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Saudi Blogger’s Wife Accepts EU Sakharov Prize for Husband in Jail

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Ensaf Haidar

The wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi on Wednesday accepted the European Parliament’s prestigious Sakharov human rights prize on behalf of her husband, urging Arab countries to tolerate differing views.

Ensaf Haidar told the assembly that her husband, sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for insulting Islam, believed that “freedom of expression is like the air that we breathe.”

Parliament head Martin Schulz, presenting the prize, called on Saudi Zio-Wahhabi King Shalom “to grant mercy to Raif Badawi and without further ado release him and allow him to return to his family.”

Badawi is an internet activist who founded in 2006 a website named “The Free Saudi Liberal Network” to educate the Saudi community about its rights and duties and to criticize the religious power in the kingdom and its misinterpretation of the Islamic Law.

That was not acceptable to the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime who arrested him in 2012 on a charge of “insulting Islam through electronic channels” and brought to court on several charges, including apostasy.

In 2013, he was convicted on several charges and sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes. In 2014 his sentence was increased to 10 years in prison, 1000 lashes, and a fine.

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Saudi Curricula… That’s How They Created Savagery

Israa al-FassSaudi Schools

In his open message to the Islamic World in late 2014, Professor of Philosophy at the Sophia Antipolis University in Nice, France, Abdul Nour Bidar, wrote: “If you want to learn how not to produce a future as these monsters (ISIL), you should start reforming the entire education your children are receiving, as well as in all places of knowledge and within authorities. This is your only way not to produce such monsters.”

With his honest words to the Islamic World, Bidar, the Muslim French intellectual pointed the issue as it is. The problem lies within the “fanatic dark Wahhabi recession that is still causing corruption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a cancer that is born in your heart!”… The problem is in the education allowed and established by Wahhabism.

In 2014, the American website specialized in security affairs “Daily Paul” estimated the number of Saudi fighters with (ISIL) as 7000, ranking the first among fighters from other nationalities. And in the beginning of 2015, “Russia Today” website published a survey in which the Saudis occupied the second rank among the fighters of the organization.

In addition, the Saudi “al-Hayat” newspaper itself confessed in October of 2014 that the Saudi fighters conducted 60% of the suicide operations for (ISIL) in Iraq. Nearly in the same period, “al-Arabiya” channel also discussed, in one of its talk shows, the reasons “that make Saudis the most suicide bombers in Syria and Iraq.”

It was not only Syria and Iraq whose suicide bombers were Saudis; also bombs and armed attacks in al-Ahsa, al-Qatif and ad-Dammam, as well as Kuwait were conducted by Saudis. So how could Saudi Arabia manufacture terrorism?

The French intellectual says that the roots of terrorism lie within the education, in the curricula children are served and the Saudi generation is brought up upon. This also applies to the kids in the countries were Saudi schools are found as Washington, Jakarta, Rabat, Algeria, Madrid, Paris, Roma, Berlin, Bonn in Germany, Vienna, Moscow, as well as Istanbul, Ankara, Islam Abad, Karachi, New Delhi, Beijing and Djibouti. Britain and Ireland however decided to close such schools.

The problem of education started on the first day of drawing the kingdom’s education policy, in which it decided to reflect the official religious view adopted by the authority as it is considered the only teachable legal model, while all other schools of belief and jurisdiction are not acceptable and officially denied, their “deviation and heresies” must be fought as well.

In the 1960s, during the rule of Faisal Abdul Aziz, the power of Muslim Brotherhood increased in Saudi Arabia as the kingdom embraced them as part of its struggle with Egyptian President Jamal Abdul Nasser. The Brothers played a key role in developing the education and forming the programs of education, under the Wahhabi institution’s disability to play such role, according to the book “Time of Uprising… Contemporary Islamic Movements in Saudi Arabia,” by the French researcher in political sciences Stefan Lacroix, in which the Brotherhood’s Syrian Mohammad al-Mubarak had a major role in this, as well as the Egyptian Manna’ al-Qattan whose role was distinguished in issuing the educative policy in the kingdom, which is still available until the moment despite the 2003 “revisions”.

