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SHOKING: HUGE Scandal – Chelsea Clinton Is NOT Bill’s Daughter?

chelsea clinton

It appears Chelsea Clinton’s real father is Webster Hubbell, the former Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas. Hubbell was a law partner at Rose Law Firm with Hillary, and became one of the most important Clinton-insiders.

Then-Governor Clinton appointed Hubbell as Chief Justice of the Arkansas State Supreme Court, but 10 years later he resigned before pleading guilty to federal mail fraud and tax evasion for overbilling clients. Hubbell served 15 months in prison.

The New Yorker reported on rumors that Hillary Clinton’s affair was first noticed in 1984 at the Governor’s Mansion during Bill’s second term, but had started long before.

Apparently, Bill Clinton is infertile. This raises serious character questions about Hillary Clinton… If she was elected, this type of sex scandal could open her up to blackmail.

Robert Morrow claimed:

“His exact words were, ‘I shoot blanks.’ Stunned by what I’d just heard, I asked him, ‘Then what about Chelsea?’ And he said, ‘Oh, Webb (Hubbell) sired her.’”

As the National Enquirer reported (the same tabloid which broke the John Edwards sex scandal), the accusation was being made by former Clinton aide Larry Nichols.

“According to well-respected author Edward Klein’s (2005) book, The Truth about Hillary, Bill discovered his wife was pregnant by reading it in the ‘Arkansas Gazette.’”

“It’s unfortunate, sad really, that Chelsea has no real relationship with Hubbell – who I believe to be her real biological father – when he’s alive and kicking and living in North Carolina.

“But it could be she’s in denial, despite overwhelming proof that Webb is her real dad.”

“Whatever Chelsea does or doesn’t know about her paternity, I’m sure she considers Bill her real dad — despite there being no blood ties,” Nichols said. “I saw firsthand what a doting, loving father he was to his little girl.

“He always treated her as if she was his own – which in his heart, I believe she’s always been – from day one.”

And, as an update, the National Enquirer attempted a DNA test and Hubble was NOT excluded as the possible father:

The ENQUIRER approached Webb, 67, at a book signing in Durham, N.C., on July 18, 2014. He was promoting his political thriller ironically titled, “When Men Betray.”

Webb arrived to a crowd of about 10 people in attendance – including an ENQUIRER reporter posing as a fan.

Our reporter presented a brand new Sharpie pen and a pristine copy of the book. Webb signed his name in the book – and even agreed to place both the book and the Sharpie pen in a protective bag.

“Webb was more than accommodating. He just thought I was some kind of super fan,” said the reporter, who also retrieved a large Starbucks drink that Webb had been drinking from – which was later tested for additional saliva and DNA!

Chelsea’s DNA was much more difficult to acquire. As a former First Daughter, she’s constantly guarded by Secret Service agents or an entourage from her dad’s Clinton Foundation – where she serves as Vice Chairwoman.

On April 9, however, The ENQUIRER was there as Chelsea spoke about public health initiatives at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston.

The undercover ENQUIRER reporter posed as a high school student visiting Harvard on a college tour. As Chelsea exited the auditorium, the teenager followed with a new Sharpie and a clean copy of Hillary’s authorized biography, “Living History.”

“Chelsea, I admire you so much! Can you sign your mother’s book for me?” the teen gushed.

Eager to please, Chelsea signed the book for the teenager – who quickly returned it, along with the Sharpie pen tucked inside, to an ENQUIRER reporter.

The samples were taken to a genetics lab in the Southeastern United States – which agreed to do the testing on the agreement that The ENQUIRER not publish its name.

The forensic examination of the samples could not disprove that Webb was Chelsea’s father – with the official result being “inconclusive.”

Here are some striking photos which show how similar Hubble and Chelsea Clinton look.

chelsea clinton2

chelsea clinton3

chelsea clinton4


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For who does not understand the need or concept of resistance of Palestine, recommended read: The History of Palestinian Resistance cartoon

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وفاة السيدة أنيسة مخلوف أرملة الرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد DAMASCUS/LATAKIA:  SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE HUMBLY EXTENDS ITS DEEPEST CONDOLENCES TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC, DR. BASHAR AL-ASSAD, UPON THE PASSING AWAY OF HIS MOTHER, ANEESA MAKHLOOF; OUR CONDOLENCES TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE ASSAD, MAKHLOOF AND SHAALEESH FAMILIES OF QARDAAHA IN LATAKIA PROVINCE.   The president’s mother died peacefully on Saturday, February 6, 2016, at the age of 86 years.  She was born in Latakia in 1930 and married the future president of the republic, Gen. Haafizh Al-Assad, in 1957, when he was a first lieutenant in the Syrian Arab Air Force.  Unlike so many wives of stiflingly boorish Middle Eastern leaders, Mrs. Makhloof, regularly accompanied her husband around the world and was active in preserving women’s rights and family values.  She will be missed. In pace requiescat.  


