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A commander of the Damascus government’s allied forces warned Ankara against its ongoing army incursions into the north and north-east parts of Aleppo city.


On Wednesday, Turkey was warned by a senior commander of the forces, allied to the Damascus government, against its ongoing army incursions into the north and north-east parts of Aleppo city. According to the commander, if Ankara does not stop its military actions in the area, a crushing response will be given by the Syrian Army and its allies.

“We will forcefully confront advances of the Turkish Army towards Eastern and Northern Aleppo,” the al-Mayadeen TV-channel reported, citing a commander of the forces, allied to the Syrian Army, without mentioning his name and nationality.

The TV-channel noted that the statement was made during a visit of the commander to the battlefields in northern Aleppo.

The commander also stressed the fact that any further advance of Turkish troops would be regarded as a crossing of ‘Syria’s redline’, as well as would be tantamount to declaration of war.

“We will never allow Turkey to get close to the defense lines of our allied forces on the pretext of fighting the ISIS [the Islamic State (IS)] terrorist group,” he said.

Ankara, cooperating with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and enjoying support of the US, is going to create a so-called no-fly zone in an area of 5,000 kilometers in northern Syria.

On Tuesday, a retired general of the Syrian Armed Forces, Heisam Hassoun, said that a coalition was formed by Syrian troops and Kurdish fighters in order to stand against the incursion of Turkish soldiers into northern Syria.

“We will see the start of military operations towards northern and northeastern [parts of] Aleppo province near al-Bab city in order to block an approach of the Turkish Army and Turkish-backed militants to the strategic city,” Hassoun told the Fars news agency.

He also remembered military operations of the Turkish Army in northeastern, northwestern and northern parts of Syria and noted that Syrian troops were dispatched towards the city of al-Bab, since the eastern parts of the city of Aleppo were liberated three months ago, however their further advances were postponed because other units of the Syrian Army needed to fortify their positions in the southern and southeastern parts of the cities of al-Bab and Daber.

Hassoun added that since late September, the Syrian Army, the Kurdish popular defense forces and the Arab popular defense forces have been working together in order to create an alliance in northern Syria.

“These forces have initiated action since Monday to push back the Turkish Army in the north,” he noted.

In mid-October, a Syrian analyst Kamal Fayyadh said that after establishment full control over the city of Aleppo, the Syrian Army and its allies would start to liberate the strategic city of al-Bab. Fayyadh noted that neither Kurds nor the Turkish Forces and their allies from the FSA would not dare to enter al-Bab, after Turkish officials have received warnings from Russia and Iran.

He also stressed that the battle in al-Bab would have a high importance and said that liberation of the city would prevent Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to establish control over regions, located between al-Bab and al-Rai, as well as would allow the Syrian Armed Forces to strengthen control over its northern borders.

“The future confrontation with the ISIS [the Islamic State] in Raqqa and Deir Ezzur, as well as the liberation of al-Bab mean seizing back more Syrian and Iraqi territories from the ISIS hands,” Fayyadh told Fars.

At the end of the last month, it was reported that a large number of Syrian soldiers was sent from southern Aleppo and northern Hama to the Kuweires airbase in the eastern countryside of Aleppo in order to launch large-scale offensives on the northeast parts of the province, held by the IS, in particular on al-Bab.


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