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Open Rafah Now: Siege on Gaza is a Cruel and Political Failure


By Ramzy Baroud

When Egypt decided to open the Rafah border crossing which separates it from Gaza for two days, December 3 and 4, a sense of guarded relief was felt in the impoverished Strip. True, 48 hours were hardly enough for the tens of thousands of patients, students and other travelers to leave or return to Gaza, but the idea that a respite was on its way helped to break, albeit slightly, the sense of collective captivity felt by entrapped Palestinians.


Of course, the Rafah border crisis will hardly be resolved by a single transitory decision, mainly because Gaza is blockaded for political reasons, and only a sensible political strategy can end the suffering there or, at least, lessen its horrendous impact.


Palestinians speak angrily of an Israel siege on Gaza, a reality that cannot be countered by all the official Israeli hasbara and media distortions. In fact, not only is it far worse than a blockade as an economic restriction but it is a constant violent process aimed at brutalizing, and punishing a community of 1.9 million people. However, the Egyptian closure of the Rafah border crossing, which has contributed to the ‘success’ of the Israeli siege is rarely discussed within the same context: as a political decision first and foremost.


In a border-related agreement that was reportedly signed mid-November between Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas and Egypt’s Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, both sides seemed genial and unperturbed about the tragedy bubbling up north of the Egyptian border.


The ‘activities’ near Rafah were intended to “secure the border,” Sisi told Abbas, according to a statement issued by the Egyptian President’s officeThese activities “could never be meant to harm the Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip.”


The term ‘activities’ here is, of course, a reference to the demolishing of thousands of homes alongside the 12-kilometer border between Rafah in Gaza and Egypt, in addition to the destruction and flooding of hundreds of tunnels, which have served as Gaza’s main lifeline that sustained the Strip throughout the Israeli siege during most of the last decade.


Abbas, of course, has no qualms about the Egyptian action, the result of which has been the closure of the Rafah crossing for 300 days in 2015 alone, according to a new study originating in Gaza.


Last year, in an interview with Egypt’s Al-Akbar newspaper, Abbas said that the destruction of the tunnels was the best solution to prevent Gazans from using the smuggling business for their own benefits. He then spoke about 1,800 Gazans becoming millionaires as a result of the tunnel trade, although no corroboration for this specific number was ever divulged.


Of course, Abbas has rarely been concerned about the rising fortunes of the alleged ‘millionaires’, because his Authority, which subsists on international handouts, is rife with them. His grievance is with Hamas, which has been regulating tunnel trade and taxing merchants for the goods they import into the Strip. Not only were the tunnels a lifeline for Gaza’s economy, the underground business helped fill a void in Hamas’ own budget, a fact that has irked Abbas for years.


Following Hamas’ election victory in January 2006 and the bloody clash between the new Government and Abbas’s Fatah faction, Hamas has experienced immense pressure: Israel launched three massive and deadly wars, while maintaining a strict siege; Egypt ensured the near permanent closure of its border; and Abbas continued to pay the salaries for tens of thousands of his supporters in Gaza, on the condition that they did not join the Hamas Government.


Moreover, the so-called ‘Arab Spring’, the turmoil in Egypt and the war in Syria, in particular, lessened Hamas’ chances of escaping the financial stranglehold that made governing Gaza, broken by war and fatigued by the siege, nearly unviable.


While Israel, from the outset, explained that its siege was based on security requirements,Egypt eventually did the same, alleging that destroying the tunnels, demolishing homes and enlarging the buffer zone were necessary steps to stave off the flow of weapons from Gaza to Sinai’s militants who are responsible for deadly attacks on the Egyptian army.


Oddly, the Egyptian logic is the exact opposite of the Israeli logic, upon which the siege was justified in the first place. Israel claims that Gaza’s factions use the tunnels to smuggle weapons and explosives from Sinai, not the other way around.


Indeed, allegedly smuggling weapons from Gaza to Sinai has little to do with the closure of Rafah or even the destruction of the tunnels.


