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A private, low-profile ‘public diplomacy’ outfit is setting out to train ‘Secret Hasbara Agents.’ But don’t worry, it’s not propaganda.


Cover photo: Screenshot of an email from “The Centre for Public Diplomacy
By Dahlia Scheindlin
A private Israeli hasbara – or “public diplomacy” – organization on Wednesday put out one of the weirdest responses yet to the incitement campaign by far-right group Im Tirzu of two weeks ago.
The original Im Tirzu campaign described Israeli human rights advocates as “planted” agents serving foreign agendas because the organizations they work for receive funds from European governments.
The response ad published on Wednesday called for — presumably right-wing — Israelis to be “planted” inside the “plants,” a reference to the human rights organizations Im Tirzu put in its cross-hairs.
The ad says that following Im Tirzu’s report, the “Centre for Public Diplomacy and Hasbara” is organizing a “reprisal action” against the human rights groups. It wants to encourage people to apply for jobs at the human rights organizations in order to “oppose the dissemination of their lies.”
Cadets in our secret hasbara agent training course will track the wanted ads of these organizations and publish them, with the goal of “planting” employees there who will oppose the dissemination of lies about Israel abroad.
Yes. The Centre for Public Diplomacy & Hasbara runs a program, according to its website, to train “Secret Hasbara Agents,” who become “certified” – it’s not clear by whom – to the “Secret Hasbara Agent Network.”
Participants of the course will be sent on “missions abroad.” Moreover, the website promises they will earn a “big reputation as graduates of an elite, prestigious and impressive program from the Centre…”
The “secret agent network” and the ad for the “reprisal operation” marked “top secret” were published on the organization’s web page, as well as its founder’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.
The organization is the brainchild of an attorney named Davidi Hermelin. The “contact us” section of the website lists his mobile phone number. Hermelin has served as chair of the Young Likud committee, he made a run for Knesset, and consults for certain government agencies.
Asked by phone what exactly the concept of “secret agents” means, Hermelin explained to +972 Magazine that his approach is not to engage in hasbara proper or even necessarily Israel-related forums. Instead, the workshops offer participants a range of topics about Israel that they can select for training.
The courses “stress complexity,” he emphasizes. They are not trying to convince participants or their future audiences of any given position. He just wants them to know the facts on any given issue, and have the skills to convey their own ideas.
His example is a lengthy explanation of why Jews in Israel have the exclusive right to settle all the land west of the Jordan river under international law — “by contrast to the other bon ton explanations in the media about international law. They’re just not correct,” he says.
Once participants have completed the course, Hermelin’s organization then actively seeks out any type of forum for the graduates — about 100 since he began in early 2014, he says — to attend abroad. The goal is for them to just interact at these conferences, seminars, or gatherings, to raise conversations spontaneously, prompt questions and then give the answers with the skills and facts they have learned.
Hermelin says that the “plants in the plants” initiative is not meant only for trained members of his workshops, but for anyone: “a broad range of people who don’t want Israel to be presented wrong.”
The ad is currently running links to the employment opportunities page of veteran Israeli NGO “HaMoked – Center for the Defense of the Individual,” which protects Palestinians from occupation-related human rights violations.
The ad also contains the sentence: “Our goal is not to sabotage the activities of the ‘plants’ themselves…but to prevent the false defamation of Israel, to the countries of the world, particularly with foreign government funding.”
The page also reminds “friends” of the organization to avoid breaking Israeli law.
It might tempting to dismiss the organization as an eccentric one-man show, but for some very serious implications.
First, the existence of this “Centre,” however off-grid, is part of a frenzy of private hasbara efforts. It is part of the national obsession with propaganda fostered and funded by the government through numerous bodies, public and private. The Israeli Foreign Ministry itself functions largely as a Ministry of Hasbara these days. As I have argued, this hasbara obsession is damaging to the national psyche, especially when presented as an educational endeavor to shape the thinking of young people.
Second, the idea that impostors might apply for jobs in a human rights organization — not as committed employees but to police their activities — is not impossible at all. And what do they mean by “opposing” the dissemination of lies abroad? Would such “planted” employees covertly record conversations? Testify for Im Tirzu’s next report? Create situations to make the organizations look bad, just as Likud MK Oren Hazan tried to do by giving a made-up testimony to Breaking the Silence? Why does Hermelin need to remind interested people to obey the law?
Third, the mechanism of disguise is like a mental double gag order to suppress what hasbara really is. Hermelin says time and again that left and right wingers alike are welcome, he just wants them to know facts — that is, right-wing facts taught by far-right-wing speakers. The ad itself may just be a gimmick, a distraction turning attention to this wacky initiative while the organization is regularly turning out people who are hasbara-ists, but who pretend they are not.
Finally, the whole thing reminds us how easily other groups are jumping onto Im Tirzu’s mission – a proto-fascist organization whose main activity is inciting and threatening civil society, academia and left-wing causes.
Im Tirzu’s report calls for shutting down those civil society organizations altogether. “If the state of Israel wants to continue to exist as an independent, Jewish and democratic state, it has no choice but to dismantle propaganda organizations that work among us and are funded by foreign money.”
Any new partners to this endeavor, eccentrics or not, strengthen the cause.





Nazi Jewish Settler youths hit shepherd with metal rods fitted with knives in a 2014 attack, rendering him unconscious

