not attained their rights to “self-determination without external interference, the right to national independence and sovereignty, and the right to return to their homes and property from which they had been displaced.” In fact, about half of the world’s Palestinian population continues to live as refugees and in exile. Those who are citizens of Israel are treated as second class citizens, while those in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem live under various levels of repressive military occupation and witness, daily, the continued expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

Although UN member states have tried since the late forties to propose and gain support for resolutions that push for Palestinian human and national rights, their efforts have largely been derailed, particularly in the form of vetoes by powerful members such as the United States. At the same time, it is also important to remember that many UN agencies, especially UNRWA (the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees), have played a crucial role in providing assistance to the refugees since 1950; UNRWA continues to serve as a lifeline to Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

A wave of ongoing violence has included heinous attacks, stabbings, shootings and vehicular attacks causing immense suffering among Israeli and Palestinian families alike – but mostly on the Palestinian side. Illegal settlement activities and settler-related violence have continued, along with punitive demolitions of Palestinian- owned homes and structure.

136 countries recognize the State of Palestine and its flag flies at the United Nations next to those of all Member States. However, these advances are not felt by children in Gaza or by the residents of Nablus, Hebron and East Jerusalem …What they feel instead is a lack of hope that their lives will change for the better and that they will be citizens of a State able to ensure their freedom and well-being through peace with their neighbours.

The Palestinian leader Dr. Mustapha Barghouti has argued that International solidarity day “confirms the continuity of the Palestinian uprising”. International solidarity day has seen hundreds of demonstrations and activities in solidarity with Palestine take place across the world. This highlights the international solidarity with the Palestinian people alongside the tremendous growth of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign.

International solidarity day yesterday was observed in the occupied Palestinian territories, where demonstrations swept the region. This confirms the continuity of the Palestinian uprising.

These were non-violent popular demonstrations, however, as usual; they were countered with Israel violence. The uprising is enhancing solidarity with Palestine all over the world.

Nelson Mandela, the late leader of South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle, described the issue of Palestine as, “the greatest moral issue of our time.” The level of solidarity, on an international scale, reflects his message.  On the other hand, Israeli oppression has now taken the lives of 103 Palestinians and injured 12000 since October. This oppression, which is now isolating and ghettoizing communities in the West bank and Jerusalem, is additional proof of the aggressive and racist policy of the Israeli occupation state. It will only lead to greater isolation of Israel in the international community.

On the side of hope, it must be noted that Palestine is currently witness to a wave of genuine solidarity initiatives. . In this month alone, the European Commission adopted new guidelines for labeling products and goods produced in the illegal settlements in Occupied Palestine (This move is a modest first step, and such labeling should develop into a total boycott of all settlements and settlers); the American Anthropological Association became the largest U.S. academic organization to approve a boycott of Israeli institutions and to affirm the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement; and the British Labour Party’s National Executive Committee voted to boycott private security company G4S for its direct involvement with Israeli prisons. Hanan Ashrawi describes these actions as ones that “send an important message of hope and encouragement to our people – the popular non-violent struggle for Palestinian inalienable rights in the face of the belligerent occupier is possible, and our continued steadfastness and commitment to freedom will not end in vain”.

Israeli oppression has now taken the lives of 103 Palestinians and injured 12000 since October.

This oppression, which is now isolating and ghettoizing communities in the West bank and Jerusalem, is additional proof of the aggressive and racist policy of the Israeli occupation state. It will only lead to greater isolation of Israel in the international community.

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People honors all those who have struggled for Palestinian independence and all the Palestinians who have lived and died in wars, under occupation, as refugees, and in exile. A dedicated and concerted global effort will, hopefully, isolate Israel and come up with punitive measures that will compel it to surrender its asymmetric power and draw up lines of action which see the dawn of a just and lasting settlement.

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David Cameron: Bombing the Islamic State in Syria will “Keep the British People Safe”. What Utter Nonsense


David Cameron told MPs that bombing so-called Islamic State in Syria will “keep the British people safe” as MPs debated the case for military action.

Of the 620 MP’s who voted, 397 voted in favour with 223 opposed. 66 Labour MPs backed the Conservative government in defiance of the party leader. This is a 64% confirmation from MP’s.

However, according to a new online polling organisation based on registered voters called voteScotland-England, a clear majority of Scots, 72 per cent in fact, are against air strikes in Syria. This group fear that an escalation of British involvement in Syria against ISIL will create more of a threat to Britain as a result.

In England, the vote was different inasmuch that those in favour of air strikes was 54 per cent. This group felt that military action is necessary to prevent ISIL terrorists becoming stronger in the Middle East and beyond.

At best, this poll puts the voters at 50/50 only if the undecided are extracted.

Just two days ago 75 per cent of full labour members were against bombing in Syria, with only 13 per cent in favour, the balance undecided.

According to the latest YouGov poll commissioned by The Times, it found that less than half of Britons support air strikes against Isis in Syria. It also found 21 per cent were undecided, leaving just 31 per cent voting for action.

Even the Daily Mail, a very right-wing paper who supported the disastrous attack of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya reported that

“Public support for bombing ISIS in Syria has dropped sharply in just two weeks, with less than half of voters now in favour of airstrikes. A shock poll on the day MPs will vote on military action shows opposition to Britain extending its campaign against jihadist fanatics has waned since the Paris attacks. It comes amid mounting doubts about David Cameron’s case for launching targetted strikes against ISIS strongholds, as he pushes to secure a clear majority in tonight’s crunch vote.”

Poll after poll of the public clearly makes the case that support for bombing Islamic State in Syria has declined sharply since the Paris attacks and that the appetite for this conflict is low. If the polls above are anything to go by, less than 30 per cent of the general public had decided bombing Syria was the right thing to do.

For the public, this is a re-run. First, a terrorist attack on western interests (9/11 – Paris) where the horror is played out publicly on TV, then instant accusations of a foreign attacker by politicians (al-Qaeda – ISIL). Next the “you’re with us or with the terrorists”, (Bush/Blair – Cameron) statement, finally an arguement made up of lies littered with bullying and intimidation. The outcome the same; we are off to war with no coherent strategy of why or what Britain is contributing to, or indeed what will happen as a consequence (Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya).

The Guardian  reported – “Many MPs are unconvinced of Cameron’s claims that there are 70,000 effective moderate ground troops capable of taking up territory liberated from Isis in northern Syria.”  This is because there are not 70,000 ground troops capable of anything other than their own agenda, one that does not generally include fighting ISIL.

In the meantime, it is now known that the Paris attacks had little to do with Islamic State fighters finding their way from the Middle East to Europe via fleeing refugees. The actual attackers, mainly disaffected, isolated and marginalised Muslim young men with no prospects in a country that caused mass terror, torture and destabilisation in their own country decades earlier decided on a rampage.

These ‘terrorists’, far from being sophisticated trained killers were people who used credit cards in their real name, who used unencrypted text messages on standard mobile phones to says things like “lets go”. No-one is asking how these people acquired AK47’s in the first place. It certainly was not via refugees.