Jawbar and Khaan Al-Shaykh:  We received a report on Friday that a major advance has been accomplished by the SAA and its allies here.




بتوجيه من الرئيس الأسد.. وزير الدفاع يقوم بجولة ميدانية في عتمان بريف درعا  AL-RAQQA:  THE CAMPAIGN TO LIBERATE THIS OPPRESSED CITY HAS BEGUN.


أنباء عن عملية عسكرية للجيش ضد The Syrian Army has taken up positions all over eastern Homs Province in preparation for the battle to liberate Al-Raqqa from the stench-filled claws of the Islamic State (ISIS).  After dislodging the takfeeri terrorist group from numerous elevations on the border with Al-Raqqa, the SAA is poised to begin its complete liberation under a Russian air umbrella.  The assault will begin in about 14 days or less.  There are rumors that because Major General Suhayl Al-Hassan has been given overall command in the eastern sector of Aleppo Province, he will be the one to take over the assault on Al-Raqqa.  We can CONFIRM that the Syrian Army is poised to invade, liberate and occupy Al-Baab under the Tiger’s command.   Note that brand new, heretofore unseen missiles and launchers have been delivered to the Republican Guard in this area and in a short time you will see ISIS rodents flying in the air like hot popcorn.



ميدانيAl-Qarqoor – Al-Ziyaara – Tal Waasit – Al-Mansoora:  The Syrian Army and its allies have confirmed killing 44 rodents mostly belonging to Jaysh Al-Fath. The army also destroyed 7 pickups with 23mm cannons as part of the operation.

Kafr Zaytaa:  4 rats of Al-Ittihaad Al-Islaami li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam were killed in a surprise attack by the PDC.  All rodents were foreigners.

Al-Tamaani’ah:  The SAA killed 11 members of the Jund Al-Aqsaa. Here are the only Syrians:

Zayn Habeeb Baddoo’

‘Abdul-Ameer Muhammad Juhayshi

Al-Zakaat Village:  A HQ belonging to Tajammu’ Al-‘Izza was destroyed along with everybody inside.  Assessment continuing.

Al-Tahh Village:  9 rodents were killed in a very precise operation commanded by the SAA.  These were all Nusra/Alqaeda terrorists.  No names.

Kafr Roomaa:  An armored carrying 5 rodents of the Liwaa` Fursaan Al-Haqq (yawn) was waylaid and destroyed by the SAA.  All passengers were reduced to a puree.

Al-Habeet:  5 Nusra/Alqaeda rats were killed.  No names.



الجيش يسيطر على المنطقة الفاصلة بين داريا والمعضمية بريف دمشق  LATAKIA: 


63‘Aaliya Village:  The PDC and SAA have liberated this hamlet close to the Turk border along with all elevations around it.  IEDs have been dismantled and a major weapons cache has been seized by the SAA for distribution to our militias for the purpose of killing Wahhabists.


Baashoora Village:  Liberated by the NDF.

ALEPPO:   Thousands of traitors and their families are rushing to the Turk border in order to avoid having to explain themselves to the conquering Syrian army.  According to Turk sources, it is expected that 75,000 will be seeking asylum.  As of today, it is reported that over 20,000 of the terrorists and their families are trying to evade justice.

Al-Baab:  The Syrian Army under command of Maj. Gen. Suhayl Al-Hassan is approaching Al-Baab.  You can imagine what the ISIS rodents are thinking with the Turk border so close.

Terrorist rodent websites acknowledge the deaths of these litter-mates:

Muhammad Ahmad Al-’Umar Al-Fannoosh

Mustafaa Muhammad Al-Aswad

‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Aswad

‘Abdul-Qaadir Al-Raheem

Muhammad Ahmad Jum’ah Al-Harba

Yaasir Ismaa’eel ‘Aassi

Muhammad Ahmad Kanju

Ahmad ‘Abdul-Baasit ‘Alluw

Mustafaa Muhammad Shaqrooq

Heavy fighting here:  Rasm Al-‘Alam, Al-Seen, Al-Tayyiba, Jubb Al-Safaa, Manbij

Barlaheen Summit:  It overlooks its eponymous village and gives protection to recently liberated villages like Al-Seen and Rasm Al-‘Alam.  The village of Barlaheen is now under complete artillery control.



