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All Alone: US Tortures Children for ‘Excessive’ Number of Books


Despite a recent trend in the US to decrease the use of solitary confinement as a punishment for children, Nebraska, a state of almost 2 million people, considers the method appropriate and has applied it broadly.

Solitary confinement, as a form of torture, has been practiced in the US since the early 19th century but was later halted nationwide after reported negative psychological effects on children.

Human rights activists expressed concern over the trend as the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, said in 2011 that “even 15 days in solitary confinement constitutes torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and 15 days is the limit after which irreversible harmful psychological effects can occur.”

Mendez, the Argentinian human rights advocate tortured by local forces almost 50 years ago, called for an “absolute prohibition” on solitary confinement for children and those afflicted with mental illness.

Recent years have seen mounting reports of some states’ efforts to eliminate or at least reduce the significantly spread practice. Rikers Island, well known for its abuse-related practices with detainees, ruled out the use of solitary confinement for under-21s. The Pelican Bay State Prison based in California was slammed last year as its detainees filed a successful class lawsuit against the state for using prolonged solitary confinement system at the large scale.

Recommended to be used for no more than 240 minutes per day by the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, Nebraska officials appear to bypass the rules.

Constitutional rights violations and negative effects of solitary confinements for juveniles have never been considered enough by Nebraska officials to put an end the use of torture.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)-Nebraska discovered numerous reports of abuse in solitary confinements across different detention centers in the state and issued open records to get more information of the practice.

According to the ACLU, “a young Nebraskan’s experience with solitary confinement is completely arbitrary and dependent upon the facility in which he or she is placed.”

The Douglas County-based Correctional Youth Facility set records of having a detainee stayed for 90 days, whereas the usual maximum of stay for adults doesn’t exceed 15 days. A Madison County detention facility had at least one solitary sentence lasting 52 days.

The ACLU report explained the possible jaw-dropping consequences solitary confinement detainees might have.

“For adults, the effects can be persistent mental health problems, or worse, suicide. And for children, who are still developing and more vulnerable to irreparable harm, the risks of solitary are magnified — protracted isolation and solitary confinement can be permanently damaging, especially for those with mental illness.”

The punishment often excludes the child from attending educational classes or so from communicating with other children, further cutting their opportunity to develop and learn. Two instances of solitary confinement were prompted after it was found that the juveniles involved had an “excessive” number of books.

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Do We Owe Alex Jones An Apology?



