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Nazi report reveals ISIS is close to making armed drones


© US Air Force
While the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi terrorist group has long used small, recreational drones to film propaganda videos, Daesh is now producing military-grade models – and working toward an armed variant.Earlier this week, Iraqi militias spotted a familiar sight in the skies above Anbar province. While Iraq is no stranger to the presence of UAVs, two seen over Daesh-held Fallujah and Haditha were not American Reaper or Predator drones.

Upon inspection, the UAVs were more crude, but nevertheless outfitted with cameras and capable of transmitting surveillance data back to units on the ground. Analysis also showed that the aircraft were capable of covering a distance of at least 42 miles.

According to Nazi military sources speaking to Debka File, the frighteningly sophisticated drones belonged to Daesh.

US intelligence had previously speculated that the terrorist organization could be developing UAVs in an industrial plant located outside the Iraqi city of Mosul. But officials did not suspect that the factory could produce flight-ready aircraft this quickly.

Military officials theorize that US-trained Iraqi fighters may have contributed engineering knowledge to Daesh.

Debka File’s intelligence sources also reveal that Daesh is not only interested in surveillance drones, but is also pursuing an armed model capable of carrying missiles or bombs.

During a meeting at Central Command Headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, senior military officers said that the terrorist organization is in the “final stages” of testing armed drones.

It’s also possible that the terrorist organization has retrofitted UAV technology stolen from downed American aircraft. Earlier this month, US Air Forces Central Command admitted that remote pilots lost control of a MQ-1 Predator drone near al Qaim in central Iraq.

While US officials maintain that the aircraft crashed, Daesh militants claim to have shot down the UAV, posting photos of the wreckage.

US Central Command claims that the wreckage was destroyed by an airstrike to keep the technology out of Daesh’s hands.

Two additional US drones were lost over the Middle East last year.

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How will Russia react now that Turkey’s military has entered Syria?

Rudy Panko

© Unknown

With peace negotiations to begin next week, and with almost no bargaining chips left to play with, Erdogan has decided to send Turkish forces into Syria.

Turkey has seized the ISIS-controlled town of Jarabulus, but faced no resistance, according to reports:

Eyewitnesses to the incursion reported that the Turkish forces have not encountered any resistance from ISIS fighters in the area. These reports once again raise the question of possible collaboration between Turkey and ISIS aimed at halting the advance of the Kurdish militias in north Syria.

The fact that Turkey faced zero resistance is suspicious, but even more troubling is Erdogan’s level of desperation. The Kurds are slowly retaking northern Syria from ISIS. For Turkey this is an unacceptable reality. As Patrick Cockburn wrote earlier this week, “Turkey is getting close to the point where it has to become militarily engaged in the war for northern Syria or become a marginal player.”

Stratfor also predicted a Turkish incursion into Syria. Earlier this week Stratfor wrote, “In what could be a sign of this intent, Turkish minesweeping vehicles have started clearing mines along a section of the border near the Syrian town of Jarabulus, which the Islamic State controls.”

© Stratfor 2015
Turkish build-up on the Syrian border, as reported by Stratfor

But the big question now is: How will Russia respond? According to Stratfor, Russia has agreed not to interfere:

According to Stratfor sources, Russia and the United States have discussed the plan, and Russia has agreed not to obstruct Turkey’s efforts so long as Ankara does not try to expand the buffer zone to the Mediterranean Sea — a stipulation Turkey has reportedly acquiesced to. Our sources also said liaison officers from Turkey, Russia and the United States will coordinate with one another to prevent cases of accidental fire or, in the event that they do occur, to avoid any escalation between Turkish and Russian forces.

Time will tell.

Comment: No doubt that, after Turkey took down a Russian bomber, Russia was well aware that further escalations were simply a matter of when and where. As Pepe Escobar pointed out back in December, 2015:

The current shadow play – which includes the deployment of US Special Forces to northern Syria – opens the possibility that Turks and Americans are about to launch a major offensive to expel Islamic State from the crucial Jarabulus crossroads. Erdogan’s pretext is well known: to block by any means the attempt by YPG Syrian Kurds to unite their three cantons in northern Syria. In this corridor, Erdogan wants to install a dodgy, hazy bunch of Turkmen – his proxies – mixed with unspecified Sunni “moderate rebels,” keeping all lines of communication (and smuggling) with Turkey open.