With American expertise and aid, Egypt began erecting a steel wall along the Gaza border as early as December 2009. This preceded the Egyptian revolution and the political chasm in that society which was followed by the militant chaos. Indeed, there was little violence in Sinai then, at least, not one blamed partly on Palestinians. The construction of the wall took place during the rule of Hosni Mubarak in order to accommodate Israeli-American pressure to contain Hamas and other fighting groups. Abbas, eager to see the demise of his rivals, was in agreement, as he remains until today, ever ready to entertain any ideas that would once more give rise to his Fatah party in the Strip.


The militant violence in Sinai did not usher in the siege on Gaza, but only hastened the demolishing of homes, destruction of tunnels and provided further justification for the permanent closure of the border.


Life in Gaza became impossible, to the extent that the UN Conference on Trade and Development released a report last September warning that Gaza could become ‘uninhabitable’ in less than five years, if current economic trends continue.


But these economic trends are the result of intentional policies, mostly centered at achieving political ends. Moreover, none of these ends have been achieved after nearly a decade of experimentation. True, many have died as they waited to receive proper medical care and thousands perished in war; many of the maimed cannot even acquire wheelchairs, let alone prosthetics, but neither has Israel managed to stop the Resistance, Egypt quell the rebellion in Sinai nor has Abbas regained his lost factional stronghold.


Yet, things are getting much worse for Gaza. The World Bank issued a report earlier this year stating that 43% of Gaza’s population are unemployed, and that unemployment among the youth has reached 60%. According to the report, these unemployment figures are the highest in the world.


Since the establishment of the border between Palestine and Egypt following an agreement in 1906 between the Ottoman Empire – which controlled Palestine then – and Britain, which controlled Egypt, never was the border subject to such deadly political calculations. In fact, between 1948 and 1967, when Gaza was under Egyptian control, the border was virtually non-existent as the Strip was administered as if a part of Egypt.


Although Gazans are still being referred to as ‘brothers’, there is nothing brotherly in the way they are being treated. 25,000 humanitarian cases are languishing in Gaza, waiting to be allowed access to treatment in Egypt or in other Arab and European countries. These ill Palestinians should not be used as political fodder in a turf war which is not of their making.


Moreover, while countries have the right to protect their sovereignty and security, they are obligated by international law not to collectively punish other nations, no matter the logic or the political context.


An agreement must be reached between the Government in Gaza and Egypt, with the help of regional powers and under the monitoring of the United Nations, to end Gaza’s perpetual suffering and open the border, once and for all.


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Palestine Can’t Wait!


By Ahmad Barqawi

Maybe we’ve just grown tired of the Palestinian cause; maybe Palestine has lost its “revolutionary” luster after the hellish season that was the “Arab Spring”, in favor of “nobler” and more urgent matters in the Arab World, like chasing the Houthis out of the Yemeni capital for instance or liberating Syria from the “Alawite” occupation, according to Government-Corporate Controlled (GCC) media that is.

Maybe it’s the fact that the Palestinian issue cannot be maneuvered into yet another frontline for the Sunni-vs-Shia conflict, or maybe we’ve just become so brand oriented and media-hyped that we constantly need a glittery tagline to identify every little event that occurs in the region, otherwise it’s forgotten or cast as an insignificance not-worthy of our already short-tempered attention, maybe it’s the fact that we’ve become so antipathetic towards anything that no longer has a face, a name or at least a catch phrase when we’re still wrapped up in a pointless debate on whether what is currently happening in Palestine qualifies a Third Intifada or not (and if you’re watching Western or GCC funded media: it’s no more than rising “tension” in the West Bank).

Brutal occupation, land confiscations, the carnages in Gaza, phosphorous bombs, blockades, generations of refugees, the settlers binge killing sprees of Palestinians; evidently we’re okay with it all. None of what happens in Palestine offends our slumbering conscience and human sensibilities which seem to awaken with fervent urgency the minute terrorism hits a Western capital for in moments of “blowback”, terrorism and counter-terrorism. Everything is relegated to triviality and irrelevance, and no one even dares mention the Israeli occupation of Palestine; that other decades-old brand of terrorism which manages to cloak itself as a mere “territorial dispute” between the Israelis and the decrepit Palestinian Authority.