The Paris conspirators, including the presumed ringleader, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, apparently, were able to travel between Belgium, France and Syria while the US-led airstrikes targeting ISIl’s command and control were in full swing. This, along with technical mass surveillance is confirmation of a dramatic failure by the intelligence services if this report is true. Just like 9/11, promises made by governments to protect their citizens was nothing more than a fictitious and fraudulent narrative.

The vote in Britain by it’s lawmakers is unrepresentative of the people they serve. It’s the Iraq war playbook all over again, only this time the dangers for Britain are greater and the stakes much higher than they were in previous attempts to deliver ‘democracy’ via bombing the Middle East.

There are now so many nations either bombing or arming ISIS no-one is quite sure exactly what is happening on the ground. The public are totally confused. The international coalition now numbers 30 nations alone. There have been 15,000 airstrikes over the past year, 95 per cent delivered by the latest state of the art U.S. weapons systems.

Russia, Iran, Syria and China add to the mix. NATO is involved but not much, or are they? France and Britain just joined and Germany will soon, and yet, with all this weaponry and intelligence, no-one agrees on who the actual enemy is or where they are.

Estimates of the number of fighters in the ranks of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant are extraordinarily wide-ranging. On the low end of things, CNN’s Barbara Starr recently reported that “U.S. intelligence estimates that ISIL has a total force of somewhere between 9,000 to 18,000 fighters.” In late 2014, the CIA’s estimate of ISIL’s numbers was slightly higher, as its analysts assessed that the group had between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters between its Iraq and Syria holdings. As many as 10,000 have been killed according to US Deputy Secretary of State. Replenishments are required at a rate of 1,500 a month at this declared kill rate.

In total, there are now 54 countries in this war. Between them they represent all continents of the planet and the vast majority of the population of the world. How is ISIL a match for the combined military firepower of such sophisticated countries. For ISIL, who has about the same population of Bicester in Oxfordshire in southern England and little more weaponry than small arms and RPG’s, staring at annihilation is a sure bet.

And yet, it appears that after 15,000 bombing raids, one for every two ISIS militants in existence is clearly not working.

And if we are also led to believe that the Paris attacks were perpetrated by Islamic State terrorists, then the west has been heavily outwitted and outgunned. It also appears that ISIL is defeating democracy the world over, because in The West we now have much less freedom and as David Cameron and this parliamentary vote has just proved by not being representative of the people – less democracy. But then this is isn’t a war against Islamic State. It’s much more dangerous than that.

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Labour’s Pro-War Zionist puppet’s Team-up with Cameron

Labour’s Pro-War Left:Zionist puppet’s ‘Blairites’ Team-up with Cameron to Ram Through Syria Bombing Vote.

It was reminiscent of the eve of the Iraq War vote in 2003, when Tony Blair managed to scare enough Labour members into backing an illegal war in the Middle East. A near replay of that scenario happened tonight in the UK Parliament.

Before the ink was even dry on the vote, the bait-and-switch tactics were already underway, with Tory Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond telling the public that Britain’s ‘Anti-ISIL’ bombing operation ‘could take years.’ During a segment from BBC Newsnight Hammond was asked if the bombing would last as long as four years, to which he replied, “I hope it won’t be four years, but I caution that it isn’t going to be months.”

Despite having no legal basis under international law, and no real case being made by British Prime Minister David Cameron, the vote passed 397 to 223 in favour of bombing Syria, effective at midnight.

Today’s decision gives warfare a green light, at least in terms of the UK’s new pro-war political coalition of convenience.  It will almost certainly lead to additional calls for additional US and UK “boots on the ground” in both Syria and Iraq.


Leading the Labour Party rebellion was pro-war Labour MP, Hilary Benn (image, above), who appears to have seized on an opportunity to undermine Labour’s populist leader Jeremy Corbyn – perhaps in order for Benn to then challenge the leadership position himself in the near future?

Time will tell, however it’s now common knowledge that Benn’s betrayal was done with Tories in Downing Street quietly cheering him on behind the scenes – in the hopes that the new split might rid Cameron of one of the last remaining prominent anti-war , pro-civil liberty and anti-austerity voices left in government.

If Benn used something as important as a war vote in order to grab power within his party, then the backlash will not be kind at all, especially if the Syria Project rapidly goes south, as many in the know predict it will.

The 66 Zionist Labour MPs who voted for airstrikes – Full list

According to the Press Assocation 66 Labour MPs voted for the government motion approving air strikes.

They were:

Heidi Alexander (Lewisham East)

Ian Austin (Dudley North)

Adrian Bailey (West Bromwich West)

Kevin Barron (Rother Valley)

Margaret Beckett (Derby South)

Hilary Benn (Leeds Central)

Luciana Berger (Liverpool Wavertree)

Tom Blenkinsop (Middlesbrough South & Cleveland East)

Ben Bradshaw (Exeter)

Chris Bryant (Rhondda)

Alan Campbell (Tynemouth)

Jenny Chapman (Darlington)

Vernon Coaker (Gedling)

Ann Coffey (Stockport)

Yvette Cooper (Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford)

Neil Coyle (Bermondsey & Old Southwark)

Mary Creagh (Wakefield)

Stella Creasy (Walthamstow)

Simon Danczuk (Rochdale)

Wayne David (Caerphilly)

Gloria De Piero (Ashfield)

Stephen Doughty (Cardiff South & Penarth)

Jim Dowd (Lewisham West & Penge)

Michael Dugher (Barnsley East)

Angela Eagle (Wallasey)

Maria Eagle (Garston & Halewood)

Louise Ellman (Liverpool Riverside)

Frank Field (Birkenhead)

Jim Fitzpatrick (Poplar & Limehouse)

Colleen Fletcher (Coventry North East)

Caroline Flint (Don Valley)

Harriet Harman (Camberwell & Peckham)

Margaret Hodge (Barking)

George Howarth (Knowsley)

Tristram Hunt (Stoke-on-Trent Central)

Dan Jarvis (Barnsley Central)

Alan Johnson (Hull West & Hessle)

Graham Jones (Hyndburn)

Helen Jones (Warrington North)

Kevan Jones (Durham North)

Susan Elan Jones (Clwyd South)

Liz Kendall (Leicester West)

Dr Peter Kyle (Hove)

Chris Leslie (Nottingham East)

Holly Lynch (Halifax)

Siobhain McDonagh (Mitcham & Morden)

Pat McFadden (Wolverhampton South East)

Conor McGinn (St Helens North)

Alison McGovern (Wirral South)

Bridget Phillipson (Houghton & Sunderland South)

Jamie Reed (Copeland)

Emma Reynolds (Wolverhampton North East)

Geoffrey Robinson (Coventry North West)

Joan Ryan (Enfield North)

Lucy Powell (Manchester Central)

Ruth Smeeth (Stoke-on-Trent North)

Angela Smith (Penistone & Stocksbridge)

John Spellar (Warley)

Gisela Stuart (Birmingham Edgbaston)

Gareth Thomas (Harrow West)

Anna Turley (Redcar)

Chuka Umunna (Streatham)

Keith Vaz (Leicester East)

Tom Watson (West Bromwich East)

Phil Wilson (Sedgefield)

John Woodcock (Barrow & Furness).