Syrian Kurds, on the other hand, want to get there first. With American air support. And with Russian air support. This is one of the few things Team Obama and the Kremlin do agree on in Syria – to the absolute despair of the Sultan. The inside word from Ankara is that Turkey would be ready for a ground push on Jarabulus but only under American cover. Quite absurd, considering Washington and Ankara hardly are looking for the same endgame.

Syria: The break for the border

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Saudi Zio-Wahhabi given US, Brit, Nazi jets to bomb Yemen


Yemeni army spokesman, Sharaf Luqman

Nazi regime of I$raHell, the United States, the United Kingdom have been contributing to Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime deadly war on Yemen by sending warplanes to bomb the impoverished nation, a Yemeni army official reveals. Sharaf Luqman, a spokesman for the Yemeni army, said on Thursday that ” fighter jets belonging to the US, Britain and Israel have been directly bombing Yemen as Saudi pilots are unable to conduct sorties with modern warplanes over Yemen”. The army official said that Yemeni army and fighters of the Houthi Ansarullah movement have so far managed to down three F-16 fighter jets,10 Apache helicopters and dozens of drones.

Luqman said about 400 military personnel from the European and Latin American countries, mainly from Colombia, have been recruited to fight for the Zio-Wahhabi family in Yemen.

Reports emerged in late December 2015 that six Colombian troops and an Australian commander had been killed in clashes with Yemen’s Houthi fighters and allied forces in the south western part of the country. According to Yemeni sources, the Colombians have been dispatched to Yemen under an agreement between the United Arab Emirates, a major ally of the Saudis Zio-Wahhabi in the Yemen war, and a US-based security services company formerly called Blackwater.

The New York Times reported on November 25 that the UAE has “secretly” deployed 450 Latin American troops, most of them from Colombia but among them Panamanian, Salvadoran and Chilean soldiers, to fight in the war on Yemen

Comment: In December, 2015, Colombian troops were assigned to Yemen by UAE, and were supposed to pass unnoticed as local Emirati soldiers. Many of the Colombian fighters deserted, refusing to be substitute canon fodder.

Washington has also been helping the Saudis in their nearly nine months of bombardment of Yemen by providing logistics and intelligence to the Saudi air force.

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US State Department hangs Russian flag upside down at Lavrov-Kerry meeting


© Ruptly

The US State Department just seems to lack attentiveness when it comes to minor details in US-Russian relations: the Russian flag was hung upside down in the conference room in Zurich ahead of a meeting between the top Russian and US diplomats.

Ahead of the key negotiations between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry on the fate of Syria, the situation in the Middle East and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, US State Department officials were left red-faced when a cameraman pointed out the fact that the Russian flag in the conference room was hanging upside down.

As Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Glen Johnson led journalists to the appropriate rooms before the diplomatic teams arrived, a cameraman alerted the US State Department official to the obvious mistake.

“Hey Glen, the Russian flag is upside down so the colors [are] in the wrong direction,” the cameraman said.

“What, are you serious?,” Johnson replied. “You’re not bulls**tting me, right?”

“I’m not bullsh**ting you,” the cameraman confirmed.

“So the white should be on top?,” Glen Johnson double-checked, just in time to save face ahead of the diplomatic round.

The flag of Russia is a tricolor flag consisting of three equal horizontal fields: white on the top, blue in the middle and red on the bottom.

Back in 2009 the sharp-sighted cameraman was unfortunately not around to correct a previous high-profile diplomatic mistake by the US State Department team, then led by the former secretary of state, Hilary Clinton. A symbolic gift to Lavrov at the time, which was supposed to symbolize a thaw in US-Russian relations, turned out to be a total embarrassment for the entire US State Department staff.