Cover photo: Masked Nazi Jewish settlers, background, and Palestinians, foreground, hurl stones during clashes in the West Bank of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), Friday, May 3, 2013. (photo credit: Issam Rimawi/FLASH90)
On Wednesday, according to an article released in The Times of Israel, the Jerusalem district prosecution indicted two Nazi Jewish teen settlers who beat a Palestinian shepherd to the point that he lost consciousness.
Served at the Juvenile District Court in Occupied Jerusalem, the indictment states that on May 13, 2014, the two minors, now aged 15 and 18, were near the illegal, Northern West Bank Nazi Jewish settlement of Kochav Hashahar, when they spotted the shepherd who is in his fifties.
The defendants and five others then forced him to leave the area. Covering their faces with shirts and wearing gloves, the teens took crowbars with knives attached to them and beat the Palestinian elder until he fell to the ground, unconscious.
Nazi Jewish settler teens were charged with aggravated assault and illegal possession of a knife. The five other attackers were never caught.
One of the Nazi Jewish defendants was recently interrogated but then released on allegations that he was involved in the Duma firebombing attack, which killed three members of the Dawabshe family, including an infant boy, who was burned alive in his own bed. Two Nazi Jewish settler terrorists were indicted in that attack last week.
I’m assuming their sentences were very light since they are minors and since the Nazi Ministry is keen on protecting their illegal Nazi Jewish settlers at all cost.
There are 600,000 illegal Nazi Jewish settlers living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) in illegal Nazi Jewish settlements. They are criminals, Zionists and terrorists. They kill Palestinians in cold blood, with impunity and protection by the Nazi Ministry. They have formed several terrorists organizations such as the Hilltop Youth which are comprised of some of the same teens who beat the shepherd unconscious and who burned the Dawabshe family alive.

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Nazi Attempts to Conceal Truth


Nazi Attempts to Conceal Truth Push UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories to Resign

Image result for UN CARTOON


The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories, Makarim Wibisono, yesterday submitted his resignation to the President of the Human Rights Council after Nazi regime had repeatedly denied him access to the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) stresses that Nazi regime continuous banning of Special Rapporteurs from entering the oPt is part of the Nazi policy to conceal the truth relevant to the commission of war crimes and grave violations of human rights against the Palestinians, who are the original owners of the land.

Moreover, PCHR highlights that the international community should take a serious position to stop the Nazi violations against the Palestinian people and to put an end to the Nazi non-compliance with the international law.

Mr. Wibisono mentioned in his resignation that repeated requests for access, both written and oral, had been unsuccessful for over 18 months. He also did not receive any reply from Nazi to his latest request in October 2015. Furthermore, Mr. Wibisono underscored that his mandate would not be fulfilled without having direct access to the Palestinian victims in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“Unfortunately, my efforts to help improve the lives of Palestinian victims of violations under the Israeli occupation have been frustrated every step of the way… It is my sincere hope that whoever succeeds me will manage to resolve the current impasse, and so reassure the Palestinian people that after nearly half a century of occupation the world has not forgotten their plight and that universal human rights are indeed universal,” said Mr. Wibisono.

Mr. Wibisono will present his last report to the 31st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in March 2016. This report concludes his only 21-month mandate for which he was assigned by the Human Rights Council in June 2014. His resignation will be put into effect on 13 March 2016.

Nazi regime continued to deny the Special Rapporteurs access to the oPt, as according to the spokesperson of Nazi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the oPt that was approved by 47 Member States in the Human Rights Council is “biased and distorted”. This was also agreed on by Nazi ally the USA. In addition, Nazi kept banning Richard Falk, former UN Special Rapporteur, from entering the oPt during his 6-year mandate.

It should be mentioned that the Special Rapporteur’s Mandate is part of the UN Mechanisms to protect human rights pursuant to a Mechanism known as “Special Procedures”.   The Special Procedures include independent human rights experts carrying out their duties free of charge with mandates to report human rights violations from a thematic or country-specific perspective.  The Human Rights Council  established the position of Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the oPt in 1993 and the mandate has so far been renewed.

PCHR denounces banning the Special Rapporteur from entering the oPt and the international community’s negativity that renders Nazi regime as an outlaw State.  This ban cames as part of a series of obstacles imposed by the Israeli authorities before all UN inquiry missions; the last of which was the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission following the 2014 Nazi Holocaust on the Gaza Strip.  PCHR warns against the Nazi practices, which reflect the size of Nazi crimes against Palestinians and efforts made to hide those crimes from the world .  PCHR also calls upon:


”1. The International community to pressurize Israel to allow the unconditional entry of all UN missions to the oPt;

2. The Human Rights Council and all international mechanisms to exert extra efforts to convey the reality of Israeli violations against Palestinians to the whole world;

3. The UN to activate its human rights mechanisms to face the blatant Israeli challenge of UN Mechanisms and violation of Palestinian rights in the oPt; and

4. All the competent parties at the international level to put an end to the impunity granted to Israel that led to the increase of violations against Palestinians.”

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Internal Security Services Arrest 2 Activists in Gaza


PCHR Concerned and Calls upon Attorney General to Follow up and Clarify Arrest Circumstances to Public Opinion

الوصف: 20 years option logo-01

On Sunday, 03 January 2016, Palestinian Internal Security Services (ISS) arrested two social media activists identified as journalist Ayman Ghazi Mustafa al-‘Aloul (44), Editor in Chief of Arab Now Agency, and Ramzi Subhi Hasan Herzallah (27), who works in a currency exchange shop.  The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) is concerned that the arrest might be on grounds of practicing their right to the freedom of opinion and expression.  PCHR also calls upon the Attorney General in Gaza to follow up and clarify the circumstances to the public opinion.

According to PCHR’s investigations and families of the arrested persons, at approximately 17:30 on Sunday, 03 January 2015, an ISS force headed to al-‘Aloul’s house in al-Sabrah neighborhood and confiscated two laptops after asking for all the laptops from which al-‘Aloul logs in his Facebook account.  The force then took al-‘Aloul to Ansar Security Compound for interrogation. It should be noted that he is so far under arrest. All of that happened without showing a search or arrest warrant.

In the meantime, another ISS force arrested Herzallah from his house in al-Wehdah Street in the center of Gaza City.  The force confiscated a laptop, PC set and a cell phone belonging to Herzallah. All of that happened without showing a search or arrest warrant from the Attorney General as well.

PCHR is concerned over the two arrests and stresses that:

  • ·         The right to the freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed under Article 19 of the 2003 Palestinian Basic Law (PBL) and freedom of criticism is guaranteed by law and international standards;
  • ·         The ISS should respect the 2001 Criminal Procedure Code, especially the articles relevant to the necessity of issuing a search or arrest warrant from the Attorney General for the purposes of arrest, searching property and confiscating personal belongings.  The warrant should also include the charges and reasons for searching if the arrest is accompanied by search; and
  • ·         Laptops are personal items, so confiscating and searching them is considered a violation of the right to privacy that is protected by Article 32 of the 2003 PBL.  Thus, confiscating or searching private devices should be done upon a decision from a judicial body.