Ironically, Hilary Benn MP is the son of Labour’s legendary anti-war activist and leader, Tony Benn, who recently passed away at the age of 89. Undoubtedly, Hilary Benn’s shrewd move to undercut his own party could leave a long sour taste in the mouths of his father’s faithful following. He will be regarded by many as a son who completely betrayed his father’s legacy as a brave voice for justice and nonintervention.

Indeed, Benn’s famous 23-year-old speech about Britain’s wars in the Middle East is still relevant today.Watch:

Let the bombing begin, but Westminster’s Zionist hawks should be warned that today’s Parliamentary decision could come back to haunt them – should they end up on the wrong side of history regarding Syria.

There’s a bigger agenda at play. Readers should know that this is all part of a step by step process in establishing a new EU Army.

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The Bizarre Explanation For Why The U.S. Has Avoided Bombing ISIS Oil Wells

Global Research
Wall Street and BP: Can We "Fix" the Oil and Financial Crisis Before It's Too Late?

Why hasn’t the U.S. bombed the oil wells that ISIS controls into oblivion by now?  Would you believe that it is because the Obama administration “didn’t want to do environmental damage”? 

Former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell has publicly admitted that we have purposely avoided damaging the main source of income for ISIS, and his explanation for why we were doing this is utterly bizarre.  But at this point what could the Obama administration say that would actually make sense?  Everyone now knows that ISIS has been makinghundreds of millions of dollars selling oil in Turkey, and that this has been done with the full knowledge and complicity of the Obama White House.  This is potentially the biggest scandal of the entire Obama presidency, and yet so far the Republicans have not jumped on it.

If you or I even gave five bucks to ISIS, we would be arrested and hauled off to Guantanamo Bay.  And yet Barack Obama is allowing ISIS to funnel massive quantities of oil through our NATO ally Turkey, and he is not doing anything to stop this from happening.  It is a betrayal of the American people that is so vast that it is hard to put into words.

By now, virtually everyone on the entire planet knows exactly what is going on.  For example, Iraq’s former National Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie shared the following on his Facebook page on Saturday

“First and foremost, the Turks help the militants sell stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil for $20 a barrel, which is half the market price.”

Until Russia started bombing the living daylights out of them, an endless parade of trucks carrying ISIS oil would go back and forth over the Turkish border completely unmolested.  Following the downing of a Russian SU-24 bomber by Turkey in an area where many of these trucks travel, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to publicly air this dirty laundry.  Just check out what he told reporters following a meeting with French President Francois Hollande last week

Commercial-scale oil smuggling from Islamic State controlled territory into Turkey must be stopped, Putin said after meeting Hollande in Moscow.

“Vehicles, carrying oil, lined up in a chain going beyond the horizon,” said Putin, reminding the press that the scale of the issue was discussed at the G20 summit in Antalya earlier this month, where the Russian leader demonstrated reconnaissance footage taken by Russian pilots.

The views resemble a “living oil pipe” stretched from ISIS and rebel controlled areas of Syria into Turkey, the Russian President stressed. “Day and night they are going to Turkey. Trucks always go there loaded, and back from there – empty.”

We are talking about a commercial-scale supply of oil from the occupied Syrian territories seized by terrorists. It is from these areas [that oil comes from], and not with any others. And we can see it from the air, where these vehicles are going,” Putin said.

If the Russians could see all of this, the U.S. military could see it too.  In fact, we have far better surveillance capabilities than the Russians do.

So why didn’t Obama put an end to this?

Well, as I mentioned above, former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell told PBS that the Obama administration didn’t want “to create environmental damage”, and he insists that the oil wells are “infrastructure that’s going to be necessary to support the people when ISIS isn’t there anymore”.  The following comes from the Daily Caller

Appearing on PBS’s “Charlie Rose” on Tuesday, Rose pointed out that before the terrorist attacks in Paris, the U.S. had not bombed ISIS-controlled oil tankers.

Morell explained, “Prior to Paris, there seemed to be a judgment that … look, we don’t want to destroy these oil tankers because that’s infrastructure that’s going to be necessary to support the people when ISIS isn’t there anymore, and it’s going to create environmental damage. And we didn’t go after oil wells — actually hitting oil wells that ISIS controls because we didn’t want to do environmental damage and we didn’t want to destroy that infrastructure, right.”

In case you think that this is some sort of a joke, you can watch video of Morell making these comments on PBS below

After the horrific terror attacks in Paris, the Obama administration finally was shamed into bombing a few of these oil trucks.  But 45 minutes before the U.S. military bombed them, they dropped leaflets telling the truck drivers to “get out of your trucks now and run away from them”.


What kind of “war on terror” are we running?

Why in the world would we want to warn the terrorists to get away from their trucks?

Meanwhile, things between Russia and Turkey continue to get even more tense.  The Russians have slapped severe economic sanctions on the Turks, they have shut down all channels of communication with Turkey’s military, and they are bombing every Turkish vehicle that they can find inside Syria.  The following comes from a report that was put out by Debka

In the last two days, Putin has been found saying one thing and doing another: Although he declared that Russia would not go to war with Turkey for “stabbing it in the back”, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report that since Wednesday night, Nov. 25,Russian heavy bombers and warplanes have been hitting every Turkish vehicle moving or stationary inside Syria.

They bombed the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, located on the Turkey-Syria frontier, as well trailers and tractors parked in an area belonging to the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation, on the Syrian side of the border.

As I wrote about the other day, it has been documented that our NATO ally Turkey has been “training ISIS militants, funneling weapons to them, buying their oil, and tending to their wounded in Turkish hospitals”.  Now, heavy bombing by the Russians threatens to cut off those links

In addition to punishing the Turkish leader, Russia’s massive military operations in Syria aim to degrade the rebel groups fighting the Assad regime. Heavy bombing sorties this week on the Syrian-Turkish border are cutting off tens of thousands of rebels from their only source of fresh supplies of weapons, ammo, food and fighters, leaving them without a line of retreat and nowhere to send their wounded.

At this point, Russia and Turkey are very close to a state of war.

But as a member of NATO, the United States is obligated to help protect Turkey if a full-blown shooting war does break out.

We are closer to World War III than we have been in decades, and yet most Americans are still completely and totally oblivious to what is taking place.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, because things over in the Middle East threaten to spiral completely and totally out of control.

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Terrorism, Geopolitics, Social Crisis: November 2015 in Numbers

50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

41 people were killed and another 200 wounded in two suicide bombings that took place in Beirut on Nov. 12. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks, which targeted Burj al-Barajneh, a Shi’i neighborhood and Hezbollah stronghold.

130 people were killed when ISIS carried out a series of attacks in Paris on Nov. 13. The attacks have prompted France to increase its military operations in Syria and led to fears that similar attacks could be carried out in other Western cities.

60-70 percent of inmates in French prisons are Muslims, despite the fact that Muslims represent roughly 7 percent of the country’s population. Post-Paris, this jarring statistic has raised questions about France’s ability to integrate immigrant populations.

$3.2 billion in aid will be given to Turkey by the European Union, in exchange for Ankara agreeing to help stem the tide of refugees entering Europe. The agreement was reached on Nov. 29.

