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The inevitable fall from grace of Paul Joseph Watson


Written by. Cat Alexander Ferris

PJW Article

Many of us that have come to even the most superficial awakening, have at some point, either listened to or supported Alex Jones and Infowars. At the beginning, one can find great information that has been gathered by the staff, but within the last few years, we have seen a slide from being an “alternative media” outlet, to actually promoting a narrative, that is obviously one that benefits only a small group. Even within the “Alternative media field” one can see the divide that has only become so much more obvious. Paul Joseph Watson is an editor for Infowars and PrisonPlanet, someone who had shown an incredible talent for research and a capacity to see through the trees, or so I thought.


I must admit, part of the reason I’m writing, this is because I once held PJW in such high esteem and felt he might be the key to keeping AJ and Infowars, at least somewhat balanced. Mr. Watson had actually made a small update called “Did Israel collude with ISIS” during the 2014 genocide of Gaza, where he identified not only “israel’s” destruction of Gaza, but that “israel” is actually supplying logistical support for Al nursra and other “compartmentalized Jihadist”. Which was a great sign, but it seems as if he has moved far away from this fact. People that would never have had the capacity to cause so much chaos, if it wasn’t for the west funding and supplying “compartmentalized Jihadists” for the better part of the last 100 years. Again this is something Mr. Watson is, I’m sure, well aware of, yet he has now consistently put forward a narrative, that is not only based on limited conclusions, but by people who have shown themselves to be illegitimate.

Infowars’ Paul Watson Goes Full Sean Hannity on Islam


Recently Infowars and PJW had Tommy Robinson from the EDL (english defense league), a group infamous for its rhetoric against Muslims/immigrants and a “leader” who can only be referred to as a lackey. Although everyone does have the right to free expression, its interesting that PJW and Infowars have become so comfortable with people like this and laid the red carpet out for them. Again its one thing for Journalists to interview and interact with many people who are considered controversial, but it’s another thing to have them on as almost a personal guest. Its become very clear that AJ and PJW have adopted the narrative, not so different from the one that was spit by mainstream media, on 911. Paul Has forgotten to mention, that for the better part of 9 decades, the west has continually financed those who would be the most beneficial, within regime change in Eurasia. By doing so, this would guarantee that no Middle Eastern leader or nation, would ever rise that would rival the US and the “Orders” geopolitical hegemony.


Emir Faisal’s party at Versailles, during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. At the centre, from left to right: Rustum Haidar, Nuri as-Said, Prince Faisal, Captain Pisani (behind Faisal) T. E. Lawrence (known as “Lawrence of Arabia”), Faisal’s assistant (name unknown), Captain Tahsin Qadri.


The “West” in its failed foreign policy are an integral part of why “radical Islam” has become the number one asset in these regions and for the most part, is a major reason we see such backlash. This narrative also plays beneficial for those in “Israel”, who continue to carry out their own demented form of manifest destiny on the Palestinian population, but most importantly the IOFs attacks against Palestinian children and Journalists. I have yet to hear Paul bring this issue up when dealing with those who are in his inner circle, he has failed time and time again to report the situation of Free Press, inside Occupied Palestine and with his recent posts, has used “Think Tanks” like “PEW” (PEW is a think tank that is used heavily by Hasbara drones to justify their pound of flesh) to prove his narrative. That Islam and a huge majority of its population, somehow support indecency, destruction and decay. Something Vittorio Arrigoni was well aware of, that Gaza and much of the Muslim world will not start to totally liberalize itself, while being physically destroyed and that it would come organically once Occupation has ended.


Although Gaza and indeed Occupied Palestine, women are allowed to drift race, take part in parkour, and all the other things you would associate with “liberal” humanity. Without mentioning Palestinian Christians who are simply thrown in with the boogeyman and left to the mercy of ignorant conclusions about the Middle east and its people. PJW has also spent a great amount of time ridiculing feminists and Black lives matters, which is fine to challenge them, but to make it the corner-stone of your research and social media “resistance” is a waste of talent. We have seen PJW throw on wigs and pretend to be a comedian, when in reality, those issues are more political football than real “professional” research or topics.

“Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Strategic Communication” September 2004


hy has Islam become the enemy for PJW and Infowars and I’ve heard the qualifying comments that are used by these men, “not all Muslims are bad” “but” and then go ahead and begin to label off things they have no knowledge about. I’m sure PJW has never attempted to go into a mosque and a have a dialogue, I highly doubt he has sat and read the Quran in its entirety. Limited conclusions based on minds that have had personal experiences they felt were negative. They are kinda like the people traveling the world, who base their whole conclusion of a nation and people, because they had a bad personal experience there, while others rave and cheer about it. Old Tommy boy over at the EDL doesn’t like the fact, that his town is being “taken over”, imagine how the people in Gaza and Syria feel. That his government is guilty of creating and nurturing “radical Islam” that has laid to waste Muslims, Christians and Jews all over Eurasia.