The American side had mistakenly attached the word “peregruzka”on a gift (a ‘reset’ button symbolizing a resetting of relations). However, the Russian translation for the word “reset” was incorrect and Lavrov could not resist a lighthearted remark about the oversight.

“You’ve got it wrong,” Lavrov commented with a smile, explaining that the big red button actually read “overload” (the correct choice of word should have been ‘perezagruzka’). But the Russian minister nevertheless thanked Clinton for the warm intentions.

Thanks to the sharp-eyed cameraman, a similar embarrassment was avoided this time in Zurich.

Comment: The Dunning-Kruger effect strikes again! US officials are showing to be less knowledgeable about the world than the average cameraman. That should make Americans concerned about the state of their government.

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By Dr: Richard Falk, David Krieger and Robert Laney

[Prefatory Note: What follows below is An Open Letter to the American People: Political Responsibility in the Nuclear Age. It was jointly written by myself in collaboration with David Krieger and Robert Laney. The three of us have been long connected with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. For further information on the work of the foundation see <>. The NAPF focuses its effort on the menace posed by nuclear weaponry and the urgency of seeking nuclear disarmament. The nuclear agreement with Iran and the North Korean nuclear test explosion are reminders of the gravity of the unmet challenge, and should serve as warnings against the persistence of complacency, which seems to be the prevailing political mood judging from the policy debates that have taken place during the early stages of the 2016 presidential campaign. This complacency is encouraged by the media that seems to have forgotten about nuclear dangers since the end of the Cold War, except for those issues arising from the real and feared proliferation of the weaponry to countries hostile to the United States and the West (Iran, North Korea). Our letter proceeds on the assumption that the core of the problem is associated with the possession, development, and deployment of the weaponry, that is, with the nine nuclear weapons states. The essence of a solution is to eliminate existing nuclear weapons arsenals through a phased, verified process of nuclear disarmament as legally mandated by Article VI of the Nonproliferation Treaty (1968, 1970).

We would be grateful if you could help us reach the widest possible audience through reposting and dissemination via social media networks.]


Dear fellow citizens:

By their purported test of a hydrogen bomb early in 2016, North Korea reminded the world that nuclear dangers are not an abstraction, but a continuing menace that the governments and peoples of the world ignore at their peril. Even if the test were not of a hydrogen bomb but of a smaller atomic weapon, as many experts suggest, we are still reminded that we live in the Nuclear Age, an age in which accident, miscalculation, insanity or intention could lead to devastating nuclear catastrophe.

What is most notable about the Nuclear Age is that we humans, by our scientific and technological ingenuity, have created the means of our own demise. The world currently is confronted by many threats to human wellbeing, and even civilizational survival, but we focus here on the particular grave dangers posed by nuclear weapons and nuclear war.

Even a relatively small nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan, with each country using 50 Hiroshima-size nuclear weapons on the other side’s cities, could result in a nuclear famine killing some two billion of the most vulnerable people on the planet. A nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia could destroy civilization in a single afternoon and send temperatures on Earth plummeting into a new ice age. Such a war could destroy most complex life on the planet. Despite the gravity of such threats, they are being ignored, which is morally reprehensible and politically irresponsible.

We in the United States are in the midst of hotly contested campaigns to determine the candidates of both major political parties in the 2016 presidential faceoff, and yet none of the frontrunners for the nominations have even voiced concern about the nuclear war dangers we face. This is an appalling oversight. It reflects the underlying situation of denial and complacency that disconnects the American people as a whole from the risks of use of nuclear weapons in the years ahead. This menacing disconnect is reinforced by the media, which has failed to challenge the candidates on their approach to this apocalyptic weaponry during the debates and has ignored the issue in their television and print coverage, even to the extent of excluding voices that express concern from their opinion pages. We regard it as a matter of urgency to put these issues back on the radar screen of public awareness.