In fact, if the Arab world has spoken, the message is loud, clear and unequivocal: “Palestine can wait”. And the Palestinians, whether living in the squalid rubbles of what used to be their homes in Gaza on a strict Israeli preset calorie allowance, or those disappeared into the black hole of indefinite detention and torture that is the Israeli prison system(IPS). Those in the IPS will have to stick it out in a wretched, terror-ridden existence till they get their own mainstream media headlines, 24/7 hour live coverage, hashtags or “safety checks” (as if the concept of safety is strictly reserved to and monopolized for the benefit of white European victims).

Nobody wants the people of Palestine to revolt, protest or even disturb the Israeli occupation with a mere stone’s throw at its unrelenting apparatus of death, torture and destruction; everyone wants (and expects of) the Palestinians to hopelessly cower behind the bullet-ridden walls of their overcrowded, half-demolished homes, heads down to their bellies and surrender themselves to a bleak reality of living as sub-humans, stripped off their most basic rights, under an apartheid regime where arbitrary arrests and summary executions are the orders of the day, unless, of course, they’re torched alive along with their loved ones in the safety of their own bedrooms by state-sponsored, swarming gangs of Zionist settlers.

Every time the hope-deprived Palestinians attempt to rise against the occupation, it is much to the bitter chagrin of the GCC club and its allies; for fear it might steal the “thunder” away from their unholy crusade against the people of Yemen and Syria, and manage to yet again expose the depths of their own hypocrisy and hyperbolic macho rhetoric that passes for foreign policy when it comes to Iran and the “Shiite threat”.

But the Palestinians are not ones to cower in submission, they rose up against their occupiers again just like they’ve done countless of times before” only this time armed with knives and screwdrivers of all things, which only speaks volumes about our own complicity and chronic state of apathy towards the Palestinians and their ongoing plight; the fact that the Palestinians had to resort to kitchen utensils to defend themselves against the disproportionate military might of Israel while only a few kilometers away all manners of sophisticated weapons and multi-million dollar bombs are being recklessly dropped by the “Arabs” themselves on the poorest civilian Arab population in Yemen is both a profound indictment and a glaring testament to the rotten state of affairs that the Arab world has sunk itself into.

Evidently the Arab World is just too busy with its own frivolous sectarian wars and internal bloodletting to bother with the “annoyance” that Palestine has become to some of its Arab brethren, the Arab World is too preoccupied with its own self-inflected cleansing of religious and ethnic minorities to even notice the decades-old, ongoing-still (albeit at an accelerating pace) ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their own homeland, and we’ve become too enamored with the notion of (re)partitioning the Arab world along sectarian frontlines to worry about the wholesale land annexation and systematic bantustanization of Palestine. I guess Mark Sykes and François Picot weren’t cynical (or in their case; optimistic) enough when they reworked the map of the region in 1916 into vying, hopelessly disconnected western spheres of influence.

For Arab Governments; the Israeli Occupation of Palestine was never a priority, and the sorry lot of Arab leaders and ruling politicians right from the years of Egypt’s Anwar Al Sadat onwards were never serious about challenging the Zionist colonial project, nonetheless paying a lip service to the Palestinian cause, which at least used to be a mainstay within Arab political discourse, if anything else but to get a tinge of legitimacy for themselves, and to pacify an emotionally charged Arab public that was still attached to the central issue that was Palestine at the time.

Alas, nowadays; Palestine is totally forgotten and deliberately sidelined, especially (and most lamentably) on a public level, for it doesn’t fit the strict sectarian brackets through which almost everything seems to be seen, dissected and understood in the region, it no longer fits our current post-Arab spring reality of chronic sub-divisions and religious fanaticism. Our priorities have been drastically reshuffled, altered beyond recognition and reconfigured to best suit the west’s parasitic agenda in our region, and Palestine was thus swiftly pushed down right to the very bottom of that list.

The word “Occupation” is no longer associated with Israel, today it is solely (and excessively) used in the misleading context of the so-called “Iranian influence in the Arab World”, which, for all intents and purposes, is but a direct reference to the centuries’ old presence of indigenous Shiite populations in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

Every little war and military misadventure in the Arab World is a “Holy War”, especially if it’s one that is (generously) funded by the GCC club; except for Palestine” it’s a peace process there, and an endless one at that; never mind the daily massacres, home demolitions and mass arrests which have all become fixed components of every Palestinian’s life, or the fact that Gaza has become one giant killing field and a testing ground for the latest in Israel’s arsenal of internationally banned weapons and chemical munitions, when it comes to Palestine; we’re all proponents of peaceful resolutions, passivity and none-violence.