Scenes showing the power of the SAA and its allies around Rutyaan:

Watch our 15th Special Forces Group in action. Thanks to Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri:

Khaled and Silvia Iranova sent this medley of dead rats.  Some are mere boys:



Optimism of the will: One man’s hope amid fascism and bigotry in I$raHell


By Uri Avnery

So now we have another “anti-Semite”. Mazal tov (“good luck”) as we say in Hebrew.

His name is Ban Ki-moon, and he is the secretary-general of the United Nations. In practice, the highest international official, a kind of world prime minister.

He has dared to criticise the Israeli government, as well as the Palestinian Authority, for sabotaging the peace process, and thereby making Israeli-Palestinian peace almost impossible. He emphasised that there is a world-wide consensus about the “two-state solution” being the only possible one.

The formulation sounded neutral, but Ban made it quite clear that almost the entire fault lies with the Israeli side. Since the Palestinians are living under a hostile occupation, there is not much they can do one way or the other.

Anyone blaming Israel for anything is, of course, a blatant anti-Semite, the latest addition to a long line, starting with the Pharaoh, king of Egypt, a few thousand years ago.

I an not criticising Ban, except for being too softly spoken. Perhaps that is the Korean style. If – God forbid – I had been in his place, my formulation would have been a lot sharper.

Anyone blaming Israel for anything is, of course, a blatant anti-Semite, the latest addition to a long line, starting with the Pharaoh, king of Egypt…

Contrary to appearances, there is no great difference between Ban and Binyamin Netanyahu, as far as the prognosis is concerned. A few weeks ago Netanyahu announced that we shall “forever live by the sword” – a Biblical phrase going back to the admonition of Avner, King Saul’s general, who cried out to King David’s general, Yoav, “Shall the sword devour for ever?” (I always liked Avner and adopted his name.)

But what is good for a patriot like Netanyahu is not good for a Jew-hater like Ban. So to hell with him.

Netanyahu may have disliked Ban’s statement that the “two-state solution” is now the consensus of the entire world. The world except Netanyahu and his cohorts.

That was not always so. Quite the contrary.

The Partition Plan was first adopted by the British Royal Commission appointed after the 1936 Arab Revolt (called “the Events” by the Jews) in which many Arabs, Jews and British soldiers died. In this plan the Jews were allotted only a small part of Palestine, a narrow strip along the sea, but it was the first time in modern history that a Jewish state was envisioned. The idea caused a deep split in the Jewish community in Palestine (called the Yishuv), but the outbreak of World War II put an end to the plan.

After the war and the holocaust, there was a world-wide search for a permanent solution. The General Assembly of the new United Nations decided on the partition of Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab. The Jewish leadership formally accepted this, but with the secret intention of enlarging the territory of their state at the first opportunity.

This opportunity came soon enough. The Arabs rejected partition and started a war, in which we conquered much more territory and annexed it to our fledgling state.

With the end of the war, by early 1949, the situation was thus: the enlarged Jewish state, now called Israel, occupied 78 per cent of the country, including West Jerusalem; the emir of Transjordan retained the West Bank of the Jordan with East Jerusalem and changed his title to king of Jordan; the king of Egypt retained the Gaza Strip.

During the war I had seen many Arab villages and towns, from which the inhabitants had fled or been evicted, and was convinced that a Palestinian people existed… and that there would never be peace if this people was denied a national state of its own.

Palestine had disappeared from the map.

When I was discharged from the army (because of my wounds) I was convinced that this situation would lead to permanent conflict. During the war I had seen many Arab villages and towns, from which the inhabitants had fled or been evicted, and was convinced that a Palestinian people existed – contrary to Israeli assertions and world opinion – and that there would never be peace if this people was denied a national state of its own.

Still wearing uniform, I looked for partners in an endeavour to spread this conviction. I found a young Muslim Arab architect in Haifa and a young Druze sheikh. (The Druze are Arabs who seceded from Islam and founded a new religion many centuries ago.)

The three of us met several times in the apartment of the architect, but found no public echo. Government policy and public opinion in Israel favoured thestatus quo. The existence of a Palestinian people was fervently denied, Jordan became de facto an ally of Israel – as it had secretly been all along.