We are appalled that none of the candidates running for the highest office in the land has yet put forward any plans or strategy to end current threats of nuclear annihilation, none has challenged the planned expenditure of $1 trillion to modernize the U.S. nuclear arsenal, and none has made a point of the U.S. being in breach of its nuclear disarmament obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In the presidential debates it has been a non-issue, which scandalizes the candidates for not raising the issue in their many public speeches and the media for not challenging them for failing to do so. As a society, we are out of touch with the most frightening, yet after decades still dangerously mishandled, challenge to the future of humanity.

There are nine countries that currently possess nuclear weapons. Five of these nuclear-armed countries are parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (U.S., Russia, UK, France and China), and are obligated by that treaty to negotiate in good faith for a cessation of the nuclear arms race and for nuclear disarmament. The other four nuclear-armed countries (Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea) are subject to the same obligations under customary international law. None of the nine nuclear-armed countries has engaged in such negotiations, a reality that should be met with anger and frustration, and not, as is now the case, with indifference. It is not only the United States that is responsible for the current state of denial and indifference. Throughout the world there is a false confidence that, because the Cold War is over and no nuclear weapons have been used since 1945, the nuclear dangers that once frightened and concerned people can now be ignored

Rather than fulfill their obligations for negotiated nuclear disarmament, the nine nuclear-armed countries all rely upon nuclear deterrence and are engaged in modernization programs that will keep their nuclear arsenals active through the 21st century and perhaps beyond. Unfortunately, nuclear deterrence does not actually provide security to countries with nuclear arsenals. Rather, it is a hypothesis about human behavior, which is unlikely to hold up over time. Nuclear deterrence has come close to failing on numerous occasions and would clearly be totally ineffective, or worse, against a terrorist group in possession of one or more nuclear weapons, which has no fear of retaliation and may actually welcome it. Further, as the world is now embarking on a renewed nuclear arms race, disturbingly reminiscent of the Cold War, rising risks of confrontations and crises between major states possessing nuclear weapons increase the possibility of use.

As citizens of a nuclear-armed country, we are also targets of nuclear weapons. John F. Kennedy saw clearly that “Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident, or miscalculation, or by madness. The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us.” What President Kennedy vividly expressed more than 50 years ago remains true today, and even more so as the weapons proliferate and as political extremist groups come closer to acquiring these terrible weapons.

Those with power and control over nuclear weapons could turn this planet, unique in all the universe in supporting life, into the charred remains of a Global Hiroshima. Should any political leader or government hold so much power? Should we be content to allow such power to rest in any hands at all?

It is time to end the nuclear weapons era. We are living on borrowed time. The U.S., as the world’s most powerful country, must play a leadership role in convening negotiations. For the U.S. to be effective in leading to achieve Nuclear Zero, U.S. citizens must awaken to the need to act and must press our government to act and encourage others elsewhere, especially in the other eight nuclear-armed countries, to press their governments to act as well. It is not enough to be apathetic, conformist, ignorant or in denial. We all must take action if we want to save humanity and other forms of life from nuclear catastrophe. In this spirit, we are at a stage where we need a robust global solidarity movement that is dedicated to raising awareness of the growing nuclear menace, and the urgent need to act nationally, regionally and globally to reverse the strong militarist currents that are pushing the world ever closer to the nuclear precipice.

Nuclear weapons are the most immediate threat to humanity, but they are not the only technology that could play and is playing havoc with the future of life. The scale of our technological impact on the environment (primarily fossil fuel extraction and use) is also resulting in global warming and climate chaos, with predicted rises in ocean levels and many other threats – ocean acidification, extreme weather, climate refugees and strife from drought – that will cause massive death and displacement of human and animal populations.

In addition to the technological threats to the human future, many people on the planet now suffer from hunger, disease, lack of shelter and lack of education. Every person on the planet has a right to adequate nutrition, health care, housing and education. It is deeply unjust to allow the rich to grow richer while the vast majority of humanity sinks into deeper poverty. It is immoral to spend our resources on modernizing weapons of mass annihilation while large numbers of people continue to suffer from the ravages of poverty.