George, a reader, thinks so. 
“Jones is a surgeon, and a clever one, albeit not quite clever enough to convince you that he’s one of the good guys. He is having a real effect in combating the NWO, and it is terribly disappointing that you cannot recognize how. Everyone with good or light on their side has their position to play, and everyone plays their position differently.”
From George:
Hello Henry,
I have just finished reading your article about Alex Jones. I am highly disappointed. There are so many problems with it, it would take me far too long to address it in any way that would be considered complete, so I will have to limit myself to the most important aspect.
For five years, I have listened to Mr. Jones every day with very few exceptions, and day in and day out Jones absolutely savages Jews. There is not a single high powered Jew he has not laid waste to. The list is too long to even begin to compile. In fact, it would be far easier to come up with a very short list of Jews he hasn’t attacked, but as a few random examples of those subject to his onslaught I give you Sumner Redstone, Elena Kagan, Rahm Emmanuel, and Janet Yellen. Jones has merely made the decision, for whatever reason, to attack the super elite as human beings without distinguishing them as Jews. So what. That is his prerogative. If others are able to put the last piece of the puzzle together without Jones being so explicit then he has done the job marvellously. Makow, you have to sharpen your skills in distinguishing good from evil. Jones is your ally.
Henry, I’ve read enough of your writing to know you have a good heart, but on this one you are terribly misguided.
It is virtually impossible for Jones to be so called controlled opposition, because if he was, it would be the most illogical tactic that could possibly be employed by the powers that be. Jones shines light on every conceivable evil perpetrated by the NWO, day in and day out, and there is no play in the book that says this is a viable tactic against an enemy, which in this case is you and I. Therefore, by appeal to the most basic logic, one must infer the NWO is not so stupid as to wantonly allow a constant spotlight to remain on their crimes by employing one Alex Jones. The fact that he ruthlessly excoriates the highest echelons without explicitly identifying many of them as Jewish is thoroughly irrelevant.
As just one example of how easy it is to disprove the Jones controlled opposition hypothesis of Peter C. via Makow, consider that in the article you cite a bombshell dropped by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney regarding the Israel lobby. Did you know that Ms. McKinney is a frequent guest on Alex Jones Show? Did you know that Cynthia McKinney has been a frequent guest on the Alex Jones Show before and after her bombshell of 2012 that you just cited? She has been on Jones’s show no less than four times that I am aware of. Alex loves Ms. McKinney and constantly brags about her incredible strength and fearless character, so how can you remotely explain this? I could cite scores of similar examples if I felt the listening party was actually prepared to give an alternative viewpoint on Alex Jones real consideration.
My point is, sometimes you have to look deeper when faced with obvious contradictory evidence. I have demonstrated that Jones cannot be a militant Zionist by pointing his relationship with Ms. McKinney (verifiable with some diligent archive searching). I have also listened to Jones express great criticism of Israel. As yet another example, he frequently mentions Israel’s bombing of the USS Liberty, and he pulls no punches. Henry, why would he pull back the veil on the Liberty affair if he was exclusively pro Israel? Henry, the truth is, you have incorrectly assessed Jones and his motives, mostly through focusing solely on circumstantial evidence that supports your conjecture. Jones has at least ten thousand hours of  airtime, which means that any single minded editor could easily find and compile statements that could support just about any theory about Jones.
My point remains, Jones is fearless and ferocious in his attacks on jews, not just on an occasion here and there, but every day. Just for a lark, add to my previous short list Henry Kissinger, Cass Sunstein, Chuck Shumer, Michael Bloomberg, Barbara Boxer, and the granddaddy of them all, Jacob Rothchild as just a few of the jews which Jones has taken on. I have heard Jones obliterate these people to the point that if they were facilitating him in any way, it would have to be merely as an act of suicide. In fact, I have a challenge for you, Henry. Provide me with just two prominent names of the illuminati that you are certain Jones has never talked about because of his connections.
In my opinion, Jones remains alive and out of the clutches of the powers that be for one reason, and one reason only, providence. Does Jones have faults? Sure, plenty of them, but who doesn’t.  
 You know, timing is everything. As fate would have it, at the very moment our topic turned to Alex Jones supposed Islamophobia, Jones reported on today’s show that on Monday he interviewed someone very interesting. In fact, Jones interviewed the very last person any Islamophobe would choose to interview. The interview lasted some two hours and included a very cordial dinner after with associates of both sides present. Some of the conversation at dinner was also recorded. All reports are the interview went very well and there was considerable common ground. Who did Jones interview? Louis Farrakhan.
Can you tell me if Jones’s attempt to find common ground with the leader of the Nation of Islam creates any doubt that you might have some facts wrong?
Jones will release the interview within a short time. I hope you will make some effort to listen to it in entirety. And I hope you will give consideration to trusting my insight with respect to Jones since I have far more information about where he stands on matters related to the NWO, the unfolding police state, and the criminal activity of the American government, which happens to be bought and paid for by the crime syndicate that is your sole focus.