Following the September 11 attacks in 2001, a lot was written in both Arab and Western media on pressures exerted by the American Administration as it pushed to change the curricula of education, that were considered at the time the reason behind violence practiced in the name of religion. Saudi “al-Shark al-Awsat” newspaper wrote about it on February 3, 2003.

The newspaper reported a statement by Saudi Minister of Education at the time, Mohammad al-Rashid saying: “People say that the system of education is the reason behind the violent stances against other countries and religions, but this is not true. If this is true then all the Saudis who received such education would have participated in such acts.”

Yet the newspaper cited a response to him that included: “Saudi authorities revised all school books looking for any form of extremism, finding that 5% of the selected materials should be canceled,” but revising the curriculum of education was not serious as “the group that put the religious education system in the governmental schools is the same group that revised it… keeping the same content,” according to Saad Sharif’s study in the “al-Hijaz” magazine.

The image of forming the Takfiri mind in Saudi Arabia is clear upon looking into the book of monotheism adopted in its curriculum. It becomes clearer if you knew that the book itself, based on Mohammad Abdul Wahhab’s book of “Tawhid”, is being taught in the schools established by (ISIL) in some cities such as Aleppo and ar-Raqqa.

Saudi Historian Abdullah al-Shummari comments: “(ISIL) is spread in the countries dominated by the Salafist belief, the books of Ibn Taymiyya, Ibn al-Qayyem and Mohammad Abdul Wahhab, as well as the preachers of Najdism and Wahhabism, where it teaches this.”

The document of the “policy of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” confirms that the “education policy in Saudi Arabia is based upon the Islam of which the nation adopts in belief, worship, ethics, Sharia, rule, regime and comprehensive life system, and it is a main part of the state’s general policy,” Islam here strictly means Wahhabism.

The official document however stresses that “the religious sciences are basic in all primary, elementary and secondary education years, and the Islamic culture is a main material in all years of higher education.”

It also stresses the necessity to “direct whatever sciences and kinds of knowledge on the levels of curriculum, writing and teaching in an Islamic direction in dealing with its issues, judging its theories and the ways of investing it, to originate from Islam, in which they would be coordinated with the right Islamic thinking,” meaning Mohammad Abdul Wahhab’s thought, who charges all other Islamic groups with infidelity, excluding them from Islam. And he is the one meant in the expression of “developing the sense of loyalty… in denying all regimes or principles that oppose this Sharia.”

The Saudi document stresses that “fighting for the sake of Allah is an accurate duty and a followed Sunna; it is an existing necessity that will stay until the day of resurrection.” It also adds that among its goals is to “awake the spirit of Islamic jihad in fighting our enemies… and performing the duty of the message of Islam.”

How do the curricula of education in the kingdom draw the image of the enemy? And how do they identify the path of “jihad” against him, that leads to killing Muslims under the banner of atheism and Takfir, creating excuses for being absent from fighting occupation and arrogance under the claim of “obeying the ruler”?

“Our curricula produced terrorists who blew themselves up”


Mohammad al-Abdallah al-Faisal bin Abdul Aziz confessed to al-Arabiya channel in 2008.

Despite this confession in which he wanted to get engaged in the American flow that is calling for “reforming” the Saudi curricula in the kingdom, the Saudi Prince, who worked in the Saudi Ministry of Education until 1983, said: “One day, I went to the Minister of Education Sheikh Hassan Al Sheikh, I told him that the religious books in which we are teaching are the books of Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab, we shouldn’t change their content, but we should change their tone.”

The content that produced terrorists in the kingdom were not changed. Indeed, the tone only has changed; therefore, the content that produced 15 suicide bombers among 19 Saudis who participated in the September 11 attacks of 2001, is the same one that produced fighters and suicide bombers who got engaged with “ISIL”, al-Qaeda and similar organizations.

How did the kingdom’s curricula view the enemy? How did they identify the path of “fighting him”, leading them to kill Muslims under the title of atheism and infidelity, and justifying their absence from fighting occupation and arrogance under the pretext of “obeying the ruler”?