Doing all we can to move the world to Nuclear Zero, while remaining responsive to other pressing dangers, is our best chance to ensure a benevolent future for our species and its natural surroundings. We can start by changing apathy to empathy, conformity to critical thinking, ignorance to wisdom, denial to recognition, and thought to action in responding to the threats posed by nuclear weapons and the technologies associated with global warming, as well as to the need to address present human suffering arising from war and poverty.

The richer countries are challenged by migrant flows of desperate people that number in the millions and by the realization that as many as a billion people on the planet are chronically hungry and another two billion are malnourished, resulting in widespread growth stunting among children and other maladies. While ridding the world of nuclear weaponry is our primary goal, we are mindful that the institution of war is responsible for chaos and massive casualties, and that we must also challenge the militarist mentality if we are ever to enjoy enduring peace and security on our planet.

The fate of our species is now being tested as never before. The question before us is whether humankind has the foresight and discipline necessary to forego some superfluous desires, mainly curtailing propensities for material luxuries and for domination of our fellow beings, thereby enabling all of us and succeeding generations to live lives worth living. Whether our species will rise to this challenge is uncertain, with current evidence not reassuring.

The time is short and what is at risk is civilization and every small and great thing that each of us loves and treasures on our planet.


The Hidden Slitherers of Mind Manipulation


Edited and slightly abridged by Lasha Darkmoon, with minor additions not found in the original text.

How a false reality is being constructed for us BY THE HIDDEN SLITHERERS OF MIND MANIPULATION

snake-slither-poison-evil2 (1)

“Beware of the red-eyed Infiltrator, known to many in the eastern lands as the ‘Whisperer’. His evil agents are everywhere. These hidden slitherers of mind manipulation wind their way into the secret chambers of the heart at every opportunity. Lies are what they carry, as mangy dogs carry fleas and ticks. They poison the mind with all manner of dangerous toxins and life defilement is their aim.” — Lasha Darkmoon, Unpublished Diary

Our reality is carefully constructed by powerful corporate, political and special interest sources in order to covertly sway public opinion. Blatant lies are often televised regarding terrorism, food, war, health, etc. They are fashioned to sway public opinion and condition viewers to accept what have become destructive societal norms.

The practice of manipulating and controlling public opinion with distorted media messages has become so common that there is a whole industry formed around this. The entire role of this brainwashing industry is to figure out how to spin information to journalists, similar to the lobbying of government. It is never really clear just how much truth the journalists receive because the news industry has become complacent. The messages that it presents are shaped by corporate powers who often spend millions on advertising.

Six conglomerates, which run this advertising,  own 90% of the media:  General Electric (GE), News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. Yet, these corporations function under many different brands, such as Fox, ABC, CNN, Comcast, Wall Street Journal, etc, giving people the perception of choice.

Mass brainwashing specialist L Wolfe has noted:

“As Tavistock’s researchers showed, it was important that the victims of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled; there should thus be a vast number of sources for information, whose messages could be varied slightly, so as to mask the sense of external control.”

New Brainwashing Tactics Called ‘Astroturf’

With alternative media on the rise, the propaganda machine continues to expand.

Below is a video of Sharyl Attkisson, investigative reporter with CBS, during which she explains how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, are used to spin information not only to influence journalists but to sway public opinion.

“Astroturf is a perversion of grassroots,” Sharyl Attkinson explains.  “Astroturf is when political, corporate or other special interests disguise themselves and publish blogs, start Facebook and Twitter accounts, publish ads, letters to the editor, or simply post comments online, to try to fool you into thinking an independent or grassroots movement is speaking.”

How do you separate fact from fiction? Sharyl Attkisson finishes her talk with some insights on how to identify signs of propaganda and astroturf.

Here is a summary of astroturf tactics. Once you’re aware of them, you will notice just how popular they have become:

—  Creating of Wikipedia pages, monitored by corporations.
—  Creating a social media presence, including Facebook and Twitter accounts, run by paid professionals.
—  Secretly funding non-profit organizations to create third-party support and web presence.
—  Search engine optimizing web pages such as blogs and third-party sites that support a specific agenda.
—  Financing industry research that is deceitfully presented as independent opinion.
—  Funding experts working on unrelated projects, while in reality creating paid consultants.