Billions of dollars are being recklessly spent on the futile “Operation: Assad Must Go!” enterprise in Syria by the GCC; a fraction of which is more than capable of (literally) buying Palestinian lands’ as a way to freedom from the clutches of the Zionist settler colonial project; not to mention, god forbid, supporting the Palestinians in their struggle against the occupation instead of splurging on throat-slitting terrorist groups and organizations. Yet not a penny for Palestine.

The Zionist usurpation of Jerusalem Al Quds somehow does not even so much as tickle “Sunni” sentiments among Arabs and Muslims, and the now routine ransacking of Al Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest shrine, no longer triggers explosive “Sunni” hypersensitivities, let alone militancy, which seem to rage on only at the mere mention of Iran or the Shia sect.

The repeated invasions of refugee camps in the West Bank, the night raids into homes and the kidnapping of Palestinians from their beds and in their sleep, defacing mosques, the desecration of cemeteries, the illegal (albeit lucrative) trafficking of Palestinians’ organs” apparently none of that warrants so-called “Sunni solidarity”, while daily scenes of death, assault and point blank street executions of Palestinian schoolgirls and minors does nothing to shake our newfound “Sunni” moral high ground and obligation.
Only Syrian President Bashar Al Assad (and his entire religious sect) is deserving of our blind hatred and antagonism, along with the Houthis in Yemen, and way before them the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, while Israel’s Benyamin Netanyahu is viewed as the “lesser of the region’s many evils” if not an outright dependable ally; for now the conversion is complete and out in the open; the Zionist Israeli entity is not the enemy of the Arab World; it is Iran, or the Shiite threat, or a bizarre combination thereof” with Russian President Vladimir Putin being the latest arbitrary addition to the convoluted “Shiite crescent” against which we, as Arabs and Muslims, can (or are encouraged to) unleash our innermost militant hostility, unmitigated hatred and religious fervor with a Jihadi abandon to our hearts’ content, even if it meant blowing up a civilian airliner carrying tourists for the sole reason of them being Russians, or targeting a poor neighborhood whose residents just so happen to be of the “wrong” religious sect.

And now that the GCC-controlled Arabsat, the main satellite operator in the Arab World, has suspended the only news channels with half-decent coverage of the Palestinian issue from its broadcast, namely Al Mayadeen and Al Manar TV channels; you are forced to dig deep in the wretched morass of Arabic news websites and media outlets, and carefully wade through a cobweb of anti-Iran/anti-Shia sectarian screed and gutter entertainment journalism to find news even remotely related to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and once you do; it’s just pale and watered down versions of the devastating horrors inflected upon the Palestinians day in and day out by their Israeli captors, reported with a thinly veiled bias for the benefit of the Israeli narrative under the convenient pretext of “journalistic objectivity” at a time when Gulf-funded media coverage of events in Syria, Iraq and Yemen is nothing but sectarian, heavily skewed and laden with lies and fabrications to best suit their political agendas in these countries. If this is not normalization with Israel, I don’t know what is.

Who said that you have to have open embassies and ambassadors to have normalized relations? The Arab world at the moment is at the height of its normalization with Israel, be it politically, culturally, athletically and yes even militarily; the Zionist regime is, for all intents and purposes, fully recognized in the Arab world while work is afoot to delegitimize every single regime (Syria, Iran) and organization (Hizbollah) that opposes Israel.

After zealously stampeding all over Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, always leaving a scorched path of failed states and societies on the verge of sectarian fracture in its devastating wake; the GCC club’s newfound (albeit disingenuous and overtly sectarian) drive for so-called democracy and (Sunni) human rights stops dead right at the Israeli Occupation’s (illegally usurped) doorstep; while a handful of Arab countries are swiftly given the full “Operation: Regime Change” treatment in all its gory splendor courtesy of the GCC club and it’s western patrons, for Israel; it is decidedly “regime unchanged”… sustained, and unabashedly allied with.

