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Castro: Stood in the face of Washington fifty years


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Stood in the face of Washington fifty years .. and President al – Assad senta telegram offering condolences leader Fidel Castro … .. goodbye

At the age of 90 years, left the Cuban leader Fidel Alejandro Castro, an ally of Syria, which prompted the positions of the United States to the inclusion of his country on the «black list» for decades, along with Syria, North Korea, Iran and Libya, to find Washington itself forced later to re-normalize its relations with Cuba, which has withstood in the face of the economic blockade and diplomatic isolation for more than half a century.

President Bashar al-Assad at the forefront of mourners the death of the leader and sent a telegram to the President of the Republic of Cuba Raul Castro Ruz condolences for the death of his brother, the leader Castro.

According to the news agency «SANA» news President al-Assad said in his message, «the great leader led the struggle of his people and his country against imperialism and hegemony for decades efficiently and effectively, and became steadfastness legendary and inspiring leaders and peoples all over the world».

President al-Assad pointed out that «Cuba friendly able leadership of steadfastness in the face of the most powerful sanctions unjust campaigns witnessed by our recent history, thus becoming a beacon for the liberation of the peoples of the South American countries and the peoples of the whole world, and that Fidel Castro’s name will live forever in the minds of generations and inspiring for all peoples aspiring to true independence and freedom from the yoke of colonialism and hegemony. »

He chaired leader Castro Cuba since 1959 when he overthrew the government of Fulgencio Batista military revolution until 2008, when announcing the failure of his candidacy for a new term, to elect his brother Raul in his place.

And subjected Castro several attempts the assassination of US and interventions in the affairs of his country, and the man turned to the example of a model in front of other countries and leaders in Latin America and elsewhere, it has long supported the demands of Syria to achieve a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East, based on Zionist withdrawal from all Arab territories occupied in 1967 including the Syrian Golan Heights, and support the right of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories, who cut his country’s diplomatic relations with the Jewish Nazi regime in 1973, an expression of solidarity with the Palestinians.

Several intelligence reports and others reported that the United States mimicked more than 600 plot to assassinate him, but Castro has survived them all.

He met with the leader Castro, the late President Hafez al-Assad several times, including a visit to Damascus in September 1973 and remained its relations with Damascus, a well-established and stable, where he also visited in 2001, and in return, President Bashar al-Assad’s visit to Havana on June 26, 2010 where he met with leader and his brother, Cuban President Raul Castro .

In a surprise move late 2014 by US President Barack Obama announced that his country will normalize relations with Cuba, and added: «We will end the outdated in relations with Cuba policy, and will be opening an embassy in Havana».

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