30,000 refugees will still be accepted by France over the next two years, despite the horrific Paris attacks. “Some have wanted to link the influx of refugees to Friday’s acts of terror,” French President François Hollande said in a speech to his country’s mayors. “The truth is that this link exists because the people of Syria and Iraq have fled because they are martyred by the same people who attack us today,” he added.

31 U.S. governors have sought to block President Barack Obama from placing Syrian refugees in their states. The anti-refugee sentiment is a response to the Nov. 13 ISIS attacks on Paris.

The 28 countries of the European Union ruled on Nov. 11 that all goods exported from Israeli settlements must be labeled “made in settlements” rather than “made in Israel.” The move sparked harsh reaction from Israel, although less than 1 percent of the country’s $13 billion in annual exports to the EU come from illegally occupied territories.

4 decades after its founding, Israel’s northern Islamic Movement was outlawed by the country’s right-wing government on Nov. 17. The ban prohibits the group’s activities and mandates that all of its institutions be closed. The Islamic Movement, which provides social services and works to protect the al-Aqsa mosque, is favorably viewed by a majority of Israel’s Palestinian citizens.

6 weeks community service was the sentence given to an Israeli policeman who brutally beat American teenager Tariq Abu Khdeir in Jerusalem in the summer of 2014. It is not unusual for Jewish Israelis to receive lenient sentences—if they are sentenced at all—for violent acts committed against Palestinians.

30 years after his imprisonment, convicted spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard, 61, was released from a North Carolina prison on Nov. 20. Pollard’s release was praised by Israeli officials, but most AmericanJews and intelligence officials were bitterly opposed to his early release.

60 minutes: the length of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s controversial appearance at the Center for American Progress on Nov. 10. The liberal think tank, which has close ties to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the White House, was criticized by many on the left for its decision to host the right-wing Israeli prime minister.

88 percent of members of the American Anthropological Association attending the group’s Nov. 20 annual conference voted in favor of a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions. The resolution is subject to a final vote of the association’s 10,000 members in April.

30 percent of eligible voters participated in the second round of Egypt’s parliamentary elections, which were held Nov. 22 and 23. The regime-backed “For the Love of Egypt” list won all 60 seats allocated to lists, while runoff elections will be held to determine the winners of seats allocated to individuals.

36-year-old Egyptian investigative journalist and human rights advocate Hossam Bahgat was arrested by Egyptian officials in early November on charges of publishing false news. Highly respected internationally, Bahgat was released after several days, but was required to sign a document stating that he “will abide by legal and security procedures when publishing material pertaining to the Armed Forces.”

1 Russian warplane was shot down by Turkey on Nov. 24, leading to increased tensions between the two nations. Turkey claims the jet was violating its airspace, while Russia maintains the aircraft never entered Turkish airspace but was shot down over Syria.

941 civilians were killed in Iraq in November, according to Iraq Body Count.

$1.29 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia was approved by the State Department in mid-November. The Kingdom will receive so-called “smart bombs” that reportedly will be used in Yemen and Syria.

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As the EU helps Sustain I$raHell Illegal Settlements


NGOs urged to Cut Trading Links

Global Research

‘The European Union’s position is absolutely clear: Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory are “illegal under international law, constitute an obstacle to peace and threaten to make a two­ state solution impossible” yet this report shows how European policy helps sustain the settlements. it reveals that the EU imports approximately fifteen times more from the illegal settlements than from the Palestinians themselves.’

Settlements are Israeli communities established on territory occupied by Israel since the 1967 Arab ­Israeli war. Settlements are supported by an infrastructure including special roads, checkpoints, and the separation barrier dividing them from the surrounding Palestinian population.

Settlements violate international law and UN Security Council resolutions and yet, throughout the 45 years of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territory, every Israeli government has promoted continued settlement expansion.



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Bombshell: The Turkish Assault on Russia’s SU-24 was Guided by the US Air Force

Global Research
Turkey ambush su-24

Russia Insider reports that the ambush on the Russian U-24 bomber was guided by the US Airforce. In an interview with the Russian news agency Regnum, a Russian military expert said that “A US Air Force Boeing E-3 Sentry AWACS plane took off on 24 November from the Preveza airbase in Greece. A second E-3A of the Saudi Arabian air force took off from the Riyadh airbase. Both planes were executing a common task—determining the precise location of Russian aircraft. It is they that picked the “victim.”

The American E-3A was supposed to determine the activity of the Su-24M2′s onboard targeting radar, to determine if it was in search mode or if it had already locked on to a target and was processing launch-data. It is known that the AWACS can direct the activity of aircraft in battle, conveying information to their avionics and flight computers.

The expert went on explaining the technical details of how the US and Saudi AF planes guided the Turkish F-16s to a sure missile launch in ‘target illumination’ mode, meaning that the radar was turned off as soon as the missile locket into its target.

This elevates the US-NATO war crime on Russia to an even higher level. The leaders involved in this heinous aggression should clearly be subjected to a Nuremberg style tribunal with all its dire consequences. Instead, hypocrite Obama in a side meeting of the Paris COP21 conference laments the event to President Putin, while still supporting Turkey in their right of self-defense.

What self-defense? – At the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey, a week before the SU-24 downing, all conference members allegedly unanimously agreed to join forces in their fight against ISIS / Daesh. Therefore, even if the Russian bomber would have overflown Turkish territory – which according to Russian military monitors it did not – it would not have threatened Turkey at all, as they were, Russia and Turkey along with the other G20 attendees, on the same wave length: object eradicating terror in Syria.

Or were they really? – Or was this apparent commitment just another lie, as everything coming from the west is a lie, a deceit? – No agreement, no commitment is honored, no law is obeyed – the west under the leadership (sic) of Zionist-Washington has become a bunch of criminal rogue states.

And, let it be clear, this killing machine will not stop until it has achieved full spectrum dominance, total world hegemony. No diplomatic effort, no number of innocent deaths will deter the monster’s course for global control – unless the tyrant falls from within, as did the Roman Empire (that would mean that the media-fooled American public would wake up), or its fraudulent dollar-based monetary system will be dismantled by a monetary alternative from the rapidly emerging Eastern economies, like China, whose currency, the yuan, has just been accepted by the IMF as an official world reserve currency.

Since 2001 between 10 and 12 million people have lost their lives through wars and conflicts instigated by the US or their proxies, like the Gulf State vassals, the western bought and armed Islamic Jihadists, and, of course, the European NATO puppets. Other millions have lost their livelihood and become refugees now flooding Europe, in a well-timed and targeted fashion, also directed by President Erdogan, following the US dictate of European destabilization. A destabilized Europe can easier be controlled (

Europeans, a people subjugated to serfhood by neoliberal regimes, lackeys of Washington, will soon be the only and coerced ‘ally’ the United State of America has left on this globe. All the other Washington claimed allies are an alliance of fear, which will dissipate as soon as the empire’s fall is on the horizon. They are tied by fear, rather than allied, to a terrorist empire.

By now Recep Erdogan may realize that his obedience to the White House and his greed for cheap stolen ISIS petrol, led him to an unforgivable crime, a shot not only in his own foot, but most likely in his head. He may politically not survive. His generals have already threatened with a putsch.