If someone had taken an international public opinion poll in the early 1950s, I wonder if they would have found a hundred people in the world who seriously favoured a Palestinian state. Some Arab states paid lip service to the idea, but no one took it seriously.

My magazine, Haolam Hazeh, and later the party I founded (which bore the same name) were the only organisations in the world that carried on this struggle. Golda Meir famously said that “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people” (and less famously: “I am ready to mount the barricades to get Uri Avnery out of the Knesset!”)

This total rejection of the rights and the very existence of the Palestinian people was further strengthened by the 1967 Six-Day war, when Israel took possession of what was left of Palestine. The ruling doctrine was the “Jordanian Option” – the idea that if and when Israel would give back the West Bank or parts of it, it would give them to King Hussein of Jordan.

This consensus extended from David Ben-Gurion to Levy Eshkol, from Yitzhak Rabin to Shimon Peres. The idea behind it was not only the inherited denial of the existence of the Palestinian people, but also the hare-brained conviction that the king would give up Jerusalem, since his capital was Amman. Only a total ignoramus could have believed that the Hashemite king, a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, could give the third-holiest city of Islam to infidels.

The pro-Soviet Israeli Communist party was also for the Jordanian Option, causing me to joke in the Knesset that it was probably the only Communist Monarchist party in the world. This ended in 1969, when Soviet Communist Party Secretary-General Leonid Brezhnev suddenly changed course and accepted the “two states for two peoples” formula. The Israeli communists followed almost before the words were out of his mouth.

The Likud party, of course, was never ready to give up even an inch of EretzIsrael. Officially, it still claims the East bank of the Jordan River, too. Only a practised liar like Netanyahu could publicly proclaim to the world his acceptance of the “two-state solution”. No Likud member took this seriously.

Only a practised liar like Netanyahu could publicly proclaim to the world his acceptance of the “two-state solution”. No Likud member took this seriously.

So when the world’s highest diplomat says that there is a world-wide consensus for the Two-state Solution, I have the right to enjoy a moment of satisfaction. And optimism.

“Optimistic” is the title of my memoirs, the second part of which just came out this week. (Alas, only in Hebrew. I have not yet found publishers in other languages.)

When the first part appeared, people thought the title was crazy. Now they say that it is insane.

Optimistic? Today? When the Israeli peace camp is in deep despair? When home-grown fascism is raising its head and the government is leading us towards national suicide?

I have tried several times to explain where this irrational optimism comes from: genetic roots, life experience, the knowledge that pessimists don’t do anything, that it is the optimists who try to effect change.

To quote the motto of Antonio Gramsci: “Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.”

Ban is not the only “anti-Semite” who was unmasked lately. Another one is Laurent Fabius, Foreign Minister of France.

How come? Fabius has lately floated the idea of convening (in Paris, of course) an international conference for Israeli-Palestinian peace. He declared in advance that if this idea is not accepted, France will officially recognise the state of Palestine, opening the gates of Europe for others to follow.

This raises a semantic question. In Zionist parlance, only a non-Jew can be an anti-Semite. A Jew who says exactly the same is a “Jewish self-hater”.

Fabius belongs to a Jewish family that has converted to Catholicism. Under Jewish religious law (the Halakha) a Jew who has sinned remains a Jew. Converting is a sin. So, is Fabius a non-Jew and therefore an anti-Semite, or a Jewish sinner, a self-hater?

How, exactly, should we curse him?

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Italian Cambridge PhD student suffered ‘inhuman, animal-like’ violence before his death in Egypt


Italy demands investigation after autopsy reveals doctoral student was tortured for days and his neck broken before his battered corpse was found near a highway.

Phd student Giulio Regeni is believed dead

Phd student Giulio Regeni is believed dead
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By Andrea Vogt, Bologna

An Italian Cambridge University PhD student killed in Cairo was tortured for several days before dying from a broken neck, according to a post-mortem.

Rome prosecutors have opened a murder investigation into the death of Giulio Regeni, whose battered corpse was found near a highway outside the Egyptian capital nine days after he was reported missing.

As new, disturbing details of Mr Regeni’s last days in Egypt emerge, some of the researcher’s former colleagues are asking the British government to join Italy’s demand for an independent investigation

A parliamentary petition requesting a formal statement from the British government has been drafted and will circulate in coming days, said Neil Pyper, Associate Head of the School of Strategy and Leadership at Coventry University.

