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Trapped in ‘Israel’ with no way out


Marianne Azizi writes:

How much information does it take to understand the destruction of ordinary people who have come into contact with Israel?

The system goes like this. Family breakdown occurs and the wheels start to turn.

Stage 1: Remove the father from the picture, separate him from his children, emasculate him, destroy him financially and ruin his chances of a normal life ever again. At least 10,000 men are unable to leave the country, unless they pay a ransom .

Stage 2: The authorities start to whisper in the mother’s ear. “Make a few claims against the father (over 80 per cent are false claims), and then we’ll help you, especially with words from the welfare and social services authorities. By the time the reasonable woman realises her mistake, she has probably signed away her rights to her children over to the state. Some 12,000 children a year are unnecessarily removed from a natural parent.

It’s profitable. The private institutions are making 17,000 shekels (USD 4,365) per month per child. Do the maths. It’s a booming industry. Now the child is at greater risk, medicated from a young age, feeling afraid, abandoned and angry. By the time the child is pushed out of the ‘system’, it can be suffering from a range of issues – mental disorders, reeling from sexual or physical abuse, and possibly hooked on medication. The children are spewed back into the society, which prepares them to join the Israeli armed forces. Now angry, disenfranchised and with no normal family background, they are ready to vent their problems in the most brutal way as each conflict ratchets up the violence.

Meanwhile, the state and its whole system make nearly USD 30 billion a year from this massive profitable industry. Add in the bailiff costs – the most feared organisation in Israel, with two million debt cases, and unofficially 500,000 on no exit-orders. Add in the tens of thousands of kids and fathers who can’t leave. Add the three million in poverty and you have the land which has a right to exist. Who said anything about getting a life! For some bizarre reason no one inside or outside Israel gives a damn if they are not the victims. But of course it’s all OK, isn’t it? Makes the USA look like the Garden of Eden.

… as you might continue to sit in a comfortable home and feel a sense of pride that you are supporting Israel, spare a thought that you are supporting corruption of gigantic proportions and ordinary people who are living in an unimaginable nightmare.

What are you doing today? Compare it to one middle class woman in Israel who had her child forcibly removed from her 18 months ago on falsified psychiatric reports made by someone who had never met her or her son. She’s fighting today and every day. Compare it to the British wife of an Israeli who hasn’t lived in Israel for 10 years. She is in emotional shock as she works out a way to free him. He made an innocent visit, as he has done for over 10 years, to find on this occasion the price of his freedom is running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s as easy as that.

Or compare yourself to the Americans and Canadians who have managed to escape with their lives, knowing their children are trapped in Israel until at least the age of 18, if not 21, as they will have to serve in their army first.

Compare yourself to the three million people living on the poverty line, many scrabbling around for food in the streets.

So, as you might continue to sit in a comfortable home and feel a sense of pride that you are supporting Israel, spare a thought that you are supporting corruption of gigantic proportions and ordinary people who are living in an unimaginable nightmare.

If you are reading this because you support the Palestinians, and “hate” Israel, then it is essential to make a distinction between the state, the government and the people.

If you feel divorce law can be unfair where you live, compare it to Israel, where a woman’s income is exempted in all negotiations. Men are paying and expected to find over 100 per cent of their salaries to pay for their children – the kids they can’t even see. Child contact centre visits are six times higher than any other developed country in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

In Israel, people are trapped based on future guarantees of money. Where in the developed world are people expected to pay in cash ahead for years and years in cash in order to enjoy a short holiday, or the opportunity to work abroad?

The fact is that, in Israel, the people don’t even realise how abused they are. So many cannot leave and know nothing about how the outside world, in the developed democracies, works.

There is no excuse for turning a blind eye. Every day in Israel there is at least one suicide which is preventable. The suicide in divorcing men alone is 1:72 – the highest ratio in this sector in the developed world.

Israel is weeping. Fathers for their children, mothers fighting to get their children back from the systematic kidnapping and trafficking by the authorities, and the children themselves who are locked in institutions staring out of the windows, silently screaming and begging for help.

Are we proud to be funding such a situation? You have been informed. When the “welfare” state representatives claim publicly, as they have done this week, that their social workers are going into the sewers for children, and describing the population in such a way, we need to empower and support the ordinary people who are crying out to the West for social justice.

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