PCHR also stresses its firm position towards practicing freedoms and calls upon:

1. The Attorney General to immediately intervene to follow up the situation of the activists in cooperation with the ISS and reveal the arrest circumstances to the public opinion;

2. Security services in the Gaza Strip to respect the law especially Criminal Procedure Code; and

3. Security services in Gaza to respect the right to freedom of opinion and expression, right to privacy and right to due process.


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The US Warmakers’ Divide & Conquer Strategies In The M E

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In this excellent article, first published in, Dan Sanchez takes a step back to look into the genesis of the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. It should be intuitively obvious to the casual observer that the major driving forces to all this chaos are the US and its serial wars aided by Israel and its desire for a “final solution” to the “Palestinian Problem.” [Ed.TEC]

War Is Realizing the Israelizing of the World

by Dan Sanchez

As US-driven wars plummet the Muslim world ever deeper into jihadi-ridden failed state chaos, events seem to be careening toward a tipping point. Eventually, the region will become so profuse a font of terrorists and refugees, that Western popular resistance to “boots on the ground” will be overwhelmed by terror and rage. Then, the US-led empire will finally have the public mandate it needs to thoroughly and permanently colonize the Greater Middle East.

It is easy to see how the Military Industrial Complex and crony energy industry would profit from such an outcome. But what about America’s “best friend” in the region? How does Israel stand to benefit from being surrounded by such chaos?

Tel Aviv has long pursued a strategy of “divide and conquer”: both directly, and indirectly through the tremendous influence of the Israel lobby and neocons over US foreign policy.

A famous article from the early 1980s by Israeli diplomat and journalist Oded Yinon is most explicit in this regard. The “Yinon Plan” calls for the “dissolution” of “the entire Arab world including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Arabian peninsula.” Each country was to be made to “fall apart along sectarian and ethnic lines,” after which each resulting fragment would be “hostile” to its neighbors.” Yinon incredibly claimed that:

“This state of affairs will be the guarantee for peace and security in the area in the long run”

According to Yinon, this Balkanization should be realized by fomenting discord and war among the Arabs:

“Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon.”

Sowing discord among Arabs had already been part of Israeli policy years before Yinon’s paper.

To counter the secular-Arab nationalist Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Israel supported an Islamist movement in the Occupied Territories, beginning in the late 70s (around the same time that the US began directly supporting the Islamic fundamentalist Mujahideen in Afghanistan). The Israel-sponsored Palestinian Islamist movement eventually resulted in the creation of Hamas, which Israel also supported and helped to rise.

Also in the late 70s, Israel began fomenting inter-Arab strife in Lebanon. Beginning in 1976, Israel militarily supported Maronite Christian Arabs, aggravating the Lebanese Civil War that had recently begun. In 1978, Israel invaded Lebanon, and recruited locals to create a proxy force called the “South Lebanon Army.”

Israel invaded Lebanon again in 1982, and tried to install a Christian Fascist organization called the Phalange in power. This was foiled when the new Phalangist ruler was assassinated. In reprisal, the Phalange perpetrated, with Israeli connivance, the Sabra and Shatila massacre, butchering hundreds (perhaps thousands) of Palestinian refugees and Lebanese Shiites. (See Murray Rothbard’s moving contemporary coverage of the atrocity.)

The civil war that Israel helped foster fractured Lebanon for a decade and a half. It was Lebanon’s chaotic fragmentation that Yinon cited as the “precedent” and model for the rest of the Arab world.

The US has also long pit Muslim nations, sects, and ethnic groups against each other. Throughout the 80s, in addition to sponsoring the Afghan jihad and civil war, the US armed Iraq (including with chemical weapons) in its invasion of and war against Iran. At the very same time, the US was also secretly selling arms to the Iranian side of that same conflict. It is worth noting that two officials involved in the Iran-Contra Affair were Israel-first neocons Elliot Abrams and Michael Ledeen. Abrams was convicted (though later pardoned) on criminal charges.

This theme can also be seen in A Clean Break”: a strategy document written in 1996 for the Israeli government by a neocon “study group” led by future Bush administration officials and Iraq War architects. In that document, “divide and conquer” went under the euphemism of “a strategy based on balance of power.” This strategy involved allying with some Muslim powers (Turkey and Jordan) to roll back and eventually overthrow others. Particularly it called for regime change in Iraq in order to destabilize Syria. And destabilizing both Syria and Iran was chiefly for the sake of countering the “challenges” those countries posed to Israel’s interests in Lebanon.

The primary author of “A Clean Break,” David Wurmser, also wrote another strategy document in 1996, this one for American audiences, called “Coping with Crumbling States.” Wurmser argued that “tribalism, sectarianism, and gang/clan-like competition” were what truly defined Arab politics. He claimed that secular-Arab nationalist regimes like Iraq’s and Syria’s tried to defy that reality, but would ultimately fail and be torn apart by it. Wurmser therefore called for “expediting” and controlling that inevitable “chaotic collapse” through regime change in Iraq.

Especially thanks to the incredibly effective efforts of the neocon Project for a New American Century (PNAC), regime change in Iraq became official US policy in 1998. Iraq’s fate was sealed when 9/11 struck while the US Presidency was dominated by neocons (including many Clean Break signatories and PNAC members) and their close allies.

Beginning with the ensuing Iraq War, the Yinon/Wurmser “divide and conquer” strategy went into permanent overdrive.

Following the overthrow of secular-Arab nationalist ruler Saddam Hussein, the policies of the American invaders could hardly have been better designed to instigate a civil war between Iraqi Sunnis and Shias.

The “de-Baathification” of the Iraqi government sent countless secular Sunnis into unemployed desperation. This was compounded with total disenfranchisement when the US-orchestrated first election handed total power over to the Shias. And it was further compounded with persecution when the US-armed (and Iran-backed) Shiite militias began ethnically cleansing Baghdad and other cities of Sunnis.