Giulio Regeni was conducting PhD fieldwork in Cairo

Giulio Regeni was conducting PhD fieldwork in Cairo

“Giulio Regeni’s murder highlights the extra judicial threats still faced in parts of the world, which are a barrier to potentially important research,” Mr Pyper told the Telegraph. “The way to protect our researchers and students is for universities and governments to robustly demand that incidents are investigated and those responsible held to account.”

“Giulio Regeni’s murder highlights the extra judicial threats still faced in parts of the world, which are a barrier to potentially important research”
Neil Pyper

Mr Regeni’s parents arrived in Rome on Saturday with their son’s body, which underwent a second autopsy on Saturday in Rome following the one performed in Cairo after his body was reported discovered Feb. 3 along a motorway on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, coroners are still trying to establish whether the fatal neck injury was due to a severe blow or contortion.

Italy’s ambassador in Cairo said he was devastated by the condition of Mr Regeni’s body, which had more than two dozen broken bones, as well as bruises and burn marks, according to Italian media reports.

Members of the Egyptian police special forces patrol streets in al-Haram neighbourhood in the southern Cairo Giza district

Members of the Egyptian police special forces patrol streets in al-Haram neighbourhood in the southern Cairo Giza district   Photo: AFP

“There is no doubt that the young man was heavily beaten and tortured,” Ambassador Maurizio Massari told the Corriere della Sera.

After reviewing autopsy results, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Mr Regeni had suffered “something inhuman . . . an unacceptable violence.”

A funeral is planned for early next week in the 28-year-old’s native Italian region of Friuli. He had been living in Cairo to do research as a candidate for a Cambridge University doctorate when he disappeared on Jan. 25, the anniversary of Egypt’s 2011 uprising, a day when security forces were heavily patrolling the streets and squares. He had also been attending trade union meetings and had published at least one article in the Italian leftist newspaper Il Manifesto under a pseudonym.

“It happened to Giulio, but it could have been me or my friends Luca or Roberto, who have been to Egypt frequently for the same reasons”
Alessandro Columbu.

“It happened to Giulio, but it could have been me or my friends Luca or Roberto, who have been to Egypt frequently for the same reasons, or anyone really of the so many of us who are passionate about the Arabic language, the Middle East and Islam,” said Alessandro Columbu, an Italian doctoral student who teaches Arabic at the University of Edinburgh.

Mr Columbu, who was classmates and flatmates with Mr Regeni in Damascus, told the Telegraph he is concerned there could be a cover up of the circumstances surrounding Mr. Regeni’s death, especially given Italy’s recent embrace of Egypt as an economic partner and ally in the fight against terrorism.

Mourners attend a candlelight vigil for Giulio Regeni, in front of the Italian embassy in Cairo, Egypt

Mourners attend a candlelight vigil for Giulio Regeni, in front of the Italian embassy in Cairo, Egypt  Photo: AP Photo/Amr Nabil

“Egypt and Italy are friends, and this terrible story exposes a double standard in western European foreign policy: He was abducted by security forces in central Cairo and tortured to death. Unfortunately it takes a white, European to die to expose something that is happening to Egyptians all the time.”

A team of Italian police investigators has been dispatched to Cairo to gather additional information about Mr Regeni’s mobile phone, SIM card and the CCTV images from the area where he was last seen alive.

Fimuicello's Mayor Ennio Scridel delivers a speech during a candlelit procession to honour the memory of  Giulio Regeni in his hometown of Fiumicello, Italy

Fimuicello’s Mayor Ennio Scridel delivers a speech during a candlelit procession to honour the memory of Giulio Regeni in his hometown of Fiumicello, Italy  Photo: AP Photo/Paolo Giovannini

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Robert Ford was US Ambassador to Syria when the revolt against Syrian president Assad was launched. He not only was a chief architect of regime change in Syria, but actively worked with rebels to aid their overthrow of the Syrian government.

Ford assured us that those taking up arms to overthrow the Syrian government were simply moderates and democrats seeking to change Syria’s autocratic system. Anyone pointing out the obviously Islamist extremist nature of the rebellion and the foreign funding and backing for the jihadists was written off as an Assad apologist or worse.

Ambassador Ford talked himself blue in the face reassuring us that he was only supporting moderates in Syria. As evidence mounted that the recipients of the largesse doled out by Washington was going to jihadist groups, Ford finally admitted early last year that most of the moderates he backed were fighting alongside ISIS and al-Qaeda. Witness this incredible Twitter exchange with then-ex Ambassador Ford:


Then late last year the McClatchy News Service ran an article in which Ambassador Ford admitted that his “moderates” regularly collaborated with ISIS and al-Qaeda to the point where he no longer thought the US government should be arming them.