Evidently Palestine can wait…until the Arab World is done with its endless wars, infighting and purification of minorities and “infidels”. Palestine, with all its martyrs, its displaced population (in and out of Israeli torture chambers), its malnourished people in Gaza, its burnt olive groves and its torched toddlers, its cities and towns, those razed and those on the verge of extinction courtesy of Israeli bulldozers, its vanishing historical landscape and disappearing heritage, can wait until the Arab world settles a 1,400 year-old religious score that has already turned the clock back on the entire region way past and beyond that point in our history.

The Palestinians are alone in this, as they have always been. Their current revolution (of kitchen knives) has so far been disavowed and misreported in a media that seems to only revere and lionize sectarian, head-chopping backward movements on GCC-funded, bought and paid for suicide missions to further dismantle the Arab World into feuding mini statelets only for the benefit of the imperial West and of course Israel.

You won’t hear any of those fiery Fatwas, religious sermons and “Calls to Jihadi-Arms” when it comes to Palestine. Evidently these Fatwas, essentially nothing more than an insidious recruitment ploy and an open casting call for aspiring terrorists to join in the fight against any “infidel” government that the chronically delusional GCC club deems “threatening”, are reserved solely to counter the imaginary “Shiite threat”… and now Russia as well.

You won’t see hordes of trigger-happy volunteer fighters, clad in black, flocking en mass, from all four corners of the earth over to Palestine to fight alongside a beleaguered population against an occupying power.

God forbid we see convoys of brand new Toyota matching trucks stretching as far as the eye can see, juggernauting their way through Israeli checkpoints, liberating Palestinian lands from (infidel?) illegal settlers whose only sport of choice is torching Palestinians, young and old, alive. Only endless convoys of bare-chested martyrs and shackled prisoners and underage detainees with defiant smiles on their faces in Palestine.

Left to their own primitive devices, the Palestinians won’t be showered with hundreds of millions of petro-dollars, weapons, munitions, rampant military aid and unbridled diplomatic support of the kind that has been thrown into the Al-Qaeda-run regime change enterprise in Syria. They, instead, are forced to rummage through their own kitchens, houses and streets for a rusty old knife, screwdriver or a block of rock to defend themselves at the likely risk- nay, the certainty- of being summarily executed, lynched and quartered amid manic chants of “Death to Arabs”; a gruesome fate which is not much different in any way shape or form from what awaits the entire Palestinian population living daily under Israeli occupation, where for the IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces, including settlers), it’s not even a policy “shoot first ask questions later”, it is “empty your shotgun’s magazine into the chests of Palestinian civilians first, curse, insult, stampede on and kick their blood-soaked motionless bodies to the curb later”.

In a way; the Palestinians are returning the countless of knives they’ve been backstabbed, front-stabbed and gutted with, time and again, by the so-called International community, western governments and (especially) Arab governments over the course of more than 67 years, right into the hearts of their own occupiers (assuming of course that the colonial, illegal settler entity that is Israel does indeed have a heart).

It is true that, for the Arab World, Palestine can always wait; but Palestine is no longer waiting for the Arabs to lend a helping hand.

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Teen shot by Nazi forces


Nazi forces stand at the scene of an alleged attack at Halhul checkpoint near Hebron, West Bank, Friday, Dec. 11, 2015, after troops shot and killed a Palestinian man who attempted to ram his car into Nazi security forces, military said.

The brother of a Palestinian teen who died in unclear circumstances in October was among three Palestinians — including one suspected attacker — killed by Nazi fire on Friday, authorities said.

The bloodshed is the latest in almost three months of near-daily anti-Nazi Palestinian INTIFADA.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said Oday Ersheid, 22, was killed by live fire in Hebron. His sister Dania died in October in a case cited by Amnesty International as a possible extrajudicial killing.

Nazi army said Ersheid died during a riot in which hundreds of Palestinians attacked forces by hurling stones and firebombs and rolling burning tires toward troops.

“I say to all the people, don’t cry,” Jihad Ersheid told local media after identifying his son’s body. “Pray, fast, and instead of crying, cry over our situation. The martyr is with God.”

Hundreds of mourners gathered Friday to bury Oday Ersheid next to his sister, Dania, who was killed in October after Nazi police said the 17-year-old pulled out a knife and screamed at Nazi army, who opened fire. Amnesty, citing unidentified witnesses, said she was shot as she raised her hands during a security check, yelling at border police that she did not have a knife.