The invasion also unleashed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a terrorist who had previously been holed up hiding from Saddam’s security forces. The Sunni extremist’s shootings and suicide bombings of Shia and Shiite shrines, and the anti-Sunni reprisals they engendered, further divided Iraq along sectarian lines. Zarqawi’s gang became Al Qaeda in Iraq. After many of his extremist followers were thrust by the Americans into close prison quarters with ex-Baathists, many of the latter were recruited. The military expertise thus acquired was crucial for the group’s later rise to conquest as ISIS.

All this was the perfect recipe for civil war. And when that civil war did break out, the US armed forces made reconciliation impossible by completely taking the Shiite side.

Now in neighboring Syria, the US has been fueling a civil war for the past four years by sponsoring international Sunni jihadis fighting alongside ISIS and Syrian Al Qaeda in their war to overthrow the secular-Arab nationalist ruler Bashar al-Assad, and to “purify” the land of Shias, Druze, Christians, and other non-Salafist “apostates.” Key co-sponsors of this jihad include the Muslim regimes of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. And key allies and defenders of Assad include such Muslim forces as Hezbollah, Iranian troops, and Iraqi militias. In some battles in Syria, Iraqi soldiers and Syrian rebels may each be shooting at the other with American weapons.

Many of the weapons and recruits that were poured into Syria by the US and its allies ended up going over to ISIS or Al Qaeda. So strengthened, ISIS then burst into Iraq (where it first emerged during the chaotic US occupation) and drove the Shiite Iraqi military out of the Sunni-populated northwest of the country.

Today’s “divide and conquer” seems to be the 80s “divide and conquer” in reverse. In the 80s, the US armed a Sunni-led Iraqi invasion of Iran. Now, by arming the Iran-led militias that dominate the new Iraqi military, the US has effectively armed a Shia-led Iranian invasion of Iraq. Moreover, in the 80s, the US covertly armed the Shiite Iranian resistance to the Iraqi invasion. Now the US is covertly arming (through its conduits in the Syrian insurgency) the Sunni Iraqi resistance to the Iranian invasion.

Jihadi-ridden civil wars have also been fomented in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya, the latter following the American overthrow of yet another secular-Arab nationalist ruler.

In these catastrophes we see virtually everything Yinon and Wurmser called for. We see Yinon’s “inter-Arab confrontation,” the “dissolution” of Arab countries which are “fall[ing] apart along ethnic and sectarian lines” into warring fragments. And we see Wurmser’s “chaotic collapse” expedited by the smashing of secular-Arab nationalist regimes. It should also be noted that Wurmser gave short shrift to the threat of Islamic fundamentalism, especially as compared to that of Arab nationalism.

But, aside from Wurmser’s far-fetched fantasies of Israel-beholden Hashemite monarchies emerging from the chaos, how could being surrounded by such a hellscape possibly “secure” Israel? Sheldon Richman incisively posited that:

“Inter-Arab confrontation promoted by the United States and Israel … would suit expansionist Israelis who have no wish to deal justly with the Palestinians and the Occupied Territories. The more dangerous the Middle East appears, the more Israeli leaders can count on the United States not to push for a fair settlement with the Palestinians. The American people, moreover, are likely to be more lenient toward Israel’s brutality if chaos prevails in the neighboring states.”

Another line of strategic thinking was revealed by the New York Times in 2013:

“More quietly, Israelis have increasingly argued that the best outcome for Syria’s two-and-a-half-year-old civil war, at least for the moment, is no outcome.

For Jerusalem, the status quo, horrific as it may be from a humanitarian perspective, seems preferable to either a victory by Mr. Assad’s government and his Iranian backers or a strengthening of rebel groups, increasingly dominated by Sunni jihadis.

“’This is a playoff situation in which you need both teams to lose, but at least you don’t want one to win — we’ll settle for a tie,’ said Alon Pinkas, a former Israeli consul general in New York.

‘Let them both bleed, hemorrhage to death: that’s the strategic thinking here. As long as this lingers, there’s no real threat from Syria.’

As menacing as jihadi terrorists are to civilians, and as horrific as civil war is for those directly afflicted, the Israeli regime would rather be surrounded by both than to be neighbored by even a single stable Muslim or Arab state not subject to Washington’s and Tel Aviv’s will.

This is partly due to simple imperialism, made especially aggressive by Israel’s Zionist ideology. Israel wants lebensraum, which includes both additional territory for itself and coerced access to resources and markets in foreign territories in the region. Non-client Muslim and Arab states are simply standing in the way of that. Every state lusts for lebensraum. What makes Israel’s lust particularly dangerous is its blank-check backing by the American superpower.

But there is also the more particular issue of maintaining a particular bit of already-conquered lebensraum: the Israeli occupation of Palestine. No matter how weak (like Saddam) and meek (like Assad) Arab rulers are on the subject, the very notion of Arab nationalism is a standing threat to the Israelis as permanent occupiers and systematic dispossessors of Arabs. Israel hates Baathism for the same reason it hated the PLO before the latter was tamed. A nationally-conscious Arab world will never fully accept the Occupation.

Israel is prejudiced against regional stability, because a stable, coherent Arab state is more likely to have both the motivation and the wherewithal to resist Israeli designs on its country, and possibly even to stand up for the Palestinians.

One might wonder how jihadis and civil war are any better in these regards. It’s not like the natural resources under Assad’s barrel bombs or ISIS’s sneakers are any more readily available to Israel. And, setting aside Mossad-related theories about ISIS and Al Qaeda, it’s not like Islamist extremists are necessarily much more forgiving of the Occupation than Arab nationalists.

But the jihadis are preferred by Israel, not as permanent neighbors, but as catalysts for military escalation. By overthrowing moderates to the benefit of extremists, the Israeli-occupied US foreign policy is accelerating further war by polarizing the world. It is making the Israeli/Arab and Western/Muslim divides more severely black and white by eliminating the “gray zones” of co-existence. This is ISIS’s own strategy as well.

Israeli hawks prefer ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Hamas to Saddam, Assad, and Arafat, because the people of the West are less likely to be willing to co-exist with the former than the latter. Especially as terrorist attacks and refugee crises mount in the West, the rise and reign of the terrorists may finally overcome public opposition to troop commitment, and necessitate the Western invasion and permanent occupation of the Greater Middle East, followed, of course, by its perpetual exploitation by, among other Washington favorites, Israel and Israeli corporations.