Another important fact is that Iran, an Islāmic nation has about 30,000 Jews living under the same relative rights as Muslims and Christians. 972 magazine did an article called; “With tens of thousands of jews living in Iran, why is bibi calling their rulers nazis?”, something I highly doubt PJW or the EDL will likely share, that’s without mentioning the reaction by Muslim brothers when they discovered the western agent Choudary trying to attend their mosque. Actually many of the videos and links that are used by PJW and the EDL to de-legitimize Muslims, are actually the work of Choudary, someone who has found himself alone, with a rather small following. When you think that there is roughly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, Muslims often condemn Choudary and he has also been condemned by many Muslims in the world as a heretic.

Infowars’ Paul Watson Goes Full Sean Hannity on Islam

Many of those who claim themselves now an “authority“, have forgotten one very important fact, that no man or woman is above scrutiny and if they think that they can silence the accuser, by ridiculing the accuser or by censoring them; “they will find that there will be more accusers than there is now, those I have tried to restrain, they will be younger and more severe with you and you will be more offended by them, the greatest way is to be improving yourselves not destroying whole populations.”

At Infowars, Editor-At Large Paul Joseph Watson claimed that Ahmed’s story gained attention because of the “trendy” fact that the student is Muslim and called the notion that Ahmed’s race or religion played a factor in his treatment “completely bogus”:

14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed built a clock to impress his teacher but ended up in handcuffs after police were called over concerns the object resembled a bomb.

The leftist media and social justice warrior ‘virtue signalers’ immediately leapt on the story to claim that Mohamed was targeted because he was a Muslim (and not because his “clock” looked nothing like a clock and more closely resembled a bomb in a briefcase).

Never wasting an opportunity to ingratiate himself with the politically correct crowd, Obama reached out to Ahmed and invited him to visit the White House.

The notion that white kids wouldn’t be treated the same way and that Ahmed was only targeted because of his skin color or religion is completely bogus.

Innumerable non-Muslim kids have been disciplined, suspended and even SWAT-teamed for objects far less concerning than Ahmed’s clock.

To the left, defending American kids who are persecuted for wearing Old Glory just isn’t trendy enough, but if a Muslim called Mohamed gets in trouble for bringing something that resembles a bomb to school, liberals are falling over themselves to worship him.[, 9/17/15]

[PDF] Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on …

Federation of American Scientists Filed under Strategic Communication. September 2004. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense. For Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics. Washington, D.C. 20301-3140 …

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Controlled Opposition: Alex Jones, Trump and the Zio alternative media Narrative



Hysteria, where? Hysteria everywhere, how quickly and easily can the boogeyman be created, how men like Donald Trump try to capitalize on those fears. When people like Alex Jones and Infowars throw their support behind Trump, another establishment mouth piece, one has to start to question their narrative. At the same time, men like Mark Dankof openly throw their support behind people like Ken O’keffe, someone far different, who is a legitimate solider and leader. We can see just by men’s actions where they stand and those who continue to stand on the side of humanity, even though they could sell out for the big bucks, are truly on are side, humanities side.


In this authors opinion Mr. O’keffe has shown , on many different platforms, just how clear he is on the subject of the geopolitical landscape, which plagues us today. So clear that sometimes I feel like the words have been taken right from my mouth, O’keffe a veteran of the “world orders” wars and a man who has seen first hand the destruction and suffering the west has caused much of the world. The consequences of those actions, have unequivocally shown to cause dire problems only years later. The policy that we have seen from the Order has been one of total decay and destruction, yet we continue to see candidates that are less suited for real diplomacy and more for some dystopian novel, fictional tyrannical character.


Going even further, the reporting of these facts have been manipulated by the same “5th estate” Alternative media, who now play an integral role, in how information is shared and used as resistance. Much of the critics within the alternative liberty field, those who have come to very limited conclusions on Islam, and so called “radical Islam”, something they will admit was fostered right from the beginning by the west and her proxies, yet not base their perspectives on this understanding.


They quote the same “think tanks” that at one time they pointed to as being those responsible for most of what we see today. Alex Jones has actually expressed kind feelings towards men like Ted Cruz, someone who has spent more time campaigning in “israel” than in the US. Someone who is heavily influenced by “israel”, someone people like AJ have consistently failed to condemn or for that matter even relate.