Makow reply- I don’t visit Jones’ sites so I depend on readers like you. You start by saying Jones lambasts Zionists and then you say he soft pedals them – which is it? If you’re going to “lead the opposition” in  Lenin’s words, you have to be convincing.  Hitler was convincing and I believe he was also false opposition. Michael Collins Piper described how the Illuminati Jewish bankers have used false opposition in the past. Like Jones, the John Birch Society does good work but it is also false opposition.
 I believe Jones is false opposition because 1) His connection to Bronfman lawyer.   2) He was too young (age 22) when he got into the biz. He was groomed. 3) He has admitted he is a Rosicrucian, which is a Freemason. Admitted many family members were Masons.  4. More telling than Jews, he glosses over the role of Freemasonry which is crucial.  5. His access to mainstream media. 6. His cutting off William Cooper with the spurious excuse that Cooper used profanity. Did the same thing to me when I was on his show in 2008. He chewed me out for saying, “Illuminati don’t give a shit.” The world is going down the toilet, and suddenly this loudmouth Texan is being prissy?  
————Cringeworthy!  Jones Shills for Weight Loss products 
 First Comment from George:
I could seriously challenge your published response to my emails, and explain Jones’s real position probably better than he could. In fact, just in the last few days, and prompted by our recent exchange, I have uncovered some interesting things that bolster my Jones hypothesis substantially. It would take me weeks to formulate a written presentation, and I just don’t have the time. I merely make the small gesture on occasion to pull together those who are near the front lines, when time allows by writing a brief letter or two.
I am deeply disappointed that I failed to make any positive impression on you, and that you declined to call me, or provide a phone number so that we could discuss this at length. You know perfectly well how laborious it is to formulate complex thoughts and ideas and present them well in writing. You say you depend on readers like me for your information about Jones, so the idea that I am much less credible than the others – given what efforts I have made to reach out on a more personal level – tells me that you have no interest in changing your opinion on him. Make no mistake, Henry, you are far less effective in your life’s work because of it.
Lynda writes:
  No. Stick to your position.  You have called it.  Alex is controlled opposition. “To control the opposition, you must lead the opposition”.  (It sounds better in French).
Your reader George is engaging; his heart is in the right and write place.  But like most people with good hearts who are working to correct their thinking, George  does not get – in a word: guile. He does not get trauma based mind control as used on mass populations. And frankly who would want to get it?  Unfortunately at this point in the discussion, this is one of the must knows.
The Jewish Supremacy needs anti-semitism – a specific type of anti-semitism that must look as much as possible like raving, foaming at the mouth irrational hate. This is because the Jewish mass mind has been programmed to think/feel and know in the kishkes that the Jews as a people are hated by all others for no other reason than – they are Jews.  This program at an unconscious, racial level is virtually downloaded with the DNA.  Only the Divine Logos, Christ the Saviour of men can heal this.  But Gentiles can at least be aware of what the Jewish program is and refrain from punching enter, enter, enter – as does Alex Jomes.
And the Gentiles can work on de-programming ourselves.  Why am I not surprised  Alex Jones does not go there?
If we were to sit down at the table with the Learned Elders who are mapping this thing out, we would see they have certain necessities.  One of them is to keep their schmo screen as impenetrable as possible.  And they have to work the bellows and drive the machine of war in terms of the human mind and emotions.  E Michael Jones has called it.  Israel Shamir has called it and Gilad Atzmon has called it. And you have called it, Henry.  The Jewish people are both camoflauge and shields to the Big Machers at the apex of the new world order.  In his “Goy Guide to World History”, E Michael Jones lays out one of the key roles of the Jews as a population: “they are human shields”.
To control this dynamic population and keep it on a short lead, the Machers have to apply trauma based mind control to a mass population.  It has to be seared into the Jewish mind that the non-Jews hate them for no other reason that they are Jews, hate their looks, their characters, their successes, their cooking, their grandmothers, their achievements, their kids and even their pet shi-tzus.  It is important, in terms of the schmo screen,  that the Jewish program must read  like:  ‘if Big Jew did not have the situation in hand,  a pogrom would get Judge Judy off the air and close all the kosher delis tomorrow’. They have to live in a state of anxiety. Basically it is the same schtick the Big Machers are running on all the Gentile nations they have now subverted and are in process of  utiliizing as ZOGs for their new world order. On a darker note, it is why the Jewish false flags and black ops often include in the script an atrocity on a Jewish school or business or centre.