The West may become a Global Israel, forever occupying, forever dispossessing, forever bombing, and forever insecure. And the Middle East may become a Global Palestine, forever occupied, forever dispossessed, forever bombed, and forever desperately violent. That is how war is realizing the Israelizing of the world.

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Question of Plebiscite in Kashmir


Image result for kashmir cartoons

By Sajjad Shaukat

Every year, January 5 is celebrated in remembrance of the pledges of the UNO which had

guaranteed the right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people through plebiscite, while these

people have been living under Indian occupation for the last six decades.

During the partition of the Sub-continent, the people of the State of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K)

which comprised Muslim majority decided to join Pakistan according to the British-led formula.

But, Dogra Raja, Sir Hari Singh, a Hindu who was ruling over the J&K in connivance with the

Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Governor General Lord Mountbatten joined India.

The design to forcibly wrest Kashmir began to unfold on August 16, 1947, with the

announcement of the Radcliffe Boundary Award. It gave the Gurdaspur District—a majority

Muslim area to India to provide a land route to the Indian armed forces to move into Kashmir.

There was a rebellion in the state forces, which revolted against the Maharaja and were joined by

Pathan tribesmen. Lord Mountbatten ordered armed forces to land in Srinagar.

However, Indian forces invaded Srinagar on 27 October 1947 and forcibly occupied Jammu and

Kashmir in utter violation of the partition plan and against the wishes of the Kashmiri people.

When Pakistan responded militarily against the Indian aggression, on December 31, 1947, India

made an appeal to the UN Security Council to intervene and a ceasefire ultimately came into

effect on January 01, 1949, following UN resolutions calling for a plebiscite in Kashmir.

It is mentionable that the Security Council adopted resolution 47 (1948) of 21 April 1948 which

promised a plebiscite under UN auspices to enable the people of Jammu and Kashmir to

determine whether they wish to join Pakistan or India. On February 5, 1964, India backed out of

its promise of holding plebiscite. Instead, in March 1965, the Indian Parliament passed a bill,

declaring Kashmir a province of India-an integral part of the Indian union.

The very tragedy of Kashmiris had started after 1947 when they were denied their genuine right

of self-determination. They organised themselves against the injustices of India and launched a

war of liberation which New Delhi tried to suppress through various forms of state terrorism.

Passing through various phases, the struggle of Kashmiris which has become an interaction

between the Indian state terrorism led by the Indian security forces and war of liberation by the

freedom fighters keeps on going unabated.

It is notable that since 1947, in order to maintain its illegal control, India has continued its

repressive regime in the Occupied Kashmir through various machinations. In this regard, as

already mentioned that India forcibly occupied Kashmir in gross violation of the “Partition Plan

of the Indian Subcontinent, but, through the so-called-Instrument of Accession of October 27,

1947 which is illegal, and remains controversial, New Delhi justifies its hold on the Kashmir.

Nevertheless, various forms of state terrorism have been part of a deliberate campaign by the

Indian army and paramilitary forces against Muslim Kashmiris, especially since 1989. It has

been manifested in brutal tactics like crackdowns, curfews, illegal detentions, massacre, targeted

killings, sieges, burning the houses, torture, disappearances, rape, breaking the legs, molestation

of Muslim women and killing of persons through fake encounter.

According to a report on human rights violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, since 1989,

there have been deaths of 1,00000 innocent Kashmiris, 7,023 custodial killings, 1,22,771 arrests,

1,05,996 destruction of houses or buildings, 22,776 women widowed, 1,07,466 children

orphaned and 10,086 women gang-raped/molested. Indian brutal securities forces have continue

In fact, Indian forces have employed various draconian laws like the Jammu and Kashmir

Disturbed Areas Act, and the Armed Forces (Jammu and Kashmir) Special Powers Act and

Public Safety Act in killing the Kashmiri people, and for the arbitrarily arrest of any individual

Besides Human Rights Watch, in its various reports, Amnesty International has also pointed out

grave human rights violations in the Indian controlled Kashmir, indicating, “The Muslim

majority population in the Kashmir Valley suffers from the repressive tactics of the security

In its report on July 2, 2015, the Amnesty International has highlighted extrajudicial killings of

the innocent persons at the hands of Indian security forces in the Indian Held Kashmir. The

report points out, “Tens of thousands of security forces are deployed in Indian-administered

Kashmir…the Armed Forces Special Powers Act allows troops to shoot to kill suspected

militants or arrest them without a warrant…not a single member of the armed forces has been

tried in a civilian court for violating human rights in Kashmir…this lack of accountability has in

turn facilitated other serious abuses…India has martyred one 100,000 people. More than 8,000

disappeared (while) in the custody of army and state police.”

In this respect, European Union has passed a resolution about human rights abuses committed by

Indian forces in the Indian held Kashmir.

It is of particular attention that in 2008, a rights group reported unmarked graves in 55 villages

across the northern regions of the Indian-held Kashmir. Then researchers and other groups

reported finding thousands of mass graves without markers. In this respect, in August, 2011,

Indian Jammu and Kashmir State Human Rights Commission officially acknowledged in its

report that innocent civilians killed in the two-decade conflict have been buried in unmarked

Notably, foreign sources and human rights organisations have revealed that unnamed graves

include those innocent persons, killed by the Indian military and paramilitary troops in the fake

encounters including those who were tortured to death by the Indian secret agency RAW.