It was these “compartmentalized Jihadists” groups that were nurtured and specifically used for not only regime change, but also for the isolation of the soviet empire, something which has now sprouted new wings with the downing of a Russian Fighter Jet by Turkish forces representing NATO, another cold war perhaps? Although there is much discourse within the liberty movement about Putin and Russia’s role in the world, that is changing second by second, day by day and is truly fought on the ground and through every platform imaginable.


We have seen legitimate resistance thrown into the same pile by some who are claiming to be apart of Alternative Liberty Media and when things start to look there worst, that’s when the truth comes out, the real wolf in sheep’s clothing shows itself, by its actions not its words. Like most cultures when they come to the west, they usually keep some of their customs and what we often see are “little cities” that pop up inside major places of population, where one can find easily those things that are common with that culture or faith.


Many of those within the “Alternative media” have pointed to places in America and Europe that have a higher number of Muslims residing there and used clips of normal Muslims going about their days as proof of a total Sharia Law take over, a concept that many are unclear on, or have perverted for their own political gains, nefarious motives.

In my time around the Muslim community, not once have I ever seen any muslim tell others how to dress or act and although one can’t deny that there are people who are not ambassadors for the faith who act this way, people will use these limited actions as justification for whatever narrative they wish to spin, that which makes the most dollars or drops the most bombs. We are now witnessing the mass hysteria that was fostered not only by the mainstream media but those who allegedly claim to be apart of the alternative “liberty media” and one would suggest that for those truly looking for the truth, that they look at the narrative and where it comes from and who it comes from.


“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a truly sick society”

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Nazi Soldiers laugh while commanding military trained attack dog to Bite a 16 year old Palestinian boy


The Truther

IDF Soldiers laugh while commanding military trained attack dog to Bite a 16 year old Palestinian boy. Animal rights group calls on international community to Stop the import of “Attack Dogs” to Israel

A video showing Israeli defense force solders laughing while commanding a military trained German Sheppard  to attack a 16-year-old Palestinian boy has sparked outrage, and  an animal rights group has called on the international community to pressure the Dutch national government to halt the sale of “attack dogs” to Israel.

A video leaked in December apparently shows IDF soldiers laughing while commanding trained attack dogs to attack and “bite” a Palestinian teenager. The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack, while Israel’s chief military prosecutor reportedly ordered an investigation into the incident.

Zionist Michael Ben Ari

The video which went viral after former ultra Nazi nationalist Knesset member and Israeli politician Michael Ben-Ari shared it to his Facebook page with the caption: “The soldiers taught the little terrorist a lesson.” He then asked his followers to spread the video so that “every little terrorist who plans to harm our soldiers learns the price.“  The video was removed, but not before it was copied and shared on the internet.

According to the Palestinian WAFA news agency  the attack originally took place on December 23, 2014 in a ‘buffer zone’ 10 kilometers north of Hebron, between Beit Ummar, a town in the southern part of the West Bank, and a nearby Israeli settlement Karmei Tzur. An Israeli settlement site which has been a point of contention ever since it was built on land illegally confiscated from the Palestinian residents in 1984.

The footage shows 16-year old Hamzeh Abu Hashem crying out as Israeli forces command a K9 to repeatedly attack him. At a point in the video even the dog becomes apprehensive, showing more compassion for life then the IDF, as an Israeli ‘defense solider can be seen holding  the boy while another unidentified man can be heard saying, “Who’s a chicken, eh? Who’s a chicken? Great. Very good.” then the unidentified man can be heard telling the dog to“GET HIM” & “BITE HIM”.

Translations by


Full Length Video. 



A senior officer serving in the territories said that the soldiers were engaged in a pre-approved ambush to catch firebomb throwers. He asserted that sending the dog was justified, and that it was a “measured step with a low risk of causing irreparable harm relative to shooting.” He said the unit’s behavior thereafter was unacceptable. The officer, who like others spoke to eyewitnesses, said he believed the off-camera voice belonged to a soldier, and that the army would take steps to discipline him .
The army announced it would investigate the incident in wake of the video’s release. According to human rights Reporter B’tselem, the soldiers had GoPro cameras on their helmets, and questioned whether or not the army knew about the soldiers’ behavior well before the video came surfaced.  Abu Hashem’s father told Haaretz his son was arrested December 23 around Beit Umar for throwing stonesHe was sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined 4,000 shekels ($1000). His father said he was hospitalized at Hadassah hospital before being transferred to Ofer prison.

