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Teen shot by Nazi forces


Nazi forces stand at the scene of an alleged attack at Halhul checkpoint near Hebron, West Bank, Friday, Dec. 11, 2015, after troops shot and killed a Palestinian man who attempted to ram his car into Nazi security forces, military said.

The brother of a Palestinian teen who died in unclear circumstances in October was among three Palestinians — including one suspected attacker — killed by Nazi fire on Friday, authorities said.

The bloodshed is the latest in almost three months of near-daily anti-Nazi Palestinian INTIFADA.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said Oday Ersheid, 22, was killed by live fire in Hebron. His sister Dania died in October in a case cited by Amnesty International as a possible extrajudicial killing.

Nazi army said Ersheid died during a riot in which hundreds of Palestinians attacked forces by hurling stones and firebombs and rolling burning tires toward troops.

“I say to all the people, don’t cry,” Jihad Ersheid told local media after identifying his son’s body. “Pray, fast, and instead of crying, cry over our situation. The martyr is with God.”

Hundreds of mourners gathered Friday to bury Oday Ersheid next to his sister, Dania, who was killed in October after Nazi police said the 17-year-old pulled out a knife and screamed at Nazi army, who opened fire. Amnesty, citing unidentified witnesses, said she was shot as she raised her hands during a security check, yelling at border police that she did not have a knife.

Also Friday, the military said troops shot and killed a Palestinian man who attempted to ram his car into Nazi security forces near AL-KHALIL ‘Hebron’. The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the man as Issa Hroub, 55, from the nearby village of Deir Samet.

A third Palestinian died Friday in Gaza by Nazi troops, according to Gaza health officials. The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified him as Sami Madi, in his 30s.

Earlier, a Palestinian gunman opened fire at Nazi soldiers at a West Bank checkpoint before he was wounded and fled the scene, according to the Nazi defence ministry. There were no Nazi injured in the attack at the Gilboa crossing near Jenin, according to Nazi ministry spokeswoman Arielle Heffez.

In the central West Bank, Nazi arrested on Friday a Palestinian suspected of ramming his vehicle into a group of Nazi soldiers the previous day near the Nazi Jewish illegal settlement of Beit Arieh. The military identified the suspect as Mahmad Abd El Halim Abd El Hamid Salam. Gestapo ‘ Shin Bet intelligence agency’ said Salam is a member of Hamas from the West Bank village of Luban and that he admitted to carrying out the attack.

Since mid-September, Palestinians have killed 19 Nazi. At least 112 Palestinians have died by Nazi fire; 75 of them said by Nazi to be attackers while the others died in clashes with security forces.


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