It is one of their main weaknesses that the Schmucks who are running this never really get any new ideas.
By now, of course, with so much evidence on the table documenting the outsized role that Jews are playing in the subversion of nations, anti-semitism doesn’t look so irrational.  This constitutes a problem for the Big Machers. Enter the Alex Jones brand of anti-semitism.  In terms of the Jewish Supremacy and its works, Alex never actually breaks any news about the Jewish role in the subversion of nations.  The information that he deals with is already public domain.  So Alex plays an indispensable role in framing it for the goys, modelling the emotional energy, “lambasting the Jews” and brewing the storm and the fury. The Big Machers can use that.  Correction.  They will certainly use that.  Right now they are using it to dominate  the speech that is putting the evidence of the Jewish Supremacy on the table and apply it to providing a strong suggestion that the Jews should ‘return’ to Israel.  I seriously doubt that anyone who reads your writing thinks that the ZOG wars over there are about oil.  Of course, the ZOG wars are for the creation of Greater Israel.  Who is supposed to inhabit Greater Israel if not the Jews?
In terms of the program, the Jews have to ‘get it’ that they are hated because they are Jews and because they are, on the whole, a successful group.  And from the Big Macher POV, the more Jews who can be loud and out there with their successes that create social destruction for the Gentiles, the more they will give all Jewish success stories a bad name.   Think Lucky Larry and his insurance pay-out on the Twin Towers.  Alex’s role is to amplify that and shit stir the backlash.
But as with David Icke, Alex crops the Masonic Agentur out of the picture.  Them good ole boyz Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum have to front the schmo screen and promote the ordo ab chao.  How could Alex possibly miss this?  For me that seals it.  Alex is controlled opposition and he is modelling to an international audience exactly the kind of anti-semitism the Big Machers want at this stage of Revelation of Method.
The Jews who want to dismantle the Jewish programming and rewrite the script will have to be strict with Alex.  The Gentiles who want to dismantle the Gentile programming and rewrite the script will have to be strict with Alex. He must exit pursued by a bear.
Glenn writes: 
“Do We Owe Alex Jones An Apology?”  No, Alex Jones owes us an apology. When I was a relative new comer to the “truth movement” sometime around 2004 I found Alex to be a good source for information I was seeking on 9-11 and the globalist agenda in general. I was even an infowars subscriber. Alex never seemed to be afraid to call out the bad guys. As a period of two years passed by with me listening to his every show I began to notice at times Alex would absolutely destroy the guest he had on his show if they in someway crossed some kind of line he held sacred. He would become loud and rude, talking and almost screaming over his guest at times. This began to grate on me and made me wonder if he was not in fact “paid opposition”, used to keep people who were smart enough to know many things were not right about 9-11 looking in a certain direction and not at the real culprits.
  One of my first eye opener’s was when a video was posted of Alex disrupting and really destroying a pro second amendment rally in Austin, Texas. Here is a link to that video.
  My second clue was when Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton (now Dykes as Aaron and Mellissa were married) quit his show and started their own truth site. Aaron was the force behind some really great videos put out by infowars at the time. 
  So, after years of research and a relentless quest for the truth I have found there is a great force out there who are in fact nothing more than paid opposition, cointelpro if you will. These forces act the same way the lame stream media does. They feed you constant doses of fear along with a steady list of enemies to hate. It will be hard when you learn these folks are paid and supported by the same Jewish masters who rule over everything else. It will be hard when you learn these controller’s and their plan of deception and  lies are as old as history itself.
  If you do not think we have a “Jewish” problem, ask yourself why virtually EVERY politician must kiss the ring of the Jew before he is allowed to enter the field of national politics. Ask your self why the largest lobby in America is a JEWISH lobby pushing a JEWISH agenda. Ask your self why the fact that five Israelis were arrested on 9-11 as suspected conspirators is never mentioned. After all of that, ask yourself why Alex Jones will never mention anything to do with our Jewish problem. Maybe it is true that he is in fact Alex Jewns.


