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Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Fadhlullah


“The least effort we could make … is to boycott all those who support the enemy … We should boycott American goods whenever possible, and you should boycott all Israeli goods as well as all the companies that help Israeli companies financially”


In the name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful

Ramadan 2 1421H /November 28, 2000 CE

In his fatwa to all the Muslims of the world, Sayyid Mohammad Husayn Fadlallah calls for a boycott of all Israeli & American companies.

Allah The Most Exalted has ordained that every Muslim should care about the affairs of all other Muslims and defend their causes by all possible means in order to preserve their strength and dignity. The Prophet Mohammad (P) says:

“Whosoever does not care about Muslims’ affairs is not a Muslim”

Thus Islam is an intellectual, emotional and practical state in the Muslim’s personality that interacts with Muslims’ affairs at all levels and therefore we cannot be indifferent to their causes. The Prophet (P) also said:

“Whosoever hears Muslims calling for help without answering that call is not a Muslim.”

And this implies that answering a Muslims’ calls for help, either as an individual or as a community, is an integral part of Islam, an Islam that would be lost to any Muslim who did not answer such a call.

The Prophet Mohammad (P) also said:

“Whoever sees a wrong he should change it with his hand but if he can’t with his tongue and if he can’t then in his heart which is the weakest sign of faith.”

You all know what happened to our brothers in Palestine. Their lands were occupied, they were thrown out of their country, their women, children and elderly were killed, their homes were destroyed and bombed and the Aqsa Mosque has been profaned and there are plans to destroy it. They are fighting the enemy and confronting it with nothing but their bare flesh, stones and light arms. They are defending themselves, their families, their livelihood, their land and their independence and they have been crying out for international protection and support from the Muslim states and peoples to no avail. Some of these states that reconciled with the enemy did not even decide to boycott the enemy politically or even to withdraw their ambassadors. They found it sufficient to join the Organization of the Islamic Conference in its condemnation and protest with no political consequences. They are all afraid of America who supports the enemy with all its political, military and economic might. They even prevent the Security Council and all the states under their influence from condemning the brutal crimes of Israel.

The least effort we could make in order to defend Muslims against the political, economic and military wrongs and aggression is to boycott all those who support the enemy and who maintain its expansion and strength. Especially the United States of America which is the biggest enemy of all Muslims. We should boycott American goods whenever possible and you should boycott all Israeli goods as well as all the companies that help Israeli companies financially. You should also put pressure on your governments to stop putting funds into American banks, as they will be used to support Israel. All Muslims remember Allah saying:

“Your nation is but one”

And also saying:

“All believers are brothers”

In addition the Prophet (P) said:

“A Muslim is the brother of his fellow Muslims. He does not wrong him, surrender him (to the enemy) or let him down”.

Allah The Most Exalted wants you to be dignified strong and free and this cannot be achieved other than by taking a free and strong stand that emphasizes the unity of the nation and its effectiveness in all its great causes through a Jihad at all levels by sacrificing one’s life, one’s work, one effort or at the very least one’s material comfort.

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