Hamzeh Abu Hashem

Hamzeh Abu Hashem Photo credit- Alex Levac Haaretz

"Commanding dogs to attack humans is an immoral and illegal act that causes Terror."
Hamzeh’s parents didn’t see the dog’s attack; that took place in a yard between two houses. Ahmed did try to prevent his son’s arrest, but to no avail. The parents saw an Israeli ambulance arrive from the direction of the settlement, but could not see Hamzeh being put into the vehicle. All they saw was the soldiers hugging the dogs.
The next time they saw Hamzeh was three weeks later, in the courtroom at Ofer. He told them that the soldiers had attacked and wounded him, and that he had been taken to a hospital. Hamzeh showed his parents his wounds: in one shoulder, below the armpit, on his arm and leg. “He’s so little,” his mother sighs. He cried when he saw her, she adds. Since then she’s seen him only twice, both times in the courtroom. Detainees are not allowed visitors, not even if they are youths and not even if they have been wounded by dogs.
Of her reaction when she saw the video last week, Hamda says: “I went crazy when I saw my son. I went crazy, when I saw what the soldiers did to him. I am his mother. I know what he is going through. I’m sure he isn’t sleeping at night because he is afraid. I am not sleeping, either. I am sure he expected his mother to help him, but I can do nothing.” We visited the site of the incident with Muhammad Awwad, a local volunteer for B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights organization. Awwad, who also works in the local mosque, doesn’t go anywhere without his B’Tselem camcorder, to document every injustice. In this case, he saw the soldiers and dogs but could only film them from a distance, until they disappeared between the two houses; the video clip in question was made by the soldiers themselves. The dogs, and the soldiers in their wake, chased Hamzeh while the other children scattered every which way. Running for his life, like an animal being hunted by a pack of hungry wolves, the teenager turned right, the soldiers and dogs in hot pursuit. There between the buildings, the soldiers shouted to the dog, “Bite him, bite him!”  and the dog clamped down its jaws on him. In Palestine Attack Dogs are being used as IDF weapons – activist

A projects coördinator for Breaking the Silence, a former IDF soldier left-wing organization, has condemned the attacks but confirmed that such incidents are not unusual.

“While you are a part of the army, those kind of events happen. It’s not unusual. When you use an army to control a population, when you create an occupation, that’s the kind of reality that comes out,” Achiya Schatz told RT.

A Soldier’s Best Friend, is a Palestinian’s Worst Nightmare 

 This Week: Rights group urges end to Dutch sale of ‘attack dogs’ to Israel

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian animal rights group has called on the international community to pressure the Dutch government to halt the sale of “attack dogs” to Israel.
Said Ahmad Safi, Executive Director of the Palestinian Animal League, said in a statement that dogs exported by European countries — especially the Netherlands — have long been used by the Israeli military as “living, breathing weapons — leading to devastating injuries on many civilians.”
Palestinian human rights organization, Al Haq, has reportedly carried out attempts to sway the Dutch government to place a ban on the export of the dogs for such use.
“As a result of communication between Al Haq and the Dutch government, officials in the Netherlands have suggested that they will consider placing restrictions on the export of dogs to Israel, but no firm decision has been reached, nor has any action been taken to date,” PAL said in a statement.

The restrictions would join one of several placed by European countries on trade with Israel, the European Union most recently passing a decision to label products made in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Such measures are part of a boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement (BDS) pushed by activists and increasingly by politicians, in effort to place pressure on Israel to stop ongoing violations against Palestinians.

In Response, The Palestinian Animal League  has released a ‘ Template Letter addressed To: Lilianne Plouman, the Dutch Minister of Trade, and Sharon Dijksma the Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment urging the Minister of trade to put a stop to the exportation of trained“Attack Dogs” from the Netherlands to the Israeli military.


We, the undersigned, demand that the Dutch Government take immediate steps to ban the export of trained “attack dogs” to Israel in the interests of both human rights and animal protection. Dogs exported from your country are reported to have been used during attacks on Palestinians over a number of years. This not only places the people and dogs involved in unacceptably dangerous situations, potentially violating human rights, but also has a wider impact on animal welfare in Palestinian society.

The distorted and violent image of dogs which has been created by their cruel use as weapons against Palestinian citizens by the occupying forces has a serious impact on the way in which Palestinian civil society views and treats dogs; particularly stray populations, who are subject to lethal control. While dogs continue to be used and presented as a source of fear, pain and injury to Palestinian citizens, the abuse, injury and killing of dogs will inevitably continue.