As Mr. Putin said on Monday at the Paris COP21, At the moment we have received additional information confirming that that oil from the deposits controlled by Islamic State militants enters Turkish territory on an industrial scaleWe have every reason to believe thatthe decision to down our plane was guided by a desire to ensure security of this oil’s delivery routes to ports where they are shipped in tankers.”

It couldn’t be clearer. For Turkey, or her leader (sic), shooting down the SU-24 was a triple whammy: Showing full obedience to the Washington-NATO masters, demonstrating support to the ISIS who feed Turkey’s economy with stolen oil, and fighting for the 70 km wide free zone along the Turkish-Syrian border to keep the supply channels to the terror-jihadists open – and for maintaining the ‘rolling pipeline’ into Turkish ports from where the petrol, worth billions of dollars – will be loaded onto international tankers – whitewashed so to speak; pretty much what Swiss bankers are doing with stolen money from dictators around the world.

While Erdogan is pleading for a head-to-head meeting with President Putin in Paris, Russia has already announced a regime of economic sanctions against Turkey. They may affect up to 44 billion dollars’ worth of trade between the two countries, including some 110 Turkish construction companies operating in Russia, as well as about 86,000 Turkish citizens living in Russia. Specifically, Russian charter flights to Turkey as well as all tourism to Turkey have stopped immediately, at a great loss to the Turkish economy which in 2014 benefitted from 3.2 million Russian tourists. Other sanctions include banning Turkish companies from doing business in Russia and Russian companies from hiring Turks; and re-introducing visas for Turkish visitors to Russia with enforced border controls.

The potential loss to Russia is mostly in natural gas exports to Europe. As a result of the US-NATO instigated Ukraine conflict, the so-called South Stream pipeline came to a halt, as the US ordered its NATO allies, especially Bulgaria, to stop construction of the pipeline. It was then replaced by the Turkish Stream, when Recep Erdogan and Vladimir Putin were still friends in December 2014 ( This project may now also be in jeopardy which would be a serious blow to Russia’s economy, counting on gas exports to Europe. On the other hand, Europe depends on Russian gas which cannot be replaced quickly by US-imposed fracking or deliveries from the US. Therefore, the Turkish Stream may not be as dead as it looks right now.

Another little talked-about project is to bring Iranian gas to Europe – via Syria, a viable alternative, and a major reason for the US wanting to control Syria through internal chaos leading to regime change. A pipeline from Iran through Syria and Lebanon to supply Europe with Iranian gas would be competition worth trillions of dollars for hydrocarbons from the Gulf States, exploited by US petrol giants. Hence, since 2007 Washington planned a civil war in Syria which was activated in 2011 with the help of CIA, NATO and Saudi Arabia, training, funding and arming Jihadist terrorists. This conflict that has become center piece of the Middle-East theatre of war, now further enhanced by the US-Saudi-Turkey sponsored, financed and trained Islamic caliphate, ISIS / Daesh.

An Iran-Syria pipeline would not only mean a loss for US petro-giants, but more importantly it would drastically reduce demand for the US dollar, as Iranian gas would not be traded in the US currency but in moneys chosen between the trading partners. The loss of demand for the US dollar would further erode its status as world reserve currency – one more nail in the coffin of the dollars world hegemony.

About at the same time of Washington’s planning the destabilization of Syria, the odd but ultra-dangerous tandem, Washington-Israel, fabricated the lie that Iran was developing nuclear weapons. Although this was denied by the 15 most prominent US intelligence agencies, the same way they denied Saddam Hussein’s arsenal of WMDs (weapons of mass destructions), the myth prevailed. The Zionist-Anglo-Saxon dominated propaganda-lie machine convinced the world that Iran was indeed a nuclear threat to the region – never mentioning of course the only real nuclear threat, Israel, with a cache of 200-300 nuclear warheads. The Iran ‘threat’ that never was, ended for now with the so-called Nuclear Deal reached on 14 July 2014 in Vienna, after years of negotiations by the P5 + 1 (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; plus Germany).

This closes the circle of western greed for energy and power – and war, the epitome of capitalist fascism. Within that US-NATO fabricated MENA (Middle-East and North Africa) chaos, Turkey saw a window of opportunity to revive the old Ottoman Empire. By shooting down the Russian SU-24 Erdogan may just have self-defeated the nascent kingdom.

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The Real “Terrorist Sympathizers” Want To Wage War On Syria

Airstrikes in Syria

Syria airstrikes: Cameron accuses Corbyn of being ‘terrorist sympathiser‘

David Cameron has appealed to Conservative MPs to give him an overall parliamentary majority in favour of military action in Syria by warning them against voting alongside “Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers”.

“You should not be walking through the lobbies with Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers,” the prime minister reportedly told the committee.

To get rid of the “terrorist sympathizers” who do not want to bomb Syria the pig-fucker will have to incarcerate half of the British people.

Surely terrorist sympathizer should not be allowed to run around freely and to influence the children. These could end up no longer believing what the government and the media are telling them. They would become radicals:

A leaflet drawn up by an inner-city child safeguarding board warns that “appearing angry about government policies, especially foreign policies” is a sign “specific to radicalisation”.

Parents and carers have also been advised by the safeguarding children board in the London Borough of Camden that “showing a mistrust of mainstream media reports and a belief in conspiracy theories” could be a sign that children are being groomed by extremists.

The “war on terror” is turning into a war on the local opposition of the ruling classes. Those who oppose its polices are labeled 2terrorists” and those who doubts its word are “radicalized extremists”. How far is it from such verbal insults to actually concentration camps?

Who initiated this sudden rush within major NATO governments to get parliamentary blank checks for waging a long war on Syria? Not only in the UK but also in France and Germany?

The German government turned on a dime from “no military intervention in Syria ever” to “lets wage a war of terror on Syria” without any backing from the UN or international law. (The German government’s legal argument for war is so flimsy that the constitutional court will probably stop it.) Who initiated this? A simple, medium size terror attack in Paris by some Belgians and French can not be the sole reason for this stampede.

Did Obama call and demanded support for his plans? What are these?

I smell that a trap is being laid, likely via a treacherous Turkey, to somehow threaten Russia with, or involve it in, a wider war. This would include military attacks in east-Ukraine or Crimea as well as in Syria. Obama demanded European backing in case the issue gets of of hands. No other reason I have found explains the current panic. The terrorists the “west” supports in Syria are in trouble. The real terrorist sympathizers need to rush to their help. It is a start of all-out war on Syria and its Russian protectors.

But Russia is cool headed and is preparing to make its position in Syria even stronger. There will soon be at least 100 Russian military planes in Syria, some say up to 150 in total, plus dozens of ground attack helicopters including the very modern KA-52 (vid). New airfields for Russian fighter jets are being prepared in Shayrat (map), south-east of Homs. 10 fighter jets and 15 attack helicopters are already stationed there. Another airport will be in Tiyas (map), some 30 km west of Palmyra. This one will be used to cover east Syria and the Syrian army’s movement against the Islamic State in Raqqa. A fourth airport for jets, likely near Hama, is planned and several smaller airfields are to be used for more helicopters. Some 1,000 additional Russian personal will include special forces to designate targets and to provide support for Syrian troops.

