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8,000 Zionist Suffer From PTSD Due to Current Palestinian Intifada


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As a result of the current Palestinian INTIFADA, 8,000 Zionist have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Zionist Trauma Coalition (ITC) said on Wednesday.

“This is a long war,” ITC Director Talia Levanon told Zionist Army Radio.

“We call terror victims [suffering from trauma] the ‘transparent injured,’ because we don’t see them. The circle of injury is so broad that the circles of support need to be large as well,” Levanon said.

For every Zionist killed or wounded, according to a study conducted by the ITC, there will be 27 witnesses to the attack that will need PTSD rehabilitation. Of those who are treated immediately, 87 percent will recover quickly, Zionist National News reported.

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