In the interests of both human rights and animal protection, we implore to end your complicity in this cruel trade.

Yours Sincerely

Netanyahu’s Ugly Israel | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

19:48 Leaked footage shows Israeli soldiers ‘setting dogs on…/leaked-footage-shows-israeli… ‘The Independent

“Over 8,000 Palestinian children have been arrested since 2000. Between 500 and 700 Palestinian children are detained every year in the Israeli military prison system. Shocking statistics

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The Jewish Insurgency in Palestine


Posted By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

The Truther


One major and undoubtedly fundamental fact to understanding, as well as formulating an opinion on what is transpiring in occupied Palestine, is understanding the Jewish Insurgency that once plagued the Mandate of Palestine. During the 1940’s there was a major up tick in Jewish terrorist operations, which were well written about by Jewish social commentators as well as the British forces in Palestine, who were a main target for the Jewish insurgency. These facts have been systematically hidden from the mainstream public, and indeed the narrative that was used by the self proclaimed “Jewish state”, was not only an attempt to wipe out Palestinian history, but to wipe out Palestine completely from the history books.

Unfortunately for them and fortunately for humanity, we now have the internet, which has really been the modern day printing press. Something that has allowed the general populace of the world, to gather facts and research faster now than at any point before in human history. If someone is serious enough and driven by the need to understand the truth, not just “know” the truth, one has the ability today to track down and reference almost anything in human history. “Israel” has not only been unsuccessful in its planed systematic genocide, but it has actually birthed a resistance which has brought people together form all over the world, to stand together with the Palestinians, to stand with humanity, is there really any other side? While researching the topic of  a “Jewish insurgence” in Palestine, I discovered two major Jewish terrorists attacks that are not as commonly known of as the bombing of the king David Hotel and the British Forces.



“The Empire Cross  was a member of a family of ships that were all part of the Empire ships Series. “
Empire Cross was built for the MoWT.She was launched on 28 June 1945 andcompleted in November.The United Kingdom Official Number 181112 and Code Letters GKLF were allocated. She was operated under the management of the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co Ltd, London.”

Empire Cross was completed in November 1945, by which time the MoWT had become the Ministry of Transport. She was sold in 1946 to the Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co, who intended to rename her Balea. On 2 August, Empire Cross exploded and caught fire while discharging aviation fuel in Haifa Roads, Palestine. HMS Venus and HMS Virago assisted in the rescue. The Admiralty discounted a theory that the explosion was caused by a depth charge dropped by a British destroyer in an anti-terrorist measure to prevent the fixing of limpet mines to ships. Captain John Banks, in charge of the Empire Cross at the time, was on the bridge and observed the activity on the two naval vessels indicating personnel were aware of frogmen in the water around them, which indeed was probably the Haganah attempting to attach limpet mines, and he noted the sound of depth charges being dropped into the harbor around the vessels.

Twenty-one of her 56 man crew were reported to be missing following the incident. Four other people were reported to have been killed. At the inquest, the page from the day’s activities was missing from the log book of the suspect naval vessel, Virago. The crew were buried in Haifa. Captain Banks signaled to abandon ship when he saw the line go, and dived overboard, swimming under the flames until he lost consciousness, and was rescued by members of the Haganah. Empire Cross was scrapped in 1952.”  Wiki 


Prescott Evening Courier

There is not a lot of information about the Empire Cross or how exactly it was destroyed, beyond the quote above, which was found on Wikipedia. Naturally I had to dig deeper, I found an obscure British news-reel agency, the British  Pathe, which has an archive of footage shot in Palestine before 1950, and is where I originally saw the footage of the empire cross burning in the port of Haifa. In the news reel shot by Cameraman Kenneth Gordon, there is a narrator which explains that the British in Palestine had been plagued by Jewish terrorist groups already operating in Palestine. At the time the British and Palestinian police forces were struggling with illegal Jewish migrants coming to Palestine, and many of the vessels were turned away, because they had no permits or, they were carrying outlawed weapons. Although the mainstream narrative of the Empire Cross attack has been challenged this author has yet to see information that would prove those claims to be true.


For Jews who had already come to Palestine, this was not acceptable, and so groups like the Haganah, Lehi and Igrun would use terrorism and violence against the British as key tool, to effectively end the British Palestinian mandate and the implementation of the Belfour Document. Which states that; there would be a partition of Palestine but not at the detriment of those who were already native to the land. As we all know that did not happen, yet as I write this many don’t understand the context with which I speak, regardless of what Israelis hell-bent on “manifest destiny” tell you, it was always Palestine.