So those who pointed out that the rebellion in Syria was foreign-driven and jihadist from the start were no longer crazy conspiracy theorists, but were rather conspiracy factists.

Did that stop Ford from pushing radicals, though? Hardly!

As the Syria peace talks are scheduled to begin within days in Geneva, with a main sticking point being whether to admit groups that have allied with al-Qaeda to the negotiating table as potential leaders of “new Syria,” it is extremely instructive to recall what Ambassador Ford said about one such group, Ahrar al-Sham, to a BBC interviewer last October.

Ahrar al-Sham, according to experts including those at Stanford University, “was founded by members of Al Qaeda and maintains links to AQ’s core leadership.” The group vigorously rejects the notion of an elected government in Syria after the overthrow of Assad, instead calling for:

…a Divine system prescribed for his Caliph and slaves… It is the system where the rule is for the pure Islamic law. Allah’s law is complete, and you need only consider the texts and derive rules.

Ahrar al-Sham has been reported by Christian rights groups in Syria to have executed Christians in Idlib, Syria, after they captured the town last year. The Christians committed the “crime” of not following Sharia law.

Sounds like a pretty bad group, but nevertheless it still has its Western cheerleaders…including Ambassador Robert Ford!

Here’s Ford in an interview with the BBC last October about Ahrar al-Sham (emphasis added):

Stephen Sackur BBC: “Ok, let me ask bluntly, Ahrar al Sham (The Free Men of Syria) group, one of the most powerful groups you would call “moderate”, is it really moderate when a group like that proclaims its desire to see Sharia as the driving force of a “future Syria”.. which clearly makes comments which suggest that Alawites and Christians would find it very difficult to find a place in their Syria…. Are these moderate?? You regard this as moderation?”

Robert Ford: “This is how I define as a moderate in the Syrian context, Stephen; a moderate is a group that accepts there has to be a political negotiation and there has to be a political process after a transition government is set up.. a political process to determine the future permanent government of Syria.. That there must be pluralism in that process… and it’s one that works with other groups/ factions in a pluralistic setting…I don’t agree at all with Ahrar al Sham’s desires to set up an Islamic State (in Syria).. but I have to admit that they accept the needs to be a political negotiation.. I have to admit they’re willing to work with other groups and they do on the ground with great effect…This is one of the reasons, they’re strong as they are, as you mentioned… It’s not a group I ever want my daughter to marry into… I don’t agree with their vision of society…but I would not call them Jihadis, they’re not looking to impose an Islamic State at sword point… Different, they’re therefore, from alQaida… Different therefore from the Islamic State..And they’re willing to accept even such things as Parliament…and some kind of government institutions… So, yes they want Sharia … but the kind of Sharia they want may in fact, in the end, not look like the kind of Sharia the “Islamic State” already imposing over most of central and Eastern of Syria…”

Is it any surprise that Syria is in the current disastrous state, where hundreds of thousands have died in a war instigated by those who knew from the beginning would only benefit radical Islamist extremists? Is there no justice for those who push such murder and mayhem on such a grand scale? Today, as civilized people recognize International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is Nuremberg dead?


Erdogan, Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime ‘Indirectly Invaded’ Syria Long Ago


Image result for ERDOGAN CARTOON

Zionist Erdogan and Saudi Zio-Wahhabi  regime are apparently ready to send ground forces to the Syrian battlefield, but although a direct invasion has not yet been launched, an indirect one is already happening, political scientist Yuri Pochta told Radio Sputnik.

“The fact of the matter is that the invasion is already taking place, but it is indirect. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are acting through rebel groups that are fighting against Damascus,” Pochta explained. “These militants have been less active since Russia launched its aerial campaign. They are losing in several regions.”

Indeed, the Syrian Arab Army, assisted by Russian warplanes and Hezbollah fighters, has managed to turn the tide of war in recent months and is currently on the offensive. This year, Damascus-led forces have scored major victories in Latakia and other provinces, while militants from Daesh and other terrorist groups are retreating. Zionist Erdogan  and Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime have backed some of these rat’s.

Ankara and Riyadh have “apparently decided to ‘save the day’: to launch a direct ground operation in Syria and overthrow President Bashar al-Assad,” he suggested.

Evidence, supporting this sentiment, has surfaced this week. On Thursday, Russia’s Ministry of Defense announced that Ankara was “actively,” but covertly preparing to launch a military campaign in Syria. On the same day, Zio-Wahhabi regime confirmed its readiness to take part in a ground operation, if the US-led coalition would support one.