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Mugabe is a fool, but not for the reasons you think


Image result for mugabe cartoons

Douglas Schorr

Zimbabwe’s violent dictator is once again the darling capitalist of the West. The reason is the standard and most simple: Zimbabwe has the world’s second largest reserves of platinum, its uranium production is going westwards and Mugabe has agreed to toe the line on the marketing of the world’s largest ever single field diamond operation, Marange.

Once again the darling of Europe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, recently delivered a powerful climate change rebuke in Paris.[1] He loves travelling almost as much as making speeches and as frail as he is he wasn’t going to miss it. His most famous speeches, words that went viral without the help of the internet, were made in 1980 when he called for national unity and forgiveness as he graciously accepted the Prime Ministership from the people and the independence of Zimbabwe from the British royals.[2]

I’ve never liked him. At first that was because I was seeped in Rhodesian Front propaganda. I was on the losing side and he spoke and wrote English better. But when I woke to the depth of the Rhodesian Front’s lies to understand it was a war that should never have been fought, I realised there were many better others who could have led the new Zimbabwe.

Even as I watched from afar for him to fall, from 1980 until the mid-90s, everybody loved him. The Lancaster Agreement he honoured in every respect for the full agreed 10 years and more. He committed Zimbabwe to paying off its huge war debt. He and Smith was best buddies – the old whitie was in and out of his office until around 1983 – and at first even General Walls was there too, shooting the breeze, planning the country and though he wasn’t in on the genocide, other whitie colleagues were.

Though PW Botha of South Africa tried to derail him financially and through terror tactics, and though the West didn’t give all they said they would, he nevertheless marched on his rebuilding ticket. The world lauded him, proclaiming statesman of the decade, not because he was Uncle Bob the rare trustworthy black, but because he was a true blue capitalist.

Under him there was little change in land ownership. The affluent West continued to hold their great hunks of land to play in (De Beers still had likely the world’s biggest private holding) and they continued to enjoy all the produce of the fertilized, watered and tended to land by cheap labour country, the beef, food crops, fine tobacco and flowers too. While the white farmers made a bomb with their new-found partner in Bob, the IMF and others plied the new country with loans they knew, soon, Mugabe wouldn’t be able to repay. To his socialism ideas, and the fact that he favoured those who had voted for him, they turned a blind eye.

African agriculture soon surpassed prewar levels, supplying nearly all the country’s basics. The Tribal Trust Lands, in terms of education, health, roads and dip tanks that Smith had devastated were re-built, and more. The West sniggered when he bought a mine or a bank to save it from failing (to keep the jobs), when he (with World Bank help) introduced micro-lending to indigent farmers (to keep them afloat and to expand), and they laughed loud when he did away with the financial controls that had kept Rhodesia upright, allowing the importation of luxuries and whites to take their money out. Some mines, farmers and trading-others carried on selling the resources of Zim to themselves, calling it ‘transfer pricing’, fine words that in old speak mean ‘taking the country’s profits out’. They clapped.

The late 80s saw too the start of serious corruption, a colourless phenomenon.

The West had drained Zimbabwe and while the whole world watched Mugabe play Father of the new land, all of Central Africa was being quietly and, out of sight out of mind, viciously plundered.

The great thing about a fading memory is that I can take up a Tom Sharp novel, decide I’ve never seen it before, and once again laugh for days. Concerning Mugabe many have aspired to forget those heady days when Zimbabwe leapt forward, when the Queen knighted him and when the governments of the UK and the USA assisted in his ‘problem’ with the Matabele and Renamo – not for free of course.