These methods are used to give people the impression that there is widespread support for an agenda, when, in reality, no such agenda exists. Astroturf tactics are also used to discredit or criticize those who disagree with certain agendas, using stereotypical names such as “conspiracy theorist” or “quack” to make people turn away from the truth and accept lies instead.

LD:  Don’t miss this 10-minute video. It exposes the hidden techniques of the Mind Manipulators to suppress the truth and create an entirely fictional reality whose ultimate aim can only be described as diabolical: to poison the wells of existence and enslave mankind, bringing us all under the dominion of the Architects of Evil.

VIDEO: 10.36 mins

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Nazi forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)


(14 – 20 January 2016) 

Nazi Forces Demolish Number of Civilian Facilities in Hebron.


  • ·Nazi forces continued to use excessive force in the oPt

–         5 Palestinian civilians were killed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

–         A Palestinian civilian was killed and his brother was wounded in a deliberate run-over attack by settlers in the West Bank.

–         23 Palestinian civilians, including 7 children and a female journalist, were wounded in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

  • ·Nazi forces continued to open fire at border areas along the Gaza Strip border area and a Palestinian civilian was wounded in the east of al-Shuja’iya neighbourhood.


  • ·Nazi forces conducted 127 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 3 limited ones in the southern Gaza Strip.

–         77 Palestinian civilians, including 4 children, were arrested.

–         6 of them were arrested in occupied Jerusalem.


  • ·Nazi forces continued to target Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip sea.

–         2 fishermen were arrested and their fishing boat was confiscated.


  • ·Jewish majority efforts continued in occupied East Jerusalem.

–         Nazi forces demolished a house in Beit Hanina and obliged a civilian to demolish a livestock barrack on his own.

–         Nazi Jewish Settlers wrote racist slogans on the walls of a church.

  • ·Illegal Nazi Jewish Settlement activities continued in the West Bank.

–         7 houses and 9 livestock and poultry barracks were demolished, and 47 fruitful trees were cut off.


  • ·Nazi forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 9th year.

–         Dozens of temporary checkpoints were established in the West Bank and other were re-established to obstruct the movement of Palestinian civilians.

–         4 Palestinian civilians were arrested at military checkpoints.

–         An elderly woman from the Gaza Strip was detained and prevented from praying in al-Aqsa Mosque.


Nazi violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (14 – 20 January 2016).


Nazi forces have continued to commit crimes, inflicting civilian casualties. They have also continued to use excessive force against Palestinian civilians participating in peaceful protests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the majority of whom were youngsters. Occupied East Jerusalem witnessed similar attacks. During the reporting period, Nazi forces killed five Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; three of them were in the West Bank and the two others were in the Gaza Strip. Moreover, a Palestinian civilian was killed and his little brother was wounded in a deliberate run-over attack by a settler.

Nazi forces also wounded 24 Palestinian civilians, including seven children and a female journalist. 11 of them, including three children, were in the Gaza Strip and the reminaing others were in the West Bank. Concerning the nature of injuries, 11 civilians were hit with live bullets and their shrapnel, 11 others were hit with rubber-coated metal bullets and two were hit with tear gas canisters.


In the West Bank, Nazi forces killed three Palestinian civilians and wounded 13 others, including four children and a female journalist.    