The Saudi Ministry of Education prints the books of “Tawhid” on its expense and distribute them for free, similar to all school books. The book’s name, as its content, is derived from the book of “Tawhid” written by Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab. It starts from the issue of “Tawhid” (monotheism), that opens the door to concepts such as atheism and considering the other as infidel, to reach loyalty and renouncing, as well as obeying the ruler. According to the proposed contents, it is clear that “Tawhid” identified to fit Wahhabis, pushed to considering all other Muslim sects as infidels and atheists, the same as considering other divine religions. This makes loyalty to this kind of “Tawhid” a duty, as well as the renounce that is accompanied with hatred toward all other Muslim groups, and people of other religions, integral to their belief.

In the early years of the elementary education, the Saudi child is brought upon some expressions like “atheist, infidel and heresiarch. In the book of “Tawhid” applied in 2005-2006, the child who is less than 7 years old learns that “Islam’s alienation” is revealed in “several reflections such as: the many heresies and polytheism such as the domes, shrines and tombs… as well as sanctifying individuals whether alive or dead,” noting that this denied sanctification will be imposed on the student in the coming years, on the condition of practicing it only towards “the ruler.”

In the book of the third elementary grade (page 22), religious curricula describe the Muslim’s celebrating “al-Israa’ wal Mi’raj” (the Ascension) as a heresy: “just like the heresy of celebrating the Night of Ascension and the Mother’s Day,” which suits the Wahhabi forbiddance to celebrate Prophet Mohammad’s birth.

Destroying Tombs… the Major Atheism

“Tawhid” courses focus on the issue of tombs, considering that constructing domes over the tombs of the pious people is a “heresy” that proves atheism and infidelity, as well as considering the act of worshipping Allah beside these tombs an act that excludes the person from the sect, and that approaching Allah through asking intercession from those dead pious people is something that contradicts with religion. The religious curricula stress that it is necessary to confront such “heresies.”

The book of third grade of 2014-2015 shows pictures of Muslims visiting some sacred tombs, considering it an act of atheism.

In addition, the sixth grade book of 2007-2008 mentions that: “Asking intercession from… those in the tombs by praying through them and asking intercession is invalid and is an act of atheism.”

Besides, the book of the first intermediary class of 2007-2008 (page 52) says: Among those who do not benefit from saying “There is no god but Allah”, are the people who worship Allah but don’t believe that worshipping the tombs is invalid.” In clear contradiction with the Prophet’s saying, this is agreed upon by Muslims: “The blood and money of he who said there is no god but Allah are protected, except his duty and being called to account by Allah.” Worshipping tombs, according to what is understood, is sanctifying the buried people in these tombs and visiting them, this is clear in the second intermediary book of 2007-2008 (page 28): “Worshipping Allah beside a tomb of a pious man is a mean to the greatest atheism,” which excludes the person from Islam, and permits killing him and taking his money according to the third secondary class book (page 16).

The latter book stresses on page 127 that: “what is clear atheism is roaming beside the tombs to approach those who are buried in them, as well as offering sacrifices and vows, praying and seeking relief from them.”

This is how education according to Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab’s “Tawhid” curriculum became a sort of education that is full of war against the beliefs of others, rather than purifying oneself, it looks in the other’s beliefs for what it considers heresies and misguidance, considering the integrity of its belief is achieved by chasing what it sees as others’ faults of belief. Such thought leads this group to launch wars against them, mastering the identification of heresies upon inventing their way to play on words, in which they destroy rather than constructing and get rid of the others as a way to atone for their guilt instead of getting themselves rid of troubles for the sake of others.

Such brutal texts that generations of Saudis were brought upon explain burning and destroying the sacred tombs, by those who adopt the same beliefs, and whom thousands of Saudis engaged with after being prepared by the Saudi schools. In Mosul, this group tended to destroy the tomb of Prophet Youness (PBUH) and some other tombs. In Libya as well, the same group destroyed a Sufi tomb of Sidi Mohammad al-Andalusi in the summer of 2013, noting that it dates back to the 15th century. The same year, Takfiri groups in Syria destroyed the Ma’loula Church and the Aramaic Institute, stealing their components.

Also in 2013, the tomb of the Pious Sa’sa’a bin Sawhan in Bahrain had been destroyed. And this year, Saudi forces targeted the historical mosques in Sana’a, including the historical tomb of Imam Al-Hadi ila’l-Haqq Yahya, following the destruction of Martyr Hussein al-Houthi’s tomb in its war on Yemen.