The crunch came in 1991 when Mugabe was persuaded to participate in the IMF’s standard (what is good for Indonesia/Zambia is good for all) Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP), a system of loans tied to a non-negotiable action programmes ostensibly to bolster Zimbabwe’s economy, but in reality a wave of escalating debt that would cripple the country (and any other) under rising compound interest rates – a technique perfectly designed to keep the West in a constant flow of hard cash from the Third World, the same as any money lender. ‘Amazingly, the Bank’s 1995 evaluation of ESAP declared it “highly satisfactory” (the highest mark possible).’[3]

Never a truer declaration. Zimbabwe, Africa’s pre-eminent Black State, born after years of pleading for a peaceful settlement and finally won through the barrel of the gun against better armed and trained white folk, proving that Black Africa could be competitive with the best in all the world, was being collapsed. The West’s destabilisation objective was finally reached.

The IMF demands brought ridiculous levels of hardship overnight. All the good works of the 80s in the poverty stricken zones of the TTLs and townships were undone. Staff trained at the cost of millions of borrowed money were fired. The great diaspora was underway and commonwealth countries picked the best qualified personnel while Zim still had to pay them for them. If that wasn’t enough, the ground work was being laid for the US funded MDC, and the fun had just begun.

‘ESAP brought immediate, unprecedented increases in interest rates and inflation’[4] just when the entire region was hit by the worst droughts in recorded history. Money was fleeing the country, the stock market (up to then rife with insider trading – I was invited) crashed, manufacturing’s steep decline (the corporates’ way of adding pressure) was devastating the employment market, never to stop until today.

Mugabe’s naivety was shown to the full when, after all of that, his lack of exchange controls allowed the fragile Zim$ to come under easy attack, beginning in 1997 where it ‘[fell] 74% during one four-hour raid after Mugabe joined the DRC conflict and paid generous pensions to protesting liberation war vets.’ Reacting to growing unpopularity and two Harare food riots, he finally invoked three pro-poor policies in 1997-98. He reimposed price controls on staple foods, controls on conversion of corporate foreign exchange accounts to local currency, and steep luxury import taxes.[5]

Under the demands of the financier(s) every social project and every black empowerment process collapsed. Only the army and police were allowed to stay because the money men (the IMF and partners) knew the hardship would be so dramatic and so deep that their guns and muscle would be needed to keep order. It was and should have been the end for Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Instead of following a slowly slowly make a place for all Castro route, as indeed Machel advocated, in gods, the West and debt he had trusted. By 1999 all except the privileged original white miners and white farmers were blown apart (they had had a bonanza right through the 90s).

But he didn’t go and so the farm invasions had to happen. For Mugabe to have stopped them would have been political suicide, just as Smith would have seen his had he allowed a black to own a white farm before 1977. Having a devastated black portion in 2000 after the heroic fight for liberation while the white portion continued as if nothing had happened was dynamite, exacerbated by a continued refusal of whites to share.

And so began the era of wholesale corruption as the failed Mugabe paid to stay in power. Cronyism reached and has stayed at record levels even for a capitalist outfit.

It was the farm invasions however that allowed media to focus on little Zimbabwe (with an economy smaller than a US state capital), while massive abuses of power and plunder were happening elsewhere – in big brother’s Pretoria and with the Queen’s very own Blair.[6] Had the MDC acted honestly and proved their grass-roots they’d have likely taken Mugabe down, but the people remembered Zanu had defeated the colonists. ‘If you’re going to pressure us,’ was the natural thought dictating most of the land, ‘we’ll resist just as we did before.’

Retaliation came from outside. The big boys with the reserve currencies of the US$ and Brit£ crashed the tiny Zim$ with inflation hitting 12,875% per year in 2007,[7] an action that made sure the country couldn’t even borrow wheel barrows and which forced Mugabe to turn to (the non-aligned, for a time) Gadhafi for assistance for the first time ever.

Some kind of land reform had to happen. For once the country had to look to feeding its own and not growing and supplying the over-fed, wealthy and hugely subsidised Europeans. And, over and above the obvious cronyism, there were huge extraneous reasons adding to the fire, such as no money and no rain.

Land reform hasn’t gone well but nor has it been a total failure. There are many reports of successes recorded in UK university studies, in the work of Ian Scoones and his team in among the hype of land left lying (just as it did under the Rhodesian Front).