(“The King David Hotel explosion of July 22, 1946 (Palestine), which resulted in the deaths of 92 Britons, Arabs and Jews, and in the wounding of 58, was not just an act of “Jewish extremists,” but a premeditated massacre conducted by the Irgun in agreem-ent with the highest Jewish political authorities in Palestine– the Jewish Agency andits head David-Ben-Gurion.”)
was able to track down an article from an American News paper in 1946 which makes reference to the footage Kenneth Gordon shot of the Empire Cross, where it speaks very differently about what Jews were actually doing in Palestine, and against British forces still in control of Palestine. That Jewish Terrorists had written;

“if disaster befell the haifa immigrants, because the Brits refused to allow them to land, That British  will hang from olive trees and lamp posts. there will be a fight to the death on this point”


Prescott Evening Courier – Aug 5, 1946

The threats made by the Jewish Insurgency and Jewish social commentators are well documented, and it is clear that there was a targeting of British and Arab civilians by groups like the Igrun, Lehi and Haganah. The Haganah was the main group who dealt with immigration of illegal Jewish migrants, and was responsible for multiple attacks against British vessels. That’s without mentioning that these very same Jewish terrorists groups would hide weapon caches in schools, which is actually documented in the same video that was shot by Kenneth Gordon in 1946.


“The armed conflict escalated during the last phase of the World War II, when Irgun declared a revolt in February 1944, ending the hiatus in oper-ations it had begun in 1940.Starting from the assassination of Lord Moynein 1944, the Haganah actively opposed the Irgun and Lehi, in a period of inter-Jewish fighting known as The Hunting Season. However,in autumn 1945,after the end of the war the Haganah began a period of co-operation withthe two other  underground organizations, forming the  Jewish Resistance Movement. The Haganah refrained from  direct  confrontation with British forces, and  concentrated its  efforts on attacking  British immigration control, while Irgun and Lehi attacked  military and police targets. The Resistance Movement  dissolved in recriminations in July 1946  following the King David Hotel  bombing, with Irgun and Lehi acting independently, while the  main underground  militia  Haganah acted mainly in supporting Jewish immigration to  Mandatory Palestine.  After the UN partition plan resolution was passed on 29 November 1947, the civil war between Palesti-nian Jews and Arabs eclipsed the previous tensions of both with the Brit-ish.”  Jewish insurgency in Mandatory Palestine


There are many photos of Jews living in “Palestine transition camps”, this idea that is claimed by Zionists that “Palestine never existed” is ludicrous and based on their own Psychosis, written in their own history. But many of the stories like the Empire cross and others never seem to reach the light of day, except by those who wish to bring whats done in the dark, out into the light.

Further examples of this would be that of the sinking of the SS Patria in the Haifa port on November 25 1940, a French built Liner that was sunken by Jewish Terrorists reportedly killing 267 and injuring another 172.

“SS Patria sinking in Haifa port”

“The Patria disaster was the sinking on 25 November 1940 by the Haganah of a French-built ocean liner, the 11,885-ton SS Patria, in the port of Haifa, killing 267 people and injuring 172.


At the time of the sinking, the Patria was carrying about 1,800 Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe whom the British authorities were deporting from Mandatory Palestine to Mauritius because they lacked entry permits. Zionist organizations opposed the deportation, and the underground paramilitary Haganah group planted a bomb intended to disable the ship to prevent it from leaving Haifa.

The Haganah claims to have miscalculated the effects of the explosion. The bomb blew the steel frame off one full side of the ship and the ship sank in less than 16 minutes, trapping hundreds in the hold. The British allowed the survivors to remain in Palestine on humanitarian grounds. Who was responsible and the true reason why the Patria sank remained controversial mysteries until 1957, when Munya Mardor, the person who planted the bomb, published a book about his experiences.” 


With only a little digging one can find that not only was the land referred to as Palestine, but that Palestine had indeed existed, for over 1000 years, that Jews had resorted to terrorism to achieve their collective goals. Many of the very same things “Israel” points to, is the Palestinian Resistance being “terrorism”, yet “Israel” and indeed Jewish terrorists were responsible for the very same things, if not worse in most cases. Not to mention that Palestinians have a natural born right to defend themselves from Occupation and Jewish terrorism.