Among what he has written regarding the religious curricula in Saudi Arabia, Sudanese researcher Babiker Faisal Babiker says: “This means that hundreds of million Muslims in the world… their scholars are misguiding, and it is not allowed to visit them or sit with them, which devotes the concept of arrogance and seclusion leading at the end of the day to using violence against them.”

Babiker stops at the story of killing Khaled al-Qasri for Ja’ad bin Dirham mentioned in the Saudi books, according to his research: “He killed him in the mosque on the day of Adha, after lecturing: O people! Sacrifice, may Allah accept your sacrifices, and I am sacrificing Ja’ad bin Dirham… then he descended and killed him on the platform.” Babiker says: “This is of which the echoes we have witnessed in the terrifying slaughtering scenes conducted by al-Qaeda and Abo Mas’ab al-Zarkawi in Iraq.” He further wonders: “Is it right to teach students executing their rivals through killing and slaughtering?”

The story of Khaled al-Qasri is not a historic story anymore; it has been altered by the Saudi religious curricula to a guiding model, which is measured upon and educated, which was clear in the slaughtering crimes that were conducted in Iraq, Syria and Niger under the slogan: “We came to slaughter.”


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Pakistan Police Uncover Women-Led ISIL Fundraising Network



Police in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi said Monday they were hunting a network of women from well-off families acting as fundraisers for the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi ‘ISIL’ group, highlighting its growing appeal among the country’s middle classes.

Raja Umar Khattab, chief of the Counter Terrorism Department of Sindh province, said the hunt was launched after police arrested the suspected financier of a gun attack on a bus that left 44 people dead in May.

The attack on the bus was the first inside Pakistan officially claimed by Saudi Zio-Wahhabi ‘ISIL’, which has proclaimed a “caliphate” over territory it has seized in Iraq and Syria and is seeking to expand its global reach.

Khattab said the suspect, whom he named as Adil Masood Butt and who was arrested last week, confessed to police that his wife had established a religious organization in the city called ‘Al Zikra Academy’.

“The academy has no organizational structure or offices,” Khattab told AFP.

“A group of 20 women, all from well-off families, distributed USBs (computer memory sticks) containing ‘ISIL’ videos, and also preached in support of terror organizations. They also arranged marriages among the group’s followers,” he added.

He said the group collected funds for terrorists in the name of “Islamic” charity which were later handed over to the accused.

“The wife and mother-in-law of the main suspect of the carnage, Saad Aziz, were also part of the network,” he added.

Aziz, a graduate of one of the country’s top business schools, was blamed by police for both the massacre and the shooting of peace activist Sabeen Mahmud in April. He was arrested in May.

Khattab said efforts were being made to track and arrest the women.

For over a decade Pakistan has been waging a war against homegrown extremist fighters that has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of civilians.

The fighting has been led mainly by Al-Qaeda, the Pakistani Taliban and its affiliates, though there are signs that the appeal of ‘ISIL’ is growing among the affluent and educated classes who are motivated more by the idea of global jihad than local causes.

Islamabad denies ‘ISIL’ is a major threat, though the police chief of Sindh province, of which Karachi is the capital, told a parliamentary standing committee in October that ‘ISIL’ was behind the bus attack and that 14 people had been arrested for alleged links to the group.

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Hezbollah Holds Massive Funeral for Kuntar in Dahieh: Nazi regime to Pay Price

FuneralHezbollah held on Monday a massive funeral for the Dean of the Liberated detainees in Nazi camp martyr Samir Kuntar who embraced martyrdom in the Nazi air raid on Syria’s city of Jaramana, in the southern suburb of Beirut.

The head of Hezbollah Executive Council, Sayyed Hashem Safieddine, led the funeral prayers shared by a number of the party’s commanders and MPs at Hawraa Zainab Paradise in the area of Ghobiery where martyr Kuntar was laid to rest.

Sayyed Safieddine delivered a speech in which his eminence asserted that the Nazi regime enemy will pay the price of its crime, hailing the sublime traits that characterized martyr Samir Kuntar throughout his life in its various domains.

Nazi warplanes raided a residential building in the Syrian city of Jaramana late Saturday, killing martyr Kuntar.

Al-Manar sources said the Nazi war planes struck the building with four long-range missiles, causing complete destruction of the building and partial damage to the surrounding structures.