Suddenly it’s all changed and the dictator, Zimbabwe’s newest destroyer-in-chief who has been in violent action since the late 1990s, is once again the darling capitalist of the West. Paris last week and who knows where next.

The reason is the standard and most simple: Zimbabwe has the world’s second largest reserves of platinum, its uranium production is going westwards and Mugabe has agreed to toe the line on the marketing of the world’s largest ever single field diamond operation, Marange. Where before it was a free-for-all,[8] now apparently the prices stay stable and the traders continue to number among the world’s most wealthy.[9] Tobacco is flowing again, the wild profits and collateral damage is all on track and wild-life safaris are in demand.

The Greedy capitalist pig Robert G Mugabe is back at the trough and Europe is wetting itself with joy.

I refused to go back during the 80s and 90s. I turned offers down because I didn’t trust Mugabe. I’ve been proved right but for all the wrong reasons. Who knows, had I stayed perhaps I’d have been invited into the white fringe and ended up with an amazing Billy Rautenbach farm,[10] a piece of one of the vast De Beers Estates or luxuriant living at Van Hoogstraten, or assisted to retire to a palatial Bredenkamp place in the UK and got to know a royal. Or, more likely, I’d have simply been able to enjoy life. As an ex-colleague wrote a few days ago: ‘but (Zim) is still the best place for me and my kids and my grandkids …Kariba and the Zambezi, golf and mates …and the people still friendly and well-intended.’

That the whites of Rhodesia institutionalised apartheid with the infamous Land Apportionment Act of 1930, a process that saw 99% of blacks excluded and which led to an insane war was dreadfully wrong, but it was done in the framework of an old world. That Mugabe and Zanu have debased and all but destroyed 60% of their own in the new world isn’t acceptable to me, but that many of my contemporaries pour the same misguided diatribe onto him, inaccurate fodder manufactured by the West’s corporate owned media, is unacceptable to me also. Mugabe is a fool caught in a wider conspiracy, an effective puppet made better by his mad ravings.

My new year’s wish is to see Robert Gabriel Mugabe gone before the bells clock in January 1, 2016, and even bigger, some sanity and peace restored to the world.

* A former soldier and district commissioner in then Rhodesia, Douglas Schorr is today a committed critic of capitalism and colonial legacies, citing them as the source of poverty in Africa. His first book, The Myth of Smith, is available for sale on [url=file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/]Amazon Kindle[/url] as are the short stories Mr Boomslang & 7 Other Rhodesian Fireside Tales. Schorr blogs at Follow him on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.



[2] The same family that turned a blind eye to the illegalities of the Occupation of Mashonaland in 1890.

[3] Prof Bond is a store-house of data and opinion on modern Zimbabwe: All those really interested must read his work. For this piece I have supported by experiences with his ‘Zimbabwe’s Crisis Showcases Reasons for Bank/IMF Protest’ (see and ‘Lessons of Zimbabwe: An exchange between Patrick Bond and Mahmood Mamdani’ @ 

[4] Bond


[6] Blair was in at the end of Thatcher’s Saudi arms deal –, as well as at the pre-planning stage of the invasion of Iraq 

[7] Cato Institute


[9] Europe has always ignored the blood on diamonds … they have a few fancy-smart sounding rules that amount to ‘little man –away with you, we’re here’. Some stories suggest Daniel Gertler (said to be grandson of the once big man in the Israeli Diamond scene) is/was cheek to jowl with Mugs and team. It is confusing – many other names are suggested. I recall being skyped by a (black) Zimbabwean that the Zim Forces had suddenly acquired new equipment and in particular (some, a) awesome helicopter gunship. Days later the news broke officially of the diamonds we like to wear and of diggers being driven out of Marange.

[10] Billy Rautenbach see, and there’s Nicholas van Hoogstraten @ › World › Zimbabwe of May 23, 2014 and old timer, Smith’s sanctions mate, John Bredenkamp – Wikispooks –

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