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ISIL, ongoing (and lucrative) source of US psychological warfare


…in other words, the same thing.
US President Barack Obama’s government has no intention of destroying the Daesh (ISIL) Takfiri group and is using the terror organization as an instrument to push ahead with its agenda through psychological warfare, an American analyst says.It was announced on Monday that Obama was planning to visit Defense Secretary Ashton Carter later in the day to review the US-led military campaign against Daesh with his national security advisers. This would be the American leader’s first visit to the Pentagon since the recent terrorist attacks in California and Paris. The attacks that left scores of people dead are believed to have been carried out by people who share ideologies with the terrorist group.

Comment: That is what they want you to believe. (Unless “they” were referring to the US’s involvement in false flag operations, in which case, it would be true.)

“Few things in this mess are more clear than the fact that White House policy has been to contain and, many people argue, use ISIS (Daesh) to spread insecurity and perhaps to force regime change, rather than to destroy the phenomena,” Barry Grossman, an international lawyer, told Press TV on Monday.

He said that before the November 13 Paris attacks that killed at least 130 people, Obama had acknowledged that his country was seeking to contain Daesh rather than destroy it. Grossman said by this point it has become obvious that Washington is more concerned with “regime change” in Syria rather than the war on Daesh.

“Anyone who is paying attention remains bemused as ever about the psychotic US mindset that continues to see sanctioned talking heads still openly conceding that the US prioritizes regime change over the so-called war on that contrived phenomena they like to call ISIS,” Grossman said.

The analyst said that despite Obama’s pledge to make better decision in terms of foreign policy upon entering the White House, “the real decision makers have never changed.”

“The main difference is that Obama prefers to advance the agenda by sowing the seeds of conflict whereas his adversaries prefer to wage full scale, conventional wars,” Grossman said.

Grossman pointed to the international inaction over challenging Washington’s Daesh stance which is giving more headway to the psychological warfare the American government has been pursuing to forward its own agenda.

“Certainly nobody is interested in asking how the ISIS phenomena can be legitimately used to justify bombing runs on a nation which is nothing if not committed to opposing that same phenomenon. Indeed, nobody is even asking how a strategy soundly exposed as counterproductive more than 40 years ago during the Vietnam War is now expected to destroy a contrived enemy rather than simply create new ones in order to keep the war industry and its lucrative funding for the political establishment rolling along.”

He concluded by saying that Obama will keep going with his current plan which is “to keep his critics thinking that there is actually a fightwhen, in reality, the game remains the same – that is to keep the region in a state of calculated chaos and insecurity which, while destroying traditional power networks, advances the interests of the usual suspects.”

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