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Prepping the World for Another Nazi False Flag or Blood Libel Sacrifice in Gaza


Jew Inc is Prepping the World for Another Nazi False Flag or Blood Libel Sacrifice in Gaza

The signs are everywhere, whether it’s the Cologne ‘rape party,’ staged by Zionists and their Jew sayanim to scare Gentiles into thinking all Muslims are sex fiends, just waiting to rape your daughter. Or staging the phony Palestinian knife attacks, making the world think the Palestinians are so crazy with murder, they’ll send kids with pocket knifes to attack IDF occupation troops, armed with machine guns. Or the recent Zionist False Flags in Paris and California.

“There are reports of police standing around with their hands in their pockets while nightclub bouncers come to the aid of women being groped and mobbed.

Thus, when police officials say this seems like an organized attack, we feel safe in looking at police as not only standing aside but undercover police as the likely parties involved in the assaults as well. We expect to see more incidents like these, staged by police and carefully coordinated with the press, playing on and building hysteria against not only refugees but Islam as well.”

This is to turn the West into carbon copies of the Israeli Khazar parasite, seething with hatred for anyone that Jew Inc hates so when Muslim blood flows, we won’t be bothered by our conscience doing the devil’s work. So get ready for either another Israeli False Flag or another Jew Inc invasion of Gaza, where Israeli this time might go all the way and complete their genocide of Gaza while the West butchers Muslims (set up by Israel) by the tens of thousands.

The ‘War on Terror’ is basically a War of Terror, set off by Israel, as a result of the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.

The fake ‘War on Terrorism’ and the real ‘War on Islam’ is the Zionists and their Jew Overlords plan to bust up ME states, murdering or chasing out their indigenous peoples so Israeli land thieves can do to Syria and Iraq what they have already done to Palestine, ‘wipe both off the map.’

Notice the similarities between what the Jew land thieves and murderers have and are doing to Palestine; i.e. fake a ‘terror’ attack from Gaza, which is usually an Israeli intelligence service like the Shin Bet, setting off industrial size bottle rockets from Gaza back into Israel, which damn near every time hit nothing except sand and weeds, then use that staged incident as an excuse to go on a homicidal rampage against the unarmed civilians in Gaza, murdering thousands, and in the process, stealing more of their land for an ever increasing Israeli ‘security zone.’

Israeli Blood Libel sacrifices to the Jews Lord of Light. This happens daily, but you won’t hear the rabid American Bible Thumpers complaining about a Palestinian or Syrian or Iraqi child’s life being sacred. Don’t know how long this pic will stay put before the Jew terrorists manage to get it dropped into their very large ‘Memory Hole.’
1.8.16 photo FBposting_zps6zcwcwbo.png

“We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem.”

The above quote is from Mossad agent Sivan Kurzberg, stopped by police on 9/11 when Law Enforcement types were looking for the 9/11 culprits. The police and FBI field agents became very suspicious when they found maps of the city with certain places highlighted, box cutters (the same items that the hijackers supposedly used), $4700 cash stuffed in a sock, and foreign passports. Police also told the Bergen Record that bomb sniffing dogs were brought to the van and that they reacted as if they had smelled explosives.

This phony, but very lethal War of Terror is also being waged against Muslim nations gold reserves, as evidenced by the 140+ tons the NATO war mongers stole from Libya during their invasion. Gold which helps prop up the Jew’s bankrupt financial institutions, which are on the verge of another catastrophic implosion, with the Jew owned FED and the Jew controlled US Treasury Department again claiming that the stock market crash caught them off-guard, but give us tens of trillions more and we promise to make sure this doesn’t happen again!

What Jew Inc has done (and continues to do) to Gaza–and Lebanon–they now have their occupied bitch nations, USA, Germany, France, Britain do against Syria, Libya and Iraq, claiming that al CIA Duh or DAESH or ISIS–Israeli State in Syria–is now setting off terror attacks against the West, giving their mentally impaired leaders the excuse the need to bust up those nations so the Israeli land thieves won’t having any pesky problems when they steal huge chunks of those nation. Problems like living people living on land the Jews want.