Nonetheless, there must be no controversy over the question of plebiscite in Kashmir. It is again

crucified that in response to India’s case, the UN Security Council had adopted a resolution on

January 20, 1948, setting up the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP) to

investigate and mediate the dispute. A resolution adopted by the UNCIP on January 5, 1949 is

described by some jurists as a supplementary to the UN resolution passed on August 13, 1948,

which approved a ceasefire by ascertaining the future status of the territory in accordance with

the will of the people. It clearly stated that the question of the accession of the State of Jammu

and Kashmir to India or Pakistan will be decided through the democratic method of a free and

impartial plebiscite—the Secretary General of the United Nations will, in agreement with the

Commission, nominate a Plebiscite Administrator. And the Plebiscite Administrator shall derive

from the State of Jammu and Kashmir the powers he considers necessary for organizing the

Regrettably, sixty-seven years have passed. Now, it is an open secret that unabated Indian state

terrorism was directed to subdue the freedom sentiment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. In

2008 and 2010, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Srinagar and other towns

of Jammu and Kashmir with the demand of their right to self-determination. This protests

continue unabated. Recently, instead of respecting the sentiments of these people, Indian troops

and police personnel responded with bullets, teargas shells and batons.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s recent serious and sincere effort at the annual session of the United

Nations—the speech of Pakistan’s prime minister and his meeting with the American president,

highlighting the Kashmir dispute and demanding its solution has infused a new spirit among the

We can conclude that every year, the Kashmiris and their brethren in Pakistan, and those living

all over the world observe January 5 as the day of remembrance of the pledges of the UNO

which had guaranteed the right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people through plebiscite.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants,

Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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I$raHell has always been xenophobic, it just used to be better at hiding it



Long before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, there was no real democracy in Israel. There was plenty of hatred of Arabs, but everything was hidden, unlike today – so which is better?
Gideon Levy, Haaretz
This is the way we were, long before Naftali Bennett was education minister: the children of nationalists, closed off, quite ignorant – we just didn’t know it. That’s the way it was in those beautiful years when education ministers were from the left – the years it is customary to long for.
The brainwashing, censorship and indoctrination were much worse then than they are today, only opposition to them was much less. We thought that everything was fine with our education system. On Fridays, we had to wear blue and white, the national colors; we gave to the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael), so it would plant forests to cover the ruins of the Arab villages they did not want us to see.
At a time when the author Dorit Rabinyan had not yet been born, we had never met an Arab. They lived under military rule and were not allowed to come near us without authorization. A Jewish-Arab love story could not even have been considered science fiction, happening in a galaxy far, far away from where we were growing up. Druze were slightly more acceptable; they served in the army. I remember the first Druze I met; it was in 11th grade.
We never heard a word about the Nakba, the Palestinian term for the formation of the State of Israel, either. We saw the ruins of houses – and did not see anything. Long before the “wedding of hate,” at our Lag Ba’omer campfires we burned effigies of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser – we called him “the Egyptian tyrant.” In the secular schools of Tel Aviv, we kissed Bibles if, heaven forbid, they fell on the floor. We wore kippas in Bible studies, long before the establishment of “centers for deepening Jewish identity.” We hardly heard about the New Testament. No one would think of studying it in school: it was considered almost as dangerous as “Mein Kampf.”
Many of us spit when we passed a church door. Few of us dared venture inside and, if we did, felt very guilty about it. Making the sign of the cross, even in jest, was considered an act of suicide. To us, Christians were “idolaters” – and idolaters, as we knew, were the lowest of all. We knew there was a “mission” in Jaffa, from which we had to keep away as if from fire. One child who went to study there was considered lost. The first generation of independence knew that all the Christians were anti-Semites. We knew, of course, that we were the chosen people and the be-all and end-all. That was inculcated in us by the enlightened education system of the nascent state.
Assimilation was considered the greatest sin of all – even greater than leaving the country to live elsewhere. The rumor that the uncle of one of the kids had married a non-Jewish woman was considered a disgrace to be kept secret. The chilling significance of the sick concept of “assimilation” didn’t even cross our minds. We grew up in a unified society, racially pure, in that little Tel Aviv: without foreigners, without Arabs, almost without Jews of Middle Eastern descent. Jaffa was the back of beyond and no one thought of going there: it was dangerous.
They taught us to think in a uniform manner and be wary of any deviation. The most subversive discussion I can remember from those days was whether the Jews “went like sheep to the slaughter.” Once, I stopped next to a tiny demonstration of the left-wing Matzpen organization on the steps of Beit Sokolov, the headquarters of the Israeli Journalists Association, to talk with N., who was in my class at school. The next day, I was called urgently to the vice principal’s office: he whipped out a photo of me from the demonstration – which the Shin Bet security service had passed on to him – and demanded explanations. That was long before the “NGO law” and the “Boycott law.”
Long before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and the banning of Rabinyan’s “Borderlife,” there was no real democracy here. Long before anti-assimilationist Bentzi Gopstein and right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, there was xenophobia here and plenty of hatred of Arabs. But everything was hidden, wrapped in the noisy cellophane of excuses, buried deep in the earth.
And what is better? That remains an open question.

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US Congress is ‘Occupied Territory’

By: Wayne Madsen

Members of the US Congress have reacted in horror to published reports that the US National Security Agency ensnared a number of House of Representatives and Senate members in communicating directly with members of the Israeli government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on sabotaging President Barack Obama and the P5+1 agreement with Iran on nuclear power development.

Some members of the Congress, who receive significant campaign contributions from Israeli and Jewish lobbying organizations such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and the Zionist Organization of America are calling for hearings and official investigations.

Such histrionic reactions from American elected representatives who are more loyal to Israel than to their own nation are par for the course in Washington, DC. Like the child caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar, US politicians in the pockets of Israeli lobbyists put on animated displays of angst and grief over reports they put the interests of Israel over those of the United States but when all is said and done, the US intelligence community usually builds up a strong case for criminal indictments of the Congress members but politics usually rules out any grand jury probes let alone actual criminal charges.

Israel, which has an agreement with NSA that provides raw signals intelligence from the United States to Israel while, at the same time, conducts vigorous hostile intelligence gathering against America, reacted predictably to the story of NSA surveillance. Yisrael Katz, the intelligence and transport minister of Israel, said Israel will demand that if such surveillance is occurring, it should cease immediately. Perhaps if Mr Katz would turn over all the Mossad files on Israel’s proven involvement in the 9/11 attack and its support for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and Al-Qaeda, such an intelligence non-aggression agreement could be up for discussion. However, Israel, since its inception, has been a hostile intelligence threat to US national security interests in the Middle East and around the world and nothing, including the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair by Israeli officials and their «hired guns» in the US Congress, can change that simple fact.