Also Friday, the military said troops shot and killed a Palestinian man who attempted to ram his car into Nazi security forces near AL-KHALIL ‘Hebron’. The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the man as Issa Hroub, 55, from the nearby village of Deir Samet.

A third Palestinian died Friday in Gaza by Nazi troops, according to Gaza health officials. The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified him as Sami Madi, in his 30s.

Earlier, a Palestinian gunman opened fire at Nazi soldiers at a West Bank checkpoint before he was wounded and fled the scene, according to the Nazi defence ministry. There were no Nazi injured in the attack at the Gilboa crossing near Jenin, according to Nazi ministry spokeswoman Arielle Heffez.

In the central West Bank, Nazi arrested on Friday a Palestinian suspected of ramming his vehicle into a group of Nazi soldiers the previous day near the Nazi Jewish illegal settlement of Beit Arieh. The military identified the suspect as Mahmad Abd El Halim Abd El Hamid Salam. Gestapo ‘ Shin Bet intelligence agency’ said Salam is a member of Hamas from the West Bank village of Luban and that he admitted to carrying out the attack.

Since mid-September, Palestinians have killed 19 Nazi. At least 112 Palestinians have died by Nazi fire; 75 of them said by Nazi to be attackers while the others died in clashes with security forces.


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Sign petition to stop eviction HERE

This short video highlights the struggle of Nora Sub Laban and her family to stay in their home in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Israel plans to evict them as soon as 14 December from the house they’ve lived in since 1953, so it can be taken over by a group of Jewish settlers whose aim is to create a Jewish majority in occupied East Jerusalem.

Ali AbunimahThe family has already faced two attempts this year by Israeli occupation forces and settlers to remove them from their home, which is steps from Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque.

“The simple fact is that our house in particular is being targeted because it is the last Palestinian household left in the building and the neighborhood. If we are evicted, Ateret Cohanim will have a huge property [in the Muslim quarter] that is only inhabited by Israeli settlers,” Nora’s son Rafat Sub Laban told The Electronic Intifada in March, referring to one of the settler groups that is spearheading the takeover.

“This case sits within a context where hundreds of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are at risk of forced displacement due to settler activities” in Jerusalem, the United Nations special rapporteurs on the right to housing and the human rights of Palestinians wrote last April.

Unsurprisingly, Israel’s legal system, rigged to favor the settlers, has failed to protect the family’s tenure in the house.

The video was released by the Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) as part of the #StopNorasEviction campaign.

Almost 32,000 people have signed a petition calling on international agencies to pressure Israel to halt the eviction.

That may be the only hope, but time is running out.

“I’ve lived through my life watching my neighbors and family being slowly pushed out of the city,” Nora says in the video.

Now she and two generations of her family, including young children, face expulsion as well.



Nazi Gestapo killing Palestinian in cold blood

Israeli forces killing “in cold blood,” Palestinian families say

By: The Ugly Truth

idf 7

Ed-note (Sabba) – Killing Palestinians in cold blood…

Why not? What are Palestinians  for a people whose worst claim to fame is to be Prophets killers, as described in their very own Torah, as confirmed by the Messiah, Jesus (PBUH) in the New Testament, and as sealed once and for all by God thru His Last Prophet (PBUH) in the Last Testament?

If killing the Prophets of God in cold blood is kosher – and those were their jewish prophets – what is killing Palestinians (and Gentiles) in comparison?

Palestinians and the Gentiles must not be shocked at the unsurpassed savagery of satan’s chosen: what else can they expect from Prophets’ killers?

Sadly, the biggest mistake Palestinians (and most Gentiles) make in dealing with the oppressors is to fail to look at the root of their indescribable barbarity:  judaism.

One of the most fatal mistake Muslims and Christians make is to keep on believing that they know judaism better than the jews themselves, thus failing to see it and understand it as the jews see it and understand it.

What judaism should be is not relevant to the discussion and is none of our business.

What judaism is, what it has been for at least the past 2000 years is the issue they must deal with.

And judaism as we (should) know can be summed up in a few words: it is faith that orders the killing of the Prophets of God.

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