Actually many of the very same men who bombed the King David Hotel, and many other attacks against British and Palestinian Forces, but also killing innocent civilians Jews and Arabs alike, these very Terrorists would end up making it to the highest levels of the “israeli” regime. In fact the state of “Israel” is nothing less than illegitimate and the crimes that it is responsible for, are the systematic genocide of the population that was native to Palestine, years before the boatloads of undocumented, illegal Jewish migrants, flocked to the shores of Palestine. Even more troubling is knowing that “Israel” has never been brought to justice for its crimes, and its this very fact that dictates some of the self-proclaimed “Jewish state” actions to this very day. Its no wonder we see these very terrorists and their children continue to carry out the very same strategy of systematic genocide against the Palestinian people.


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Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr in ‘High Spirits’

Saudi prominent Shiite Cleric, Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr is in high spirits despite reports he is at risk of imminent execution, his brother said on Monday after visiting the sheikh.”He’s good, very well, high spirits. His health is very good and he is ready for anything, even for death,” Jaafar al-Nimr told AFP.

The brother spoke after he and several other family members, including Nimr’s mother, spent about one hour with him at Al-Hair prison near Riyadh.

Saudi prominent Shiite Cleric, Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr

Nimr was a driving force behind pro-democracy protests that erupted in 2011 in eastern Saudi Arabia.

The protests developed into a call for equality in the kingdom, where many Shiites have complained of marginalization.

Amnesty International said on Thursday that he was among six Shiite activists at imminent risk of execution who were “clearly convicted in unfair trials”.

The London-based human rights group said the six were among a total of 50 people who could soon be put to death in a single day.

Media “close to the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime” had reported on the execution plans, Amnesty said.

Nimr is not concerned by those stories, his brother said, accusing the interior ministry of sometimes issuing reports in order to gauge public reaction. But Nimr’s family is still “very worried,” he said.

Among the other activists who Amnesty said are at risk of imminent execution is Nimr al-Nimr’s nephew Ali al-Nimr, who was 17 when he was arrested following the protests for reform.

Ali al-Nimr is also detained at Al-Hair prison, and his father is to visit him in three weeks, Jaafar al-Nimr said.

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ISIL Threatens Saudi & Bahrain, Calls on Killing Shiaa Muslims

ISILSaudi Zio-Wahhabi ‘ISIL’ terrorist group threatened Saudi Arabia and Bahrain of carrying out terrorist attacks over their territories, calling on militants to target the Shiaa Muslims and all who support them.

In four videos posted on the terrorists group’s websites, a terrorist urged all the rest  of ISIL members to kill the Shiaa Muslims in Bahrain and Saudi, describing them as “disbelievers.”

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime does not follow the religious teachings of Sheikh Mohammad Abdul Wahhab and it is loyal to the West, he added.

The terrorist also considered that the Saudi preachers are the phony vicars who misinterpret the religious concepts.

Addressing the Saudi soldiers, he asked them to quit the military service and fight the “religion’s enemies.”

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War on Yemen Kills 2000 Saudi Zio-Wahhabi Soldiers, Costs 200 bn Riyal

Saudi tanks destroyed in YemenThe daily cost of the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi-US aggression on Yemen reaches 750 million riyal that covers ammunition, spare parts, supplies and subsistence, a well-known Saudi social networks activists tweeted on Friday.

Mojtahed (#مجتهد as he calls himself) said that this cost has reached in 9 months 200 billion riyal and does not include the “defense” recent deals.

He added that the war on Yemen has so far left 2000 Saudi Zio-Wahhabi soldiers killed and 4850 others injured, in addition to  “450 tanks and armored vehicles, four Apache drones, one F-15 fighter jet and three boats were all destroyed or disabled,” he said, noting that two other boats were also hit.

Mojtahed indicated that publishing such facts does not intend to sow fear among Saudis, but to respond to Zio-Wahhabi Mohamad Bin Salman, the Zio-Wahhabi Defense Minister, who started to take advantage of the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi-led aggression on Yemen through ammunition, spare parts and subsistence deals, as well as through compensations for destroyed vehicles, boats and aircrafts.

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime has been striking Yemen for 253 days now to restore power to fugitive President Abed Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The Saudi-US aggression has so far killed at least 6,579 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Yemeni national military, Saudi Zio-Wahhabi war planes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

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Nazi Gestapo plans to build walls around Palestinian towns


Terezin Nazi Concentration Camp

Nazi Jewish Gestapo is planning to build walls around Palestinians towns and villages on the pretext that it will stop stones being thrown at illegal Nazi Jewish settlers.

“The army will build 9 metre high walls in the areas of Beit Ummar, Al-Arroub, Gush Etzion, and the areas surrounding Highway 60, south of the West Bank,” claimed Nazi Channel 2 TV.