Peter Hoekstra, the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, called for senior Obama and NSA officials to be prosecuted for «spying on Congress». Obama and NSA should welcome such a prosecution if it ever got to that stage. If the evidence were permitted to proceed to a court, it would show that hundreds of members of Congress, including Hoekstra, have acted as virtual paid agents for not only Israel but its intelligence agencies and foreign front organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In 2006, when the Republicans lost control of the House to the Democrats, one of Israel’s most loyal congressional agents, Democratic Representative Jane Harman of California was slated to take over the chair of the House Intelligence Committee from Hoekstra. But ranking Intelligence Committee member Harman was so dirty, as far as being an Israeli agent-of-influence was concerned, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked her from assuming the chairmanship.

Harman reportedly agreed to work with then-chairman Hoekstra to avoid an investigation of the cooked up pre-war phony intelligence on Iraq in return for the Bush administration going easy on the investigation of AIPAC officials Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, both later indicted for receiving highly classified documents from Israeli Pentagon spy Larry Franklin. Harman’s involvement with AIPAC torpedoed her chances of becoming Intelligence Committee chair with California’s two Democratic Senators, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both supporting Pelosi in scuttling Harman’s taking over the committee. Harman as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee would have been a crown jewel in Israel’s espionage network in Washington.

House Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer broke with Pelosi on supporting Harman for Intelligence chair. Hoyer’s sister, Bernice Manocherian, served as an executive president of AIPAC.

It is not surprising that Israeli agents-of-influence in Congress are up in arms over NSA surveillance of their dealings with Israel. NSA’s Hebrew linguists have never been popular with AIPAC and similar organizations or their «Amen Choir» in Congress. Hebrew linguists at NSA have historically been caught in a politically-sensitive vise. Because of the power of the Israel Lobby, the fact that the NSA eavesdrops in any manner on Israeli communications has always been handled gingerly. In fact, Hebrew linguists at NSA were once referred to as «Special Arabic» linguists to hide the fact they were spying on Israel.

Israel’s apologists and media shills always like to proclaim that Israel is one of America’s closest allies. Nothing is further from the truth.

Israel has a long history of spying against the United States, the most infamous case being the arrest of Jonathan Pollard, a Navy intelligence analyst, for espionage on behalf of Israel in 1986. Pollard’s Jewish-American controller, code-named «Mega», and reportedly a high-level US government official, has never been identified. However, based on a recently released former Secret transcript of an October 1976 meeting involving then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Mega may have, in fact, been Kissinger. Referring to Israel, Kissinger states: «Ninety percent of ‘our’ [sic]population is Jewish». 

The Pollard affair came at the same time Israeli contractors working for Mossad penetrated NSA security through two programs initiated by the Reagan administration to involve Israel in NSA-related signals intelligence activities: DINDI and PIEREX.

NSA’s skepticism about Israel arises from the Israeli attack on the NSA signals intelligence ship, the «USS Liberty,» in 1967. It was an attack that is now considered by a majority of historians and intelligence experts to have been a deliberate attack aimed at blindsiding US intelligence from war crimes being carried out by Israel in the Sinai Desert during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

Recent revelations about the Liberty also indicate that in 1967, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Avraham Harman, cabled to Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban that Israel had a high-ranking source close to the US government, code named «Hamlet», who told the Israelis that the US government was aware that the Israelis knew the Liberty was an American vessel, not an Egyptian ship as had been previously reported. Hamlet is suspected of being then-US ambassador to the UN Arthur Goldberg.

Israeli intelligence also became involved in a triple agent operation during the Bill Clinton administration. Through Mossad moles within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Robert Hanssen’s espionage activities on behalf of the Soviet Union and Russia came to the attention of the Israelis who reportedly blackmailed him into also spying for Israel. Hanssen reportedly first came to the attention of Mossad and then-White House aide Rahm Emanuel after a February 23, 1993, incident involving Hanssen and an FBI counter-intelligence subordinate named Kimberly Lichtenberg.Just a little over a month after Clinton’s inauguration and after a heated argument between Hanssen and Lichtenberg, Hanssen physically assaulted the female agent. Hanssen allegedly made anti-Semitic remarks after the incident, remarks that eventually came to the attention of Emanuel and other Israeli moles at the White House. Emanuel, the son of an Israeli Irgun terrorist, is currently the mayor of Chicago.

Throughout the past several decades, NSA has been at the forefront of identifying, based on their telephone conversations, faxes, and emails, Israel’s agents buried within the US executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. Israel’s American supporters pretend that these disloyal agents for another power are a fantasy. However, as seen with the latest disclosures about NSA surveillance, Israeli espionage against the United States remains a clear and present danger.

[Ariadna note: For a shorter description of the typical US representatives — willing consumers of Jewish hasbara and faithful followers of instructions from their handlers for a small fee, watch this visual allegory:

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Zio-Wahhabi regime: Any differences?


‘Any differences?’ Iran Supreme Leader’s cartoon equates ISIS with Saudi Arabia after executions

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has released an incendiary cartoon comparing Saudi Arabia to Islamic State, after Riyadh carried out a death sentence against opposition Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

The satirical picture showing Saudi and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) executioners standing side-by-side, with English captions reading “Any differences?” was published on his official website on Saturday. Khamenei also released a statement on Sunday promising “divine” retribution against Sunni powerhouse Saudi Arabia – Iran’s regional archrival.

“Sheikh Nimr will undoubtedly receive the grace of God and the hands of divine vengeance will surely snatch – by their necks – those cruel individuals who took his life and this is a source of comfort for us,” said Khamenei, who has greater political power than the president of Iran and status as a leading religious authority.



Nimr was among 47 people beheaded or shot by firing squad across Saudi Arabia on Saturday – the largest number of individuals executed in a single day since 1980. All but four of the condemned were convicted as Al-Qaeda members, while Nimr and three other Shias were accused of inciting riots among Saudi Arabia’s Shia minority between 2010 and 2012, when Nimr was arrested.

The execution of Nimr, a public figure popular with youths, alongside terrorists responsible for a series of bombings carried out between 2003 and 2006, provoked additional outrage in the Shia world. Iran summoned the Saudi ambassador, and just hours later, a mob set fire to the Saudi embassy in Tehran, chanting “Death to Al Saud!” – the ruling family of Saudi Arabia.