The Syrian army was provide with new electronic snooping systems to be able to listen to its enemies communication. To protect against U.S. made anti-tank missiles (TOWs), which the CIA handed to the Jihadists, Syrian tanks are upgraded with the Shtora anti-missile systems. Brand new artillery has also arrived.

The “moderate rebels” of Jabhat al Nusra and Ahrar al Sham which Turkey and others support currentlyget squeezed (map) in their corridor from the Turkish border down to Aleppo. The Islamic State is pressing from the east against the corridor while Kurdish YPG fighters, with Russian air support(!), are attacking from the west and the Syrian army is pushing from the south. The moves on the government and YPG side and the IS side are not coordinated but a race to conquer as much as possible of the area before the other party reaches it. Two month ago the Kurdish leader had hinted at this plan to close the uncontrolled gap at the Turkish border.

This is the area Turkey wanted to occupy as a “safe zone” for the terrorists it supports. It also needs the corridor to smuggle oil from the Islamic State to Turkey. Should Turkey, backed by the U.S. and NATO, have funny ideas and try to invade Syria to secure that safe zone, it will have to take on very well armed and serious opponents. From there to World War III is only a small step.

I prefer to be called a terrorist sympathizer over supporting any move into that direction.

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Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game

Global Research

The western press laments the near impossibility of defeating an organization that didn’t even exist a couple of short years ago. Brand ISIS, the unconquerable, may actually become a truism if the people of the western nations continue to listen to the lies and propaganda of their own governments.

You’ve been told a lot of things about the war in Syria, and clearly most of it is finely crafted war propaganda, which seeks to obscure the forest by showing you an endless series of trees. The trees are gunshots, explosions, and dead bodies. The forest is elusive, vast, covers several continents, and we are only ever given small samples of the terrain. The section of the forest that receives some of the latest scrutiny is not necessarily the crucial part of the story. Beneath the entire forest lies an aquifer, a vast ocean of water that feeds the trees invisibly, silently, yet persistently. Without this water supply there would be no forest to speak of.

But here is where the metaphor breaks. Unlike an underground reservoir, which is impossible to eradicate, the money and weapons transfers to fundamentalist militants can be stopped. The problem is that western so-called “leaders” have done absolutely nothing to stop them. In fact they rarely mention these sources of terrorist arms, training and funding at all, in public anyway. When acknowledged these become theater, hand wringing, vague excuses rather than concrete action. At other times intelligence services themselves willingly hand over sophisticated weapons to terrorists, such as TOW anti-tank missiles and surface to air “MANPADS” capable of bringing down commercial airliners. The nations most responsible for creating the extremist armies on the ground—Turkey and the Persian Gulf tyrannies—are close allies and even “friends” to US and European political masters.

Establishing the Grand Fraud

So what is really going on? Well, war of course. This is what modern war looks like. In particular this latest proxy war targets the multi-cultural, yet authoritarian regime of Syria’s Bashar Al Assad. NATO dislikes Assad because he is an ally of Iran, Russia and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Oil and gas pipeline routes also factor in. Western powers and Gulf States that don’t like Assad have, like a pack of wild jackals, been ripping at Syria since 2011. The primary supporter of ISIS and the Al Nusrah Front is Turkey, which by any objective measure should be considered a state sponsor of international terrorism and isolated immediately.

Sometimes we are even provided short glimpses of the reality, by our own so-called leaders. Vice President of the United States Joe Biden said: “[Erdogan…the Saudis, the Emiratis, etc.]…poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad, except that the people who were being supplied were al-Nusra, and al Qaeda, and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: “Still, donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.”

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey said: “I know major Arab allies who fund them [ISIS].”

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said: “It’s unbelievable and unacceptable that more than 60 nations comprising this coalition that have the most modern aircraft and weapons at their disposal have been conducting their campaign in Iraq for 14 months and IS still remains in the country.”

Former Defense Intelligence Agency head Michael Flynn said: “I think it was a decision, a willful decision.”

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) said: “The Salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood, and AQI [Al Qaeda in Iraq] are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria…The West, the Gulf Countries, and Turkey support the opposition.”

Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan said: “The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the [Olympic] games are controlled by us, and they will not move in the Syrian territory’s direction without coordinating with us.”

The U.S. State Department said, “Riyadh has taken only limited action to disrupt fundraising for the UN 1267-listed Taliban and LeT-groups that are also aligned with al-Qa’ida and focused on undermining stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan…Al-Qa’ida and other groups continue to exploit Kuwait both as a source of funds and as a key transit point…UAE’s role as a growing global financial center, coupled with weak regulatory oversight, makes it vulnerable to abuse by terrorist financiers and facilitation networks…[Qatar has] been hesitant to act against known terrorists out of concern for appearing to be aligned with the U.S. and provoking reprisals.”

No concrete steps are taken against these state supporters of terrorism. Far from it, they are intimate partners with the United States and form a coalition of the willing to use proxy terrorists to destroy Syria. ISIS has been a main component of this effort for years. It was not until they attacked targets in Europe (Paris), that Western leaders finally decided that they needed to appear to do things differently.

What this coalition does and what it clearly does not do are the telltale signs for understanding these current events. These will require more scrutiny.

The US has manufactured terrorist armies before, notably in Afghanistan, beginning in 1979. And when their Mujahadeen brigades defeated the Soviets, in the late 1980s, many champagne bottles were popped over at the Langley CIA headquarters. Such a wonderful victory for them, Zbigniew Brzezinski was quite proud of his handiwork. Coincidentally, Brzezinski emerged recently to shriek at the Russians, “to convey to Moscow the demand that it cease and desist from military actions that directly affect American assets.” Those “assets” have been the subject of much obfuscation and deceit over these past four years, despite seas of bloodshed. In Syria today, just who is an “American asset,” and who is not?

The most jaw-dropping and damning revelation of the entire Syria fiasco to date is hosted right on the website. It’s received zero mention by the “free” US corporate press, and here it is: “President Obama spoke by phone today from California with Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey, at the Prime Minister’s request, about developments in Syria and Egypt. The President and Prime Minister discussed the danger of foreign extremists in Syria and agreed on the importance of supporting a unified and inclusive Syrian opposition. The President and Prime Minister expressed concern about the situation in Egypt and a shared commitment to supporting a democratic and inclusive way forward. The two leaders agreed to have their teams continue to coordinate closely to promote our shared interests. The President gave his best wishes to the Prime Minister and the Turkish people on the beginning of their Ramazan holiday.”

That is exhibit A for the treason trial. I’m quite shocked that I’ve been nearly alone in referencing this outrageously criminal admission concerning US policy in Turkey and Syria. You now have been informed of whom the White House considers an “asset.” The Russians know it too, all too well.

Exhibit B for the prosecution would likely be Barack Obama’s tinkering with the Arms Export Control Act, reported on September 15th of 2013: “The president, citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act, announced today that he would waive the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A…The prohibitions contained in this section apply with respect to a country if the Secretary of State determines that the government of that country has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism.”