The full report is available online at:

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Nationalise the steel industry as a first step on the road to socialism

    Image result for steel industry photos
    Nationalise the steel industry as a first step on the road to socialism
    Thousands of steel workers’ jobs are being axed across the country. First,
    the liquidation of Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) UK led to the closure of
    the company’s site in Redcar, Teeside, with the devastating loss of 2,200
    jobs. The Redcar plant had been operating for 98 years. Soon after, Caparo
    went into administration, announcing over 300 job losses in the West
    Midlands in addition to more cuts in Hartlepool and at its Welsh sites.
    Then Tata Steel announced 1,200 job cuts in Scunthorpe and Lanarkshire,
    followed by another 750 Tata jobs at Port Talbot. With a further 100 jobs
    now on the line at Sheffield Forgemasters, more than a sixth of Britain’s
    remaining steel industry workers have lost their jobs in recent months,
    with no sign of any slowing in the decay of the industry. Indeed, it shows
    every sign of being in terminal decline. The current prospect of the
    complete demise of steel production in Britain threatens the livelihood of
    some 30,000 families, most of whom live in areas of already high
    Yet the products of that industry have never been more necessary to the
    development of the modern world, whose infrastructure, transport and
    machine tool requirements are urgent. The mainspring of capitalist
    production is not the needs of society, however, but the needs of the
    capitalist to make the maximum profit. Since the late 1970s, when the re-
    emergence of a crisis of overproduction began to choke the market for
    many commodities, including steel, sharpening competition between rival
    producers has resulted in the widespread plant closures and lay offs we
    now see unfolding.
    The Labour party and the trade-union misleaders, along with the
    imperialist mass media, are seeking to pin the blame for this on China,
    citing the low cost of Chinese steel exports. A Daily Mirror petition, which
    Unite is urging its members to sign, demands that the government should
    “buy British” and “block China from dumping cheap steel on the UK
    market”. Advising workers to cheer on British imperialism in its global
    trade-war battle for markets will do nothing to “save our steel”, and
    everything to mislead workers into lining up behind the union jack just as
    crisis-ridden imperialism slips deeper into slump and war. Let it not be
    forgotten how social democracy led the working classes of Europe into the
    charnel houses of the trenches under the deceptive slogan of “defence of
  • the fatherland”.
    Labour’s misleadership
    The real cause of the collapse of Britain’s steel industry, along with mining
    and other former economic mainstays, lies in the policies pursued by
    successive British governments, both Conservative and Labour, over
    decades, policies dictated by the long-ripening crisis of overproduction. In
    1965, the number of workers in the plants of the then British Steel
    Corporation (BSC) stood at 817,000. In January 1980, steelworkers began
    a bitter 13-week strike as the privatisation and wage-cutting agenda of the
    Thatcher government, elected the previous year, started to kick in. This
    strike was betrayed by the Labour and trade-union leaderships. Mass steel
    production in Scotland effectively ended with the closure of the
    Ravenscraig plant in 1992, despite a protracted struggle by the workers
    and their local communities. So vital had the plant been to local life that
    the town of Motherwell had been popularly nicknamed Steelopolis.
    This wilful destruction of a once-thriving steel industry by a parasitic
    imperialist ruling class occurred long before China, or any other
    developing country, was a significant steel exporter. When the likes of
    Jeremy Corbyn attempt to outflank the Tories from the right, demanding
    that the government “stand up to China” on the steel issue, they not only
    fuel reactionary and social-chauvinist attacks on a developing socialist
    country that was once the plaything of British imperialism; they also
    prevent the class struggle of the British working class from even getting
    off the ground by presenting friends (the socialist countries and workers in
    other countries generally) as enemies and enemies (the British ruling class,
    the EU and imperialism generally) as friends.
    Workers are told by Unite that “together we can save our steel”. But what
    does this mean? If it means that by putting pressure on our capitalist
    government we can reverse the half century of decline, then it is just
    whistling in the dark. Worse, it is encouraging workers to identify their
    class interests with those of the capitalist at the very moment when the
    state is making its preparations to crush working class resistance to
    deepening austerity.
    In hard reality there is only one way to save the steel industry in Britain,
    and that is to fight class against class with the strategic objective of
  • establishing the rule of working people. Only then can we create a planned
    socialist economy geared to serving the interests of all workers – not only
    in this country, but throughout the world.
    By all means let us demand the nationalisation of what remains of the steel
    industry, and let us demand for those laid off full compensation and
    retraining. But let us be sure that we demand these things, not as “left”
    camouflage for the pernicious slogan of “British jobs for British workers”,
    but as a first step in the direction of ending capitalist class rule for good

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University Study Shows that the Maidan Massacre was Planned by the Putschists


Ivan Katchanovski, professor of political science at the University of Ottawa, conducted a study on the massacre perpetrated by snipers on the Maidan square of Kiev in February, 2014.