Martyr Kuntar was detained by illegal Nazi occupation regime in 1979, at the age of 16, for his involvement in a heroic operation against Zionists. He was released along with four other Lebanese prisoners in a 2008 swap deal with Hezbollah in exchange for the bodies of two Nazi soldiers killed during the 2006 war.

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Putin Has Proof Princess Diana Was Killed By British Royal Family


by Baxter Dmitry 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a call-to-action to the people of Britain, saying that following the murder of their beloved Princess Diana 18 years ago, the country must prosecute the Royal family after conclusive proof has emerged that they were responsible for her assassination.

During a solemn Christmas luncheon at the Kremlin, Putin accused Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles of arranging the murder of Princess Diana via MI6 agents in Paris. He says that after speaking with Elton John on the telephone last month, he was privy to irrefutable evidence that the royal family had blood on their hands.

WATCH: Banned Princess Diana Documentary ‘Unlawful Killing’

During an informal and reflective speech, Putin told a select group of colleagues and esteemed state-approved journalists that Diana’s brutal assassination brought him unfathomably to tears at the time in 1997, and that he knew deep down that her death was due to foul-play.

Putin, who vows to destroy the Illuminati in 2016, said that the late great Princess Diana was a thorn in the side of the corrupt British establishment, and served as a constant threat to their existence due to the fact she knew way too much about what the illuminati had in store for humanity.

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The PLO called on the Nazi government to take the hand of the Jerusalem


The PLO called on the Nazi regime  to take the hand of the Jerusalem occupation municipality off the Al-Aksa Mosque and its premises.

Jews gather to pray at the Western Wall during Succot

Zionist gather to pray at the Western Wall during Succot.

The PLO announced on Saturday its opposition to Nazi plans to build Jewish installations at the Western Wall plaza in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Referring to the Western Wall by its Arabic name, Ha’it al-Buraq, the PLO Executive Committee warned that building Jewish installations at the plaza would constitute a flagrant assault on Islamic religious sites and its status among Palestinians and Arab and Muslim peoples.The PLO ’s announcement, which came following a meeting in Ramallah chaired by Mahmoud Ab-A$$, was made in response to a plan to build a center called Beit Haliba.

The center, which has been promoted by the Western Wall ‘Heritage’ Foundation and Western Wall administrator Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, will include offices, a museum and an educational center. The plan was recently approved by the Jerusalem Municipality.

The PLO warned that the approval of the plan to build the center would have dangerous repercussions and undermine prospects of moving forward with any political settlement to the Zionist-Palestinian conflict.

The PLO called on the Nazi regime to take the hand of the Jerusalem occupation municipality off the Aksa Mosque and its premises.

The PLO meeting was held to discuss ways of implementing previous decisions by various Palestinian bodies to revise the PA ’s security, economic and political relations with the Nazi regime. The PLO leaders entrusted a political committee with putting in place mechanisms to define the Palestinians’ relations with the Nazi regime.

They also repeated their charges that Nazi regime is carrying out summary executions and imposing collective punishment against Palestinians.

The PLO leaders also condemned house demolitions and arrests of Palestinians in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, and accused Nazi regime of destroying the two-state solution and consolidating the status quo by creating a detestable apartheid system.

The PLO called for dispatching a commission of inquiry to the Palestinian territories to investigate Nazi regime war crimes against Palestinians.

” Combating and defeating all forms of terrorism, regionally and internationally, requires ending Nazi occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital on the 1967 borders,” the PLO said in a statement.

“The continuation of the occupation feeds all forms of extremism and violence in the region and the world.”

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Deportations from Jerusalem…and travel-ban decisions

JerusalemNazi occupation authorities called one woman and three young Jerusalemite men to go to Sal-Maskobyeh police center in West Jerusalem and handed them “deportation and “travel-bans” orders.Deportation from the city of Jerusalem

Deportation orders were issued against 18-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Obada Najib and 24-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Mohammad Abdel Baset Mufalfel (Razem). The orders were signed by the Nazi Commander of Internal Region “Yoyel Satrik” according to articles 6, 108 and 109 under the Nazi emergency law of 1945 and for the importance to protect the state and the population’s safety as well as public order. Maps were attached to the orders showing the areas where they are not allowed to be.