This action can only be described as Orwellian hypocrisy, as the weapons Obama ships to Syrian insurgents meet the stated criteria. The United States is clearly supporting “international terrorism,” with glee. US arms and ammunition have gone to Jihadists all over Syria and Iraq through many pathways. They have murdered many civilians there, and they continue to do so daily. Further, attacking the government of Syria by arming a proxy army is the “Supreme International Crime,” a Crime Against the Peace, a blatant breach of the UN Charter, but it’s happening.

The entire world knows that Syria’s radical terrorists are supported by outside states, and yet no sanctions are ever proposed by our “democratic” leaders against those states. When Russia did things in Ukraine that Washington disapproved of immediate trade sanctions attacked its economy and certain named individuals. No such actions are even entertained against Turkish, Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaiti, Jordanian or other supporters of the ISIS terror state. This is clearly because the US, and Barack Obama specifically, consider these terrorists “American assets.” It is the Brzezinski plan for regime change, and it has always been the Brzezinski plan.

They know exactly what they’re doing. Obama’s own Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) told them in 2012 that their actions would lead to an Islamic Caliphate. “ISI could also declare an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which will create a grave danger in regards to unifying Iraq and the protection of its territory.”

It’s not ignorance, and it’s not a mistake. It has been the deliberate policy of the United States and its partners to tolerate―and to even support―a terror Caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Redirections, Red Lines & Rat Lines

The most important investigative article of the post 9/11 era is arguably Seymour Hersh’s March 2007 expose in The New Yorker: The Redirection.” Just what was being redirected?

Short answer: everything. The so-called “war on terror” flipped 180 degrees as the US partnered with Sunni extremists to redirect the fight and target Shi’ite Muslims: specifically Assad’s Syria, Maliki’s Shi’ite Iraqi regime, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the big one: Iran. “[The Saudi] message to us was ‘We’ve created this movement, and we can control it.’ It’s not that we don’t want the Salafis to throw bombs; it’s who they throw them at―Hezbollah, Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran, and at the Syrians, if they continue to work with Hezbollah and Iran.”

As Americans went back to sleep, the American empire partnered up with the sponsors of the 9/11 attacks: Saudis and their Wahabbi friends, who can always be counted on to supply money and fanatical fighters. The formula that brought down the Soviets in the 1980s was to be “New American Century” Plan A.

“This is all part of the campaign of provocative steps to increase the pressure on Iran. The idea is that at some point the Iranians will respond and then the Administration will have an open door to strike at them,” Seymour Hersh writes in “The Redirection.”

By the time Syria exploded into chaos in 2011, Obama was in charge, and the strategy had steadily evolved. So had the clampdown on dissenting voices. Seymour Hersh was exiled to the London Review of Books, where his damning revelations would not be broadcast to the American public. In The Red Line and the Rat Line” Hersh helped expose what was going on in Syria: “A highly classified annex to the report, not made public, described a secret agreement reached in early 2012 between the Obama and Erdogan administrations. It pertained to the rat line. By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria.”

In 2011 Obama destroyed Libya by acting as Al Qaeda’s Air Force” in violation of the Constitution and the UN Charter. He then set his dogs to work moving weapons and fighters from Libya across to the next target on the hit list: Syria.

By June 20, of 2013: “[Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)]…stated that al-Nusra maintained a sarin production cell: its programme, the paper said, was ‘the most advanced sarin plot since al-Qaida’s’ pre-9/11 effort.” (Hersh)

Meaning that the White House was lying throughout that period as to the Syrian rebels’ chemical weapons capabilities. When a staged sarin attack killed numerous civilians in Ghoutta, on August 21 of 2013, Obama was quick to jump at the chance for military action and a new war. That was the “red line” cassus belli that his own administration had floated the previous year. But the actual perpetrators turned out to be Al Nusrah Front working with chemical suppliers in Turkey, aided by Turkish intelligence.

That the Jihadis were the Ghoutta chemical attack perpetrators was confirmed in a Turkish indictment as well as by rebel fighters on the ground near Damascus.

The actions of the White House over this issue betray its hypocrisy, yet again. When Assad was the perpetrator, all the military might of the NATO bloc was to come down on Syria to punish it for its “red line” use of chemical weapons. When the actual perpetrators are Al Nusrah terrorists, working closely with Erdogan’s Turkey, as well as Pentagon and CIA trainees, and ISIS too, there is only a deafening silence. Inaction reveals much when it comes to this Syrian charade. The sarin issue was kicked from history, and the actual deaths of those 500 or so children and civilians remain as meaningless to those in Washington as do any other deaths in their ongoing Middle East blood frenzy.

As for the Benghazi-Gate fiasco, and the death of the US ambassador, the obvious reason for the White House cover-up was disclosed in Seymour Hersh’s piece: “The [Benghazi] consulate’s only mission was to provide cover for the moving of arms,’ the former intelligence official, who has read the annex, said. ‘It had no real political role.’”

Clearly the illegal foreign support to the insurgency in Syria is the reason ISIS exists. It did not spring from nowhere. It did not magically take over parts of two countries overnight. The fact that it is a genocidal, fanatical monstrosity is one of those distasteful qualities that western leaders tend to distance themselves from, but not enough to actually eradicate the quite useful proxy group.

The Fake “War” on ISIS

As we bob from fraud to fraud in this age of manufactured terror and covert everything, we must remain significantly more vigilant than our predecessors in order to comprehend the schizophrenic nature of US foreign policy today.

As for ISIS we bomb them occasionally but an excuse lingers that bombing is not sufficient. We are told that we will need to take over Syria, with large infantry armies that is if the Jihadists can’t do it successfully on their own. Unfortunately, for people like Zbigniew Brzezinski, John McCain, Bandar bin Sultan, and Barack Obama, the Russians saw the writing on the wall and stepped in to bomb back the terrorist militias. With a legitimate invitation from the government of Syria the Russian air campaign has been quite successful so far.

Back in September of 2014 the NY Times claimed that Barack Obama’s Administration was “Struggling to Starve ISIS of Oil Revenue.” Over a year later Obama had still not bombed the long lines of tanker trucks illegally selling the black market oil to the neighboring countries: that coalition again, with Turkey being the main recipient. Neither did the Times even bother mentioning the obvious US option of bombing the tanker trucks, oil wells and refineries under ISIS control.

Echoing what Nuri al-Maliki had said, Vladimir Putin wielded the big monkey wrench at this last G20 summit, on November 15th: “Channels of finance for terrorist activity must be cut off…This financing, as we found out, comes from 40 countries, including some in the G20.”

Gloves off, Russian President Putin had already accused Washington of backing terrorism across the Middle East. Not stopping there, Putin literally handed Obama Russian satellite photos of 1,000 ISIS oil tanker trucks stretching for “dozens of kilometers.”

The very next day, November 16, “U.S. Warplanes Strike ISIS Oil Trucks in Syria.” For some reason only 116 trucks out of the “1,000” were hit by the US mission. Then the effort mysteriously stopped as soon as the headlines had gone to print. With the policy firmly established in the media, the reality on the ground became irrelevant again.

Russia took up the slack on the 18th destroying “500 fuel tank trucks” controlled by ISIS and used to fund their insurgency. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov phrased it: “[T]he analysis of those [US-led] airstrikes during over a year lead to conclusion that they were hitting selectively, I would say, sparingly and on most occasions didn’t touch those IS units, which were capable of seriously challenging the Syrian army.”