This document, from a presentation to the American Association of Political Sciences in San Francisco in September 2015, is the first academic study on this event.

It uses rational choice theory and Weber’s theory of instrumental rationality to examine the actions of key players from both the Yanukovich government, specifically various police and security forces, and opposition, especially of the extreme right and oligarchic elements, during the massacre.

The paper analyzes a large amount of material available from different sources: about 1500 videos and recordings from the internet and television in different countries (about 150 gigabytes), newsletters and social media messages from a hundred journalists covering the massacre of Kiev, about 5000 photos, and nearly 30 gigabytes of radio interceptions of snipers and commanders of the Alfa unit of the Security Service of Ukraine and Ministry troops of the Interior and finally records of the massacre trial. This study is also based on field research on the massacre site, witness’ reports from both camps, the commanders of the special units, the statements made by current and former government officials, approximate estimates of ballistic trajectories , bullets and weapons used and the types of injuries on both sides. This study establishes a specific timetable for the various events of the massacre, the shooters locations and the precise timing and location of the death of nearly 50 protesters.

This university investigation concluded that the massacre was a false flag operation, which was rationally planned and executed with the aim to overthrow the government and seize power.

Ivan Katchanovski teaches at the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa. He has been a visiting scholar at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University, visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the State University of New York at Potsdam, postdoctoral fellow at the Political Science Department at the University of Toronto and Kluge Postdoctoral Fellow at the Kluge Center at the Library of Congress.


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Amy Ayalon: We have to create a kind of reality. Realistic reality. We are living in Middle East. Then let’s go back. If you are asking me. What is the reality? What should be the future of Middle East? Ten years from now? I will tell you, the whole concept of stability, security, statehood, should be based on some of parameters. First of all, we have to accept that it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT to create a coalition, a SUNNI COALITION that will be lead by Turkey.

Charlie Rose: We have turned to the question of Iran.

Amy Ayalon: Yes.

Charlie Rose: What should Israel do?

Amy Ayalon: Iran is a unite site. We cannot live with Iran having a nucleer military power. We sould not accept it.

It is clear and open that Israel is very uncomfortable of Iran’s power. Is not it apparent that those who spill out their hatred against Iran are helping to Israel?

Amy Ayalon: The question is how much time do we have? And what should we do? Now for me, how much ime do we have is with a correlation to what should we do.

Israel is confessing that its moment of being eradicated by Iran is very close. However, Turkish Economy Minister of AKP (Turkish ruling Party of Erdogan) explained how they would help Israel and he prayed for Israel during Israeli dirty war on Gaza in 2014.

Amy Ayalon: Because if we are going to unilaterally without an American or ınternational support without creating an athmosphere in the Middle East, it is not only we shall have to face the reaction. Probably it is too late. All what we can achieve with our military power is probably to delay the program. I do not know… for 12, 18 or 6 months. But if assumption is that we are a part of that coalition, based on a kind of SUNNI coalition.

It is clearly understood that Israel is organizing the Shia-Sunni polarization in Iraq, Syria, Yemen. Moreover, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia are moving in this planned context.

Charlie Rose: What do you mean by Sunni coalition?

Amy Ayalon: Sunni coalition that means Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia understand that the major conflict is Shia led by Iran and they create this coalition as I mentioned before. You know.. to create this coalition that will face Iran. The Palestinian- Israeli conflict okay..
Imam Khomeini warned us about sectarian plot and identified the plots by saying:

“He who does shiism while he is a Shia and he who does sunnism while he is a Sunni is neither Shia nor Sunni; he is the hand of Imperiailsts among us.


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