In response, Mustafa Barghouti, the Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, told Anadolu, “The Israeli army’s decision to build walls around important and vital areas in the southern part of the West Bank aims to control large Palestinian areas for settlers. It also aims to isolate the areas from each other in order to prevent any chance to establish a Palestinian state.”

Such walls, added Barghouti, are” in addition to the 676 military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank as part of the Israeli plan to divide the territory and control all of its vital areas”.

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Nazi Entity to Open First ‘Diplomatic Mission’ in Abu Dhabi

The Nazi entity will inaugurate for the first time an official diplomatic mission in Abu Dhabi in the coming weeks, Zionist newspaper, Haaretz, reported on Friday.The daily quoted a senior Nazi official as saying on condition of anonymity that the new legation will be officially accredited to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which is based in Abu Dhabi.

Haaretz added that the director-general of Nazi Foreign Ministry, Dore Gold, visited Abu Dhabi on Tuesday to participate in the biannual meeting of IRENA’s Council.

Abu Dhabi

“The meeting was to discuss the future activities and budgetary issues pertaining to the organization’s members, but the main purpose of the trip was to finalize the opening of the mission. During the three days of his visit, Gold met with IRENA Director-General Adnan Amin and discussed with him the opening of the mission,” the daily said.

A senior official in al-Quds (Jerusalem) said that Nazi Rami Hatan has been appointed to head the Nazi legation, and will depart for Abu Dhabi in the near future, the report said.

The official added that “office space for the new mission has already been found and that it is undergoing final preparations before the formal opening.”

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UAE Secretly Sends Colombian Mercenaries to Fight in Yemen

YemenZionist puppet regime of United Arab Emirates ‘UAE’ has secretly dispatched hundreds of Colombian mercenaries to Yemen to fight in that country’s raging conflict, The New York Times newspaper reported Wednesday.

The initial plan was to create a force of some 3,000 Colombian troops, a move that angered Colombia’s own military, which has a lower wage for mercenary work, The exact number sent to Yemen is unclear, but believed to be significant.

The report says that the UAE Zionist puppet regime has sent 450 Latin American troops, predominately Colombian mercenaries, to Yemen last month. Additional Colombian troops remain in the UAE and are completing training with grenade launchers and armored vehicles, which are currently operated by Emirati troops in Yemen.

“Wealthy Arab nations, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates, have in recent years embraced a more aggressive military strategy throughout the Middle East, trying to rein in the chaos unleashed by the Arab revolutions that began in late 2010. But these countries wade into the new conflicts — whether in Yemen, Syria or Libya — with militaries that are unused to sustained warfare and populations with generally little interest in military service,” it added.

“Mercenaries are an attractive option for rich countries who wish to wage war yet whose citizens may not want to fight,” the paper quoted Sean McFate, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and author of “The Modern Mercenary” as saying.

The NYT narrated that “the Colombian troops now in Yemen, handpicked from a brigade of some 1,800 Latin American soldiers training at an Emirati military base, were woken up in the middle of the night for their deployment to Yemen last month. They were ushered out of their barracks as their bunkmates continued sleeping, and were later issued dog tags and ranks in the Emirati military. Those left behind are now being trained to use grenade launchers and armored vehicles that Emirati troops are currently using in Yemen.”

Zionist puppt Emirati officials have made a point of recruiting Colombian troops over other Latin American soldiers because they consider the Colombians more battle tested in guerrilla warfare, having spent decades battling gunmen of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in the jungles of Colombia.

The paper said that the exact mission of the Colombians in Yemen is unclear, and one person involved in the project said it could be weeks before they saw regular combat. They join hundreds of Sudanese soldiers whom Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime has recruited to fight there also as part of the coalition.

Moreover, a recent United Nations report cited claims that some 400 Eritrean troops might be embedded with the Emirati soldiers in Yemen — something that, if true, could violate a United Nations resolution restricting Eritrean military activities.

The paper revealed moreover that the United States has also been participating in the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi-led campaign in Yemen, providing logistical support, including airborne refilling, to the nations conducting the air strikes. The Pentagon has sent a team to Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime to provide targeting intelligence to the coalition militarise that is regularly used for the air strikes.

The report said that the presence of the Latin American troops is an official secret in the Emirates, and the government has made no public mention of their deployment to Yemen, adding that the Emiratis have spent the equivalent of millions of dollars equipping the unit, from firearms and armored vehicles to communications systems and night vision technology.

Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime has been striking Yemen for 245 days now to restore power to fugitive C.I.A puppet Abed Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The Saudi-US aggression has so far killed at least 6,579 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Yemeni national military, Saudi Zio-Wahhabi war planes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

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