“This oppressed scholar had neither invited people to armed movement, nor was involved in covert plots,” said Khamenei.“Sheikh Nimr martyrdom and unfair bloodshed is a political mistake by Saudi Arabia. Those truly concerned about the destiny of humans must watch Saudi crimes and avoid indifference towards them.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader also listed the bombing campaign led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and its army’s buttressing of the Bahraini regime, as additional transgressions by Riyadh.

Khamenei is not the first to draw comparisons between the militants of Islamic State, who are rampaging through nearby Syria and Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, since both espouse a very similar Wahhabi ideology, and consequently share comparable legal and criminal codes, despite being sworn enemies.

According to public sources, Saudi Arabia executed at least 157 people last year, the most in two decades, predominantly by beheading, the same technique favored by Islamic State.

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The Middle East Energy War Heats Up


I$raHell-Turkish Normalization, Turkey’s Military Base in Qatar

Strategic Culture Foundation
Energy war

After shooting down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M tactical bomber jet operating in Syrian airspace, in early December 2015 the Turkish government sent a heavily armed battalion to the Zilkan military base in Iraq. This move ignited tensions between Ankara and the Iraqi federal government, which renounced it as an act of Turkish aggression.

Within the contours of a resource and energy war, the Turkish military deployment was a move by the Turkish government to secure its illegal oil trade with the so-called Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS/IS/DAESH).

Turkish Military Base in the Persian Gulf

Weeks after the Turkish military deployment to Zilkan, the Russian military’s General Staff reported that it had tracked 11,755 oil tankers and trucks around the town of Zakho on both sides of the Iraqi-Turkish border on December 25, 2015. Despite the claims by the Kurdistan Regional Government that the oil tankers and trucks were the result of a long lineup created by the closure of the Iraqi-Turkish border due to Ankara’s military operations against the Kurds in southeast Turkey, the oil tankers and trucks were understood to be part of a re-channeled smuggling route for Syrian oil stolen by the ISIL.

The Turkish government has taken several steps to redirect its energy ties away from Russia and Iran. It is precisely in the context of securing energy reserves that Ahmet Demirok, the Turkish ambassador to Qatar, announced Ankara’s plans to open a military base in Qatar in the Persian Gulf region on December 16, 2015. In an interview with Reuters Ambassador Demirok said that the Turkish base was being set up in accordance with the security agreement signed between Ankara and Doha in 2014 and that the military base would help both Turkey and Qatar jointly “confront common threats” from certain countries, which Demirok declined to name.

The unnamed countries that Ambassador Demirok was implying could be none other than the duet of Iran and Russia. Moreover, Turkey’s announcement about the establishment of a Turkish military base in Qatar coincided with an announcement on the following day, December 17, by Salem Mubarak Al-Shafi, the Qatari ambassador to Turkey, that Doha was prepared to provide as much liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Turkey as it needed.

Israel and Turkey Come Together: Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas

A day after Qatar’s Ambassador Salem Mubarak Al-Shafi announced that Doha would provide Turkey with as much LNG as it needed, on December 18, it was announced that Israel and Turkey had signed a framework agreement to export Israeli natural gas to Turkey. Although Turkish tensions with Russia, Iran, and Iraq could have hastened the natural gas deal between Ankara and Tel Aviv, the Israeli-Turkish framework agreement for energy trade had been quietly negotiated over for several months by the Israeli and Turkish government.

Analysts and journalists presented the natural gas agreement between Israel and Turkey as a part of a Turkish move to normalize its diplomatic and military ties with Israel as a means of counter-balancing Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and their regional partners. These views and claims, however, overlook the fact there have been clear signs that Israel and Turkey have maintained their cooperation, if not close allied relationship, in the economic and military sectors. Both the Turkish and Israeli militaries have even had synchronized movements and operations on the Syrian border.

While Israel has been re-exporting the smuggled oil that Turkey has been exporting from Syria and Iraq, Tel Aviv has tried to legitimize its appropriation of the Palestinian natural gas reserves off the cost of the Gaza Strip. In parallel, Tel Aviv has exerted its full influence to gain control of the Egyptian natural gas reserves north of the Nile Delta. This is while Israel has tried to lay claim to Lebanese maritime territory holding large deposits of natural gas and courted Cyprus for control of its Mediterranean natural gas reserves.

Contours of a Broader Energy War Emerge

The agreements with Israel and Qatar are a part of a broader energy trade nexus that falls within the contours of an energy war predating recent Russo-Turkish tensions. In fact, both Ambassador Al-Shafi and Ambassador Demirok were only repeating information about deals that were reached between Erdogan and Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani during Erdogan’s visit to Qatar at the time of the Russian military’s press conference announcing his involvement in the ISIL’s oil smuggling. Furthermore, the spatial configuration of the Israeli, Turkish, and Qatar reflected the dimensions of the energy war taking place in the Middle East.

Turkey has done almost everything possible to stop an Iran-Iraq-Syria energy corridor bypassing Turkey from being created. The Turkish military deployment to the Mosul District in Iraq and the creation of a Turkish military base in Qatar are tied to the joint goals of Turkey and Qatar for creating a rival energy corridor running through Turkey to Europe from the Persian Gulf and Iraq. The public demands that Israel give Turkey “unrestricted” access to the Gaza Strip could also be tied to the Palestinian natural gas reserves off of Gaza’s coast.

Furthermore, for years both Israel and Turkey have worked to establish a Levantine energy corridor where Eastern Mediterranean natural gas would be mainly exported northwards towards Turkey and the European Union while oil would be mainly exported southwards towards Israel. The materialization of this corridor has been obstructed mainly by Syria. This is one of the reasons that the Turkish government has pushed for regime change in Damascus.

While there are claims that Turkey is acting independently of the US government, it is highly improbable that no coordination has taken place in regards to the joint US and Turkish objective of regime change in Damascus. The re-direction of Turkish energy trade falls in line with the US objective to cripple the Russian energy sector by obstructing energy trade between the Russian Federation and other international actors.


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