In addition to avoiding the illegal oil trade occurring right beneath USAF fighter/bombers for over a year, there is also the matter of approximately 60 ISIS training camps. No training camps have been bombed to date, despite continually churning out “1,000” radical Islamic fighters per month. We can make some educated guesses as to why that is.

Foreign intelligence and special forces (British and Qatari), and potentially US personnel, have operated inside Syria since at least February of 2012. The CIA admits to spending $1Bn per year training Syrian insurgents and boasts that it has “trained and equipped nearly 10,000 fighters sent into Syria over the past several years.” If US personnel aren’t actually inside the territory of Syria, their pets surely are.

We know that ISIS, Al Nusrah, al Sham and Free Syrian Army (FSA) are all allies and work closely together. The FSA Colonel Abdel Jabbar al Olkaidi has plainly told us so. Olkaidi was the direct link to US Ambassador Robert Ford, and so there is no longer any plausible deniability on the subject. There is no legitimacy left for US claims of a “moderate” opposition that somehow exists separate from the genocidal terror armies of head-chopping extremists.


I would be remiss if I ignored mentioning the oil and gas supplies of the Middle East. The routes into Europe are hotly contested. With the Ukrainian gas pipelines coming from Russia, western leaders want alternatives in order to weaken the bear. Other proposed energy routes to the south include Syrian territory, that same territory ISIS now claims as its “Caliphate.”

It also needs to be mentioned that German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has admitted: 760 German citizens have joined ISIS and 200 of them have returned home to Germany. Earlier this year it was reported that 100,000 fake Turkish passports had gone to ISIS fighters.

Turkey remains the headquarters and logistical center of ISIS. The west, NATO, and their Gulf tyranny partners, have opened Pandora’s Box. It still hangs wide open.

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Who is right in Syria?

Syria foreign intervention

By Lawrence Davidson

Here is the situation in Syria as I see it: Russia is taking a long-range view and wants stability in post-Islamic State (IS) Syria. France and the United States are taking the short-range view and really have no achievable plans for Syria’s future stability. Turkey appears to have given little thought to Syria’s future. Ankara may be willing to see indefinite chaos in Syria if it hurts the Assad regime on the one hand and the Kurds on the other.


The Russians may be the only party interested in the long-term political stability of Syria. There is certainly no doubt that President Vladimir Putin is more determined than Western leaders to act on the fact that the various so-called “moderate” parties standing against the Assad regime cannot work together, and that this fault cannot be corrected by enticements from the United States. For the Russians, this fact makes the Damascus government the only source of future stability.

This understanding, and not Soviet-era nostalgia, has led Russia to support the Assad regime, which possesses a working government, a standing army and the loyalty of every religious minority group in the country.

Some might object that both Assad and Putin are dictators and thugs (by the way, thugs in suits in the US government are all too common). However, this cannot serve as a serious objection. The only alternative to Damascus’s victory is perennial civil war fragmenting the country into warlord zones. With the possible exception of Israel, this scenario is in no one’s interest, although it seems that the leaders of Washington and Paris are too politically circumscribed to act on this fact.

US and France

Thus, it would appear that neither the US nor France really cares about Syria as a stable nation. Once the present military capacity of IS is eliminated, Washington and Paris may well clandestinely continue to support a low-level civil war against the Assad regime. In this effort they will have the help of Turkey, the Kurds and Israel. The result will be ongoing devastation of the Syrian population and fragmentation of its territory.

Despite its air campaign against Islamic State, Washington has no ground component nor any answer to the political vacuum in Syria.

As if to justify US strategy, President Obama, with French President Francois Hollande by his side, recently boasted that the United States stood at the head of a “65-country coalition” fighting terrorism in Syria. However, this is a hollow claim. Most of these countries are coalition members in name only, and some of them, like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf state governments, play a double game. And then Obama dismissed Russia and Iran as “outliers” and “a coalition of two”. Yet those two countries are the Syrian nation’s best hope for future stability.

The fact is that US policy in Syria has been a losing proposition from the beginning just because of its hostility to the Assad government. Despite its air campaign against IS, Washington has no ground component nor any answer to the political vacuum in Syria. Both missing parts are to be found in an alliance with Damascus.

Refusal to make that alliance has also opened Washington to building neo-conservative political pressure to increase the US military presence in the area. However, American “boots on the ground” in Syria is both a dangerous option as well as an unnecessary one. Syrian government boots can do the job if they are properly supported. The support has come from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. It is the United States and its coalition who are the “outliers”.


It is not easy to explain Turkey’s animosity toward Damascus. Prior to the civil war in Syria, the two countries had good relations. Then something changed. It may have been something as foolish as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s taking personal offence against President Bashar Assad because the latter chose to heed the advice of Iran rather than Turkey at the beginning of the war. Whatever happened, it sent Ankara off on an anti-Assad crusade.

That anti-Assad mindset is probably the backstory to the recent reckless Turkish decision to shoot down a Russian warplane operating in support of Syrian government troops close to the Turkish border.

The Turks say that the Russian jet strayed into Turkish airspace. The Russians deny this. The Turks claim that they tried to communicate with the Russian plane to warn it away. When it did not respond, they destroyed it. Of late the Turkish prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, has said that Ankara “didn’t know the nationality of the plane that was brought down… until Moscow announced it was Russian”.

In all of the bloodshed, population displacement and terror that has accompanied the Syrian civil war, the least-considered party has been the Syrian people and their future.

This statement is frankly unbelievable given that Davutoglu followed it up with an admission that Turkey had complained to Russia about military flights in this exact border area. He also asserted that both Russian and Syrian operations in this region of northern Syria should stop because IS has no presence there. This assertion makes no sense, since Damascus’s aim is to reassert government authority by the defeat of armed rebels regardless of their organisational affiliation.

It is hard to say whether the Turks are telling the truth about an incursion into their airspace. Most of their evidence, such as recorded Turkish warnings to the Russian plane, is easily fabricated. However, in the end it does not really matter if the plane crossed the border. There was no need to shoot it down.

If the Russian jet strayed into Turkish airspace, there would have been a range of options. The Turks could be very sure that the Russian plane had no hostile intention toward their country, and they should have assumed, for the sake of minimising any consequences, that no provocation was meant on the part of the Russia. In other words, they should have acted as if the alleged overflight was a mistake. The Turks could have then shadowed the Russian plane in a way that coaxed it back into Syrian airspace and followed the incident up with a formal protest to Moscow. Instead they made the worst possible choice and shot the plane down. Now both Ankara and Washington are shouting about Turkey’s right to defend its territory despite the fact that the Russian plane never posed any threat.


In all of the bloodshed, population displacement and terror that has accompanied the Syrian civil war, the least-considered party has been the Syrian people and their future. IS, or at least its present infrastructure, will ultimately be destroyed. However, while that destruction is necessary, it is an insufficient outcome because it fails to provide long-term stability. Right now that vital ingredient can only be supplied by the reimposition of order by Damascus. The folks in Washington, Paris and Ankara might not like that, but they are not the ones facing a future of anarchy. And, indeed, the more they stand in the way of Damascus, the more chaos they will help create.

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