The deportation order against Mufalfel is from 14/12/2015 until 13/3/2016 (3 months).

Mufalfel is a freed prisoner from illegally occupied Silwan. He is married and has an 11-month baby. He was previously arrested twice; in 2010 for one week and was under house-arrest for 21 months, and in 2012 for 6 months. He was also isolated from Al-Aqsa Mosque four times in which the last isolation was over just last week.

Travel ban

Travel-ban orders were issued against Hanadi Halawani and Akram Shurafa. They were handed the orders after requesting them for interrogation. The orders were issued following an order from the Nazi Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior according to article 6 of the state’s emergency law of 1948.

According to the order, they are banned from travelling abroad until 12/1/2016 and the Nazi authorities will check the possibility of extending the ban for 6 months.

The authorities claimed in their decision that Halawani and Shurafa have a relationship with Hamas activists and travelling abroad could support activities with security concerns and might pose threat to the state’s security.

It is noteworthy that Shurafa had a previous travel-ban order that was over on 30/11/2015 and was renewed on Tuesday; the occupation authorities also have banned Shurafa from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque since two years.


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Nazi army bulldozers demolish a residential house in Sheikh Jarrah

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Nazi Occupation’s bulldozers demolish a residential house in Sheikh Jarrah and displace six Jerusalemites ‘

Nazi occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Wednesday morning a residential house owned by Diab family in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit.Joint crews of Nazi municipality employees and Nazi police raided the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah and surround the house of Diab family and evacuated the residents by force; they did not allow them to take their furniture and personal belongings outside the house.Diab family explained that the house if owned by Ibrahim Diab where his daughter Dina and her five children (oldest is 15 and youngest is 2) currently live.Dina Diab explained that the house has been established for many years and she renovated parts of it three years ago to live in it with her family but the occupation demolished it on Wednesday and swept the lands around it; they also damaged most of the furniture.Diab pointed out that the house is 85 square meters and consists of two rooms and their facilities.هدم امراة

هدم الشيخ جراح

تجريف الارض

الشيخ جراح 3

الشيخ جرح 2



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Nazi occupation forces arrest five children and one young man


JerusalemNazi occupation forces arrested on Thursday six Jerusalemites.Amjad Abu Asab, head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners’ families’ committee, explained that the Nazi forces arrested two children from the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

The forces also arrested Khalil Jamjoom from his workplace in Ashdod; he is a resident of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Nazi forces arrested the 13-year old Mohammad Abu Qalbein while heading to his school in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan.

Also, the forces arrested two children on Thursday afternoon from Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan.


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Secret Messages Used by ”ISIS” to Recruit School Kids

Secret Messages Used by ISIS to Recruit School Kids + PICS
Secret Messages Used by ISIS to Recruit School Kids
Brit Omar Hussain, a known ISIS recruiter in Syria, has urged youngsters to hate all ‘non-believers’, using an encrypted messaging app to groom school kids into joining him in Raqqa.

Brit, who used to work as a security guard at Morrisons’ supermarket in Buckinghamshire, has posted sick pictures of his cat napping in a bomb belt and beside a grenade.

The grey cat, who has been named Lucy, is pictured curled up inside a black belt, eyes open and looking directly at the camera.

Interspersed between the propaganda shots, are the British terrorist’s blog articles and advice for people wanting to join the ISIS.

He has also linked to a disturbing report that instructs fanatics on ‘safety and security’ for carrying out lone wolf attacks.

Brit, 28, who was been linked to a man convicted of a plan to behead someone on Remembrance Day, has shared numerous photos of his life in Raqqa.

In one article entitled ‘Hating the Kuffar’, which concerns non-muslims, he says that even if they are kind, they must be hated because liking them is ‘selfish’.

‘So the ‘kind’ neighbor, the colleague at work, your boss, your son’s school teacher, the postman, the bus driver, the cashier at the supermarket, that random woman who takes her dog out for a walk every morning to the park… all such people must be hated.

‘Their profession or their status in society has no role to play nor does it affect anything.

‘A kāfir is a kāfir, period.’

He also lists a female recruiter for ‘sisters’ who want to travel to Syria.

Despite Telegram shutting down 78 ISIS related accounts in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, recruiters are still using the app to groom youngsters and spread ISIS propaganda, Dailymail reported.


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