But Israel is getting edgy, this War of Terror should be much further along, so the Parasite with the funny side-curls will again go into Gaza, smashing and murdering thousands of Gazans, and the perverted West will cheer the ZOF for their brutality, since Israel has conditioned them to their False Flags that are blamed on those damned Muslims.

And another Israeli masterminded 9/11 type of False Flag would speed up the land thefts, so hold on to your loved ones.
Americans are like a powder keg, it won’t take much of a match to set off the blood feast against Palestinians.

Add in those phony as hell Palestinian knife attacks, which we’re told by the Jew MSM involves Palestinians (armed only with pocket knives) charging an Israeli Storm Trooper armed with a fully automatic weapon and one can see the Zionist craziness has edged up way past the postal worker scale.

Footage claiming to be the Cologne sex attacks is actually from Egypt’s Tahir Square

‘Mums the Word!’

Why do American Bible Thumpers, many with minds so diseased with BS, falsehoods, propaganda and severely damaged by the Zionist news outlets, ZNN and FOX N*** get so fucking crazy over abortion, but not only don’t say anything when Israel or France of Britain or the USA obliterates an entire wedding party or apartment building or market, killing mostly women and children and pregnant women, but actually cheer the mass murder?
Discover the answer to that and you’ll know why the USA will stay in the ME until we either go bankrupt from waging these ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel,’ or the clueless/bought off idiots like Obama stumble into WWIII.

As Paul Craig Roberts said back in 2009, “The most obvious indication that there are no terrorist cells is that not a single neocon has been assassinated.”

Amen to that. If there were real ‘al CIA Dhu’ or DAESH or ISIS–Israeli State in Syria–cells operating around the world, which the Jew MSM brays about constantly, then they would have a at least killed ONE neocon, the thuggish group that is behind this terror, being manipulated by Jew Inc and waged for the benefit of Wall Street banks who make tons of money off the death and destruction and Israel, hungrily licking its chops at the thought of being able to steal vast swaths of Syrian and Iraqi land, cleared of their native people by their occupied western powers, like Britain, Germany, France and the world’s biggest terrorist state, the USA.

More from Roberts:

The films of Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza show large numbers of Gazans fleeing from Israeli bombs or digging out the dead and maimed, and none of these people are armed. A person would think that by now every Palestinian would be armed, every man, woman, and child. Yet, all the films of the Israeli attack show an unarmed population. Hamas has to construct homemade rockets that are little more than a sign of defiance. If Hamas were armed by Iran, Israel’s assault on Gaza would have cost Israel its helicopter gunships, its tanks, and hundreds of lives of its soldiers.

Hamas is a small organization armed with small caliber rifles incapable of penetrating body armor. Hamas is unable to stop small bands of Israeli settlers from descending on West Bank Palestinian villages, driving out the Palestinians, and appropriating their land.

The great mystery is: why after 60 years of oppression are the Palestinians still an unarmed people? Clearly, the Muslim countries are complicit with Israel and the US in keeping the Palestinians unarmed.

The unsupported assertion that Iran supplies sophisticated arms to the Palestinians is like the unsupported assertion that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. These assertions are propagandistic justifications for killing Arab civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure in order to secure US and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

This is what our sons and daughters are really fighting for, an Eretz Israel that Jew Inc is ready to fight for till the last drop of American blood and the last dollar in our pockets.

7.18.13 photo eretzisraelmaplg_zpsaa9c20c7.jpg

A Very Interesting Conversation With Richard Williamson, Who Says The Holocaust Is A Hoax & 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Yes, this is the same Williamson who at one time was a Bishop in the Catholic Church, but the Pope, being a good little Zionist toady, excommunicated Williamson for daring to speak the truth about the Holocaust™ FRAUD.

Bishop Richard WIlliamson: “Not One Jew Killed By Gas Chambers. It Was All Lies Lies Lies.”


“File This Under, ‘Oh Shit!’

Seems like the oppressed and constantly under Judaic siege Germans are hungry for the TRUTH as told by their former leader, Adolph Hitler.

Hitler’s Mein Kampf sold-out in one day...despite a $63 dollar price tag and Zionist Jew liars adding a forward to explain why they love to hate Adolph.

HRM Hillary email reveals the truth about the neocons smashing Libya, the neocons wanted the oil and the Jew bankers wanted their 143 tons of gold.


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