Pochta warned that Turkey and Saudi Zio-Wahhabi regime would further complicate the situation in Syria if they decide to send ground forces to an already overcrowded battlefield. Many experts have long pointed out that resolving Syrian crisis is a major challenge due to the sheer number of stakeholders involved.

“Who will they be fighting against? Will it not turn into a real war, involving Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Syria? Then there is Russia… And Turkey is a member of NATO. The situation is increasingly exacerbated at a time when hundreds of different rebel groups take part in the fighting. Syria is being transformed into a gray zone. Local, regional and global players are all pursuing their own interests. The majority wants to destroy the Syrian state and society. This is tragic,” the analyst added.

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Bombing Syria – How did we come to this?

Image result for ASSAD CARTOON
By Felicity Arbuthnot

“Russia bombing Syria will lead to further radicalization and increased terrorism”. Prime Minister David Cameron, 4th October 2015.

How desperately Prime Minister Cameron has been yearning to bomb the Syrian Arab Republic.

In August 2013 when his aim was defeated in Parliament by a 285-272 vote, his vision of the UK joining US-led strikes bit the dust. His dreams of illegally joining the bigger bully and bombing an historic nation of just 22.85 million people (2013 figures) three and a half thousand kilometers away, posing no threat to Britain, was thwarted.

The US threw a conciliatory bone to the snarling Cameron and according to the BBC (1): “would ‘continue to consult’ with the UK, ‘one of our closest allies and friends.’

France said (that) the UK’s vote does not change its resolve on the need to act in Syria.

After the vote … Cameron said it was clear Parliament did not want action and ‘the government will act accordingly.’

Chancellor George Osborne whined on BBC Radio 4′s flagship “Today” programme that: “there would now be “national soul searching about our role in the world “, adding: “I hope this doesn’t become a moment when we turn our back on all of the world’s problems.

Translation: “Inconsequential politicians on small island only feel like real men when sending off their depleted air force to blow modest populations far away to bits.”

The then Defence Secretary Philip Hammond: “ … told BBC’s Newsnight programme that he and the Prime Minister were “disappointed” with the result, saying it would harm Britain’s “special relationship” with Washington. Ah ha, that tail wagging, panting, lap dog “special relationship” again, for which no body part licking, no crawling on all fours, no humiliation, no deviation of international law is too much.

The excuse for the 2013 rush to annihilate was accusations that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons in March and August of that year, a claim subsequently comprehensively dismissed by detailed UN investigations (2.)

Cameron’s excuse for attack had all the validity of Tony Blair’s fantasy Iraq weapons of mass destruction, but of course he regards Blair as a trusted advisor. Judgement, it might be argued, as Blair’s, is not one of Cameron’s strong attributes.

Then came the Friday 13th November tragedies in Paris and by 2nd December Cameron’s parliamentary press gangs managed to threaten and arm twist through a vote to attack Syria in an action of shame which will surely haunt him as Blair is haunted by Iraq.

As the bombs fell, on 6th December, Cameron celebrated the anniversary of his his tenth year as Leader of the Conservative Party with his very own military action, Libya’s tragedy forgotten and belonging to yesterday. That, as Blair’s Iraq, it is entirely illegal (3) apparently bothers the former PR man not a whit.

As the Parliamentary debate was taking place, before the vote, it was reported that RAF reconnaissance ‘planes had already taken off for Syria from Scotland – of whose fifty nine parliamentarians, fifty seven voted against the attack. Cameron thumbed his arrogant nose to near and far.

Apart from the illegality, did it even cross Cameron’s mind, or did he care, that using the Paris attack not only defied law, it defied reason. To repeat again, the attackers were French and Belgian born, of North African extraction, with no Syrian connections apart from that some of them had been there joining the organ eating, head chopping, people incinerating terrorists. Syria is the victim, not the perpetrator, deserving aid and protection, not cowardly retribution from 30,000 feet.

After the vote, pro-killing MPs reportedly went straight into the Commons bar to celebrate with tax payer subsidized booze. Warned that the main doors in to Parliament had been closed due to anti-war protesters outside, one woman MP apparently shouted gleefully “It’s a lock in.” How lightly mass murder is taken in the Palace of Westminster.

Chancellor George Osborne: “eschewed the celebratory drinks … and joined a carol service in nearby St. Margaret’s Church – in aid of a charity for child amputees. You couldn’t make it up”, wrote a ballistic friend.

Within a week Osborne was in the US addressing the Council on Foreign Relations stating that with the air strikes Britain had “got it’s mojo back” and stood with the United States to “reassert Western values.”

It was he said “a real source of pride” to have the authority for air strikes in Syria.

“Britain has got its mojo back and we are going to be with you as we reassert Western values, confident that our best days lie ahead.”

Britain was prepared to play a “bigger role”, he vowed.

“Mojo” according to varying dictionaries means “a quality that attracts people to you, makes you successful and full of energy”, denotes “influence” and “sex appeal.” The man needs help.

Immediately after the vote during a visit to RAF Akrotiri, the British base in Cyprus from which the airborne killers will take off to drop their human being incinerating ordnance, UK Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, told military personnel that their mission had the backing of “both the government and the people of Britain.” He lied.

A recent ITV poll showed 89.32 % of British people against bombing. Governmental “mojo” has clearly passed them by.

Pro bombing MPs though, it seems, are anything but warrior material. When angry emails arrived from their constituents condemning the bombing, the heavyweight Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson (pro bombing) complained of “bullying” saying stronger social media policy was needed to prevent such correspondence.

Anti war campaigners had also sent graphic photographs of dead Syrian children to MPs to persuade them not to vote for creating more mutilated little souls. This, the warmongers said, was “intimidation.”

One pro-war parliamentarian said the messages led him to have concerns for the health of his pregnant wife. Beyond pathetic, try being the husband of a pregnant wife, or the wife, in Syria with Britain’s bombs incinerating your neighbourhood.

Another MP was so keen to become a member of the “bullied” club, she was found to have added a death threat to herself at the end of a justifiably angry email from a member of the public. Her attempt to was speedily uncovered. The desire to tarnish those repelled by illegally murdering others is seemingly becoming common currency in the Cameron Reichstag.

A majority of British politicians, prepared to drop bombs on people, blow their children, parents, relatives, villages, towns, homes to bits and are cowed by a few words. As for “bullied”, try being under a bomb Mr Watson, one of the bombs you voted for. “Bullying” doesn’t come bigger than that.

Upset at being sent pictures of dead babies? Imagine being a mother or father holding the shredded remains of theirs. Courtesy the RAF.

Have they any idea of the reality of their “mojo” moment? People tearing at the tons of rubble that was a home, trying to dig friends, beloveds out with bare, bleeding hands?

Further reality is the demented, terrified howls of the dogs who hear the ‘planes long before the human ear can, the swathes of birds that drop from the sky from the fear and vibration, their bodies carpeting the ground, the cats that go mad with fear, rushing from a loving home, never to be seen again. And the children that become mute in their terror, losing the ability to speak for weeks, sometimes months and even years.

Yet David Cameron allegedly called Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and those who voted against this shameful act of terror: “terrorist sympathisers”, reportedly telling a meeting of a Parliamentary Committee before the vote: “You should not be walking through the lobbies with Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers.” (5)

This presumably was juvenile pay back time for Corbyn having stated correctly that: “Cameron’s approach is bomb first, talk later. But instead of adding British bombs to the others now raining down on Syria what’s needed is an acceleration of the peace talks in Vienna.”

Cameron also received widespread derision, including from Conservative Parliamentarian Julian Lewis, Chairman of the influential Defence Select Committee, for his claims that there were 70,000 “moderate” fighters on the ground ready to take on ISIS after British bombing.

One government source compared the claim to Tony Blair’s fantasy that Iraq could launch weapons of mass destruction on the West “in 45 minutes.” Lewis commented: “Instead of having ‘dodgy dossiers’, we now have bogus battalions of moderate fighters.” (6) Another commentator referred unkindly to Cameron’s “70,000 fantasy friends.”

Perhaps the best encapsulation of anger and desperation came from author Michel Faber, who sent his latest book to Cameron (7.)

In searing sarcasm, he wrote in an accompanying letter that he realized: “a book cannot compete with a bomb in its ability to cause death and misery, but each of us must make whatever small contribution we can, and I figure that if you drop my novel from a plane, it might hit a Syrian on the head … With luck, we might even kill a child: their skulls are quite soft.”

He explained:

“I just felt so heartsick, despondent and exasperated that the human race, and particularly the benighted political arm of the human race, has learned nothing in 10,000 years, 100,000 years, however long we’ve been waging wars, and clearly the likes of Cameron are not interested in what individuals have to say.”

He speaks for the despairing 89.32% who hang their heads in shame. He speaks for those of us who simply cannot find the words.



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